Sundance Film Festival

Hey friends!

I’m blogging from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah!

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It’s 10:40pm on Sunday. I’m 2 vodka-sodas deep, which, if you know my one-drink tolerance, is shocking. And I’m just sitting in front of the fire, watching the bobcat groomers go up and down the slopes, creating that picture-perfect corduroy for the morning.

I’m so excited to be here with my entire family. Everyone. Even my nieces. All under one roof. I just got in last night, and it’s already been a jam packed time.

I came in during a blizzard — they got 15 inches of snow overnight! So we were out first thing this morning (after church of course) shredding the powder.

I was wearing six layers, a heated vest, three pairs of pants, heated ski boots, heated gloves, and hand warmers, and I was STILL cold!

But it was so worth it 🙂

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And also…that gear is freaking incredible, so if you are a freeze baby like me, invest. You won’t be sorry.

Not gonna lie, I’m low key excited that Dean Unglert from the Bachelorette is at Sundance. And yeah, I know you just got that Google alert, so…Hi Dean, call me 😉 

hahaha Juuuuust kidding.

Sorry, that’s the vodka talking.

Sundance never fails to produce some pretty fascinating episodes. NYC and LA converge on this quaint, sleepy mountain town and take it over, for better or for worse.

But so far, all I’ve had are some interesting chair lift conversations with random strangers.

It’s crazy how many people relocate to Park City to escape their high paced city life. I rode up with 3 different people who had done that. And all of them talked about how much more fulfilling life has become for them since getting out of the rat race.

Maybe they’re onto something.

Maybe there’s something to living in a place where you’re literally enveloped by God’s magnificence and glory in the mountains.

Or maybe there’s something to just slowing down and shutting off the social media for a while and getting off the grid.

Sounds pretty good to me.

Oh, and then my last chair was with a fella whose wife just got back from India, and eventhough she was super careful and didn’t eat any “unsafe” food there, she still ended up in the hospital back in NYC with a wicked parasite.

So yeah, that was reassuring, as I’m literally leaving for India in two weeks.

I’ve always believed that the people we ride up with on the chair lifts are placed there for a reason. It’s like God’s chance to make a “coincidental run-in” happen. I like to think He has fun doing it.

But anyways, as a result I always pay super close attention to little nuggets of truth I glean from chairlift convos.

So that India one really freaked. me. out.

So, if you need me, I’ll be researching different kinds of travel friendly, squeeze pouch toddler food that I can take with me to India…

Applesauce, anyone??




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103 responses to “Sundance Film Festival”

  1. Chairlift counselling. Now that has a nice ring about it. Like I said you will love India. Again, make sure you are travelling with people you know or a reputable tour group. Be aware that the food which I love may not always suit your dietary needs. Look after yourself and have a great time.:)

  2. One of my favorite places is a bit North of there. Echo. There’s. Not really anything there. The mountains almost touch if you walk far enough. Park City. Jackson. Flagstaff. Were nice little cowboy towns. Money. Changes things.

    • Echo! Oh yeah! I remember seeing signs for there. Awesome. I know I love the quaintness. Yes it does. Hugs and love xox

      • Do you think. It’s good? I don’t do vacations and nice things so I don’t lose that connection to the people that matter to me. I guess. The reverse could be true. I wouldn’t know about what they do up there.

        I do know natural beauty. People come from far away to enjoy it. They still want high count sheets and gourmet everything. So. A patch of trees are felled. Land is cleared there. Oh. There’s Whole Foods next to that fancy hotel all the locals can’t afford. Just sayin. It would be nice to enjoy a single space for once. Quaint and imperfect.

  3. I love everything about this article! From the snow-covered hills to the divine chairlift conversations… I can practically FEEL the cold! Enjoy the beauty & stay close the fireplace.

    • Aw thanks Jerry! What a kind thing to say! Hahha oh yes- it’s cold!! I’m actually typing this right next to the fireplace! Haha Hugs and love xox

  4. During the 2002 Olympics I was the FBI liaison Agent at Deer Valley Mountain Resort and Park City Mountain. I love that area and it is so good that you get to visit. We will be looking for news of your trip to India. Stay well – JandM

  5. I’m curious. Why are you going to India? What will you do there? How long will you stay? Sounds like a great opportunity. Do be careful of your food intake! I love the Park City area. We once tried to buy a house in Heber City, not too far away. A delightful little town. Settled in Ennis, MT instead. We love it here. Come ski Big Sky!

    • Oh nice! I’ll be in India for 10 days for a wedding! I’m really excited. Hugs and love xox

  6. How exciting — both your trip to Utah and the upcoming one to India! No envy here, though… next month I’m going to Liberia with a small group from our church. Squeeeeeeee!

    • Thanks Janice! Oh wow! How amazing! Have a wonderful time! Will be praying for you! Hugs and love xox

  7. Hey Caralyn: I hope you are able to stay warm with your “heated” almost everything. I didn’t even know about heated boots, vests. Wow, that is the way to go. Where were they when I was working outside in all kinds of cold Canadian winters? Oh yah, that was 15 years and more ago, they were probably still on the drawing board.

    Enjoy yourself my good Friend. Those friends on the lifts that you are connecting with, are sure blessed. I imagine they realize that before too much time passes.

    God’s Blessings Caralyn,
    Have fun, keep safe, keep warm.
    Luv, 😀🌹❤️


    • Thank you so much George! Haha yeah the heat technology is pretty awesome! Have a great week! Hugs and love xox

  8. Travel-friendly food is the way to go—especially internationally. (Trust me; I wish I’d remembered that tidbit when I traveled to Berlin almost three years ago; airplane peanuts are apparently a thing of the past, and getting caught food-less when you need to take meds at 3 a.m. is never enjoyable). Also, to echo the person who recommended Gerber’s banana, their applesauce is equally fab. I know you’re on a specific diet, but I also suggest asking for Kosher if it fits your criteria, and you’re eating during your flight. 🙂

  9. Aw love the photo, you look so happy 😍❤️ love the image of a house full of family young and old playing games etc, it just reminded me of home alone & the Waltons for some reason 😂 definitely be praying for your trip I know it’s a very big step for you, I will be so proud if you do go if you didn’t I’d still be proud, don’t force it if you are concerned ❤️

  10. Don’t worry too much about the food in India. As long as you don’t eat raw food and stick to cooked food and bottled water ( ensure that the cap is properly sealed ), you will be OK. My three kids are all born and brought up in US. During our trip to India, my sons were completely OK but my daughter had upset stomach as she could not control her eating.

  11. LOL, that Sheldon GIF is so appropriate. Well, think of India as an India Jones adventure. Minus the weapons…the experience…the safety of a crew…or safety at all.

  12. My son went to Deer Valley as an instructor a few years ago. Now he, his wife, another son and his fiancee all live our there year-round. Someday we will visit during Sundance. Not yet, though. Enjoy your time there, and enjoy India 🙂 I look forward to reading about your time there.

    • oh wow! lucky them! it really is such a beautiful place to live. thanks so much! Hugs and love xox

  13. Wow — sounds like an incredible time in a beautiful place, cold and all! I travel with protein bars at all times….packaged and sealed and carefully rationed through my travels…

  14. Family time at Sundance – how fun! You could make your own movie out there: “The Girl Who Got the Shivers.”

    As for going to India…

    When I was a corporate trainer the boss had to choose someone to go to Pune, India to conduct training at our plant there. I made it known up front that I was not a candidate. With my heart condition and health problems I had no interest in seeing an admittedly exotic land at the risk of getting…something! To this day I haven’t renewed my passport just because I don’t want to get tagged to go someplace for business where I could get hurt. Call me a wimp.

    I knew a few people who have been there who haven’t gotten anything. They did find the sanitary conditions pretty appalling. Even taking a shower is a risk. How many drops of water do you need to unknowingly ingest or enter through your eyes or nose to get something? IF you take a shower, DON’T get your head wet. AT ALL!!!

    I wasn’t going to get negative about your trip to India when I first heard, but since you’re bringing it up here I’m telling you what I think. It’s a bad idea. You have health issues that are especially vulnerable to the effects of all the critters so easily had there. Don’t go.

    Will you be letting someone down who is expecting you? Probably, but are they aware of your UC and ED? Explain it to them. They should get it. Who will you be letting down, possibly for the rest of your life, if you go over, get something, and really screw yourself up? Especially now that things have been improving so well physically!

    Will you look silly to your readers if you back out? Possibly. Again, only to those who don’t get it.

    Two things in my past that are the reasons for telling you this. First is a friend whose dad was in the diplomatic corp. My friend, who knew and was good with all of the protocols, got an incurable parasite when he was a teen that he still has to this day (you know how old I am). Second, my best friend was making a decision decades ago that was very personal that I should have talked him out of. I was afraid of getting sideways with him over it, so I figured he’s a big boy now, and I let it go. Every bad thing I feared happened. Maybe I wouldn’t have affected his decision, but I think I should have at least said something.

    You are one of the strongest people I know. I submit that the truly strong choice is to NOT go.

    So I hope I haven’t drawn to deeply on the well of our friendship. I don’t want to regret not speaking out again! The world is not as neat and clean as getting immunizations, doing the “right things” and coming out spotless. Shit often happens despite our best efforts.

    • Hey Jeff, thank you so much for speaking up about going. I do really appreciate it. Unfortunately I would really be letting a group of people down by not going. It has been built up so much, and i just don’t think i could back out. i am truly getting nervous about going. That’s a great tip about the showers. I’m going to be staying at one of my friend’s parents home, which is apparently suuuuuuper nice. so hopefully they will have a good filtration system. Anywho, i’m still a few weeks out, so I will keep you posted. thank you for sharing your concern. you’re a good friend. Hugs and love xox

      • You will be in my prayers for safe travel and protection while you are there. If you would, please let me know when you leave so I can be extra diligent in prayer for you during that time. Just an email or text, if you think of it. All the best. And enjoy the rest of your time at Sundance!!!

      • Thank you. I will definitely let you know. Really appreciate it Jeff x

  15. Very glad you are having fun!!! About the trip, though, I worked with a girl a few years ago whose boss went to the Middle East. He ate nothing but Slim Jims and drank Coke from bottles (thinking that would be safe) He ended up in the hospital with an intestinal parasite big time. Please take care.
    God bless you

    • hey Pat! thank you so much for sharing this. yikes. that definitely is concerning. i’ve heard more and more stories about that recently. thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  16. I always love Park Cities and Deer Valley, high above the salt flats, which are white all year ’round. Never been to a film festival, except what I read.

    Anyway, the number one thing to pay attention to in foreign countries is water, in all its forms. When I was in Vietnam I shared a “hooch” with a young lieutenant, who supervised a Vietnamese maintenance crew that repaired and replaced damaged building. He never ate any of their food, and he was careful to bring his own cokes to drink. But one time, he unconsciously poured his coke into a glass of ice. There is nothing like sharing space with dysentery for more than a week. He got from the ice, which is just frozen water. I bet the lady of the lift did something similar. Even bottled water can get you, if you do not wash off the top of the bottle. You cannot afford to lose 10 pounds in 3 days. So take care. Keep having fun. That is what you share best.

    • Hey Von! yeah it’s really beautiful. thank you for that advice. yeah, yikes. yikes yikes. thank you for sharing your concern. yeah, even the top of the bottles – that’s a great point. I guess bring lysol wipes. Honestly i’d rather come in contact with some leftover bleach than a parasite…. thank you friend. Hugs and love xox

  17. Foods that kill parasites; mangoes, pineapples, raw pumpkin seeds, papaya. Just make sure you do not get constipated so that the lil’ buggers can get out.

  18. Thank you for visiting my post beauty beyond bones.

    I’ve just read your latest blog and I am smiling loudly with you.

    Good to hear that you are planning a visit to India. I’ll be following you closely, I left my heart there many years ago. Yes, it will be a huge culture shock, but none of us ever return the same. I could offer you lots of advice, but I won’t, because that is the magic of India.
    We all have our own personal experience, and so looking forward to following your adventures.

  19. Lol you’re so funny!!! I hope you find suitable foods for your trip to India! Don’t worry, God got you! Everything will be fine and you won’t return with a parasitic sickness or anything in Jesus Name!!! Much love and blessings to you! Xx 😇😁💃✨

  20. Somewhere god has a check list. On it he has the things he has thrown in your way that might make you skip church. He just drew a line threw “Raging blizzard in Utah!”

    Have a blast lady!

  21. Caraly, is it any wonder that with posts like this that I have nominated you for the Entertainer Blogger Award?? LOL Please note that I was a bit lengthy on the post, but wrote a little special note beside each nominee. Congrats and God bless you!
    PS… How does one go to church on 15 inches of snow?? LOL Now THAT is faithful! 😉 Hope you keep enjoying your family trip!

  22. Hey gal! It’s been awhile but I’m still here!! What a blessing to have had ALL your family with you during such an impactful festival. That event hosts so many powerful people and I know you are being influenced by some great influencers. As you are also influencing them.

    No need to fear going to India. God definitely gives us wisdom but fear is not from him. There are risks in EVERYTHING. We cannot be paranoid or scared. You do your thang and soak in every moment. God must have something wonderful waiting if there are “negative voices” trying to convince you otherwise.

    I for one know that it will birth some incredible writings to share with us and the world. (:


    • Thanks so much JV! That’s such great advice 🙂 thanks for the encouragement. Hugs and love xox

    • Thanks for this tip, yeah I think you’re right. Everyone in my fam got them this year. Guess I should too. Thanks!! And also how cool that you were a racer!! Hugs and love xox

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