What’s the Point?

Walking around New York, I often find myself just realizing that, if I didn’t believe, I wouldn’t be able to see God anywhere.

I mean, if I weren’t looking for Him, God seems nowhere.

Sure, I’ll walk past the occasional church that is empty, minus a few fanny-pack-wearing tourists snapping pictures on their iPads.



But, real talk: there just isn’t a lot of God out there to be found in our culture.

There’s just a whole lot of other stuff to occupy our time and our minds: the Olympics, summer blockbusters, the NFL, the latest Kimye/Taylor drama, back to school shopping, the presidential election, you name it – our culture exists in a spiritual wasteland, if I’m being really honest.

And for as incredible as NYC is, truthfully, it exemplifies this hyper godless environment.

But sometimes, when I’m walking along, dodging Pokemon Go players and briefcase-touting-powerwalkers on the sidewalks…


…I sometimes wonder, why do I need faith?


I am not questioning my faith or the existence of God. But I wonder, if I weren’t a Jesus follower, why would I think faith mattered? 

What’s the argument for it? Why would I care? What is the case for faith?

Because I look at everything around me, and you know what, I wouldn’t think I was really missing anything if I didn’t believe.

Things are so instantaneous and so immediately gratifying, I would look at faith and think, How painfully archaic. Why not live for the now? I’m only young once, so why drag around the old “ball and chain?” Who wants to just feel guilty and constrained all the time anyway? It doesn’t matter…


Does it?

Does faith matter?

And the answer to that can be summed up in three little words.

What’s. The. Point?

What’s the point? To life? To my friendships? To my career? To my body? To whatever…

What’s the point?

If you close your eyes and think about the life we’re bombarded with everyday, what do you see?

For me, I see this fast paced, movie-trailer-esk montage of images, narrated by none other than Morgan Freeman.

First there are the “high fashion” images of our society with Victoria’s Secret models and men with chiseled jawlines wearing suits that cost more than a downpayment on a car. Justin Bieber flashes by, peeing in a bucket and riding a segway, waving to his Canadian buddy, Drake.


There’s partying, reality TV and all of its quality family values. Trump’s yelling, Hillary’s barking, and Blair Waldorf is leaning over to whisper the latest gossip to Serena. (#GossipGirl) 😉


Then in my movie trailer depiction of life, there are shots of homeless people, starving children in third world countries, refugees in war torn nations. Images of kids being bullied at school or online. Of violence in our communities. Of maxed out prisons full of human beings with names and faces. Images that shatter your heart into a million tiny pieces.

Cut to my family. My friends. Teachers. The cashier at my grocery store. The kids I nanny for. The cross guard on 6th Avenue. All the people in my life that I come in contact with every day. People with stories and hurts and struggles.

Cut to me.

Open your eyes.

After watching that bombardment of all that life’s throwing at us, what’s the point?

Are we to think that this is it? 

Well, okay – thanks, Caralyn, for pointing out all the crap that’s out there. Sure there’s a lot of eFF-ed up stuff, but what does that have to do with faith?

And I think the answer is that, all of those things we’re bombarded with – all of those things in our movie trailer – without faith – without God – we would have to navigate all of that alone.

And I don’t know about you, but frankly, that scares the be-jezzes out of me.

We’re not in this alone. Everything that the world tries to throw at us, that makes us feel as though we don’t measure up — we don’t look a certain way, drive a certain car, own a certain brand, live a certain lifestyle — all those bullshit standards impressed upon us by our cultural movie trailer — there’s more to life than that.

There’s hope.

And that’s where faith comes in. That’s where God comes in.

Faith gives you hope, and hope gives you something bigger to live for.

I’m not just living for the here and now. I’m living with my eyes on eternity.

There’s more to life than making money, and getting more “stuff” or going on lavish vacations or having an enviable house or career. There’s something bigger than me that I’m living for.

I’m living for Him.

I’m trying to use my life to be His hands and feet for everyone I come in contact with.

Because the world can seem like a spiritual wasteland, void of goodness and gentleness and hope. So I want to use my life to be a teeny tiny glimmer of His love and His truth.


Because the world is not godless. He is all around. But it is up to us to choose to look for Him. To choose to see God in the everyday– In the people around us. In the opportunities around us.

Thatthe hope. That’s why faith does matter. Otherwise, the weight of the world would be just too much to bear.


So what’s the point?



Choose it. See it. Claim it. Live it.


“Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1



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391 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. I often think that the “noise” of a city can create a sufficient distraction to keep us from Bible study, meditation and prayer. Our faith development has to be intentional- which is challenging with all the noise that surrounds us. I hope that you continue to find the solace, tranquility and peace that comes through further development of your faith. God bless you. Great post.


  2. For a while I believed in the Hindu social myth that the East was “all spiritual” and the West was “all materialistic.” But like you, when I really got to know God in the Catholic tradition, I started seeing God pretty well anywhere, in anyone. It’s very liberating. A trip to the supermarket or countryside can be spiritually refreshing.

    I think some priests emphasize how “worldly” the world is and how “spiritual” Catholics are. To that I’d say yes and no. IMO it’s a bit more complicated than the story they usually tell at Mass. And I think some of the smarter priests are aware of that. But they choose to toe the line… not for cynical reasons but because they know where the Church is “at” and that they alone can do little to change things.

    I’ve only heard one priest, a monsignor, openly pray for “corruption” in the Church during a Mass. But there are other problems too. I don’t need to repeat them. We just have to read the headlines.

    I still go to Mass often. But at this stage of the game, I have to be honest about my experience and reflections there.


      1. It’s sort of both. I find the Mass usually fills and lifts me up and gives me perspective. Then I go out and everything works better. I come back to Mass with the insights and perspectives I’ve gained from outside. I guess you could say it’s a dialog… 🙂

        Best to you 🙂


  3. God is everywhere and in everyone. I think his people don’t show his love enough. We are quick to hate and judge and that sort of thing. We are his hands and feet so we have to be willing to hug more, love more and perhaps be more inclusive of everyone.


  4. Very well said…deep, thought-provoking. Morgan Freeman is a good narrator, but I’ve always pictured James Earl Jones doing my voice-overs! But in reality, they’d probably pick Peewee Herman. And what about the soundtrack? I think mine would have lots of Enya…

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. It’s interesting that God can plant such similar thoughts in the minds of people in such different places (I’m in Colorado Springs, a long ways from NYC in many ways) and different stages of their lives (I think I’m WAY older than you!). It’s yet another very cool aspect of our Creator that He works in us and through us to change the world one encounter at a time, no matter who and where we are.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.


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  5. Whether Jesus was truly the son of God or not, we know from history and scripture that he was a real man. His sacrifice for his fellow man was great. He was a man of good moral teachings. He was a good example for men to follow. He died in extreme suffering that most of us could not endure to the point that he did, in believing that he saved all of us who believed in him. Personally, I would rather live a life believing in Jesus and following his example, then die and it not be true. If we all lived like there was no God or Jesus or some higher power and died and learned there really was…. we would all be screwed.


    1. Very true. We would be up a creek without a dang paddle! Lol but seriously… You’re right-the amount of suffering Jesus endured is unimaginable. What a guy. thanks Dave, for this reflection and for taking the time to read. Hope you have a beautiful Sunday. Hugs and love xox


  6. Ohhh New York! Every time you speak about that place… My heart stirrs! I so badly want to visit that city. My dream as a kid was to live out there and be an actress….
    On another note… Your view of God and society as whole… Very insiteful… Very eye opening! Your blog is dripping with honey filled wisdom.


      1. Just watched your videos. You’ve got a great (friendly) video personality. Keep up the good work. Because we are each unique, we have an obligation to express that individuality. Thanks. More love to you. He knows what a tremendous person you’ve become.


  7. Thank God for creating f-a-i-t-h. Anyone who fails to show the God given faith cannot deal with the Lord God in His Kingdom for the only currency acceptable in this Godly Kingdom is faith. This faith, once it apprehends God’s rhema, the deal is struck and done. Halleluyah! Another great post dear lady of inestimable beauty inside & out.


  8. Reblogged this on femidadaadedina and commented:
    If we do not have faith, then fear takes over. The fear of the unknown, fear of others who are not like us, fear of if it is true that really there is afterlife where we live for ever and fear of accountability. The fear of being alone and of finding no one with us in our valley moments and periods when it seems we have lost it. When we have faith as you said hope comes along and with hope you are able to think of something better than the crap and “shit”(sorry for my language, that you find all around you now. Without faith where are we going to be?


  9. This is soothing and straight to the point. In this era of narcissism coupled with those who have taken over God’s power and functions and claiming to do GOD’S will by terminating God’s creation and creatures, the question that comes to mind is : Where is GOD in all of this and why you we even have faith in the midst of inequalities, wars, discrimination and gross injustice? However, this is the period when God is showing and being reflected in God’s creation. Out of the decomposition of a seed comes a new plant and out of the creative destruction comes innovation. Our world is at the nadir and this is when we need GOD most and without faith we cannot even see God not to talk believing or having HOPE.


    1. What a power reflection. Wow. Thank you for sharing this perspective. I so appreciate hearing your thoughts. You’re right-we need Him the most right now. Big hugs to you friend , and thanks again for sharing my post! xox


  10. The hardest part of your question is Does IT. Not It DOES. Many people say it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t matter to them. However those who say It matter, questions arise from some, on how much it matters. Myself most of my life matters as you can tell in my most recent post, however i would rather loose the dreams of my future if it means saving lives, because of this medical condition. I am willing to get on with my future, however the reality of my condition is, I will always have it. Just as I will always have my dream and try to live out my dream with the Grace of God that His hand was with the surgeon. on that FAITHFUL day in Dec 2015.


      1. your quite welcome, I try my best to put insight into at least one post, I have also taken negative posts and turned them into good posts with proof positive articles from press, and other resources that I find on the net that I can use without getting into copy right infringement disputes. So what I said about your post, is a good thing, and you would like to c some of my other work and it doesn’t have to b a negative post either I can show u by taking a post of yours and then by returning my version via personal message. You can decide if it is something u would like or hate please b honest I am also a poem writer


      1. lol….thank God for your writings! They really do bless my heart. You are doing a great work with it.


  11. Beautifully said! I don’t know how we could live without God. There is so much brokenness around us. I am an animal advocate who believes animals are God’s creation and that abuse has to be stopped! This is where my heart is. We all have a calling, we all can help make a difference and yes…we do not have to do it alone!
    My blog is: https://animalsarefeelingbeingstoo.com


  12. I just came across your page and I absolutely love the way you think and write! I’ve been wanting to move to NYC for some time and I realized that I craved to fulfill “YOLO” because I wanted to taste everything the world has to offer (even though a lot of things don’t benefit us in the long run). But, thank you for the encouragement because I have found myself asking similar questions. Stay blessed!


  13. Love this. I’ve been following your courageous writing here for a bit. And I think you’ve been doing the same over at my blog. My battle was with addiction but there are so many similarities. Thank you for your boldness. I plan to be more bold sharing my specific story in the months to come. Would love to connect at some point.


  14. Sorry it’s been a while since I came and read your updating posts, yet they are always a pleasure to read. You made me smile about dodging Pokémon Go players
    In this modern world we live in we are bombarded with too many distracting things
    We miss out on what is important, like looking for God and sharing and spending time with loving friends like you
    There are many who say Christians are brain washed, and yet fail to see how brain washed they are by the general modern day media


  15. I appreciate your article. I feel it sincere.
    I also have a sincere journey, from faith to no faith. But I am happy… why is that?
    Why do I enjoy so much this life, that like a good meal, will end?

    I am an apistevist, if I needed a label to identify myself.

    But that’s me. We all have different journeys. If you are curious, please read my posts also. Critique them. I am more than open to a good conversation.


  16. Thank you Caralyn,
    I for one enjoy all the questions! Please, do not forget the other side. The unbeliever is engaged in a faith also. Their faith is that there is no God. The other side suffers with the same problem we as believers have. There is no absolute proof that they are right or that we are right as believers.

    Please remember the passage: without faith it is impossible to please God. This means that if there was absolute proof that there was a God, faith would not be necessary and it would be impossible to please God. God is good and will not treat anyone that way.

    If you allowed to question any nonbeliever far enough about their beliefs they will come to the same empty place that any believer comes to with their questions about our faith. We just can’t prove absolutely our beliefs on either side. There is no place in the entire nature non-God ideology that Grace, and hope exist, hope and grace are good. There is only survival of the fittest and instinct to guide outside of God.

    Remember, all good comes exclusively from God. There is no other source of good. Each of us are given a lifetime to decide where we are will put our faith. Our decision is binding on earth and in heaven. I pray to be salty spiritually, that way people become spiritually thirsty around me, encouraging them to ask for me, then, pray I am ready with spiritual water for them to drink of.

    We are designed to have faith in something, it’s built and designed into us and must be satisfied. But we are giving a free will choice to choose what we have faith in. So what’s the point? Choose wisely, don’t let some ideology tell you how to choose!

    Feel free not to post this one it was long .

    Your fellow Pilgrim,


    1. Thanks so much for this Denny. You’re right, all good comes from God. Amen to that! I’ll pray for you to become spiritually salty too 🙂 hehe love how you describe that. Very true ! Hugs and love xox


  17. Loved your post!!
    I completely agree that sometimes the things of this world seem easier to follow and we wonder what’s the point but we gotta see that we have hope and a Heavenly Father and thats what the world doesn’t have!
    For me that’s worth the struggles we encounter everyday


  18. Wow! I feel like you’ve really hit the nail on the head here. Beautiful thought beautifully expressed 🙂 🙂

    “Faith gives you hope, and hope gives you something bigger to live for.There’s something bigger than me that I’m living for.I’m living for Him.” I’m in awe. Thanks for sharing this mesmerizing piece of writing!


  19. Each time my wife and I drive through the city, often w our four children in the back , asleep we pass by the bright lights, the billboards and all those ppl chasing emptiness…we ask ourselves do they know they are empty? We feel so lucky to have little but everything w our God and our family. I do not share the same faith as you do but I do feel uncomfortable when I am there… I do know quite a few atheists and clubbers and ppl who others would see as empty or lost but I know they are all searching for something and we can never write them off just lead by example.


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