Bravo, DeSantis

Wake up, people.

Our young kids are being groomed by mainstream culture, and it is absolutely w r o n g.

Yes, groomed as in, being preyed upon in a sexual manner by adults. I’m not talking physically, but rather…mentally.

Their thinking, their moral compass, their beliefs and ideas about sex. It’s happening right in front of us. To our children.

And God bless Ron DeSantis for having the balls to stand up and say, “Enough is enough.”

The Parental Rights in Education Bill -- or rather, the inaccurately called "Don't Say Gay" Bill -- is our first line of defense against the attack on our #children in schools and in the media. Bravo, #DeSantis. #florida #prolife #catholic #family #parenting #god #faith #disney

Let’s talk about this so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida. In actuality, it is the HB1557 “Parental Rights in Education Bill” – which, contrary to the wolf-crying media, does not ban the word “gay” from classrooms, but rather, prohibits the “encourage[ment of] classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students.”

Which is absolutely right. Teachers should not be talking about sex, or planting ideas to spur “gender confusion” to children in grades K-3.

The outrage this bill has caused on the left, is frankly preposterous. You mean, you agree that talking to children about the ins and outs of how people use their genitals is an appropriate conversation to have with a child who doesn’t even know how to write in cursive?!

It is absolutely outrageous.

There is no world where that is okay. First of all, I believe it is the job of the parent to educate their child about sex. Secondly, when it comes to Sex Ed or, “Health Class” as it was called at my public school in Ohio – in fourth grade, might I add…you should learn about reproduction — NOT about all the different “variants of pleasure” that contradict the purpose of sex in the first place: making babies.

When I learned about sex from my mother, I was taught that my virginity was a gift to give to my future husband. It was the most precious, special gift that I could only give away once in my life. She also talked about the scriptural tie-ins to the consummation of marriage in a one-flesh union, with Jesus giving His body on the Cross to His bride, The Church. Etc.

It was a beautiful conversation that influenced the decisions I have made my entire life when it comes to sex. One that I am so grateful for. It saved me, not just pregnancy scares, but also the heartache that comes from feeling used, or taken advantage of, or the questioning of the basis of a relationship.

And sure, there are going to be a lot of people that read that and say, Oh well you were brainwashed with backward, antiquated thinking. And to those people, I’ll just smile, and say: Sure, whatever you say :).

The Parental Rights in Education Bill -- or rather, the inaccurately called "Don't Say Gay" Bill -- is our first line of defense against the attack on our #children in schools and in the media. Bravo, #DeSantis. #florida #prolife #catholic #family #parenting #god #faith #disney

Never once in my life did I ever question that decision. Never once did I question my sexuality or whether I was a female or whether I was actually a boy trapped in a female body.

We don’t need teachers planting ideas about such things in the minds of children, who should be spending time playing outside, discovering their passions, learning about bugs, and learning the meaning of hard work, discipline, following through on a task, honesty, being kind to others, respecting their parents and other people.

And we certainly don’t need teachers making parents out to be “untrustworthy” adults, who kids should keep things from.

There is an attack on our kids right now. An attack. And not just in schools.

“Sexy Summer Camp” run by “Sexy Sex Ed’s” Tanya Turner in Kentucky, is a summer camp for “kids of all ages,” encouraging masturbation, LGBTQ activism, and gender exploration for kids.

The Parental Rights in Education Bill -- or rather, the inaccurately called "Don't Say Gay" Bill -- is our first line of defense against the attack on our #children in schools and in the media. Bravo, #DeSantis. #florida #prolife #catholic #family #parenting #god #faith #disney

Disney’s upcoming film, Lightyear, (The Buzz Lightyear [Toy Story] origin story), will feature two female characters kissing.

Twix candy bar ran a commercial last Halloween with a little boy wearing a Princess dress, saying he felt better dressed that way.

The American Girl Dolls have a new doll, Kira, with lesbian aunts, and the book has a full page photo of the two brides at their wedding.

The Parental Rights in Education Bill -- or rather, the inaccurately called "Don't Say Gay" Bill -- is our first line of defense against the attack on our #children in schools and in the media. Bravo, #DeSantis. #florida #prolife #catholic #family #parenting #god #faith #disney

At the end of the Harry Potter Broadway show, the main character — Harry Potter’s son — comes out as gay.

The bottom line is this: teachers and the media should not be talking about sex — ANY KIND of sex: heterosexual, homosexual, whatever! — with kids in grades K-3. Period!

There is NO CIRCUMSTANCE where teachers need to be discussing that with a child. It is inappropriate. It is disturbing. It is grooming.

Let kids be kids.

Encourage them to learn. Encourage them to dream. Encourage them to aspire to be astronauts, the next Lebron James, the President, a firefighter, a teacher! Encourage them to chase after those dreams.

No where in that picture, needs to be a discussion about if they want to have sex with boys or girls. No where in that picture needs to be a discussion that leads the child to question their gender. No where in that picture needs to be a teacher who paints the child’s parents as untrustworthy.

Good for you, DeSantis, for standing up to protect our kids and protect families, from this predation on the most vulnerable: our kids.

To hear my story, click here.

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80 responses to “Bravo, DeSantis”

  1. Well said. The left, descendants of Marxist thought, seek nothing more than the destruction of the family and especially children. Hence they will misled an already gullible public with slogans such as “don’t say gay” because they know they cannot sell grooming and brainwashing to any reasonable and responsible parent or adult.

    Ron DeSantis is the leader and fellow Catholic we need in the public square.

    • Thank you friend. You’re right about that, we need to protect families and children! and you’re right — that was a very specifically chosen verbiage as a way to slant the story and divert attention away from the truth. so glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you James, I really appreciate your support. Glad this resonated with you! Hugs and love xox

  2. Groomed for what? Living as themselves instead of government meddling in their lives forcing them to stay in the proverbial closet? Sorry, but you’re way off on this. Nobody’s trying to prey sexually on our children. It so happens I am a donor to three healthy, happy children of lesbian parents and have seen they are in no danger of harm from anyone other than closed-minded bigots who can’t seem to keep from sticking their noses where they’re neither needed or wanted. God has never, isn’t, and will never condemn LGBTQ+ people, no matter how much you want Him to. God isn’t about hate or ignorance or intolerance. Right-wingers are, and it’s they who represent the biggest danger to our children.

    • Michael, I’m not sure which blog post you read but it wasn’t this one! Caralyn said NOTHING about God hating anyone especially LGBTQ+ persons.

      The issue is that young children do not need to discuss sex/sexual orientation in SCHOOL! It is the responsibility of parents to be parents and not let teachers or administration do that.

      The most appalling part of this movement is teaching children that their heterosexual parents aren’t supposed to be told about what is discussed at school. It frighteningly smells of communism! Who is sticking their nose in where they aren’t needed or wanted now?

      And please tell me how happy your lesbian parent friends would be if THEIR rights as parents were threatened?

      Science-specifically psychology-has proven that brain development in young children shows they do not have the capacity to understand sexuality. That’s why sexual abuse of young children is so damaging. BECAUSE THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND sex. They don’t have the capacity to understand an adult situation. So who’s doing the brainwashing now?!

      I have very close family members who are lesbian parents and they’re just as appalled by this attempt at legislation and controlling their children as the rest of the country.

      We live in a free country if you want the government to control your every move and brainwash your children I hear there’s room in Russia!

  3. This post was hard to read, Caralyn, the sexy summer camp thing is absolutely vile and of the devil as is the confusion our young people feel and must deal with today. Then, we have a president and his cronies doing all they can to destroy our country and children. America is on the slippery slope to ruin. I am so very thankful that I was born in 1960 and had a childhood completely free of this evil. And, zero social media…

  4. I don’t agree with you about virginity, etc., but I entirely agree that it is inappropriate for teachers to be talking to little kids about sexuality. Kids will whisper about sex like they always have, and the teachers can focus on math and reading. It’s just gross to imagine some 40 year old male teacher talking to a 6 year old girl about her genitalia 😨

  5. Okay, let’s pares this out.

    1. Our children —- You don’t have any.

    2. Sex — You don’t have sex (according to yourself).

    3. Education — Yours is obviously limited.

    4. Your hero the Governor of Florida no surprise.

    — A racist

    — An antisemite

    — A supporter of American Nazis

    5. Deviant sex — Any relationship you don’t like.

    6. Your anger — A world you can’t control.

    7. Righteousness and smuggery — Your guiding light.

    • I agree, discussions of gender identity & sexual orientation have no place in elementary classrooms.

      When did it become sexual for two children to hold hands while walking down the street.

      What about medical professionals who begin gender reassignment treatment on those under the age of 21. It’s just WRONG! In my opinion both the doctor and parents should be charged with sexual abuse.

      Children have enough to deal with. Why would any loving person add sexuality to a child’s list of worries.

  6. Difficult process to fight, but must be stopped. Children should be able to have fun, without wondering if they’re being something ‘else’. One day, the world will regret not standing up for them.

  7. Couldn’t agree more. Fact is, the majority of Democrat primary voters in Florida support the bill 52% to 36%. People need to speak out against the leftist agenda.

    Good post!

    • Thanks James, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this. I agree – time to use our voices! Hugs and love xox

  8. “The bottom line is this: teachers and the media should not be talking about sex — ANY KIND of sex: heterosexual, homosexual, whatever! — with kids in grades K-3. Period!”

    …^ said as someone who clearly is not an educator and does not know about how kids’ brains develop. Now as someone who is an educator of this age group and is currently studying how kids’ brains develop, I will tell you that this is an opinion, one that you should not be touting as fact. It’s something you think, based on very wrong information, and is an extremely dangerous thing to state (at least, regarding teachers). It would be amazing if all kids had parents who had healthy views on sex and were able/willing to teach them correct terminology, and share with them openly, and answer their questions. However, this is just not the case. Too often, especially in conservative Christian circles, by the time sex/genitals/etc is talked about with kids, it’s just too late or with too little information. This is DANGEROUS. You think 5-8 year olds (K-3rd grade) are not wondering things about their bodies, about others’ bodies, about how things work? Or, even worse, you think there are not people who are taking advantage of how little they know? Comprehensive sex education in younger grades is SO. IMPORTANT.

    The danger of the bill being passed in Florida is that it is just so vague. Who is determining what is “developmentally appropriate”? Where are those guidelines coming from? It sounds like they’re NOT coming from people who actually know and understand child development on a scientific level. Naming ALL body parts; knowing what is safe touch and inappropriate touch; understanding how their body works…. this is all part of sex ed and is developmentally appropriate for children in kindergarten and even younger. People who are trained in sex ed should be teaching this to children, or teaching it to parents who can then teach it to their children. One of your passions is about abortion — did you know that one of the best ways to stop unwanted pregnancies is comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, safe-sex education?

    It’s true that our kids are being exposed to more things than ever before. And there is often a need for a line to be drawn on what they should/can see or hear about. I hear your fear in this area, and caring for the younger generation is always important. But the answer is not to try to shut everything out, shove our heads in the sand, cover our kids’ eyes and ears and hum loudly… because before you know it, they will be big enough to wiggle out from our grasp, and they will find the answers they were denied. Learning about body parts, about consent, about sexual organs, even about styles of love and marriage that are different than our own experience, will not turn children into sex-crazed, immoral heathens. It may even lead them to have more appreciation and wonder for the way God created us, to have more compassion for those who are hurting, to be able to hold stronger and healthier boundaries about their body, to know when they are in danger and how to get to safety. I hope that you will consider things from that perspective as well.

    • Bravo, you! It’s rare that I see someone on these comment threads not just mindlessly heaping praise on these conservative and outdated virtue-signaling posts. And I love that you have found the balance between scientific fact and god and can draw a line between them that enhances your belief in god versus condemns the belief of science “because god said so”. Bravo, indeed, and thank you.

  9. Wow, the trolls are out today!!

    Well, from one of those bigoted, hateful, ignorant, and intolerant people (me), this is a GREAT post!!!

    God does not condemn any people, nor do I (or any other believer) want Him to. But He DOES condemn their life style when it goes against His Word. He calls it Sin.

    And Sin condemns anyone who refuses to agree with God what Sin is… HE makes that decision, not us. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. If we confess our sins, He is just and able to forgive our sins, and cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness. (Romans 6:23; 1 John 1:9)

    • Actually, Myron, Father DOES condemn a certain set of people: “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6) So much for a meek and mild Jesus. He had some pretty harsh teachings for anyone who cares to read them.

  10. I’m a little disappointed that in 2022 your post is equating sexual orientation and gender identification with exclusively. I wonder if you would define heterosexuality as exclusively about sex. Acknowledging different families and different family structures can easily be done without reference sex and without marginalizing those children who have families that look different or if they in fact feel different. We should be creating laws and structures where an environment exists where all children are free to express what their world looks like…

  11. Great post! Amen! And I’m grateful to currently live in Florida where our governor is intelligent and bravely stands for right. (Sorry my home state of CA)

    • You’ve mistaken “confirmation bias” for “intelligent and brave”. There’s not always a big difference, but in this case I sense that it is a huge one.

  12. Spot on as always, Cara. I am glad that people are finally waking up and course correcting against this destructive narrative. I hope other states wake up soon and follow in Florida’s footsteps.

  13. First some fundamentals. Is being gay wrong in accordance to be bible? Yes. Why? Because that is the way God made us. Now gay people will ask why are there gay people in the world when God is the one who made us? Why did God make us gay? Why do people feel this way?
    I read a document where there was a study about finding a gene or a chromosome that would explain that suggest that some people are born gay, due to some chromosome imbalance, etc., hence they have no choice. This is the basic argument put forward by the left. However, they do fail to inform us that the study “hopes” to discover or “hopes to prove” that people are born in that way. It never really proves it. Needless to say, nothing ever came of that study.
    I agree that people who are of such sexual orientation have no choice, but not for the reason that you might be thinking. It has got nothing to do with their physical biology.
    Unfortunately the real truth cannot be spoken into the light because the answer is not physical, its spiritual. Anyone who is simply gay, is being influenced by a set of evil spirits and the way that these spirits take hold of a person is due to psychological conditioning by their environment, etc.
    Now this explanation, although the truth, will never be widely accepted because it is all about the spiritual and frankly the only thing “spiritual” that the current secular world will accept is something to do with Yoga and new age, etc, etc. Christian ideas and truths are basically old fashioned nonsense.
    However this easily explains why no one has yet to come up with concrete biological evidence for the existence of gay and lesbian people in our society and why they feel the way they feel.

    Now to the point of discussing this with children. I think those on the left fighting the bill really never had children or perhaps only read about them in books. Because if anyone knows children, knows how easily manipulated they are. If you were in classroom with children, you’ll soon understand its all about wanting attention and to be included; wanting to fit in.
    If you implant an idea to a 6 year old kit that he should be a girl and he suddenly says out loud in class, “I believe that I am a girl”.. Guess what… Other boys in the same class, who never thought about it before, don’t understand the implications or consequences of it will say, “I wanna be a girl too.” And once that idea is implanted, kids will randomly act out on it, have tantrums if they don’t get their way or are not allowed to do such things and in the end, you just have a bunch of confused children. That’s it.
    And by exposing the children to such ideas at young age, in the spirit world, you’re exposing them to the evil spirits that control and influence this; basically allowing them to take hold. This is why is it even more dangerous and wrong.

    • Oh, my. This is a really well-thought out position you have here. It’s impressive to see how thoroughly you’ve committed to ignoring facts because they lack “spirit”, specifically the “holy spirit”? As a leftist and a gay man, I will tell you that I have never considered my sexuality to be the result of a “chromosomal imbalance”, as you put it. But thanks for condemning my existence as some form of genetic abnormality. There truly is no hate stronger than Christian love. You ignorant bigot.

      • @galby68 I’m not surprised at your typical response to my comment. Firstly your reply shows you didn’t read it properly. Next you resorted to the typical response of insulting my person and beliefs; seeing as you had no proper logical argument.
        So therefore entering into any form of debate with you would be as pointless as pouring water on a duck’s behind.
        Therefore, I wish you well. I really do. I hope you have a good life. Take care.

      • What the hell would you know about logic? You just threw out some fantasy about people on the left not understanding how important this piece of hate legislation is because we “never really had kids or perhaps only read about them in books”. Seriously, those are the only two possibilities you could see as to why people would oppose this bill?!? And it only got less-sensical from there. So if you were offended, good…you need to know that your brain isn’t putting out good thoughts. Too bad you don’t seem offended enough to act to improve the quality of your thinking, though, looks like you’re perfectly happy to keep on living in denial of the reality most people accept in order to maintain allegiance to the fantasy of your faith. I guess that’s fine…sad, but fine, just stop making the truth of my reality worse by forcing your beliefs into it. Your faith, your business. I should have 0 laws to follow that are in any part existing “because the bible says so”. That’s BS.

  14. There will be naysayers, but you keep speaking truth according to God’s Word. I don’t want schools teaching my kids about sex, even when they are older than 3rd grade. It’s still my right, privilege and responsibility to teach the children God gave me, and I don’t want someone else confusing the issues….

  15. In an ideal world parents would educate their children about sex but it has been my experience that this is not always the case Carolyn. You have been blessed to have supportive and caring parents. I have discussed sex both as a parent and I have taken sex education.
    To me the greatest tragedy is adolescent girls finding themselves pregnant at a very young age. I remember watching an Oprah show about a surgeon who repairs fistulas, which can happen when very young girls have babies.
    We ran co-operative sex education where the matter was discussed with parents ahead of the lesson. The material was shown and had to be adapted to accommodate those who did not like nudity for example. I remember we once discovered a note from an eight year old boy inviting a girl round his house to have sex. We did not really start sex education until they were at least 10/11. I mean I remember learning about sex in the school yard at about 9. These things have a way of getting around with or without teacher or parental input.

    • Right on, you. The “ignore it and it will go away” approach many parents adopt until forced to confront this part of raising a child has clearly failed to produce positive or constructive results.

  16. Amen to that! I made a point of previewing anything my kids were to see or study. I’d keep them home or have them sent to the library if I thought it inappropriate.

  17. When Lot faced a similar situation in Sodom and Gomorrah, he lived with it for a while but eventually he was required to take action. To literally flee, the bible writers remind us to flee from fornication (that is more than sex out side marriage). Parents should never surrender their responsibility to the state or to educators – Gods words to Israel focused on parents teaching children and the same applied in the Christian congregations.

    Never sacrifice a child’s eternal life because society says that they have the right to teach them right and wrong. Moral guidance and real principles prevent so many issues and problems in later life. The more a young person is confused the more entrenched the mental health issues become.

    Don’t think about Governments or Bills, teach your children that is the responsibility you have before God.

    Again another thought provoking point – the UK is different but the concerns are just the same. The USA is a few years behind Europe in this but it does affect everything eventually so time now to decide how you are going to manage your response.

  18. Yes, we agree, I, as a parent don’t want a teacher giving a lecture to my young child about sex, but here’s what the law also stops, it prevents a confused kid from going up to a teacher after class and asking for an honest answer about something they heard from an older kid at the bus stop. Do we really want the government in the middle of all that?

    And let’s be honest, most parents are not having the types of conversation that your parents had with you throughout your childhood. As a former CCD teacher, I couldn’t get parents to talk with their kids about something easy like say how God is working in their lives. What makes you think they’re going to have a frank conversation about healthy sexual relationships?

    In fact, the kids in my wife’s classroom come in with an advanced notion of sex. They’re seeing and hearing things that I would have never dreamt of showing my kids. (I’m not up on the latest music, but one child came to school recently mimicking the grinding moves from the latest video from Bad Bunny and a few other groups that are not age appropriate in my mind.)

    Does a teacher trying to bring up inappropriate actions and healthy behaviors make me a crazy leftist as some on your page would claim? No, I think it makes me a concerned community member.

    Carolyn, I love your story and how you’ve overcome much to get where you are today. It’s an inspiring story. But here’s the thing too: I think we have different views of what the Bible and the catechism says. A few verses come to mind, but specifically John 3:17: “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.” If I were a homosexual, made that way by God, I would feel a wave of hatred coming from these pages. I don’t mean to be harsh or hurtful. And I could certainly be wrong, but that’s what I’m seeing and feeling.

    In any event, I’m becoming what one of your commentators would call a troll, so I’m going to take a break from the blog for awhile, but please know that I wish you well. I wish the best for you (and your special gentleman). God bless and Godspeed.

  19. Thank you for your BOLD stance on this matter. It is both refreshing and encouraging to read your blog today. We must speak up courageously as we see so
    much of our family values shredded. Nothing will remain sacred if we do not make a stand against such garbage. When one has fought over the lies of tainted self-image and won that personal war, hold that trophy high on the platform of experience and speak to a greater audience that needs to enlist in speaking up for protecting the traditional family values too. For such a time as this, it is our time.

    Men need to be men and women were created biologically different, not less but equal. We need one another to express the strength, tenderness and beauty of creator God.

    People have to learn to walk in courage – to stand alone when it is not easy, to grasp their true identity. Perhaps it is to live by a principle, a belief that sets you apart. Sometimes you have to be willing to look different, ridiculous and be radical to live a remarkable life … Influence those around you. They may start to change as well.

    • Family Values is coded language for bigotry. It’s the latest evolution of the thinking that considered Blacks as less than human and sentenced them to a century and a half of slavery in this country. Having lost that battle, the bigots shifted their marketing to “family values” and their target to non-heteronormative people.
      Same hate, different generation. It was wrong then and it’s wrong now. It’s sad to see you not be able to separate your faith from your hatred of anything different than you.

      • You are speaking to a woman who has two children with mixed marriages. All my 6 grandchildren are mixed races. I have one raised African American foster grandchild thrown into the mix. We are not a perfect family but love and acceptance is found in our home life. We look like the United Nations. I can guarantee that in our family we love each not for different skin color. We celebrate uniqueness. It is sad that “political correctness” trumps over
        the values of healthy family relationships, role models of fathers and mothers loving one another and raising children to accept themselves as who God created them to be. We live in an age sadly of dysfunctional relationships and we all pay the price with generational loss of identity and the unhappiness is real.,

      • Congratulations on your diverse family. I’m not entirely sure why you brought that up. The only thing I can come up with is that I likened today’s Family Values champions willing to sacrifice those different than them to proponents to slavery, willing to sacrifice the lives and freedoms of those who looked different? If that’s the case, it’s kind of a Strawman Argument, no?

  20. As noted before, just as as fornication became acceptable in the 1920-60s and as homosexuality did in the 60s-80s, the final three sexual taboos still extant in our world will soon fall: Incest, Bestiality, Pedophilia.

    The argument will be, “If two adults love each other and take precautions either behaviorally or medically to avoid pregnancy, why cannot siblings or parents and their offspring express “love” to each other?”
    Then it will follow, “As long as no pregnancy can occur, and animals are as valuable as humans, why cannot a human and another “intelligent species” enjoy “love” for each other?”
    Finally, the grooming of children will be completed when our society asks, “Why cannot children who know all about sex before first grade share “love” with an adult or a friend as long as pregnancy will not occur?”

    Note that the gift of life God provides in a normal sexual relationship, pregnancy, will be the only evil.
    Those of us who subscribe to Biblical guidelines will be harassed and persecuted as backward, ignorant, intolerant and bigoted by people who have drunk the cool-aid and think we are the source of the problems. “And watch out! They’re going to drag you into court. And then it will go from bad to worse, dog-eat-dog, everyone at your throat because you carry My Name. You’re placed there as sentinels to truth.” Mark 13:8, The Message
    Even so, come Lord Jesus.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

      • I’d be careful leaving your kids with his reps here on earth. The place I was sent to scoop, two of his devoted priests diddled my classmates. So thanks for the warning, here’s one in return: beware the company you keep.

      • Dear Galby,
        You have my pity, but not my sympathy.
        You are, as we all are, the product of your choices, not your circumstances.
        I sincerely hope you find Father’s mercy and grace while you can still choose.
        If you do not, someday He WILL show you His “final mercy for those who refuse all other offers.” Then you will blame Him, your enemies, your circumstances, even your friends and family, for the misery in which you will find yourself. It is your choice, and even your Creator will not violate your free will to force His better designs on you.
        This ends my discussion with you, unless you wish to continue at my email,

      • I wasn’t having a discussion with you. I was sharing my opinion that you have deluded yourself into thinking you know what’s best for others based on nothing more than modern mythology. Well, that and that you share company in this club of yours with the worst America has to offer: politicians and pedophiles. They, of course, are hypocrites. Feigning allegiance to a faith-based moral code, when all they truly want is power over others. But that’s what they truly have in common with others in their little book club, because that’s what you want, too, isn’t it? Power over others choices. You just lack the conviction or competency to say what you think and back it up with facts, not mythology. I dunno. Maybe you all want power, maybe you just enjoy the exercise in hypocrisy that religion is. You’re willing to cast me into a fictional hell while refusing to cast the worst of your little grandpa-who-lives-in-the-clouds cult out for being untrue to the values you claim to hold so dear. How you do that boggles my secular mind. The most reasonable reason isn’t your generosity of heart and forgiveness, it’s that you want to keep the company of others that are forced to forgive you your trespasses. I hope they aren’t as severe as the examples I’ve mentioned, but I don’t know you or the motivations for your firm grip on this hypocrisy. But again, that’s a power over others. They have to forgive you…and that’s the least fake thing about you, you know you’ll eff up…and apparently either don’t trust people enough to forgive you of their own will or know that you won’t put the genuine effort earning someone’s forgiveness requires. That’s pretty weak character, but very American.
        But onward you go, Christian soldier.

      • Oh, and you can shove your sympathy right up your fudge tunnel. It oughta be safe there until you need it for yourself when your false prophets – er…GOP heroes – really get the power over you they want.

      • Ok. With the level of reading comprehension that response implies, I now better understand people who quote the Bible. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  21. God bless you, and your parents! All the hypersexuality is doing is grooming kids to be used by adults. Incidentally, I just got an update from OUR (Operation Underground Railroad) that works as a non-profit organization to rescue sexually exploited/enslaved young women and girls. They’re doing magnificent work that needs more attention.

  22. If you have to put any thought or effort toward DeSantis, please make it praying for him versus praising him.
    The damage this bill will cause to youth who need protecting when they need it most…it hurts to even think about.
    You should be smart enough to see that being pro-life means protecting lives even after they leave their mother/host, so I cannot understand how you would look at legislation like this favorably given the fallout it will create.
    Increased mental health erosion for these kids who exist outside the “norm”. That leads to increased suicides among these disenfranchised people.
    Increased enabling of bully behaviors from classmates and peers because it nurtures ignorance toward a vital piece of the human experience and now authority figures have had their authority muted by taking away their ability to normalize these differences amongst individuals – enhancing the them/us chasm. That comes down to increased hate based murders. Pick up a paper or scroll through online news…there isn’t a week that goes by where a Trans person isn’t murdered in this country. And they are usually a minority because of the inherent racism in our employment, insurance and healthcare systems, but that’s an entire other soapbox.
    Just think about this the next time you hop up on your pro-life high horse: you’re pro-life as long as that life falls into your narrow minded religious dogma paradigm. Otherwise, this post kind of makes you look like a non-heteronormative-phobe.
    Then there’s the whole “assuming worst intentions on the part of teachers” part of this. Your words made me think you believe the teacher’s lounge is just some den of perverts plotting their next act of molestation. If you truly believe that teachers cannot be trusted to stick to their assigned curriculum, using their learned judgment to engage or refer on this topic, then how does that not indict teachers as untrustworthy overall? It’s such a deeply flawed position that I’m surprised you won’t see it. Now, more than ever, I think we *need* teachers to be able to know how and when to add this conversation to a child’s development. With entertainment and internet making previously taboo topics like this more mainstream – as it should be, rather than being vilified because it’s not “missionary position in a dark bedroom” type of parochial sex – kids are being exposed to it at a younger and younger age.
    It’s the evolution of teaching that must follow our too-slow social evolution away from a wrong minded and exclusionary approach to these topics. You mention you had Health Class in 4th grade. I had it in 7th – and then again in my Junior year after switching to Catholic school, IYGMD – and I was amazed that the approach had changed so drastically in the ~3 decades between our educational endeavors. But what doesn’t seem to have changed in those decades is the parental discomfort around these discussions as part of child rearing. If anything, as your personal story demonstrates, parents are more likely to engage in “the talk” as a means to program their children further toward their own way of thinking versus being able address the topic in an open, well-informed and current knowledge based fashion. Conversely, I’ve heard parents talk about their kid’s assurance that they “already know” with relief, like that freed them from the responsibility versus gave them an opportunity to check for understanding on topics of sex and sexuality. Hell, I’d bet most men can’t tell you when their wives’ periods are…isn’t that willful act of denial or embracing of ignorance enough to reinforce the belief that professionals should be the trusted authority when it comes to guiding the development of our young people into individuals with healthy mindsets when it comes to sex and sexuality?
    And, I’d be remiss, of course, if I didn’t just drop in the whole “separation of church and state” chestnut here. If you remove your religious filter and take another think on this matter, I think you’ll see that it’s not a praiseworthy effort, but rather a devastating blow to celebrating the inherent value of all lives.

    • Now…bring on the trolls, desperate to convince themselves their imaginary moral superiority is reality!
      Just kidding, if you got wrong-minded Bible-based comments to make, you’ll find no joy here. But I really tried not to sound mean when I disagreed with Caralyn this time. Seriously, a lot of y’all are very fragile. Almost like…snowflakes?

  23. Amen. It’s my belief that like everything, this is all about money. After Gay Marriage became law, the main purpose for many equal rights organizations, who were pushing for gay rights, ceased to exist. What do you do then? Raise more money to establish a recruiting campaign to bring more members into your ranks. This has been going on in the high schools for years, but now they are moving into our middle and grade schools. Nursery and Pre-K as well, with Drag Queen Story Hour. This indoctrination has got to stop!

  24. Thank you and hear! hear. And that’s coming from a person with a bachelor’s in education and two masters, one of which is a Master’s of Education in Counseling.
    “Science,” so called, can be manipulated according to the wording of survey questions or the particular hypothesis studied. Neither is science exact, in the history of modern science many accepted “facts” have been refuted and reexamined.
    As for Galby68, coherent and reasoned discourse does NOT include name calling or denigration. Those techniques are used to intimidate and shame another into silence. There is no substance, truth, or logic in them. Such methods are reserved for the tyrant, the ignorant, and for those who keep on talking long after anything worthwhile was said.

    • For the past two years, we were told to follow and obey the “science”. Now the same people want us to ignore scientific facts in favor of feelings. The same people who don’t want us just stand by while a mass indoctrination and confusion is being thought to the children; rather than teaching kids to embrace their potential, be comfortable with their God given genders and teach them that the only hindrance to their future success are themselves and not their genders, race, etc.

  25. Thank you for making these things known. I do hope that Christians are not advocating these perversions with their votes when they visit the polls.

  26. Great post, Caralyn! This country is headed down a slippery slope and someone needs to step on the brakes. When parents lose their right to have the final say in what their kids learn, we are in trouble. We need to pray for our nation and especially for our kids!

  27. Thank you for making such a positive and firm declaration of what is right on this subject. We must fortify our children, and in my case, my 10 grandchildren to believe and live by what the Scriptures teaches us about who we are and how we should live.

  28. Yes. Washington state instated new sex Ed requirements for all schools including elementary and then provided them with no funding or hours to update their “antiquated” curriculums (the new requirements makes sex Ed taught in all courses of study so you cannot opt out). They then provided and promoted a sex Ed curriculum to the schools made by planned Parenthood, where the first grade teacher is presenting sex positions with stuffed animals & 7th graders receive extra credited if the go to a planned Parenthood and report how to receive services without their parents consent. I’m sorry but sex positions have no place on school no matter what grade. K-12. The latter is absolutely malicious.

    As an aside why don’t you suggest encouraging children to be good mothers & father’s, wives & husbands? It seems odd to conflate gender dysphoria and loose sexuality with caterers. Consider combating them with the properly ordered sexuality inside.

    All in all very well stated and thank you for speaking out in this backward & barbaric secular world. Your piece is encouraging, sotosay, that someone is calling it out for what it is.

    Ps we fled Washington state and started homeschooling.

  29. Another wonderful post Caralyn! Again you prove the adage “there is no hate like Christian love.” Chef’s kiss. Just pray the gay away.

  30. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs in a nuanced and thoughtful way. It’s little wonder Catholic school enrollment is on the rise, with the increasing “sexualization” of public education.

    I hope to cover chastity and sexuality on my blog at some point soon, and the way your mother taught you about this topic is exemplary. I wish all Christian parents would follow her example!

    Thank you and God bless!

    • thank you friend. i appreciate that. yes! i have really wonderful parents that I am certainly grateful for! Hugs and love xox

  31. Dear Parents, PLEASE pay attention! Hugs to you Caralyn for addressing a very disturbing truth that has the potential to haunt generations to come….

  32. No more than 7% of the population is lgbt… So why are we redesigning our society to make this a major issues. Love and respect all people – yes. Make parents of small children wrong for not buying into this -absolutely not.

  33. I like my former governor with what he’s doing. He lets people make there own choices. I think he should run for the president. 🙂

  34. Carolyn this man, in my opinion, may not be worthy of your praise. I suggest you look objectively at his fruits overall. The thing which most jumps to my mind is his stance on covid, as I know you have always done the right thing.

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