Three Words

One thing about the acting business is that you’ve always got to be on your feet.

Ready for anything. Able to improvise at the drop of a hat.

Especially during auditions.

This past Saturday I had, probably one of the best auditions of my life. It was for the lead in a TV pilot.

I got the scene two days before and I just rehearsed the crap out of the thing. Knew it cold, frontwards, backwards and sideways. I was going to nail it. I was prepared.

But there was one thing at the audition I wasn’t quite prepared for:

“What are three words that best describe you?”


Uuuhh…Three words. Come on, BBB, you’ve been doing this silly little exercise since kindergarten. Just THINK OF SOMETHING.

And I mean, I did. Gracefully. I think I managed to rattle off something like, “I love to have fun.” “I’m a loyal friend.” And “I’m true to who I am.”

Not exactly three words, per se, but then…I’m never really one to be concise. 😉


But I walked away from that audition feeling on top of the world. I really connected with the part and I truly felt like I did my best.

But after reflecting on it some more, that silly little “getting to know you” question really stuck with me. Why was it so hard to think of three words?

And yes, a lot of things went through my mind to say: energetic, outgoing, kind, empathetic, caaaasually witty.

But those just weren’t really hitting it.

Here’s what I was really wrestling with:

To answer that question, I had to first answer this: Who am I, really?

I mean, that’s a pretty deep question when it comes right down to it.

Yes, I was pretty accurate in my answer. But there’s a lot more to me, too.

What I wanted to say was this: I’m a believer. I’m an overcomer. I am strong.

What I wanted to say was that I have gone through some pretty heavy crap in my life and have survived. Come out the other side more resilient and more in tune with who I am.

That I am a mended piece of art — that I have been broken, but have been put back together, and God has made beauty from that brokenness.

wanted to say that I am complex. Full of thoughts and ideas.

That even though I am cheerful and generally a pretty happy person, that I have seen some dark times. That I have persevered through pain. Despair. Seasons of true destruction of body, mind and spirit. But that I did not succumb to that darkness. I was a fighter and reclaimed my life. My freedom. My soul.

And what I really wanted to say was that I cannot and could not be any of those things without the saving hand of Jesus. That He was and is the one who strengthens me and allows me to be every complexity and nuance and intricacy that is the young woman standing in front of you today.

Fun loving, a good friend and true to myself — sure. I guess you could say that was my “PC” answer. The pageant version.

But there’s more to me than that. A depth the cannot be captured in three little words.

So now, I turn the question to you, and invite you to take a minute to reflect on the person you’ve become as a result of all your yesterdays and trials and triumphs.

Who are you, really?

Let’s celebrate that.

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  1. Don’t forget us little people when you are a big star, JD. 😉

    I’m glad it went well, and I will pray getting the part is in His plan for you. You’re already a star to me anyway.

  2. I am all that I am now with more to come along the way. That’s the best way to describe me.

    It’s bananas that you rocked your audition! I’m sure you’re a shoe-in! Keep us updated, please! 🙂

  3. Wow… his was an interesting and emotional read, and it has given me much to think about. Also: good luck with the TV pilot <3 you can do it!

  4. I’d have to say passionate, confident, vast. Sounds pretty prideful doesn’t it? lol.

    Passionate because I love the things that I love. That which I love is what I pursue after the hardest. If I love you, you’re going to know it despite my flaws.
    Confident because of what I’ve been through and who brought me through it. I’m not confident in myself because of who God is making me. I’m confident because of what He’s done for me.
    Vast because of the emotions I feel. Yeah, I’m a guy and yeah, I have emotions. Lots of them. Like you, I’m so much more than a gender stereotype. I feel, I breathe, I live. These are who I am.

    Great post and do tell if you get the part. 🙂

    • SO true! What great perspective. Thanks for sharing this. You’re right-if only we could see eachother and ourselves through God’s eyes. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs xox

  5. I hope everything works out for you on the tv pilot. Oooo just like being in an interview; you’ve practiced and prepared then it’s one of those psychological questions that throws you for a loop. I probably would have choked.

  6. You are correct when you say that the question can take you deep if you choose to dive into it. In my B.C. days I would have said that I was more a chameleon in that I would change who I was based on the crowd I happened to be with. Now I would say real, teachable, responsive ( which is currently under renovation ) would be three that would describe me. The question can stir fear deep within as you may wonder ” Am I enough”?

    • Hey friend! You are so right–it does trigger that question. And I like your “three!” Being real is IMHO one of the most important qualities out there. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs xox

  7. Hope you get the part! And yes, the question of who we are is truly complex. Bravo for actually being able to see inside of yourself! I enjoy how you always turn your posts back to Him. It’s very refreshing and lets me see that He is part of everything we do! Thanks for making my day! 🙂

  8. I bet all of that came through in your strong audition. You’re a legend. Hope you get the part, but regardless of whether you do or not you should celebrate your strength and resilience. And everything beautiful that you are. A lovely post.

  9. I loved it! I had a similar situation on my application for the permanent diaconate. What were my good and bad characteristics? It was rough. But to answer your question, 3 words…

  10. Hi Ana. Nice post; it brought something slightly off topic to mind. My 12 year old son wants to be an actor. Have you done a post that speaks to the difficulty in living for Christ in Hollywood and the bearing of your faith on the types of roles you audition for.
    ❤️ Vanessa

    • Hi Vanessa! Thank you so much 🙂 That’s a great question. I haven’t done a post on that, but I will put it on the list! Luckily I live in NYC — I feel it is easier to live my faith here than Hollywood. (No offense to any LA-ers out there!) But for me personally, I have really grown in my faith in the Big Apple. But you’re right it is definitely difficult. I’ve had to turn down numerous parts because they go against my beliefs and morals. But it is a great way to express yourself and tell stories that need to be told. Best of luck to your son! Thanks for reading! hugs and love 🙂

  11. When anyone gets put on the spot they will say something PC. No shame in that babe :-* At least next time you’ll be ready. Good luck with the part!!!

    • Thanks Ellie! Yeah–in my head I was thinking…I’ve written a blog about this topic…how can I not come up with three stinkin’ words!? haha thanks babe. have a great night! xoxox

  12. I dread these kind of questions, right? I mean honestly! 3 words
    to define my life. Here it is: Jesus. Wife. Mother. I guess
    That’s the core of it at least. There are deep layers in between each.
    Hope you get the part!

    • Hi Leigh! I know, such a loaded question when you think about it! I love your answer. Exactly how it should be. God is good! Thanks for sharing this! Hugs and love to you xox

  13. I hadn’t thought about that question in the same depth before….normally I answer it with silly things like “bookworm” “spartan” and “mini-mom” (I take the whole three words thing literally…) but you have a good point. There is so much you could use to describe yourself, and so many ways you could show your walk with Christ and your adventures through life. I think the next time someone asks me that I will try to answer it seriously, although I can guarantee that my answers won’t be as well received as the sarcastic quirky ones I usually go for.

    Just from reading your blog, the first word that I felt described you was “warrior.” You’ve used it often, and I think it best shows what you have gone through. The next though, was “comforter.” You have no idea how many people you have encouraged through your writing. Thank you for sharing so much of your struggle, and your victories with everyone who reads your blog.

    And while this is off topic I just wanted to say that I mentioned my sister on one of your older posts and she is doing a lot better now. She started dance last month and has fallen in love with it, and she’s getting stronger and healthier than before. There are still bad days as well as good, but she has gotten comfortable around us again, and that’s really important to me. Reading your blog has helped me talk with her, and it reminded me not to give up on the bad days.

    By sharing the love of Jesus, you have blessed me and my family. Shalom.

    • Hi there, friend. Wow, thank you for such kind words. It means the world. And praise God about your sister! that brings my heart so much joy. truly. thanks for the update. Sending so much love and hugs. xoxo

  14. This is so beautiful! Pleeeeease let us all know if you get that part – that’s awesome. ❤️
    I so agree. As Christians, we are new in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17) and not just the people we “try” to be, if that makes any sense. We are loved unconditionally. We are forgiven. And that…that is amazing. Thanks for this!

  15. Great post 🙂 I hope you get the part as well 🙂 When it comes to three words to describe oneself, the only thing I can say about that is three words is not enough 🙂 As you say, everybody is complex in describing the type of person they are as you so eloquently put it 🙂 Nevertheless, the three words you did come up with to describe yourself is perfect 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

    • Hey John! Oh thanks☺️ you are so right- three words is definitely not enough! Thanks for the affirming words. Hope your week is off to a great start! As always, thanks for stopping by and being a bright spot!

  16. I really needed to read this. I really loved the quote, “Don’t judge someone’s story, by the chapter you walk in on.” I think it goes so well with the clients I have at work and even my co-workers, because everyone has some sort of past, that gets them where they are today! My three words in middle through high school were definitely Shining Through Pain, and I think now it would be Overcomer, Compassionate, and Survivor. Loved this post!

    • Hi friend! Thank you so much. You’re right-everyone does have a story that has gotten them to where they are right now. I love your three words! So empowering. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xoxo

  17. Not enough likes for this one, Ana. You are so perceptive, and you write so well. And best of luck with the pilot! Fingers, toes, eyes…well maybe not the eyes, crossed…

  18. beautiful, courageous, compassionate..describes you . Aladonza ( the slut/prostitute ) in the play Man of La Manch, asked Quioxte to see her as she really was.. he replied, “I see beauty, I see virtue, I see my lady Dulcinea.”

    • Wow, thank you so much Jack. That is so kind. And sounds like an awesome play—I actually haven’t seen it. I know, an actor and I haven’t seen that classic. Perhaps I need to remedy that:) thanks again friend! Hugs xox

  19. I dislike those canned questions…when I was in college the people giving us interviewing advice were always telling us what to expect, and would say when you are asked what your greatest weakness is to say something like, “I work too hard” I thought that was ridiculous, and when I was in a job and had to interview people I just tried to get to know them and see what interested them and whether they were a good fit. It made more sense to me that to ask people things that had no good answer. On the question you were asked I am sure they were just randomly looking to see if you could adapt on the fly and be a fast thinker…kind of like the “tell me the first thing that comes to mind when I say….” game. I hope you get the part if it is one that you truly think you will enjoy and that you will grow from it.

  20. Wonderful post! As usual, it’s got me to thinking. And… I didn’t realize your career choice is acting. Stage, big screen? Now you’ve got me really curious 🙂

    • Thanks gd! I appreciate it:) well I grew up stage and am making the switch to screen–but then it’s a tough biz so I’m not putting my cart before the horse! Lol thanks for stopping by xox

  21. What a great post! So happy you were able to think of a something despite the fact that you were put on the spot. I’m not sure that i’d be able to say anything that I felt was truly me. But from what I’ve read in your posts, if someone ever asks that again, you should consider saying: powerful, devoted, authentic. Because those words definitely describe you too. =) Hope you get the part!

  22. Great read thank you for sharing!

    Answering your question: I am blessed

    Regardless of circumstance a truth for me is that I am blessed. I regret that my behavior in those circumstances often do not reflect how I am blessed. The shear fact that I am saved despite myself should be the most important element in all marketing of self.

    Again really great post thank you

  23. This is just the post I needed to read this morning, as I start my day. And I think I’m going to read it again now! Thank you 🙂 And I hope you get the part. But even if you don’t, you have already taken something good from the incident / encounter. It is refreshing and inspiring to see someone who does that. I must learn to do more of it.

    • Hi friend! Oh good! I’m glad it struck a chord with you. Thank you for your kind words. You’re right-no matter what happens, life is good and I have a lot to be thankful for:) thanks for stopping by! Have an absolutely beautiful day! Hugs xox

  24. I echo everyone’s thoughts about the audition. I think II have read between the lines. So to speak 😀 I get a sense that it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t get the part because one question from someone put you on the spot and prompted you to question who you are and I think that out weighs the value of an audition. Some people never know who they are until their dying breath – Auditions come and go -and will always be there. Finding your true spirit and what makes you tick is the true winner here. Break a leg 😉

    • Thanks Daisy! I appreciate it:) wow what an awesome perspective. Thank you for this. You’re right-finding my true spirit is definitely important. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a beautiful day! Hugs!

  25. I believe God could turn wounds into a scars. Scars doesn’t leave a painful moment, yet an incredible story. This story is one of them.Love it and keep it going my friend!

  26. Hi there! Such a lovely post! Firstly, congrats on the amazing audition! That is such wonderful news! 😊 *hugs*
    I think that I would struggle just as much to come up with three words to define myself. Some days, I feel resilient, blessed, and growing. Today, those words are, terrified, small, and weak. I had a pretty rough couple of weeks at work, and there are some pretty huge obstacles ahead of me. Frankly, I’m pretty much in agony about it all, and I’m struggling to trust God. What do we do when we are not the ones who know ourselves the best? My psychiatrist and my nutritionist see me much differently than I see myself. They wish that I had more confidence. I know that God sees me far, far differently than I see myself. I am just praying and hoping that this whole thing is another step in my journey and that it starts to make some sense soon.
    Btw – I love the little pic with the words “Don’t judge someone’s story by the chapter you walk in on.” That is a message to keep at heart always! Thank you!

    • Hey hey Lulu! Thanks! Yeah I was pretty excited about it☺️ oh girl I’m giving s big hugs through the computer right now. You’re right-if only we could see ourselves -and each other- through God’s eyes. I’m sure His words are much different than ours too-perhaps something like, precious, worthy, mine. ☺️what a comforting thought indeed! Hang in there friend. I know it’s hard to trust God, but His plans and his timing are perfect. Love ya girl! Prayin for ya xoxox

    • Thank you so much! Aw I really appreciate it. I’m so glad you like my quote art pictures! They’re a bit of a labor of love, but I do love to make them☺️ thanks for stopping by! Hugs xoo

  27. I hate interview/audition questions that keep replaying in your mind but here you’ve gone and made an awesome blog from it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. My first three were mother, reader, believer. For an interview I’d try more for caring, organised and passionate.

    • Thanks Scruffy! Wow. What a powerful three. Thanks for sharing that. It sounds like you really know who you are. How comforting to know that though we are ALL that first one, we have Someone who loves us just the same. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love to you friend xox

  28. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and look forward to following you… the things in life truly have the power to make or break you…. but God!!!!! His work in me has allowed me to see that I am empathetic, unique and enough <3 keep asking those questions 🙂

  29. Funny. Playing a similar game was the beginning of a painful, but necessary period of extreme change for me. Mine was “Gimme 5 nouns that could be used to describe yourself”

  30. I LOVE YOUR POSTS, your perspective !
    Mine are : I am Brave, Perseverance, compassion and mercy, connected and inspired. Thanks for asking

    • Hi Vicki! oh my gosh THANK YOU! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Seriously though, that means a lot. I love your words. What great things to be! Thanks for stopping by! hugs and love to you xoxo

  31. Congrats on the audition.
    Three words… (I’m a) son, (a) father, (and I am) loved. 🙂

    Btw, you mentioned going through “crap” in your life which brings depth and resilience. Precious pearls come through much pressure (suffering). That’s what makes them precious. I think that’s why Jesus called us His pearl of great price that heaven purchased. Blessings.

    • Hi Mel! Thank you so much! I love you three words:) and WOW what a powerful image with the pearl. I absolutely love that. Thanks for sharing! Hugs and love to you xox

  32. This is a thought provoking question I have battled with. You nailed it very well. Who we are is as a result of all our yesterdays, what we have learnt about ourself in good and bad times. Thanks for sharing.

  33. I am a Believer, Brave, and “Hephzibah”: “My Delight is in Her” (Isaiah 62:4). It took a lot of pain, struggle, and time to believe this as my identity… but He was faithful to do just that. ❤
    PS: I don’t know if you listen to/like Christian rap. But I encourage you to listen to the “Instruments of Mercy” album by Beautiful Eulogy… I just the thought of you, and how the Pope called this year “the Year of Mercy.” I’m not personally Catholic, but I pray it blesses you in your walk with Jesus. 💒 “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy” (Matthew 5:7, NIV).

    Your sister in Christ,
    Annalee 💞

    • Hi Annalee! Amen to that sister! He DOES delight in you. I’ve never heard that word before but I absolutely love it. I’ll definitely check out that album! Thanks for passing it along:) thanks for stopping by! Sending so much love and hugs xox

  34. I enjoyed that. You are delightful and authentic…genuine. No guilt in rattling off an answer when the question comes from left-field. But sharing your later introspection was a joy to read. I too have visited the valley and from those of us who have, who’ve emerged into the sonshine, t
    anks for giving it a voice with depth perception.

  35. Beautiful thoughts and very well written. Particularly when you say “I am a mended piece of art” … I believe that those who are mended are very lucky as someone somewhere took a lot of love and care to mend them. Stay strong, stay happy. Take care.

  36. Yeah. . I get caught up in those moments too. I liked this one. Your last point about not judging someone by the chapter you walk in on…. very thoughtful. How do you find out about auditions?

  37. That’s so exciting to audition for a pilot show! So cool! Haha I probably would’ve rambled for a couple hundred words and 5 minutes late summed it up awkwardly with 3 words lol. God bless!

  38. That was a genuinely refreshing post. 3 words come to mind for myself, although I know there could be many more (it is tough to narrow them down, isn’t it?). They are “Unworthy,” “Forgiven,” and “Loved.” Blessings to you! (that’s another three)

    • Hey Anthony! Thank you so much 🙂 sounds like three very true words. We are SO forgiven and very loved. What a comfort in knowing that. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs xox

  39. I dunno… I would have said what I felt like at the moment, like: ‘I wanna pee!’ or ‘Sure feel hot!’ But if I wanted to schmooze them over, I would have said: ‘I have money! 🙂

  40. The best answer is to ALWAYS be yourself. This requires understanding who you truly are. Understanding who you are helps one find direction in life. From here, anything becomes possible.
    Good luck on being chosen for the part.

  41. I don’t know you personally but I wish that you get the role.
    It’s an interesting and difficult read as the question you have asked in the end is tough to answer. Like our skin our character also has so many layers…Loved every bit of this post!

  42. I asked myself what I would’ve answered to describe myself in three words. Maybe not what they were hoping for but I would’ve answered, “father, husband, son.” That pretty much describes my motives.

  43. This is such a great post! I can relate with the ups and downs in life, I’ve learned from my experiences too and consider Pain as a teacher to whom we can learn much. Reading your blogs and from everyone who contribute/share different views inspire me to carry on and pursue what I started. Thanks for the inspiration guys! Everyone is UNIQUE and we have a lot to say about ourselves, agree? God Bless and have a great day everyone xxx

    • Thank you so much Mavic! Ah yes, a mighty teacher indeed. With a tough curriculum 😬but you’re so right-I absolutely love reading everyone’s perspectives and insight! Because it’s true-we all bring something unique and special to the table. So glad you stopped by and shared yours ☺️ hugs and love my friend xox

  44. Wonderful blogpost. I stopped on the image with the flowers which says that if flower could learn to blossom again after winter, than human can do it too.

  45. BBB, what a insightful post! I especially liked that you didn’t let the question defeat you, it might have been out of the blue, but you didn’t resort to negative thinking afterward. I (probably) would have been caught up in the should I have said that? Possibly leading to disordered thinking and actions. You are awesome lady!

    • Thank you so much Lyndsay! That really means a lot. Yeah the biggest thing about auditions is to just let them go the second you walk out the door! (I actually broke that cardinal rule by posting about it! 😂) but thanks😘 hugs and love to you xox

  46. That is an unfair question. It’s like the question “Have you stopped beating your wfe? In one word” We are all complex beings made in the likeness of God. Packed full of His beauty, unique talents, sense of justice need to love a to be loved. There are a lot if thoughts that flood in when asked that question and they might be effected by a lot of things: hormones, lack of rest, poor health, loss, loss of important things that need to be resurrected NOW, disappointments, success, affirmations, honor, financial blessings. But above all our circumstances God is always good, always unchanging, always right. And I am what He says I am no matter how I feel. I am victorious. I am a warrior. I am a healer. I am His daughter and I bear His glory wherever I am.

    • What a beautiful response, Jan. You’re right-we are who God says we are. And he says that we are His. What a comforting thought. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

      • It occurred to me you might have thought that I thought you were being unfair in asking that question. For the interviewer it’s a legitimate question but it can never begin to touch on all who you are. There are times for deeper disclosure and times for a light coat. How you responded was perfect. Jesus spoke to the crowds in parables but He explained the deeper truths only to His inner circle. Actually that would be a good ice breaker question in a small group.

      • Hi Jan! Oh gosh, no I didn’t think that at all! ☺️ I just love hearing your perspective and insight. You have so much wisdom and evident love for our Father:) you’re right-a good small group question.

  47. This is a very…bad…day. I am all caught up on your blog! I can’t get my daily Beauty fix and have to wait like all the rest. RATS! Great journey! And I feel privileged to call you “friend.”

    I was never very good at the acting exercises of “What color are you?” “What animal are you?” I mean, I don’t remember my dreams let alone know if I dream in color, which I doubt. Animal? I’m the badger that’s going to rip your face off for asking.

    I saw your post to A2. That was a home run! She doesn’t always respond with much more than a like, so well done you! Plus you can speak to her from a shared experience. Again, thank you for taking the call!!

    I assume you’ll let us all know if you get that pilot! I’ll be praying for you!

    • Thanks so much Jeffrey! I am just so honored that you would take the time to read all my posts. You seriously have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you. I am honored to call YOU friend! ☺️ and your badger remark made me chuckle. Haha And yes, thank you for connecting me to A2. I’m glad I was able to reach out-that’s thanks to you. You have a great heart. That is very evident. Sending love and hugs Jeffrey:) have a super night

  48. Good question and great answer! I ponder this myself. I have come such a long way in the past 2-3 years, it’s amazing and it’s because of my savior, Jesus Christ. He has shown me the way ♥. I love the one quote you have on here especially “Don’t judge someone’s story by the chapter you just walked in on”. Gave me the goosies 😉 Have a lovely night! Love your bog and good luck getting the part!

    • Hi Annabella! Thank you so much for this beautiful reflection. Your kind and encouraging words really mean a lot! God is good! How blessed are we to have Someone in our corner who loves us unconditionally:) thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  49. I’m so glad I clicked on your blog! What a great post, and it’s got me thinking. I can’t come up with three words right now, but it will be what I ponder today. Well, I can give you one: saved by His blood (okay, that’s four). I look forward to your future posts and hope you get the part!

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Yeah, it can be really difficult to come up with three! But that’s a great one to start with!! 🙂 glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  50. Loved reading your post . I think I keep rethinking myself !! And grace is what I should lean on .! Loved how you dispersed your words with relevant photos . Brilliant . I’m mostly fumbling around with this blogging trying to work the art out .
    Thanks for your encouragement .
    Appreciated 💐

    • Thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed it and liked my quote art. They’re a bit of a labor of love, but I really do enjoy it. Thank YOU for the encouragement 🙂 have a great day! Hugs xox

  51. I weirdly glad you struggled with that question–and I love the way your post provides the real answer: you’re someone who can’t be reduced to any three words. None of us can!

    • Hey there! Haha you’re funny. I haven’t heard yet! I’ll find out about callbacks probably next week…welcome to the acting world, aka: the perpetual waiting game! Haha thanks for your interest and encouragement! You’ll be the first to know! ❤️❤️❤️

  52. Ironically, I am currently wearing a sweatshirt that my children HATE; I was wearing this sweatshirt when I took an overdose of sleeping pills (in an attempt to sleep) and chased them with vodka (to get them to work) but ended up in the mental ward of a hospital for 10 days. The sweatshirt is one I designed and had ordered. On it are 5 lines: each of the five lines says the same thing but each line is in a different language. One is Aramaic (for Jesus); one is in Latvian (just because); one is in Somali (for the poor Somali people); and I don’t recall what other languages I picked. Interestingly, the young man who transported me from Asheville to the hospital in Hickory had been in the medical corps of the army and had served in Somalia, so he knew what the sweatshirt said…which explained why he was so kind to me.

    The English translations is 3 words: “I don’t matter”.

    • Hi Kitsy, I just want to give you a big hug! I’m with your kids on the sweatshirt. You DO matter. Your life matters–so much so that Jesus embraced the cross for it:) just remember that❤️ sending so much love

      • That’s where I was emotionally last September. A lot has changed. Oddly, or maybe it’s just coincidence, but I have been rather melancholy today and have remembered rather traumatic events all day. Maybe it’s time to take off the sweatshirt.

      • I think that’s a great idea. Take it off for good. Because what it says is 100% false. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ sending you love. Hope your day gets better, friend☺️

  53. Thoroughly enjoyed this post as it really got me thinking on the whole “Who am I?” topic. Ah that question pretty much sums up all the internal conflicts I’m currently going through and I suppose it’s time to start thinking about it, as you have! THANKS FOR THE PUSH GURL 🙂

    • Hi friend! Thank you so much for this encouragement:) I really appreciate it. Yeah, something that I definitely don’t think about as much as I probably should! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  54. All those pains, all those sorrows, and victories, and defeats and getting-back-ups, and disappointments, and betrayals, and misunderstandings, and failures, and wins and losses, all those friends who were and weren’t—they all are different colors on God’s palette to paint a picture for the world to see His glory through us.

    We are the cross-bought people who display Him the cross-shape of our lives to the world. Thanks for the reminder that we are more than the sum total of our experiences, good and bad, because through Christ, we are becoming what He wants us to be.

  55. Hah, always love how those little questions, super simple on paper, will make me pause and come up with a freaking soliloquy. “What’s your favorite color?” ‘/dramatic sigh/ What is color? Is it not our emotions, made visible? Is not red blinding passion? Is not blue soothing tranquility? How am I to choose?! …that said, I love razzmatazz.’ To complex answers for simple questions 😛

  56. I relate to this post, whenever I try to describe who I am, it’s like I can only describe ne aspect of myself. And of course I can’t leave out Jesus without leaving out the whole reason I’m who I am. I heard at a camp I went to that you’re true identity is beign a child of God. I guess that’s as concise as it gets.

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