Hello from Costa Rica!

Hello from Costa Rica!!!!

Oh my gosh my friends and I are having just the most incredible time.

Even though, technically, it’s the rainy season — and therefore the off season — the weather has been nothing but beautiful!

And travel hack for ya — the prices are MUCH cheaper during the off-peak months — so it has truly been a win win!

There was a really special moment yesterday — we came back from dinner, and we went out on the balcony and just looked up at the stars. And let me tell ya – being in the middle of the rainforest, on the water in Costa Rica — you can just see an immeasurable number of stars. I wish my camera could have photographed it — because we could see the Milky Way!

And standing there, listening to the waves crash on the beach, and just standing in awe of Heaven — it made me feel so small, and yet so close to God. It was a truly once-in-a-lifetime feeling, and I’m so glad I was there with my best gals to experience it.

The trip so far has been JAM PACKED — and it’s only halfway over!

The video will be coming soon! But the day we arrived, we had the most beautiful dinner! A chef named Antonio came to our house and prepared dinner for us, and oh my gosh it was the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted — although, I was saying that practically every meal, so shout out to Costa Rican fish and produce!

But it was so lovely, and afterwards, he gave us some authentic salsa lessons. To say that we had a blast would be an understatement!

Our first full day — we hung around the beach house and went kayaking and swimming and just truly getting into vacation mode. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it takes me a little bit to “unplug” and truly relax. Well mission accomplished. We ended up going to the Four Seasons Resort for a sunset dinner and my my my was it ever gorgeous. There was a wedding happening on the beach too, so we were pseudo wedding crashers! So fun!

The following day was my favorite though. This group of gals is HIGH ADVENTURE, let me tell ya. When we were in Iceland — we went snorkling in 34 degree Feirenheit glacial water between the techtonic plates!! And in Utah, we went Bobsledding! So it’s safe to say we live for adreneline!

Well this trip, we followed suit in a big way. We went ATVing through the jungle! It was high intensity fun, and actually quite tretcherous! We ATV’d to a high ropes course, and went zip lining!

The following day was just what we needed after such a high adventure day…a day on a boat!

It was just incredible — we saw humpback whales! We also went tubing and snorkeling! We were absolutely whipped around on the tube – it was so fun. I don’t think I’ve screamed that loud…since…a long time! haha But the water here is so blue, and just crystal clear. It was an unforgettable day on the water.

One of the really cool things about Costa Rice are all the animals! Monkeys are literally everywhere! And you can HEAR THEM! There’s one variety called the Howler Monkey — and they do just that! They HOWL from the trees! LOUDLY! It’s like theres a soundtrack from Jumanji playing at all times. It’s so fun!

Other really awesome tips about Costa Rica is that they take American dollars! You don’t have to exchange money!! It’s the wildest thing.

AND all of your plugs will work! You don’t have to get an adapter for the outlets! It’s so convenient!

Well, it’s time for me to hit the sack. I’m burning the candle at both ends a bit tonight. We’re waking up early tomorrow and going SURFING! Pinch me!

“This is what the Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” Ez 37:5

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128 responses to “Hello from Costa Rica!”

  1. I knew I shouldn’t have opened this, going to have to confess Envy next time I go.

    Astronomy is one of my favorite things (See this Vid)! The Milky Way is a rare beauty these days. Make sure you take a peak south–many of those stars will disappear when you get back to New York. Appreciate the rare glimpse of the southern sky!

    Enjoy your trip!

    • Hi Scoot! definitely add this to your bucket list! it is such a fun trip! oh wow -yeah the stars were just magnificent! thanks for stopping by! hugs ox

  2. I’m glad you are all having a great time Caralyn! Four lovely ladies too! Watch out for that sunburn, you look tan already. 😎🌴😍

    • Thanks John! yeah, we have been lathering up with the sunscreen! i think we’re escapting without a burn! hugs xox

  3. Sounds – and looks – like you’re all having a real blast! Everything looks like a great time, although I personally would skip the zip line. 🙂 The boat ride and seeing the whales sounds incredible! Best thing? I would LOVE to see a starry sky like that! I could stare at that for hours.

    I had emailed you about the Saturday time- they are asking for one meeting for everyone in the evening. I assume that’s fine schedule-wise. Two more church youth groups are being invited with parents. We should touch base some time after you get back. Let me know, ok?

    Again, I am SO glad you’re having such a great time. Sounds…perfect!

    • Oh my goodness the stars were just magnificent! there were SO MANY! and with the sound of the waves crashing below — it was other worldly! totally fine! and oh my gosh so wonderful! God is good! the clock is ticking down and I can’t wait! sounds good. Will email you after i get back wed morning. hugs to you and your girls! xox

    • hahha I know!! we leave tomorrow, and typically I’m excited to get back to the city – but gosh this time it’s hard to leave paradise! hugs xx

    • Thanks Lisa! Oh my gosh it is just a beautiful place. Ooh that’s so awesome that you went! pure heaven indeed 🙂 big hugs toy ou xox

  4. I love Central America. I went to Panama 10 years ago and returned the next year and built a house and moved. Now you know…

    • Thanks Jim! Yes! it is such a glorious place! Oh Panama! how incredible!!!!!! And you MOVED! what a fun story!!! so glad you did 🙂 hugs xo

      • We sold and gave away all of our possessions and landed with a suitcase. Lived off the grid in jungle hut the first year. It is a fantastic place!

      • Oh my gosh that sounds like a dream! I bet you’ve got some *wild stories* — literally!! haha hugs xo

  5. Glad you had a wonderful time. I’ve been to Costa Rica but never made it to the coast. I hope to make it back some day to visit the beaches. I hear there are a lot of monkeys and birds at the beach resorts.

    • Oh my gosh – it was a truly wonderful time. Back to reality tomorrow. Oh yes! Definitely come back and check out the beaches! And the monkeys! they are so fun! xox

  6. Yay! So happy to hear glimpses into your life and memories made. Enjoy your trip girl and be safe. 💛

    • Aw thank you so much!! We’ve been having such a beautiful time 🙂 And I’m grateful for every minute! 🙂 xoxo

    • Thanks! Oh my gosh we’re having a blast!! back to the states tomorrow — it’s been so wonderful 🙂 big hugs to you xox

      • Oh my gosh that’s so amazing!!! yeah you’re so right – they are the best!! Present company included 🙂 hehe hugs xo

  7. Loving all the pictures, Caralyn! So glad to seeing you having a blessed time and being able to spend time with your friends. The smiles! 🙂
    God loves you each one! <3

    • Thank you so much Gail!!! I’m just so grateful for this time with my besties — we’re having a beautiful time! big hugs xox

  8. Love the pictures and glad you are enjoying your trip. I saw one picture of young ladies in a small boat but no life preservers. Your mom might see that picture haha

    • Aw, thank you so much!! Enjoying the trip would be an understatement! 🙂 hahah – oh gosh – there were definitely life preservers, just not in that picture 😉 totally safe. totally safe 🙂 big hugs xo

    • Thank you so much Lori! hahha you’re funny! back to reality tomorrow. It was a truly wonderful time! big hugs xox

    • Thanks Tami! Oh my gosh it was such a wonderful time. Back to reality tomorrow! Hugs and love xox

  9. Beautiful pics and nicely sun-kissed. I am in Barcelona airport now, heading home from Asturias, Spain. It has been a fabulous trip for me too 😁

    • aw thank you so much Shani!! I appreciate that 🙂 yes! we ha fun in the sun! hope you had an amazing trip!! big hugs xox

  10. This post just made me smile! I could picture you doing all of these fun things, and it made me feel so happy for you. Enjoy your time with your gal pals!

    • Thank you so much Amy!! I’m so glad it made you smile! Yes! it was a great great time! big hugs xox

  11. Beautiful pics! Saw where that hurricane is forming, but its track appears northerly so it shouldn’t bother anything on the Pacific side. Might increase the chance for rain, but wouldn’t it be cool to see a rainbow down there?! 🌈 Hope you lovely ladies have a wonderful time! 🏄‍♀️ Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you so much Kenneth! Oh yeah, no weather worries here! thanks for keeping tabs! Oh yes! a rainbow would be incredible! big hugs xox

    • Awwww thank you Melissa!! yes! we had an absolutely incredible trip! i am so grateful for this time! at the airport now – back to reality! hugs xox

    • Oh gosh, thank you Lawrence for your prayers and kind words! we had an absolutely marvelous time! big hugs xox


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    • Thank you so much! It truly is such a beautiful country — God’s fingerprints are ALL OVER the landscape and vistas! truly spectacular! big hugs xox

    • You’re so right about that Rollie! GOd’s fingerprints are all over the landscape and vistas here! it was remarkable! hugs xox

  13. Happy vacation to you and your friends. You guys look like a postcard for living your best life.I used my imagination to comprehend what it must have been like to see the stars and Milky Way. God is so good! Thank you for sharing. That food looked great. I pray you will all enjoy yourselves.

    • thank you so much ada!! it really was such an amazing time. I feel so grateful to ahve gotten the opportunity. God is good!!! hugs xox

  14. I am so glad you are enjoying your vacation. I found your YouTube channel and I subscribed to that too. I am enjoying those videos.
    What was the last picture on this blog of? I can’t see it very well.

  15. Costa Rica is on the bucket list, but this week it is an Alaska cruise. Tell me more of the Who-What-Where. Have a great time.

    • Oh my gosh Alaska! That is so exciting! I hope you have an incredible trip! Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you so much! Haha we definitely have a lot of adventures! Hehe right now! I’m on the plane!! Hugs and love xox

  16. Well… Looking at the picture of you in the pool, all I can say is what Brosnan said to Halle Berry in “Die Another Day” –

  17. Well… Looking at the picture of you in the pool, all I can say is what Brosnan said to Halle Berry in “Die Another Day” – “Magnificent View”. 😛

    It looks like you’re having a great trip. If ever you’re coming to Dubai, give me a shout. Be glad to be your chauffeur / guide.

  18. Dear Beauty, I have no means to contact you than here, as I don’t know your email. I wanted to thank you for faithfully following my blog (even though I post way more irregular than you do!) And to say that, as luck will have it, three of my paintings were selected to be part of an one-day exhibition on Fifth Avenue, on Sept 12th. So I’ll be in New York between 11-13 Sept and if you are in town that day, I would looove to make your acquaintance if you can drop by (or have coffee some other time those dates if the 12th doesn’t work for you). The event is called “Art by Architects” and it’s going to be held in the Church of the Heavenly Rest, next block from the Guggenheim. Message me privately if you want to connect: ioanat20@gmail.com Best, Ioana from Ottawa (aka Ilya Sterie)

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