Coachella Culture

So if you didn’t know, the music festival, Coachella, was this weekend.

I mean. Honestly, if I see another picture of a celebrity wearing a crochet croptop, ripped acid wash jean shorts, and a flower crown while frolicking barefoot in Southern California, I might vom. It’s Coachella. You’re an ironic “millennial flower child.” We get it.


OK OK. Maybe I’m being a little harsh. Maybe that’s because I secretly wish I was there. And that honestly I know I’d love it.


But I digress.

Coachella happened. Just ask Vanessa Hudgens, the “Queen of Coachella.”


Is it just me, or will I always only be able to see her as our sweet Gabriella from High School Musical singing Breaking Free with an airplaning Zac Efron fetus?



But anyways. I think it is kinda ironic that Coachella fell on “Good Shepard” Sunday.

Because, honestly…seeing grown men like Jared Leto (who let’s be real, slightly resembles Jesus) prance around barefoot in the meadows of LA wearing outfits that resemble burlap sacks…I was kinda getting the shepherd vibe.

Jared Leto rocks Zebra Print Leggings at Coachella **USA ONLY**

I mean, it’s funny. Thousands of west coast hipster youths jumping on the music fest “band wagon” — I couldn’t help but think that they’re all like sheep, being herded together to consume the latest alternative music hit.

It really is ironic when you stop and think about it.

Which is just what I did 🙂

One of the most well known depictions of Jesus is as the “Good Shepherd.”

Which, okay — the people in biblical times had a pretty clear understanding of what that really meant. But I mean — it’s 2016. Do sheep even still exist in the wild?

***I’m lookin’ at you, New Zealand…***


But seriously, that whole idea of “shepherd-ism” — suffice it to say, it’s a foreign concept in today’s world.

Shepherds would literally lay down their lives for their flock of sheep.

Sheep — they are straight up dumb animals. Left to their own devices, they would wander off and die. And that is not an exaggeration.

A shepherd’s life is completely devoted to these sheep. He leads them to water and the pasture so that they have food and drink. He herds them to the shade so they don’t overheat and die. He sleeps in the doorway of the stable so that no wolves or other predators come and kill the sleeping sheep.

A shepherd knows each and every one of his sheep and will protect them no matter what the cost.


But here’s the coolest part.

The sheep know the shepherd’s voice. The shepherd makes this “guttural throat sound” that the sheep can recognize.

John 10:27 Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me…No one can snatch them out of my hand.”

Which got me thinking…First of all, what an incredibly comforting image. And secondly, how can I hear His voice? 

DO I hear His voice? Would I recognize it even if I did??

That is some powerful stuff.

Because I do believe that He speaks to us. Every day. Maybe not through a burning bush or strikes of heavenly lightening…but in other ways…less obvious ways.

It’s a given that He speaks to us through a) the bible, and b) the quiet times when your mind and heart are still. But those aren’t the only way.

Maybe through a conversation with someone. Or in a “coincidental” situation. Maybe in a book you read. Or if you’re up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep because you can’t stop thinking about this one specific thing. Or maybe even a billboard — or graffiti — you pass by.


For me, it’s through music. I’ve been a singer ever since I could formulate words, and so I have a very deep connection with music and singing. It’s my prayer language. I’ve mentioned it before, but the way I embraced recovery and let Jesus into my heart to heal my anorexia was through a specific song lyric I sang during chapel at inpatient.

I’ll never know how much it cost to see my sin upon that Cross.

Jesus spoke into my soul during that song. It moved me. Changed me.


I’ll wrap this up, but I really do love the image of the Good Shepherd – protecting, caring for, and speaking to me…the dumb, moronic sheep that, left to my own accord, would have a self-inflicted demise. And spoiler alert-we all have a little bit of “sheep-tendencies” in us. Just ask the kids trying to bring back bell bottoms and leather fringe in LA. #festlife

But I’m never alone. And He’s constantly speaking to me. I just have to have my eyes and ears alert.

So go on, Coachella. You can go ahead and flaunt your flower child carefree-ness all over social media. You’re just a beautiful reminder that, a) the seventies did no one a favor with its fashion trends, and b) we can let ourselves be herded by lots of different worldly “shepherds” these days. But don’t mistake Jared Leto’s messiah-like mane for the true Shepherd. He’s calling, we just have to listen for the shepherd’s voice.


**Quick Housekeeping: Let me know what topics you’d like to hear more of! I’d love your input for upcoming blog posts! 🙂 hugs and love xox



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238 thoughts on “Coachella Culture

  1. I’m assuming that the mural of van Gogh in the background is no accident. You could share your reflections on his life story with us. Easter week I was up at the Getty Santa Monica and everybody was crowded around his Irises, which is of course a metaphor for the Good Shepherd. I also had the good fortune to visit the van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, and there was nothing so sad as the decay in his technique after his nervous breakdown.

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    1. Hey Brian! How interesting! I actually had no idea that was Van Gogh! I thought it was William Shakespeare! 😂😂😂 shows what I know! 🙈haha but you’re right. His nervous breakdown was very sad. Thanks for reading! Hugs xox


  2. Wonderful!! I don’t know how you do it. You take a vain subject and bring alive such Spirit from it. I also loved the song. It was just what I needed to hear today. Touched my heart.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Totally agree! “The sheep knows the shepherd voice”. Nice post by the way!

    I would like you to make it more implicit, It would be more enjoyable (In My Opinion) if you relate the experience to the message you’re trying to deliver.

    I totally enjoyed this one ;D , keep it going sister! You’ll be a great author one day.

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  4. I’ve always wanted to go to Coachella. Or any music festival (Stage Coach is awesome too!) And not because of the fashion but for the music. I love music! But nowadays, I see Coachella as a fashion show/drinking party. I mean don’t get me wrong. I love fashion. But I love music more.

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  5. I am obsessed with this blog post! 🙂 The humor was spot on (I’m totally a dry-humor type of girl) AND so was the message. Great writing and beautiful photo’s as always. (Seriously, my favorite ‘book’ or ‘magazine’ to start the day with – after the Bible – is your blog…). 🙂
    I don’t even have any suggestions for you in terms of blog posts. You kill it every time!!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Really enjoy your thoughts! I’m going to share your page with my high school students. I really think they would get a lot out of what you have to share (esp. my teenage girls). Thanks for what you’re doing here!!

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  7. Coachella would be even more wonderful if you were there!! Yes I agree about Vanessa Hudgens. Whatever she does, I am sure it won’t be as much staying power as High School Musical. But you are way more awesome than her or any Hollywood actress anyway because you are real, with no rehearsal or makeup. I love your writings no matter the subject! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh gosh thank you! Yeah I would love to have gone😋 and haha thanks! That’s very kind of you! I wish I could say I wear no makeup though. That’s definitely one thing im guilty of! 😬 thanks for reading! Hugs xox

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      1. Oh I’m sure you do, but it makes up real you and not some airbrushed etc.. just for the camera. You’re totally real and that includes your beauty. xox


  8. Great post BBB! I have shared on my site as I am amazed at your ability to look at life in this world and bring it back to faith in so many unique ways. Topic suggestion…who are your inspirations…writers, musicians or someone else? Peace

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  9. I think more people need to hear stuff like this when they are going through a hard time (recovering from an eating disorder) because (like you and I both know) there is no magical key to recovery – you don’t just wake up one day healed. It’s about little things, little choices, little steps. And a whole lot of God’s love ❤ keep spreading the message you're a gem xxx


  10. Your blog is one of my most favorites, definitely. I LOVE your posts, they are so inspiring and so true! ❤️❤️❤️ If I’ve learned anything from having a blog, it’s that I love checking out others. Lots of love, MaryLouise. ❤️❤️❤️

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  11. Loved this post, especially your take on Coachella and sheep. It’s so funny how people declare themselves FREE and INDEPENDENT and ORIGINAL and then they all do the exact same free and independent and original things. Together. Wearing the same things. Listening to and liking the same things. Together. And yes, ha, I WANT TO BE ONE OF THEM, TOO 🙂 You nailed that 🙂


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  12. I used to mountain bike in the Coachella area. When it was just us pockets of nobodies sharing water and riding tips. Times did change and maybe for the better. We would get chased off because we were harming the environment but I can only imagine the impact of thousands of eco conscious drunk partiers are doing to the area.

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  13. amica mia, you really have a gift, a spiritual gift, that I am quite sure our good shepherd is going to guide u into. Walking along with ur blogs, I sense a growing spiritual depth and confidence with every blog, I hear the voice of God speaking clearly through you. Your genius is that you are connected enough with this pop culture that you can speak its insane language, and you are separated enough from it by your near death experience of e d, that you in fact have something significant to say this crazy pop culture. You are truly a prophetic voice, and I am sure that as your following grows many will come to a saving faith in Jesus through your voice. I bless you and I remember you always in my prayers. ” above all, be strong and very courageous to carefully observe the whole instruction my servant Moses commanded you.” Joshuah 1:7 Listen carefully for His voice and He will continue to guide you.


  14. “Maybe through a conversation with someone. Or in a “coincidental” situation. Maybe in a book you read.” – yep, that rings so true for me. That is the way I am spoken to.

    Also, the Bible readings that I start every day with and end every night with always seem especially chosen for me.

    The Reverend preached several weeks ago that God loves us as if we are the only person in the world that matters. It sure is true!


  15. From someone who lives in the midst of this insanity I was very amused at a New Yorker’s take on the California scene.

    Coachella music fest is hot, dusty and claustrophobic. Most of the people who attend aren’t even from California.

    Only one in four residents are native born, and we are the normal ones. The rest are from cold-weather cities like Boston.

    New Yorkers I have known haven’t lasted six months out here. It’s the culture shock. They either start to lose their mind, or their family back east does an intervention to bring them home.

    That happened to the last guy I knew. He came out for the summer, thinking he’d stay through Labor Day, but he couldn’t take it. He said he was losing his mind out here so he sold all his stuff — including a ton of Yankees’ memorabilia — to buy a plane ticket home.

    It’s like the Eagles’ song, Hotel California, “You can check out any time you like,
    but you can never leave!”

    California is an intoxicating place.

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      1. Do you remember the final episode of Seinfeld when Jerry told Kramer that he and George were moving to California?

        I’m still laughing at Kramer’s response because it is so true!

        “She’s a seductress, she’s a siren, she’s a virgin, she’s a whore!” Then he warned Jerry, “You might never come back!”

        So funny.


  16. This weekend and last the California desert hosted “Oldchella” featuring the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan (the Nobel prize winner), Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters and the Who.

    Tickets cost $400, but the promoters printed so many (expecting a big turnout) that scalpers were only getting $200.


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