Recreating How They Eat Fish in Greece!

As you know, I went to Santorini, Greece on my honeymoon.

And it was absolutely breathtaking!

Truly – a MUST visit.

Especially because of the FOOD!

In fact, knowing that they follow a Mediterranean diet that is heavy in olive oil and fresh fish, we knew that this location would be the perfect “Caralyn spot” – and heavily influenced our decision to go there!

Picture this: succulent, fresh fish that was caught right off the dock that morning, and then drenched with the most flavorful, fruity olive oil and lemon sauce ever! Grilled and fileted to perfection.

Well, I asked the chef how to make it, and he shared the recipe with me!


Recreating how they serve fish in Greece! Wirh this lemon olive oil sauce! It is SO delicious and easy! Serves 2: 3 Tbsp EVOO Juice of 1/2 a lemon 1/8 tap dijon mustard Blend with a milk brother. Serve over cooked fish. #cooking #salmon #glutenfree #dairyfree #letseat #specificcarbohydratediet

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So, without further ado, here’s how you make the most amazing seafood, like they do in Greece!

Here’s What You Need: (Makes enough for 2 people)

4 Tbsp EVOO — get the highest quality, extra virgin olive oil you can get your hands on!
Juice of 1/2 – 1 full lemon — 1/2 is for standard “tanginess” — if you like it lemony, go for the juice of a full lemon!
1/8 tsp Dijon Mustard

Pyrex measuring cup
Milk frother (yes, as in the one for coffee) This is an important tool to achieve the right consistency.
Paper towel


In a Pyrex measuring cup, or a mug, add your olive oil, lemon and diljon mustard.

With an electric milk frother, blend them together until it becomes a bright marigold yellow color. *ProTip: I put a paper towel over the top of the Pyrex while I blend it together so that I don’t splatter oil onto my shirt. I tear a little slit in the paper towel, and then put the milk frother in the slit, and then I can fully cover the top while still operating the milk frother.

Generously smother your cooked fish with this delectable sauce.

This also goes great on roasted vegetables, sandwiches, salads, and as a dip for bread!

Oh my gosh, I promise you, you will NEVER make fish the same again after this. I almost feel bad for sharing this, because after you try it, you have to have it. Fish without it feels naked, laking flavor, needing that extra “it factor!”

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Here are the best:

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So there you have it! I hope you love this simple recipe as much as we do! I’m actually about to go make it right now! We’re having swordfish on the grill!

What are YOU having for dinner?

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  1. Sounds easy and fabulous…will go shopping for bestest fish I can find next week and grill with the lemon and EVOO! (Had peel-and-eat shrimp this evening fresh from the Atlantic coast…also yum.)

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