Scientology: The Eating Disorder of Religion?

So I’ve recently watched a couple documentaries on Scientology: Going Clear, and Leah Remini’s 8-part series, Scientology and the Aftermath.


Wow. If you want your minds blown, give them a watch…I included the links.



Let me begin by saying, I’m not here to bash anyone’s beliefs. I am all for respect and inclusivity. But I was just astounded at the level of oppression and corruption in that “religious” organization (as depicted in these exposés).

And it stuck with me all weekend. I couldn’t stop thinking about those poor people trapped in that culture of repression.

What made them stay in a dire situation? Why did they put up with the mind games and the systematic oppression?

And the more I thought about it, I realized that scientology is exactly like being trapped in an eating disorder.

Scientologists are fed dogma that they must protect scientology at any cost – including their policy of disconnection – where one cuts off any and all communication with a declared “Suppressive Person,” (SP)…including family members and loved ones.

They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in classes, materials, and “auditing” to work their way up “The Bridge” to the highest level of spiritual awareness.

Members are encouraged to tattle, or submit “Knowledge Reports” on their loved ones if they suspect that they are questioning their “faith” or have been looking up “anti-Scientology” material online. They are then met with penalties and punishments.

But the biggest take away was that this “religion” is really an insular system of belief that has build an iron-clad fortress, cut off from all other view points or voices of reason, where no new or opposing information comes in, and instead, circulates its own “truth,” (publications and other propaganda) thereby forcing its members to submit to their perpetuating culture of suppression.

That is, for all of you non-eating-disorder-survivors, exactly what it is like to live with an eating disorder. You isolate yourself from all “voices of reason” – cutting yourself off from family and loved ones, and instead cling to the lies in your head being fed to you by the eating disorder.

Lies like: “You’re not good enough.” “You have to be perfect to be loved.” “You’re a burden.” “You deserve this tortured existence.”

You’re living to protect the eating disorder. And all the while, it is slowly killing you, and robbing you of your time, money, dreams, relationships, future, hobbies…robbing you of life…all to obtain that ultimate “goal weight.”  ((Sound like “The Bridge” much??))

Why does one remain in that oppressive existence?

Because they are literally trapped. 

You stop thinking for yourself, and eventually start believing the lies to be truth.

Getting out of my anorexia, ten years ago…I thank God everyday for breaking through that iron fortress that I had created for myself.

It took Him, lifting me out of that bunker of hell where I was being buried alive. Because without His help, I would have just let it destroy me. And it almost did.


I think about how people get into such a clearly destructive cult-like religion in the first place. I mean, Tom Cruise, Leah Remini, John Travolta – these people aren’t stupid. How did they fall into the trap?

And just like an eating disorder, it starts off innocently enough. Standing for values like, bettering the earth, becoming more spiritually aware, working on self-improvement — those are values that anyone can get behind.

Just like my anorexia, it started out giving up sweets for Lent one year. Then it was healthy eating. Then it was an unyielding obsession with calories and exercise. And then the next thing you know you’re 78 pounds with brittle bones and a heart that’s clinging on for dear life.

When you’re trapped in the cycle of oppression, believing the lies, and embracing the abuse, freedom is simply unimaginable. I couldn’t fathom what a life without ED would be like. What my potential could be. The abuse I was self-inflicting in my head with the lies and the negative self-talk became my safety. It became all that I knew. My comfort. My “normal.”

And as sad as it is to think about, that’s what it is for those poor people in scientology.


And you know, I could sit here and make fun of their beliefs about aliens and reincarnation and jab that their founder was a science-fiction writer by trade. But that would negate the suffering that these people are enduring.

Because you know what, the lies I believed in my head are just as outrageous. (Hello, an emaciated girl thinking she’s fat??) So to belittle the lies as “stupid” or “far-fetched” is to disregard and discredit the agony I endured believing them — almost to the point of death.

I don’t know what the outcome of this post is supposed to be.

I just felt this strange kinship, watching these enthralling documentaries.

I guess hearing about this system of oppression sparked in me a common bond, as one former oppress-ee to another.


Give it a watch.

It will astound you that this outrageous belief system is still in existence today, in 2017.

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247 thoughts on “Scientology: The Eating Disorder of Religion?

  1. I’ve also been following that documentary. I might have skipped a few episodes but it’s really scary to see what those people are actually going through. I mean being shunnes from your family? or abort a baby just because you’re part of some organization.

    They started a branch here in my city but disappeared after a while…

    Thanks for sharing glad I’m not alone who watched this doccie!


  2. I’ve done a little research on this “religion” and it is so sad that people have fallen prey to this cult and not been allowed to escape and if they have managed to, they were harassed and their family members have been forced to deny them.

    It reminds me that I must focus on the God part of my belief system and not any man-made concepts or ideals to pervert it or else I am promoting kind of the same thing.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Cable AMC was carrying Leah Remini’s documentary awhile ago. I watched it. It was on every night in repeat fashion and some days for hours and hours. Kinda like E! does the Kardashians. I saw it in Jan Feb. It’s no wonder that people go astray after erroneous ideas, not to me. Those that believe in a God are nothing but parasites on his body. Like a Zeus or any other “deity” is actually going to save anybody…REALLY???! All religions are bunk, not just scientology. There is only one truth. Survival of the fittest. Science rules all. Numbers will always trump prophecy. Science will always trump religion. Effort and hypothesis will always beat the trusting in some other being, whoever it may be. A dependence on a man or a man for God is nothing but slavery. Let man free. Quit preaching captivity.


      1. I’m aching for you to write another scathing post about me. But, it seems you used up that once-a-year scathing post on someone else…I figure you Christians are all the same, carbon-cut copies from the same mold. All words. No works. You say you had or have anorexia. I don’t even believe it. All I see is words on a screen. Pictures that may be doctored, fake. You may just be a virus stored in a mainframe, garbling out some somewhat-sensible stream. I don’t believe anything I can’t see. Clearly, you are invisible, nothing more than ones and zeroes. I won’t believe in anything, until it kills me.


    1. I read your comments, and they make a great deal of sense, to a point. I had thought, because your thinking seems to work quite similar to my own, that you were writing brilliant Sarcasm. I do this for social commentary and political commentary, choosing the most extreme language and the most cliched arguments. I then salt it with the memory of the bitterness of my former self. And I leave those ugly and (mostly) untrue words hanging like a pigeon whose neck you’ve rung to hang it above the hole in the barn, daring another pigeon to drop by and say something. I got to say, I like how you write. You are brilliant; there is no doubt. But I also have to say, God IS that Freedom/Liberty for man. HE speaks Freedom to the captives. Even to me and you.

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      1. Not to me, that about speaking freedom to captives. I the most captive captive of all, But thanks for reading my comment, no matter how lame it may sound when read out loud.


  4. I like your comparison. I have read quite a bit myself about Scientology and, truth to be said, I never understood it, until like you, I made some comparisons with other things I had experienced.

    It is also like narcissistic abuse. That’s the reality you know and you’re trying to make it work so hard and so much that you lose perspective. You’re trapped. You’re all the time trying to anticipate what will happen next. You walk on eggshells, trying to control every thing you do, say, or even your body language because you do not know what it going to trigger the narcissist. Sounds like those reports from Scientology, doesn’t it? You think you are losing your mind you try even harder. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t reach the end. It’s never good enough. It’s never enough, no matter what you do or say. The bar keeps on being raised and you keep on trying to reach it.

    Instead of buying Scientology books, in the case of NPD, you have no idea what hit you and you start buying books on how to improve your relationship or marriage. You spend a lot of money on that and therapy and going to doctors because your body starts to suffer, as well. You’re depressed, tired, exhausted

    Eventually you can’t take anymore and the fear of staying the same is stronger than the fear to change your situation. And that’s when you finally take a step out of the grave you have dug yourself into. I’m guessing it’s a lot like that with people in Scientology. And like you said, these are smart people. The same happens with a lot of narcissistic-abuse victims. They are incredibly smart. But they were charmed by the narcissist and they fell into his or her trap. I feel it’s just like that with Scientology, as well.

    Love your post!

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  5. Valid correlation. Both are spiritual bondage, teeming with demonic forces and lies. I believe many addictions fit into this category also. And for all of them, truth from God and His Word and salvation from Jesus is the way out. There is no other lasting way. Hard road to climb because it shatters pride to do it. But praise God He brought you through and I pray for those still in the enemy’s grasp. Love you as always! 🙂 ❤

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  6. Interesting post. I must say scientology is perhaps a cult. Yes I feel bad for those oppressed by that system. It’s a form of mind control. Remember the devil is the father of all lies. John 8:44: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” So without God and His Word, any of us will fall for anything. So I can see how they fell for the lies.

    Satan and his demons are powerful and can convince us of anything if we don’t seek God for His wisdom. The devil can appear as an angel of light and his people as righteous. 2 Corinthiana 11:13-15: “(13) For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
    (14) And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
    (15) Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”

    Satan and his demons love to attack us an isolate us. He did it with your eating disorder. He did it with me with depression. I am glad you are better now. Thanks again for posting this. It reminds of what needs to be done. May God bless you and all who read this.


  7. My sister and I were talking today about religion, the orthodox Church, etc. I was just baptized and Christmated on June 3rd. Orthodox Christianity is so different and healing than the other Christian churches in which I grew up. I asked my sister, ‘what the H have we been doing all our lives?!’. If something is all you have known your whole life (protestantism is right and everything else is a cult/lie) and if that lie is repeated often enough it becomes truth. Protestantism/Evangelicalism was my eating disorder. Life is so much better now. Lord have mercy!


  8. I used to live near the UK Scientology headquarters. Families were torn apart by them and they were harder than Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses to get off the doorstep. I never heard a positive story about their believers. But hey, I worship guitars.


      1. I worked with a music producer who was a scientologist too. He spent more time trying to convert the band than getting work done. It was pretty awkward. But we learn and we grow, right? X


  9. Well done for speaking out about this oppressive and deceptive system of beliefs. It’s indoctrination that uses bullying tactics. It is a SCIENCE and it has nothing to do with GOD. My nephew got into it and he is now poor, his music career has come to a halt because all his money is tied up with the courses he has to do and his relationships have broken down. Scientology is not restorative, it is not about forgiveness and definitely not inclusive.God has created us individually and we are wired to HIM. I say, if it doesn’t feel right then let it go – that’s God speaking to us. Kudos to you Caralyn.


  10. Wow. Your writing often touches me. God speaks to me through you. Having undergone a trial with anorexia as a result of my own bad choices–which resulted in early childhood trauma and DID–AND having been lifted from that pit, these words comforted me. I thank you for writing what God told you to write. You listen to Him; it is apparent. I am grateful to GOD for the blessing of having discovered your blog.

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  11. I like that comparison.

    It doesn’t matter what the lie is, as long as believing it keeps you from seeing Father as he is, and yourself as you are, the accuser wins.

    I grew up in an on-the-verge cult denomination and I’ve been researching again into the early history and it’s just so… subtle. It’s not over the top, but after reading and then writing about what I’ve been learning and writing proofs (or rather de-proofs) on some of the doctrine that has shaped generations of people globally…I begin to see again even more clearly, anyone with a proper, or close to proper view of Father, and a basic understanding pf the Bible, could refute this stuff, but because now 170+ years later those doctrines are covered in such a layer of dust and disambiguation, even though they still hold control over so many people with fear it’s so difficult for them to separate truth from lies and fact from foolishness and after so many generations supporting the lies it’s just so ingrained and..heartbreaking…that they cannot see Father as he is because everything they believe depends on him being another way…

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  12. A great perspective. I love how you drew from personal experience in this post! Very inspiring. God guides us through things that help us gain experience and strength to share with others.


  13. Thanks for information and links. I know very little about Scientology, but it’s tragically sad whenever people’s innate desire to believe in something transcendent is manipulated like this. And, unfortunately, it’s not just Scientology that does this.


  14. This comment has nothing to do with your post, but I just have to ask you a few questions about SCD! After a year of intrusive, anxiety-provoking, and just plain gross symptoms, I have been diagnosed with candida overgrowth. The doctor advised me to try to SCD diet in order to starve the bad bacteria in my gut. I feel so overwhelmed, and I don’t even know where to start. I am also in recovery from anorexia so I can foresee this being a big issue; however, I have to do this if I want to start feeling better. The diet is so restrictive, and I don’t know how to cook as it is. If you could give me any advice or words of wisdom, that would be so so helpful. I’m so thankful I’ve been following your blog for over a year because when the doctor told me about the SCD diet, I immediately thought of you. Thank you so much for any encouragement you could give me!


  15. Wow, I’m almost afraid to watch these expose’s. I know I should considering your remark regarding the beginning is about good intentions and then I see us going down the rabbit hole of those good intentions under someone else’s stronghold. Thanks for sharing!


  16. Scientology aside: You give me such courage to share my story with complete & total abandon. Thank you for being inspirational and courageous!

    I see how God has worked in you! 🙂


  17. Scientology aside: you give me such courage to share my story with complete and total abandon! Thank you for being so honest and raw 🙂

    I see God working in you! 🙂


  18. Great perspective. There are so many things we get trapped in and believe the lies of the Enemy. Scientology is very dangerous, and while I don’t know much about it I appreciate your post and what you had to say.


  19. Great post. I think addiction to alcohol works the same way … you start out drinking a little wine, just like everyone else. Soon you are having a drink before you go out, so that you settle your nerves a little and can be more sociable. The substance begins to make subtle changes in your brain that cause you to want to reach for a drink whenever you feel stressed. Now it’s the perfect answer to more and more of your problems. And for me, it was the perfect way to segue from an eating disorder. When drinking, I wasn’t hungry. I could drink instead of eat, or I would eat much less after a drink or two. Alcohol on an empty stomach is REALLY bad for you. Fast forward to the inevitable: the damaging experiences that come with drinking are the voices of Scientology: you are not good enough anymore without the drink. You are not worthy. You are weak. Finding your way out of this trap eventually must become your life mission, as with an eating disorder.
    Thank you for your words of wisdom. ❤️


  20. I’ve heard accounts of oppression from muslims and evangelicals that sound similar to what you describe. Systematic control is quite common in all religions, it’s only the strategies that change from one to another. We’re still at a point where people associate faith and spirituality with religion, so it isn’t surprising to see someone submitting to systematic control in an attempt to connect to God.


  21. There are so many levels of “Religion” and believers and non believers out there in this world. I get it – People have the desire to question all things. Me personally, I would rather be right in my faith and Christianity and meet Gods’ Grace than I would to risk it all and meet Gods Wrath? Thanks for the post and as always, I look forward to the next.

    Also – just to point out – I love the way that you are able to contain yourself and remain objective when others clearly are looking for something to egg you on about.


    1. Thanks friend, yeah that’s a really powerful way to look at it. thanks for that encouragement..yeah it can definitely be tough sometimes, especially when people try to get a rise out of you haha Thanks for stopping by. big hugs xox

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  22. Hi BBB,

    I think we will check out the series. I hope she got out and came to know the Lord. You know how to pray for folks caught up on this. It is like us and Mormons. My oldersr son is dating a girl whose parents are Mormons. We know how to pray for them and for folks get out of that trap. Crazy the Scientology HQ in Hemet, right next door to Menifee. We all know what is going on there. Keep praying for them.

    In Christ,


    On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 3:04 PM BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: “So I’ve recently watched a couple documentaries > on Scientology: Going Clear, and Leah Remini’s 8-part series, Scientology > and the Aftermath. Wow. If you want your minds blown, give them a watch…I > included the links. Let me begin by saying,” >


  23. I too saw the series with Leah Remini and was completely astounded at what was going on. I couldn’t believe that there are people willingly following this religion despite what transpires after gaining admission. Guess they found a need filled through it. I’m just glad that I have God in my life and none of that baggage. Thanks for sharing Caralyn!


    1. Thanks for this, Mark. Yeah, it was really eye opening. It made me sad to think of all the people who have lost so much time and have devastated relationships as a result of the organization. breaks my heart. big hugs xox

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  24. That belief system astounds me too! Some people need to be told what to do and then there are those of us who want to think for ourselves! Different strokes for different folks so to speak.
    I left the catholic church I was raised in after my marriage, and sadly my dad disowned me and broke my heart. He refused to take my calls or be home if I visited. On Christmas eve I stopped by unannounced but he heard the doorbell and slipped out the side door to a neighbors house. He was so stubborn. He died 8 days later of a heart attack. I never got to see him or say goodbye or anything at all. I was heartbroken to the core! Life goes on and I made my peace with him spiritually. All this came out today I guess after reading your post. I had the audacity to leave a church with rules I could not believe or follow. But I was lucky to follow my heart and I have deep spirituality guiding me every day.


      1. Thank you, I am just fine, that happened so many years ago! You just brought it out of me today. We forgive and try to understand others behavior, but trauma never really goes away does it!!
        I have just read 5 or 6 of your blogs and love your writing!


  25. It really is ALL oppression no matter the form… I caught quite a bit of her show and it truly is mind blowing, especially the sheer amounts of money people were to pay, we often think of “stars” as wealthy but most were being cleaned out and it is so sad. I thank God for her and all who has gotten out and truly pray that she finds the love of Christ. So many fall victim to lies (even in our minds) and oppression by “predators” such as cults, or even bad relationships because so many of us all are just truly broken vessels in search of that “magic glue” that will repair us and hold us together. And as you know, magic doesn’t exist and it is a process, well worth it, but still a process. Praying many will see the truth and get out! Wonderful post.


  26. My little brother has an eating disorder, and there’s been this chasm between us that I’ve been unable to cross. I can’t understand what he’s gone through. I just grieve for the happy and bright little boy he once was. Unlike you, I don’t know that he’s ever had a true connection to God. Our parents weren’t spiritual people, and I pretty much owe everything to my grandmother as it pertains to my introduction to Jesus. I guess I was just more receptive to Him than my family was, and it protected me from some of the snares that I might have fallen into without Him. I’ve tried every so often to gently approach the subject with my brother, but he’s just been weathered by so much darkness at this point that I don’t know how to reach him. I guess I feel like I’ve failed him…and Him. Maybe if I’d been a better Christian, or a better big sister as he was growing up, this wouldn’t have happened. I just don’t want to see him die. Please, pray for him.


    1. Thank you so much Angela for sharing his. I’m so sorry that your little brother is going through that. I will definitely keep him and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Keep trying with him. You’re a great big sister, and often times it takes a lot of exposure to Jesus before something finally breaks through. Keep trying. Your efforts are making more of an impact than you know 🙂 Hugs and love xox


  27. Thank you so much for sharing pieces of your personal struggles with everyone. What you’ve been through is so emotionally/physically draining, and the fact that you remain standing tall today speaks volumes of your character. Those who suffer the most and make it through to the other side of the dark tunnel of struggle end up being the most significant sources of inspiration to others struggling to discover themselves. The fact that Leah Remini became a scientologist then left the community and now speaks out against it is so important. She reveals the dangers of the belief system the same way you address the risks of living with an eating disorder. The photos you included in the post are beautiful as well. 😇💚📝


  28. It’s a scary cult. Simply because it’s so large and SO powerful! It has its hooks in so many different sectors of our society. I once met a group of “Christians” while in university. I believe they were called “Church of Christ” (there are a lot of Christian groups whom go by this name but I am talking specifically of one known in just my city – no mean to defend those who belong to a Church of Christ in their city of which is a legit religious organization) and seemed like, at first, just like any other Christian church. The students were my age, fun, nice… I thought I had found a good group to be with. Turns out they were using a true religion to disguise itself as a cult. Now, the group of people I met might not have realized this. They were, after all, one of the thousands of brain-washing minions. Soon, however, I found myself in quite a situation. The first sign was that they told me I had to break up with my boyfriend in order to purify my soul. My then boyfriend was also attending their bible study group (we found them together) as well as the Sunday services. We were to be “schooled” separately. I started to get that gut feeling that something was wrong. So, my boyfriend and I discussed we should just part ways with this group. After all, if it doesn’t feel right, then it is not meant to be. After we told them, nicely, we decided this group was not meant for us, I got STALKED! I would get one call from a member. As soon as I hung up the phone another one would call me. They would not take ‘no’ for an answer. Mind you, they did not threaten me but they were just AGGRESSIVE! I felt completely victimized. I got into arguments with them and finally had to say I would go to the police if they continued this harassment. Luckily that worked. So – nothing as bad as a worse cult, including Scientology, but I got a taste of what it means to get into something cult-like.

    Religion is a faith-based system. And its church is not meant to have control over their members. After all, God gave us free-will for a reason. It is up to us to make our own choices and decide what path to follow. And He and only He determines what judgement we will face in the end. Any group which claims their ‘control’ methods are the way down to a path leading to some great, white light at the end is just not right. And no group should try to separate a person from their loved ones. That’s what abusive partners do in relationships – they separate their partner from all parts of their former world so that they can have complete control and domination.

    Yes, I agree. It is sad for those who are trapped. And ever sadder for those who don’t see that they are trapped and honestly believe they are part of something good.


    1. Thanks for this powerful reflection. wow, what an experience! i appreciate you sharing. Yeah, it’s really sad. It breaks my heart to think of the families torn apart because of this oppressive system of belief. thanks for sharing hugs xox


  29. When I was younger, my parents told me about two of their friends who had joined a cult. They were well educated, middle classish folks. Of course, I don’t know the heart but I suspect cults and the cult of self, is all about saving oneself.


    1. yeah, it’s really confusing to think about. Living in the information age, it’s hard to imagine getting sucked into a cult, but I guess it happens. my heart goes out to all of those who are trapped. Makes me sad to think about. thanks for all of your reading today! hope you have a great monday! hugs xo

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    1. thanks so much for sharing your story. I’m so sorry that you can personally relate to the trapped feeling. hang in there. i believe that you can break the cycle. You got this, friend. sending big hugs xo


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