To School, or NOT To School

Ugh. I’m sorry this is late. In all honesty, I spent all day writing one heck of a post, that…now that it’s “go-time,” I’m frankly too scared to publish it, because it’s a super controversial topic, but I just felt really compelled to write about it.

I’m going to sit with it this weekend, make a few changes and publish it on Monday.

So that’s that on that.


I was falling asleep last night, and I got an email that the Sundance Film Festival has cancelled all their in-person events and showings this year. Yep – they are going 100% virtual.

Which, to be honest, is disappointing because my family — and this year my special gentleman — and I were going to attend the festival in Utah later this month, and go skiing, like we do every year.

Omicron has caused nearly 5,000 school closings. With classes going virtual, what is the toll that it is taking on kids? And is it worth it? #covid #omicron #health #wellness #mentalhealth #family #parenting #school #life #kids

To be honest, I saw it coming. Given how Omicron has brought New York City to its knees, and put a screeching halt on literally everything — cancelling everything from Broadway, to the Rockettes, and even shuttering some restaurants — I half-expected Sundance to fall in line.

But can you believe how disruptive Omicron has been? I have had two close brushes with Covid exposures, and by the grace of God, and a fully vaccinated body, have stayed negative. Thank you, Jesus.

But I know more people who have had it, than haven’t. In several cases, even contracting it twice!

And now many schools are back to being virtual.

Is that happening where you live?

Nearly 5,000 K-12 schools have gone virtual as of last night, as well as numerous colleges and universities.

And the schools that are remaining open in NYC — get this — not only do the kids have to have a negative test to attend, but the parents have to supply a DATED VIDEO of the kid taking the test, and the negative result.

I mean, is that what this virus has reduced humanity to? Distrusting our neighbor to the point of requiring video evidence that we’re not liars?

Omicron has caused nearly 5,000 school closings. With classes going virtual, what is the toll that it is taking on kids? And is it worth it? #covid #omicron #health #wellness #mentalhealth #family #parenting #school #life #kids

I mean, this is putting a huge strain on parents, with virtual learning, having to figure out child care for their kids. And God-forbid, there’s an exposure or someone gets sick, that’s ten days of taking off work!

My heart just goes out to all those families that are going through this juggling headache of virtual learning again.

The whole thing just makes me wonder, what is the right thing to do?

I mean, that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?

What’s the right answer here? How best do we handle it?

Because, vaccinated or not, people are getting – and passing – the virus at a rate never before seen. But then, for the majority of cases, it’s just a mild-moderate cold.

What’s the move here?

Omicron has caused nearly 5,000 school closings. With classes going virtual, what is the toll that it is taking on kids? And is it worth it? #covid #omicron #health #wellness #mentalhealth #family #parenting #school #life #kids

Lockdown has taken a tremendous toll on kids is enormous. There is a mental health crisis among young people thanks to the loneliness and isolation from Covid.

Are we really going to subject kids to more of that becuase of a super contagious cold, that isn’t showing to be severe for kids?

School is not just about learning what’s in the books, but socialization. Kids need to be around other kids: Learning how to be a friend, how to work together, how to resolve conflicts, how to navigate social situations, how to take rejection, how to talk to a crush! Peer to peer interaction helps kids develop a personality, gain confidence, and sews seeds to thrive later in life. There is so much more to school than just what can be administered over e-learning.

Omicron has caused nearly 5,000 school closings. With classes going virtual, what is the toll that it is taking on kids? And is it worth it? #covid #omicron #health #wellness #mentalhealth #family #parenting #school #life #kids

So what are we to do?

I don’t want to get Omicron as much as the next New Yorker, but is that enough to put life on hold? I’ve been operating in extreme caution, not so much that I don’t get it, but rather, that I don’t pass it on to people who are in a more risky age group or a health-compromised state.

And I think that’s what has most people concerned.

At some point, though, we’re going to have to get on with life, and start living again.

Sure, the pandemic is politically advantageous for those in power, but at what cost are we willing to put the country through economically, mentally, socially — to maintain a reign of fear over a virus that has now been reduced to a cold, albeit, a highly, highly contageous one.

I don’t know. I don’t know what the answer is here. But I know there is a lot of suffering right now. Among families having to figure out work schedules with home from school now. Among kids languishing in isolation, missing their friends, feeling alone. Among families, separated by distance that involves restricted transcontinental airline travel. Among people who just miss their friends and loved ones, and long to be able to be socialize again.

What do you think? Is where you live as restricted as New York City? Do you think school should be remote? Let me know what you think!

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“This is what the Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” Ez 37:5

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56 responses to “To School, or NOT To School”

  1. I don’t have the answers, but God sure does. We need to hang on, be as safe as we can be and keep Him close in our hearts. I think home schooling is a great idea for a few reasons, but adding the virus into the mix makes that a different animal. Please be safe my friend! 🙏🏻❤️

    • You’re right about that, John – Joh definitely does. Yes! i think homeschool is a great option too, for a lot of reasons. you too, stay safe! Hugs and love xox

  2. I’m a teacher, and conflicted myself. I don’t understand teachers’ hesitance to teach in person—at least those who are vaxxed and boostered and not at particularly high risk—but I do think parents should have the option of remote learning when possible. It should be up to families whether they want to take the risk.

    Obviously we have to quarantine classes or parts of classes when there is an exposure, and that’s really hard. Not sure how to make that part easier on families, honestly.

    • Hi friend, thank you so much for sharing this great insight. That’s a great point – leaving it to the discretion of families is a great call. Because especially with multi-generational homes, or families where someone is sick or immunocompromised, many families are dealing with very different situations. It’s a tough situation, and I feel for ya! hang in there! Hugs and love xox

  3. I would also point out that Omicron isn’t harmless to kids. We’ve got record numbers of pediatric hospitalizations where I live. It’s no joke. But, I still think it should be up to parents to decide whether to keep kids home or send them to school.

  4. The reality is that all the fear is being caused by propaganda that is being pushed by tyrants who lust for power. We moved from Colorado to Florida in 2020, so we could live in freedom and peace, and that is exactly what we are doing. Despite the lies of the leftists in power, DeSantis is an excellent Governor who has done an amazing job protecting our Constitutional rights and freedom, and neither Covid nor the Omicron variant are spreading out of control in Florida. Our kids have been in school this entire time, and they will go back like normal after Christmas break ends next Tuesday too. Our kids are happy, healthy, and free Americans, and we will continue to live our lives in freedom no matter what lying Biden and his band of power hungry tyrants say. We choose faith over fear. People need to stop being scared of a virus that has a 99% survival rate. It has been proven that healthy kids are not even an at risk age group. It’s older people and immune compromised people that are most at risk, not kids. They need to keep the schools open and let kids be kids. All this fear mongering insanity needs to stop. God bless!

    • Hey Ryan! That is so great to hear that Florida is doing so well! I agree – DeSantis has done amazing things, and to be honest, I hope he runs for president! I feel terrible for him though, the way the left media has just dragged him through the mud. You’ve made some really great points here. The fear mongering is really enough. It’s great for news ratings, sure…but enough is enough. thanks for sharing your thoughts! Hugs and love xox

    • Same here, Ryan. My husband and I moved from the DC area to South Carolina to get away from the tyranny. It’s a different, much freer world down here. Life is actually relatively normal, and I am so, so thankful to be out of that mess. Praying for the country at large on a daily basis…

  5. Yes, the pandemic is such a bore what with all these damn restrictions. But at least it’s working to cull the herd. We’ve already reduced it by nearly a million and that’s just in the USA. As a parent, I’m sure you are an expert on rearing children and the burden they present when not in school. Those schools, well you know, they’re only propaganda mills.

    And now, the Omicron variant, has these kids filling up hospitals and putting a real crimp into one’s daily life. Yes, it’s high time to start getting back to our pre-pandemic lives.

    It’s so unfair that the film festival was canceled; what with the great skiing and some really, how shall I say, engaging viewing. It’s all so political as if some lives matter. And science is a real buzzkill.

    There’s that pesky government encroaching on our rights and limiting our activities. As white Americans, we shouldn’t have to be concerned with those unfortunate enough to get sick or die. After all, that’s their choice. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, as we love to say. So let’s buck up, put a new coat of wax on our skis and head for the clean slopes where we needn’t see the dead and dying riffraff.

  6. I know every place is different, but Florida seems to have a pretty good balance with far fewer restrictions. There are no new restrictions for omicron that I am aware of. Generally, there’s a good deal of freedom. Kids went to school starting last year. People go to work. Gatherings are unrestricted. Quarentines are the expectation if you test positive. Masks and vaccinations are optional most places (but argued about everywhere). Anecdotally the people I talk to are moving here less for the weather and more for the freedom.

    • Hi Jesse! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. It sounds like Florida is the place to be! 🙂 But you’re right – people are really getting tired of their freedoms being restricted, and being controlled by fear. I have a lot of respect for your state, and for its leadership. The country has a lot to learn from Florida! Hugs and love xox

  7. Covid is not merely a “mild cold or flu.”

    According to studies:

    Long term effects include serious compromises of the cardiovascular system, brain, nervous system, and other damage to various internal organs.

    The antibodies left behind by Covid infection have also been shown to attack healthy tissues as the disease leaves its lingering effects.

    This is no mere cold or flu. It’s a bloody plague, and the far right’s response (this includes right-wing extremists Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the entire Democrat and Republican Parties) is to simply let the most vulnerable die. They prefer this over setting any precedent that might involve paying people to stay home and quarantine until the spread of the virus is truly and fully under control so vaccines have time to do their jobs.

    China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea, and other parts of the freer world (freer than the fascist U.S. and its vassal states, anyway) have successfully beaten Covid 19 while the West in its derangement chooses its usual savagery.

    Nobody should be risking life and health, or the lives and health of children, for the illusion of going back to normal. Normal is GONE, people, and it’s not coming back—not as long as we continue laissez-faire approaches to disasters of our own making.

  8. I don’t know what to do about schools. It’s a big question and you point out many of the variables in your post. From my vantage point as a gay man who lived through the AIDS crisis, I hope there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. For The Gays who were born after the epidemic, they didn’t have a generational handoff from one generation to the next like I did. The generation in question was just…gone. The result is a behavioral culture that makes me ashamed.
    With kids being home schooled as schools stay or re-close, I hope that at least being with their parents eliminates any future behavioral like I experience. If not, then future generations are probably really gonna be messed up.

  9. I don’t know what the right thing is to do ~ and it doesn’t sound like anyone really knows, given the constant changing of info. That isn’t to discount science, and I am beyond grateful for the vaxxes (I have had 3), but about how contagious the new variant is and what our risk level is for serious illness in the various age/health groups. I’m being cautious but not completely paranoid. I sure don’t want to pass it on to an (even) older person or my unvaxxed grandbabies! We are now back to wearing masks all the time in California, yada. Stay safe xox

  10. Hi 👋 My kiddos have been full-time in school this whole school year. They even lifted the mask mandated about a week before Christmas. Several quarantines in our family because of exposures but really, in small town Kansas, life just marched on in a weird version of normal since like… I wanna say June of last year? No. It’s 2022 now. June of 2020 everything opened back up. You know kids sports back on, pool open, skating rink, all restaurants opened in 2020 too. Our theater was the last to open back up but they’re open on Friday and Saturdays now. Thankfully. I hear about the rest of the world, like New York and Australia and it’s soo surreal. Almost like you all live on a different planet! I hope you stay safe and I LOVE your blogging voice. You’re an inspiration!

  11. Remote school has been a disaster all around in so many ways. This madness needs to stop, especially that this latest round of cases has been mild. People get colds and the flu. Deal with it. It’s tragic when someone dies from disease, yes, and I don’t mean to minimize anyone’s pain. But that has been part of the human experience since the beginning of history, and we can’t just lock up and hide. I’m sorry if that came across as harsh, but I’m really angry about this…

  12. My daughter had her first zoom meeting with her kindergarten teacher today in case it comes down to remote learning. She was supposed to go back to school this week but it got extended to Jan 10. If it comes down to remote learning, we’ll do whatever it takes to get through the 5th wave. Tomorrow she’s getting vaccinated (first dose). I’m health care worker and the hospitals are overwhelmed. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Thankfully I don’t deal with covid patients.

  13. “Lord, make me a channel of disturbance.
    Where there is apathy, let me provoke;

    Where there is compliance, let me bring questioning;

    Where there is silence, may I be a voice.
    Where there is too much comfort and too little action, grant disruption;
    Where there are doors closed and hearts locked,
    Grant the willingness to listen.
    When laws dictate and pain is overlooked…
    When tradition speaks louder than need…
    Grant that I may seek rather to do justice than to talk about it;
    Disturb us, O Lord.
    To be with, as well as for, the alienated;
    To love the unlovable as well as the lovely;
    Lord, make me a channel of disturbance.
    ~ Author unknown”

    • Someone once said a good minister of the Gospel does his best work when he comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comforted! Good prayer, there, Bill. However, I don’t think the Assisi saint would consider this a reverse of his prayer, but just a different focus. yours and His, c.a.

      • I got this from Gloria Purvis’ website. Ms. Purvis hosted “Morning Glory”, an EWTN early-morning production and the only broadcast with a black person at the microphone until it was quietly shuttered last December. Systemic racism doing its thing.
        “Reverse” was not the best choice of words perhaps. The prayer is, as you say, on the flipside of the Assisi saint’s prayer, a complement.

  14. I don’t know what the solution is. What I know is that Eric Adams is in favor of keeping schools open. And he has the right reasons. However, I know of a friend who is a teacher who travels from our island to Williamsburg. He’s still recovering from Omicron with his gf. NYCDOE are very upset at the Teacher’s Union. They haven’t done enough to protect their employees. UFT should be doing more. I also heard that even if they show proof of a negative test, they’re still forcing kids to be tested at schools. Yikes. This is insanity. I can only hope for the best for humanity. Happy New Year Caralyn! ✨⭐🎇🎆

  15. I’m vaccinated and yet I currently have Covid. I have taken maybe about 12 tests since the pandemic and only now have come down with the virus. In Portugal we also have many places shutdown and debates going on whether schools should reopen. The grand issue here is that all though the virus is real, a bunch of oligarchs are working behind the scenes pushing the “new world order” that’s been long in the making and prophesied to happen (Daniel 7, Revelation 13) they are using Covid (ie… the right crisis) to push tje agenda, combine that with climate change and fan the flames with the media and there you have it… problem, reaction and solution… the solution, we know him as the antichrist, the world will see him as the hero with all the answers to the world’s problems. Sorry to rant on here, but thought I would just share how I see things in light of God’s word. God bless 😊

  16. Caralyn,
    I agree that children need to go to school, but I think that to describe the Omicron variat as just a mild-moderate cold that isn’t something to fear depends on whether you find yourself hopitalized or not, although, admittedly. the flu is about he same. As a Democrat, I don’t agree that this virus is politically advantageous to anyone, especially as mask and vaccine mandates are made to appear as fear and the desire to rob people of freedom of choice. It’s hard to have your beliefs about vaccinations and masks viewed as a left-wing conspiracy, especially when the whole world is dealing with this issue, and it is not something separate for Americans. I am sorry that you and your family must miss attending the Sundance festival and skiing, as I know how much we need to socialize. I just wish that people on the right and left of the political spectrum would find common ground on how to address the issue but realize that that may not be possible in a divided America, for our children and for each other. My daughter is struggling with the Omicron variant right now, and she is diabetic, so for me, it is a little scary right now, but I am grateful that Omicron seems to not be so deadly. Take care and hopefully this too will pass soon.

  17. I agree with you Caralyn, it is not worth all the disruption to families to keep kids home, so they don’t catch this glorified cold. I had it and frankly I don’t understand all the fear!. I’ve been sicker in my lifetime and been through much worse things. Why does the media love to cause fear in people’s hearts? I’ve been to Africa and saw first hand how people live in mud huts and the children sit on the ground to eat beans off a plate with their fingers. America has been spoiled way to long! Get real people! So your down for a few days, there are thousands of people that live with worse every day of their lives.

  18. I’m beginning to think you’re the only one with common sense in NYC! The schools in the suburb of Dallas where I live have been in-person with no masks required since fall 2021. They just started back up following the Christmas break this week. They report the number of new cases daily. So far, despite there being about 10,000 students in the system, there’s been ZERO. Your city could learn from that.

  19. Many of your readers would do well to read Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear.” Though the novel’s focus is on global warming, its message of the powerful and influential using their positions to posit fear instead of real solutions applies to any “panic.” We are living in a state of fear constantly these days: will Iran get nuclear weapons; will they use them against Israel and the U.S; will Russia invade Ukraine; will India and China go to war soon; will governments imprison people for disagreeing with .gov’s assessments; will we die from omicron????
    “Fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you … for God gave us a spirit NOT of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:6-7

  20. Hi Caralyn, I just want to share my experience for what it’s worth. On Dec. 23 I tested positive for COVID. I had COVID a year ago, right after Thanksgiving of 2020. And I have been vaccinated. But there I was, blindsided at this bad news since our children were coming in for Christmas and also my sister-in-law. The nurse practitioner who examined me told me that she had kept quiet for too long. She told me to go home and enjoy my family. She said that this whole isolation and shut-down situation has got to stop, that we need to live with the virus and use common sense. She said that our family traveling in for Christmas were no doubt going to be exposed on their way here. So, I called everyone and told them what was going on. I knew it was important to do that. They all decided to come anyway. We had a wonderful Christmas. Over the next several days, everyone here (except our son) presented cold symptoms. All of us were better quickly. It was nothing more than a slight cold. I do realize that this isn’t the case with everyone. I was worried about Aaron because of his seizures, but he lives with us and there was no way to avoid that exposure anyway. He was fine. Yet I know of a young man, the son of dear friends, who caught COVID from his wife and is now in the hospital with pneumonia and on oxygen. We just don’t know, but I do know that we cannot live in this continual fear and isolation and life disruption. Thanks for letting me share.

  21. I’m inCalifornia and our area so far has maintained a balance. There are the normal precautions but generally, not all, are not over reacting. I did see one exception, but I’m also not out much. I’ve had sniffles for awhile, but keep testing negative. I am prone to seasonal allergies, so I’m sure that’s all that is. Tests keep coming back negative though.
    Schools here are still in session but they are optional, so some can elect for online instruction. Many restaurants and businesses have closed though. But since our climate is equitable restaurants have open, canopied areas to help. City ordinances have allowed them to set up on the streets in some cases, closing much parking. We’ll see.

  22. I have a lot to say about this– no magical answers, just some observations. Both of my kids [Adam is 13 & Tatum is 9] had Covid in 2021. They are normal, healthy children. Thankfully, for my daughter it was like a cold. My son had a rough time with it and had to go to the ER for difficulty breathing.

    Both of my children are privileged in a multitude of ways. Each has a caregiver that facilitate their online learning in my absence. They go to the type of schools in the suburbs where it’s just a given that every child has technology options for remote learning and very few students get reduced lunch. Adam’s school has gone remote again and he’s totally fine with that. Both of us are homebodies.

    Tatum does not like remote learning. She’s my little social butterfly. Her school has not gone remote and they are raising all sorts of fuss about it. I wish there was an option. And I really wish that all children had a way that remote learning could be feasible without taking a toll on their [or their parents] mental health. And the financial implications that come from a parent having to stay home or miss work because of a child’s education. It’s hard.

    ~ Sloane

  23. Your post hit the nail on the head. Years from now, after Covid becomes nothing more than a mild seasonal illness, people will look back on these times and ask, “What the heck were they thinking?” School age children during these years will be forever known as “The Covid Generation”.

    Science will spend decades studying the damage done to these children, who were either forced to attend school remotely, or in person with masks. You’re absolutely right about socialization skills. It is frightening to think what these lockdowns are doing to our most precious resource: our children.

    On the bright side, even though Omicron is spreading like wildfire, it’s relatively mild and there has not been ONE DEATH reported in the US. Hopefully, this nightmare will soon end.

  24. I totally understand the need to get our kids back in school. But to say this virus is now just a terrible cold is no untrue. I have a friend who is now in ICU on a ventilator struggling for life. I have a daughter who is a school teacher who has been teaching but got Covid and although she has recovered and is back to teaching, her lungs have been damaged and she is still suffering. I have three friends who have lost a family member in just the last few weeks. I don’t know that the answer is to shut everything down – I know we must go on. But please do not imply this is just a “terrible cold.” For most it is. But for those who have lost a loved one – or are now suffering from lung damage, this sounds heartless.

  25. This is an international problem and I feel sorry for our world leaders who have to walk the tightrope between economic ruin and care for those who elected them HealthWise. Getting vaccinated is the smart thing to do because while you can still be exposed after being vaccinated you have a very strong chance of avoiding ICU and death if vaccinated. Those who would rather exercise their freedom and not get vaccinated increase their chance of death or permanent damage to their health after somehow clinging to life. I think its smart to lessen the risk of that an get vaccinated. Too bad people’s intelligence is sometimes overruled by their political viewpoint and unusual view of what freedom is. The only logical solution for our world political leaders is to get as many people vaccinated as are willing to do so to lessen their health risk and shut down where necessary while that initial process is being instituted. That would have to be about eighty percent of the population. Then tell their populations we gave you a chance to lessen your risk now its time to let you enjoy the consequences of your personal choice because we are opening up and giving guidelines to follow for personal protection. And that means those who took the risk to stay unvaccinated have to take responsibility for their death or permanent health impairment and not blame the current government of the time for their bad choice. The conspiracy theorists have a lot to answer for but I suppose democracy allows them to have their voice. Absolutely ridiculous to believe Bill Gates or anyone for that matter is putting a chip inside them to control.

  26. For the first time the Covid is really attacking the population here despite the fantastic vaccination rate . My daughter has been a close contact and the testing system is not coping with the huge number of cases currently. I do realise we did eventually have to get on with life but the system needs to be ready for any huge influx of cases. Rapid antigen tests are like gold here. I have been hearing from a friend whose daughter in law had to drive around to five testing centres whilst very sick. She eventually gave up and went to bed.

    Schools here are currently on holiday but there has been talk of online learning again. Speaking as somebody who had to homeschool her son, for much of his school career anyway, (He was an asthmatic but he has now just completed a double degree. His sister has also just completed her degree. I will also admit I am a teacher.) I think that perhaps schools needed to run classes for parents, to help them cope.I admit I loved the opportunity to put my teaching theories to the test. I believe in teaching children through their interests.

    In these challenging times I think flexibility by schools, certainly up to perhaps Year 8, is key. I saw a hilarious video by an Israeli woman struggling to cope with the teachers’ sometimes unrealistic demands.

    If I had been running a class I think I would have been encouraging the children to journal. Making their journals central, to help them deal with the whole pandemic. Sticking in relevant photos etc. If there were struggles with maths etc. Teach them to write or draw about it, to share with their teachers.
    My youngsters have been studying at home for their degrees for the last two years. It was challenging for all of us, especially as we are in limited space but I did get to be more involved in their studies than I might otherwise have done.

    My daughter in particular managed to have a great social life through lockdown. She and her friends had a weekly Games Night. I think they were closer after lockdown than before. I was actually quite touched by their loyalty to Games Night.

  27. I should add that the idea of things like journalling is to take some of the pressure off parents. It is something which could be relatively self-sustaining. Even if, for some age groups, it could involve simply drawing, adding a few words and sticking things in their journal.

  28. It’s becoming more and more visible that it’s not really about the virus anymore; what is happening is about control. And where does it end? Maybe we have to be pushed to a point where we stand up in unison against this madness.

    Yes, in the beginning, it was an unknown virus, but it is getting milder and milder with each variant, omicron, has virtually no deaths yet the same restrictions.

    As the famous saying goes, it gets darkest before the dawn. The question is, how much darker has it to become?

    • That is such a great point – it’s about control, which is really scary. And what an ominous question to consider, but consider it, we must. Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to read and reflect on my articles. I really appreciate your insight! Hugs and love xox

  29. I teach 2nd graders and I am torn on this issue. First, I’ll say, students should be in school. I truly believe this. But how can we do it safely. In my district, we are 100% in-person. But it have been a VERY difficult year. Students have missed up to 4 weeks or more of school due to their own illness or illness in their homes. We have NO subs and teachers are teaching sick on Zoom from home! This week alone, my class of 18 has been down to 10. Some classes have 5 and one class have been completely quarantined at home. Students are ,missing more school that when they were virtual. We send work home and are now all training to teach in-person and on Zoom AT THE SAME TIME!

    That said, many of the students I have this year are NO WHERE NEAR being ready for 3rd grade. They are reading WAY below grade level and are struggling in many other ways. Behaviors in schools are off the charts and many teacher are RUNNING from the profession in large numbers. The saddest part is, there’s not many upcoming teachers to replace those who are leaving. Social anxiety is at an all time high as well.

    I am being prayerful for students, teachers, and staff this year. It’s been one of the worse one ever.

  30. I live in Canada. What you’re experiencing in NYC has been my life for 2 years now. Churches here haven’t been fully open since this started. Our schools have gone to remote learning 4 times. Masks are mandatory everywhere, we get fines if we refuse. Those who refuse the vaccination get shut out of society. They are allowed nowhere except grocery stores. Their kids aren’t even allowed to participate in sports for crying out loud.

    I’ve gotten Covid twice and I am double vaccinated. It’s not just a cold. It was horrible. Both times I was hit hard. I get the frustration, the helplessness of not knowing how to move forward.

    But for the good of everyone, we HAVE to move on. Even if it means losing people we care about very much. We have to let go of our ego and admit defeat. PEOPLE CAN’T CONTROL SICKNESS. We just can’t. It’s no ones fault. No one tries to spread germs. No one is responsible for killing grandma. Death is a part of life. Enough with the blame. The division is haunting here. Everyone feels hopeless. Suicide rates are up. Family members aren’t speaking to each other over differences in opinions. I haven’t had a normal day of life since COVID started. I hate what my country has become, I hate how it’s changed the people around me, how it creeps into every conversation, how it ruins every outing. I hate what it’s done to the churches, businesses, freedoms, etc.

    Have the restrictions saved lives? Probably. But they’ve also taken the joy out of living. Is this really how we want to live?

  31. Caralyn, I ordered your book, Bloom, for a friend who is suffering with Anorexia. I hope it will help her. I love your blog and it always inspires and blesses me. Please keep writing your blog because it helps so many.

    • Hi Mary, thank you so much for ordering my book, I pray that it will offer some help and hope to your friend. Gosh, that is so tough to watch a loved one suffer like that. It sounds like your friend is really blessed to have you in her life. Thank you for those kind words about my blog. It means a lot. Sending so much love and hugs xox

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