Times Square Rally

Well, here we are — It’s Monday. It’s May. And boy, do I have a story for YOU!

Allow me to set the scene —

I think the fact that I am both a writer and an actor, gives me this really unique filter through which I see the world. Because I never just see it — but rather, I’m looking for meaning. So sometimes, things just strike me as highly compelling.

That, and I’m always looking for God’s little winks and whispers through any and all lines of communication.

But this weekend, I faced several juxtapositions that really got me thinking.

SO – now to the story!

I was one of the 10,000 people at the Alive from New York prolife rally in Times Square on Saturday!

Francesca Battistelli singing at the #AliveFromNY Event

And, if this is the first you’re learning of this event, well — that’s because ZERO of the mainstream media channels (aside from FOX) covered the event — even though it was the largest ProLife rally in Times Square ever.

Oh — wait, I stand corrected. There were two negatively slanted articles: The New York Post flippantly posted an inaccurate article citing a protest of “400 Pro-Lifers” — which is not only numerically inaccurate by about 9,600 people, but also — a) so flippant in their clearly negative “Pro-Lifer” slang, and b) it wasn’t a protest.

Photo: New York Post

Newsweek covered the “Anti-Abortion Rally” with a video of a young, beautiful abortion provider, talking about how prolife arguments are based on lies and misinformation, and that abortion is health care.

Photo: Newsweek

But I digress.

The event was so powerful. It was put on by Focus on the Family. And, contrary to Newsweek’s spin…it was a huge celebration of life, right in the heart of Times Square!

Abby Johnson, speaking!

There were speakers, and a concert by Francesca Battistelli. The phenomenal movie, Unplanned played a huge role in the event — ((and Yours Truly was actually interviewed for their promotional material! I’ll let you know when it’s live so you can see it!))

Ashley Bratcher from Unplanned

Unplanned’s star actress, Ashley Bratcher, spoke, as well as Abby Johnson — the former Planned Parenthood clinical director, and whose story Unplanned tells. And the pinnacle event was that they broadcast over a jumbotron, Abby Johnson’s 4D ultrasound of her 3rd trimester child!

4D Ultrasound broadcast live at the #AliveFromNewYork event

It was absolutely incredible.

But not everyone was thrilled about the event.

First of all, Planned Parenthood took out a huge billboard right above where the event was being held that read, “PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS HEALTH CARE” in big bold letters.

And then, when I arrived, there were cops everywhere, because swarming both sides of Times Square were hundreds of protestors, shouting profanities and grotesque remarks at the attendees of the beautiful celebration of life in the middle.

They were banging drums and shouting things that would make a sailor blush.

But the event attendees paid them no mind, and continued on in their joyful gathering.

But here’s the crazy thing — as soon as that 4D ultrasound came on the screen, and you saw Abby Johnson’s baby sucking its thumb, and you heard the whooshing of the baby’s heartbeat over the loudspeaker — Times Square was silent. No more protestor rants, no more drums. Just the beautiful sound of life, and a mother’s cooing remarks to her child in the womb, and right underneath the Planned Parenthood billboard.

But after the ultrasound — the protestors went home.

It was the wildest thing.

Maybe the prayers that were in my heart for the souls of those protestors were answered! Who knows.

But coming home that night, I was looking up coverage about the event, and not surprisingly, I was discouraged to see that it was, in essence, completely erased from history by the mainstream media.

But in my search, I did happen to come across this video, which shows Pennsylvania State Representative, Brian Sims, absolutely berating this elderly woman, simply standing outside of a Planned Parenthood in Philly, saying a rosary.

Brian Sims’ 9 minute AGGRESSIVE livestream

He puts a camera in her face and arrogantly and aggressively attacks her, verbally for over eight minutes. Seriously, watch it. It made my blood boil.

Brian Sims verbally attacked this woman for 9 minutesh

But it was at this point, that all the juxtapositions I had experienced that day, finally caught up with me.

This issue of life is absolutely tearing our country apart.

I mean, I even see it on this blog!

People are coming after supporters of life, and they’re thirsty for BLOOD.

Some of the names I have been called when I have stood silently, praying outside of Planned Parenthood — without signs, without talking to people, without anything but love in my heart — the derogatory things would make my mother cry. I’ve had cameras shoved in my face, horns blared right in front of me. Even teenaged kids, shouting rude things.

There is a real hatred for people who support life. And I saw that over and over again this weekend.

So what was the take away?

Love wins.

Love wins. Period.

There’s such a misconception, that people who support life are in some way shaming people who support abortion. Or are trying to control women’s bodies. Or you name it.

But the reality is, the prolife movement is driven by love.

Love for the child in the womb. For the pregnant mothers and fathers. For life in all its stages — even the smallest and most vulnerable.

And as witnessed in Times Square that day, love won. When those protestors heard that heartbeat, and heard Abby Johnson speaking so tenderly to her “little guy” as only a mother does — they packed up and left.

So my prayer is this: to stay hopeful. Yes, it seems like an uphill battle – when not a single news outlet will cover this celebration of life. When publically elected officals like Brian Sims act like petulant children and berate a praying elderly woman, when people personally attack you with hatred spewing from their every pore — stay hopeful.

Life is worth it. Love is worth it.

And someday, the world will see that, too.

“This is what the Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” Ez 37:5

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165 responses to “Times Square Rally”

  1. So glad you made it to the Focus on the Family event! Sounds awesome! I know they sold out and not even the opposition could do anything, especially not after that ultrasound. They had announced in local Christian radio stations here in California – so thousands who heard were praying for it.

  2. I like that the protestors went hone after the ultra sound, and were silent during. “Well, can’t argue with that!” It reminds me of the movie “Children of Men” which, while not a great font of theological wisdom, was still powerful. The first baby in 18 years is carried through a warzone in dead silence. After they pass, the war resumes, but for a few moments there is just life.

    Truth wins, every time. I had no idea this event was a thing. I hope they do more.

  3. There is indeed something stirring. An increasing number of states, including my home of Kentucky and your home state of Ohio, are passing laws which stand against abortion. We’ll see whether they survive legal challenges, but the very fact that they are being passed is huge.
    It would be fun if Gov. Cuomo’s surreal celebration of New York’s abortion law actually opened the floodgates of effort and love and work AGAINST those who were smiling that night!
    We are in the midst of a civil war, with the lives of the unborn on the line. God is with us, and we must not back down. Hugs and love– Mike

    • Something stirring for sure!! We’ve gotta keep up the prayers! Thanks Mike for these powerful thoughts! Hugs and love xox

    • Thanks so much Beckie! Oh that’s so awesome! I’d be honored!! Hugs and love xox

  4. There’s only a like button. I need a love button on this one. I read about that state senator, whose name doesn’t deserve mentioning. I don’t think I could watch to video because it would make me sad/mad. God is good, and love (God’s love) will win in the end. God bless you!

    • Hi Andrea! Haha oh my gosh you’re too sweet – thank you so much. Yeah, I was absolutely disgusted by the senator’s behavior. The video made my blood boil. Amen! Thanks friend! Hugs and love xox

  5. I’m thrilled you got to go!! I was just listening to the podcast about it today on Focus on the Family! Filled my heart and gave me hope for the future! ❤️

    • Thank you so much!! Oh I’ll have to check out that podcast! Yes! SO MUCH HOPE!! Hugs and love xox

  6. Love conquers evil!!! The enemy of our soul does not understand love and it disarms. Thank you Caralyn, for participating in the Focus on the Family, Time Square Rally for Life and Love! You are making a difference!

  7. You are right about not a lot of coverage. On that I agree. On the other hand all these pro lifers do not seem to care about the child once it is here. Just saying. Let a woman decide what she wants not the world. You only seem to notice the hypocrisy on the liberal side. Truly I tell you if is on the right wing side as well. We are both guilty of half truths and trying to get our points across neither is listening to the other side. The United States should be like marriage where democrats and republicans compromise,that is not a bad thing.It’s crazy where you either 100% or 0. I’d say we are better than this,but no this is who we are. We should strive to be better. Great post

    • Thanks friend for sharing your thoughts on this. I will say that all of the pro life supporters that I know support children and life in every way – but i do respect that there can be hypocrisy on both sides. Glad you stopped by. Hugs and love xox

  8. I was hoping you would write about this event. Thank you for sharing your personal observations with us. I totally understand looking for God winks- I think it comes with the territory of being Catholic and being an artistic person 😉

    How powerful and amazing that the ultra sound silenced the crowds!! 🙌

    • Hi friend! Oh good! Yeah it was an incredible experience! You could hear a pin drop! Hugs and love xox

  9. A quote from Abraham Lincoln about slavery, “Anyone who thinks slavery should be legal should have it tried upon himself.” A bumper sticker reads, “Choose life, your mother did.” if they say that they do not want a baby to grow up in this cruel society, then why were they allowed to live in the same society?

  10. This is a really great blog! I’m glad you went to show support for what you believe in. Its sad that some people felt the need to show up with bullhorns etc to show they don’t agree with you. However, this is a battle that will always continue and at the end of the day I do not think we should ever tell a woman what she can do with her body. Its between her and God. No one has a right to judge, no one! And for those that say abortion is a sin, so is adultery, being disrespectful to parents, stealing, etc. But people seem to be more forgiving for those things. No sin is greater that the next. I think that’s the saying. I do not support abortion but I do not judge those that do. I don’t know their story or their circumstances. Even if I did it’s not my judge or my right to judge. However, its perfectly okay to support what you believe in. Not at the expense of others

    • Thanks so much Lane – i agree – we all sin and Jesus’ death was for the sin of the whole world. I definitely don’t judge those that do either – I just want to love and support them 🙂 i really appreciate you sharing your heart so respectfully and open heartedly 💛 so glad you stopped by! Big hugs xox

  11. To contradict that young beautiful pro.abortion activist, you have to keep going as a young beautiful pro.life activist. I always encourage these kinds of posts.

  12. In a democracy everyone should have the right to express their view in a peaceful manner. I do not know about the event, so would desist from any comments.
    However it is becoming quite apparent that both the social conservatives and liberals are becoming quite intolerant of each other. Compromise and middle ground have become a lost cause. The scorched earth policy of the leader of the country will leave this nation so fractured that healing will take a long time even after he leaves office.

    • Thanks friend. Yeah I wish the division wasn’t so vehement. It makes me sad. Hugs and love xox

  13. I’m very moved by this story. Especially the result of everyone seeing and hearing that ultrasound. When confronted with the facts, when the light is shone, evil and darkness have nowhere to go but…away. Or else join the light!

    I’m sorry to hear that you take so much abuse as you pray outside Planned Parenthood, but I also rejoice that it is all to your credit in the eyes of Jesus. I know that isn’t why you do it. Perhaps you have joy in knowing you are pleasing your Savior! When your day comes, you will hear the words “Well done!”

    Hugs, love, & prayers!

    • Thanks so much Jeff , yeah it was so powerful when the ultrasound came on!! Amen – light blasts away the dark, simply by shining! Thanks for saying that Jeff 🙂 hope you and Julie have a great week! Hugs and love and prayers! xox

  14. The fact that the protesters responded to the ultrasound with silence and leaving speaks volumes. Thank you for sharing your experience with us 🙏🏼💕

    • It really speaks VOLUMES for sure! Thanks so much Lisa! Hugs and love xox

    • Thanks friend, gosh what a kind thing to say. I’m really touched 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  15. Q. I was wondering if you had heard about this event and I am so glad you attended & are reporting on it for us. 2. I see there is a man on the pro-murder side of the fence. Interesting how none of the women are trying to kick him off their platform for having an opinion about their bodies the way they do to pro-life men. Thank you for letting us know what happened. It is up to bloggers to get the word out when so many lies are being spread and truths are being silenced. Hugs my friend!

    • Thanks Melissa! Yeah I wanted to go to be able to share about it!! Yeah there were actually A LOT of male protestors on the pro-abortion side. And i agree — the truth needs to be out there!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Hugs and love xox

  16. Thanks for blogging about this event and for showing up! Wish I could have been there. Abby Johnson just spoke at our banquet at our Crisis Pregnancy Center. Such a powerful testimony and life that woman lives. Thank you for standing up for the unborn ❤️!

    • Thanks so much!! Oh wow that’s incredible that you got to hear her live! It really is an incredible testimony! Hugs and love xox

  17. So sad how people protest stand up for things that are a bit off kilt and everyone praises them … but do this for some real issues and for life , the unborn and sadly the world is so hateful . Yes I hope love wins soon. Hugs💕

  18. You are a wonderful ambassador for Jesus Christ, as well as for Life, and what is right, Caralyn.
    I really appreciate how you and others put yourself out on the front line, quietly praying for the ladies and babies, but I am horrified at the abuse that is given each of you.
    And as for that “Representative from Pennsylvania”, he is a poor bullying, egotistical, egomaniac, sore example of humanity, the way he carried on at that lady who was minding her business, praying for others.
    For him to be there, berating a lady as he did, he must have a great deal of guilt wrapped up inside him.
    I hope all now in his area, who know his attitude and bullying, berating nature, we think deeply when voting day arrives.

    Caralyn, you, and every other person who stands out in all weather, praying for these babies, who are created by God, in the image of God, with a purpose of God implanted in each child’s spirit from conception, are all amazing. And as you are also praying for the mothers as well, for their health, peace, and a God consciousness for the life they are carrying.

    Thank you Caralyn, God Bless you my Friend.
    Luv, 😀❤️🌹😘

    • Oh my goodness George, that’s so kind of you to say. Thank you, my friend. Yeah I agree about the Rep – egomaniac for sure. The fact that he made a NINE MINUTE VIDEO?!! I can’t even imagine the thought process where a person would think that’s okay?! I am so grateful for your encouragement, George. Hope you’re having a great week! Hugs and love xox

  19. For he will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help. He will take pity on the weak and the needy and save the needy from death. He will rescue them from oppression and violence, for precious is their blood in HIS sight.

    For those unborn who didn’t make it, precious is their blood in HIS sight… For those yet born, precious is their blood in HIS sight… Love never fails…

    • Amen to that! He is the rescuer! And precious are they in His sight! That’s a beautiful reminder. Thanks! Hugs and love xox

  20. Yay! Can barely express how excited I was to hear you attended Alive! I watched it via livestream as I live in California but would have LOVED to have been there. I could tell it was silent during the US but didn’t know if they were simply blocking the background noice or if it was truly that quiet there. So awesome. And amazing how God sent the protesters home at that point. Thank you for sharing your experience, the Lord has really been doing a number on my heart about this issue lately. Glad to know I’m not the only one. 💞

    • Oh my gosh thank you so much! Yeah there was electricity in the air for sure!! Oh no – it was TRULY quiet!! So glad this resonated with you! Hugs and love xox

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this. You’re absolutely right, I have heard nothing about it. I was just having this conversation with my 20 year old daughter tonight. I’m not sure we agree totally, but at least we can have an actual conversation about it. When I was 19, I found myself pregnant and living with a very abusive male. When I left him, he demanded I get an abortion. A few weeks later, I was living in another state and he called and inquired about the abortion. I told him truthfully, “ I handled everything”, and I had. I handled the doctors visits, the prenatal vitamins, the preparation, the labor and delivery. I have never asked him for anything. I have never spoken to him again. When my son was old enough to really look him up and decide what he wanted. None of the information was good, newspaper articles stated he was an abusive alcoholic who was serving time for lighting his house on fire with his wife and 3 (I think) children inside asleep. His defense, he was going to put it it before it got to bad. It was a couple years ago when my son (23 years old) ask my husband, the only real father he’s ever had to adopt him before the birth of his first child. So his child could carry his fathers name. I had been given an order like I was an employee. I chose to be a single mom. I chose to raise my child. I did have several options and I chose life.

    • Thanks so much friend, for sharing your story. I’m so glad you were able to have that conversation with your daughter. And gosh – I’m so sorry that you had to endure that abusive relationship. You are such a strong, inspiring, and beautiful woman and mother – and I am honored to read about your story. Thank you for choosing life – you are an incredible example of the power of yes! And ps – I got choked up hearing that your son asked to carry his fathers name. So touching 🙂 Big big hugs to you xox

      • Thank you for all you do to bring awareness through your journey. I was sad about that relationship, now I praise Jesus for the strength to walk through that so I could have my son. My husband wanted to adopt him years ago, we told him when he was ready we were ready. 🤗

      • Oh my gosh, thank you so much for saying that. sounds like you have a truly beautiful family 🙂 so happy for you 🙂 hugs xo

  22. Thanks for being at this rally and reporting what you experienced to us. I and many others appreciate this. Sounds like life and the beating of a baby’s heart scared the crowd away. Sounds like a miraculous act of God. – Kevin –

    • Thanks so much Kevin. It was such a powerful experience! Yes!! Hugs and love xox

  23. I love your blog! Especially your heartfelt pro-life sentiments. And yes, love does win. We need more prayers and more love because the hate being spewed is tearing the country apart. I hope that little guy’s heartbeat reached the hearts of some of those haters. Please, keep the faith and keep up the good work!

    • Oh my gosh what a kind thing to say! Thank you 🙂 amen – more prayers and more love! Hugs and love xox

  24. Praise God for your willingness to stand with those who are standing up for life! It’s a hard thing to do in such a brazen world. It’s a shame to see a politician would be acting like a hostile, literally ramming his camera into her face more than once. Race had nothing to do with it! It’s the precious life that God gives, and babies that millions of couples who are unable to have children ache to hold. Sadly, those who deal in backstreet adoptions understand the value of life… but only long enough to steal and sell it.
    I was forced to deal with Planned Parenthood as a teenager… before pregnant, while pregnant, and after. They use the guise of health care to hide behind to have access to government money. All my life I have known them to be nothing but bullies.
    Praying for everyone on both sides, even more so for the little voices that cannot defend themselves.

    • Thank you so much Gail! I so agree – the video, quite honestly, made my blood boil —- the arrogance and aggressiveness towards that older woman was just repugnant. And thank you for sharing your experience with PP. I think you’re right – bully culture for sure. Yes! Joining you in those prayers! Thanks for stopping by, my dear friend! Hugs and love xox

    • Oh my gosh thank you Lisa Beth! What a kind thing to say!! Hugs and love xox

  25. I watched the shocking video of the representative verbally abusing that lady. Something tells me if this woman was praying in front of a high-kill animal shelter, he’d be fine with her there..so I guess he feels constitutional rights are only for those he agrees with..SCARY.

    • Wasn’t the video just AWFUL?!? so true. Scary for sure. Thanks Cindy for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  26. Gosh that video had my blood boiling. That lady was not protesting. She was praying. Big difference! Props to her for keeping her cool and not reacting to this mans disgusting behavior. I don’t know if I would have been able to hold my tongue!

    • I know! the video was just infuriating to watch. thanks Megan for stopping by! big hugs xo

  27. Great blog overview of Focus on the Family’s pro-life event in NY. So glad that you had the opportunity to participate and your take-away is encouraging, in the midst of all the hatred and evil. You are spot on…Love Wins! God bless you as you continue to live a life of love for the Kingdom of God.

    • Thank you so much Charme! I was so grateful to have been able to go! love wins! hugs xo

  28. That Pa. politician makes me sick. My parents were both from northeastern PA so I always notice things like that. By emphasizing her whiteness he was trying to bring irrational paranoid fear of racism into it too

    • Thanks Larry, yeah it makes me sick too!!! thanks for stopping by. big hugs ox

  29. Hi Caralyn,
    I just watched the Brian Sims video and I feel absolutely enraged. I am not Christian, however I believe in Life and have been reading your posts since January 2019. I believe that being the representative of Pennsylvania or any state to that matter, Mr. Sims should 1. Respect The good lady’s choice of not showing her face to the camera, 2. Respect others’ Religion, there are people who feel hurt by his views, 3. Should probably read the Bible and learn about Christ’s great sacrifices for ALL of us out here, born and unborn. Honestly, GOD BLESS OUR WORLD!!

    • Hi Urvi, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. I feel you — enraged is an understatement!! You’re absolutely right — respect goes a long way!!! hugs xxo

  30. Thanks to you, this was the first I heard of the Times Square rally. Reading through the comments, I was happy to learn your first name, Caralyn. A fitting name because you are caring and you were spiritually singing! Here is admittedly a summation statement that I explain regularly in http://www.theunexpectedbtm.wordpress.com: Ezk. 37:5 about the dry bones coming to life will include, since life begins at inception, all the millions of babies who have been aborted, coming back to physical life in the Great White Throne Judgment (Rev. 20:11-12) after the Millennium, at which time they will have their opportunity for salvation. Love wins! Hope wins!

    • Thanks so much Broose!! and oh my gosh what a kind thing to say about my name!! 🙂 amen — love and hope wins!! hugs xox

  31. Thank you for this “on-scene report.” I wish my schedule had permitted me to at least watch the event live. Since it did not, your eye-witness account helps so much. Blessings!

    • Thanks so much SuZan!! I’m sure you can find a video on YouTube!! definitely worth the search! big hugs xox

  32. Interesting thing a prophet of God said on April 6, 2019 : “If you folks are not being persecuted on a daily basis, you are not doing your job very well.”

    It looks like you’re doing your job (for God) well, Caralyn. You’re a miracle in that regard…”out of the mouth of babes(simple ones)…hast Thou ordained strength”. psalms 8:2

    I find your influence a strength to me. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much for sharing that — and oh my gosh what a kind thing to say. big hugs xo

  33. Hmm. What a sad thing to see that all that our loving Father give his life for is against his heritage like that. But we must know that the devil hates life. He is death himself. God is life. Its a constant battle between Good & Evil. God’s people us and the enemy’s agents that are taking on the form of human beings but they are not. They are demons. Let us continue to fight the good fight of faith and stand for the righteousness of Christ Jesus our Lord. Blessings to you! 🙂

  34. Hey sunshine you were at the epic center of emotional irrationality, nothing like the hotbed issues of Race, Religion or Abortion to stoke the fires of reason into a 3 Mile-island meltdown ma-lass of dysfunctional humanity. So now I will toss my embers into this molten stew of contention for no child shall bear the indignity of death before life at my hands! from the lack of a vote or of quiet indifference.

    • Thanks Sandyman. Amen to that. Those small and most vulnerable children deserve that dignity of life! Hugs and love xox

  35. I would have loved to be there! I’m so glad that you got to go and be a part of Alive from New York! I agree, Planned Parenthood is NOT women’s healthcare! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks friend! Yeah me too! It was a really powerful day! Hugs and love xox

  36. My goodness my dear. Your perspective, your words, your love. Incredible. I am blessed to have met you yesterday! I wish I would have been in town this weekend to attend the rally – it sounds like an incredible experience. So often I feel as though supporters on either sides of this debate are talking AT eachother. Without actually listening. I mean, the planned parenthood sign was blatantly proclaiming their position. Not encouraging dialogue in the slightest. And that gets society nowhere. You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned love. That’s what missing! First, the love for one another to pause and listen and understand. Second, the recognition that love is the root of the pro-life movement. And finally, the love for future generations to create a healthy environment for them to prosper. Love can win! We just have to let it. So thank you for being a hopeful witness to that truth!

    • Oh my gosh thank you so much Katie, I am so touched by your kind words! I know! Me too! I am so glad our paths crossed! Last Saturday was such a powerful experience. And I so agree – listening and respect from both sides are so crucial. And I love your thoughts about LOVE! amen!! It goes a long way, and I feel like it can get left in the dust when we’re so hyper focused on agendas or being heard. Love is the “greatest of these” and the way Jesus modeled for us to live. And it CAN win!! Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a beautiful evening!! Loving your workout vids btw – so inspiring!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  37. Very, very well done! Thank you for standing up for life! It never ceases to boggle my mind of how anyone can think a child in the womb is not a person… God bless!

  38. Thank you for this post. I can’t believe any rational person would vote for this Sims guy. He’s what’s wrong with America.

    • Thanks so much – I agree. I was FLABBERGASTED and APPALLED that he was elected to public office. Amen. Hugs and love xox

  39. You are right Caralyn – love does ALWAYS win. Prayers for as many hearts as possible to be converted along the way, so that they too can join in the JOY that comes from receiving it. May you remain diligent in protecting the sacredness of life. Hugs & Blessings!

    • Thanks Dawn so much – amen – Love always wins! I really appreciate your prayers. I will join you in them!! Hugs and love xox

  40. Wonderfully done and informative. Sad that people hate life so much. And Jesus promised persecution to his followers. If our country survived the sixties then it can survive now. Always positive things to look at. And since I had some recent negative experiences because of my Christian views, I have to say, your article and experiences helped a lot to have someone to commiserate with. Thank you for that because I feel better already.

    • Thanks so much! Yeah you’re right – we will persevere! Hugs and love xox

  41. Praise the Lord! I was very moved by this post. May the Lord continue to convict people’s hearts. You’re right, I had not heard about this: thanks for sharing this with us. May you continue to tell people about wonderful events like this one.

    • Thank you so much Marcelo! I’m so glad this resonated with you!! 🙂 God is good! big hugs xox

  42. Thank you so much for giving us the inside scoop of this awesome event! Praise God for the strong stand for life even in the face of such blatant opposition! The response of the crowd to the ultrasound gave me chills! God is on the move!

    • Thanks friend! Yes! God is on the move! It was such an incredible day! Hugs and love xox

    • Hi friend! thanks so much – yes! it was an incredible event! yes He is!! hugs xox

  43. Wow, just beautiful, thank you for sharing. I gasped when I read how the crowd got silent when the ultrasound was played…simply beautiful and precious. Yes, love wins over hate every day.

  44. Well done Caralyn. Thanks for the enlightening and inspiring post. I live in the Chicago suburbs and I read the Chicago Tribune each and every day. I never heard of this rally you attended. Thanks for the eye opener.

    Warm regards,

    • hi Reid! thank you friend – yeah the rally was incredibly powerful! i feel blessed to have been able to attend! hugs xo

  45. Amazing that you were there! I wish I could’ve been. It’s so sad to see people not acknowledging the gift of LIFE. But I do think that maybe that will change. I saw the movie “Unplanned” and I was sobbing. I have always been pro-life but if I hadn’t been I sure would’ve after watching it and I hope many people who are pro-choice/abortion saw it because you can’t see it and walk away pro abortion. Thanks for sharing! <3

  46. Wow, what has happened to the western world! I can’t help but wonder if it’s not a war against pro-life, but against anything Christian. Same trend happening here in Australia, but they don’t know that we are employed and owned by God, who can be against us!

  47. Thanks for letting us know about this! I had not heard about it. What a powerful moment when all the protesters left after seeing the ultrasound! :O I really do think love is winning–let’s stay strong and keep witnessing to the truth!

  48. Thank you so much for your efforts and for your post- it’s wonderful to see another woman boldly fighting for life as well. It is an uphill battle- the world is against us- but we have made such progress in this country lately!! Praise be to God!

    • Thank you so much for your support. Uphill battle for sure, but we’ve got to hold on to His hope!! 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  49. Ah, wonderful news and thanks for the photos and clips! I did an hour for the 40 Days for Life outside a bubble zone, and boy was I terrified. An older woman was attacked by a passing driver with a glass bottle, she’d been hospitalized to recover. But you know what? She insisted on doing it again, if there was need. The rage and violence is horrid, yes, but people notice. I mean that. Witnessing and prayer is incredible, as we can see from the ultrasound broadcast. There are couples and singles, accompanying persons, there are people who do turn away. Some do question. Some take time to (re)consider. This does have an impact on people’s lives, not always of the terrible kinds.

    • Thank you again. Oh wow that is just terrifying!! That’s the thing – when you feel really passionate and dedicated to something, you do whatever it takes. Hugs and love xox

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