Stolen Identity

Sooo my identity got stolen this weekend.


And believe me, the irony was not lost on me that this happened right after I revealed my identity on this blog.

And after spending countless hours on-hold on the phone with various credit card companies and banks and computer troubleshooters, and online accounts, I was…emotionally exhausted, to say the least.

I was feeling utterly defeated.

And as someone who habitually doesn’t carry cash, I literally had 12 dollars to my name this weekend, with all my credit cards stopped and my bank account put on hold.

Thankfully, by the time you’re reading this, my new cards should have arrived, but let’s just say I learned the value of a dollar this weekend for sure.

I learned that real fast.


And I was texting with my mom, and she said something that really made me think.

She said, that when you’re trying to do God’s will, that road blocks and obstacles will often find their way into the mix.

And, I don’t want to get all…weird on here. But I do think there’s something to that.

Whether it comes in the form of sleepless nights, flat tires, days where nothing goes right, or even identity theft, sometimes you can feel as though the world is working against you.

So what’s a girl to do? Abandon ship? Succumb to defeat? Accept that what I’m trying to do  is just not in the cards for me?

No way. That’s what the world wants you to do.

And you know what that also means? It means that what you’re trying to do is important.

It matters.


I know we’ve all heard it a thousand and one times, but we’ve been given a guidebook, and wearing the Armor of God (Ephesians 6) really addresses this head on.

“Stand firm then, and take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows.”

I’m going to be honest, I don’t really like thinking about this kind of stuff. Truly.

In fact, I will be sleeping with the light on tonight…

But there is nothing more powerful than God. And faith is exactly that: our shield. Our protection. Our defense.

When we know Who we belong to, there is nothing to fear. No road block or obstacle too big.

But we’ve got to be ready for the opposition. We’ve got to realize that as soon as we step out in faith, and try to be His hands and feet to the world, there’s going to be road blocks that pop up.

But living from a place of strength in Him – prepared and ready to stand our ground, an obstacle will be simply that: something that we overcome.

Sure, getting my identity stolen sucked. Royally. And I’m still having to deal with the repercussions. But there are worse things in life.

And I’m not going to let this derail my mission to share His light and love with people.

I will stand firm in faith. I will wear the belt of truth – knowing that God is in control.

Because you can steal my legal identity, but you cannot steal my identity in Christ.

That’s written on my heart. And that’s a password-protected area that no hacker can infiltrate.



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357 thoughts on “Stolen Identity

  1. “you can steal my legal identity, but you cannot steal my identity in Christ. That’s written on my heart. And that’s a password-protected area that no hacker can infiltrate.” — EXCELLENT THOUGHTS. You’re a rugged one under that sweet exterior and I truly admire your witness to others. You will prevail. Like Dilsey. And be a hope and an encouragement to others.


  2. Sorry, you had to be hacked, but appreciative that the situation worked out and presented an opportunity to talk about God! It definitely sucks when bad stuff happens, but whenever something bad happens God literally turns it around for good. Every single time! I love what you said about our identity in Christ is password-protected, locked-downed, sealed with the blood (I added the extra) lol
    This encouraged me to sleep better and know whatever troubles are in store for tomorrow that I will overcome.

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  3. thankfully I only had my money stolen, somebody cloned my savings account card (only money in it can be taken out and cant be used in stores) but it was sorted within like 2-3 hours, any way, I recently been thinking about the things the enemy has stolen from me, because he is a thief as scriptures describe, I’ve been identifying the things he stole like my passion for youth work and for art and geography and a few more, been finding out how to get involved in them again hopefully through education and working with church and to seek confirmation from the Father that they are planned for me and I know I have to pray into them to find that out, I’ve been doing research into them and the only difficulty I find is age and money and location is a small issue, just finding transport and accommodations near by is the worry,
    Hope all is well now
    Love & Blessings
    Benjamin xx


      1. Looking into Bible School at the moment with the Christian Fellowship my church has links with 😀


  4. Hi there. We need to start a club. I had my identity stolen earlier this year and what a nightmare. I won’t quit either. God made me stronger for the situation.I appreciate your blog.


  5. Keep choosing Love. Live your life based on Love and not fear. You’ll be stronger for holding on despite the trouble you’ve gone through. Sorry you’ve had to go through this.I’ve been battling fear too. My family is going through the worst circumstances and it’s frustrating and upsetting to be surrounded by their fears and my fears for them. I am learning to Love and not worry.

    Sending Love and Peace.



  6. Identity theft has become one of my greatest fears mainly due to the amount of work required to get things back on track again. Ephesians 6 is one of my favorite passages. I hope everything works out well for you.


  7. Something else to keep in mind which 2 Peter 2:4 alludes to, Peter wrote that God cast the fallen angels into hell and bound them in chains – since Jesus has dominion of even that place now all demonic activity is illegal in the Kingdom of God. And that means we have even more authority over the attacks that come against us than anybody ever talks about. And that’s all in our identity, too, of course.

    And one more thing. Jennifer Hetland said something that blew me away and that was that to demons, fear is worship. Something for them to feed off. So when Jesus says–commands, really–‘Don’t be afraid,’ … don’t give those guys homage, don’t give demons your worship, don’t give enemies your energy. Because the war’s already decided, and the enemy is already locked up in hell (or should be if we’re ruling with a proper understanding of where the Kingdom stands) and you’re absolutely right; they can take your legal identity, they can take your dollars but they can never even touch your identity in Christ, it’s hid too good 😉 (Colossians 3)

    So rest easy friend, worship the King of Peace, he’s just so good!

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    1. Thanks Carson. This is such a powerful perspective. You’re right-gotta keep my eyes and mind and faith on Jesus and His protection. Because in Him I have nothing to fear. Thanks for stopping by! Big hugs xox


      1. It all actually comes from a much deeper story (of course) and I’ve been there (no, no one’s ever stolen my identity, I’m way too boring I think 😉 ) but there was a period in my life (really my then-girlfriend-now-wife’s life, yet another story!) over about 5 years when demonic activity became a definite reality that I experienced both first- and second-hand as my girlfriend brought her own background into the picture, at one point I was so afraid of facing my own literal demons I stayed over at a friend’s house rather than going back to where I’d been house sitting and asked my parents (not at all a thing I would normally even think of doing) to pray over the place for me. That was where my personal experience climaxed and I remember I was so entrenched in fear and addictions were at an all-time high and I was so focused on what Satan was trying to do to me that I couldn’t even see the reality of what Jesus had already done for me… and I knew my church–and by extension the faith it taught me–was so powerless about any of it.

        All that to say, you can’t help but sink if you look at the storm; ask Peter. And it’s hard–but it’s not, not really. The hardest part is dealing with the stigma of everyone–especially the church–which says you have to look your problems in the face and deal with them yourself, when the truth is freedom, freedom like I’ve never known is found in the face of Jesus and all it takes is one glance that can last an eternity.

        But I digress, if I write any more I’d be better off to put it in a blog and I’m pretty sure I’ve already written one about this 😉 I’m very happy to know you’re encouraged and you’re always welcome to it because it’s all on him (: Father is faithful. Have a wonderful and restful weekend (I know, I’m a hopeless optimist but we are almost there 😉 ) and good luck with your (legal) identity! 😉


      2. Scary stuff. Scary scary stuff. I’m glad that that is in the past for you. What a powerful statement though- we do have to remember what has ALREADY been done for us. That’s the hope. That’s what assures us that we have nothing to fear. And ps I love the fact that your brain is already on Friday, on Wednesday:) my brain has been pondering the weekend since 10am this morning too! Haha Hugs and love xox

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  8. “Speak the truth even if your voice shakes” is profound a statement. Sometimes we allow life to shut our mouths which is also another form of submitting to defeat. Your quote is absolutely inspirational! I love, love, love it! Last, but not least awesome post overall.

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  9. This happened to me once several years ago I had to endure a long and tedious process. Even to this day I am still felling the aftermath of the situation. Best of luck to you and loved your post. Awesome!


  10. Omg.. I really hope you’ve gotten your new cards by now. This happened to me last year while I was in Denmark.. That was a complete disaster. Loved this read and hope you have everything taken care of.
    Happy Wednesday


  11. First and foremost, I am sad that this has happened to you and secondly, thank God for your mom.

    “When you’re trying to do God’s will, that road blocks and obstacles will often find their way into the mix.”

    “Because you can steal my legal identity, but you cannot steal my identity in Christ.”

    AMEEENNNN…so much gems in this post. Thank you for sharing this reminder that we should be steadfast and unshaken by our trails. As I am a new blogger and wanting to do things God’s way, am I reminded that we have to stay vigilant and be very watchful.

    God bless you.


  12. Great post, inspiring stuff. Sometimes, even the worst things happen to us in life to put us on either a new path or just to reinforce that we’re on the right one. I can attest to that as well.


  13. Sorry about what happened. Thank God for strengthening you, giving you perspective. It a ploy to distract you from purpose and it failed. Praise be to God. I pray you will not experience this again.

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  14. Ugh…sorry that happened.
    And while your identity in Christ is password protected… know that there are those who will try to hack that identity, try to discourage you enough to surrender the key, try social engineering to fake you out. Stay vigilant, sister!


  15. This is so cool. I just found out I was overdrawn and had to scramble for some cash to set it right because when you’re overdrawn and try to deposit a check, the check will be put on hold for four days, and we’re going into a holiday weekend, so they won’t even start counting the four days until Tuesday, which means maybe the check will be deposited in a week, and by that time blah blah blah…
    Thanks for putting things back into perspective for me.


  16. OMG! What timing that I am reading this….this happened to me last year. What a nightmare! However, I was feeling a lot of those similar intense feelings about certain things lately and the topic in church this last weekend was Ephesians 6 and “Shield of Faith”. I had never learned about this before. The timing was perfect and now you are mentioning it also…goes to show…God works in mysterious ways sometimes and Everything happens for a reason. His will not mine. Sending prayers your way that all is straightened out!


  17. Ive never gotten my identity stolen, but I have had my account being ripped off by shady businesses before. Either way, it sucks balls. I hope everything works out for you. thanks for putting yourself out there for us.


  18. Pleased you bounced back. I had my credit card scanned in North America on the West Coast about 10 years ago in a restaurant. My card bounced the next day and I was in shock, I had no money. It threw me into a tail spin. Fortunately my partner, still had his cards, but I learned a valuable lesson, not to lose sight of your card and carry other forms of monies. I have come a long way since that fateful experience and travelled all over the world, money smarter.


      1. Awesome, young lady. I’m new to blogging with my purpose in mind. So I truly appreciate a person of your caliber, and the amount of followers you have take time to check the “New Guy” out. Thanks again.


  19. Yep! Your mother was right! When you try to do something good there has to be something to stop it…that is how you know you are doing things right. Your work is truly impacting when there are troubles in the way. You overcame. You will continue to overcome!! Glad you are safe and not giving up.



  20. Omg thank you so much his just makes me want to pour out crying. Because I understand how things get rough when we are doing the well of God. But knowing our identity really comes in. Love love thos post things for sharing. Haha to the devil for thinking nothing great would come out of this


  21. This was exactly what I needed. So much so that I had to write about it and give you full marks of credit. I hope that’s okay!

    Either way. Thank you and heaps of blessings upon you for writing this!
    ~Shalese Brynn


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