How I Got to 6 Million on Pinterest!

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Hey friends!

How was everyone’s weekend? It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching JULY! I mean, wasn’t it just January, and we were toasting to a pandemic-free 2021?!?

Alas, I guess that’s just how it goes when you’re loving life and living fully free and joyfully!

Speaking of which – I went to Coney Island in Brooklyn over the weekend with my special gentleman. It was so fun — you can watch a little video I made about it for Instagram and Pinterest below:

And speaking of Pinterest

I few weeks ago, did a poll on Instagram asking if people would be interested in a post about how I got to -at the time- 5.3 million monthly views on Pinterest, and the poll results were literally 100% YES!

Now, I’m up to SIX million …so I think it’s time to celebrate, and spill the beans!

SO — here it goes!

First things first: there’s something you need to know about Pinterest before we start: it is my best kept secret.

Seriously. It is so underutilized by brands, because people just assume that it’s a social media outlet for ladies, planning their future wedding, scoping out recipes, or getting home decorating ideas.

Which, fair: that is a large audience base of theirs.

BUT. It is a POWERFUL SEARCH ENGINE. Rivaling Google, if we’re straight shooting here.

And the kicker: is that the people who are searching, are ready to make a purchase. They’re on Pinterest for a specific purpose: they’re there looking for something they need, or need help with, or want to buy, or want advice on. Sooo, if they find your article, they are going to engage. My engagement rate on Pinterest is 24%, which is outrageous for social media. It is my main referral source for this blog! That is the power of Pinterest.

So: the long and the short of it: GET YOUR MATERIAL ON PINTEREST!

Pin your articles, pin your photos. Pin them with slightly different cover photos. Pin them as videos. Just get them on Pinterest! Because people can’t find them if they’re not there!

Because here’s why Pinterest is really awesome: growth is exponential. Because in ADDITION to being a search engine, it is ALSO an online community bulletin board.

Think about it this way: You pin something. Your follower: Sally, then re-pins it to her 100 followers. Then, Julie, one of Sally’s followers, re-pins your pin (which she saw from Sally) to her 8,000 followers, and of her 8,000 followers, 200 re-pin your pin. And so on, and so on.

So you can see: the reach potential of a pin is astronomical.

While we’re on the topic of pins:

  1. Video pins have significantly higher engagement (ie: more click-throughs, more re-pins, more saves)
  2. You can pin up to 4 pins per hour without being flagged as “spam.”
  3. Pins with catchy titles, to-the-point/attention-grabbing descriptions, and eye-catching photos with words do the best.
  4. Pin things that YOU would click on!
  5. Utilize hashtags!

A note on hashtags: You can use up to ten hashtags per post, and THIS is how people find your articles! So hashtag the broad topics that go with your post: Faith, Mental health, Family, Recipes, Bible study, Budget-friendly, DIY etc. You can also go to your homepage, and find what search terms are trending, and then pin your articles that fit those topics, and then hashtag away in your description!

Lastly – and this is truly my biggest secret that I cannot believe I am sharing.

All of this so far sounds like a lot of work, right? Like – 4 pins an hour, 10 hashtags, catchy description, different photos and videos…Aye yi yi! It sounds like I’d be at it all day!

Not with my secret weapon: Tailwind.

This is an automatic posting service that, honestly, is life changing…errr, traffic changing. Within my first weekend of using it, I went from maybe 150 impressions a month, to 450,000 impressions a month!

Basically, I take a few hours on one day a month, and just schedule everything out for the entire month: the pins, the videos, the descriptions, everything. And then Tailwind will automatically post my pins several times a day during my followers’ most active times of the day.


A couple hours of work on one day, and I get an entire MONTH of benefits. It is incredible, truly. And what’s even more awesome, is that since I am in their “Creator Community,” I can get YOU a $30 credit – which works out to 3 months free!

I know, it’s pretty dang great!

No, this post isn’t sponsored, but I just wanted to pass along the savings, because hey — every dollar counts, right?

So there you have it! My secrets of Pinterest!

One final note: there is a cliche that reminds us that “Content is king.” And friends, it’s a cliche because it’s true. Truly great content is the name of the game. We are bombarded by content 24/7 – from our phones, our ear buds, on the subway, through Spotify and Netflix and Youtube….making content that with stand out, that will be worth people’s time to engage with, that will cut through the noise…that is critical. And that is the challenge and also: the fun of it.


There you have it!

And for more blogging tips, you can get my ebook: “My Blogging Tips!”

Happy pinning!

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    • Thank you so much Katherine! I’m so glad this was helpful to you! Hugs and love xox

    • Oh that’s so great! I’m glad this was helpful! thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  1. So question:
    1. What do you schedule your older blog posts or new upcoming posts? Do you re pin every so often like a cycle ?
    2. Hashtags do you add those in the description ?

    • Hi Veronika, thank you for your questions! 1: I schedule both! upcoming and older posts. i will cycle back and repin after i make it through my archives, back to 2014! 2) Yes – in the description! 🙂 hope that helps! Hugs and love xox

  2. This is great info! Furthermore, it is good news for me, since fb & instagram banned me from their sites…all I use is pinterest & wordpress. And you are so right – I HAVE made purchases on pinterest!!

    • thank you so much Yael! i’m so glad you found this helpful! right? pinterest is where it’s at! Hugs and love xox

  3. Excellent post, very inspirational. I recently noticed that my Pinterest account got 40k-60k monthly views, so I just posted a few more posts and pinned some more and up to 100k this month. Not sure how or why?

    I have to say that Pinterest is my go-to place to search for images and ideas that I need, so maybe many people are the same.

    I will spend more time on it now. 6.2 million is incredible.


  4. This is great! If I’m looking for information, I will honestly search Pinterest before I search Google. Thank you for this post!

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