The Covington Catholic Smear Campaign

I told myself to stay away from this story with a ten foot pole. 

My father advised me against it. My peers strongly discouraged breaching the topic. 

But here I am, nose to nose with the story that has rocked the nation in an uproar this past week: 

The Covington Catholic Incident. 

Or as I like to call it: The Media’s Dumpster Fire Smear Campaign 


Here’s the thing about this whole fiasco. 

IF – and that’s a big IF – IF what the media had reported were true: that those teenage boys were mocking that Native American and shouting at him: “Build the Wall” and other inappropriate, bigoted remarks…then absolutely all of the outrage and condemnation would be merited. 

I may be a card carrying republican — but I’m not a monster. 

Acts of hatred and intolerance are deplorable and our job as Christians is to stand up against injustices and act/speak Truth against such small-mindedness. 

However —- that is not the case here. 

This was a despicable smear campaign.

There, I said it. 

This was the liberal media machine, setting out to publicly crucify this group of children because they represented the extreme left’s ultimate enemy: White, Male, Pro-Life, Catholic, Midwestern Trump Supporters. 

It’s as though someone served them a platter of absolutely everything they’ve been seeking to destroy, so they used the power of the pen to draw and quarter these teenage boys, by drafting a narrative that is completely false. 

The gross narrative, painted by our lovely media, is not only inaccurate and fabricated, but told in a way to incite outrage. To breed hatred. They struck a match in the tinderbox of our divided American country, and set fire it did.

The 15-20 second video that went viral, yeah, it was pretty damning, when taken out of context. 

A weathered, grandfatherly Native American, playing his drum, in front of laughing teenage white boys in MAGA hats — it was like one of those “Caption This” cartoons in the New Yorker, and the extreme left absolutely had a field day, painting the most horrific narrative they could muster. 

Truth: when I first saw the articles that were circulating about the incident, I fell into the camp out outrage. I was angry. What disgusting behavior by my fellow catholic brothers. 

I felt ashamed. Because here’s the thing — this hit a little close to home for me. Literally

Covington Catholic…that diocese in Northern Kentucky is right across the river from my hometown in Ohio. Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are, practically speaking, one and the same. I mean, the Cincinnati airport is IN Northern Kentucky. We have friends in that diocese. 

And, let’s state the obvious here: Catholics do not need another reason for people to hate us right now. We have enough of a PR nightmare as it is, with Cardinal McCarrick and the priest sex abuse scandal, and many of the Pope’s comments. We don’t need another reason to be ridiculed.

But in those initial 24 hours after the story broke, Facebook erupted. And along with all the judgmental battlecries from the masses, I stumbled upon a few posts from friends of the boys’ parents, or diocese school board members, all shedding light on the inaccuracy of the depiction of events in the media. 

So I set aside my own judgmental thoughts for a few minutes, and began to dig into the videos and information to seek the truth. 

Turns out, these “bigoted, hateful teens” were actually in DC for the Right to Life Pro-Life march — peacefully marching to protect the lives of the unborn. Man, what a bunch of jerks, huh?

And they were just waiting on the steps for their bus, when members of the Black Hebrew Israelites – an extreme religious sect – tried to start a confrontation with the boys, calling them “crackers” and horrible homophobic slurs. They said the boys were born out of incest. And even told one black Covington Catholic student to “watch out” because his classmates were going to “harvest his organs.”

Grown men, shouting those things to children. Not even old enough to vote. Or drink. Or some of them, even drive a car. Children

It was at this moment, that Mr. Phillips – who yes, is a Native American activist, but who also has a history of run-ins with students – took advantage of this escalating scene, to walk into the center of the commotion, identify one student – Nick Sandmann, play his drum constantly in his face – with a video camera in tow – with the intent to start some sort of confrontation.

And I get it – easy target. The boys were wearing MAGA hats. They were seemingly privileged Catholic high schoolers. And at a pro-life rally. Of course they wanted to pick a fight with them. It would have been footage gold. 

But the boys just stood there, and tried to keep the peace – by simply smiling.

I mean, what would you have done? 

Watch the videos. The entire video. Not just the 15 second sound bite that MSNBC wants you to see. 

We’ve become a culture that is so quick to condemn. So trigger happy on social media to cast judgment and join the mob of public opinion, even when it is based on lies. 

These boys and their families are receiving death threats. Covington Catholic cancelled school this week, for fear of the safety of the children, after all the death threats that they, the faculty, the principal, the principal’s family received. 

I have just one word for all of this: disgusting. 

The liberal media should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for knowingly painting a narrative that falsely vilified children. Yes, they were catholic. Yes, they were pro-life. Yes, they were Trump supporters. And white teenage midwestern boys. But that does not deem them “worthy” of a targeted, smear campaign, with the intent to destroy.

I demand to see apologies for spreading lies. From the media. From celebrities. From those bullies like Kathy Griffin, who not only passed judgement, but encouraged her followers to harm those boys. Just despicable.

This is not news. It is libel. And it’s tearing our country apart. 

We need to demand an ethical media that reports on truth. And for the love, stop with the hate-driven agenda. 

A country that breeds hate will succumb to it. 

Love your neighbor. End of story.

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290 responses to “The Covington Catholic Smear Campaign”

  1. I’m so glad you decided to post this. I applaud your bravery. I am so sick of the liberal media I can barely stand it. I don’t believe anything they say and I’m amazed at those who believe everything they say. They are willfully blind. This is a sign of the times in that people will only hear what they want to hear. They have no regard for truth and no interest in knowing the truth. Those who do will appreciate your post. Those who don’t wouldn’t listen to Jesus if he stood face-to-face with them. Bless you Caralyn.

    • Thank you Dee. I so appreciate your support. I know I’m right there with ya. I can’t even turn on the tv any more it makes me so angry. Where’s the truth anymore?! Hugs and love xox

  2. Yeah. Wow. I’ve been following the story too, and it’s disturbing that our media is so zealous to destroy people in ways that don’t even make sense.

    • Thank you Meg. It is just disgraceful the way it’s been handled. Zealous. That’s the exact right word! Hugs and love xox

  3. 100% agree with you on this – it’s disgraceful. some of those hateful comments were clearing inciting violence and imho are worthy of law enforcement investigation. News outlets like CNN..I have no words.. And the very worst aspect of it is the immediate deflection and justification of those that made the most nasty comments seems to be almost a robot like response of ‘well we only hate like this cos Orange Man bad so it’s your own fault’ That’s messed up and shows how the modern left really isn’t interested in truth – so blinded by their own hatred, they have lost sight of their humanity. That’s a very real problem.

    • Thank you Charlie. Disgraceful is absolutely the word. Blinded by hatred. Amen. It needs to stop. Hugs and love xox

  4. The hard left hate machine runs 24/7 from sources such as CNN and others. They detest President Trump because he’s not a Socialist. He still believes in America as a great nation. The devil never stops.

    • You’re so right about that John. It’s really disgusting. Thanks for stopping by. Ugh – it’s his playground right now. Hugs and love xox

  5. What a bizarre week it has been. The Covington story, then the vote Tuesday night in New York to remove any and all restrictions to abortion. Satan is laughing, and for the first time I find myself a bit worried about the kind of world my granddaughters will face as they grow up.
    We are voices crying out in the wilderness, and we must continue to cry out. I hope someone is listening. Come, Lord Jesus. Hugs and love—- Mike

    • Thank you Mike for sharing your thoughts on this. Ugh yeah I wanted to write about the NY vote tonight too. Something is churning in the water right now and it’s not good. We need Jesus! Hugs and love xox

  6. Actually, I am pretty liberal, but like a conservative, I can be sensible. You note something in your article that I agree with wholeheartedly: these boys were minors. In any other situation, those that confronted them would be in trouble with the law. Adults surrounded kids? Adults harassed kids. They are teens. Maybe they did say something. Videos do not catch everything, but they are teens. What is an adults excuse to act in such a way.

    As a boy, I faced abuse, but that was discarded because I was a male. If these boys were girls the sky would have fallen.

    I don’t listen to Fox News or CNN. I do not listen to liberal or conservative media because one cannot find the truth in either. Facts do not play favorites. The right thing does not have a political party.

    I follow you not because I agree with everything you write. I follow you because you seem like a good person, and I wanted to confront my own bias against religious people. I had a horrible experience with my former faith. Liberal and conservative need to get along. We have to find common ground and respect one another’s differences. I am happy you had the courage to write this.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m so sorry to hear that you faced abuse. That breaks my heart. You did not deserve that. You bring up some really powerful points. Amen – they need to get along. And the media is certainly doing no favors to help facilitate that. Hugs and love xox

    • Thank You dropoutprofessor-

      “I don’t listen to Fox News or CNN. I do not listen to liberal or conservative media because one cannot find the truth in either. Facts do not play favorites. The right thing does not have a political party.” dropoutprofessor

      and I will add ‘this quote from the post

      “We need to demand an ethical media that reports on truth. And for the love, stop with the hate-driven agenda.” -beautybeyondbones

      I know in order to heal we have to hear others and understand their side as well, for me this how we find the common ground to build upon. There is too much hate in this world period from all sides towards all genders and this is what we have to fairly address.

      And I send Love and Healing towards your abuse, no one deserves to be mistreated

  7. I vetted on another post on this topic. . .it drains me. Where has unbiased, informative, just-the-facts-jack reporting gone? The American left is emitting way too much evil against the innocent. Blessings to Covington and to you as well.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. It’s so true. And so sad. Hugs and love xox

  8. But you speak a language the news organizations do not understand: truth. Keep the faith sister. And for your own sanity when confronted with evil like this remember, in the end God wins!!!

    • Thank you Oogata. Yeah truth is hard to come by these days. Thanks for stopping by. hugs xox

  9. Wonderfully said, I’m personally so ashamed of the “yellow journalism” spewed out everyday as “news.” Where is their shame? What has happened to true, investigative reporting? I’m afraid too many have succumbed to “wanna be celebrities” rather than serious news professionals.

  10. I agree with you totally, good for you for being willing to stand up and tell it like it is! All too many don’t want to get involved in things like that. It is so true that the liberal media just can’t wait to start an uproar about something that they are willing to push lies and try to convince people they are telling the truth! And it’s not just in your country, it happens here too. Keep up the good work, be willing to always stand for truth no matter what!

    • Thanks so much Steve, yes we have to stand for the truth! so glad this resonated with you. thanks for your support. hugs xox

  11. I have followed you for awhile, and never thought it necessary to comment, but this post has me angry. I do not know the facts of this situation, and I am ok with that. The facts of the situation are not why I am commenting. I do know bias when I see it and read it, and it is all over your post. Regardless of the facts of this situation, or who is right and who is wrong, most of what I read in this post is anti liberal media. And I do not disagree with you that there is biased liberal media, but there is also biased conservative media, and I am bothered by both. But I am more bothered at the moment by you being so one-sided. I do not follow people who I find so very biased that hatred continues. Regardless of our beliefs about politics and social issues, we can be respectful in stating our opinions. I do not read that here.

    • Hi Patti, thank you for sharing your thoughts and joining the conversation. I invite you to watch the videos and decide for yourself. The news biases, you’re correct — they’re on both sides. I’m definitely open to a dialogue. Respect and listening are the keys to coming to an understanding and positive cooperation. Glad you stopped by. big hugs xo

    • Patti, if you do not know the facts as you state, then you can not call this post bais. One needs the facts of a story to declare if the story is tipped to one side or the other.

  12. I watched the interviews and wholeheartedly agree with you. And I am not Catholic. I am certainly not privileged. And I don’t always agree. I have worked to bring awareness to our native tribes’ issues. But dang this is a ridiculous mess. That man straight up lied on national TV this morning. I saw it with my own two eyes. This country makes me embarrassed to be a human sometimes. I thought the student exhibited great restraint. All of them, in the video I saw. I would have felt extremely high levels of anxiety and been completely violated had someone been in my face like that for any reason, much less pounding a drum inches from my body. Would ANY of us let our child go through that experience??? I certainly wouldn’t, and I don’t care who you are or what you represent. Deplorable and irresponsible behavior of an adult is what I see.

    • Thank you Amily, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. It’s so true – deplorable to say the least. hugs xox

  13. We must speak the truth. We must be soldiers – and never be afraid – and never question this. Christ asks us to carry His cross and be martyrs for His Truth and Light – whether in body or in reputation. We’re in a war now, and we have to choose sides for good. “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.” – Matthew 12:30
    Good job.

    • Thank you friend. I love that verse – it’s so true. And how difficult it is to live that out these days. Thank you for stopping by. hugs xo

  14. All we can do is hope that these young men learned a valuable lesson that the haters are going to hate and be one up on them. I think for a child ​h​e did​ w​e​l​​l with a man in his face. Then you have Savannah Guthrie a Mom herself giving this young man the evil eye with smoke coming out of her ears. I just keep listening to Elvis radio on Sirius XM, too much stress

    • Thank you Alice, hah – Elvis radio. i may have to start listening. tune out the craziness with a little Heartbreak Hotel 🙂 hehe hhugs xo

  15. We should be able to call a spade a spade. I do agree with many of the things that you raise in this article but also is troubled by the recruitment of minors for political rallies. I know you may say that Pro Life rally is not political but that’s a point of debate. A MAGA hat is a political symbol, whether you like it or not.
    For whatever it is worth, CNN seems to retract its first reporting. We live in a sad world where every issue is being looked through the glasses of right or left politics, pro life or pro choice. We are dehumanizing ourselves.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. Yeah, I definitely agree about the hats – they are a symbol for sure. As far as the rally goes, I think children are the most pure response to what abortion actually is. And I’ve found that children aren’t being forced to attend, but usually are the ones who *want* to go and stand up for the unborn babies. I know that’s a point of debate for sure, and I respect everyone’s viewpoint on that. Amen – dehumanizing ourselves. Thanks for stopping by. hugs xox

      • Yes, that’s certainly a point of debate. For me personally, I will live that to the mother, her doctor and her faith. We have seen what horrific results abstinence has produced. Without proper birth control education, world can not bear the results of population explosion. I know many religion espouse “go forth and multiply” without thinking the results of that multiplication ( is it because exploding population has a direct impact on their coffers – just a thought).

  16. I find it interesting that whenever it is white people, it’s a disgrace that they are so “smeared”… I wonder what the outcome would have been if it would have been an African American Teenager staring an older white man in the face like that… I assume they would have hauled him away with attempted murder charges…. I don’t need context for this scene, for a young man to grin an elder in the face like that is utter disrespect, no matter their skin color or affiliation. Manners and morals should not be partisan… Jesus was respectful towards everybody but maybe even more so towards the “undeserving” of his respect… Thank God, HE is the One on the highest throne.. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Michelle, that’s an interesting thought. It makes me sad to think about. HE is the One, amen! hugs xox

  17. By the way, I liked your father’s advice. The two main players seem to have found a common ground and moved with their lives. Reminds me of a story of Leo Tolstoy that I read in my childhood where the playground fight between two little kids erupted into a full blown fight and shouting match between the families who were ultimately shamed to see that the youngstars, unknown to their parents, were busy having fun playing together.

    • thank you 🙂 haha yeah – my father is always right on the money about everything. He’s my hero 🙂 Parents are such blessings. hugs xox

  18. This story will fade away as soon as it can be replaced by a story of a mass shooting by a white man, proving the latest social disease of “toxic masculinity”. Don’t expect the media to be introspective, apologetic or contrite.

      • Makes me sad too. If their advertising revenues hit rock bottom and shareholders demand a better return on investment, then maybe, somebody will figure out that it is folly to attempt selling a product no one will buy.

      • Yes. Absolutely. This is what we expect. You work in media. Public relations run a lot of political, business, and news decisions. Public relations and propaganda are synonymous. Unprincipled propagandists think they can sell a falsehood as the truth if they repeat it enough. The Big Lie. We think that notion died with the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Wrong. It has to be re-learned by every generation. I am afraid the Millennials are behind in the learning curve. (Sorry to take up too many replies on your blog.)

  19. This one is especially difficult for me (and people like me). I’m disappointed that this event occurred (even if the public doesn’t know the entire story). It’s sad that the media may have slanted the reality, but it’s also sad that the alternative narrative doesn’t make ANY of this better. It’s sad that regardless of who provoked whom, both sides claim to be victims. It frightens me to see an organization that has historically been battered in the spot light AGAIN. It’s also painful to see a group of children wield their victimization so poorly. As this nation becomes more an more divided, it will be increasingly difficult to garner empathy from a nation that historically does NOT empathize.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Yeah it’s an ugly situation all the way around. I really appreciate you joining the conversation. Hugs and love xox

  20. Here’s the thing Carolyn. When it comes to the media I think I have more representation in Merritt in dealing with the situation like this because I was a journalist for 12 years. I bet you didn’t know that. Like so many in the beginning we kind of all fell in the vacuum venom towards teenage boys. In the beginning stages of the first video the media painted this encounter as an old west-style shootout or who would blink first. Admittedly most of the world got it wrong. Even I did. However through further examination and we’re laying on my senses as a journalist the professor once said Anthony the most important thing you can do is look at both sides of the story. So yes the boys can sue each and every celebrity that ripped on social media. Start with Kathy Griffin please.

    And that’s the way I see it. Ciao for now.

    • Thank you for sharing this interesting perspective. Look at both sides of the story – that would be a great place to start for sure! Hugs and love xox

  21. I don’t hate the media at all. My understanding is this story was on SOCIAL media first and went viral, and was picked up by the major news sources. Once the whole story became clear the news sources starting playing clips from the young men and fully discussed the issues, providing the other side of it. I saw several stories on this topic. Then there were stories, on how did this get started? Who started this? Why do we get so hysterical? The original person – her name is actually out there now. Please be careful when you direct your anger. Fox News is not the only valid news source.

    • Yeah the social media of it all is what really ignited the fire. Which is so problematic in and of itself. Thanks for the powerful perspective. Very true. There’s bias on both sides of the line. I watched the videos and that was the conclusion I drew, regardless of Fox. So glad you stopped by. Hugs and love xox

  22. I absolutely understand your need to comment through your blog. Today I am having such a difficult time staying clear of political issues on Twitter. I do know that because someone politician’s statements make me want to cry because they are actually running America, does not mean I ought to bash this person on line. But I want to. I’m glad you chose to share your thoughts on this incident. I believe the adults could have diffused this situation. And those Black Hebrew Isrealites have a years long history of bad-mouthing Whites, for what purpose I do not know. They go to the Beach, or stand at Metro Bus Stops and shout out their beliefs. They just show up everywhere supposedly to “teach” the truth. And yes they will say anything. It is sad. I’m glad I follow you.

    • Thank you so much friend for sharing this powerful perspective. Yeah – I wish we could have more peace and tolerance. It really is sad. So glad you stopped by. Big hugs xox

  23. The media, at one time, was an important part of the political system in this country, informing the populace so the ones who vote had something to go on. Now, however, their agenda takes precedence over the truth and they are bent on misinforming the populace. I am only dismayed that more don’t just turn them off. That’s what I do. You are shouldering the role the media should have, telling the truth – whatever the personal risk. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much Jon! Yeah there are agenda on all sides for sure. Thanks for your support. Hugs and love xox

  24. This is one reason why I slowed down watching mainstream news .If I do the big ones I keep in mind they all have agendas . I hadn’t watched the video. You’ve encouragde me to look objectively

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Yeah that’s so true. Agendas across the board! Hugs and love xox

  25. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. You are 100% correct. It is so frustrating watching our ever growing, incompetent “so called” news media. I watch many mainstream sources and I find it so difficult to watch. They leave me either rolling my eyes, or shaking my head. I read a previous comment and must respectfully disagree. I find FOX News is the most valid news source we have right now. God bless you.

  26. Jesus said,” let the little ones come to me”
    It is really sad that things are sometimes unnecessarily drawn out of proportions.
    Must it always be skin color, racial line,political parties and what have you. Kids will be kids,they have inquisitive minds they want to explore,to know,they want to see and there is nothing wrong with ‘ that.
    Instead of looking at the incident negatively why don’t we look at it positively.
    Let us make the world a better place because we are all in this together. Here is a test for you.If you see a stranger smile and he or she will smile back at you.Our culture might be different but our needs are the same.It is good to love and receive love.
    As a middle class citizen I cannot drink tea with Bush,Obama, or Trump.But inspite of their political differences they can drink tea or attend wedding or funeral together.In which the masses cannot.So what is our problem?.Why are we hating ourselves unnecessarily.
    As for the News Media,they are good and they also have bad aspect of the reporting.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. Lots of powerful points to mull over. Amen – let’s make the world a better place. hugs xo

  27. We have to know when to speak up and when to stay silent. With all things going on, this wasn’t something big enough for me to comment about. For you, it was different and I applaud you for sharing how you feel.

    All battles aren’t worth fighting, especially if nothing is gained! I saw that quote a few days ago. It reminded me alot that’s going on in this country right now!

    This issue wasn’t a left or right issue, it was a people issue! A sign of hope divided our county is and it’s sad.

    At the end of the day, what was gained from this? The government is still shutdown, employees still aren’t paid, and we haven’t moved any closer to getting along.

    This is exhausting. I wish everyone could just try to work together and get along.

  28. Caralyn,

    I applaud your bravery to step into this pit of hatred. I understand why your father advised you to stay away from it. And I’m sure you do too. You and many of us have ‘platforms’ that we try to protect. Plus the vile responses and push back isn’t worth the trouble. You have an excellent online image and you rightly want to protect that, but, you are also right that this has been and continues to be disgusting. I feel terrible for the boys, their families, and the school.

    The media is now doubling down on the attacks as of today.

    It’s probably going to continue but its an ugly sign of the condition of the hearts of so many people now.

    Social media gives everyone a voice but little connection to the real people in the stories. God, and His Son Jesus have been kicked to the curb and the result is the ugliness we are seeing.

    Thanks for using your brave voice.


    • Thank you so much Clay. Yeah it is so disappointing. And even more so to see how the progression of the story is continuing. Makes me so sad. Thanks again Doug for this powerful food for thought. Hugs and love xox

  29. Shows your courage and character to write about this media-driven hype designed to keep a narrative alive. Agree with your description of “the extreme left’s enemy”, although I would substitute Christian with catholic & blue-collar with Midwestern. But I get what you are saying…because it’s true.

    As I’ve said in much commentary about this pop culture pictorial sensation, this could serve as a teachable moment about how pre-conceived notions about Trump supporters are not accurate, as well as instructing the masses on how clever the media is at framing a story to control the narrative they want us to believe. Unfortunately, it won’t. Mostly because our nation is partisan on the whole. And most are much too proud to admit that they might have been wrong about how they depict Trump supporters and people on the right.

    But this is the problem with partisanship:
    they each want the other side to fail so badly that the truth doesn’t really matter much. Just so long as the other guy loses.

    In the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing. You are making a difference with your independent voice and caring approach.

    Chris Gaines

    Patriot Gaines

    • Thank you Chris. Yeah i think those substitutions definitely ring true as well, sadly. I appreciate your support. Hugs and love xox

  30. We can now expect the type of reaction from the msm.
    However, what was Most disappointing was the reaction of the Diocese, Covington Catholic and, yes, the organizers of the Right to Life March. Each of these Catholic organizations condemned their own before knowing or even attempting to learn the true facts. What a lesson for these kids and their families.

    • Yeah it was pretty sad indeed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and joining the conversation. Hugs and love xox

  31. “In Franciscan theology, truth is always for the sake of love—not an absolute end in itself. In other words, any good idea that does not engage the body, the heart, the physical world, and the people around us will tend to be more theological problem solving than any real healing of people and institutions.” Richard Rohr identifies times that the Christian message has been taken over by power and ideology, too often keeping our understanding of Jesus’ teaching in a very small box. It can be hard for us to respond to an abstract or overly-exalted image of Christ; instead, “humanity needs a Jesus we can imitate in practical ways and who sets the bar for what it means to be fully human.”

    • Thank you so much for sharing this powerful perspective. I love that – let’s imitate Jesus!! Hugs and love xox

  32. I totally agree that the media and facebook and liberals are out of control and I’m glad you wrote this, but I can’t wait to see what you have to say about the New York abortion/live baby murder law that just passed. I’ve been discussing it on my facebook page, but I haven’t posted about it. It is time to speak out !

    • Thank you so much. Yeah the ny situation gives me a pit on my stomach. Absolutely sickening. Hugs and love xox

  33. That’s the whole point. We always need to outraged because this gives the media something to report. Whether it is only 10 or 1000 people the media will say everyone. Kinda like in real life.if one person ask you something it catches your attention, but if three people ask you the same thing it suddenly becomes everyone.

  34. Honestly I feel when it comes to anything in the media, regardless of source, the information needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, often times that does not happen. As a self defined liberal I would have been a lot more open to reading the content of your post and the message you were trying to convey had there not been so many references to “the liberal media” as a monstrous lie machine. Words are powerful. Labels such as that only serve to distance us further apart. So while I hear your message I am reading that it comes from your reference point (a Christian Conservative) rather than an objective opinion. If you are in fact living what you wrote (Love your neighbor and Live in love) than perhaps you should more thoughtfully consider your word choice. As far as this particular story is concerned- I would bet the real truth lies somewhere in the middle and only the parties present will ever know it. There is some real insight on stereotyping in Brene Brown’s book “Braving the Wilderness”. You may want to check it out.

    • That’s such a great and important point. A grain of salt for sure – there are biases on both sides of the line. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. will def check out Braving the Wilderness. hugs xo

  35. Wowza! Preach it, sister!
    I absolutely agree, and I admit my immediate reaction was much the same: “How sad.” “What stupid, silly kids.” etc. Seriously, I should know by now not to rush to judgment based on the first news reports – they are all just first impressions these days, at best, and it never helps to form an opinion based on first impressions!
    There was, in reality, so much nuance to the incident, as it actually happened. And I’m praying hard that the reactions to it will calm down and even lead to reconciliation.
    And, yep: A lot of people need to apologize!

    Thanks for your perspective! If I didn’t make it a rule to never (ever!) talk politics on social media…

    • Thank you so much! I so appreciate your thoughts on this. I will join you in that prayer. Reconciliation – wouldn’t that be amazing. Hugs and love xox

    • Chaos mongering. That’s exactly what it is. Amen! Thanks so much for joining the conversation. Hugs and love xox

  36. As someone who attended this year’s March for Life (I think next year’s will be my 10th), I’ve seen the absolute bullying nastiness of the liberal counter-protesters repeatedly.
    They usually surround and harass the youth groups at the March. What they did with the kids from Covington is nothing new.
    If any of us said hateful things about certain groups, as was said against these youths, it would be a hate crime. I think the Black Israelites and some of these celebrities should be brought up on hate-crime charges.
    Some of the media outlets should be charged with libel. I forget which network first broke this story, but at first they said it occurred at an immigrant’s rights rally–talk about incompetence in journalism.
    If these boys had even done what they were accused of, then maybe they would deserve some kind of normal school discipline (in-school suspension; kicked off of extracurricular activities or teams), not have their lives destroyed.
    I may be ranting a bit, but it grieves me to see how far our society has fallen. God, have mercy upon us.

    • Thank you so much Michael for sharing your thoughts on this. And wow 10 marches, that’s awesome!! Ugh that bullying makes me sick. Grieves me too. Hugs and love xox

  37. I’m a liberal and don’t like the stereotyping about us being out of control. I think we need to come together and stop bashing each other and blaming each other, but “tribe” takes priority as we continue to fear loss of something…. our economic security…. We are in huge competition with each other because the wealth has gone to the 1%, who benefit from dividing us. Creating fear and mistrust is one way to control others. We need to turn to love and stop bullying groups who are not of our tribe. This goes for all of us, not just the evil liberals, not just the evil right, not just the evil media, etc. The thing is, everyone has faults and makes mistakes. Everyday, mistakes are revealed, and we just need to talk it out instead of freaking out and singling out one group or another, like targeting gays or the under served. We always seem to want to deflect our own responsibility onto someone else. We all have made this world the way it is right now, and we are all to blame. And the only answer is to do what Christ did, love everyone. That’s why we are on this earth, to cocreate this universe with love.

    • Thank you so much for joining the conversation and sharing your thoughts on this. I agree: we need to turn to love and come together in respect and understanding. Thank you for putting that so beautifully and eloquently. Hugs and love xox

  38. You know that you were top of mind with me when I wrote my entry on this very charged matter. Or, if you don’t know that, then I want you to know!
    I’m a lefty.
    That doesn’t take a black paint brush to my rose colored glasses, though. I was raised Catholic and went to parochial school.
    I don’t blame these kids.
    I don’t blame the Native Americans.
    I don’t even blame the media.
    Kinda blame the adult blacks, even though they were out *way* numbered.
    I blame the parents.
    I blame the school – particularly their chaperones.
    If the chaperones were wrangling kids instead of – maybe? – buses, that Native American guy and his few associates wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near these kids.
    If the parents – and again, the chaperones – were protecting these kids, those MAGA hats wouldn’t have been in their suitcases or on their heads.
    Talk about putting a literal target on your child.
    “Hey, kids, we’re here representing our school, as such we can’t display our individual politics, even if we are all in agreement.”
    No hats, no story. I promise.
    The adults failed these kids. Sure, kids are jerks sometimes, but that’s when we – as adults – need to remind them most of who’s “in charge” and teach them about the high road.
    I feel bad for the kids.
    But only just a little.
    I feel less bad for them than the kids from Stoneman High in Florida who were shot at and called “crisis actors” by the WH.
    At least these kids didn’t get literally shot at. Something tells me that the Stoneman kids weren’t standing in a group 150 strong shouting their school song at their attacker.
    These Covington kids just failed to survive an old man with a drum.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. And wow – thank you for thinking of me! Interesting perspective. Definitely some powerful food for thought! And any time there is violence against children, my heart shatters. Hugs and love xox

  39. Thank you for being brave enough to post this. It gives me great hope that there are people of your generation who still recognize and stand for, and on, truth! I pray those young men steel there resolve to do the same as a result of this, seeing it for what it truly is, another attempt by the enemy of our souls to extinguish the light. Keep shining my beautiful friend!

    • Thank you so much Dan for your support and for taking the time to read. Yes, i will join you in that prayer. hugs xo

  40. Since we’re dealing with facts. The Indigenous People Rally permit encompassed the area where this conflict occurred. The legal exercise of first amendment rights come into question as there would have been no conflict had both parties respected the date. The March for Life rally was held in the other direction. So. Were they really there just, minding their business? Ohio. Illinois. Kentucky. Have their fair share of high school and sports mascots depicting Native people in our antiquity. As savages. As Redskins. Which was what our skin was valued at by local settlers had we had it removed from our bodies. Even the Covington Colonels have a symbol of the South which in their Confederate Constitution pushed racial superiority. Now. We get to the why. The why, Covington high school offers athletic scholarships at a quarter of it’s dues. The same as other institutions offer it, for diversity. The only way to get poor minorities in the door is to have them, perform. Had they been a part of an actual school district instead of SACSA a teacher couldn’t have promoted a rally. The messaging of a MAGA hat. Or other privileges offered to those innocent teens. Do I agree with the context you provided? No. It’s mostly true. It did, make the teen’s plight greater than either cause. Narcissism at it’s best.

    • Thank you Kenzie for sharing your thoughts on this. I can feel your passion for this topic through your words. I appreciate you expressing it. Hugs and love xox

      • No passion. Just facts. I’m a minority, it’s a broken record having to retell the same parts of our history to Americans. Where the law doesn’t work the same, had it worked. Both sides, could permit, could rally, and easily avoid this confrontation that helps no one. Facts are facts, you don’t have to believe me. I speak truth to power.

      • I agree here too. After working with kids who come from violent backgrounds, I think most American parents are naive to the realities of the world. Sheltered or in denial. I don’t care what a persona political views are, these kids absolutely put themselves in harms way and yes, where were the parents?!

  41. I had not paid much attention to the story because, well, I don’t pay attention to stories the liberal media pushes to fit their propaganda. Thank you for clarifying what happened. Sadly we are living in a time that if anything can be twisted to attack Christians of any denomination, it will be twisted.

  42. So glad you decided to post this. It’s infuriating that the media can take 15 seconds of video and twist it to be something it’s not, just to stir up controversy. I applaud you for speaking your mind on this. Bravo!

      • Yes, always remember that “our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers and powers of this world’s darkness.” Keep being the light and sharing truth. This is our job and you are doing it! Keep up the great work. 😄❤

  43. I heard just a snippet and then listened to an interview with the boy this morning. Mind you I am not a Trump supporter, I am pro life and a Christian and lean Republican. I was disgusted that they were picking on this kid instead of the “adults” that were spewing hate at kids. That’s just wrong!

    • Thank you Johanna for sharing your thoughts on this. Yeah I totally agree! Wrong on a lot of levels! So glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  44. I think any media, liberal or not, should uphold its values and provide the truth to its viewers. I totally understand how you feel about this, I’m not Catholic, but as a muslim I know full well what it’s like to be misrepresented and misunderstood. I hate how the media can do that, and I especially hate how people don’t see through it. They kind of just see what they want and walk away with it, not bothering to dig deeper and seek the truth. Kudos to you for calling them out on this one!

  45. Response after reading the article and associated comments:

    Let us not talk about the machine as if we are not part of the machine. News flash. We are what generates the momentum that keeps the machine spnning.

    Each of us contributes to the life span the moment we set ourselves apart. We are not set apart by denomination nor political affilitation. Those imaginary boundary lines are the cause for not only the existence of the machine, but the condition of the factory that machine and others like it operate inside the factory we all live and work in.

    Separation is the grandest illusion mankind has ever seen. We wake up in the morning and walk by a thousand ghosts on the way to work- humans with no names just faces, falsely believing that because we have not shook their hands and exchanged meaningless pleasantries, that we exist apart from them.

    Nothing could be further from the Truth.

    We are all united together as one enormous river of stars flowing toward Almighty God.

    We are all equal points with the same weight and value.

    Lastly, the things we perceive with our eyes in the material world are not the way things truly exist, they originate and are born from reality- they transcend from the spiritual plane which exist underneath every material thing in existence.
    God indeed, is the cohesive glue holding everything together.

    • Thank you so much for joining the conversation! That’s a really great point. I love the image of the river. Hugs and love xox

  46. Glad to see someone not blind with rage talk about this. And it needs to be talked about. People rushed to judgement before the facts were in. The director of the Twilight movies tweeted that he wanted to shove the kids into a woodchipper. He works for Disney!

    Jim Carrey drew more of sick art going after the teenagers. I don’t think I can ever watch Jim Carrey movies again.

    I saw my feed light up with grown adults saying how they were getting off on the idea of beating in the kids skulls with shovels. My own feed!

    I usually don’t block people, but that was too much. It made me sick to see.

    How could adults go this crazy to advocate violence and murder against children? They doxxed these kids, endangered them. I saw tweets from celebs wanting to a mass shooting at the childrens’ school.

    Society has a real problem Outrage Addiction. People want to feel outrage because it makes them feel a part of something bigger. Outrage has become a cult-like religion. I think that’s how this happened. All these adults just become intoxicated with the Outrage Drug and couldn’t see (still can’t) what monsters they’d become.

    They’d addicts waiting for the next big fix. And they don’t care who they destroy or what the truth is as long as they can get it.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thought. I know – they rushed to judgement. I was guilty of that too! I didn’t see what Jim Carrey did! I’ll have to check it out. Hugs and love xox

  47. Wow
    Thank you for this
    I don’t follow the media but had heard of the uproar which I guessed to be fueled by the liberal media
    Yes where are the apologies and the truth… shame on the media

  48. Wow! I had no idea about the over the top reactions of people!

    May I offer a few catholic educator observations?
    – We strictly prohibit political messaged garments in any school activity of any type.
    – We pray for those who persecute us.
    – We withdraw ‘a short distance’ from unnecessary confrontation.
    – We teach multicultural awareness to avoid the enticement of moral error.
    – We teach the component parts of a moral decision which includes ‘Others’ – how will my action be received by others.

    Strictly speaking from a catholic school perspective the situation was not a good reflection on our catholic youth and on catholic school mandates. All other noise aside and you correctly point out the extremes we nonetheless must hold out catholic schools to the higher standards. Peacemakers are only peacemakers when there is confrontation.

    Theology Teacher
    at a Catholic School
    Reverend Deacon
    at a Catholic Church

    • Thank you so much Gerry. I really appreciate this powerful perspective! Yeah, as a fellow catholic I was really saddened by the portrayal too. Hugs and love xox

  49. I also saw the headline and at first thought the kid was being a jerk, but then I read what had happened. What the media claimed to be a smirk to me was a kid that was thinking, “What in the world?” He looked a bit nervous to me, not knowing what to make of this man in his face. Our nation is in a horrible fix. We can blame politicians, media , Hollywood, but what I know is Satan is behind it all and he’s lovin’ every second. This morning I read this from Dr. Charles Stanley, “Jesus cares for those who have been born and are hurting as much as the unborn who are in need of a voice—for the wounds that have been imposed visibly as much as the invisible bondage in each heart. Let us remember that people are not our enemies, but sin divides and devastates and makes enemies of us all. Therefore, let us pray to Jesus and ask Him to make Himself known in a powerful way in our nation. Let us turn away from the earthly forms of need-fulfillment that have so fatally failed us. And let us turn to God’s ways, who brings us peace within ourselves and with others that transcends understanding. Pray to Him and obey Him. Because only God can fix what has been so profoundly broken.” That’s pretty much all that needs to be said…prayer is our strongest tool, but this country has decided to leave that tool in a rusty tool box under a bench in the garage. We are in a sad state and I never thought I would see such as this. I also realize that as a Believer, I know things are supposed to get really bad before Christ returns. It is all part of God’s Plan. We need to use this time not to sit back and be timid, but to bring people to Christ. People are searching and God is giving us opportunities to help them if we just allow ourselves to walk through the doors He opens up for us.

    • Thank you so much Montee. Yeah it was just totally taken out of context and then spun to the worst degree. And I totally agree – this is absolutely the evil
      one’s playground. And AMEN! Prayer is our strongest tool. Hugs and love xox

  50. My comments on your blog tend to disappear the moment I press “Post Comment” so I’m not sure what’s happening, but I do have something to say here.

    First, both liberal and conservative news outlets are going to milk this story for all it’s worth because they’re getting a ton of “clicks” out of it.

    Secondly, for a lot (most, all?) leftists, merely being white, male, and wearing a MAGA hat means you’re a racist, misogynistic, Nazi pig, so you don’t actually have to *do* anything other than wear the hat and be breathing. The rage against “bad orange man” is at such a fever pitch, that folks are “triggered” by the mere thought of him, even more so now because of the Government shutdown.

    So far this year, three of my short fiction stories have been accepted by small indie outfits for publications (Hooray). Now here’s the rub. One publisher has accepted two of my stories BUT he has also commented rather strongly on two of my Facebook posts about how he disagrees with my social and political opinions (in the first, I objected to New York State’s recent change in abortion law, and in the second, I held Nancy Pelosi just as responsible for the Government shutdown as Donald Trump).

    I DMed the person in question in Facebook suggesting that it’s okay to disagree and expressing concern that our differing opinions might influence his publishing decisions about my work. He hasn’t gotten back to me on this one, so I guess we’ll see.

    My point is that people who feel it morally imperative to oppose Trump in any way or fashion can behave very irrationally, to the degree that they will commit acts (such as threatening a teenage boy and his family with death) that otherwise they would consider grossly immoral.

    Today, I found out that I might just have to censor my personal beliefs on social media if I ever want to have a side-career as a published author (my textbooks are published, but the entertainment industry is a whole other breed of cat). It’s disappointing, but it’s also human nature.

    Here goes pressing “Post Comment.” Maybe they end up in your spam filter for some reason.

    • Thank you so much James – oh gosh hmm that is so strange, I’m sorry about that! And you’re right – both sides are playing it up and it’s really sad. I’m sorry to hear that. Hugs and love xox

  51. Oh my gosh. This made me so angry this morning, but at least I am not depressed like I was when I found out that Catholic school boys were confronting and intimidating Native Americans…Thank you for telling the truth. It feels like a loosing battle doesn’t, it?

    • Thank you so much Anna. Ugh a total losing battle. It really makes me so discouraged. But there is hope in Him! Hugs and love xox

  52. DISCLAIMER: I haven’t watched the nearly two-hour video (don’t have the time) or the five-minute one. So I might not be the best to comment here, but I think that there are a few points worth making. Namely, points around lessons that I think need to be learned here.

    I will start by saying that this is a lesson in journalism (I agree with you about the journalists really botching this). The Times and many other media outlets got this really, really wrong on all sorts of levels. It failed to include the details about the Black Hebrew Israelites, the boys’ involvement there, or even the question of whether Nathan Phillips was a Vietnam vet (even that fact, from the sound of things, may’ve been botched too). Journalists need to check their sources, verify their sources, and re-check their sources.

    I also think it’s a lesson in rushing to judgement. I will admit it–I was rushing to judgement too. I still think that the boys are not innocent in this (far from it, as I will talk about below), but clearly, what truly happened does not align with the initial accounts.

    Speaking of the boys not being innocent (which is probably the area where I will have to agree to disagree), there were some things the boys still did (even based on the longer video) that was poor judgement at best, reprehensible at worst. They still did tomahawk chops, which was reprehensible. They also wore MAGA hats, which brings more than baggage–it’s not symbolic of any “Culture of Life” (and it’s not just me saying that, it’s the Bishop of the Diocese of Lexington saying that: Finally, these kids were somewhat endangering their own safety, and maybe it would’ve been wisest for police officers (who are used to dealing with competing rallies in DC) to deal with this instead of a bunch of high schoolers who (however well-intended they may be) likely have zero experience in dealing with conflicting rallies.

    While the boys were not innocent, I also think that the adults need to be held accountable. Yes they did tomahawk chops, but are we really setting a good example when fans of many sports teams (including the Kansas City Chiefs, apparently) also do tomahawk chops? Yes they wore MAGA hats, but are we setting a good example when we view Trump as “pro-life” even though he supports the death penalty and other things that are not pro-life? Yes they got overinvolved, but did the chaperones set a good example by not being voices of wisdom somehow here (as far as I could tell)?

    As I said, many lessons need to be learned from this. Lessons for journalists, lessons iin rushing to judgement, lessons for high schoolers, lessons for adults.

    • Thank you so much for sharing these important points. There is bias on all sides of the line. But we need the truth. And yes – rushing to judgement always leads to hurtful outcomes. Great points. Hugs and love xox

      • You’re welcome! I do think that we need to have a balanced perspective on this, and the fact seems to be that this doesn’t fit perfectly into a conservative or progressive narrative.

  53. I saw the headlines for this story, but I didn’t engage with it. I saw it as one more instance of media stirring up trouble. I was sure that getting into it would only cause me stress and frustration of skewed reporting and all of the anger it entails. It takes two to argue, and I refuse to engage. I try not to forget the saying, “Never argue with an idiot. People won’t be able to tell you apart.”

    During Viet Nam the question was, “What if someone held a war and no one came?” Today it should be, “What is someone reported BS and no one paid any attention?” Why reward the media by paying attention to them?

    So I saw the headline. I don’t spend any real time looking at news. I had no idea it has turned into such a freak show.

    All that being said, I admire your courage and devotion to take the time and energy to really dig into what happened and tell your readers the truth. We need you and those like you to speak truth to the people who DO engage the media and are led astray. Would that the media would actually do their job; report and not create. It reminds me of a time I saw a female reporting with her crew in tow at an airport during an American Airlines strike. She was holding her microphone in the air shouting, “Who’s pissed off and wants to be on TV?”

    Apparently she was sick the day they taught journalism at journalism school.

    THANK YOU for slogging through all of the hyperbole and slanted accounts. What a reporter you’d make!

    • Hey Jeff, I was really looking forward to hearing your take on the situation! Yeah not engaging was probably the best course of action. Yeah we need to demand more (read: the truth) from our journalists. Fascinating tidbits about AA and Vietnam. That really should be the question. Thanks again for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

      • I’m sorry I haven’t been very engaged recently. I’ve been sick and work has been really consuming my time. I still value your words and look forward to your articles, but… sigh

      • Oh gosh I’ll be praying for you. Hope you’re feeling better. Hang in there Jeff

  54. What makes me absolutely sick to my stomach about this story (besides all the lies and name calling and HATRED that is just seeping through it) is that the media NAMED the CHILDREN “involved”. Named them. On National News. These are CHILDREN. This boy is 16!!! 16! I am absolutely outraged at this. Even if this story had any truth to it (which it doesn’t, watch the entire video) you still don’t NAME CHILDREN! Sorry…this whole mess makes me so angry I can’t even really stand it. I can’t remember any other incident about ANYTHING where the media named the children involved IMMEDIATELY after posting the “story”. And maybe it’s just my bad memory, but I really can’t remember one. It’s absolutely disgusting how far down the rabbit hole our media and news outlets and “celebrities” have fallen. To call for violence against anyone is disgusting, never mind violence against children. But I guess what do I expect, we are a nation after all who accepts the murder of our most innocent. So why should I be surprised when they do it to others who simply have a different point of view than them? Sorry for the rant, but I am just disgusted by this whole mess (and especially by the behavior and condemnation of people who KNOW better). Thank you for posting and handling this with WAY more dignity and respect than a LARGE percentage of this country. God Bless!

    • Thank you friend for sharing your thoughts on this. I know! SIXTEEN years old! It infuriates me too. And that’s a great point. So telling that this coincides with the atrocious law that just passed in nyc. So glad you stopped by. Hugs and love xox

  55. Thank you for posting this. I happen to be a liberal but I agree with what you have posted. I’m a Brit living in the mid-west and the approach of the media – of *all* the media – in this country is something I am still surprised by. The partisan nature. The inability for any of them – not just the liberal but also the conservative media – to report straight forward news without putting blind spin or biased opinion on the table does a great disservice to the public. It is sad that a clip was taken out of context and such horrible things have been directed to a group of boys who were only doing what they felt was right. Hopefully there will be an acknowledgment of the failure of journalism revealed by this incident. But I suspect that won’t happen.

    • Thank you so much Katie for sharing your thoughts. You’re so right -there is bias on alllll sides of the line. We need to demand the truth from our journalists. I hope so too. So glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  56. Unfortunately, news coverage has little to do with showing the truth. It’s there to sell advertising. And polarizing demagoguery, lies, or anything that causes a knee-jerk reaction sells advertising. And, of course we, the digesting public, are gullible. They know we won’t check into it further like you did. So, thank you for doing so and digging down to the truth. 🙂
    It’s shameful that the press, a bastion of the free world, won’t bother to do this anymore.

    • Thank you so much Mel. That’s a great point. Ad money talks for sure. Hugs and love xox

  57. Amen! Thank you! It’s all about brewing hate and division. These are children. And who cares if a couple of them are wearing MAGA hats? So, they and their family support Trump. Who cares? Are people not allowed to have their own opinions and beliefs? Yes, you are right. You said what I’d been saying the past couple of days. These boys were targeted for being pro-life, Catholic, and white boys. It is the truth, and I’m a conservative progressive (sounds odd, but that’s how I see myself). The MSM has been incompetent and jumping to conclusions with many of their reports without all the facts. It’s become commonplace the past decade, and more so the past few years. I voted for Jill Stein. I didn’t vote for Trump. Does that mean I have to hate or talk nasty about people who support Trump? or Clinton (who I can’t stand)? No. Love, not hate. And learn the whole story before spilling it out on social media for clicks and views.

    • Thank you friend. They are certainly brewing that. We need love for sure! Hugs and love xox

  58. The Lord is sifting the wheat from the chaff so to speak, He’s allowing the people to see the hypocrisy & self righteousness of the left.

  59. Staying away from the topic might make sense; but if we continue to turn a blind eye to the emperor’s nakedness, we’re contributing to the problem.

    The mainstream media is utterly contemptible — as far as I can see it is utterly devoid of any redeeming value or quality. There is absolutely no reason to give them any attention. They won’t be grateful for your views or custom, and they’ll lie to you — as this story illustrates.

    Leftist social media (Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, etc) is just as bad, and I’m glad I’m not on any of it; though I recognize it’s harder for people like you to give up given your ministry. But they’ll come for you too eventually; you’ll be banned for hate speech; shunned, deplatformed, unpersoned.

    You’re right to call them out on their actions and BS. The courage to speak up encourages others who aren’t as strong.

    • Thank you so much for this powerful perspective. You’re right about that – and i can already start to see that happen. Thanks for your support. Means a lot. Hugs and love xox

  60. Sorry, but the truth is not a smear campaign. It’s also often much more complicated than we let ourselves imagine.

    The second link is to a much more nuanced analysis than you’re likely to see on any of the mainstream news channels, where lies, shallow thinking, and blather are the norm. But let’s not kid ourselves. Those punks showed nothing but disrespect to a man who’s served his country and been subjected to all manner of injustices simply because his ancestors were on the losing side of an invasion. We shouldn’t coddle bigoted little jerks whose parents obviously never taught them to behave as men.

    • Thank you so much Michael for sharing your thoughts on this difficult issue. I will check out your links. And in the mean time, I invite you to watch the full unedited videos. Hugs and love xox

  61. Here is my comment from the News at Daily Wire regarding the hiring of a powerful attorney who specializes in libel and slander lawsuits against the Media.

    The media outlets that fed into the Yellow Journalistic temperament not only need to be sued for Libel and Slander. Those news reporters and anchors may need to be released from their employment. Remember when the Left vehemently and vitriolic called for and managed to have Rosanne Barr removed from her career as an actress?

    Yes, that ought to happen in this case as well. As for the ongoing terrorist threats by those on the Left, and utilization of Twitter and other Social media platforms – not only get the FBI and Homeland Security involved in aggressively investigating who these people are (and believe me, they have the means to uncover any leftist and radical left wing sock puppet accounts) and bring them in under the Patriot Act for investigation as domestic terrorists.


    Fourth, investigate the passive aggressive continued vitriolic slander and libel by those who continue to perpetuate this type of hatred and vile intolerance. Those who continue to perpetuate this yellow terrorists style bullying through Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit need to be removed – banned from having any social media accounts. If refused, sue these social media mongrels corporations for allowing hate speech, domestic terrorism, and yellow journalism to be perpetuated through their platforms.

    • Thank you so much Timothy! What a powerful response. Yeah the Rosanne Barr situation was another really troublesome mess. So many great points here. Hugs and love xox

  62. I left this story alone – I was ‘told’ the kid was mocking and smirking, but through my eyes I just did not see it like that. Nothing in his demeanor was menacing to me.
    I do think things could have been handled better on all sides. What disturbs me the most is that no adults intervened? The chaperones? It’s highly inappropriate that strange adults came that close to those kids – (regardless of what they were doing). This is an instance of ‘kids being kids’ – they will grow into wisdom. But, those adults…not so sure about them. They should have been wiser.
    I cannot and do not entirely blame the media – I blame gullible people who take everything at face value.
    Even as a Leftist, I check, double-check and re-check before I form my opinions. We cannot lose the ability to think for ourselves! A lesson for all to be learned here. – Jen x

    • Thanks Jen for sharing your thoughts on this. You’re so right! That’s an important lesson for sure – to think for ourselves! Amen! Hugs and love xox

  63. I didn’t hear about this, I avoid the news!! It just shows how toxic things have really gotten. I feel for the kid. Thank YOU for being bold and brave to speak the truth in an increasingly hostile environment!!

  64. Hi Caralyn: Topics for you to write on just seem to be coming in daily. I am not saying the topics are good, or uplifting, but it is always good to read a Christian’s perspective on what the news reports to all who listen.
    As an aside, you seriously did look stressed, depressed, troubled, in the picture in front of the fire place holding your laptop. With some of these events you have written about recently, and the abortion issue you are thinking of, it is a good thing you can get out on your skis ⛷🎿 and fly down those hills for a while.
    Sometimes it seems like each of the news people / reporters are in competition in order to keep their jobs. They look at situations from their own angle / perspective, or what they think their Editor, manager is looking for, rather than at the entire picture of the two or three individuals / groups involved.
    After hearing and reading about these troubling situations, it is always good to sit back and think about the collective actions, how they came about, and why the interaction took place.
    Then, I like to read the truth in fairness that is in your words. From a distance, it sounds like the Black Hebrew religious people may have instigated the confrontation, but the MEGA hats, and the drum in the face also added fuel.
    If each or any of these would have thought, they probably would have stopped before things went as far as they did.
    Obviously, two thoughts come to mind, on being, if those involved would have thought, “What would Jesus do?”, or secondly, as a wise and good friend of mine write recently, if the people were listening at all, they would have known the best advice, “Do what Jesus tells you.”
    At that part I may lay blame at the student’s sponsors feet, as they should have known to do that.
    Caralyn, so sorry, I so often write on so long, but it is just like sitting down with you having a coffee,
    God’s Blessings,
    Enjoy your time with family,
    Have fun and be careful on the slopes,
    Luv, 😀🌹❤️😘

    • Thanks George. Yeah lots of disappointing news this week for sure. Yeah the skiing has been tremendous therapy for sure. WWJD – amen. We all need to think about that for sure! On a daily basis! No need to apologize! I love hearing what you have to say! It always makes me think 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  65. It is telling that those who think they have the high moral ground, call for the rape and murder of – children, for the crime of standing with a smile. Outrageous.

  66. I watched the full and unedited videos. Everyone present, with the exception of that elderly, indigenous veteran behaved shamefully and without a hint of Christian charity or compassion. Both the school boys and the Israelite’s fed off each other’s hatred and created an ugly situation that they all should be apologizing for, and learning from. But more importantly —- What was this Catholic school trying to accomplish by sending young men to protest abortion wearing polarizing, political attire? Is that what Jesus would have done? How was them being there acceptable in the first place? How is it appropriate for 15 year old males (who in all likelihood have never even entered the sexual arena nor have the vaguest understanding of it’s complexities) to speak on this? To dictate to me what I can or can’t do with my body, if a pregnancy is no longer viable and threatening my life? Are they also sending the female students to rallies that advocate mandatory castration? Because the degree of relevance is the same.

  67. Caralyn, yesterday I posted this verse on my personal Facebook page — The whole law is summed up in a single commandment, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
    ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:14‬ . I hear your outrage and indignation over the media coverage of the story but don’t let any anger overcome your spirit. Love is the only way, as Jesus showed us with his life and death. And it’s the one commandment He left us. Ted Okon

    • Yes. Amen to that. Loving is our neighbors is the absolute key. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Ted. Hugs and love xox

  68. For me, this was an interesting learning experience. I, like you, fell into the media trap in the beginning. These terrible Trump lovers with MAGA hats threatening people. I let it go because this is the norm nowadays. Then I saw the headlines change about, causing me to look into it more deeply finding that the story had been so skewed to where it didn’t make any sense at all.

    Then came the death threats and hate speech toward the kids. I remember being their age, in Catholic school, still trying to figure out the social order of things, Joining in with the others. Supporting those kids that seemed to lead the way. Sometimes it was not the most wise thing to do, but it was the way of kid social order. Kids, even if some of them did say some things that might not have been the right thing to do, have the right to be kids and shouldn’t be condemned as if they are adults. It’s never right to threaten to kill or hurt another person simply for their opinions, whether those opinions are right or wrong.

    My lesson came from trusting anything the media presents today. I believe in a free press, but it is no longer free. It is bias one way or the other. There is no middle, objective ground anymore. Simply report thoroughly on what happens in life and then allow us to make up our own minds as to what it means. Now, news is nothing more than bias commentary meant to inflame and incite anger.

    I fell into the trap, if only for a day, then saw the light. It also brought to light the strangeness of today’s tech world. The fact that everyone has a camera and social media is so accessible for people to just blurt out whatever they might think at the moment. Just think, if I used social media as my frustration outlet, I would have blurted out condemnation toward these kids at first then felt a fool when I saw much more of the story.

    If this would have happened 30 years ago, it wouldn’t have made the news. The people who might have observed it might have simply said, “Wow! That was a crazy thing we experienced today.” Life would have moved on and this experience wouldn’t have gained national and even worldwide exposure. A strange place the world has become. Lost in making superficial experiences into spectacles in order to make a statement no matter who gets hurt.

    • Hi Alex, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this tough issue. That’s a great point – we need a media without bias or agenda — and that goes for both sides. hugs xo

  69. Thanks for being courageous for posting this. You expressed what many of us are feeling about the liberal media. It’s skewed, biased and no longer reporting the truth. Like millions more, I no longer trust the liberal media like CNN, CNBC. I do think of them as “fake news”, a legit term today. I compare what they’re saying on Fox and make my judgment. Blessings. Carry on Caralyn.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read it. Yeah all news needs to be taken with a grain of salt for sure. Hugs and love xox

  70. BBB, it’s good to trust your gut (i.e. spirit) when commenting on stories like this. I keep thinking about the scripture that says “evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” It’s the latter part of that scripture that sticks with me. Most people who act in ways that seem hateful and harmful are not acting with pure evil intent. They are simply being deceived. Love, compassion, forgiveness… those are the true “weapons” in this battle. And the only ones that will have a godly impact. Would that more people would use them.

  71. My dear friend

    We are living in a time in which real ethic values are written in small letters – what are our today’s values? To be after sensation that mass media present? – They are doing it to keep people devided and plant even hate into them. But why are they doing such disgusting things? Our whole society is on the wrong track – we have forgotten what it means to live for: We have forgotten to help each other in general (as one of those noble values), instead ego and selfishness are promoted (rich become more rich, while poor ones get more and more poor…) We see violance of every kind in our society, violence starting in our heads and perform ugly things in all kind of directions. We see in Europe and USA tendencies of splitting groups and political parties, instead of working together only money and power seems to have value for them, instead of unity and harmony. The root of this all lies in our own mind. We see people on power who have not even learnt the ABC of human respect, of honesty and dignity – the result is chaos – this is what we exactly have to face. But there is hope, my dear friend, if more and more people become aware of these monster-like behaviours the ship of mankind can still overcome this fierceful storm of life. Ignorance is abused for own purposes and blind people follow a blind leader…

    Our whole society should have a change and the best change is when we start with ourselves… for a better world, a world of respect and love, a world in which information has not become a hunt to plant hate into people’s mind, but whose main task is to promote humanity and goodwill, harmony among people.

    Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “They puke out their gall bladder and call it newspaper…”

    We should develop compassion and live the truth of God… to become an example in this decadent world, a beacon that people find back a way of orientation on the rough sea of life, a yearning for truth and God… to give sense to our life…

    Truth must come on the table – it cannot be concealed…

    Hugs and love to you

    • Thank you so much Didi for sharing your thoughts. I so agree – compassion and following the truth of God is essential to raise society to a higher standard. Hugs and love xox

      • …and each one of us can contribute to it, to bring harmony into our society. Its a matter of becoming more conscious, thoughtful and responsible.
        Thanks, my dear friend 🙂
        All good wishes and hugs from my heart

  72. The Native American stated from the beginning he was trying to keep the peace and put his back to those that were harassing the students by playing a peace song. I understand your passion in this situation. The gentleman said this from his very first interviews with the press. The truth came out about the two hour video that showcased the entirety of how it started and ended within 24 hours. Sadly one young man was caught on camera about people taking another’s land as “just the way it is”. Sadly this is was around the area where the Native American march had just wrapped up and most of the crowd had left. Just had to update that though I am sure you meant well. Peace be with you in this trying time.

    • Thank you for sharing that insight. It was a difficult situation all the way around. I appreciate you joining the conversation! Hugs and love xox

  73. i will never, ever be a Trump supporter or a Republican but I have to say what you say is valid. We’re a divided country and wolves will attack a fence to find or create a weak spot to find any way in, and that’s what has happened here. I am in no way defending or condoning what happened. The media is, it seems to be by most, a Democratic machine and they will say anything to stoke the fire. What was done here was wrong and I hope that the children involved in this will be able to move forward and not be scarred, like most of America when something happens, by this horrifying incident.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this difficult issue. Yeah, this was definitely a stoking the fire situation. hugs xo

  74. So well said. I had the same reaction; I really wanted to guve the boys the benefit of the doubt, and I’m sure glad I did.

  75. I had no idea this was going on as I try my best not to follow the news. Thank you for trusting your heart and having the courage to post this.

  76. Yes. Thank you for saying it. Maybe I need to actually have the courage to stand up to my “friends” who still believe the media’s narrative instead of just trying to stay out of inflammatory situations…

    • Thank you so much friend. Yeah, the media is definitely trying to paint a different (and damning) picture. glad you stopped by hugs xox

  77. Good for you for expressing your views! 🙌🏼 and you did it so well! That’s a scary thing today so I understand your dad’s position. Nicely done!!

    In addition to my experience as a journalist, I’ve worked with youth. boys specifically. If my boys had done what this boy did, we would’ve had a conversation about it. And not a political one. A serious one. No one should ever get in anyone’s space without permission—-especially not in this heated climate. Before we blame the media, let’s consider how intimidating it would be if someone did that to you. How close would they have to be to you to make you feel intimidated, maybe even frightened? Ask your dad what he would do if someone you didn’t know got that close to YOU.

    This is not a political issue—-it’s a safety thing. And it’s the kind of thing that could get someone killed considering the anger and hatred we see today.

    Food for thought: would he have done that if the guy was a rapper ? A wrestler? A professional boxer? Or maybe just a group of guys from an intimidating neighborhood? Probably not for obvious reasons. So while the media may be missing the real point here, I implore all of you reading this to see it as a safety and common sense issue, FIRST. The fact that this kid had a “trump hat” on means nothing in my world. He could have been killed because what he did is perceived as a challenge and is a possible trigger for violence.

    I always love your posts. Keep it up! And please, be safe!!!

    • Thank you friend for sharing this powerful perspective, April. I agree – personal space is important. Safety for sure! Great food for thought! Hugs and love xox

  78. I am very glad you addressed this. In my latest article I wrote about the March for Life, but I deliberately left out the Covington media debacle. I didn’t want to draw attention to anything other than the March and its purpose. However, I will be writing about this in my next piece along with a ton of media malfeasance on other issues. Thank you for being courageous here as I know how it can be distasteful to write about these things and call people out, more so for you than me because of your gentle nature. Blessings to you and yours always.

  79. People who will not think for themselves drink from an empty well when the 30 second sound bite suffice you are a wined up toy with out a price, Sheep will group their easy to stacks because they don’t have to think just react. The press uses the very same road every time still people keep misreading the signs.

  80. Thank you for speaking out on this with God’s Grace and a call to Love. It is what we all need right now in our Country, communities, churches and homes – Love. You gave the solution with the last words of your post “Live in Love.” Thank you for opening your heart and blessing us with your love. God Bless Milly.

  81. Very well said! When the point of a “news story” is to create division, which is most often the case in our ridiculous media circus, then people can rest assured that TRUTH did not play any part in the writing. I am so encouraged by the young people I see and know who are calling out for people to do their own research!! They are not demanding people simply agree with their point of view… they are demanding people make INFORMED decisions. Nicely done!

  82. The same happened to me. First I watched the viral video and was so angry at the boys. Then I read the whole story and regretted having been so quick to jump into judgment. They kept a stiff upper lip in a difficult situation that was meant to provoke them to violence. Since the media didn’t get that shot, they decided to manipulate what they had. And the worst thing is how this boy and his family are getting death threats… Who’s the real victim?

    • Thank you Paola for sharing this. You’re so right – it was media manipulation at its most disgusting. Hugs and love xox

  83. I definitely have a different opinion on this whole thing. But despite the very polarizing political atmosphere these days, I think there’s no problem with having differing views on things, and it’s good to debate. I just wonder if you’ve seen the other videos circulating of the same boys that day? There’s one of them yelling, “SLUTS!!!” at random girls; another one where one of the kids yells out something along the lines of, “IT’S NOT RAPE IF SHE LIKES IT!” Now, do I recognize that these are teenagers, and teenagers say and do dumb things? Sure. But I also feel like America has perpetuated this sort of masculine “boys will be boys” rape culture that is luckily starting to implode, but those boys reminded me of that. Saying those types of things shows me that they have not been taught to respect women. And while the video of them with the Native American man wasn’t anything criminal, I do think that they looked disrespectful. I don’t care what race or ethnicity the kids and the elderly man were; anytime there are kids smirking in the face of an elderly person like that, I think it would seem disrespectful to me.

    • For what it’s worth, I understand your position but do we know for sure that the boys yelling those comments were part of the march? In the past, there have been verified reports of groups paying off people to enter a gathering and become a part of it. Then they start yelling and causing a commotion to make that group look bad.

      I agree that there’s no problem having a different point of view. The problem starts when one side condemns you for having that point of view. As a nation, we are in trouble if the mob begins to rule and suppresses those it disagrees with.

  84. Hey! Do you have any posts about how you grew your audience? I’m new to blogging, but I have no idea how to get people engaged with my blog. I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place to post

    • Hey Krystel! Thanks for your question! Yes! I wrote an ebook! The links at the end of the post! Hugs and love xox

  85. Awesome job! This is such a touchy subject but you did a masterful job addressing it. It’s sad when people (liberals and conservatives included) are so quick to jump on one side based on a 15 second video bite. I have friends on Facebook who did the same thing. Then, when the full video came out, they disappeared. I wouldn’t expect the MSM or celebrities to apologize but it is certainly something worth praying for. It’s a shame that these boys are being attacked because one side is looking to push a political agenda.

  86. This is typical of the media. The story of a lady at a BLM rally calling for justice of her brother (who was shot while robbing an asian woman), was front page news, but the rape and murder of a white teenager by a black man was 7th – 8th page news.
    This typical of the media to hide the true story because it doesn’t help their political agenda nor gain ratings.
    They would show footage of the black man being beaten by or tackled by a white policeman and say “Police Brutality”, but they will completely hide the fact that it was the defendant who struck the first blow.

    Somehow by getting celebrities to act on their behalf to their agenda, the left and the media feel that they can control the minds of the people. Well… that is exactly what is happening around the world.
    Those of us who want to share the truth are easily dismissed with slurs like, “you’re uninformed” or “you weren’t there, you don’t know.” Well neither were you.. so why judge?

    People wonder why I don’t listen to the news. I don’t listen because its all propaganda. It’s not news. It’s not reality. Watching the news these days is like watching a really bad reality tv show; where everything hyped up drama and fake emotional baggage.

    This is why I just go home and watch Tom & Jerry… Oh wait.. Media says its too violent. 🙁

    • Thank you for joining the conversation and sharing your thoughts. A sad week for America. Hugs and love xox

  87. First of all, bravo for this post. This is one of the most well-written posts I’ve seen. Thank you for that!

    I admit, at first blush, I took this story completely out of context. My husband and I had a discussion about it. That’s one of the many things I love about Al. Almost every day, we have civil discussions about things in the news, and how the media is portraying it. It helps me!

    We don’t watch much of the news anymore, just the local morning news. I occasionally listen to NPR, but I’ve mostly stopped consuming a lot of media. When I do, I usually look at multiple sources and coverage from multiple countries. It helps me, and it’s part of what I was taught in college. I was intending to become a journalist or a broadcaster, but quickly realized that I didn’t want to be a part of the “machine,” or being told/ordered what to say/write to protect the company image, whether it be a local organization, or something else. I prefer, and am much happier, to blog about topics that are important to me, and engage in conversations that way.

    THANK YOU! You are a light. Don’t stop.

  88. Another point i found discouraging is that the school itself did not support the students initially.

    WASHINGTON DC – Covington Catholic High School and the Diocese of Covington released a joint statement:

    We condemn the actions of the Covington Catholic High School students towards Nathan Phillips specifically, and Native Americans in general, Jan. 18, after the March for Life, in Washington, D.C. We extend our deepest apologies to Mr. Phillips. This behavior is opposed to the Church’s teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person.

    The matter is being investigated and we will take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion.

    We know this incident also has tainted the entire witness of the March for Life and express our most sincere apologies to all those who attended the March and all those who support the pro-life movement.

    • Yeah that was super disappointing as well. I do believe they have corrected their statement! Hugs and love xox

  89. Actually they were not peacefully standing there from what I could see. It seemed to me as though the boys were actually making fun of Nathan Phillips. Yes, they were there for a pro-life march- does the government tell men what they can and can’t do with their bodies? Nope, so why does the government has a right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body? What about when it is a baby as a result of rape? Yes, after a certain point it is wrong to receive an abortion, people do need to be held accountable to a certain degree, and women do become aware of the changes happening inside their body. As a person of Native heritage I was insulted by these boys behavior, yes Nathan Phillips walked up to them, but then no the boys were not peaceful, and chose to mock him as well as the other Natives. Also, I was under the impression that this was a blog about recovery, yet it seems to also include political issues.

    • Hi Rachel, thank you for joining the conversation. This blog is about my recovery – and my faith is the solid foundation of my recovery. Without my faith, I would not have been able to recover. And so part of my faith is to stand up for God, and share a reflection on current events from a Christian perspective. I invite you to watch the entire video, and not just the 5 minute clip that the media is propagating. glad you stopped by! hugs xox