Did “Utopia” Predict The Pandemic?

If you’ve never watched the series, “Utopia” on Amazon Prime…well, watch at your own risk. I would recommend it, but it’s pretty dark.

Now, don’t get this confused with the Zendaya-starring series, Euphoria…Now that smut show you should stay away from with a 12-foot pole.

But Utopia is a different beast. It was shot long before the pandemic and…is the pandemic to a “T.” That’s why Steven and I watched it: because we had heard it basically foretold the way the Covid19 pandemic played out. Everything down to the vaccines and releasing them without longterm studies. I won’t spoil the ending in case you do end up watching it, but the dystopian ending was…jarring given how accurately it described everything prior. (And it starred Dwight from The Office, so there’s that too…)

But there’s one question that the dystopian leader — the “anti-Christ” if you will — asks all of his children and anyone under him every day: “How have you earned your place in this crowded world today?”

And from just a surface level glance seems like an innocent enough question. Like, a bit of a clunky-worded journal prompt for a woke college course at Berkley or something.

But right off the jump that question made me want to hurl.

Because it speaks directly into the lie that so many people — especially those battling an eating disorder — wrestle with every day: earning your worth.

It communicates that you have to do something, be something, achieve something, perform a certain way to deserve life, or love, or simply existence in this world.

It is just a horrible thing, especially to ask an innocent child.

I mean, heck, that’s probably the biggest factor that led to the development of my anorexia back in high school. I believed that I had to be perfect to be loved: that I had to earn love. Earn my worth. And it wasn’t until – through Christ’s forgiveness and truth – that together He and I irradiated that lie once and for all, and was finally able to kick the anorexia out of my life for good.

But as soon as I heard that question on the show, I looked at Steven and said, “We are never asking our children that.”

What we SHOULD BE speaking into our children is The Truth. The Truth that simply because they were created by God in His image, they have immeasurable worth. That they don’t have to earn His love through accolades or awards or scholarships or trophies. That God loves them no matter what…because he or she belongs to Him and is His child: and that is enough. And in fact, they are a gift to the world. And that he or she has unique God-given abilities that He will use in them to better the world – in big or little ways.

We should be speaking into our *future* children that our parental love isn’t dependent on their achievements or actions. That they are loved no matter what: if they mess up, if they fail, if they stumble, and yes — if they achieve great things, too. But we’ll love them just the same no matter what.

It is evil to tell a child that the world is too crowded for their existence. Or to create this unspoken expectation that his or her worth hinges on their success…that it can somehow fluctuate, or decrease.

Sure it’s just a fictitious show, but this lie of perfection is not. And it was fascinating (in a disturbing way) to watch a show take this lie to the extreme…all while playing out exactly what we lived through in 2020/2021.

Anywho — that’s all for today. I’ve got to run. Steven’s mom is staying with us this week, and we’re all having dinner over at my parents’ house tonight.

Hope you’re having a great week so far!


12 responses to “Did “Utopia” Predict The Pandemic?”

  1. Just want to say “thank you.” I’ve enjoyed everything, from the lovingly wrought advice to the recipes to the news of the wedding. You’re very much in my prayers. I pray and hope my daughters grow up as righteously as you have. Yours, Brad

  2. Wow, I love your thoughts on that movie, Caralyn, so very powerful in the truth. God bless you two and your families. 😊❤️

  3. Your message here is so very true. God loves us just because we are His. We do not have to earn our place in this life. More people need to hear and take this message to heart. Unfortunately, in our world we are told that our worth is measured in what we have rather than who we are. We are God’s children and that is all we need. God bless you for being an inspiration. And, many blessings for you and Steven.

  4. I’ve been reading through Revelation again and, to use a worn-out phrase that’s all too true, “We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” This once-blessed country of ours is under God’s wrath due to our choosing to ignore His moral laws and I see no hint that the majority of the population has any interest in a revival. Hold on to Christ. Have children and raise them to know Jesus.
    He’s the only hope we have. But He’s a wonderful hope, indeed.

  5. Has anyone ever noticed recently that there seems to be a trend promoting zombie style apocalypses. From Game of Thrones, movies, and even numerous ads for games on social media with a premise of surviving such.
    Frankly with all of that, I’m beginning to think that with the whole pandemic, forced vaccinations and stuff, we’re almost being given a hint on what is to come. I hope and pray that it never happens.
    The ideas of Utopia, although never seen the movie, from your description, watching it will just cause me to get more angry with the democrats than I already am.

  6. This reminds me of the last scenes of Saving Private Ryan, when Tom Hank’s character tells Ryan, “Earn this” just before he dies on the bridge after the battle. Cut to an elderly Ryan at his ‘Hank’s’ grave above the Normandy beach. He tearfully asks his wife, “Tell me I’m a good man.”

    That plays right into the make need (or at least mine) to know he provided for and defended his family. I often wish that I leave some sort of legacy that my daughters will remember and share with friends. I hope friends remember me well. Not that I think I need a legacy to please God, but what you’re talking about here preys on that desire to have led a meaningful if not impactful life.

    Fine hairs to split, but then the devil really is in the details, isn’t he? Thanks, Caralyn, for bringing this up and reminding us of what’s really important!

    • Hey Jeff! You know, I’ve never seen that movie. But you’re right – every single person needs to know that they lived a life pleasing to God. And Jeff, you absolutely are leaving a legacy — that that we’re thinking that far into the future, but who you are, how you love God, love others, and share Christ’s love with those you meet — that is something that everyone who crosses paths with you takes with them on their journey. and that’s quite the legacy if you ask me. 🙂 so glad you stopped by! big hugs to you and your girls, Jeff! xo

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