Andrew Cuomo: Nightmare in New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

He’s being celebrated as the Protector of Women’s Rights. A Champion of Women. A Hero of Reproductive Rights.


I’ve got a few different names for him, but since I’m a lady, I’ll keep them to myself.

In one stoke of a pen, NY’s governor, Andrew Cuomo has unleashed the beast.

In case you missed the news, Cuomo signed the “Reproductive Rights Law” into effect last week, which effectively allows abortions to be performed by any licensed professional up to birth.

Do you hear that? It’s God crying.

Up. To. Birth.

I watched the video of the signing, and I’ll tell you what: evil is on the prowl in New York.

A room full of law makers and an audience all dressed in pink to “celebrate” a woman’s right to kill her child.

Yeah. Sorry, I refuse to use the damn euphamisms of “right to choose.” Or “reproductive rights.” Or “termination of pregnancy.” Or, hell – even “abortion” itself! We’re sugar coating and masking what is actually being done.

The law allows for the murder of a living, human being, inside the womb.

The room erupted in wild applause, the skyscrapers were lit pink, and Satan danced in the streets after Cuomo — a professed Catholic — gleefully signed into law the most anti-Christian law ever enacted.

A professed Catholic!

It makes me sick. But what makes me even sicker is that Cardinal Timothy Dolan of NY, has done nothing to publically discipline or chastise Cuomo’s actions.

Maybe it’s because Dolan is more into rubbing elbows with the big wigs in NYC than defending the faith, or maybe it’s because Dolan is a personal friend of Cuomo and is choosing to look the other way, but he needs to grow a fricking backbone and address one of biggest scandals in the Catholic church.

Catholics are prolife. We defend the unborn. It is engrained in the foundation of who we are. And then for Cuomo – who claims to be a Catholic – to sign into law an action that allows children at 40 weeks to be killed!? Cardinal Dolan, where are you? Where is your voice on this?

His silence is allowing Cuomo to absolutely make a mockery of our faith. it’s saying, Oh, what we believe really doesn’t matter. It’s not thaaaat hard of a line.

Where is your courage, Dolan?

Meanwhile, you’ve got God over here, doing everything He can to stop the signing. I mean, as Cuomo was signing it into law, THE PEN BROKE.


He picked it up, tried to sign it, and it wouldn’t work!

Talk about God trying to intervene!

Cuomo sadistically jokes, “God, after all that the pen doesn’t work!”

To which the crowd cackles, as God weeps from above. His last roadblock, laughed at, mocked, and bulldozed.

I’m not going to throw stats and figures at you tonight about how deplorable the murder of children in the womb is. I’m not going to hit you with photos of living babies on cold, metal tables being left to die after a botched abortion. I’m not going to plead my case to you about how this is murder.

I’m just going to ask you one question:

Where is the line?

How much evil are we going to put up with in this world, before we start proclaiming our faith and standing up for God?

Yeah, that’s right – standing up for God.

Jesus stood up for you and me on the Cross. It’s our turn to stand up for Him.

And let’s start by refusing to use these euphamisms that we’re conditioned to use, for fear of offending someone.

Reproductive Rights my ass. CALL IT WHAT IT IS.

Stop hiding behind words that were skillfully crafted by pro-abortion people, with the sole purpose to make people forget the filth they’re actually fighting for.

Assigning a flowery word to something hideous.

Abortion. A Woman’s Right to Choose. Reproductive Health. Reproductive Rights. Pro-Choice. Fetus. Autonomy. Removal or Termination of Pregnancy.


Planned Parenthood trains their employees to never say the word “baby“.

Why? Because that reminds people of what abortion actually is.

My challenge to you this week: Refuse to play by their rules for a culture of death. Call it what it is.

For information on contacting your elected officials, click here. It’s time we stand up for God and use our voices!

Or to get involved with the pro-life movement, click here!

Psalm 139: 13 For you created my inmost being. You knit me together in my mother’s womb. 

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311 responses to “Andrew Cuomo: Nightmare in New York”

  1. Well said. These babies cannot fight for themselves – we must. This is like Nazi Germany. Praying that God will work a miracle. God can forgive even these horrific crimes. On a positive note – I’m western PA abortions statistically have gone down and the birth rate has gone up. Not all of our country is like this.

  2. Thank YOU for being a bold lady. As for New York, it was once the most populated state in America. It is now the number two state in population loss. Oh, how about those school shootings? After this, they have no business saying that they care about ‘children’.

  3. beautifully stated:) so important to stand for pro-life efforts. All lives matter, and at the moment of conception, a human is alive… way to speak up for the voices that cannot.

    • Thank you so much Anna. You’re so right about that. All lives matter. Hugs and love xox

  4. Any man-made idea will only be a law if people choose to abide.
    Just because there are immature thinkers disguised as leaders it does not mean we can not stop anything to happen.
    We have a choice.
    Each and every nurse, doctor have a choice.
    Parents have a choice.

    And only the Messiah is capable to forgive the murderers.

  5. These people have no clue about the wrath of God! Shame on them all! I stand for God! He will ultimately prevail! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PASSIONATE POST! I appreciate you so much!

  6. It’s really sad.. sometimes I think that “The End Of The World” is Today/Now, with laws like this.. and the tricky part is that: somebody really “likes” these laws, somebody wants this “law” to be the “law”, right? Who are “these people”? What’s is their final goal? It’s truly unbelievable… (!)

  7. Pure evil. A very sad day in America. When we no longer value life at its infancy, all life becomes expendable. 38 states have fetal homicide laws, yet New York chooses to destroy the very basics of our civilization, life.

  8. Give it time and next it will be the elderly or seriously ill and their “quality of life”. God forgive us, we’ve lost our way as a people.

    • Thank you Ann for sharing your thoughts on this heartbreaking issue. An INCREDIBLY sad thought. Hugs and love xox

  9. Each and every nurse, doctor will have a choice.
    Not the man-made ideas determine our life but our deeds.
    In the length of known human history immature people were disguised as leaders – it’s always only on the people.
    This person won’t define the goodness in the people’s heart – your actions will be able to stand against him.

    As for the murderers, only the Messiah can liberate them. Though if they can accept Him, they won’t commit this treachury of love, life, lineage.

    Be Blessed and a Blessing to Others!

  10. Thank you for for posting this. They ARE babies….all of them. I endured a miscarriage at home and held the baby in my hands…only 12 weeks along but a baby nonetheless with a heartbeat only a few days earlier. For that man or even for Cardinal Dolan to call himself Catholic is horrible. They should be so ashamed of themselves. So saddened by this news. Thank you for spreading their awful deeds and calling people to action.

    • Thank you friend for sharing your story. Gosh I am so sorry for your loss. Gosh that is just so sad. You’re right. A baby. Your baby. And you will be together again in Heaven and that will be so beautiful. Sending the biggest hug in the world. Hugs and love xox

      • Thank you for your sweet thoughts and hugs. You’re so kind. Yes, I know we will reunited one day. We named him/her Alex. I share this story whenever I can because I know firsthand they are babies♥️ and I hope that my story might have an impact on others. Thanks also for all you write about friend and fellow sister in Christ.

  11. This really grinds my gears – I swear western culture is going backwards so fast that certain other cultures around the world will start to look genuinely progressive in comparison soon :'( Abortion is a difficult topic whichever way you look at it – but 40 weeks? How is that not infanticide? At that point, give birth and hand the baby over to adoption if you dont want it? surely!? :'(

    • Thank you Charlie. It absolutely is infanticide. It is so sad. SO sad. And you’re right there are so many people who would love to adopt their child. Hugs and love xox

  12. I’m so proud of you telling like it really is, 1st degree murder. Isn’t it sad that liberals care more about baby seals than human fetus’s. God bless and please keep fighting.

  13. My spirit has been sad since I read this news last week. You can get arrested for kicking a dog or destroying a sea turtle egg, but not for murdering viable human being. Keep up the anger, my friend. The world needs to hear it.

  14. I am pro choice when it comes to extenuating circumstances; however, when I read the bill, I had a huge objection to it. I don’t agree with late term abortions of viable healthy babies. It opens the door wide open to a slaughter.

    • Thank you Harley for sharing your thoughts on this difficult issue. Yeah, the bill was extreme to say the least. So glad you stopped by and joined the conversation! Hugs and love xox

  15. I generally agree with you on everything that you wrote. Abortion up to birth is wrong. I may quibble a little with your slam on Cardinal Dolan. I thought he had come out against the law. But here’s my issue. I’m having a bigger and bigger issue with the pro-life contingent that looks at this issue through a narrow lens. If you’re pro-life, then that means helping young mothers, supporting them emotionally and financially when they need it most. It means supporting refugees seeking asylum and running from violent, crooked governments. If you’re pro-life, it means supporting the elderly so that they can live their final years with dignity and as pain-free as possible. I see too many pro-lifers march to shut down abortion clinics and then turn their back on the needs of others. If you say you’re pro-life, then be pro-life. In any event, I appreciate you speaking out on this issue. We all have our thoughts on this politically divisive issue, I pray that we can come together to a solution that fits with our Christian, Catholic, values.

    • Thank you so much Brian for sharing your thoughts on this heartbreaking issue. I will join you in that prayer! Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you so much Ryan. I will join you in that prayer!! Glad you stopped by. Hugs and love xox

  16. Up to birth 😥😥😥 I can’t. I don’t even know how to react to that besides with tears. I don’t think that’s called abortion anymore … this is a touchy subject but that is just awful. As someone who doesn’t believe in abortion but also believes in a womans right to choose I don’t agree with this at all. I personally don’t think the government should ever get involved in these types of decisions. The reason I say this is because decisions that WE make we have to live with them. As people we have to live with the decisions we make, it’s our life and no one else’s. No one should have that control over your body, your life. In the end you have to work it out with GOD. He and he alone is the only one that can judge us

  17. I guess I cannot understand the sentiment. Like 39 weeks and 6 days and then, what, you suddenly remember you forgot to kill your baby all of those months ago? WHO “needs” a 40th week abortion??? I mean, I hate it, period, but I do NOT even understand who would have had this asinine idea!?!? I suppose in a few years’ time, if we don’t like them after the first few weeks we can take them back and kill them? Where do we draw that line? How do liberals justify this? And how on earth do you look yourself in the mirror after killing babies like this, doctors of New York?

    • It makes me so sad. Thank you Amily for sharing your thoughts on this devastating issue. Hugs and love xox

  18. History will remember four genocides: Nazi Germany (11,000,000), Stalinist Russia (8,000,000+), Maoist Communism (45 million), and U.S. abortions (50 million and counting).

  19. JB Pritzer did the same thing for Illinois, making taxpayers pay for this nonsense. This guy is tax happy too. He also signed off on the Paris Accords and now I’m wondering what’s going to be taxed more.

    It bothers me that a governor has all this power to do these things without the public input. It’s like what happened to teaching others about value? Everything has to be tax this tax that. Abortion shouldn’t ever be legal. But some people do and it’s costing taxpayer money.

    • I completely agree!!! Ugh makes me sick. Just sick. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  20. I did miss the news, so thanks for sharing!! I agree about the euphemisms. Instead of being pro-life or pro-choice, how about being pro-life or pro-death? I.e., call it what it is!

    That said, I believe that women who were raped should be allowed an abortion as soon as they go to the hospital, or any reasonable amount of time after. And to prevent women who use abortion as their regular means of birth control (which is horrendous) each additional abortion should cost double the last one.

    • Thanks Meg. Yeah heartbreaking news for sure. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Big hugs to you xox

  21. I believe that unless or until I hear a “right to lifer” willing to put up the money and effort to give a child a good life after birth, there is no right to lifer — they are merely frauds and hypocrites. Force the child to be born and let them die on the streets. That’s no better than abortion.

    • They deserve a chance. I got a chance. I was unwanted. But I wasn’t killed. I was abused and neglected. But I wasn’t killed. I am grateful to be sitting here writing this. Were I conceived twenty years later, I suspect I wouldn’t have that same chance. She would have killed me before I ever took a breath. I didn’t ask to be conceived. But once I was, I deserved a chance.

      • Oh Amily, thank you for sharing your story. You are SO wanted. You have a Father who gave His life to prove so 😍 I am so grateful that you’re here too. Amen. Thank you for this incredibly powerful testimony. I love you friend.

    • Oh come on! Christians give more to charity than any other group, bar none. We ourselves give substantially to charities AND pay a lot in taxes AND provide significant support and help to single mom trying to raise 3 young kids. Your argument is basically: “Until you’re for massive government programs to take care of kids, you can’t be against murdering them in the womb.” No children are “dying on the streets” because of lack of programs. Between private and public agencies and charities there is plenty of help for them and we are perfectly willing to do more. The only thing conservatives and liberals disagree on when it comes to the poor is who should be taking care of them, private charities and neighbors, or the government. There is no disagreement on whether they should be helped or not.

      Look around at the names of hospitals, hospices, care facilities. They have names like Good Samaritan, Holy Cross, St Mary’s, etc. because Catholics and other Christian denominations founded them!

      This law is up to birth. Did you catch that? The baby is capable of surviving outside the womb after 20 weeks, but this bill allows a mother to kill it up to 39 weeks. And you think that’s OK because many Christians and conservatives prefer private charities and taking care of those immediately around them over welfare, of which only 30 cents of every dollar actually reaches the needy.

      • You’re statement about “Christian charity” has no basis in fact, and most liberals agree that government programs would be unnecessary if people were stepping up. Which they are not. The drop in charitable donation after Trump removed the tax incentive for doing so is evidence that the charity you talk about is based on self-interest and not in helping others. China is now doing more to help the poor in most areas of the globe while the US is a leader in infant deaths (excluding abortions). Americans are better at killing Americans than there are at anything else these days.

      • Perhaps the drop is from businesses and not individuals? I live in a community where many individuals don’t even bother keeping track of their donations for tax purposes, they just freely give. And for those that are unable to give financially, they give their time. I hope you are part of an organization that demonstrates its charity. If not, you can lead the cause, be the change!

    • Hi Vic. There are so many families out there who cannot conceive who would give absolutely anything to adopt those babies. I for one, will be one of those women.

      • That’s why I know foster parents handling upwards of 7 kids at a time because no one will adopt them. There aren’t as many of you as you thing, and in your demographic, there’s a large number who are turning away from ever having kids.

    • How many adoption stories will it take to change your mind? My wife and I cashed in $40,000 of our puny retirement funds to rescue a girl abandoned at the age of one day old on the wintry streets of a December morn, adopt her as our own, and love on her as our own for the rest of her life – which, incidentally, has cost us much much more than the initial $40,000. We gladly spend it. I can point to hundreds of other pro-lifers who have done the same or more or great financial sacrifice. Your whole point is a strawman argument.

      • wow Pat, what a powerful story. Thank you for sharing that. I am so moved by your family’s story! Thank you for living a life of love and being Christ’s hands and feet. hugs xox

  22. Amen.
    What a heinous action. I had not heard about the pen breaking. That’s remarkable. I guess he needed a bigger sign… Thank you for your bold declaration. Thank you for your willingness to stand. I so appreciate your passionate heart. When my wife and I heard of his action, we were sickened. The thing that always has seemed a strange and weird twist of justice — if a pregnant woman is murdered, it is considered a double homicide. Double. The baby then counts as a PERSON. But when a woman wants to abort, the child is then referred to as a fetus not a baby and it is not considered murder.
    Lord have mercy.
    Lord have mercy.
    Lord have mercy.

    • Lord have mercy indeed. Ugh it is just heart breaking. I appreciate you stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  23. I again feel compelled to share my counter opinion with you. It seems I am a minority here. So be it. Although I am not sure if your intention is to alienate any potential audience who does not share your opinion, viewpoint, perspective. I have researched this controversial RHA law several times to be sure whatever I am saying is factual. My interpretations from several sources are that the late term abortion is legal to be performed only if the fetus is no longer viable- meaning the BABY would not be able to sustain life independently or with medical care outside of the womb OR if the health of the mother is at risk. Did you miss those two very important pieces of information? And even if you actually did somehow miss that key information do you actually believe there are people out there who A: Want to kill their babies and would do it so casually and B: That medical professionals whose entire oath centers around doing no harm and saving lives would take a life so easily? If so I feel really bad for you. The world must look very scary and ugly. And people must appear absolutely horrific. One last thing, remember your last post about media spin and lying to the public with regards to those teenage boys? Omission or with-holding information is also a form of lying or spin. Pot meet kettle.

    • The ‘Reproductive Health Act,’ signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, permits abortions at any point during pregnancy if the abortionist deems it necessary for the mother’s ‘life or health.’ As determined by the U.S. Supreme Court, health not only includes physical health, but encompasses ‘emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age’ considerations, effectively allowing abortion for virtually any reason,” This.

      • Well, but I mean he did over and over and over until his own child changed his mind. But if that hadn’t happened, he would still be doing it. And the others still are.

      • Yeah. And you know that they will be manipulate that loop hole. Mental health, emotional health. I mean, those are legitimate things, but they will be manipulated to get the desired outcome.

    • You said exactly what I was going to say (I’ve researched this law and even read it), so you’re not alone. From my understanding, the scope under which an abortion can be performed after 24 weeks, while greater than in the 1970 law, is far from unrestricted. It’s under a defined set of circumstances.

    • Thank you for joining the conversation. This is a difficult issue. And for me, it comes down to the sanctity of life. I believe that life begins at conception. So therefore, we must protect that life and make decisions as such. I’m sorry you found my last two articles problematic. But I appreciate you reading and responding. I do respect that you have a differing belief. This is mine. Hugs and love xox

      • I have no issue with you expressing your beliefs. What troubles me is the lack of attention to the details of the law. Misrepresentation of facts. Spread of fear.

  24. I think people can support the child’s life, through love and clear thought.

    Christian theology can contribute to clear thought. I think, independent of a reason for abortion, there is a better reason for life.

    To fall short, warrants repentance –

  25. This is just the beginning of the horror. What people don’t realize is that there will come a day when ALL doctors will be forced to carry out abortions on demand, or quit practicing medicine. We went from ‘The Right to Die’ to ‘Forced/involuntary’ suicides of patients. At lest one woman with cancer has been told her illness will not be covered by her insurance company but her ‘suicide’ pills will. This is where we are headed… US… America… the supposed Christian nation. I don’t think we can call ourselves that collectively an longer. If we did, so much would be different.

    • Thank you Melissa. It is just so sad. I pray that we can find truth and a better path. Hugs and love xox

  26. You are so right on! This bill legalizes murder. Plain and simple. If there’s anything the Catholic church should start publicly kicking politicians out for it’s this.

  27. You are right on, keep standing your ground and speak out! I agree, it is not abortion, it is murder, simple. We definitely need to stop those terrible euphemisms which are used just to make it sound better. It’s terrible and wicked. God have mercy. Our country is just as bad. So sad indeed.

  28. Too many believers, past and present, have piously promised to pray about this situation, and done nothing else. Christian laziness can no longer be tolerated. If the New York vote isn’t a call to action, I don’t know what else has to happen. Well done, my friend. Hugs and love– Mike

  29. I’ve been writing about the misleading language for years, whether killing babies, old people, or oneself under the guise of “death with dignity.”

    Death is death and murder is murder. What’s the difference between killing someone inside the womb and outside the womb? Inside the womb you don’t see the horror.

    Billboard I saw today: Everyone who is in favor of abortion has already been born.

    My pastor preached a great sermon about this yesterday. He told the story of a German who went to church every Sunday during WWII. A rail line went behind the church, carrying Jews to their deaths. Every Sunday they heard the whistle. Every Sunday the heard the cries for help. Every Sunday they simply sang louder to drown out what they didn’t want to hear. But even now in his old age he still hears the whistle in his sleep.

    This past week another whistle blew. Are we going to sing louder or wreck the tracks? Are we going to turn a blind eye or try to stop the carnage? Keep it legal. Keep it Christian, but let’s each try to find out what we can do in addition to our blogs and comments! It’s a challenge…what CAN we do? Pray most of all, but what practical things can we do? I’m not sure, but I must find something!

    • Especially with a presidential election on the horizon, I would recommend working hard to get to know our current representatives, and those who may be running for office. It’s an easy bet that not all will have shiny records on religious freedom and the protection of all life. Let’s learn where they stand and vote wisely, and do our best in this one way to prevent New York’s error from happening elsewhere.

    • Hey Jeff, thank you for offering your powerful perspective. You’re so right – the horror is unseen. Wow that sounds like an amazing sermon. I wish I could have heard it. You’re so right – there’s got to be action in addition to prayer. We’ve got to call our representatives and join the march for life! hope your having a great night, my dear friend. big hugs xox

  30. Can we call the mothers murderers and still call ourselves followers? We shame the mothers. We support conservative politicians that don’t extend FMLA to both parents and restrict early childhood education, food stamps, and wage equality. For every child that is adopted there are a half a dozen that are left behind. We will blame the mother. For not having a million dollars to raise a child. We will put her in the same place as the 1% who have late term abortions, the 1300 or so babies in New York that would be born with half a brain or no lungs. No heart. You wish God, did better but know, life has complications. That the baby may live long enough or not at all. We have no problems with a school bus filled with children being bombed in Yemen we are faultless to war. But, abortion is murder and regular murder for resources in conflict is not? A pro-life stance has its limitations making it pro-choice in context. Attempts to destroy Obamacare, kicked 12 million children off medical care. A lot of them were our neighbors, friends, and co-workers kids. Well, spending a couple grand a night at Sundance maybe, not your neighbors. Or, the friends I’ve made at Thanksgiving at shelters in our nation. What we need, is less shame on the issue and to take compassionate action for babies if our love is related to this cause. My great grandma adopted five kids. My stepfather’s mom adopted three. My aunt three. My grandma two. My uncle two. My mom two. Two more of my uncles about six. I wish, you would have pushed for positive change in the face of this new law.

    • Hi Kenzie, thank you for offering this powerful perspective. You’re right, adoption is so important. And that’s the thing – there are so many families who would give absolutely anything to welcome one of those babies into their families.

      • There are also a lot of social factors that effect any baby that I addressed. Concentrating on the problem of abortion while conservative politicians dismantle the health system? I mean. C’mon. If you don’t want to see the whole issue progress will not occur. Anger, is the only outcome. Now, if that’s what you’re going for, great.

      • Obamacare did a lot for babies. Sorry, it came out of the wealthy (you). Conversative attempts to repeal it, without an equal or greater plan harms children. Taking away food stamps, harms children. Anger over a higher minimum wage, harms children. Not paying government workers, harms children. Not capping medical service costs, harms children. No attempts at expanding foster care while fighting against abortion, harms children. Equality under the law for clergy involved sex abuse, harms children. Dangling a college education to go to war and kill someone else’s kids in another country, harms children.

        I don’t think anyone wants to have an abortion but, we agree to harm children.

  31. Thank you for speaking about this silent holocaust. My prayers are for the poor mothers who are lied to and manipulated into allowing their child to be murdered. You hear warnings about the possible side effects of the most routine medications, but who tells these mothers/victims about the depression and nightmares that will likely haunt them for years to come?
    Lord, have mercy and grace.

    • Thank you Janice, I appreciate your support. A silent holocaust – that’s exactly what it is. Lord have mercy indeed. hugs xox

  32. Respectfully, this sounds almost delusional. I apologize for saying what must be jarring or abrupt but since no one else said anything I felt like I had to. Please reexamine which journalists and news outlets you pay attention to that might be sensationalizing stories in order to garner more ratings.

    • Hi friend, I’m sorry that you feel that way. I believe that life begins at conception, therefore making abortion the killing of a life. I respect that you hold different beliefs. But this is mine. I do agree that media sources need to be unbiased, and offering the truth.

  33. I have trouble with this. I believe there is a point where the fetus becomes a human being and it is wrong to abort after this stage.. But I also believe women have the right to decide for themselves. Religion and spirituality are complex but important topics in the decision making process. As the woman struggles to make sense of her pregnancy we must let her decide. The state has no business dictating either way. I’m not completely comfortable with Canada’s position – it is between the woman and her doctor. (Maybe add her faith teacher to the mix.) Abortion in Canada is legal at all stages of pregnancy, and is governed by the Canada Health Act. While some non-legal obstacles exist, Canada is one of only a few nations with no legal restrictions on abortion. Regulations and accessibility vary between provinces.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this difficult issue. I was unfamiliar with Canada’s law on abortion. I appreciate you joining the conversation. Definitely something to pray about. hugs oxox

  34. Caralyn, thank you for addressing this! It is heartbreaking. I especially appreciate you stating how Catholic leaders should call the Governor out on this. I know many denominations and religious groups that have a discipline process to restore the erring individual. This would definitely be appropriate. Keep being a champion for right, my friend!

    • Thank you so much Matthew, for your support. Yeah, it was a heartbreaking week on a lot of different fronts. hugs xox

  35. Thank you for speaking truth, total truth, not sugarcoated one bit. And thank you for speaking for these little babies who have no voice of their own. All of this is so impossible to fathom, but what makes it even more horrifying is the gleeful celebration that followed the signing. God will not be silent.

    • Thank you friend. Yeah, you can’t really sugarcoat this issue. Ugh, it just makes me so sad. No, God will not! glad you stopped by. hugs xox

  36. When Mary the mother of Jesus was pregnant with Jesus and visited her cousin Elizabeth, the way Elizabeth knew Mary was pregnant with our Savior was John, the baby inside Elizabeth, leaped for joy inside of Elizabeth. So the first person to rejoice in the coming of Jesus was a ‘fetus’

    • Amen to that! I actually read that just yesterday when I was researching! HOW COOL IS THAT!? babies in the womb! it’s life!!! hugs xox

    • Thank you Valerie for this powerful perspective. you’re so right about that. we will all have to stand before the Throne one day. I appreciate you reading! hugs xox

  37. Very well said, I plan to share this!
    And I agree – “where is the line”? It’s getting really scary.

  38. How can people celebrate and cheer MURDER? And an elected official, a governor, have a big smile on his face, as he signs a bill to pass a law making it legal to commit M.U.R.D.E.R.?
    This is MURDER of humans who God Almighty, Elohim, has created. It is God Himself who gives life, who gives the breath of life into the lungs of every baby. And it is God who decides how many days / years a
    person is to live.
    Who is man, who is woman, to choose to take life from an infant, to MURDER a child God created in secret and had plans for?

    When a man or woman decides he / she will take the place of God, and choose when a creation of God shall die, that is M.U.R.D.E.R.
    GOD forgets nothing, unless a person acknowledges they are a sinning sinner, repents to God, asks forgiveness of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, is cleansed by the shed Blood of Christ, and acknowledges Christ as Lord, changing life habits and sins, to live as Jesus Christ tells us in the Bible, and Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead, is listened to as He guides us in our lives.

    If the sinner, the M.U.R.D.E.R.E.R. does not repent and confess their sis to God while still alive, he /she will positively do it when they face God one day. At that point each person will bow their knee before God, and confess “JESUS CHRIST IS KING of kings, and LORD of lords!

    This is not a statement against the State Of New York only. It is a statement against my country, Canada, as well, with our government passing a similar law, of M.U.R.D.E.R. of children being allowed until birth.


    Thank you Caralyn for taking on another tough topic, regardless of what others may think.

    God Bless you, Caralyn,
    Luv, 😀🌹❤️😘

    • Hi George, thank you so much for this powerful response. You’re right about that – God forgive us all. It is such a heartbreaking law. Gut wrenching. I can feel Jesus weeping for His children. And you’re right – we are all going to have to stand before the Throne one day. Lord, have mercy.
      So glad you stopped by. Thanks for being an awesome friend. xoxo

  39. Thank you for being courageous and presenting the truth! I’m currently working on a post about this law and the evil around us… So much prayer is needed. May the Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world +

  40. When standing up against abortion, we’re not standing up for God, we’re standing up for ourselves and the right to proclaim ourselves as humans. It seems that God is more interested in man’s humanity than man is.
    I blame the left & liberalism. The world has gotten so much up in arms over proclaiming that everything has the right to survive & live in this world, yet it has completely forgotten about the rights of the unborn human child. Those who are pro abortion, talk about the fetus like a cancerous disease that should be eradicated. Sure… Try telling that to a new mother who is holding her baby in her arms.

    Science, New Age & Liberalism has reduced us from being in the image of God to just another species on this planet that has become dominant by “Evolution”. Our laws defend the rights of the animals, forests, etc.., but denies the basic human being his right to be…
    A vegan will throw himself in front of a farmer’s truck taking his animals to a slaughter house, but clap his hands for law that kills an unborn child to “protect the rights of his/her mother”. (I refuse to say “it”).
    This is not an attack on those who are vegan. If you’re a vegan and you attack those eating meat, calling us murderers, then you can also call those who perform abortions the same. #JustSaying.

    Our modern liberal world will proudly praise the efforts of a couple that saves pregnant stray dog and her unborn pups; but chastise someone for calling the abortion of human child, “murder”.
    Yes.. I agree… a woman who gets pregnant after being raped has rights. But who are we to pass judgement on the little one in the womb for the sins of man who can’t keep it in his pants.
    And Yes, the argument of unwanted children being dumped in child services and orphanages with psychological wounds…

    Look at the destitute, the homeless, the poor, etc. Where do they go to get help? The Government? Or a Charity that is (more often than not) run by some Church organization.
    So it seems that the government expects the church’s help in taking care of the unwanted and needy, just so long we keep our mouths shut about what is all intents the root of the problem.
    And more often than not, our so called spiritual leader have lost the true purpose of their calling and rather remain silent to ensure their positions.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on thIs heartbreaking issue. Lots of really powerful food for thought here. And haha – I am vegan, although its for health reasons. But you’re right – God made us over the animals for a reason. Animals don’t have souls. Babies do! Hugs and love xox

      • I didn’t mean to focus on you as a vegan Caralyn. I was just making a point where I see so many activists calling themselves Vegans and putting their lives on the line to protect the rights of animals. They call themselves pro-life, but will not do a thing to convince a woman that aborting her baby is murder too.
        Yet, they will mock and ridicule me for eating a delicious pork chop.

        Perhaps Mr. Andrew Cuomo should think that what if his mother was given the choice to abort him as a baby and she did..

      • Oh gosh no worries! I actually thought it was pretty hysterical and such a coincidence I had to share haha and you’re absolutely right about that. Hugs and love xox

  41. Thank you for standing up for the truth! The main way to change these things is with prayer, which most Christians don’t do enough of!

  42. My heart bleeds for this, especially as the same calls and discussions are going on in Germany to “improve a women’s right” to have an abortion until the end… I can’t even describe the disgust, the anger and the sadness that I feel because of this…

  43. Thank you for posting!! One thing I would like the President to do is have the CDC declare a national health emergency in regards to abortion. We need more science and data to understand the motivating drivers for women in distress to take this drastic action. There are many reasons but perhaps we can identify categories and therefore pathways / programs to change the outcomes. This is a crisis of faith in ones humanity too. Prayer and pastoral care are both required. Data would help.

    • Thank you Gerry, I appreciate your thoughts on this. That’s a very interesting idea. Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you Cindy. I agree. They should have been wearing black and mourning. Hugs and love xox

  44. Thank you for saying this. The time is coming when God will say enough is enough and on that day we will see the judgement of God poured out and the lives of these innocents will be redeemed by The Lamb of God, Jesus Christ victorious, who has trampled sin and death. He WILL trample sin and death again.

  45. I’m reminded of those first chapters of The Revelation, in which the Lord speaks to Christians hanging on in terribly fallen environments. The Lord favor you as you continue as his witness there.

    • Thank you friend for sharing your thoughts on this heartbreaking issue. I haven’t read the entirety of rev but yes – I feel we are hanging on by a thread. Hugs and love xox

  46. Well said, Caralyn. I imagine that, every day, Jesus relives this scene from John 11: 34-36.
    “‘Where have you put him?’ They said, ‘Lord, come and see.’
    Jesus wept;
    and the Jews said, ‘See how much he loved him!’

    • thank you so much Amy, I really appreciate your kind words. He is weeping right now, majorly. hugs xox

  47. Don’t get over excited while writing “He can to stop the signing” – God had nothing to do with it.
    I understand you are passionate about the issue. If instead of taching abstinence(which by the way hundreds of preachers did not follow themselves) , better family planning education and help were provided to the needed, many of those abortions would have been unnecessary.
    Perspectives differ, disagreements result but as long as civil discourse is allowed and respected, a common, realistic middle ground can evolve between pro-life and pro-choice.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Respect and understanding – amen – that’s definitely needed. Hugs and love xox

  48. Amen and thank you . You said it well. Wow, I didn’t know that about the pen breaking and that he calls himself Catholic and the Cardinal being his friend. So, so evil. I feel bad for my NY friends that disagree with this governor and his evil policies. 🙁

    • Fascinating. Thank you, Amy for passing this along. What is this world we are living in?? hugs to you xox

  49. Thank you! This makes me sick and angry.

    Why is it when a woman is murdered whilst pregnant it’s double homicide, but a doctor can kill a child, at any age during pregnancy, and it’s legal?!?

    I’m sorry to be graphic, but what’s happening when these children are ripped from their mothers wombs and they are still alive? Why aren’t there any discussions on how these innocent babies are ‘put to sleep’?? Are they left to did alone in cupboards (I’ve read that) or are other beyond imaginable cruel and violent atrocities committed to them? Research suggested it’s the latter.

    If an infant is abused we’ll all so quick to condemn this behavior and demand punishment. Yet doing it to an unborn child is perfectly legal. Wtf is going on in this world?!?

    • Thanks friend. Yeah it is really sick. Really really sick. I just breaks my heart. Hugs and love xox

      • I literally wrote a long Instagram post the other day and a blog post a few months ago on this… I’m adopted so at any point I could’ve been killed but I wasn’t and I believe God has put me here for a reason

      • Wow thank you for sharing that. Yes! You are definitely here for a reason! And praise God that you’re here!! You’re a blessing to me and to this world!! Hugs and love xox

  50. Sometimes man just goes too far. When I say man I mean us as humans not just men, wanted to make that clear. This is too much on any level but each person has to live with the decisions they make. They are the ones who have to face God with their choices whatever they are. Blessings.

    • Thank you Corrie, you’re so right – way too far. And that’s such a true point. Hugs and love xox

  51. It’s almost too horrific to even comprehend. Thank you for being bold and not trying to soften any of the facts. I am praying that the law is overturned quickly before too many lives are lost. May God help us!!

  52. The line? Its already been stretched and placed. Now its GOD’s turn.

    “….Ezekiel 22:
    29. The people of the land have used oppression, and exercised robbery, and have vexed the poor and needy: yea, they have oppressed the stranger wrongfully. 
    30. And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. 
    31. Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them; I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath: their own way have I recompensed upon their heads, saith the Lord GOD. …”

    GOD is love, but also righteous, the Creator loves justice, Scripture mentions GOD’s justice as being part of who He is, Psalms 89:14. Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face.
    The “guv” will face the Lord & judgment in this life or the next.

    • You’re right, the line has been obliterated. Thanks for sharing those bible verses. Amen. Hugs and love xox

  53. They may have passed a law but I think it will be a very difficult thing for a woman to do and even more difficult for health care providers to do.
    I guess I’m just trying to soothe my thoughts, and to see them applaud was disturbing

  54. I just finished reading Unplanned by Abby Johnson. The movie release, based on her story, is being released in March. May many hearts be moved to change in either reading or viewing this incredible testimony. Hugs Caralyn for being brave enough to share your own conviction on the sanctity of life.

    • Thank you Dawn. I really looking forward to watching it. Thanks for your support. Hugs and love xox

  55. This might get the yellow flag thrown at it (because “If you compare X to Nazis you’ve lost the argument” or something like that) but this mentality, that allows babies up to nine months in the womb to be killed by piercing the skull and sucking out their brains, is the same as the one described by Dr. Karl Brandt.

    Brandt was the personal physician of Adolf Hitler and helped develop the T4 Program, the Nazis’ euthanasia program and at the Nuremberg Trials, Brandt offered a defense of that program that was designed to kill the incurably ill, the emotionally distraught, the handicapped and the elderly. He said that death was life.

    Whether the excuse is that the baby wouldn’t be wanted/loved, the baby is handicapped or suffering from some disease, the mentality that gives that excuse and ratifies it is the same as Brandt’s and the Reich’s.

    • Oh my gosh wow. That is spine chilling. SPINE CHILLING. thank you for sharing that. Hugs and love xox

  56. “I refuse to use the damn euphamisms of “right to choose.” Or “reproductive rights.” Or “termination of pregnancy.” Or, hell – even “abortion” itself! We’re sugar coating and masking what is actually being done.”


  57. Oh my goodness, this has just sickened me! Earlier I read a Facebook post from a friend who lives in Virginia, that a similar bill was brought up in their state legislature! Oh my, what our society has become and how it seems that we are picking up steam heading downward. We will eventually crash and it makes me sad that people don’t see what is coming for us. I didn’t see the video of the New York signing, but that is quite interesting about the pen not working……here’s your sign! The church is ignoring many things these days and you know what, that is part of the problem. When the foundation of the church begins to crumble, the rest of society crumbles. We are seeing the proof every day. All I can say is that we get on our knees and pray that this evil will turn around, that hearts will change.
    We can use these strange times to do God’s work and take advantage of any opportunity to share His grace with others.

    • Thank you Monteelou for sharing your thoughts on this. You’re so right – let’s use this to do His work! hugs xo

  58. Well said. Woman who can not conceive naturally have just had their hearts broken again. So much love can be given to those babies with mothers that will choose not to give them life as they are ready to enter the world. 😔 Truly unbelievable and beyond sad for the human race.

    • thank you Noellie, for sharing your thoughts on this heartbreaking issue. yeah, so much love can be given. hugs to you xo

  59. My Dear Friend. I understand your position on the issue of The State of New York, making Abortion legal and an amendment of the State’s Constitution. The unfortunate factor of the issue is that The Cardinal Timothy Dolan of NY, is the epitome of some of the Church’s efforts to protect special situations to avoid embarrassments. I have my own feeling that are that abortion is not right. Yet, I am not the Almighty and will not condemn a woman who has, or has been convinced that an Abortion is not a Killing. My explanation is that there is no right way to end a “new prospective independent life” without consequence. I can sympathize with you and your position and pray that you not be a judge of the persons involved, but of the act that those would deem merciful. You may, in the future, may find my opinion and explanation of my position. You are Right to feel the way you do and you just keep on standing your Ground. The only answer to protest the act is to move from the State and allow therm to refuse to have you pay their Taxes. Money seems to be the motivator for actions by many of our elected official. Love and Hugs. John.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this tough issue. You’re right. It is not our position to judge. But I do believe in standing up for the little babies and being their voice I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts, John! Hugs and love xox

  60. In a world where people are afraid to say the wrong thing, I appreciate your directness. I don’t always agree with your point of view, but I agree with the way you speak about your views. I pray you will be always empowered by the Spirit to be both kind and clear, to know when mercy and softness must be poured out, and when to let the flame of just anger burn bright, and to be protected in your heart and spirit especially since you are in the public eye. I wept when I read your blog post, all those babies who may never live… and I wrote my own response to this NY decision on my blog.

    • Thank you so much for your support. i will join oyu in that prayer. it really is so sad. looking forward to reading oyur post. hugs xox

  61. All I can think about, after reading your post, are my friends Steven and Jean. They have three beautiful children – Timothy, Levi, and baby Audrey. Timothy was born healthy and beautiful six years ago. With Levi, however, they were told early on that something was wrong with him, based on the ultrasounds. He was diagnosed with a genetic disorder, Apert syndrome, in the womb, which affects the brain, skull, and face, among other things. Steven and Jean were given the option to abort Levi at 20 weeks. Thankfully, they said no! They have endured so many challenges, surgeries, and more. Now, Levi is a beautiful 2 1/2-year-old who has grown in leaps and bounds! Audrey is now six months old and healthy, which is a miracle in itself, since Apert sydrome is genetic. Any time abortion comes up, I think of them! They are a loving Christian family, and I know they are raising three wonderful children.

  62. Thank you for this bold post! Not only calling out Cuomo, but your own church! The church needs to be bold. The pastor at my church called this bill satanic. Several states are following; thankfully it’s been shot down in VA. I am so horrified, but not surprised. What gets me the most is the truly evil lighting of the One World Trade Center tower. The 9/11 museum reflecting pools feature I believe 11 unborn babies – who are now suddenly not “persons” by NY law. God is crying, indeed. I mourn for the babies & also the unsaved souls who are cheering for this. (I did not realize how cathartic my comment was going to be – thanks for being a platform to do that!)

    • thank you so much Gina! Oh yes – I think you’re right, He is crying for sure. So sad. gosh, breaks my heart. hugs to you xox

  63. Hey! Thanks for your great post. Just in regards to Bishop Dolan- have you seen this interview already?

    He is actually quite vocal against the actions of Cuomo, which is really refreshing. Judging on your post, I thought maybe you hadn’t seen the video!

    God bless! Lets pray for New York and the world!

  64. I admire you so very much!! To be as outspoken as you are shows your love for Jesus and His Father God and the the love that they have for mankind that they have created and given souls to. The majority of Christians remain quiet about the abortion issue, and buy into the lies and subterfuge that are propagated by those who do not acknowledge the sanctity of human life or the sovereignty of God and His Son Jesus. I applaud your condemnation of Cardinal Timothy Dolan who embraces Cuomo and refrains from any reprimand at all. And, during his interview with Fox News, Cardinal Dolan uses semantics to state his own case, which is against God and Jesus. I, too, feel sickened. We are, indeed, seeing the days as prophesied by Jesus, and the prophets, when good would be considered evil and evil would be claimed to be good.

    • Hi Delores, thank you so much for your support. I think you’re right about that. We need prayers for our faith leaders for sure. And for the world at large!! So glad you stopped by. Hugs and love xox

  65. It was devastating news. We’re losing all respect for human life because it’s not seen as sacred anymore. And if God is not the center, then the “I” is the center, and whatever or whoever bothers the “I” can be removed. I understand that the world has adopted this perspective, although it’s a horrible crime. But I’m even more disgusted at Catholics who do. Thank you for speaking openly about those topics. Let’s keep praying and rising our voices, I still believe there’s hope.

    • Such devastating need. Thanks Paola for your support and for sharing your thoughts on this. Yes. Let’s pray! Hugs and love xox

  66. I have a request: could you use the magic “whitening” toothpaste on him and all politicians? Thanks in advance. I’m not hopeful, but anything is worth a shot.

  67. We live in NY. I happened to catch a video clip about the signing and wondered what everyone was SO EXCITED about?? Then when I realized it was the RHA was signed….well, I almost threw up. I gasped and could not believe the celebration taking place. Did any of those women ever give birth? To understand the miracle of birth? Sickening, absolutely sickening. I’m praying now how I can get connected at our local CareNet.

    • Hi friend, oh I feel you there. I almost tossed my cookies too, when I saw them all cheering and wearing pink. And then the PEN DIDN’T WORK! It’s like God was trying to throw one last ditch effort to get Cuomo to stop. so sad. SO sad. I KNOW!! I spent the weekend with my pregnant Sister in Law, and I spent the weekend feeling the twins kick in her belly!! I mean, THAT’S LIFE!!! Those are babies in there!!!!! I don’t get it. It makes me so sad too. thanks for your support. hugs xo