Three Things in My Amazon Cart This Week

Being a new homeowner, a newly wed, and having just moved in with my husband only three months ago, I’m doing a lot of Amazon shopping these days.

And, I’m always curious as to what other people buy, so I thought I’d pull back the curtain and share.

This is not going to be normal “programming,” but I thought this was just lighthearted and fun after last week’s heavy entry!

1. This Restoration Hardware lamp dupe.

SO here the deal: this very well may come back and bite me in the butt, because I’m going to be honest: I think this may be a scam. It’s one of those things that’s too good to be true.

I found the exact Restoration Hardware lamp we were in the market for on Amazon at a fraction of the price, sold by a Chinese company. Steven and I were gifted a lot of Amazon gift cards for our wedding, so we decided to just give it a try, and despite the red flags, order these lamps anyway, knowing that Amazon will *hopefully* refund us if we do get scammed.

1st thing that’s fishy: The photos of this lamp are lifted directly off of the Restoration Hardware website.

2nd thing that’s fishy: The Amazon store that sells it has terribly reviews

3rd thing that’s fishy: There are no customer reviews for this item.

Now I will have you know, I did contact the seller and ask for recent photos of the lamps with their hand and the date written on a piece of paper in the photo. And they sent me two photos with different angles, so I have seen that these lamps exist, and look like the photo — so jury’s out. I will let you know.

2. This Amazing Smelling Hand Soap Refill (Aesop Dupe)

Here’s the thing: my husband has very good taste. Caveat: he also has very expensive taste. Caveat to the caveat: I am a bargain shopping and value a good deal over anything.

SO, here we are. My husband loves Aesop handsoap — it’s the soap that all the bougie restaurants use and all the professional sports athletes use. Anyway, it’s stupid expensive, albiet a premium product that smells absolutely phenomenal.

Well, I scoured the internet, and this hand soap smells darn near identical. And so we’re refilling our bottles with it. #Sorrynotsorry And also, sorry hubby that I spilled the beans!

3. Dehydrated Garlic

This is the kitchen item you didn’t know you needed. This goes amazing on baked fish, baked veggies, steak — you just toss your food with olive oil, salt pepper and some of these crunchy dehydrated garlic flakes, bake it away, and you have got the most flavorful meal you’ve ever had.

I am obsessed. I buy a bottle of this every two weeks. It’s my cooking secret! And now it can be yours too! Another runner up: dehydrated onion flakes.

So there you have it! A peek into my Amazon cart!

Tell me, what’s in YOURS!?

8 responses to “Three Things in My Amazon Cart This Week”

  1. I’m always curious what people find on Amazon. Sometimes there’s some really good hidden gems. Currently, we have a wireless phone charger pad thing. Most recently, I’ve bought two new phone cases, some kids Halloween books, and a new nose ring. Fancy stuff happening over here haha

  2. Interesting that you just published a post about how “The World Has Gone Occult” but then will publish a post promoting Amazon, a retailer notorious for abusing its employees and thriving off what is essentially slave labor. What’s worse? You’re perceiving that the world is full of satanists? Or ACTUAL mistreatment of real human beings? Not saying anyone is a good or bad person due to where they shop — just pointing out that good/evil isn’t so easy to judge.

  3. WELL, I don’t need the first two items but the dehydrated garlic sounds great! However, question… does dehydrated garlic have still hold the medicinal value fresh garlic offers? Do you know? Like if I add it to a glass of warm lemon… wink wink. I’m just looking for an easy store. In other words I’d want my cake and eat it too. smile

  4. Interesting Amazon items, indeed. I will be interested in seeing if that lamp arrives and is as good as it looks! My Amazon shopping is skimpy and few/far between. The last two items were: 1) a pair of FipFlops for myself and one for my daughter for her birthday and 2) a Caraway Dutch Oven. My latest and best discovery are these beautiful Caraway pots and pans. They are terrific and well worth their price, I think.

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