Politics is Heartless

Texas, how our heart breaks for you.

There is evil in the world. Pure, unadulterated evil. And if you had any doubt, this week is Exhibit A.

What’s more sickening than the horrific tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, is the way politicians and the media are using this terrible event as a pawn in their political agendas. #prayforuvalde #prayfortexas #uvalde #texas #pray #Catholic #Christianity

But for as sickened as my heart is over the tragic loss of 21 lives, my gut is equally as disgusted with how the media has responded.

They hadn’t even identified all the victims yet, before people were using this tragedy as a leverage point for their political agendas about guns.

It is absolutely maddening.

Now is just not the time. Our country is mourning the loss of innocent life. We’re hugging our children a little tighter. We’re in shock, trying to make sense of such a deliberate act of terror and violence against children.

What’s more sickening than the horrific tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, is the way politicians and the media are using this terrible event as a pawn in their political agendas. #prayforuvalde #prayfortexas #uvalde #texas #pray #Catholic #Christianity

Perhaps instead of using this tragedy as a pointing tool for lobbying agendas, we come together to talk about real issues we can all get behind: the mental health crisis. The crisis of fatherlessness. And the need for schools that are safe, with one point of entry, and higher security.

Instead, we’ve got Beto O’Rourke, Barak Obama and Joe Biden all out here using this tragedy for insensitive political theater.

What’s more sickening than the horrific tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, is the way politicians and the media are using this terrible event as a pawn in their political agendas. #prayforuvalde #prayfortexas #uvalde #texas #pray #Catholic #Christianity

Imagine being the parent of one of those little children, mourning an unspeakable loss, only to turn on the television and see your child’s final moments of life, being used as a billboard for political gain? It is disgusting.

What’s more sickening than the horrific tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, is the way politicians and the media are using this terrible event as a pawn in their political agendas. #prayforuvalde #prayfortexas #uvalde #texas #pray #Catholic #Christianity

But it’s moments of tragedy and horrific violence like this, when I find myself asking, Why God?

How could You let this happen? Why didn’t you stop this tragedy?

And what I’ve come to accept in my grasping for answers, is that bluntly, there is evil in this world.


This world is not Heaven. And there is an enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy, at any cost.

You see, that’s the thing about free will: For as profound of a gift as it was, it allows us to make terrible, unconscionable decisions. But it is our choice to make them.

And with that freedom of choice, also comes our vulnerability to corruption.

And as we learned from the first moment in the Garden, much to the evil one’s delight, we have a proclivity for sin.

This horrific shooting wasn’t an act that God allowed. It was evil on display.

And God is grieving and mourning right along with us. He is near to us, and most importantly, holding those children – whose lives were so cruelly ripped away – in His loving arms. He is holding them close to His chest, now and forever in Heaven.

That doesn’t change the heartsickness we grapple with here, amidst such blistering evil. And that doesn’t change the fact that there are families grieving the loss of their precious children.

They need our prayers. They need our support. They need comfort from the only One who can heal a wounded heart.

May they only hear His voice. And may it drown out all of the political garbage that is being blasted left and right, surrounding the absolute worst day of their lives.

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62 responses to “Politics is Heartless”

  1. Very well spoken, Caralyn. May God do for them as you said.
    “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” Revelation 21:4. And may this time come soon. 🤗🙏💛

    • Thanks Kenneth. That is such a comforting verse. I like to think about that. Hugs and love xox

  2. Why Carolyn does America suffer these continual gun massacres? Every country has mental health issues and yes even evil to deal with. America is alone in this horrific number of gun massacres. The only country I can think of with a similar number of guns is Israel where I have literally sat nervously on a bus with a soldier’s rifle pointed in my direction or at least it felt like it, but then they are at war. Churchill told his wife if they were invaded, to at least make sure she take out one of the Nazis. There may well come a day when civilians need to be well-armed again but even countries at war do not seem to need to arm their untrained civilian population with automatic weaponry.

    • I appreciate you sharing your heart on this. It is definitely a difficult and very charged issue for sure. I can’t imagine how terrifying that was on that bus. I’m sorry you went through that. Hugs and love xox

      • Oh he seemed like a nice young man sitting next to me on the bus and I am sure he was doing his best to hold his rifle safely on a crowded bus. He was sat next to me with his rifle pointed straight up but It felt uncomfortably close to pointing in my direction.

  3. This world is more divided today than ever before, and this is not the country I grew up in. America’s best days are behind her, and the leftists in this country are working hard every day to further divide us then conquer. All the while, they seem to have zero idea that they are doing the evil one’s work. I am 61 years young and remember a very different America. So very sad.

    • You’re right about that, John. The division is so terrible. It makes me really sad. Gosh, I long for even the America of the 1990s. Thanks for sharing your heart my friend. Hugs and love xox

  4. God always gives you the right thing to say. I hear His heart in your words. Immediately after the shooting I too envisioned those precious kids in the arms if Jesus.
    He gave me the same scripture, John 10:10, for my post yesterday. He truly speaks to us and gives comfort to those who mourn.
    Praying fervently for the parents of these children.

    • Thank you Marcy, I am humbled by your kind words. Yes – that’s how I like to think about what comes next – being safe in His loving embrace. Praying with you. Hugs and love xox

  5. You talk of evil and payer as the response to the murder of school children. But your Bible says: “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” It’s money that drives these killings. Gun manufacturers get rich and politicians get rich from the gun lobby. It’s not in anyone’s interest to put a stop to the violence as long as easy money is flowing.
    Guns are only one example.

    The good folks at P&G gave us colorful Tidepods to poison our children. Durg companies gave us thalidomide to calm our anxiety and deform our babies. Tobacco companies told us smoking was healthy and soothing. Get rich and damn the consequences.

    Handguns and semiautomatic weapons are designed for one purpose — to kill people. With evil throughout the world, why is it that the US leads in school shootings? Might it be our gun obsession?

    When it comes to the preborn you want laws, but when it comes to murdered kids you want prayer. After children are born let them fend for themselves. There are plenty more kids who didn’t get killed. As the Governor of Texas said, “It could have been worse.” What a thing to say.

    You say politicians who disagree with you are evil, but not the MAGAs who only care about keeping their dough. The hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it with a knife. If now is not the time to talk about guns, then when is the time?

    So pray, as you ignore the real problems, if it makes you feel better, it’s easy to have a solution that isn’t one. Maybe God will sort it out.

    • Damn skippy. Well said! My own comment used some of the same words and ideas – but hypocrisy is the one word that continually seems to fall on deaf ears and land in front of blind eyes. I don’t think the people speaking loudest – and thankfully without guns – are idiots. But I think the compromise they’ve made – abortion restriction at ANY cost – has certainly emboldened and enabled the idiots that express their impotency with guns.
      And they just won’t see it.

  6. Ever since the Fall mankind has been existing under a curse. It’s been evidenced in every era. But God promised to send a Savior that would bear the sins of the world. He did. That was Jesus, God incarnate. He’s our only hope because He’s not going to fix the world, rather He’s going to bring a New Heaven to a New Earth. Until then we’re to love our enemies, turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile, etc. Sadly, few people are willing to do those things. My heart breaks for Uvalde…

  7. Not trying to play the political card here but right off the bat I just know…

    There needs to be a full investigation on the shooter by the GOP/impartial parties. Right away Democrats jumped on this political “vote for us for gun control” as if this wasnt a setup to try and sway voters for midterms, because they are losing the inflation crisis. Nothing about this story was for the grieving families, it was all for Democratic votes.

    Evil is definitely here and plaguing our world today and I pray those responsible for this tragedy is caught. God is watching.

    • My, aren’t you limber to twist yourself into a shape where that thought passes as logical?
      Truly, truly stupid words. The only thing I can think that would have made this more insipid is if you somehow tried to blame Hillary. Sorry, Caralyn already took Obama.

      • That you define what is and isn’t evil is the exact goddamn problem with religion. Where I’m the “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” hell does that fall?

  8. And Evil has many tools at its disposal and its most effective tools are the unregulated weapons of mass destruction that are so easy to buy and and easy to use by people filled with hate. Moments after these children were murdered some people were rushing to defend the proliferation of these war weapons with statements like “lets not get ahead of ourselves here, calm down everyone… This is not a weapons problem but a mental health problem” and then do absolutely nothing about improving mental health care for all Americans.
    Regulate assault weapons, no. Improve background checks, no. Universal mental and physical health care, no. Longer waiting periods, no. Magazine capacity limitations, no. When do we get a yes to anything??? We get told over and over again the same sad and well paid for story from the gun lobby and their disciples. That’s what is truly sick and yes, God is watching.

  9. Well said. We have no time to process the tragedy before the political antics start. I see ‘save your thoughts and prayers’ flood my FB feed, yet those people have no idea that this type of targeting certain people perpetuates this division and anger. We’re not allowed to talk about the ‘why’ of these school shootings. People like to bring up the fact that other countries don’t have this, but we can’t talk about how those other countries have a fairly homogenous set of cultural values, and a significantly smaller population. We’re a melting pot unlike any other country.

    We never get to talk about the ‘why’, so the problem continues. Many of those boys were on anti-depressants, but we don’t talk about it. Many of them were bullied, but we don’t talk about that. I was bullied in junior high and became depressed. When boys and men get depressed they act out at others. And yes, fatherless households! And of course, our highly charged, divisive, political culture. Beto was SO out of line. It’s so disgusting. And as they yell about guns, they do nothing to ask why this happens. Sick, just sick

  10. Here’s a statement all sides might agree with: We are in BIG trouble!

    I’m not sure you intended this, but I think you hit a bullseye with your last sentence, to wit..
    “…the political garbage that is being blasted LEFT and RIGHT” (my emphasis).

    Correct. Because it’s not just Barack, Beto and Biden – it’s just as much Ted Cruz, Jim Abbott, and Donald45. Wait till you see how they disgrace themselves pandering to the NRA lobby of death this weekend. There’s plenty of well-deserved shame for all of them.

    Going forward, there can be no ‘ideal’ time to talk about these issues, for the ideal time is long in the past. We could have acted after Columbine.
    Before Sandy Hook,
    Before Virginia Tech,
    Before Parkland,
    Before Buffalo,
    And now, before Texas…

    As you know, there are many others that could be put on the Before list. But all we can do now is take action so that others are not added to the “After Texas” list.

    Nearly every USA law enforcement entity, and 90% of the citizens think background checks are an important first step. No More 18th century ‘militia’ crap – we’re talking about keeping mentally ill minors from shooting up schools and supermarkets. No way the founders intended these deviants to have automatic weapons as an inalienable right.

    You are a highly principled person, Caralyn, who I admire always, even when we disagree. But I advocate that the time to move on this is long overdue, for the safety of your loved ones, and mine.

    But I fear we will do nothing except add to the ‘after Texas’ list. Therefore, I repeat: We are in BIG trouble!

  11. I saw the very thing you described. Even one of my friends talking about
    “Gun Control”. You know what. Yes. I’m all in for gun control. I’m all in for laws that makes sure psychopaths and criminals don’t get weapons to do us harm.

    At some point, I was just thinking that this being an Election year, the Democrats were waiting like hawks for an event that they could use. They know the people are fed up with their “American tax payers last” policies. They know, that people are fed up with having criminals, liars and racists in power and they needed something, anything to show that Republicans are the villains.
    They needed something that will further disarm the patriotic American citizen who will oppose their socialist, communist takeover.

    They got it and now they have almost the entire world agreeing with them that law abiding citizens should have to deal with laws that will take their guns away from them.

    The Politicizing and the lies that have been perpetuated in this event are down right ridiculous and you can actually see how little people know about guns and firearms.
    They’re now pointing to the UK where gun laws have apparently worked. I do agree that gun laws do work. But it won’t stop a tragedy like this from taking place. Like you rightly said, there is evil in the world and it will find a way. The attempts to prevent one evil, will give rise to another.

    Such is the state of the world that we live in.

    All we can do now, is take solace that there is a God shedding a tear for every soul lost in that tragedy and comforting those who are hurting. It might not seem that he is in control, but He is.

    • Thank you so much Steve – You’re right – that says it all: Jesus wept. Hugs and love xox

  12. The guy who said that babies were murdered because of Republican policies and all that… no, it wasn’t because of Republican policies, because shooting and murdering children at a school is illegal, and I’m pretty sure every Republican supports the murder of children at a school being illegal. The problem, of course, is that evil doesn’t care about laws… but I know I’m preaching to the choir.

  13. Thank you. It couldn’t have been said better. My 19 year old daughter has been really struggling through this and your post was perfect. We both love this. Thank you for speaking the truth so well. Our prayers are with these hurting families.💓

  14. Contrary to the media hype about gun violence in the U.S. being unique, we are 62 on a list of nations that deal with mass shootings and gun violence. Out of 193-195 nations in the world, that does not appear as bad as many try to make it out to be. Granted that ANY gun violence must be addressed, the solution is not in passing more laws or restricting law-abiding citizens’ access to guns, but ENFORCING laws already on the books. And murder committed, by any means, should be met with swift justice and execution of the perpetrator.

  15. “But for as sickened as my heart is over the tragic loss of 21 lives, my gut is equally as disgusted with how the media has responded.”


    You are just as disgusted by the media covering this tragedy than 21 people (mostly ages 10 years old) being blown apart by an AR-15?

    You spend so much time with your “save the children” rhetoric that when when it comes down the really “saving the children” you are mad at the media asking about responsible gun ownership? I bet you don’t give a shit about kids. Especially since you don’t have any of your own or are wiling to adopt. Save your outrage.

    • Evil in all it’s forms is gross. On one hand, it’s heartbreaking that so many kids didn’t get a “tomorrow”. That’s because of a sick man. The media doing what they do is another kind of evil that is sickening, too. Both of those things can be true and while one hurts more, they can be equally evil.

      • I disagree. They can be willfully interpreted as equally evil by those afraid of the comparisons their actions may draw if these completely different actions are allowed to be seen as different. Where does forcing women to have children fall on the evil scale compared to lax gun laws affording psychopaths the opportunity to murder children and our governments inability to protect children in a public school or its citizens basically in any public space? Both of which are happening too often thanks to the religious wrong’s compromises in order to achieve their so-called pro-life agenda.
        Right. Best to gaslight folks into thinking politicians wanting to act urgently to avoid another senseless massacre is equally as evil as the massacre. Yes, people wanting to keep living, breathing people breathing and living are the evil doers here.
        One word for this argument…Jesus. 🙄

      • We’re all seeking truth, a higher truth. I’ll tell you what I hope for my own life…. Let’s keep searching.

      • Maybe that’s the problem…I’m not seeking a “higher truth”, I’m seeking to live a truthful existence here, today. How can we aspire to a better future if we don’t act with integrity today? Your thoughts and prayers aren’t cutting it – at least not for the decade since Sandy Hook.
        Yet here are these religiosos once again doing the same thing – nothing and calling it divine will. Do not speak for me if those are your only words and (in)actions. Shut up and get out of the way, what you’ve forced the rest of us to endure these past decades has produced only more of the same. You keep praying, maybe throw one in that if we are allowed to try something different it will work. People will not die of not being able to own an assault rifle. I promise.
        If you can’t separate your pride out of the equation and not focus on the whole, “my way caused more pain and suffering” thing…then maybe you should just pray for yourself and your ilk.

      • I’m not here to argue or change your mind. Something needs to be done, this shooter clearly had mental issues that weren’t addressed. Him owning guns was a recipe for disaster, too. If you want to have a separate discussion about the random connection you made with “forcing” women to give birth, I can give you my email address.

      • I’m not here to argue either, which is convenient for you since your argument seems to be written in invisible ink on a wet paper towel. And I certainly don’t want to engage on abortion with you since your position is the same, except exactly 180 degrees away from the reality of what children live with once they’re born. The church and the hypocrisy of it and its followers is something I’ve left in my past. Hence my desire to live and act today to make the world a better place by speaking my best truth in the moment versus abdicate my personal responsibility to make the world a better place through inaction in the present.
        The reason why people are mad about Beto popping off at that press conference isn’t because he was wrong – it was because of the absolute nerve it takes to demand an explanation from someone who is standing by an indefensible position. How dare he not tolerate the same platitudes y’all have been swallowing whole and barging out on command for decades and demanding actual results instead?!?
        How dare he?!?
        But if you’re not actively manufacturing outrage at his actions then you are tacitly admitting your own complicity in the latest massacre, no?

      • What you said probably makes sense in a society of people that can all have their own best truths, like you stated. You’ve been hurt or burned in the past and I’m sorry whatever happened to you happened. Hope you can find real truth soon, just like I hope for me. Take care, you can respond but I will not be engaging any longer.

      • Hey Ben,
        The guy you just engaged with doesn’t see reason, doesn’t see logic, and is afraid that more and more people are seeing the lies in the narrative he perpetuates. Why? It means that more and more people are inclined to agree with him; and if we don’t agree, we wish to do him harm.

        I’m for gun control and reform. But not at the expense of ordinary, law abiding citizens being unable to protect themselves. With what they propose, only law abiding citizens will suffer. No one else.

      • Totally agree on everything you said. The gun control liberals want wouldn’t affect criminals…they already don’t care about gun laws, why and how would more laws affect them? You can’t legislate morality.

  16. Thank you for always being timely and thoughtful in your remarks about difficult subjects. I think that’s why so many follow your blog.

  17. As usual, well said and on point! There are many reasons we find ourselves in the mess we watch unfolding in this country. One of course is the political divide. Sadly, advocates on both sides of the political divide and the societal and spiritual divides cannot look at anything objectively. They feel they have strong reasons to champion their positions on various issues, and anyone who does not agree with them is a moron or worse. Currently, I am watching some of my friends and former colleagues on prove my point, They are on social media trolling those with whom they do not agree. Most have remained relatively respectful, but their tunnel vision is clearly on display. Again, well said!!.

    • What if it was only one side not looking at this objectively? Where is the lack of balance in witnessing another senseless mass murder and saying immediately that we need to act to prevent another?
      Please, explain that to me.

      • If you cannot understand why someone would feel politicizing or trying to drive up ratings immediately after an event like this is wrong, there is probably little I can say to help. Problems need to be addressed, but a government cannot be run properly on adrenaline, hysteria, and the philosophy of never letting a crisis go to waste.

      • See? On this we agree. But after decades of massacres like this and decades of acceding to cooler headed arguments like that…tell me where we’re at again? I know…I think you just need to hear yourself say it.
        Call it adrenaline if you need to vilify it, but when was your last decade long adrenaline rush?

  18. Politicians using this kind of tragedy for their own gain is gruesome, I totally agree. Hoping the families find peace and shelter which no slimy politician can provide… Only from God.

  19. I learned today that on top of it the child who called in was not believed and the request for help no taken seriously. So sad

  20. Political theater?
    If not now, when? If not Beto, Barack or Biden, then who?
    It’s not political, it’s the wake up call our country needs. If you want to hit snooze until the emotional trauma dies down a bit – and the NRA whipping boys can use those lowered emotions over the loss of innocent children’s lives…that’s on you. You’re falling into perfect step for what they need from you to keep lining their pockets and war chests with NRA money.
    Speaking of innocent children…don’t I remember you being an ardent supporter? And a Trump supporter as well for the sole reason that he would appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court?
    So, you got your judges. Roe’s looking to be scrapped. Children are safe…until their born.
    This is exactly the hypocrisy of religion I witnessed being educated in catholic schools. Y’all are blinded by your dogmatic agenda to both reason and logic. So maybe don’t step outside your glass house to lob rocks at libs until you can walk the talk about this so called sanctity of life without stumbling around like a drunk.
    Right now, there’s 19 more children without voices that need you to advocate for them and all children. The side effect will be that less humans overall are killed by idiots (and by that I mean white guys without coping skills) with guns.

  21. Thank you, Caralyn, for an appropriate and sensitive response..
    We live near San Antonio and have friends who lost loved ones in Uvalde and a few years ago at the church in Sulphur Springs. At that time and again now I ask people to let us grieve. Let us bury our children and loved ones before demanding of us a political response. Let the funerals be ended, family who came to comfort us return to their homes, and the extra dishes and tables and tents be put away before using our unspeakable tragedy to push an agenda. Please be respectful of our pain.
    I’m in favor of sensible reforms and regulations. But there is more to our story than a teenager with a gun. Fatherless homes. Lonely teens. Unheeded warnings. A back door left propped open. Unlocked classrooms. Absent security personnel. A reluctant ground commander.
    Requiring that we give our sole attention to guns as if that is the cure-all is both ignorant of the facts on the ground and naive to the depth of the problem.
    Let us know you care before you make us your cause.
    May the God of all comfort be with you all.

  22. I feel so sad. This makes my heart want to try to fight for my dream to be in the classroom. I just need an open door. I could change a child’s life for the better.

  23. You’re right that what’s happened is definitely evil and all involved need our prayers. I would question whether the parents of those lost are upset that their children’s deaths are being used to push for gun control. If you lost a child wouldn’t you want that horrible tragedy to move people to make sure it doesn’t happen again? If heartbreaking situations like this don’t push you to act then when do you act?

    Watching from outside of the US it seems crazy that you seem to go from one mass shooting to another with nothing changing. In the UK in 1996 we had the Dunblane massacre where 16 children and one teacher were killed. As a result we tightened up our laws around guns and we haven’t had a mass shooting since. My heart aches for the children growing up with active shooter drills, parents sending their kids to school for them to never come home. Why is it okay for someone to buy a semiautomatic weapon without any kind of checks? When the ‘right to bare arms’ was written into the constitution these monstrosities didn’t exist. It’s great to pray, but sometimes God asks us to be the answer to our own prayers and stop something like this happening again. It shouldn’t be ‘political’ to be lobbying to keep these guns out of the hands of the wrong people, it should just be common sense.

  24. I totally agree! However, the politicians will be the ones with the power to make the change. So some way the people must get in the politicians faces, every day, without fail, until a result of better gun control is achieved.

    Then kids will be able to go to school one less fear! And parents can look for the next item to champion to affect change for the better!

    • thank you Sandra for sharing your heart on this. lots to pray about, for sure. big hugs to you xox

      • Of course, my heart breaks for the children and parent and teachers. Anyone who this ordeal has affected, which is everyone. Prayers are being said and well wishes are going out to the injured.

        I thought your website was looking for comments regarding the actions of the politicians and media. And in that regards they are doing the right thing to get the topic moving while the country is so upset. Even if it looks insensitive! If that was one of my children involved, I would be a staunch supporter of Obama and the others! The people have to keep this issue at the forefront everyday in order to hopefully reach the people of power in the US who can affect change! I don’t know why everyone thinks guns are needed. Guns in the wrong hands is like giving a child the keys to a car. Guns are the common denominator in every shooting. Just my point of view!

  25. I think the NRA, who keep demanding the right to have guns and who keep getting in the way of changing the laws about gun ownership and how it is so easy for anyone, even a child (not yet able to vote and under 21) to just walk in and get guns and ammo……i think then that the NRA should be criminally charged with obstruction of justice for all these victims families! What happened to the greater good of ALL people and put this to one final vote that cannot just be overturned if the next party has the whim to change it! Yeah, they need to be charged!

  26. Amen. To be honest Politics have nothing to do with this I’ll say in one sense. It’s between us the people we of our own selves that have a sin problem that only Jesus can heal and deliver us from but many choose to do evil and refuse the gift of salvation daily that’s why the world is in the position it is in. God help us. Only Jesus alone. God bless and keep you using you in Jesus name. <3

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