Hello from sunny Florida!

Guess what! It’s officially my bachelorette party weekend! Woo!

Me and a bunch of my girlfriends are all convening down in the sunshine state for two days of fun and festivities! I couldn’t be more excited πŸ™‚

Everyone arrives on Friday and we’ll have a fun night in — we’re having a private chef come to our Airbnb, and then will just hang out that night, imbibe in a few cocktails, and have fun! Saturday we’re going to be going to one of my favorite clubs, and that’ll be awesome because I love to dance! And Sunday will be just a lazy brunch/travel day!

I can’t wait!

Steven is actually with me down in Florida right now as well. He’ll be staying with one of his best friends, whose girlfriend is going to be with ME at the bachelorette! We’ll see if they make an appearance at any time during the weekend, but that’s kind of fun.

I’ve only had two emotional “break downs” so far, lol. As someone who struggles with crippling people pleaser syndrome, it’s really hard for me to accept people doing nice things for me, so this trip — with everyone flying down here and taking time off, etc. — I am feeling overwhelmed by people’s generosity, and that makes me really uncomfortable.

But as Steven reminded me, people want to do this, and they want to celebrate with me. He reminded me that I would do this for my friends in a heartbeat, and that letting someone show me that they care is a gift to them in and of itself.

So yeah — just wanted to remind anyone else that may need to hear that like I do: it’s okay to let people do something nice for you every once in a while.

OK, well that’s all for now.

Things I will remember:
Not to leave my drink unattended.
Not to accept drinks from strangers.
Stay in a group/buddy system.
Charge my phone.
Phone, wallet, keys!
Wear sunscreen.
Hydrate with water.
Get enough to eat!

And just in case anyone was wondering…I got a fake engagement ring on Amazon for the trip! hahah It was thirteen bucks, and as of now, it hasn’t turned my finger green! I didn’t want to leave my REAL ring unattended at our Airbnb while we go to the beach, and I didn’t want to wear it to the beach and get it all full of sand, salt water and sunscreen. Plus…I just didn’t want to risk losing it! So yeah — it’s in our bank safe while we’re gone!

Alright, time to go get things ready for everyone’s arrival tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!

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15 responses to “3..2..1..BACHELORETTE!”

  1. I was recently married and struggled with the same things. We only had a few necessities on our registry like a few pots and I politely declined having a shower because I don’t like being the center of attention and a few other reasons. I hope you have the best time and your soon to be husband is RIGHT. People WANT to celebrate you.

    Our friends and family’s generosity was so much for me and I couldn’t believe how kind they were and how they WERE EXCITED to help us provide for the future. The week before the wedding I declared I would enjoy it because this would never happen again and whatever would happen wouldn’t be a big deal. I hope you let go and truly savor these moments. Take the pictures and enjoy life. The little details don’t matter. <3

  2. I got married last month and I also struggled with the same thing of feeling that people were doing too much esp at my bridal shower but I eventually decided to let go and enjoy every moment and I did have fun. Even at my wedding I forgot about all the stress I had whilst planning for the wedding and had the time of my life. So just put everything aside and savour in every moment 😘

  3. I completely understand the whole people pleasing thing– story of my life. Yet Steven totally hit the nail on the head when he said that it’s a honor for your nearest & dearest to do this for you because you’d absolutely do the same for them.

    Your Bachelorette Party sounds like it’s going to be a blast. Have a great time! You deserve it. πŸ’πŸ’–πŸ–οΈπŸŒ΄πŸΎ

    ~ Sloane

  4. Over in the UK we don’t call it a Bachelorette party, it’s called a ‘Hen night’ and the men have ‘Stag night’s’. Have a good night Caralyn!πŸ‘

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