Rear-View Mirror Christianity

What. A. Weekend.

Well, I’m currently crammed in a middle seat on an airplane. I’ve got a neck-pillow, mouth-breather on my left and a tuna sandwich-eater on my right. And despite my current state of being sensorily accosted, I’m in a sheer state of bliss.


I just had one of the best weekends ever.

I took a “mental health weekend” back in New York City. I was supposed to be there for a shoot, but after it got postponed, (and I had already bought my plane ticket), I decided to go anyways. See my friends. See my city. And just take a couple days to come up for air.

Not that I don’t love being home and helping my mom recover from her stroke…truly…But I abruptly left my life in NYC when I came home without even saying goodbye 2 1/2 months ago. It was good to just go back and reconnect.

Lemme tell ya, there’s nothing like a 3 1/2 hour brunch with your two best friends that really fills your spirit and makes you feel affirmed and so loved.

But the meals together were great. The parties were wonderful. Even just walking the city and taking in the sights and smells — all so healing for my soul.

But there was another unexpected moment that really moved my heart.

It was with…my Uber driver.

It was Sunday morning, and I was meeting my two friends uptown for brunch after church. It was about a 25/30 minute cab ride, and being the chatty midwestern gal I am, I struck up a conversation. Which, if you know anything about NYC-ettique is frankly, unheard of.

But he had a beautiful rosary hanging from the rear-view mirror. And so, I asked him about it. Because…why the heck not?

“So, you Catholic?”


I don’t know if he was more startled that someone was actually engaging him in conversation instead being buried in their phone, or the fact that I had the balls to ask him about religion, but this guy lit up.

He told me about how he’s newly married. Grew up in the Dominican Republic milking cows on his grandfather’s farm at 6am every morning since the age of 7. Moved to the US at 12, and goes to church every Sunday. And he’s driving Uber as a second job because he’s trying to buy a house for he and his wife.

And the convo then took a very interesting turn after I told him about how I moved home for the last 3 months to help my mom recover from her stroke.

Without skipping a beat, he goes, “Oh God’s gonna reward that. If you obey him, God is gonna bless you on the other side.” 


Well, okay then. I know I had a few drinks the night before, but there was no doubt in my mind that I was supposed to be in that exact Uber, talking to this gem of a human being.

He continued to urge me to take every single opportunity that comes my way. That God is always working, and that every single door has the possibility of leading to blessings. But that if I don’t open the door, I’m going to miss out.

Writing that out, it sounds so simple and almost…elementary trite. But my goodness, the way this guy spoke, it was as though I was about to take the field at the Super Bowl or something. I left that cab thinking I could conquer the world.

I spent a lot of time this weekend reflecting. I had turned my cable and Internet off back in January when I decided to stay in Ohio for a while. So I learned really quickly how much I rely on those fabulous fiber-optics on the reg. So there were a lot of moments spent just, thinking. Which, I’m seeing now, was another disguised blessing given to my by our gracious Father.


But this cabbie, he was right on. And spoke what I needed to hear. God is not going to abandon me. He’s not going to leave me high and dry. I’m doing what I believe He is calling me to do right now. And so I need to allow Him to bless me…and the only way to do that is to seize every opportunity that comes my way, in whatever form it comes.


I’ve gotten a lot of acting opportunities since being home. I’ve been concocting some exciting plans with my mom for a bible-study book. Not to mention the wonderful bonding opportunities I’ve had with my family.

I need to realize that these are all orchestrating together. And I’ve got to capitalize on each and every one.

My brother told me the other day over dinner, that life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

Who knows, maybe that’s more true than I’d like to believe. Maybe I need to see what God’s putting in front of me right now. Right this very minute.

Take that cabbie’s advice and trust that God’s got me where He wants me, and is already pouring out His blessings. I said “yes” to Him, and He’s not going to leave me high and dry. But I’ve gotta meet Him halfway and seize every opportunity.

So that’s my Uber lesson of the day.

Once again, proving that you just never know when God is going to show up. Even in an Uber on the Upper East Side when you’re hungover.

Go figure.

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