What I Wish I Knew Before Starting Recovery

It’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. And after thirteen years in recovery from anorexia, the Top ED Recovery Blogger is sharing the things she wishes she would have known before starting recovery. #edrecovery Continue reading What I Wish I Knew Before Starting Recovery

What I Needed to Hear: Christmas Vs. Anorexia

Christmas and the holidays are acutely difficult for people struggling with eating disorders. From Top Eating Disorder Recovery blogger, BeautyBeyondBones: what she needed to hear to when she was in the throes of anorexia, to save her life and overcome Christmas anxiety. #recovery #edrecovery Continue reading What I Needed to Hear: Christmas Vs. Anorexia

Relationship #RealTalk: Broken Relationships

If you’ve lived though an eating disorder, it’s no secret that they take a toll on your relationships. We all know the damage it brings to the body and to the mind, but the havoc ED wreaks on relationships is often overlooked. Eating disorders are like a Category F5 tornado. They rip through and leaveContinue reading Relationship #RealTalk: Broken Relationships

The Truth About Weight Restoration

As I’ve mentioned before, anorexia is not about the weight. It’s about the Lie that is feeding her eating disorder, and causing her such intense self-hatred, which manifests itself in eating disorder behaviors. And that true healing comes only when that Lie – that Voice of ED – is silenced and replaced with the Truth:Continue reading The Truth About Weight Restoration

All About Control

I definitely saw some pretty crazy and intense things during my three-month stay at inpatient. There was one girl who came in for bulimia, and during the morning weigh ins, she would somehow smuggle rocks in her undergarments to make herself weigh more. Like I said, every ounce counts at inpatient. This was the sameContinue reading All About Control