Cashew Custard in Quinoa Crunch Bowls!

A healthy & delicious dessert recipe that’s perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any school night! Protein packed, Vegan, Paleo, Grain free & Gluten Free, and family friendly! Continue reading Cashew Custard in Quinoa Crunch Bowls!


Strawberry FroYo!

Hey y’all! I am still sick. This sinus/upper respiratory illness is rocking. my. world. I have not left my bed since Saturday. And let me tell you…the stir-crazy struggle is *real.* I am climbing the walls. All I have to say is thank the Good Lord (literally) for grocery delivery. Amazon has this amazing service called AmazonContinue reading Strawberry FroYo!

Peach-Nana Swirl (N)Ice Cream

Sometimes I just have to shake my head and laugh at how we are truly living in the future. I cannot believe that here it is, middle of March, and I was able to whip up this delectable figment of my culinary imagination. Do you ever wake up, and are just craving something oddly particular toContinue reading Peach-Nana Swirl (N)Ice Cream

PB & J Fruit Pizza

My goodness, just wanted to start by saying thank you to everyone who shared and commented on Monday night’s post about Oprah and the Golden Globes. Clearly, people had a lot to say about it, so thank you for voicing your opinions! I love the healthy dialogue and reading everyone’s perspectives and thoughts about suchContinue reading PB & J Fruit Pizza

Apple Pie Bites! (Paleo, Vegan & Gluten Free)

What a special day! My mom is in town, visiting me in NYC! I am super excited to have her here in the Big Apple. We’re almost at the one year anniversary of her stroke, and what better way to celebrate her recovery than a mother/daughter weekend. — Well, a midweek-weekend. If that makes any sense…Continue reading Apple Pie Bites! (Paleo, Vegan & Gluten Free)