7 Birthday Resolutions


If it’s culturally acceptable to have Christmas in July, then how about we do New Year’s in August??



Ok, maybe a bit of a stretch.

Basically, as you know, it was my birthday last weekend. And thank you all again for the wonderful birthday love!

But it got me thinking. If I want to make this next year the best yet, what are some things I’m going to definitely do, or definitely not do to facilitate that?

So. I made a list.

Because lists are fun.

And I’m a Type A personality, trapped in a Type B existence.



Ok, so I’ve mentioned this a lot on here, but there really is something incredibly freeing about saying yes to opportunities that come your way. Whether that’s going out to dinner with friends or taking on a new assignment for work or school – life is to be lived. To the full. And spending it in isolation or routine is no way to do that.


As a “people pleaser” in recovery, I constantly have to fight the urge to try to be everything for everybody. It’s just part of my makeup – I want people to like me. I don’t want to make anyone go out of their way for me. But if I’m not careful…this can lead to people taking advantage of me and my willingness to please. Especially in the acting world where people will absolutely 100% take advantage of you if you let them. Saying “no” does not make you a “bee-eye-tee-see-ayche.” It makes you a person with self respect.


I will be the first to admit that I struggle with pride. It was my downfall. It lead to my anorexia. It is still a despicable habit that I have to keep in check. So, obviously, asking for help is not something that I necessarily enjoy doing. Especially in NYC where everyone seems to be achieving astronomically impressive feats. Sometimes, you need help with something – whether that’s needing a friend to talk to, advice on _____, asking for a person’s time, or seeking help for an addiction or fear. There is no shame in recognizing and asking for help. In fact, it shows strength.


This is another biggie for me. And now, you may be scratching your head, seeing how recklessly open and transparent I’ve been on this blog with the things I’ve shared, but in my “offline life,” I don’t really talk about these things. I’m not super vulnerable. I don’t bring up my past. Because, truthfully, I still carry around a lot of shame about it. But this year, I want to cautiously let more people in. Because not only will it make these friendships more authentic and closer, I think it will also bring freedom and healing to me, as well.


No shocker here, buuuut….I’m a talker. Especially when I’m nervous or around a cute boy, I tend to *ahem* not shut up. lol


I mean, in truth, I am a very good listener. Probably actually more so than I give myself credit – I think it’s key to a healthy relationship or friendship, so I am already mindful of that, but I want to just – be more of a listener. Because people need to feel heard. Not everyone has a blog to process daily crap


And I know, I am positively cringing typing this one out because it is just so cliche


But I can definitely get cozy. You know what I mean? Like … not take any risks for fear or failure or rejection or …looking stupid…

But it’s true. This year, I just want to have a “screw it” attitude and go for everything. Because you know what? Nothing awesome ever happened without a little fear of stupidity.


Last, and most importantly, I want to spend more time with God. I don’t want my prayer time to only be when I’m falling asleep or listening to worship music or a sermon podcast. I want to actually carve out some time in my schedule to hang out with God. It’s a relationship just like all the others in my life, and I need to put time into it. After all, He did bring me into existence. And die for me…So yeah, there’s that.

Okey Dokey! There you have it folks. My 7 birthday resolutions, if you will.


Just a little housekeeping: First, speaking of being recklessly open…I’ve got a YouTube video that I’m working up the nerve to push publish on…eek! So look for that…possssssibly on Thursday. Feel free to subscribe if you want to be notified when it’s up.

Secondly, just wanted to say a big big thank you to my Patreon supporters. Seriously, I am so grateful to each one of you.

Have a great week y’all! See ya Thursday!



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178 thoughts on “7 Birthday Resolutions

  1. You are an incredibly vibrant writer. But there were two things that sorta made me go… hmm.

    One was the thing about not being effective if you’re alone. I think some people can find God and meaning without being overly social. They may not wear monastic robes and thus might have a harder time being understood in society. But they can be just as – if not more -spiritual than a monk.

    And that relates to the other thing…

    Now what was it? Oh yeah. For me God isn’t just A relationship but THE relationship. It’s a near constant awareness that carries thru the entire day. I do pray conventionally to some degree but, seriously, I think we can pretty much always have God in mind while going about our business. Some people need Rosaries and other structured prayers. I dig that. But for me they sometimes just get in the way. Too many words…

    Again… nice vibrant writing. I hope some of it rubs off on me! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for this reflection. I love what you said about prayer too. Having God be constantly in your mind throughout the day. I definitely can relate to that too-I guess I was just meaning more intentional time , that all 🙂 and great point about people’s social preferences. Very true. Thanks for reading. Hugs and love xox

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, sometimes I can get a little preachy. Maybe it’s time for me to take another “seekers reality check!” 🙂 Truth is, when I am in relationships they take up a lot of time and thought. I’ve been solo for several years after being with someone for several years. I am a different creature, to some degree, in each situation. So I really should have remembered what it’s like to be preoccupied with another… their problems, their demands, the joys and the rewards. I understand what you were saying! 🙂


  2. I have a serious issue on the letting people in department. I’ve always had tons of friends but very few of them seem to KNOW me. Right now I am still hiding behind my new alias. It is part of my finding myself/healing process and I hope to show who I am one day too. 😘😘


  3. I love #7! I mean I love all your resolutions and I think those are all things i definitely struggle with and am working on! But something I have found helpful in praying everyday (because my schedule is not the same everyday) is having a journal you really like and then reading the daily mass readings or a book. I have a massive book list but to help with that daily relationship with the Lord I’ve found books by Fr Mike Gaitley to be the most helpful, especially consoling the heart of Jesus. He makes living lit our faith in daily life seem so simple 🙂 praying for you sister!


  4. Happy belated birthday!!!! To your seven resolutions – um, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, YES! I love this post! I love your insights, your honesty, and your clarity. These are seven things that I need to cultivate in my life, too, and I feel so encouraged and inspired when I read your insights. Thank you!


  5. Here is a type of post I was talking about in the message I sent back earlier where I can help you by giving insight on a couple of the paragraphs, As to what my life was like, for instance. This post here is a more recent point of trouble in my life,https://lifeswondersblog.wordpress.com and how i am trying to deal with it in the recent post as you seen in today’s post, some areas may also help you start your journey in opening your self to others. Peace of free advice it helps to let it out whether it is to a person you know or a person you come to know through other channels, such as places like here and support groups,ect..
    However be safe about it.


  6. Happy belated birthday and I love the 7 Birthday Resolutions a lot (:
    I really enjoy your writing style and your view on different things. It’s very refreshing to read, you inspired me while reading this and you really can feel a twinkle in your eye… lovely and inspiring and vibrant (:


  7. Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best life has to offer in the upcoming year and in all the years ahead. I’m so sorry I didn’t express this in a timelier manner. Sorry, too, that I’ve missed reading your honest, heartfelt blogs. Thanks for reading / liking what I posted earlier today.


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