Stolen Identity

Sooo my identity got stolen this weekend.


And believe me, the irony was not lost on me that this happened right after I revealed my identity on this blog.

And after spending countless hours on-hold on the phone with various credit card companies and banks and computer troubleshooters, and online accounts, I was…emotionally exhausted, to say the least.

I was feeling utterly defeated.

And as someone who habitually doesn’t carry cash, I literally had 12 dollars to my name this weekend, with all my credit cards stopped and my bank account put on hold.

Thankfully, by the time you’re reading this, my new cards should have arrived, but let’s just say I learned the value of a dollar this weekend for sure.

I learned that real fast.


And I was texting with my mom, and she said something that really made me think.

She said, that when you’re trying to do God’s will, that road blocks and obstacles will often find their way into the mix.

And, I don’t want to get all…weird on here. But I do think there’s something to that.

Whether it comes in the form of sleepless nights, flat tires, days where nothing goes right, or even identity theft, sometimes you can feel as though the world is working against you.

So what’s a girl to do? Abandon ship? Succumb to defeat? Accept that what I’m trying to do  is just not in the cards for me?

No way. That’s what the world wants you to do.

And you know what that also means? It means that what you’re trying to do is important.

It matters.


I know we’ve all heard it a thousand and one times, but we’ve been given a guidebook, and wearing the Armor of God (Ephesians 6) really addresses this head on.

“Stand firm then, and take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows.”

I’m going to be honest, I don’t really like thinking about this kind of stuff. Truly.

In fact, I will be sleeping with the light on tonight…

But there is nothing more powerful than God. And faith is exactly that: our shield. Our protection. Our defense.

When we know Who we belong to, there is nothing to fear. No road block or obstacle too big.

But we’ve got to be ready for the opposition. We’ve got to realize that as soon as we step out in faith, and try to be His hands and feet to the world, there’s going to be road blocks that pop up.

But living from a place of strength in Him – prepared and ready to stand our ground, an obstacle will be simply that: something that we overcome.

Sure, getting my identity stolen sucked. Royally. And I’m still having to deal with the repercussions. But there are worse things in life.

And I’m not going to let this derail my mission to share His light and love with people.

I will stand firm in faith. I will wear the belt of truth – knowing that God is in control.

Because you can steal my legal identity, but you cannot steal my identity in Christ.

That’s written on my heart. And that’s a password-protected area that no hacker can infiltrate.


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  1. This post just got progressively more and more badass until the conclusion which was like the perfect mic drop. Holy crap! If I were the person who stole your identity reading this, I’d pack my bags and flee the country! XD Awesome work!

  2. I hate to sound like a spammy commenter (ugh) But this post is just what I need right now. And now I feel really uncomfortable and unsettled and there are some feelings, but I think that they are a good thing because= change, right?

  3. Honestly, I can’t understand the nerve of some people. To just steal your information like that? They really only think for themselves. Way to keep your faith and keep strong, that’s very admirable!

  4. Awww so much love and Light to you. Sometimes it helps to have a friend say that to you, when you are so clearly committed to sharing it with others 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Big hugs, my friend xo

  5. Despite all of the trouble and hassle this has caused, you are absolutely right when you say that your identity in Christ can NEVER be stolen! What a strong, faith-filled ending to another excellent article … although I am sorry this happened to you! Blessings!

  6. I can understand how terrible weekend and the aftermath of identity theft must be for you. Unfair! Difficult! You deserve better! But I can also attest after trying to follow the Good Lord for most of my 70+ years, that the closer you get to Him, the more roadblocks, bad weekends, and unnerving crises you will face. However, that just proves that you’re doing wonderful things with your life. It’s a satanic message to try to stop you in your tracks. The really, really good news is that our Dear Lord is most powerful and He often uses these same tragedies to bring unbelievable good into your life. Glad you’re keeping the faith and your eyes on the prize. You inspire me and many others by your witness. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much for this beautiful perspective. I really appreciate you sharing your heart. God is good and more powerful that absolutely anything and everything! thanks for your kindness 🙂 big big hugs xox

  7. Your mom is absolutely right! The enemy will do whatever in his power to destroy your mission, your purpose, and even your life. Stay encouraged and continue to do God’s work. Give Him glory!

  8. I had something similar happen to me… not fun. Hope things are a bit better for you now. Remember that in life sometimes you win and sometimes you learn, because in the end a child of the King never loses.
    Sleep well & Be Blessed my friend.

  9. If you’re facing challenges and attacks from the enemy it means you’re exactly where God wants you to be. If you weren’t following God and doing His will the enemy would have no reason to come after you. Remember as well that we have the helmet of salvation to protect our mind, because when our mind is renewed through salvation we can be confident of God’s will and therefore not stressed by the devil (Romans 12:2)

  10. I just recently was the victim of identity theft. Now my life seems like it’s on lockdown. It is an eyeopener to say the least, but it’s how we respond that makes all the difference. Praying for you and for you to be granted peace from our Heavenly Father.

  11. Wondeful, Caralyn! Yes indeed, it’s not meant to be too easy, being God’s heart to this world. Your fortitude of faith strengthens me, Sister! Big love and hugs to you and your precious, wise mom. <3 Leon

  12. You are truly an inspiration to your readers. You give me strength through your words. I can’t lie this week your blog I’ve touched me more than ever. Sometimes we forget that our faith is IMPORTANT! Thank you for reminding me ❤️. Hope all is well . Love you girl! Xoxo lady Sergine

  13. A faith step has always produced trouble in my life. It has become natural to expect resistance each time I move towards God. From being broke or working to realize there is no wage to being stuck in another country God has been more than faithful not only to get me out but also to make me stronger for the next wave. IF GOD IS FOR US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US! Sorry about the mishap, but thank God for the focus on Him that allows us to stay standing through the mess called life. Keep the beauty beyond being broke and know God is faithful to those who seek Him.

  14. I love your positive outlook. And what you said at the very end- you are always so inspiring. I love that you know your Faith, live it, and share it. 🙂

  15. Jesus has given you an amazing story to tell about him. I’m so glad you aren’t letting the enemy win this round. Keep speaking, as you are a great encouragement to me!

    • Thanks so much for this encouragement. I can’t tell you how much it means after a headache of a weekend like this past one! Haha seriously though. You are a blessing to me! Hugs and love xox

  16. Bad experience, great post. It reminds me of the quote by John Eldredge in “Waking the Dead,” – “It’s almost as if something is set against us….”

  17. So sorry to hear about the identity theft and the hazel you went through but your blog was written with encouragement in the midst of what could be a tough go. So what did you find out about Lifelock and such – would it have been worth it? So much time and effort we use on “insurance” when things happen all the time. Keep up the good work and walk on in faith.

    • Thanks friend. I really appreciate it. I don’t know if it would have helped or not! I know. I’m just grateful to be coming up for air after that fiasco! Thanks for the encouragement! Hugs and love xox

  18. I love this!! I really LOVE this!! What a great Mom you have. I’m going to remember what she said. Having a huge trial that I am attempting to let go of, and I’m asking God to take control of – I really needed to hear this. Thank you once again!

  19. As the “uglies” of this country continue to do bad things they are causing our once great country to spiral into the pits of depravity. But you are a shining light that everyone needs to see and know about. Your mental toughness through God our Father has given many readers of your blog hope to carry on. May God’s protection be in front of you, beside you and behind you, just like He is. Oh, and it’s OK to leave the light on.

    • Wow Russ, thank you so much for this incredibly kind note of encouragement! I am so touched by this:) God is good and I am grateful for your friendship. Hugs and love xox

  20. So sorry that happened to you but I’m happy that things are working out for you. Great blog and love stealing your legal identity but not your identity in God. You are strong and everything will be alright. You have handled worse and now you are a shining star. Keep that star shining. God Bless.

  21. Thanks for sharing another super episode of your faith, and the ONE whom your faith is in. Your life password is unbeatable, like mine, and all Christians, “Christ’s Blood”.
    God’s continuing Blessings Friend. George.

  22. Soooo sorry. Happened to me a couple of years ago, and it was literally hours on the phone with various credit card companies, detectives, trips to fill out paperwork and police reports, and at the end of the year, one more fun surprise: they filed an income tax return under my identity. Huge pain, but small potatoes in the light of the riches of God’s grace!

  23. Great encouraging big!
    That sucks your identity was stolen but I am so glad you managed to get it all sorted out.
    And it gave a great blog of inspiration this week that shows even as a Christian our lives are far from hassle free but when we hold strong in God we overcome!

  24. Super Stinks! I had my purse stolen not once, but TWICE! Once from a guy working on our plumbing … his daughter brought it back to me and said her father was obsessed with me (not even kidding and she was 14) and she apologized … all my stuff was intact but I was completely creeped out, and the second was my own fault … I shoved it under beach towels in my car while I ran to do something 😣😳 The only time Ive been happy to have bad credit, cant get any credit cards or anything LOL You are taking it rather well, so sorry, and I hope nothing pops up. 🙏☝👌

  25. Biggest hugs! Yeah, identity theft is a pain to deal with and it takes time to iron it out. I pray you didn’t lose anything that really made it difficult like many funds out of your personal accounts etc.. But nobody can steal the real you the amazing heart and mind the gorgeous looks and all the being of you that God created. xoxoxoxo

  26. I’m so sorry you are going through this trial….isn’t it a relief to know that God is with you during this time. It really is terrible when someone abuses you in any way. Once had someone take a credit card number and it was used overseas the company caught it and so it was not a big loss to me, but very upsetting none the less. Having emergency cash really helps, as you never know when a credit card machine is going to be “not working” and you need to pay cash instead. My Granddad was really big on the “emergency cash” idea and so was my Grandma. I think it was because they lived through the Great Depression and as you know experience is a great teacher. Chin up! Hugs and prayers of encouragement going your way!

    • Thanks Charlene, I really appreciate your encouragement. So true-I do know and trust that I’m in His strong and capable hands:) that’s definitely a take away: always have an emergency cash stash!! Thanks for the prayers! big hugs xox

  27. Hey sorry that happened. I’m following your blog and I did not see/read where you revealed your identity-I missed that somehow. But this did happen to me once….someone in Florida. Aside from that I used to get a bank debit card, and every time I would be issued a new one, the new card number would be used in Louisiana or Mississippi, where I do not live, within a few days. It was happening so consistently I just quit the debit card altogether. I’m sorry it’s been a rough few days-I’m glad it’s coming to an end. You will just keep on moving in the direction God has set out for you, and that’s all that matters.

  28. Hey Kiddo….one of the adversaries most effective weapons is discouragement. He is not creative but he is persistent and observes our reactions. Having been through more spiritual fights than I can count, this scripture has given hope and strategy to ward off devilish strategies meant to derails us…” Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you for your testing, as though some strange thing were happening to you; but to the degree that you share the sufferings of Christ, keep on rejoicing, so that also at the revelation of His glory you may rejoice with exultation. If you are reviled for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.” 1 Peter 4:12-14 NASB

    Attacks always feel strange because they seemingly come out of “nowhere”…but keep rejoicing and worshipping. It is the perfect weapon against the adversary because it is a tangible demonstration of where our trust lies. Prayers for grace and peace! Blessings…TA

    • Hey Tom! Thank you for this wonderful encouragement. You’re right-there is hope in His word. Thanks for that verse-so much comfort. Grateful for you, friend. Sending hugs and love xox

  29. You are awesome for turning something so negative into such a beautiful positive.

    When I read this part of your post -> “And I’m not going to let this derail my mission to share His light and love with people. I will stand firm in faith. I will wear the belt of truth – knowing that God is in control.” I just wanted to stand up and shout, “You go, girl!”

    May God’s blessings be with you always. 🙂

  30. Reblogged this on femidadaadedina and commented:
    As you rightly said, they can only steal your ‘your legal identity’ but your identity in Christ is hacker free. This is awesome and the way to go girl. If those who throw stones and blocks in our way thinks they can stop us, then they have missed the way because HE who is in US is greater than the WORLD. Forget the stealing and go forward. They will not amount to anything those who stay in darkness to throw stones at those in light.

  31. As someone who has had his identity stolen twice, I feel your pain! =)
    But I think you are right about this being a spiritual attack. The Enemy loves to do things that get us wondering if we did the right thing. Love your post.

  32. God bless you for your blog and sharing. My first book just came out: Life is a Faithwalk – Navigating is Easier with Jesus. So happy, but yes, the devil is pouncing on me too. He never goes on vacation.
    Just going through the final purge of getting my ex husband out of my life. God’s been telling me for a while. He finally got my attention once I discovered the ex stole thousands of dollars from me. Sigh. Yeah, unequally yoked. I even have a story called 1+1=2,099. Sigh.
    Don’t give up. God has a 100% perfect record and He is not about to ruin it!!
    Be strong and continue on!

  33. well I’m taking an opportunity to read your blog if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times you’re the best lover that I’ve ever come across. You write Shakespearean plays better than Shakespeare himself. Let’s get to the bottom line here truly in all the Earth I’ve never seen greater Faith than the one showcased here tonight with your words. I tell you the truth you and I thinking one mind and one Accord and I’ll tell you why tonight as I was reading a ministry books tonight I ask for wisdom I asked the Lord to teach me a particular subject according to his will. The subject that I learned about tonight what is the subject of money. It’s very important that people know how to manage their pennies if they can manage their pennies they can manage nickels dimes and dollars if they can manage a little bit then somewhere down the road God will give them more to manage. the particular subject of Financial Freedom is an important one because I don’t know if you know this but I’m returning to School to study radio. in that time I was given a lump sum of money but I must manage wisely also before I return to school next Tuesday I will be going to the states for church service. I have a lump sum of money that I must manage wisely. if I can handle a little bit of money on my travels that will give me the knowledge and wisdom to handle the big money when I return to school.. I also asked you as a friend for a favor don’t worry it won’t cost anything. I’m hoping you can add me to your prayers for my safe travels it’s a 16 hour bus ride. thank you CarolynLook up Matthew 6:20 to let it really sink in if that doesn’t do anything for you ask God to bring to your remembrance the story of Elijah and the widow woman meal barr

    • That is one of my prayers too – that my meal and oil don’t run out. I put in my monthly newsletter all the time that the Bible stories are real and they really happened: no fairy tales here! God will bless me just like he blessed the widow, her son and Elijah

  34. Remain strong in your faith. We are Christisn soldiers and we are armed and prepared for combat in an battle that is already won! You are highly favored and annointed. No weapon formed against you shall prosper! There are a dozen more scriptures that prove that you are already a victor, but your faith alone is proof enough.

  35. Sigh! Trials in this world are really exhausting sometimes. But God works miraculously for unexpected solutions that we didn’t realize.I am so glad I landed on your blog site and read your inspiring write ups. You always bring good aura to your readers. More thumbs up! God Bless!

  36. What you say is so simple yet so profound. I felt very defeated by my chronic illness today. But then I decided to read your blog. Your words encouraged me not to give up but to keep fighting. Those road blocks can’t keep me from doing God’s will: and that’s heal.

    • Thank you so much for his beautiful encouragement. I’m so glad that it resonated with you today. Yes! Keep fighting, my friend 🙂 sending massive hugs. You’re in my prayers:) Xx

  37. Our credit/bank card numbers always seem to get stolen the moment we enter the US for vacation. It has happened 3 times now – which is really, really fun. For how much we travel all around Europe, it has never happened here.

  38. You could not have said it better. I think it just shows the strength and willingness you have to keep going. To fight for YOURSELF. And that is beautiful and inspiring. I am so sorry you had to go through that but perhaps God did have a plan with it, perhaps he wanted to SHOW you how important it is to fight for you, and show you the inner strength you really have. xx

  39. I’m so sorry this happened to you! I’ve never had my identity stolen, but I totally understand the concept of spiritual warfare. My dad recently sent me an email reminding me of this: ““I remember what Pastor Bob used to say to believers who said they were enduring fierce spiritual warfare. He would say something to the effect of, ‘Good. That means Satan is working against you. If you weren’t effective, he would leave you alone.’ The Lord is standing between you and Satan right now. In effect, He is telling Satan, ‘Get lost. She’s with me.’” Pastor Bob went to be with the Lord six years ago, but he was a very wise man in the Lord! And my daddy has good advice, too, haha.
    Your voice is effective and the evil one is working against you because of it. But put on your armor, girl! You’ve got this!

  40. Great post! Our identity in Christ is secured by the One who paid for it. It, and we, are eternally safe in him! But I am sorry for what you went through. Feels so invasive, I’m sure.

  41. Your blog friends stand with you BBB! Way to turn that potential obstacle into a speed bump 🙂 Unfortunately, the darkness of this world will continue to try and knock you down. I love your Ephesians reference. I also focus on this verse…”I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome this world.” John 16:33
    (One additional note, since I am a big movie fan I think I also heard the theme to Rocky while reading your post 🙂 ) Peace be with you!

    • Thank you so much M! Yeah I am feeling so blessed to have such great friends here! 🙂 what a great verse. Thanks for passing it along! Hahaha oh gosh, that’s funny…I’m hearing it now too:) Hugs and love xox

  42. I’m really sorry you had to go through that. It is a trying time when you feel like everything has been taken from you. I am glad you took it as a learning experience and didn’t let it get you down. That speaks of your strength as a person and the strength of the One you lean on. I hope everything works out and you can move on from this. 🙂

    • Thanks Dwight. I really appreciate your encouragement. And so true-we can lean and depend on Him. There’s so much comfort in knowing that. Big hugs to you friend. Thanks for reading xox

  43. Thanks for liking my post…. you have a wonderful site. I know someone who this happened too last weekend but as you say they can’t take everything.

    Let’s hope KARMA come swiftly for those who did this. Don’t let this beat you up too much, move on and I’m sure prayer will help 😉

  44. I can relate your thoughts. I have experience credit card scams and computer virus a number of times. Sure wish the scammers would get a moral life.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

  45. Unfortunately, it’s not “IF” but “WHEN” anymore as to whether your identity is stolen! I’m sorry you’ve gone through that. Both my husband and I have had our identities compromised and then WE’RE having to jump through hoops to get things back in order!

    You’re right, when we’re serving the Lord, the enemy isn’t far behind! I love your closing statement. <3 Stay strong sister!

  46. I couldn’t agree more! Everything happens for a reason. We may not understand everything that’s happening to us but trust that he has a plan. We just have to trust that and know that everything will fall into its proper place in the right time. I’m sorry you had to go through this though.

  47. I’m so sorry that happened! I would be terribly upset if it happened to me too. 🙁 I hope everything works out and you can get it back. It would be awful if you didn’t. Love and hugs! ~Mary Louise

  48. This reminds me of that old adage “God only gives you what he can handle” and the more recent addition of “I wish he didn’t trust me so much”. Hopefully this is just a minor headache and you caught it in time… Keep staying positive. It’s so refreshing in today’s world. xo

  49. Sorry to hear about this, but glad you seem to have got it under control. I once had to stop my card when a replacement went missing in the post, and it is scary to realise that all you’ve got is the cash in your pocket.

    Actually, the first thing the guy at the bank said to me was – “You’d better go out to a cash machine now and draw out as much cash as you need – then I’ll stop your card.”

    • Thanks James. I appreciate your encouraging words. You’re right! It definitely makes you sweat. I wish the teller would have advised me to do the same! Haha thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  50. An identity in Christ that cannot be stolen. Beautiful. ‘ Our lives are hid with Christ in God’. Perhaps in the providence of God your identity was stolen so that you could use this powerful analogy. He works in mysterious ways

  51. Sucks that you’re identity was stolen but so awesome to see that you are holding firm in, trusting and proclaiming you’re identity in Christ! Wonderfully written x

  52. You noted your mom’s comment about when doing God’s will, that roadblocks and obstacles getting in the way. I’ve experienced that too and have often thought Satan was trying to slow me down.

    That may be true but lately I’ve been wondering if that when we’re doing God’s will we become much more aware of our surroundings and everything that goes well or badly. If we do God’s will we become better tuned to God’s desire for us and everyone else and we see all that is wrong. And right.

    Great words and great work.Thanks for keeping the faith.

  53. Glad to hear that you recovered quickly. It’s funny how fast things can to from good to bad when certain plastic cards go missing! I really liked how you linked putting on the armour of God on from Ephesians to what happen to you. It certainly helps when you can lean on His word for your specific situation.

      • Ouch! There’s some really nasty video viruses, as well as the usual ads that take you into the valley of the shadow of virtual death. If you haven’t had it analyzed, you might want to take it in to a computer shop. If the infection is still present, you may be gain your life only to lose it again.

        Wait – that seems familiar somehow. Did I say it backwards?

      • Oh – and how about your cell phone? I’m hearing that those are becoming points of attack as well. If you do social media from your phone, that could also be a source of trouble.

  54. “you can steal my legal identity, but you cannot steal my identity in Christ. That’s written on my heart. And that’s a password-protected area that no hacker can infiltrate.” — EXCELLENT THOUGHTS. You’re a rugged one under that sweet exterior and I truly admire your witness to others. You will prevail. Like Dilsey. And be a hope and an encouragement to others.

  55. I can’t believe that happened to you. Stay strong. The full armor of God scripture verse is a great reminder of how we should live out our faith.

  56. Sorry, you had to be hacked, but appreciative that the situation worked out and presented an opportunity to talk about God! It definitely sucks when bad stuff happens, but whenever something bad happens God literally turns it around for good. Every single time! I love what you said about our identity in Christ is password-protected, locked-downed, sealed with the blood (I added the extra) lol
    This encouraged me to sleep better and know whatever troubles are in store for tomorrow that I will overcome.

  57. thankfully I only had my money stolen, somebody cloned my savings account card (only money in it can be taken out and cant be used in stores) but it was sorted within like 2-3 hours, any way, I recently been thinking about the things the enemy has stolen from me, because he is a thief as scriptures describe, I’ve been identifying the things he stole like my passion for youth work and for art and geography and a few more, been finding out how to get involved in them again hopefully through education and working with church and to seek confirmation from the Father that they are planned for me and I know I have to pray into them to find that out, I’ve been doing research into them and the only difficulty I find is age and money and location is a small issue, just finding transport and accommodations near by is the worry,
    Hope all is well now
    Love & Blessings
    Benjamin xx

  58. Hi there. We need to start a club. I had my identity stolen earlier this year and what a nightmare. I won’t quit either. God made me stronger for the situation.I appreciate your blog.

  59. Keep choosing Love. Live your life based on Love and not fear. You’ll be stronger for holding on despite the trouble you’ve gone through. Sorry you’ve had to go through this.I’ve been battling fear too. My family is going through the worst circumstances and it’s frustrating and upsetting to be surrounded by their fears and my fears for them. I am learning to Love and not worry.

    Sending Love and Peace.


  60. Identity theft has become one of my greatest fears mainly due to the amount of work required to get things back on track again. Ephesians 6 is one of my favorite passages. I hope everything works out well for you.

  61. Something else to keep in mind which 2 Peter 2:4 alludes to, Peter wrote that God cast the fallen angels into hell and bound them in chains – since Jesus has dominion of even that place now all demonic activity is illegal in the Kingdom of God. And that means we have even more authority over the attacks that come against us than anybody ever talks about. And that’s all in our identity, too, of course.

    And one more thing. Jennifer Hetland said something that blew me away and that was that to demons, fear is worship. Something for them to feed off. So when Jesus says–commands, really–‘Don’t be afraid,’ … don’t give those guys homage, don’t give demons your worship, don’t give enemies your energy. Because the war’s already decided, and the enemy is already locked up in hell (or should be if we’re ruling with a proper understanding of where the Kingdom stands) and you’re absolutely right; they can take your legal identity, they can take your dollars but they can never even touch your identity in Christ, it’s hid too good 😉 (Colossians 3)

    So rest easy friend, worship the King of Peace, he’s just so good!

    • Thanks Carson. This is such a powerful perspective. You’re right-gotta keep my eyes and mind and faith on Jesus and His protection. Because in Him I have nothing to fear. Thanks for stopping by! Big hugs xox

      • It all actually comes from a much deeper story (of course) and I’ve been there (no, no one’s ever stolen my identity, I’m way too boring I think 😉 ) but there was a period in my life (really my then-girlfriend-now-wife’s life, yet another story!) over about 5 years when demonic activity became a definite reality that I experienced both first- and second-hand as my girlfriend brought her own background into the picture, at one point I was so afraid of facing my own literal demons I stayed over at a friend’s house rather than going back to where I’d been house sitting and asked my parents (not at all a thing I would normally even think of doing) to pray over the place for me. That was where my personal experience climaxed and I remember I was so entrenched in fear and addictions were at an all-time high and I was so focused on what Satan was trying to do to me that I couldn’t even see the reality of what Jesus had already done for me… and I knew my church–and by extension the faith it taught me–was so powerless about any of it.

        All that to say, you can’t help but sink if you look at the storm; ask Peter. And it’s hard–but it’s not, not really. The hardest part is dealing with the stigma of everyone–especially the church–which says you have to look your problems in the face and deal with them yourself, when the truth is freedom, freedom like I’ve never known is found in the face of Jesus and all it takes is one glance that can last an eternity.

        But I digress, if I write any more I’d be better off to put it in a blog and I’m pretty sure I’ve already written one about this 😉 I’m very happy to know you’re encouraged and you’re always welcome to it because it’s all on him (: Father is faithful. Have a wonderful and restful weekend (I know, I’m a hopeless optimist but we are almost there 😉 ) and good luck with your (legal) identity! 😉

      • Scary stuff. Scary scary stuff. I’m glad that that is in the past for you. What a powerful statement though- we do have to remember what has ALREADY been done for us. That’s the hope. That’s what assures us that we have nothing to fear. And ps I love the fact that your brain is already on Friday, on Wednesday:) my brain has been pondering the weekend since 10am this morning too! Haha Hugs and love xox

  62. “Speak the truth even if your voice shakes” is profound a statement. Sometimes we allow life to shut our mouths which is also another form of submitting to defeat. Your quote is absolutely inspirational! I love, love, love it! Last, but not least awesome post overall.

  63. This happened to me once several years ago I had to endure a long and tedious process. Even to this day I am still felling the aftermath of the situation. Best of luck to you and loved your post. Awesome!

  64. Omg.. I really hope you’ve gotten your new cards by now. This happened to me last year while I was in Denmark.. That was a complete disaster. Loved this read and hope you have everything taken care of.
    Happy Wednesday

  65. First and foremost, I am sad that this has happened to you and secondly, thank God for your mom.

    “When you’re trying to do God’s will, that road blocks and obstacles will often find their way into the mix.”

    “Because you can steal my legal identity, but you cannot steal my identity in Christ.”

    AMEEENNNN…so much gems in this post. Thank you for sharing this reminder that we should be steadfast and unshaken by our trails. As I am a new blogger and wanting to do things God’s way, am I reminded that we have to stay vigilant and be very watchful.

    God bless you.

  66. Great post, inspiring stuff. Sometimes, even the worst things happen to us in life to put us on either a new path or just to reinforce that we’re on the right one. I can attest to that as well.

  67. Great post! Very inspirational “You can steal my legal identity, but you cannot steal my identity in Christ” Loved this phrase! Hope everything is resolved by now.