Gluten Free Entertaining Made Easy!


Yep! The Bengals play tonight, and your girl is hosting a Bengals watch party!!!!

I am SO EXCITED! We’ve got our Christmas tree up, the Bengals on TV, and some wonderful friends and family coming over to watch Joe Burrow hopefully beat the pants off Baltimore!

Talk about a 10/10 day!

This will be the SECOND party we’ve hosted in the last four days! Yep — we hosted ANOTHER party here on Saturday.

(Steven and I have always LOVED hosting, even in NYC when we had teeny tiny apartments!) So now that we have the room, we’re taking advantage of it!

Aren’t I stressed? Or overwhelmed with hosting?!



Because I have hosting down to a science. And I’m going to share with you exactly how I do it! And BONUS: It’s a gluten-free-friendly affair, without depriving the gluten-full people their cookies…literally.

SO: I make a BEAUTIFUL veggie tray, with hummus to dip.

Along with that, I make a legendary charcuterie board, complete with prosciutto, three different types of cheeses, grapes, pistachios, and gluten free crackers!

(I love these Crunchmaster GF crackers, as well as the beloved “Marys Gone Crackers”)

I also have bowls of popcorn– (this black and white fudge drizze is out of this world!), chips, and pistachios.

And then so my gluten-full folks (because you know they’ll complain….haha juuuuust kidding…) I make some of my famous peanut butter cup cookies. And I’ll put out either some store bought GF cookies or plain peanut butter cups for my gluten-free folks for dessert.

And there you have it! It is SO easy. I guarantee you already have most of these items in your fridge. And I just keep an extra block of brie cheese in the fridge in case a spur of the moment get together arises!

Let’s GO BENGALS!!! Let’s hope we pull out a win tonight!!!

5 responses to “Gluten Free Entertaining Made Easy!”

  1. Yes we very much enjoyed hosting during our active years and particularly enjoyed the interaction with students during teaching years. They keep you alert and young 🙂

  2. That all looks so yummy! I have Celiacs so I’m gluten free as well. We have so many food allergies in our family. Dairy, soy, gluten, wheat, and potatoes (that’s the weird one lol) I LOVE the peanut butter cookies with Reese’s 😋😋😋

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