The Girls Take Lake Tahoe!

I just paid $6.99 per gallon of gas in California. And I waited in line for 30 minutes to get it!

What is going on in this country?!

And I thought New York City prices were steep!

Well, tomorrow officially makes the “One Year Out”-date from our wedding day!

What a fun countdown to begin!

The girls take Lake Tahoe! Sharing our adventures on my best friend’s #bachelorette party! #laketahoe #travel #wedding #california #summer #friendship #getaway #wanderlust #blog

Believe it or not, we actually have everything all set! Everything from the church, to the reception place, the flowers, DJ, photographer, videographer….now all I need is a dress!

These past few days have been so fun at my bestie’s bachelorette party. We were at her parents’ place in Lake Tahoe, and it was just a blast.

The girls take Lake Tahoe! Sharing our adventures on my best friend’s #bachelorette party! #laketahoe #travel #wedding #california #summer #friendship #getaway #wanderlust #blog

My favorite part was when we went out on a boat on the lake! Even though it was still freezing cold, we still got all bundled up and had a beautiful day on the water!

The girls take Lake Tahoe! Sharing our adventures on my best friend’s #bachelorette party! #laketahoe #travel #wedding #california #summer #friendship #getaway #wanderlust #blog

We learned that Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in the US, and the second largest in the world! It was absolutely gorgeous — crystal clear water, with snow capped mountains all around. It was surreal. Bright blue sky, crystal clear water – truly one of the most beautiful views you’ll ever see.

The girls take Lake Tahoe! Sharing our adventures on my best friend’s #bachelorette party! #laketahoe #travel #wedding #california #summer #friendship #getaway #wanderlust #blog

If you remember, last summer, my girls and I were at Lake Tahoe (yes, same house) – during the terrible wildfires! And it was so smokey that you literally could not see the mountains! It was surreal – like we had survived the apocalypse.

The girls take Lake Tahoe! Sharing our adventures on my best friend’s #bachelorette party! #laketahoe #travel #wedding #california #summer #friendship #getaway #wanderlust #blog

This time was quite a different story!

The girls take Lake Tahoe! Sharing our adventures on my best friend’s #bachelorette party! #laketahoe #travel #wedding #california #summer #friendship #getaway #wanderlust #blog

Just look at that sky!

Well that’s all for now! We’re in the car on the way to where the wedding is going to be! She’s getting married on Saturday, so lots of excitement afoot! I’ll be back with “programming as usual” on Monday!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Are you traveling anywhere this summer?

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10 responses to “The Girls Take Lake Tahoe!”

  1. Great photos of so many lovely ladies! I do remember your last visit there with all of the smoke, you can see across the lake now! Gas prices are around 5 buck here in Vegas. Have a great time, Caralyn. 😎🌞

  2. Sounds right. Name-brand gas is $6.49-6.59 here in the suburbs about 100 miles from where you are, and the cheap stations aren’t that far behind. California has extremely high gasoline taxes, and supplies are tighter here because gasoline is a little bit different formulation than other states, to comply with clean air laws. Also, California is trying to phase out gasoline entirely by 2035 or something, so the state government isn’t going to do anything to help the petroleum industry.

    Glad you got to see Lake Tahoe with more cooperative skies. I’m certainly hoping to breathe less smoke this year. I’m traveling to my parents’ house next weekend and seeing a concert while I’m down that way, and my D&D group, who now live in four different places, is getting together in person, renting a cabin in the mountains a little ways south of where you are. We did that last year, and it was so much fun. But some places around me are reinstating mask orders, so that’ll put a bit of a damper on my fun…

  3. Great photos, thanks for sharing them with us and I’m glad that you have had a wonderful time, catching up with friends and family is a really positive thing to do and everything looked like fun 😀
    Congratulations on your preparations and countdown to your own wedding day, I hope that this coming year will be a good and blessed one.😁💥

  4. Congratulations on all that you have going on right now! You’ve brought back many memories of my wife’s and my honeymoon, which was spent, in part, at Lake Tahoe, almost 13 years ago. We arrived during an unexpected snowstorm, and two days later, it was all clear. So I decided to take a dip. After all, on the honeymoon, I’d also swum at San Diego, La Jolla, our pool at Indio: yeah, it was cold, but I’m from Canada: we laugh at such things! So I ventured out into the lake, leapt into the water, and THUD! Several yards out, and it was only up to my thighs. But at least I could say I’d done it. (On that trip, we also nearly lost my wife — and, more importantly, a rented bike — down an embankment over Taylor Creek; but I’ll spare you that one!)

  5. Thank you for sharing – you and your friends look like you had a fun time at Lake Tahoe. You mentioned that your wedding date has been set – congrats! It reminded me of the pretty song called, “Third of June” by Corey Hart! 🎶 Enjoy your weekend, Caralyn!

  6. Great photos. Beautiful scenes and lovely group of ladies! My granddaughter, Faith, and her husband Kyle, with their darling 2 month old, Mable Iris, live in S Tahoe. Kyle has an electric company and he’s in partners with a friend who rent a boating experience for folks on the lake. I think it’s a ChrisCraft… beautiful boat! It’s such a magnificent lake – and I am so glad the weather cooperated with you this time! Enjoy that wedding! I am sure it will be informative for you as your own wedding draws nearer!

  7. My husband and I visited Lake Tahoe way back in 1987 and I remember just being amazed at the natural beauty. To say the scenery is breathtaking is an understatement. . .it left me speechless. . .I’d never been in the mountains before so it was truly an experience. I’m so happy for you and your upcoming wedding. You will be surprised how quickly this next year flies by. . .

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