Deep Water


Ever feel like your life is a broken record?

Like there’s something that you just. can’t. break free from? Just can’t quit or fix or resolve?

How many times have you gone to bed and thought, “Well, I’ll try again tomorrow.”


Ask anyone who’s breathing and they can relate.

“Go out into deep water and let down your nets for a catch.” Luke 5

This is a pretty famous story in the bible. The gist is this: Jesus takes a fisherman named Simon, out into a boat to teach and fish. Simon was clearly not a very good fisherman, because he had been fishing all day and all night and ended up with diddly squat.

So then Jesus says His infamous one liner: “Go out into deep water and let down your nets for a catch.”

Ofc, Simon protests, “Lord, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.”

casting nets

He does. And proceeds to fill up the net with so many fish that it nearly breaks. So they summon another boat and they fill up both boats with so many fish that they begin to sink.


OK, whatever, great story. I’m not a fisherman, nor really a fan of fish… soooo what’s the point here?

I was at church the other day, and they read this story. And they talked about the usual: about following what Jesus tells you to do. About being “fishers of men.” Yaddy yaddy yaddah.

Frankly, I’ve been hearing the same preaching on that verse since I was 5.

And as I was walking home, as one does in NYC, my mind was wandering and pondering. Thinking about that story. And something new was put on my heart.


Those were the two words that just flooded my heart.

Deep. Water.

Back in biblical times, fishing was a lot different than it is today. First of all, it was done with nets. And secondly, the majority of the fishing was done from shore or in shallow water. The fisherman would either throw the nets from shore, or they’d put a big dragnet into shallow waters with a boat, and then drag it in from the beach.

Going out into deep water was a big deal, as there weren’t motors — so it was hard work. And it required a big, strong crew. So the techniques used for fishing were mainly from the shore or in shallow waters.


Deep Water.

Jesus tells Simon to go out to deep water.

AKA: do something different. Do what is difficult. Do something radical.

Simon had been trying and trying and trying unsuccessfully to catch fish.

I don’t know about you, but that just sounds dismal. You’re out in the hot sun all day. There’s no deodorant. No bug spray. Your nets and buckets smell like old fish. There’s no Pandora to listen to. And you’ve been working your arse off all. day. And you literally have nothing to show for all your hard work. Hell, you don’t even get a good selfie out of the whole situation! I’d be about ready to bang my head against a wall!

We don’t have to be fisherman to understand this sentiment.

Doesn’t that sound like recovery in a lot of ways?

Doesn’t that sound like life in a lot of ways?

How many times have you tried and tried to do something and just fallen short?


Studying for exams. Trying to make the varsity team. Getting a promotion at work. Trying to win over a particularly difficult person. Battling an addiction or harmful thought pattern.

There were phases in my recovery where it felt like every day I was casting out net after net after net and coming up with nothing. I’d slip up with exercise. Get fixated on perfection. Let ED harangue my body image and self-worth.

I was trying. But getting nowhere. Perhaps you can relate.

Deep water.

I had to go to deep water to do something.

I had to do something radical. Something that was significantly different than what I was previously doing. Something that was hard, potentially dangerous, and quite scary.

I had to surrender.


I’m gonna keep this short, so as not to get preachy.

The last thing to take away, was that Jesus didn’t tell Simon to go out and catch those fish while He lounged on the beach sipping Pina Coladas.

Jesus was in the boat with Simon.

Jesus went out to the deep water with him and helped Simon haul in all those fish. They did it together. And the results were gloriousMiraculous, even.


What’s the deep water in your life? What’s something radical that you need to try, in order to change the outcome of an unfruitful fishing effort?


The fish are out there. Waiting to be caught. So many that they’ll sink your boat. But you’ve got to leave the shore in order to catch them.


“Go out into deep water and let down your nets for a catch.”

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  1. Love this! we are called to be radical in our faith, and when obedient (aka venturing into deep waters) the lord will bless us, just as he did with the fish. Awesome post, you rock 🙂

  2. I know this post probably wasn’t meant to be taken literally, but I’ve decided to conquer my fear of water and learn how to swim. I’m just a little embarrassed to start learning at 21. I’ve lived in FL for ten years, but I’ve always come up with an excuse. Why the sudden change? Jaws was on TV last night. Today, a friend mentioned that I go kayaking with her. Then, I saw the first picture in this blog post, and it hit me. I need to conquer my hydrophobia. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Great post! Reminded me of how the lord often tells us to do things that dont make sense. In this story it was going into deep waters. For joshua it was marching around a city wall for seven days. For Jehosophat it was sending the singers to the army front lines in battle. It all probably did not make much sense in the moment, but they trusted Him. Just like we, now, must trust Him when He calls us to do things that seem scary and unusual.

  4. you never fail with finding us with beautiful words. the words of encouragement. you never fail to hit my heart with your words. God bless you! We love you and we pray to Lord in thanks of you, we Him thanks for having you in our lives and your love and encouragement. I wish I knew your name so I can pray thanks personally for you <3 Thank you with all my heart and soul <3

    • Thank you so much Bennamin. I am touched and truly humbled by such kind words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you only knew how much you were an encouragement and a bright spot for me! ☺️ I am grateful for you!

  5. Reblogged this on Who Am I? and commented:
    Thank you Jesus for the people you bring into my life, I bless your glorious name for the love you show us. god bless her for the encouragement she shows me and all she touches, she loves you dearly. I nearly cried again reading this <3

  6. Thanks for liking my blog. This one of yours is so apt for me since I’m learning the application of that MOST difficult command: love your enemy.

    Actually, my daughter didn’t walk away from us of her own freewill. She married a psychopath. BUT I must love and pray for him too, even though I want to kill him – and I confess I don’t mean that metaphorically. Deep Waters indeed.

    • Thank you for sharing this. It sounds like you’ve been dealt a particularly trying set of circumstances. Your strength in loving the difficult is awesome. I’m sure it is very tough, but you’re reflecting Him. 😊 prayer is powerful. It can move mountains 🙂

  7. The Lord has definitely been talking to me about deep water. God told Abraham to go, He didn’t say where but He was going to lead him. What did Abraham do? He went! If God sends you into deep water you can bet He has a plan!!

  8. Wow! This is awesome! I’ve never considered the deep water aspect of this verse, it touched me deeply! Perfect words to push deeply into my heart to remember always – thank you <3

    • Thank you so much Mindy. The “deep water” was something that I had never thought about before either with this verse. Sending love and hugs! Thanks for reading ☺️☺️

  9. Another great post! Reading this makes me really want to challenge myself, to jump into that deep water and do something different, like you said. Thanks for pushing me where I need to go, I really appreciate it! Take much care lovely <3 xx

  10. Do you see what a gift God has entrusted to you. The Anorexia is just part of the big picture. He has his hand on your life and it appears that you recognize the work. You are so talented. I’m genuinely touched by your perseverance. And thanks for stopping by my post. Sincerely; MAO

      • Shed a tear, dear girl, for what some one else may not rebound from, love makes you rebound. He will place that tear in a bottle.

  11. wow- I love this post. I am tired too. In so many ways. I am soul tired lately. My whole family is. Also, I love the name Beauty Byond Bones. Thank you for sharing yourselfa nd your perspective.

  12. You did such a good job of bringing the truth from that scripture into the light. I am impressed with your insights and your writing both. Good job.

    Most of the Christians I know are “shallow water” Christians. They talk a good witness but from their actions and attitudes they are afraid to get too far from the shore. They give as long as it doesn’t impact their lives and comfort “too much”, they reach out to the needy as long as it is someone they think will not “take advantage” of them. Anytime we step out there is always a chance we could get “taken advantage” of but I really can’t worry with that. It is the intention my heart as I minister to those in dire straights that is more important than me losing a few dollars. I know people that “meet needs” and then complain because they received no gratitude and thanks. Deep water is where you can’t “touch the bottom” it’s where you are out of your comfort zone, where you have to trust in what you can’t control. Sometimes it is time to get into water where you can’t put your feet on anything solid and let the water of the spirit take you where you need to be.

    Again, good job.

  13. I am not a believer in a specific religion, although I do have beliefs. I find it hard to explain to others…

    Regardless, the moral of your tale here is globally relevant. I’ve heard the tale of Simon the fisherman also, but this puts it into a new, and blindingly obvious perspective. So simple and so much truth. The difference between being told the truth, and finding the truth for yourself,

    I love it when someone is able to put into words, something I have struggled to explain for years.

    • Hi Labrug, thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate you sharing that. I love how you put that: blindingly obvious. I had a little chuckle reading that. It’s true: in just two little words, “deep water,” a LOT is communicated. But we so easily overlook that small, but powerful detail. At least I did! haha Thank you for stopping by:) Love and hugs

  14. Yup “How many times have you gone to bed and thought, “Well, I’ll try again tomorrow.”” This is the story of my exercise program that went awry. Going deep is a must. Thank you for the motivation. I like coming here to get inspired.

  15. This is an amazing post! So many of us can resonate with “fishing in the shallow waters” of life just waiting for a change. Such a blessing to be encouraged to go out into deep water!!

  16. Okay, I don’t have an eating disorder, but my life just feels kinda out of order, and you’re, like speaking to me. I might just be overly caught up in it, but I’m just, really happy I found your blog. I’m kinda recovering from a surgery that happened three years ago next week, and I’ve been letting it stop me from doing a lot of things…Except at this point, I think I’m just being afraid of deep water rather than doing what’s necessary. Anyway, I’m going to try to take this to heart, put more faith in God, and do more for his glory and trusting in his plan for my life. So going to try. Thank you!

    • Oh I’m so glad you’re finding my words to be somewhat helpful! Gosh, I’m sorry to hear about your surgery. That sounds really tough. Chronic illness or pain can definitely shake is up and keep us from doing a lot of things out of fear – and rightly so. It sounds like you’ve been through a lot. I totally believe in you😊 there IS a good plan for your life. Praying that He shows you that path. Blessings friend xx

  17. I truly believe that God will speak to us in ways we never imagined. This post was a blessing to read. It was right on time! Needed that. I pray He will continue to bless you with wisdom☺

  18. Thanks for this. I don’t think I ever knew that about fishing with nets (I fish in the freezer section). And I never really paid attention to the “deep water” part. I haven’t quite figured out what’s trying to talk to me in your comments. but you got me thinking. Always a good thing.

    • Haha you made me laugh with your freezer section joke 😂 thanks for your kind and encouraging words, as always. I hope you know how much you taking the time to read each of my posts means to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jeffrey.

      • My best reply is to invite you to read my post today, “The Shallow End of the Gene Pool.” You actually inspired me to share this story fully. And I had a special “guest star” today in the comments; my wife!! What a cool surprise that was. You can hear her voice now too. I’m so roud of her!

  19. Beebs, if you ever do run out of options–talking boys, sorry…(probably won’t ever happen, anyway)…but if you do, I could introduce you to a friend of mine. Don’t ask me to do it now, though. I know this really sounds stupid, so don’t even really consider it an option. Please. Except if way down the road…you know, nothing else, like, eeeeeeeeeeeeeever works out. You’ll think I’m crazy, and I am crazy, and you know that already, so that should come as no surprise. We were best friends through first and second grade, and, you know, fourth grade, too. Ummm…this is really stupid. Just forget that I ever said it, and please don’t ever mention it to him! You know what, this is probably just a dream. I think I’m writing this, but it’s just a dream, and I’m really not, and I think I’m making some great important discovery when I’m really not–dreams and the emotions that go with them yadda yadda yadda–boy, I’ll be glad when I wake up from this! And I hope I never do, but then again, if I did…would I still exist…uh oh, here comes Nihilism…I better shut up–until you’re a Belieber, I mean, believer. Sorry. Good-bye, night vision person. Good luck haunting my dreams when I use that no-dreams spell I just learned! Ha!!! My wife doesn’t call me brujo for nothing. He he he. I know you know Spanish, night vision person, so I don’t mind using it whenever I like.

      • Ok. Glad you’re not mad at me for being so bold. Sorry if it was. Anyway, I hope you are well. I enjoy your writing. You have really good insights. I wasn’t interested at first in your page, but over time, I read it again and liked it. Sorry again. Never mind me. I feel often like a lost boy. Don’t know quite why I’m sitting right where I am. Good luck with life and everything. I just bumped into a girl I graduated with from high school. Hadn’t seen her since those unhallowed halls. We’ve had those same dreams of being in high school and not remembering where classes are or what the combination is the locker. That was random. Anyway, best wishes and good luck. Sorry again. Don’t mind me. I make a lot of mistakes. Goes with the territory, I guess, of being a runner when I never quite knew what I was running from. A monster, I think. I used to dream when I was a boy that a big hairy monster was chasing me through caves, and I would run and run to try to get away…maybe that’s it. Superstition and all.

      • hi Dan, thanks for this. I’m so glad my writing is growing on you. Thanks for sticking with it 🙂 it means more than you know. sending you a big hug xox

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