It’s kind of funny…scrolling through Facebook has become, almost a bit of a luxury here recently. Before, in NYC, it was just another time killer when I was bored or waiting for the subway. But here in Ohio, it’s an extravagance if I have a free 3 minutes to scroll through my FB timeline. There’s just no time.

But yesterday, I was lavished with a few minutes to luxuriate on my phone.

Actually, it was the entire day. I have never received such a thoughtful gift in my life. My brother and sister-in-law surprised me yesterday with an incredibly beautiful day: a trip to the spa and beautiful 5-course dinner at a restaurant that caters to people with stomach issues, cocktails at a fun bowling bar, and sleep over at their place downtown. It was so wonderful.


But while I was sitting in the spa chair, I flipped through Facebook and came upon this quote, and I really liked it.

Those who leave everything in God’s hands will eventually see God’s hands in everything.


Looking at my phone while a woman worked on my feet, I began to feel a little…step-sister-to-cinderella-y, so I decided to unplug from “Zuckerberg’s Bermeuda Triange” and engage in conversation with this nice woman.


We talked about the city and her life. How she was divorced with three kids. And just, typical “fluff conversation.” You know, your typical nail-technician/pedicure-lite topics.

But then out of the blue, I decided to ask her, “Are you reading any good books?” Which…if you know anything about me, then you’ll realize how ridiculous of a question that is…because…I don’t read. Like, ever.

I like to write. Hate to read. I think the last book I read was circa 2006. Not even kidding…


So as a result, I don’t typically talk about reading either, simply because I have diddly squat to add to the conversation.

But there I was, getting my toes done, and I hear those words just come out of my mouth…“Are you reading any good books?


And this woman actually had a lot to say.

I could tell in her body language and tone of voice that she was a little … almost embarrassed or self conscious … about the book.

Well, yeah, it’s this kinda…really interesting…kinda…out there book. It’s uhh, about dating and love life and just…uh…being done with playing games.

Oh, cool. Sounds interesting. What’s it called?

Oh, uuh…” She was fumbling to answer… “It’s called The Wait. It’s about, you know, maybe, waiting until you’re married to have sex. I’m just, I guess, trying it out my second time around.

And I mean, as soon as she said the title, I knew what it was going to be about. She didn’t have to spell it out for me. But what she communicated between the lines, spoke volumes.

And as she kind of shrugged it off and shook her head, I looked at her and said, “I’m waiting too.

And let me tell you, this woman just lit up. All of a sudden, it was as though we were twins separated at birth on a reunion show on Dr. Phil, because this woman gave me a huge hug.  She just opened up about how she’s been feeling so discouraged and alone in that journey lately, and how she believed that our paths were supposed to cross that day.

It was a really beautiful moment.


After the pedicure, I opened my phone, and it was still on that Facebook page. “Those who leave everything in God’s hands will begin to see God’s hands in everything.”

And I kind of chuckled to myself, because God’s hands really were in that meeting between that woman and I. The last thing she said to me was, “We were supposed to meet.”

Little did I know that simply asking this woman what book she was reading would end up being an incredibly healing interaction, full of encouragement and hope for her.

And that was not my doing, but His doing.

That night, my sister-in-law and I were talking about how she’s trying to really be aware of God’s presence: in life’s “coincidences,” in our conversations and interactions with people, in the silence. And we both were pretty stunned when I told her about my little run-in during my pedicure, of all things.

God is always taking care of us, giving us what we need. It may not be in the most obvious or grandiose of ways, but He’s always around…if we only take a minute and look up from our phones and interact with the people God places in our lives.


I guess it was a divine “buff and polish.” Maybe that means it won’t chip!


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263 thoughts on “Coincidence??

  1. What a great telling. I always appreciate your posts. There are allot of people who just put stuff out there to have something out in the social network. I always take something away from your posts. It is a shame that we have disconnected from those around us and do not take the time to have a serious, or even casual conversation with those we run into. Who knows how many more opportunities there are out there to share your testimony, or listen to some one else’s testimony.

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    1. Thanks so much 🙂 that really means a lot. You’re right- for as great as Apple is, it has really contributed to a free fall of in-person social engagement. So very true. Thanks for the great food for thought. Hugs and love xox

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  2. This is quite possibly the best thing I’ve read all day- probably coz I was thinking of the same thing. Today sth happened, sth so unexpected and all I could think, “Well, that’s God having my back again” 🙂

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  3. “God is always taking care of us, giving us what we need. It may not be in the most obvious or grandiose of ways, but He’s always around…if we only take a minute and look up from our phones and interact with the people God places in our lives.”

    Love this. Thanks for this and for sharing.


  4. Good job lady! That was just what you needed to recharge yourself!

    I had to giggle though, with my kindle I have 2 or 3 books going at any one time! No books since 2006? But then you write and I get to read your stuff! So it all works out!


  5. Wonderful story of how there are no coincidences with our God; every appointment in life is an eternal one.

    Now, let me tell you what your toes reminded me of… Back in the late 80’s I let my then-girlfriend talk me into doing my nails, toenails included…and she did them in bright red. Before I left her house that evening, I made her take the pain off my fingers, but consented to allow the toes to remain red. Just a couple of days later I was involved in a very serious car accident in which I inhaled the chrome horn of my ’67 Mustang fastback (before it rolled down a hill). Guess who had to be stripped by nurses and doctors in the ER? ME!! However, I did have the presence of mind to ask one small favor: “Could you leave my socks on? My feet are cold.”

    They did. I was saved!


    1. Thank you so much Anthony, for sharing this. Wow that is scary about the accident. I’m glad you were okay! But gosh what a funny twist! Thank goodness for those socks 🙂 hehe Hugs and love xox


  6. Amazing Post.

    I want to trust God more in the ‘coincidences’. I want to open my heart to Him more regarding this. I was a lot more receptive before but I am opening my heart to Him again to trust that He talks to me in the most unconventional of ways. I pray that we will all be receptive to His voice and leading. God Bless You Beauty


    1. Thank you so much for this thoughtful response. You’re right – He will often use unconventional ways to get to us, but He always does, one way or another, get to His children. I will join you in that prayer! And thanks for sharing my post on Twitter! you rock, my friend! hugs xox

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  7. Very nice story. I enjoy your writing style and how you express yourself. I definitely think that God puts people in our paths for a reason. I don’t believe in coincidences. There’s a reason for everything and I believe He is the reason.


  8. Perfect. “God is always taking care of us, giving us what we need. It may not be in the most obvious or grandiose of ways, but He’s always around.” Yes He is always around us: We are always within Him. Blessings


  9. There is certainly more in play in life than ribbons and balls, electrical currents and automated responses. I hear a man in the church meeting I went to on Sunday mention to everyone to learn and follow the laws of the universe. I didn’t relate to how ribbons, balls, and electrical currents guide man aright. I didn’t know if that is official dogma of his religion, or…what? I prefer not to put my trust in “the universe.” I do hear more and more of people believing that way. Even Einstein was quoted to say, “God does not play dice with the universe.” Still, heavy trend toward trusting in “the universe.” I guess people could inflate a yellow balloon and trust in the air inside that balloon as to trust in “the universe.” Others term “society” as the way to go. But still, emotions, chemicals, motion response/behavior certainly is built on more than “society,” and “getting along with society” at least in my opinion. I believe the foundation is closer to what you describe in this article. Elements that are commonly missed, signs, that are unobserved by he who will not open his eyes to see or his ears to hear or his heart to understand. Thanks for the little speech toward people-ness.


      1. I enjoy your writings more now than when I first noticed you. I guess over time, I’ve seen the suffering just a bit more. That has given me more awareness to what I am reading and why it is.


  10. Thank you for sharing this story. I needed to hear something like this today. I have to confess that lately, I’ve been a bit mad at God. And then I feel guilty for feeling that way because I heard stories as of how sometimes certain things happen to us because He’s actually protecting us from something worse. I try to also remember that He can see all the pieces of the puzzle whereas us get to see only the pieces that are right in front of us.

    And I agree that we sometimes are meant to meet someone, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment. I cherish those meetings.

    Thank you again for sharing this. I know it helped me today.


    1. Oh good, I’m so glad this hit home with you 🙂 Thanks so much. Yeah, I have definitely been there before. You’re right — i always have to remind myself that I can only see a small piece of the puzzle. He knows what He’s doing…i just have to trust and have patience. big hugs xox

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      1. By the way, you have some awesome stories. I read your post about anorexia and the awareness week. You made such a compelling point about the bad timing (around Lent.) I have a cousin who was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 9 years old and didn’t recover for about 4 years. Her body is so messed up. She’s over 30 and still looks like she’s 19. My surrogate sister suffered from anorexia, bulimia, and the nervosa kind, too. Her mother had to lock their fridge with a lock in an effort to prevent the binge periods she would have. I admire you all for overcoming those.


      2. Thank you for that affirmation. Gosh, I am so sorry that this horrible disease has touched your life in those ways. It sounds like you have some warrior women in your family. You’re right – it is a tremendous feat to overcome, and I am so glad that your cousin and sister have embraced freedom. hugs xox


  11. I love how God works! You just liked my post on believing in God’s plan and presence in your life, which lead me to read this. Which is no coincidence. I’m glad your post was brought to me, because it has encouraged me so much. Thank you for you post and I can’t wait to continue reading your work 🙂


  12. The Holy Spirit is amazing! And you were present enough to God and mindful enough of that moment that you were able to cooperate with His plan and recognize His work. What a blessing! I am SO encouraged by your description of His grace at work. Sometimes, we don’t get to see the fruits of our labors. We may smile at a barista and offer a friendly “hello” and never know the impact of that little interaction. Maybe it was inconsequential, and maybe it was hugely consequential. There’s no way to know all of the fruits of what happened between you and this lovely woman at the spa, but imagine all of the potential downstream effects! Even here, you are encouraging others to be open to God’s will acting in our lives, and, frankly, I really needed a spiritual pick-me-up this afternoon. Thank you! xoxo ❤️


    1. The Holy Spirit is SO amazing! I really feel like I didn’t do anything special…I just all of a sudden heard that question come out of my mouth! without even thinking about it! haha I guess that really was the holy spirit! 🙂 That’s so true – we often don’t get to see what that smile or kind word does. Well gosh – Lulu, YOUR kind words for me always make my heart feel so uplifted and warm. They are truly a blessing to me 🙂 so thank you!! hope you’re having a great night 🙂 big hugs xox

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  13. As I’ve aged, I’ve tried to pay more attention to those urges to say or do something because I’ve found there is usually a reason for it. God does indeed nudge us to do things or say things because He knows what the person we are interacting needs to see or have done for them. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  14. Love this! He will definitely place us in the right place at the right time to touch the right person. God bless you for asking the “crazy” question He placed in your spirit and being open to the response.


  15. Love this beautiful story– lives unexpectedly woven together. I’m waiting in a different way– putting a huge difficulty in my life in God’s hands and waiting to see him work. So I appreciate your facebook quote! Beautiful post. thanks.


    1. Thank you so much Rhonda! I’m so glad this resonated with you. Yeah, no matter what we’re waiting for, the waiting and trusting part is exactly the same! Thanks for the encouragement. hugs xox


      1. You’re so right. Waiting can be so hard– but it’s the trust and confidence in who God is that makes it possible. Love your thoughtful posts! hugs!


  16. I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that there are coincidences and there are ‘coincidences’. The former is when we both had the same cereal for breakfast or if two people wearing the same top or tie.

    The ‘coincidences’ on the other hand, are God breathed moments of what the Celtic tradition refers to as that thin space, I think. Those moments where we come very close to God. Sounds to me like you had that latter kind of holy moment. Very cool.


  17. Okay, I absolutely loved your story. It’s true! God’s hands are in everything. He made a special day for you a phenomenal day! So awesome. Also, could not stop watching that gif of the girl falling in the pool. Omg. That was the best.


  18. Such a cute story! It helps so much when we know that we’re not alone on our journeys! And you’re so right, God always gives us what we need when we truly need it.
    Good stuff, per usual! 🙂


  19. Great read….well written. A) what a lovely gesture from your loved ones & B) how lucky are we that we are afforded the luxury of enjoying other people’s company and delving into the lives of strangers xxx


  20. Wow!!! I LOVE this article and that whole outlook!!! And I LOVE when those kind of “God-things” happens!!!! Thanks for sharing this 😊


  21. It happens so infrequently — almost seeming like a lucky moment — when there are two individuals who suddenly find something to talk about and connect. It is always a very pleasant and satisfying experience.


  22. It’s the same throughout the Bible – everyday interactions with people: the woman at the well, teaching in the synagogue, a dinner with friends aka the Last Supper. Even a walkabout with the Savior opened Him and the disciples up to tiny miracles daily.


  23. Amen.

    On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 3:59 PM, BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: “It’s kind of funny…scrolling through Facebook > has become, almost a bit of a luxury here recently. Before, in NYC, it was > just another time killer when I was bored or waiting for the subway. But > here in Ohio, it’s an extravagance if I have a free 3 minutes” >


  24. I loved this post! Thank you so much for sharing! Loved the lady walking in the swimming pool with her phone…LOL! That was hilarious 🙂

    I’ve recently been reading through the book of Esther in the Bible and studying up on Purim–the holiday that resulted from those event–and one of the big themes is how God is working in our lives behind the scenes, unseen, working through what seems to be lots of “happenstance” situations and events. It’s really changed the way I look at my life and what happens in it. Like you said, seeing God’s hand in everything. Causes me to be grateful for such a good God! Thank you so much for sharing! Just goes to show that God’s revealing that to more than just me 🙂


    1. Thank you os much!! hahaha, yeah that gif made me chuckle too 🙂 Esther! You know, I’ve had it on my “to do” list to read Esther for years but have never gotten around to it. this is officially my invitation to get off my bum and read it!! Yes! God’s hand is in everything! thanks for stopping by and for the great encouragement! hugs xox


  25. wanted to share. A friend was at church last sunday, and met a gentleman who is recovering from a recent stroke. As they talked, he told my friend about a song he loves that is helping with his recovery. Given church, stroke, recovery and women I respect, this is too close to you not to share!


      1. One thing I have learned about Blog Buddies. We share things that mean the most. More so sometimes than real life friends. So when something like this is stumbled on that I think would be appreciated, I make sure it happens.

        You are VERY welcome! Hope mom likes it too!!


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