Sharing a Photo of my Past

Well guys, I officially cannot believe I’m doing this.

Seriously. I’m sitting here thinking about it, and I’m like…

Yep. That pretty much sums it up.


In case you missed the title, I’m sharing a photo with you from my past. When I was in the throes.

The video says it all…why I haven’t previously shared a photo, why I am choosing to now, and what I think when I see this image today.


Just a gentle note, this image could be triggering, so please view at your own discretion. (Image at 4:30)

Thanks for watching, and thanks for taking this journey with me.

Without further ado… (Click on the photo or click here to play 😉 )


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376 thoughts on “Sharing a Photo of my Past

  1. Caralyn,
    As I watched and listened to you, to your story I was reminded of two songs that run deep for me. You make me brave by Bethel Music and Brave by Moriah Peters and Fearless by Jasmine Murray okay and one last one to add-Not backing Down by Blanca. The first two are old faves and the two latter are new on Air One.
    God Bless you and thank you for being so brave.


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