Amber and Johnny

Hey friends! 

And Happy Memorial Day! 

Right now, Steven and I are on an airplane headed out west to California!

A bachelorette party in California, and thoughts on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial. #cali #bachelorette #johnnydepp #life #amberheard #news #trial #edrecovery #update #mdw

We have a wedding this coming weekend, and this week is the bachelorette party! 

A bachelorette party in California, and thoughts on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial. #cali #bachelorette #johnnydepp #life #amberheard #news #trial #edrecovery #update #mdw

One of my best friends is getting married, and I am just so excited to celebrate her and her soon-to-be-husband!

How many of you have been watching the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial?

A bachelorette party in California, and thoughts on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial. #cali #bachelorette #johnnydepp #life #amberheard #news #trial #edrecovery #update #mdw

Admittedly, I have only recently “tuned in” – watching the closing statements by the lawyers. 

And I have two thoughts — not that you necessarily asked, but hey – I’m stuck on a six hour flight with broken wi-fi, so it’s just me and my notes app…

My first thought – is that it’s really really sad how such intimate details about these two people are on display for all the world to see. And not only that, but it’s being consumed like a binge worthy Netflix series. It just is this sick feeling. I mean, the whole world knows about how Amber pooped the bed, and how Depp battled sobriety. And sure, one could argue that they’re celebrities, and so they “signed up” for that — but at the end of the day, private matters should stay private matters. 

My second thought – is that abuse is abuse, period. It doesn’t matter who the abuser is – the bottom line is that physical, mental or verbal abuse is never okay. I feel like so many times, because women are smaller and “less strong” than men, physical abuse delt by women is brushed off…but that needs to change. Domestic violence — in any form — is wrong.

Lastly – and I know I said two, but this is an extra 🙂 This whole thing just feels really petty. 

I don’t know what transpired between these two. I believe the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Do I think Depp abused Amber? No — I would like to hope not. Do I think that Amber abused Johnny? Despite the audio evidence of her admitting to slapping him, I don’t think she is an abuser. Do I think they probably had a volatile relationship? Absolutely. Do I think that either one holds the singular blame for all of this? No – it takes two to tango. 

What I do know, is that all of this has spurred some really great dialogue between my fiancé and I about conflict resolution in a marriage. 

Because clearly, Johnny and Amber are a prime exhibit about what not to do. 

All that to say, I hope that this trial can be resolved soon so that their lives can cease being a spectacle. 

What are your about the trial? What do you predict the verdict will be? 

Well, that’s all for now! Next stop: California!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day, and we’ll chat Wednesday for a DELICIOUS new recipe! 

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23 responses to “Amber and Johnny”

  1. Admittedly I have been watching the trial, via legal commentary. It’s not so much that I care about Amber and Johnny, rather how the law works and applies. I agree that Nobody, no matter how famous they are should have to have their private matters / dirty laundry aired in such a public way.

  2. I agree – takes two to tango. Probably both are guilty of abuse of the other. Yes, they clearly show viewers what not to do. I tuned in a couple of times, but not for long. I don’t find arguments and marital volatility entertaining. No, I’d rather blog or read or listen to good music. Enjoy your time in CA, Caralyn!

  3. Great photo, guys! Have a great time down there, stop by Vegas, I’ll buy you guys dinner!

    Honestly, I really don’t give two hoots about that trial garbage. Hollywood is such a shame today, filled with people/stars like this. 60 years ago or more, Hollywood was much more respectable, those people real class and style. Hollywood is busy today pumping out filth, violence and hate in my view. Sorry for the rant.

  4. Not a bad quick thought from you. I’m not one to track movie stars or their lives but what I am glad to hear about is that it’s causing a conversation about what healthy conflict resolution looks like in marriage. The benefit is that you both have good parents that you can come to for advice on this matter.

  5. Hi Beauty Beyond Bones,
    Happy Memorial Day weekend and hope that everything went well with the trip.
    I agree with you wholeheartedly although I have not been following the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard court case and not really being big on celebrity culture don’t really know who Amber Heard is, a little bit like I didn’t know who Meghan Markle was until she married Prince Harry but I guess that whether it is through the good or the bad in people that we get to know them.

    I really do agree with you though about the importance of privacy in a relationship and the way that many things are portrayed, peoples reputations are damaged by accusation and slander, I certainly don’t condone abuse of any form having been a victim of severe physical, mental and emotional abuse in my last marriage and I too would like to think that more could and should be done for and on behalf of the victims, I think though that through celebrity culture and the need for publicity it causes many problems, I think that has you said whether there was abuse on either part only they were there and know all of the facts however I have to agree with you that it certainly seemed to have been a toxic relationship.
    My prayer for them is as it would be for anyone else and that is that they can rebuild their lives, heal and look at their behaviour patterns.

    I hope that you made it to your destination safely and enjoyed the Memorial Day Weekend and wish you every continued success in your future endeavours.

  6. Hi, welcome to California, my home state. Which city are you going to be in? It has been years since I took my class on 5he federal rules of evidence. I don’t follow celebrity gossip at all, but whenever I hear about celebrity marriage and divorce, my reaction is always “Not surprised. It is what happens when two broken people try to fix each other.”

    There is another phrase “hurt people hurt people.” Like you, it saddens me to see a couple fight so viciously. Does it matter who abused who? At this point, all I feel is pity.

  7. We are encountering a lot of abuse in relationships,it has been there for a long time and it’s become worse.
    What I think, the abuser has some problems, they are not fine, they could be having mental health problems or they don’t know how to resolve issues peacefully.

  8. I’ve not been following the trial but my other half would advise Stephen to let you have the final word. We’ve been very happily married for almost 45 years. Please note this advice was passed onto him by my Dad.

  9. I haven’t watched a minute of the trial because I am still dealing with OJ Trial guilt, having watched more of that debacle than I care to admit. At least I had the excuse that televised trials involving high profile celebrities was a new thing back then. But seriously, no, I have no desire to hear all the details involving Depp and Heard’s personal relationship.

    I like Depp as an actor and always found him a quirky individual. I have seen Heard in a few movies and while I didn’t really have an opinion on her acting, I think it’s interesting how many people vilify her now. Why? Her motives for being with Johnny ain’t our business.

    Have a great time in Cali.

    • She rode on the #me-too movement and “forgot” to tell that she was the abuser.
      What this means, is that female victims may confront doubts when they tell their stories which may delay justice.
      Johnny’s son was being called the child of an abuser in school.
      His career was nose-diving.
      It’s either he died in silence or he defends himself.
      I suppose the reason he kept quiet for as long as he did was for keeping private thing private.
      But how private is your life when someone else is telling their own version of it in a way that is ruining your reputation?
      Celebrity or not, we should not forget they haven’t lost their right to being human.

      • Regardless of how much is fact and how much is fiction, that doesn’t change the fact that I ain’t interested in their personal lives. They can televise it and I don’t have to watch. That’s my right.

        The verdict gives Depp some measure of vindication but those who believe he is most to blame are unlikely to change their opinion. I never imagined he was the monster Heard made him out to be. And she’s not the first person nor will she be the last to kiss and tell about a love gone wrong, or fabricate and tell in this instance.

        As far as the effect this has had on Depp and his children, I’ve no doubt everyone has suffered. No one has denied their rights to be human. I only wish them peace and privacy as they move forward.

  10. I’m thinking….that Mr Depp will probably win his suit against Ms Heard. And rightly so. She began this spectacle by publicly accusing him of abuse, disparaging him, his name and effecting his career, not to mention the publicity effecting his children.
    This left little choice but to try to clear his name and repair the damage it’s done to his life and family.
    More than ample evidence has been presented to establish not only a toxic relationship but both manipulative, dishonest and abusive behavior on the part of Ms Heard toward Mr Depp!
    Hopefully, he will gain relief, she will seek the help she needs to overcome whatever is behind her abusive behavior and….we can finally begin as a society to talk about female abuse of men, placing the same value upon it as we do with male abuse of women. AlSO….that it will give males the courage to start speaking up instead of suffering silently as they have historically for fear of being laughed at, mocked or feeling that it effects their manhood negatively.
    This is exactly like sexual/ child abuse. While we became enlightened as a society that sexual abuse effects 1 in 5 females, our male counterparts suffered silently and were long overlooked. While the Penn State scandal was horrendous to witness as it unfolded publicly, it opened the door for and freed guys to finally come forward and be heard.

  11. Most think a good marriage is 50/50 but that is wrong. A christian marriage is suppose to be 100/100! We are to love selflessly, thinking of the other first (philippians 2:3-4), That is a Christ like marriage because that is what he did for us. He laid down His life, His desires, remember what He prayed in the garden, “not my will.” I’ve been married 48 years and any problems we have had, and we have had our share, have been when either one of us was being selfish. The world will tell you keep your own idenity, etc, but it is only when we loose ourselves in Chirst and do things His way we find complete peace and joy. Living this way allows a marriage to connect on a spiritual level and I can assure you there is nothing like it! Prayers for your future together! Thanks for your blog!

  12. The thing about abuse is abusers are often very good at being likeable and covering their tracks. I have no idea who the primary abuser was in this case,. However I do know phrases like,”It takes two to tango.” have really hurt me over the years. By the way did you know that June 1st is Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day?

  13. First of all, unless otherwise stated, they are humans — their public status notwithstanding.
    Secondly, a lot of men can relate to this story.
    Most abused men never stood the chance of getting justice.
    They were treated like they were guilty or they were just ignored, while the female violator got away despite the evidence.
    Some men committed suicide because of the abuse they suffered.
    We need to be careful when we talk about “not” airing dirty laundry.
    That is the culture of silence. People need to speak out about what is wrong with them.
    And it should not be implied in any way, that privacy is more important than justice.
    If you want justice, you may have to give up your “privacy”.
    However, your need for privacy might be used against you by bullies.
    If we indeed love justice, keeping privacy will be the least of our problems.
    Look at the Bible.
    We read about the “privacy” of all those featured in the Bible.

  14. Hi, Caralyn! I hope your travels and time in CA were all you’d hoped for. 💕 I did not watch an awfully lot of the trial. Only a few youtube videos from the law & crime channel. I must say the whole defamation storyline hit a little too close to home, so I am grateful the jury found the truth in the end. I wrote a little something about it on my blog Indeed the truth does set one free! #justiceforjohnny

  15. As a man, the Johnny Amber case has been refreshing to show the world that women are not always right and not always the weak party.

    It’s clear as day, to me at least, that Amber is a narcissist, Johnny is a laid back person, and everyone, even producers, fellow actors, and past girlfriends, said he never was violent or aggressive. Even his ex-wife, whom he left for Amber, stood up for him. Someone that could have easily put the knife in, as im sure she was heartbroken when they split.

    Amber clearly has a few screws loose, and she let down women that are actually going through abuse.

    I agree that this case should never have been broadcast to the world; their lives are private. But it’s so important for young women to know that they cant get away with accusing someone in the wrong, as it can ruin their life and reputation.

    What has happened to Johnny’s career proves that when a woman calls HELP, 99% of people don’t even care if she is telling the truth. The man is guilty.

    This case at least opened people’s minds that women can lie to get what they want, no matter the consequences.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. i agree – think this put the nail on the coffin of the “me too” movement — thankfully. glad you stopped by. Hugs and love xox

  16. It is funny, love goes from all consuming adoration to public vilification in court and the world is somehow compelled to engage and have an opinion.

    There are many types of abuse, emotional, psychological and physical were clearly on display. One thing is clear neither followed the counsel of the Apostle Paul at Ephesians 5: 28 – the phrase that stands out to me is the man who loves his wife (partner) loves himself.

    This is a valuable lesson to those who wasted days of their life following the destruction of another – you will never get that time back and what good has it done for you or the people involved?

    It is sad that we are entertained by the emotional destruction of a relationship when there is so much suffering more than 6,300,000 have died due to COVID19. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than Jonny and Amber

    • I agree – it is a valuable lesson indeed. thanks for sharing that. Hugs and love xox

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