Losing my Phone & Finding God

Show of hands: How many of you have ever lost your phone before?


Hah – yeahhhh. For those that are blessed enough to not be sheepishly raising their hand right now, let’s just say — it is a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on Regina George.

So I lost my phone on Saturday night.

And before you jump to conclusions based on my last post about my drinking habits, and the fact that this occurred at 2am on Saturday evening, let me preface by saying…

a) I was sober.

b) It fell out of my back pocket.

c) And was left in an Uber.

Very long and painful story short: Two identical black Ubers pull up to the apartment building at the same time. We get in one. The driver asks: “Are you Charlie?” Nooo…. So then the driver, in a very aggressive and heavily accented voice, shouts at me, “Get out – not your car! Not your car! Get out!” 


And me, having debilitating people pleaser tendencies, scrambled to get out of the Uber as fast as humanly possible. “Ok! So sorry sir! So sorry!” 

And as I scooted across the back seat, my phone fell out of my back pocket.

And that was the last I saw of that beautiful piece of Apple hardware. Because since it was not my Uber, I had no way of contacting the driver to get it back.

And after spending literally 90 minutes scouring the Uber website for a general contact number, I came up with diddly squat.

The annoying part: My phone hadn’t been backed up since 2015. And so I lost all 10,843 of my photos.

Yes, you read that number correctly. 10,843.

I hord photos like a territorial dog in heat.

10,843 photos: poof. Gone.


Anywho, I had to spend my entire Sunday on a wild goose chase to get this phone situation straightened out. At one point I literally had to take an hour-long identity test to prove that I am who I said I was, since I reported my phone as lost.

In the end, I did get a new phone. Still no photos. HOWEVER. There was a beautiful silver lining in all of this.

And it was in the sweet soul of a human that helped me at the store.

She was about my age. And I knew that we were going to hit it off from the very beginning because the first thing she said to me was, “Girl, your eyeballs are beautiful.

And – *sigh* sometimes during a really cruddy day, you just need to hear a compliment, gosh darnit. So ThankYouVeryMuch – I’ll take it. 

But seriously though. I was in the store for two hours when all was said and done. And there was a lot of down time – waiting on hold with my cell phone carrier, verifying my identity, confirming my identity by calling my father…yadda yadda yadda.

And in the process, this girl tells me her life story.

And wouldn’t you know, her mom had just had a stroke last year, too.

I mean, I honestly think that God brought the two of us together that afternoon for a reason, because this girl just needed to tell her story.


She had had such a tough life. She was telling my about how she practically raised her two younger brothers. She put herself through college by working two jobs, and had gone through such an emotional year with her mom.

And for a good 30 minutes, I just listened as she fought back tears, and was just finally having someone to listen to her story – even if it was just the “eyeball girl with the lost phone.”

After she finished her story, and we had a cathartic “sister-I-feel-you” hug, I just looked at her and felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to say something.

The whole time she was talking, I just got this feeling that she believed in God. And that God was part of her story, she was just hesitant to share it with me.

And so I looked at her, and was just like, “You know, I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through this last year with my mom without God.

And it was honestly like I had just told her that we were long lost sisters, reunited at summer camp – because I could physically see this sigh of relief and affirmation come over her chest.

And for the next 10 minutes, we just talked about how God was the one who got us through when we were scared or angry or at our wit’s end. And the connection was honestly just so beautiful.


Walking home from the store that afternoon, new iPhone in hand, I was just struck by how grateful I was to have had that interaction.

Because I was thinking about it, and I have been incredibly blessed to have this outlet here on BBB, to be able to share my story. These last 9 months – with my mom’s stroke – have been such a life changing and at-times-frightening season of my life, and I am just so grateful to have the love, prayers, and support that you all have shown.

But not everyone has that.

That girl yesterday…she needed to share her story.

She needed to be heard. To be affirmed. To know that she wasn’t alone.

And walking home yesterday, I just was praising God that our paths crossed, and that she felt comfortable enough to open up and let me into that vulnerable part of her heart. That took a lot of courage.

No man is an island. And sometimes it’s just nice to know that there’s someone out there who knows what you’re going through.

So once again, God was able to use everything — even a lost phone — for good.

And funny how, when I literally am without a phone, and therefore don’t have my face buried in my screen – that I have this incredible interaction — because I am present and available to those around me – in the moment. Perhaps that’s another takeaway from the day.

Those 10,843 photos – maybe I need to just stop trying to freeze time, and instead fully live in the moment.

Because I did today, and God showed up, big time.

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280 thoughts on “Losing my Phone & Finding God

  1. I back my photo to iCloud. That aside this proves Ecclesiastics 3:1 so true! Frequently I take technology fasts. I buy a newspaper, I keep my iPhone in the briefcase and just be present in the moment. Keep up the good work.


  2. THIS! Love it. This is what it’s all about!!! We are not alone. Everyone has a story. It’s the people brace enough to share them that will rise to the top. Lovvvvvve this!!!! Keep it up!!!


  3. Wow! His providence is awesome. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is a reminder to me personally of being more sensitive to interactions God may be orchestrating right in front of me for the sake of being blessed by them and being a blessing to them.


  4. Love this! Yes our phones and other devices are so necessary, but sometimes its good just to not have them in hand. I’m glad you were able to get a new one though. I have lost mine in the past. Hugs!! xoxoxo


  5. Thank you so much for this, its a wonderful post 🙂 and thank you for following my blog too ❤ your a wonderful person ❤ Xxx


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