Running Ragged!!

Hello friends! And welcome to the craziness of my life!

As you know, I am getting married at the beginning of June!

And as the Lord would have it, He allowed me to book an incredible acting job every day for the next three weeks, at a location that’s an hour and a half drive outside of Cincinnati, from 7:45 am – 5pm!

Talk about a blessing!

But also – it does add a little bit of complexity, seeing that I get married the week after it is finished!

Perhaps this is God’s way of keeping me focused on something other than the wedding to help keep the stress at bay? Or, maybe He’s just teaching me how to time manage while keeping a household I’m not even living in yet running (ie: grocery shopping, making lunches and dinners, keeping up with laundry and cleaning…). Or, perhaps He’s teaching me the value of being a morning person….although I hardly thinking waking up at 5am is good for anybody!


Just wanted to pop in and say hi and to apologize for there not being a post yesterday. I am literally running myself ragged and burning the candle at both ends, at the middle, in the box….there are no more candles left to burn from!

So yes — trying to just take it hour by hour until the wedding.

Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your friendship!

And I’ll be back on Monday with a proper post!

10 responses to “Running Ragged!!”

  1. Awww, that is so awesome. It will make the wedding even sweeter, knowing you can relax for a hot minute afterward!

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. I will pray that God will be leading you with his wisdom and guidance. Keep us posted, and God bless.

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