“Girl Power”

**Please be aware that this post contains an image that may be triggering if you are in recovery from an eating disorder.**

Well, Victoria Beckham is in some hot water this week.

Yep, that Victoria Beckham. Equally known for her previous life as the enviable Posh Spice, and her status as David Beckham’s ridiculously fashionable wife.


Honestly, just hearing her name takes me back to my elementary school obsession with the Spice Girls, and all their platform shoes, pleather, and “Girl Power” glory.


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Well, waking up this week to a firestorm of tweets, outraged over her sunglasses advertisements, my interest was piqued, and I had to do some investigating.

Shop this look!

She had released a new line of eyewear frames, and the advertisements included a model who, was so emaciated, it made me lose my breath.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 3.53.07 PM

(I went back and forth about including the photo, as I am very aware that, as many of my readers are in recovery from an eating disorder, some may find this image highly disturbing or worse, triggering. However, this is a case of “a picture is worth 1,000 words,” so I am going ahead with including it.)

I’m going to be honest, my very first thought when seeing that photo was, “Dear Lord, she looks like a Holocaust victim.

And then my brain went to, “Lord, help all the impressionable girls who see this photo.

And then I had to close out of the image before it started doing bad things to my own recovery.

This post is not out to body shame, or to speculate whether or not this 29 year old model has an eating disorder.

I nearly died from anorexia. Knew every “trick” in the book. If you think I can’t tell if someone is actively engaging in anorexia or bulimia simply from looking at them, you’re kidding yourself.


But I’m not here to call out this woman.

Instead, I’d like to turn the attention elsewhere.

I remember back in high school when I was really struggling, and deep in the throes of anorexia, I used to pine after the bodies of these waif-like models and actresses, and just obsess over their thinness. Obsess is even too gentle of a word. I would scrutinize them, as I would my own body. Comparing, detailing, dreaming, lusting after the sunken in cheeks and protruding bones.

I would not stop until I too, resembled the skeletal bodies I saw on the runways and advertisements.

To say that how women are portrayed in the media can have a negative effect on an impressionable young girl’s image and idea of beauty is the understatement of the century. Just ask 78 pound me.

I saw Victoria Beckham’s advertisement, and I literally started crying, thinking about that teenage girl, who is locked away in her bedroom, coveting the emaciated body of the model in that shot. Planning how she’s going to skip her next meal, or secretly exercise, all the while, loathing herself with a vehement hatred that leads one to slowly kill herself, one bite at a time. Just like I did.

My heart breaks for that hurting girl. The beautifully broken girl who doesn’t realize the incredible gift that she is to this world. The hurting girl who doesn’t realize how immensely loved she is, cherished by a God who wants nothing more than for her to thrive.


Victoria Beckham, shame on you for putting this image out there into the world. For blasting it on your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, website, and in the magazines across the world.

You could have said No. You could have said, “This image is harmful to the minds of young girls.” But you didn’t, and the damage is already done.

This isn’t meant to drag Beckham, here. Because truthfully, the problem is bigger than any former, “Girl Power”-loving Spice Girl.

And therein lies the problem.

I’m just so sick of Tinsel Town calling themselves champions of women, and yet pushing and perpetuating these unhealthy standards of beauty.

When is someone going to have the courage to say, “This isn’t beautiful, it’s dangerous.

This model’s body type isn’t something to aspire to, it’s a death wish.

And again, this is not meant to be a personal jab at this particular model. But for crying out loud. Someone needs to take a stand and say, this standard of beauty is killing our girls.

Because clearly, the literal poster child of “Girl Power” in the nineties — Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham – who herself HAS A DAUGHTER – is not going to do it.


“Girl Power” my ass.




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150 responses to ““Girl Power””

    • thanks Larry, I appreciate it. Yeah, definitely dismayed to say the least. Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you so much friend 🙂 i appreciate your support. hope you’re having a great week! Hugs and love xox

  1. This makes me sick. Good for you for calling her out. You’re a strong woman! So glad you were able to overcome so that you could reach out to those who need your help 😊

    • thanks Hazel, yeah it was a pretty disgusting advertisement. thanks for your encouragement. Hugs and love xox

    • thanks friend. yeah, someone needed to say something. thanks for your support. Hugs and love xox

  2. Do this revolution and wake us all up! Teach us the power of suggestion and our responsibilities as elders to the youth and homo sensoriums in our environments. Truth out. Girl power. … and yet, no division either so human power. Does the fact that human alludes to men and it’s not huwoman offend you? Equality and harmony for all.

    • Thank you J and M. You’re right – true beauty is not what they’re pushing on us. Big hugs to you xox

  3. I don’t want to blame Victoria herself. When i worked at Target we were about to launch her clothing line an ALL of yahoo was praising her for “bringing plus size to target”.

    So i go in to work and guess what we don’t have? We have baby cloths, kids cloths, even her coloring books but no plus-size. Other stores were complaining of similar issues. Target corporate’s answer was “We only ship what we think we can sell.”

    Long story short, it was all target’s fault but the lone shopper probably thought Victoria Beckham herself had something against plus-sized people in certain regions of the country.

    So i am going to assume someone told her “post this tweet about glasses!” and she did, not realizing that the images were as disturbing as they were.

    • Thanks for sharing this perspective. Yeah, there’s a lot of truth to that. And very interesting tidbit on Target. big hugs to you xox

  4. Well written. There has been such a lot said about images like this. I hope that there is a time in the fashion industry when it is just about the clothes and not the models look!!!! Sadly as someone who within the industry i believe this time is still very much far away

  5. …just saddens me. My jaw hit the floor for a second. It is upsetting that if this young model (or anyone) were to pass away it is only on to the next. 🙁

  6. Gosh, scary and sad. I have six daughters and the idea of them trying to starve themselves for this horrific standard of false beauty…I’ve always been slim, and remember people trying fatten me up before my wedding, lest I “look terrible in my wedding dress.” Everyone is different, but this awful comparing, and the idea that we should all be the same is so destructive. I’ve always said curves are such a beautiful part of being a woman, and that bony elbows are nothing to be saught after.
    May each girl know her own unique beauty and worth, and value her individuality more than conformity to a magazine image!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your heart on this issue. Yes!! May each girl know those important truths! Hugs and love xox

  7. To say that i like this post is an understatement. While i was reading the post i entered the hellish world of an anorexia sufferer. For the very first time i was given some insight in the suffering and i felt like calling her, taking her in my arms to carress and tell her that she is good.

    An powerful post, that given your amount of followers should get to Victoria Beckham. People like you, with a profile like you, are the instruments needed to make us aware and to shout “stop here, no further”.

    I continue to read your blogs to gather understanding of an illness that is so common yet so not taken seriously.
    The sickening urge to be slim rather than healthy is surrounding us every day every where.

    I salute you, i admire you and i encourage you to continue creating awareness of something that should be unacceptable in our society.

    • Thank you so much Lianna. So glad this resonated with you. You have a beautiful heart and I’m so grateful that you took the time to read and respond. I salute you my friend! Hugs and love XOXO

  8. I hope God reveals himself to Victoria, who I remember seeing looking quite skinny in the past and invariably with a face that reflected a hardened heart. Your post is so meaningful. I am sure it touches and supports more people than you think. 🙂

  9. “I’m just so sick of Tinsel Town calling themselves champions of women, and yet pushing and perpetuating these unhealthy standards of beauty.”
    Good point! I think that’s what gets me the most in all of this … Hollywood’s double standards continue rain havoc on young, impressionable lives. Thank you for speaking out.

  10. One of my daughters has always been overly thin and underweight like the model in this picture, but it was NOT for lack of eating. She’d out eat all of us, and couldn’t gain an ounce. She was very late getting her monthly cycle. She was VERY self conscious about being underweight. It was not until we decided to take her off grain and put her on my low carb fare, which is also high fat, that she is finally achieving a healthy weight (at 16) and getting her curves. Ironically, she eats less on a low carb diet, but is gaining just the same.

    • Hi Linda, thank you so much for sharing your heart! My heart goes out to your daughter. I’m so glad that you’re finding a solution that works for her! Praise God! Big hugs to you XOXO will be keeping you both in my prayers 🙂

  11. Fantastic blog! I agree with your statement noting Hollywood claiming woman power but allowing this form of self-hatred to be admirable. It can’t be escaped that we all look up to someone or something and desire to have the same image. Consumers drive it’s continuance because they purchase it which is read by businesses as successful advertising. Another comment here mentioned it is a long way off to changing this and sadly, I have to agree. It’s a vicious cycle. I personally don’t buy magazines anymore for this very reason. I refuse to give my hard earned money to any business making themselves rich off a woman killing herself for their unrealistic expectations. Even though it’s bigger than me and my dollar not spent on their product won’t dent their bottom line, it’s still a dollar less in their pocket.

    • Hi Allison! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this emotional issue! You’re right, it is a vicious cycle. One that I hope gets worked out soon! Hugs and love XOXO

  12. Yeah, the entertainment industry is by-and-large sick. If it makes money FOR THEM, they don’t care who it harms. They don’t care about societal good in general, no matter which causes they claim to champion. “Shame on them” indeed, like you say.

    God is so far out of their lives, that something truly demonic has taken His place. And we all suffer for it.

    Very powerful piece.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. I would have to agree. Just got to keep praying! Hugs and lots XOXO

  13. I felt so bad for this model, these pictures are horrible, or should I say, make her look horrible. I googled her to see if all her pictures are like that. In most of the photos I found of her, as long as she wasn’t doing that shoulders hunched over pose thats so popular she looks like all the rest of these tiny little models. I kept looking for ones that I could see her shoulders, collarbone, back bone, and has quite a few where she is in swimsuits. There is one in particular,she is topless. Nothing can be seen but it was for the Edit Magazine December 2017 edition. I don’t know when that picture was taken but she looks like all the rest of the models we see, skinny of course but nothing like the sickly skeleton this beckham glasses ad made her look. I pray if she is struggling God helps her. If she isn’t then Beckham has just made her the scrutiny of the world, and they were certainly going for an unhealthy look. Just sad.

    • Hi Margaret thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Yes I will join you in that prayer! The whole modeling industry needs to be Turned on its head! Hugs and love XOXO

  14. We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people.
    Rev Martin Luther King Jr

    This. Is the female side of that which factors into the consciousness of beauty. But, if we saw it as attainable there would be no market. If we in our goodness, did not pick up the newest boy band. Fidget spinner. Tummy tightener. If we were judged by our merit and our character there would be no market. So. We trod from enlightenment back into the shadows of our personal inadequacies. Only later to buy the cure, somewhere.

    It takes guts to summon our fears and write about them. You are special. You are loved. We must all ask ourselves, what are we doing to change this environment for our children? Why are we good for not doing, anything?

    • Thanks Kenzie for the thoughtful response! What a powerful powerful quote by Martin Luther King Junior! Thanks for your support it really means a lot! Hope you’re having a great week. Hugs and love XOXO

      • I talk with my daughters about this influence. Not in the broad sense but, like this. A new poster on the wall. New makeup. Some new underground artist. I inquire not interrogate. Try to find meaning. Build their self esteem rather than try to be, right. I only add that as a caveat for single dads that still have that wall between them and their daughters. I. Almost lost mine, not because I wasn’t listening. I wasn’t. Changing with her. Pressure does make diamonds but not kids. They are like bamboo it doesn’t matter they will grow with space and sunshine and time.

      • That’s so important to build their self esteem 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

      • Irving Goffman wrote that social identity is so important it overrides consequences. It makes sense here. Further, Philip Zimbardo proved that group social identity will be less moral than a single individual. The need to be social and not be excluded will pull even, rational, people into trends. Even knowingly harmful ones. I was reading something else and, this conclusion happened. You’re right about self esteem and it fits for men too. Cars. Women. Jobs. With or without any of these men are somehow lesser men.

  15. To mention, Sweet Angel, and a post about the importance of faith, were the final two posts I had bookmarked. I don’t write with those in mind, but it’s healthy to speak of the difficulty. (Such as of to see that picture, still.) And certainly, no reason not to receive.
    Another great post from you –

  16. I cringed when I saw the ad. That poor girl looks like a couple girls I’ve known, girls so thin I was nervous just being around them. I would be constantly in terror of them tripping and breaking like a piece of thin glass.

    What has really been breaking my heart is all of the things that people are saying about her looks; none of them flattering. Everyone is going off about how thin and frail she looks as if she’ll never be exposed to the firestorm of comments. Intended or not, every comments looked and felt to me like a dagger going into her mind.

    And all the women who wore black see-through styles? A real protest would have been anything modest and off the shelf. Stop with the “who looks best” red carpet wars. Just wear a nice JC Penny suit ensemble or something. The Golden Globes was supposed to be about everyone’s work so why not let the night be entirely about the work…and not every other woman’s golden globes teasingly on display.

    Talk is cheap.

    My dear, I’m fighting off a cold and terribly congested, so maybe I’ll give Patreon a listen tomorrow. But tonight was worth some feedback.

    • Hey Jeff! Gosh I hope you feel better! And amen to that I too had a broken heart reading all the things people wrote about this model. She has Internet access to and can read those hurtful words! I so agree… That would be a real protest indeed! Hugs and love XOXO

  17. My aunt died of complications due to anorexia. She was in her 50’s. There’s another side to anorexia that many do not see. I was morbidly obese. I was also suffering from anorexia. I would go days without eat and then when I went to eat something tiny, like a cheese cube, it automatically converted to fat storage. My body never fed off my fat stores. It was a battle to lose weight. It took years to figure out what the issue was with my metabolism and losing weight. Just a few years ago, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS. That was the source behind my incredulous weight gain. I had to learn how to eat but my dysmorphia was the hardest to change. At 200 lbs I still struggle with it.

    • Oh gosh friend I’m am so sorry to hear that about your aunt. Gosh so tragic. And thank you for having the courage to share your story. My heart goes out for you and I just want to hug you for your strength in the battle. Hang in there friend. I’m rooting for you 💛 lots of love and hugs xox

      • Yeah the picture I can just see a painfully thin figure in pink that’s not her? Don’t pay it much attention to be honest but it just made me go “WTF?” cos it looked so WTF.

        But makes sense now though now cheers! 🙂

  18. Hello! Is the picture in this blog the picture gaining the attention? If so, I don’t see a problem. It looks just like every picture in Vogue or any other fashion magazine. Congratulations on overcoming your eating disorder and I would never want someone who is recovering to feel the need to do unhealthy habits to be skinny. But with all do respect, some people are naturally super skinny and I just so happen to be one of them. People use to assume I had an eating disorder when really I eat more than anyone I knew. Some people can eat whatever and not gain weight. We should be able to love ourselves and not feel the need to change based on anyone else’s perception or assumptions. “Girl Power” is embracing who you naturally are whether you wear a 00 or 26. I have a daughter and I want her to know she’s more than just a size. There is no one size fits all as people come in all shapes and sizes. I’m super skinny and healthy according to my doctor. No one should have to lose or gain weight because of another’s inability to see the beauty in who they are. I love being naturally super skinny just as I would hope my naturally thick sisters love their body. We as women must set an example to young girls that we are more than the size we wear. Healthy can come in a size 00 too and I’m living proof of that. Let’s learn to embrace our natural bodies no matter what size as long as it’s healthy. I can only think what if she’s like me or any other woman that is naturally super skinny? Should they feel the need to gain weight because they are being compared to people who don’t have the same genetics and are totally different? Every woman should be able to love their natural bodies whatever size that may be. If my daughter inherits my genes, then I’m not going to pressure her to eat only to love herself and stay healthy because she’s so much more than her size. Let’s promote loving what’s natural even if it’s imperfect or not ideal. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And healthy looks good on you! Kudos to your healing. Let’s all embrace our healthy bodies whatever size that may be.

    • Thank you so much for this important perspective. So true. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. That is so so true! I’m sorry that you’ve struggled with being skinny, I’m sure that has had its hardships. I’m not being sarcastic, I’m being sincere. 🙂 sounds like you’re a great mom. Your daughter is lucky to have you! Hugs and love xox

  19. To be fair I think you can get a distorted view of what’s normal and healthy, working in an industry like that. Someone who’s immersed in fashion wouldn’t blink an eye at that image. I feel sad for the models too. Maybe 20% of them are that thin, naturally. The other 80% our torturing themselves down to unnatural weights. The whole system needs an overhaul. I think it is changing though, plus and normal sized models are becoming more prevalent.

    • Thanks Sierra, that’s a really great point. It’s good to look at it from that point of view. Big hugs xox

  20. You’ll be forced to surrender your Feminist Cards if you continue to point out the hypocrisy of the Feminism Royalty Spectrum.

    We’re living in the time of the Emperor’s New Clothes: Everyone thinks he’s the one who points out the King’s nudity, but most of them are just “pretending to see” so they won’t be thought a fool.

  21. I am so impressed with your work…this article especially. Now a 51 year old woman… and having toyed with anorexia at a younger age…but watched my daughter experience it fully…and now going thru years of being overweight…I am starting to realize that every woman….EVERY woman struggles constantly with her body image throughout her lifetime. To have this sort of advertising shoved in our faces…just fuels the fire that rarely gets to a smoldering state anyway! Thanks for your courage to say something…and your wisdom in seeing it and in warning your readers of a “triggering” image. Even that acknowledgement from someone who has been in the depths of anorexia, says something!
    I believe God knew our struggle when he wrote this… “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own.” 1 Corinthians 6:19

    • Thank you so much L. I really appreciate your support. I love that verse. So comforting. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and love xox

  22. This is so well written. I wish adverts had normal healthy women in them. The first supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Yasmin Le Bon who were stunning would all be considered too fat by today’s standards and they were slim! I’ve stopped buying fashion magazines because they just encourage girls to think they need to be skinny to be beautiful.

  23. I saw this article on Daily Mail and I just shook my head. Victoria knew exactly what she was doing for she does not care about the image she represents to young girls, but the money and attention. Just more publicity for her at the end of the day.

  24. Ugh, I totally agree. I used to pick on myself too and as a teenager struggled with body image because I idolized those women in the movies and the magazines. The entertainment industry’s double standard when it comes to women is infuriating. They promote “empowering women” while at the same time glorifying the objectification of and impossible and unhealthy standards for women in ads, movies, videos, music, etc. It’s really sad and not the standard I want my daughters to measure themselves by at all.

  25. Like you, I was appalled by that photograph. Nobody should be encouraged to look like that. And how do we teach people to love themselves? Because that’s the key, isn’t it?

  26. Hello how are you? All well i hope, I think I already said how much I enjoy your writing. You should be so proud of yourself you are Inspirational Well Done xxx

  27. Thanks for sharing.
    Good for you telling the world and movie stars how it is. I can tell you are passionate about it.

    Just wondering why your blog doesn’t have a like button?

    Keep it real. So sad to know people are hurting

    • thank you so much Teri, I appreciate your support. hmm I don’t know! that’s the first i’ve heard that it doesn’t have a button! i’ll look into it. thanks for the heads up. Hugs and love xox

  28. While I’ve never suffered anorexia or bulimia, I know some people who do. And seeing images like this still going around doesn’t help fix the problem at all. I really appreciate you bringing this into conversation because I feel like it’s one of many issues that we as a whole need to be discussing more often.

  29. My first thought when I saw the model was that she looked depressed. As someone else has already stated, there are plenty of beautiful women at a healthy size that could be models, but the problem is the people who pick the women to represent their brands. I haven’t struggled with an eating disorder but I’ve been depressed because of the number on the measuring tape and/or the scale. As an influential woman, she blew her opportunity to tell the fashion industry to quit pushing unhealthy as beautiful.

    • oh thank you so much! i really appreciate your kind words. I will join you in that prayer. Hugs and love xox

  30. As a woman approaching menopause, there is also a problem with the image of that “perfect body” and de-wrinkled face the older woman should have according to society. The images of a Cindy Crawford, or Christie Brinkley in their older years has older women doing everything they can to look like them, trying to measure up. Those two women have “people” and they look the way they look partly because of genetics, but a lot of it is smoke and mirrors and a surgeon or two. I have also fallen into the trap of not embracing my aging body. I workout, eat well, just try to take care of myself…but then there is that magazine in the checkout line and Christie staring back at me in all of her “perfection” I so wish these women would come out and tell the truth, but they do make a living selling a product The more beautiful women in the spotlight are aging gracefully. They don’t look plastic or cat-like from all the tugging and pulling. Still, every now and then I also get tugged and pulled in a way. I get tugged and pulled into thinking what I need to be according to what society wants to create me to be, instead of appreciating how God created me. Then I take pause and remember that.

    • That’s such a great point. Thank you for sharing this powerful perspective. Yeah there is something so inspiring about aging gracefully and naturally. You are an amazing woman!! Hugs and love xox

  31. Call out the model or whomever, you have that right, you’ve been there done that. Offending people is part of life, if you’re trying to stop harm to someone, you’re doing nothing wrong, and again, you have every right to call them out.

    God Bless

    • Thanks for your support. Yeah this dangerous worship of extreme thinness has got to come to an end. Hugs and love xox

      • As a father the unrealistic image of beauty portrayed in the media scares me. I also worry about the importance that is placed on beauty. My daughters are smart.. That’s way more important.. Don’t get me wrong they are beautiful too.

      • thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. yeah I totally feel ya there! Hugs and love xox

  32. That is insane. I’m a hospice volunteer and when I see someone that thin I am reminded of people I have visited on hospice. Not healthy. Glad that you are in recovery.

    • Hey Bryce, thanks for your reflection. yeah, it’s really sad. And btw, what a powerful way to volunteer your time. that’s awesome, kudos to you. Hugs and love xox

    • thanks you so much 🙂 yeah, that’s been my recovery in a nutshell! and also — trust Jesus haha 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  33. I think you were rescued from your life threatening choices in that era to be an inspiration to those suffering with the same mental and physical issues. I’m very proud of what you’ve accomplished. 🙂

  34. Thank you for sharing your journey. I hope this model is getting healthy. 💞💞
    I’ve been struggling hard with my body image since being pregnant and postpartum. I sometimes get angry with myself for not having morning sickness so bad that I’d throw up and lose weight and for gaining so much at the end of my pregnancy (really only 25 pounds but my mind…) I’m trying not to fall back into destructive measures. This post meant a lot to me, and I wish you all the very best on your recovery journey, as I know it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

    • Thanks so much friend for sharing glory thoughts on this. I’ll definitely be praying for you and your pregnancy. 🙂 sending big big hugs. Amen – marathon baby!!

  35. and so it is said……….”Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never do…” words are powerful and they can hurt deeply and photos even more. Shame to those who go after the dollar, not promoting wellbeing.

  36. Another great post! It really saddens me that we allow and encourage models who are severely emaciated. I remember reading fashion magazines idolizing these models. Now I can see how unhealthy that was. We need to stand up for the truth that women and men are created in God’s image, and are so precious to Him.

  37. 💙💙you may never read this comment, because you probably get hundreds a day. but i just wanted to take a comment to thank you for your blog, your ceaselessly raw truth and vulnerability and supporting this cause that is so dear to your (and my) heart. as someone in recovery from anorexia too, i couldn’t thank you enough for the motivation and inspiration and light you emit into the world. 💙💙

    • Thanks friend 🙂 that seriously means so much. I’m so glad that this resonates with you. Know that I’m cheering for you as you reclaim your life in recovery! Sending big big big hugs xoxox

  38. Thanks for sharing, it is an important issue. I have a young daughter and always say to her being healthy is the goal, not how your body looks. I also reiterate to her that it would be boring if everyone looked the same, it’s the differences that makes everyone attractive. Thanks also for the like on my post – peace and blessings 🙂

  39. Girls to power, now more than ever.
    We have to fight for what we want, and pursue our dream work in the best conditions. For example, women who dream of becoming a model, who struggle to enter the world of modeling.
    A greeting.

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