Creamy Cashew Curry

So I hope you all enjoyed my embarrassing video I shared last night. I’m telling’ ya…ain’t no shame in this game 🙂 haha Who just had an incredible dinner that was off the charts?? Uhhh this gal! 🙂 I’m telling you…there’s something in the air here in Ohio that just has my culinary creativity FLOWING! What didContinue reading Creamy Cashew Curry

Blackmail Material :)

Merry Christmas friends!! I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas. I had waaaay too much fun with my family, and the day got away from me! So to make up for not posting yesterday, please enjoy this glimpse into last evening’s antics. Yes, it’s the Spice Girls. But no, for real, I decided toContinue reading Blackmail Material 🙂

Christmas Cauliflower-Crust Flatbread!

Well hey there, hi there! Has the craziness of Christmas set in yet? We’re five days out, and boy am I excited! I just got back to Ohio, and I have officially hit the ground running. I got off the plane and basically went straight over to church to help decorate. How gorgeous is that!?!Continue reading Christmas Cauliflower-Crust Flatbread!

Lessons in da Club

OK, you seriously can’t make this stuff up, guys. ANOTHER weird incident happened at church yesterday. So, as you may recall, the last four Sundays, something peculiar has occurred at Mass. This time, it involved me calling 9-1-1. To refresh: #1: The homeless man who chugged the communion wine and exited with a ruckus. #2:Continue reading Lessons in da Club

Too Close for Comfort

Lately I feel as though I’m attracting some really bizarre situations. Everything from the homeless man that disrupted Mass after chugging the entire chalice of wine, to the literal miracle that took place last Sunday, and now to tonight’s caper…for some reason, weird stuff seems to follow me wherever I go. First, quickly, I justContinue reading Too Close for Comfort

Is Christianity Dead?

Well folks, another Christmas is in the books! Christmas 2K16 is officially behind us. The eggnog has been consumed. Gifts gifted. Food coma endured. And for those brave souls who took on a real tree this year, its pine needles are officially all over the floor and will be mysteriously appearing in random crevices for the nextContinue reading Is Christianity Dead?

Christmas Vs. NYC 

Doesn’t matter who I’ve talked to recently — Christian baby boomers, non-religious 20-somethings, an 8-year-old girl, my friends, the cute guy sitting behind me at church, the cashier at the grocery store — everyone’s in agreement about one thing: It doesn’t feel like Christmas. I don’t know if it’s the lack of snow, or allContinue reading Christmas Vs. NYC 

Woman in Gold

First off: I want to give a big thank you for 4000 subscribers! I am truly humbled and grateful for the outpouring of love and support in this little community. I appreciate each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂 Alright, onto tonight’s post. I’m writing this from my old bedroom in my childhoodContinue reading Woman in Gold