Amazon Big Deal Days: Kitchen Essentials!

Hello friends and happy Wednesday!

As if we needed another reason to fill our carts over on Amazon, it’s Amazon Prime Big Deal Days!

Everything from a Samsung Frame TV to Apple AirPods are on sale. And I’ve rounded up all the best deals for your KITCHEN!

These are all items I use in my kitchen that are on SUPER SALE right now!

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer! (Yes, ALL COLORS!)

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! The KitchenAid Stand Mixer is ON SALE!! In every color!!


OMG, OMG, OMG! SOUND THE ALARM! The Vitamix Blender is nearly HALF PRICE!! This blender absolutely revolutionized my cooking! Truly. It gets things so smooth!!!! I didn’t think I needed it, but wow, it really elevates home cooking to restaurant quality.

And it has so many attachments: from food processors, to smoothie, to sauces — there is nothing it can’t do. Worth EVERY. PENNY!

The KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor!

I use my food processor every. single. day. My favorite recipes from my banana ice cream…

To my butternut squash mash….

All utilize the food processor! You get so much bang for your buck. It’s an affordable appliance that you’ll use daily, I promise!

Milk Frother on Sale 47%!

I use this milk frother every day to make salad dressings and sauces for fish!

Garlic Rocker on Sale!

You know my love for this kitchen gadget… 🙂

Digital Meat Thermometer!

No more over or undercooked meat! I personally believe that EVERY kitchen needs this!

So there you have it! Those are the kitchen essentials I use EVERY DAY that are on sale right now on Amazon!

High Quality Chef’s Knife 62% OFF!

This is the NUMBER ONE tool every chef or home cook needs, and that is a GOOD CHEF’S KNIFE! Oh my gosh, it pains me to see people cutting/chopping/doing food prep with a paring knife or a steak knife. A Chef’s Knife, not only is so much safer to use, but it also cuts your prep time literally in half because it is so much easier to use, and makes the work so much faster! And this knife is over 62% off. It’s a steal!

So there you have it! My KITCHEN ESSENTIALS that are on sale right now!

And just in case anyone else is wondering what I bought on Amazon’s Big Deal Days? Steven and I got a 9 ft Christmas tree! It was 50% off!

So there you have it, Sports Fans! Happy shopping, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

4 responses to “Amazon Big Deal Days: Kitchen Essentials!”

  1. I have that exact kitchen aid mixer. Same color too. Got it as a wedding present. 🙂 We have a Vitamix but the cat chewed on it so it’s not in the greatest condition. Kinda hesitant to replace the Vitamix although I would love to. I’m worried the cat would destroy it again. He’s a very destructive kitty.

    • I LOVE that color!!! and oh dang — I’m so sorry to hear about your vitamix!! shedding a tear for you! hahah

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