Life Update

Hello beautiful warriors!


I just wanted to pop in quickly to say a couple things:

#1) You are loved 🙂

#2) You are enough. 🙂


#3) Just a quick life update: I am going to be out of NYC for the next week or so because I’m filming a pilot! (Yes, I’m an actor) 😛 I am currently sitting in my hotel room after a long day of shooting, eating room service 🙂 #OmeletteAt10pm #yassss


#4) I have posts already written and scheduled so I’ll still be sending out love, but I probably won’t be posting as much on Instagram (@beauty.beyond.bones) or Twitter (@AnaRevealed). But that’ll just be for the next several days!

#5)Lastly, if you haven’t refollowed my IG account, please do so! I made the switch, and I miss seeing all your lovely faces every day 🙂 xoxo


Keep fighting the good fight, my loves. You are all brave and courageous and beautiful souls. Just do the next right thing.


Finally, I want to just reiterate what I said on IG this afternoon: Remember why you’re doing this: why you’re choosing recovery. Eight years ago, when I was in the depths of my disease, if you would have said that I’d be shooting a pilot, going after my dreams, and WITH MY HAIR BACK, I would have never thought it was possible in a million years. But here I am today doing just that. God got me thought it. And He will for you too. Thiere IS life beyond ED. Your life is out there waiting for you. Go after it. I believe in you.


– <3 –


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