“Woke” Christianity & The Bachelorette

In case you’ve missed the headlines this week, The Bachelorette wrapped up on Tuesday in a “shocking” two night finale.

It was a viewing extravaganza to say the least. And I, like much of America, was glued to my TV screen to watch the drama unfold.

This season has been fraught with scandals, particularly surrounding Christianity and chastity. And to say that the world has had a lot to say about it, would be an understatement.

The drama can be boiled down to this quick recap:

Photo: ABC

a) Hannah – “The Bachelorette” – is an outspoken Christian. She’s from the Bible Belt, an Alabama football fan, and very open with her sexuality. Her season of The Bachelorette can be summed up in this quote from halfway through the season: “You know what, Luke? I have had sex. And Jesus still loves me.

Photo: ABC

b) This aforementioned, Luke, was the villain of the season. He is also an outspoken Christian. He was a womanizer in college, and decided to change his ways when he had an “encounter with God in the shower” and from then on, has been a “born-again-virgin” for the last four years. Throughout the show, he has been aggressive, — to the point of body-slamming another guy to the ground in a game, — and, in my opinion, has used his faith as a manipulation tool to win Hannah’s affection.

Photo: ABC

But what the media has really latched onto, was his final conversation before the infamous “Fantasy Suite” overnight dates. During the dinner conversation, he says, “Let’s talk about sex and how the marriage bed should be kept pure.” He continued, “Let’s say you have had sex with one or multiple of these guys, I would be wanting to go home.”

Hannah, took major offense, feeling “judged and shamed” for her actions, and then told him off, with her token, “Jesus still loves me” line, after revealing that she, quote, “F*%#ed in a windmill” — not once, but four different times. There’s a bit of a stand off between the two, there’s a literal storm raging outside with thunder and lightening, he asks to “pray over her before he leaves,” and she finally sends him home and flips him the bird as his limo drives away.

Photo: BuzzFeed

In the final episode where they bring all the contestants back on to recap the season, Luke is questioned in the hot seat for over an hour, where he says, he was there on a “rescue mission” for Hannah, and that it’s a “man’s job to guide a woman in a relationship.”

So now you’re up to speed. The entire viewing audience, as well as all the other men on the show — adamantly hated this guy. Openly. And, I can understand why — Luke was arrogant, prideful, instigative, and frankly – he gave Christianity a horrible, horrible, name.

But here’s my take:

This is reality TV, and they can edit you however they please. And at the end of the day, it’s all about ratings and viewership. And you know what made a darn good story? The “narsisstic, psychopath Christian misogynist” who was a born-again-virgin after God “spoke to him in the shower.”

Photo: SubStack

So yeah, do I think that Luke has pride issues, and didn’t quite handle very well being a man of faith on a secular TV show, admittedly where sex is a huge storyline? Yeah, he’s guilty. But you know what? We all have flaws that, if put under a microscope on reality TV, producers could manipulate into any number of mental health diagnoses.

But here’s the thing. I think there’s a much, much bigger picture here that is being lost for all the minute details of this season that make headline-grabbing one-liners. And it’s the state of Christianity at large.

Hannah is being celebrated as this “new-age, feminist Christian” that is finally out of the “oppressive dark ages” of Christian thinking. She’s the face of “Woke Christianity” vs. Luke — from the “old,” misogynist, backwards-thinking, women-controlling Christianity. Hannah is the girl-power, sex-positive Christianity, that hangs out with the Jesus that smokes weed and looks like a hipster.

And that is really problematic.

Am I saying that Hannah is a “bad Christian?” Heavens no. Am I saying that Luke is a “good Christian?” Absolutely not.

Both Hannah, and Luke — along with myself and every, single person reading this article — have our areas of sin in our lives. And you know what? We are not to judge anyone else, because we’ve all got a big ol’ planks stickin’ out of our own eyeballs, for crying out loud.

But it causes concern when Hannah boldly proclaimed, “Regardless of anything that I’ve done, I can do whatever, I sin daily and Jesus still loves me…It’s all washed and if the Lord doesn’t judge me and it’s all forgiven, then no other man, woman, animal … anything can judge me.”

Because, yes — it is true that Jesus washes away our sins and has an unconditional love for us. But that doesn’t mean that we can embrace sin and knowingly and willfully continue on doing that which contradict’s God’s will.

She quoted the woman at the well in John 8:7, about Jesus declaring that the man with no sin cast the first stone. But what she left out, was that just three verses later, in 8:11, Jesus instructs the woman to “go and sin no more.”

That is the journey we are all instructed to embark upon in the Christian walk: being in the world but not of it. To die to ourselves, and to die to sin. And it’s hard, and we fall, and that’s why there’s grace. But to willfully run towards sin, instead of away from it — that’s taking advantage of His incredible gift of grace, and frankly – disregarding His command.

The bible is not a “pick and choose” buffet of morality. We cannot adhere to one thing wholeheartedly, but bypass the brussels sprouts, just because we don’t like the flavor.

That’s not how Christianity works. But that’s what this season of The Bachelorette has revealed as a glaringly problematic — and widely accepted trend — in our faith communities. I’m going to come right out and say it — people will be whole hearted believers, and live incredible, outspoken and holy lives, but when it comes to premarital sex, they want Jesus OUT of the bedroom.

Which, again — this is not coming from a place of judgement. Because Lord knows that I have so much stuff that I need work on in my own faith journey — hello, I was anorexic for 3 years and overtaken by spiritual warfare, so my past is far from clean.

But to make Hannah the poster child for this “woke Christianity” where premarital sex is celebrated and don’t you dare judge me for it — it makes me weary. Very weary.

Because at the end of the day, our relationship with Christ is not about what we can get out of it. It’s about what we can give. It’s the handing over of self to the One who gave it all on the Cross. There’s beauty in the surrender. There’s freedom. But there’s also struggle, and pain, and sacrifice.

So TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) — I think that the nitty gritty drama of this season is overshadowing something far more problematic, and that is the widespread exultation of “Woke Christianity,” which — at the end of the day — is missing the entire point of our faith.

Don’t water down the Gospel just because the truth is uncomfortable and takes sacrifice and a hard look in the mirror.

“This is what the Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” Ez 37:5

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235 responses to ““Woke” Christianity & The Bachelorette”

  1. Very well stated. I don’t watch the show but from what you shared I agree with you. And we definitely don’t get to pick and choose…that can lead down a terrible path.

    • Hi Shell! Thank you so much 🙂 You’re right – we’re either all in or all out!! so glad you stopped by! bighugs xo

  2. Great synopsis! Yeah, alot of people are missing the real essence of what it means to follow Christ. Also, their missing the whole thing about the Holy Spirit helping us. What i saw from Hannah was affliction and inner turmoil. A lot of stuff both Hannah & Luke were dealing with through out the show, to be honest, was very demonic in nature. That’s unfortunate for both of those Christians. Pray this brings them closer to Christ.

    • thank you so much! I agree — the Holy Spirit is literally our Helper! Our Guide! Our Advocate! That’s so important to remember. I will definitely join you in that important prayer 🙂 SO glad you stopped by! big hugs xo

  3. This is suuuch an amazing post. And so spot on! Thanks so much for having the courage to post about controversial topics. This is one that has been heavy on my heart for a while. So thank you.

    • Oh my gosh THANK YOU!!! I’m so touched that you think that. I’m glad it resonated with you, my friend. Thanks for the encouragement – was a little nervous to publish this! big hugs xo

  4. Wow LOL makes me glad we don’t have TV really! Miss crime shows though 😉

    I think you’re right that this is a sign of deeper problems with Christianity in our society and culture. BUT I do think he had a point in what he was saying (just from reading it in text form, obviously it sounds like he presented himself too vain and rude to all the people in the cast).

    What he said about it being a man’s job to lead a woman in the relationship, that is 100% biblical! Men want to be leaders if they’re mentally healthy and grow up with good fathers as role models. I’m not saying couples shouldn’t listen to each other and ultimately work together, but he was right about men leading and women following. You can’t have two leaders, it never works out in any other real life scenario.

    AND he does have a point that she doesn’t have any morals concerning sex! That’s a HUGE red flag, and it should be to a man looking for a good, supportive wife to add to his life. It’d be the same if it was turned around and some man was unrepentant about his sexual sin and expecting a virginal wife to just, “accept,” his shamelessness. She has a nasty heart issue, and is nothing like the woman at the well, or the woman who was caught in adultery… they at least felt shame for their sin, and it was the only way Jesus *could* save them.

    He can’t save someone if they don’t even care they’ve crossed spiritual boundaries to separate themselves from Him. Her complete lack of humility or care, shows you her heart.

    • Hi Stephanie, thank you so much for sharing your heart!! There’s a lot of great great points here. Ah yes – I was a big Law and Order fan! What was your favorite crime show? Yeah, It’s just such a crazy premise to try and start a relationship in of meaning. there’s so much messiness. THis show i think definitely presented a lot of opportunities for them to grow going forward. That’s my hope at least 🙂 hugs xo

      • I loved CSI 😁 and police shows sometimes. And yes, definitely sounds like it was a lot of messiness hopefully they’ll work through moving on. This was a great post!!

  5. Whoa, hold up. Having not watched this season of the show (I used to watch it), are you telling me that this woman had sex with four different men during a group date involving a windmill? Wow. I don’t want to sound judgey, so I won’t say anything else.

    • Hi Meg, it was a pretty wild season, and sex was definitely front and center — it was the same guy and his overnight date was in a windmill that had been converted into a B&B…but yeah. It was the “shining moment” of the season. thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! big hugs xox

  6. Amen Caralyn! We have freedom in Christ, but like the Apostle Peter said, we are not to use our freedom as a cover up for evil (1 Peter 2:16). The Apostle Paul explains it very well in Romans chapters 6 and 7. “What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?” Romans 6:1-2. Great synopsis of the show! God bless!

  7. “All I needed to know about life I learned on The Bachelorette?” Well, let’s see how this rant goes… (wink)

    First off, you hit it just right; no one’s walk is perfect. We all have issues, misconceptions, and even our favorite sins. We all have improper ways of dealing with guilt – “Jesus loves me the way I am!” My pastor pointed out recently that He loves us where He finds us indeed. He also loves us enough to want us to get better.

    Here’s a fault of mine to share (nothing juicy): I’ve been writing about the books of the Bible for over a year now. I do some research, a Concordia Self-Study Commentary and even some scanning of the actual Scripture itself. I just realized today that I’m writing ABOUT them to provide some context for the letters of Paul and more, but I’m not really reading them.

    And that’s where we all fall down. The Bachelorette herself sounds as if she’s succumbing to what Paul wrote in more than one of his letters; the seeming freedom to sin. She might change her witness if she read Paul’s letters more closely. What’s-his-face is judging her as being inferior in her faith walk, and he’s here to save her. Except he can’t. Job’s already taken.

    I read James today, and he warns against the sin of judging others, because there is only one Judge, and none of us are Him. Let’s say tonight’s discussion isn’t a condemnation of The Bachelorette people. I won’t do that. But I will evaluate in light of Scripture and thank them for providing warnings of what I need to be careful of myself. And pray that they refine their way too. I just wish that watching flawed Christians display their troubles wasn’t a spectator sport.

    The errors that we can see so easily in others in your article tonight are often our own. I know I’ve sinned consciously, knowing I’m forgiven, but it was just too good to say “no” today! Not too different from her. Then I have a really hard time asking for forgiveness, because I know what I’d say if someone took advantage of my generosity.

    In summary (overdue, I know), we all need to not just be satisfied with the general principles of Christianity that we usually don’t get quite right. We need to spend so much more time in the pages of God’s Word than we do…anything else. We think we know it, because we know a handful of Sunday School stories, but that isn’t enough. Here endeth the rant. Thanks for a thoughtful discussion of your take on that episode. Hugs and love…

    • He loves us enough to want to get better. Amen AMEN to that, Jeff! THanks so much for this awesome response. You’re so right, we’re all broken sinners on a walk with Christ. And none of us are in a position to judge. Period. And yes! Jesus is the one who is there to save us. And i will definitely join you in that prayer. I think you’re spot on, Jeff – thanks for articulating that so wonderfully! Def not a rant! An enlightened thought process!! big hugs to you and your girls! xox

      • Having a nice evening; Chinese for dinner. Hillary paid a visit to the barn to see her fave horse, Rocko. Hugged her and kissed her – yes, horses hug! Maybe you’ll get to meet him. Tomorrow – TGIF!!!

      • awww, that’s so sweet! Oh I know they do! Horses are feelers!! that would be so awesome! 🙂

      • Ms. B3, you are so right when you say we cannot take the license to sin because of God’s grace to us. Grace is the strength to live redeemed lives, holy as He is holy lives, is this fallen and dark world. Jesus told us if we love Him we should follow His Father’s commands. Not count on following the commands as our righteousness, but follow them out of love and devotion to a Heavenly Father who gave His only begotten Son so that we may have eternal life and HE has “house rules” as every father has house rules the children are asked to follow. Thank you for checking my blog out so I could be led here to find more like minded followers of Yeshua/Jesus. Real people, living real lives, and walking out their salvation with fear and trembling. Blessings.

      • Thanks friend – amen – following them out of love and devotion, that’s a great great point. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your heart! big hugs

    • I believe the Bible tells us to judge. We judge people within the church but not those outside. Simply put, we judge believers but not unbelievers. The don’t judge matt 7: 7has largely been taken out of context.
      To love another believer is not just to massage their ego but to correct error when we see one.

      Do we allow a fellow believer to continue in wrong and thereby deceiving others without speaking out?
      1 Corinthians 5:11–13; 6:4; 2 Thessalonians 3:6; 1 Timothy 6:20; and Titus 3:9, John 7:24

      I see many Christians take the sidelines when it comes to drawing a line between right or wrong so as not to sound judgemental especially when it comes to our cultural issues today
      We judge wrongly when it comes from a place of hypocrisy and condemnation.
      In reality, we all make judgement everyday. From what we eat to the person who stole from you. To the next door neighbour that committed murder.

      The Apostles always called out sin when they saw one. Does it mean they were perfect without sin? No. But they had to uphold the truth of His word at all times.

      • Hey Musings! Thank you so much for your well-reasoned response and the time you obviously took to write it out! And I agree that Matthew 7:7 is often read wrongly. Despite the heading given that section by some translations – do not judge – Jesus clearly explains that we need to take the plank out of our own eye in order to remove the speck (judge) from our brother’s eye.

        Here’s the problem we all have: imprecise use of English. “Judge” has several shadings of meaning, especially when it comes to emotional responses to words. Let’s see if we can agree on usage. “Judge” means to either condemn or release. In that sense it doesn’t work in Matthew 7:7, because, as you correctly point out, we need each other to correct bad practices. “Evaluate” means to measure a practice or behavior against a standard, which is what you correctly advocate.

        I posted an article about Being Judgmental in January of 2018: https://jeffreyhking.wordpress.com/2018/01/07/being-judgmental/. It’s a longer discussion of this very topic. It discusses this very point of making sure we are using words with agreed upon meanings. Without that we have misunderstandings and even conflicts. I often find that properly defining words within a discussion, namely agreeing on meanings, is critical. Especially such common words as “judge.”

        In the context of Caralyn’s post, I say judging those people on The Bachelorette is wrong – it is not for us to condemn or exonerate them. That’s Jesus’ prerogative. We ARE to EVALUATE them! We are to measure their behavior against a standard – God’s – and determine whether these are activities and attitudes that need correction or emulation.

        Musings, I think we are precisely on the same page here! I agree with you wholly. It’s but for a matter of definitions that you perhaps thought I had something wrong. Again, thank you for your well-done response! THIS is the sort of discussion that must happen within the Christian community continually to build each other up and focus our work in Jesus’ Kingdom! THANK YOU!!!

      • Actually, Jesus does tell us not to judge others, or else we’ll get whacked with the same baseball bat we used on someone else (I know – from personal experience). But what I think you’re referring to is discernment: being aware of what’s right in God’s eyes and what isn’t. And when Jesus tells us to take the metaphorical “plank” out of our own eye so we can help our brother or sister remove the cinder from theirs, I believe He’s saying that only the Holy Spirit can do that; when that happens we see things differently and are able to correct someone with love rather than criticize. The Holy Spirit will give us what to say, how to say it and even whether to say it. So it’s not a blind eye that we turn to someone’s sin, but a changed eye. If I may: https://twominutesforcrosschecking.wordpress.com/2017/03/03/judge-not-or-my-house-my-rules/

      • Please can you read those Scriptures in context? We should not see our neighbour falling and rather than correct them in love and oray for them, we go telling them how better of a Christian we are of how we will handle the situation better if it were us. We must never be found with the tongue of hypocrisy and condemnation towards anyone for we extend the same love God extended towards us.

        Far from it. But we should not hesitate to draw the line between right or wrong and give correction when necessary in love and meekness.
        The Apostles did it with the church and if we claim to be ministers of the gospel, we must speak up or how else will others know the right way to follow which is the way of Christ and the instructions laid out in the word?

      • We’re actually stating the same argument, and please forgive me if I read you wrong at the beginning. The “judgment” I was talking about is the kind that condemns and pushes away someone because of their sin and causes me not to want to associate with them. I totally agree with you.

    • You hit the nail on the head, Jeff. I am new to this blog and the discussion is thought provoking. One thing I would like to add is when reading the New Testament, if we look at the study notes or column notes in our Bibles, we will see many of the verses tie directly back to or are directly quoting the Old Testament. I have found greater understanding of Jesus’s and Paul’s words/teachings by going back to the “it is written” pages. The front of the Bibles we have today, was all “that was written” when Jesus or Paul said those words. The Torah (instructions), Prophets, and Writings all give context and what was being quoted by the writers of what we now call the New Testament. God bless your book writing endeavors.

      • Thank you! Yes, this is a great place to have a good, civil discussion on a lot of topics. I am completely with you on the importance of needing to know the OT as well as the New, I think it gets short shrift in most churches that are only comfy with the Gospels, a few Epistles, and the familiar OT stories. I’ve often heard it said that context is everything and Scripture interprets Scripture.

  8. You’re right. It’s ridiculous the way our culture has perpetuated this “me-centric” Christianity in which membership is like that of a country club- all the perks, but very little obligation or responsibility. But I guarantee you, it’s not incidental. It’s not an accident that this is how the big “C” church is being portrayed. The worse the Church looks, the more scandalized Christ and His bride become and the less away Christianity has in our culture. Bravo for your well said exposure of “woke Christianity” for what it actually is… Or at least, what it appears to be- A license for moral ambiguity and the “don’t judge me” card to be played at will.

    • Thanks so much Eden, for sharing your heart. I think you’re right – me-centric christianity is a great synonym for it! Moral ambiguity is the evil one’s greatest trick in the book. ugh. big hugs to you xox

  9. I didn’t watch any of this show but I did see the uproar about what she said in her response to having sex. I could go on about that for a bit 😉 but it is heartbreaking to know that’s where many younger followers in the faith are. (And older ones as well) I can really appreciate you using your platform to speak truth and grace in conjunction with one another. Thank you for doing that. This was a very relevant post:)

    • Thanks so much Mitchell — yeah an uproar to say the least. Thanks for the encouragement. I was really nervous about publishing this one, so I appreciate the kind words. Because you’re right — we’re all broken sinner with things that we’re working on, so who are we to judge!! Glad you stopped by! big hugs xo

  10. I have never heard of the saying,burning bridges so we don’t walk back on them. Nice blog. We will always judge each other because it makes us feel better about our lives and the choices we make

    • Thanks friend. Sadly, I think you’re right about that. I’m trying to see with eyes of love rather than judgement. It’s a difficult task!!! But at the end of the day, we’re all in the same boat in need of a savior! big hugs xo

  11. Brilliantly written, as usual … and by the way, thanks for sparing me the burden of watching the show for myself and thereby breaking several years of abstinence … But the term “woke Christian” is interesting. To me, a “woke” Christian is someone who looks at the world around them, including the various signs that Jesus said would precede His return, recognize what’s really going on, and prepare by living as Jesus calls us to live and helping to turn as many people as possible towards Him. Your writing is spot-on, but our culture wants us to focus on a silly TV show (present company excepted) when nations are rising against nation, there are wars and terrorism (rumors of war), lawlessness is virtually celebrated, the love of many is growing cold, and the environmental situation spinning out of control like a border collie on a triple espresso, defines, to me, “un-woke”.

    • Thank you so much Drew 🙂 I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. That’s an interesting alternative take on woke — I like that. border collie on a triple espresso — that gave me a chuckle 🙂 big hugs xo

  12. Great post. I get The Bachelorette by osmosis. My wife watched the whole series, so I’m hip to the whole “drama”. You’re right. These are two polarities set up by the producers. Remember ABC is owned by Disney, by the way. The show was about packaging what is Biblically sinful sex conduct, as normal and OK. The villain of the piece is a caricature of virtue, in the tradition of Tartuffe. The World’s sexual values aren’t God’s. But the world has products to sell, like IUD’s, Plan B, oral contraceptives, psychological counseling, and a truck load of fashions and cosmetics, so women can keep playing the World’s, then wonder why they aren’t happy.

    • Thanks so much David, I appreciate your thoguhts on the matter. Yeah – I mean, admittedly it was captivating television. And you’re right – there were a lot of contradicting forces in the show. Thanks for your take! hugs xo

      • Breaks my heart to see people doing the same stuff my generation (baby boomers) did with all the divorce, STD’s,abortion, infertility exacerbated by “safe contraceptives” I could go on. People don’t have to be sexual for God to love them. And He doesn’t want anyone, male or female, to be exploited sexually. Just sayin’. Rant over,

      • I agree — exploitation is the epitome of using people, which is the exact opposite of loving them

  13. I don’t watch or follow this show, but I used to have a friend who followed it and as a result I watched one season a few years ago. This show glamorizes sex, hands down.

    It is hard to speak about this with candor because it’s tempting to want to not sound judgey or hypocritical. I do think it is important to speak plainly, especially when it comes to sexual ethics and people and things that put it on a pedestal.

    First: It is not judgey to call sin, sin. These people were talking about, and unashamed of, sin. Right? It isn’t wrong to point that out. These people are sinners and they don’t appear interested in not living as sinners. They want to have sex however they want, and they want you and I to feel bad for judging them. One of the things chipping away at society is that we fear speaking truth. These people are bad examples and bad role models and the reason for that is they are doing bad things. If more people said as much, maybe they would feel less pride in flaunting sin? Maybe, dare I suggest, they would feel a bit of shame? And that’s healthy, for them and for Society!

    That leads me to my second point. Second to loving God is loving thy neighbor. Love thy neighbor is not a blank check to let them do whatever they want. Loving someone is willing good for them. Like teaching a child right and wrong, sometimes that means having tough conversations. Loving these people includes first: Not writing them off as irredeemable. St. Paul persecuted Christians before he was converted, and then became one of the great Evangelists. All of these folks can be redeemed by God, and I am not in a position to do anything other than pray for them. Because wanting them to reconcile themselves with God means wanting them to acknowledge that what they are doing is sin. God can work through their lives, and I pray that they see the error of living in sin, and reconcile themselves with their creator, and become pillars of faith for others.

    Third, and finally: Charity. Charity is believing, truly, that they can be made right. The sins we retain, will be retained against us. The sins we forgive, will be forgiven us. God can work in their lives for good. God needs a chance, and they need our prayers.

    So my own TLDR: 1) Call a spade a spade: It’s not judgement if it’s true. But at the same time: 2) Love them, and will their good, because we are sinners too and we know what it’s like to struggle. They need our help, and prayers. Because: 3) No sin is greater than the loving power of God, and God can still use them to work good in the world.

    Someone once said–In fact I think it was CS Lewis in Mere Christianity, that God doesn’t lead us directly to Virtue. It is a long and winding path, but he wants us to attain it and he is patient and will wait for us to get there, like helping a child learn to ride a bicycle. God may be working through their lives in ways only He knows. We can only pray that they listen to Him, and that we commit ourselves to be a better example for their sake.

    St. Maria Goretti, Pray for us!

    • Thanks so much Scoot for this heartfelt response. Amen – loving your neighbor is right behind loving God. And that’s what we’re called to do: love. And amen – no sin is greater than the power of God. THAT is some gosh darn good news for all of us to celebrate!!! bighugs xox

  14. Yes! We all have things we don’t want to follow Jesus with, and I think premarital sex/any sex outside of marriage between one man and one woman is a huge one. Praying that, in these last days, we (especially the up and coming generations) would fall in love with Jesus– and that it would produce holy lives in every regard.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the matter! I will definitely definitely join you in that prayer! big big hugs xo

  15. Omg your posts always cause me to look deeper at myself and things of this world. Thank you for sharing 💛

    • Oh my gosh, thank you for saying that!!!! that seriously means so much. I always get so nervous to publish the more “controversial” ones, so your encouraging words really mean a lot. big big hugs to you xox

      • Yes, I seriously love your posts. Your such an amazing woman! I wish I knew you in person, I just love you. Xoxo 💛 May the lord continue to bless you.

      • 🙂 you just made my night 🙂 And you as well my friend! oxoxoxox

  16. Spot on, Cara. I think we need to be ok with calling out poor examples of Christianity despite our own past. Some people think that because they messed up as a kid that they cannot tell their kids (as one example but it also holds true to commenting on contemporary Christianity) what to or not to do and I heartily disagree with that. Otherwise, your personal experience and wisdom gained from it goes to waste if you can’t tell your kid, or someone else walking down the same thorn ridden path, to turn back before it’s too late.
    Hannah is making the same mistake many women, including I have made. Many thinking they can handle having one foot in the camp of the world and one foot in the temple. The world tells us lies and we believe it more than the bible we are supposed to hold so dear. Then we wonder why we are wounded, unable to trust, unable to commit, and why there are all sorts of issues in our relationships. Many Christians today want their sin and salvation served on the same platter. The results are gruesome.
    P.S. I think they should do a 50something bachelor show!

    • Hi Melissa, thank you so much for sharing your heart on this matter! This season really offered a lot of opportunities for growth for Hannah, for Luke, and frankly, for everyone watching to take a look at their own lives. I certainly did. Lots of truth here. And hah! I would definitely watch! 🙂 big hugs xo

  17. You’re on target with this one. “What then shall we say? Shall we continue in sin so that grace may increase? Certainly not! How can we who died to sin live in it any longer?” Romans 6:1,2

    • Thanks so much friend – That verse is so powerful! I was actually going to include it in tonight’s post, but it was getting a little lengthy, but dang, it really spells it out plain as day!!! big hugs xo

  18. Enjoyed reading the post. I do not watch it and had no idea. But you are right that we cannot pick and choose what we want to from scripture.
    Like Paul said ;God’s grace abounds but that does not mean we keep on sinning.

    • thanks so much 🙂 you’re right – Paul was spot on! And amen – we’re either all in or all out! so glad you stopped by! big hugs xo

  19. Having had experience of being a woke Christian I know first hand just how dangerous that view is. You become so hardened and drawn far and far from God. Ephesians 4:18-25 explains it better than I could.

    • thanks so much Tina for sharing your heart. I will definitely check out those verses. Life is always best when we are close to Him! hugs ox

  20. I do not watch many shows, and I never watch shows like this. I have been around a whole lot of Christian bullies, and I find them to be far more dangerous than the non-Christian ones. If they were really trying to find true love, they should live for Christ. I say a nice lady named Caralynn should teach Hannah how to be a real woman.

    • aw, thank you Ed! I really appreciate your support 🙂 big hugs to you my dear friend. glad you stopped by! xoxo

  21. I was particularly in agreement and tuned in with your statement, “… we are all instructed to embark upon in the Christian walk: being in the world but not of it. To die to ourselves, and to die to sin.” If we die to sin, we do not brag about sinning daily and expecting Jesus to continually forgive us. That’s certainly not what grace is all about! Die to sin, listen to the Holy Spirit, and strive to seek and do His Will. THAT’S what it’s all about.

    • Thank you so much Jan! Yes! The walk is difficult and trying, and that’s why we have the Holy Spirit to help us! And that is so true – strive to seek and do His will!! thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your heart! big hugs xox

  22. Idc that I’m comment 55, but I just want to say thank you for standing up for your faith. It’s one thing to profess your faith, but in a show offy manner as they have done…it cries out as a publicity stunt to make more viewers think they are welcoming of all beliefs. Are their struggles real? Idk, I’m not there. I don’t know them. What you said about giving all to Jesus and not what we can get out of it was poetry. Stay strong!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this matter! I really appreciate your kind words. Amen! There is freedom when we surrender to Him who gives us life!! have a great evening. hugs xox

  23. I don’t watch much reality TV, but I totally agree with your analysis of this latest season of The Bacholerette. The point of Christianity isn’t to get in someone’s face, but to show them a better way to live. To show them that submission is freedom, and surrender is victory. Christ paid it all, so we could have it all. And that is why faith is so important!

    • Hi Luke, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this! you’re so right! Christianity isn’t to shove in someone’s face, but to show them through the way you live!! He really did pay it all. so glad you stopped by! bighugs xo

  24. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this. I truly needed this today (and coincidentally, just watched the Bachelorette for the first time in my life, so I understood the references too).

  25. […] hard as this struggle is, I think (?) it is good. Like BeautyBeyondBones says in her post about Woke Christianity, “At the end of the day, our relationship with Christ is not about what we can get out of […]

  26. I guess the older I get the less interested I am in what free to air has to offer. Hard to find something positive to watch on cable either these days. But you can still find something positive filtering through Netflix or YouTube still. You made the point well that its a ratings game and the majority of our population today are looking for something sensational and producers know that.. 🙂

  27. “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ at the “maturity” or “perfection” or completeness of His ministry on Calvary.

    Also, Stephen, the first martyr of Jesus Christ speaks a similar word of forgiveness just before he was stoned to death.

    The spiritual always types the physical of every age. The food we eat, very appealing and tastes really good, however although high in calories and taste, it has very little to no nutritional value.

    Sadly, the spiritual food offered today for believers is no different and our society is the product of old processed food that is man-made vs fresh spiritual food from God.

    We hear of people going Vegan, and Paleo and eating “real and not fake”, however we neglect these same core values when it comes to our souls and our intimate relationships with God and others, go figure?

    May we have mercy on each other for “sin” or our separation from God is #real.

    When someone we know becomes ill, 1001 people are quick to address the body, however very few get to address their soul.

    And it is written that we must restore the sinner gently, to clean the cup from the inside first and to not have so much expectations on the flesh.

    Furthermore we must be wise as serpents, yet harmless as doves.

    For unless we have equity with the sinner as Jesus did, they well never experience the power of God’s love and forgiveness.

    It is by our “fruits” is how others will know if we are truly born of the Spirit.

    And the true evidence of God’s love in a person is our growth in maturity, self-discipline and whom is an advocate for life and is a good steward/manager of their blessings.

    Thank you sister for this post and I thank God for your gifts of writing and revelation.

    I’ve been MIA here for a bit, but I always enjoy your posts and it encourages me to continue to write/blog.

    Your brother in our war against sin,


    • Thank you Ray for this heartfelt response. Amen to that — mercy is a beautiful thing. It is a gift of love. So glad you stopped by! big big hugs xox

  28. So true! You summed what happened and the problem with it perfectly. Thank you for sharing. I so wish more Christians were aware of this dangerous trap they put themselves in 😬

    • Thank you so much friend for taking the time to read. I appreciate your kind words 🙂 big hugs to you xox

      • Of course! It takes courage to talk about stuff like that, especially since it’s so popular, but we have to. We have to recognize what we’re doing wrong and help each other ❤

    • Yeah, it was entertaining, but gosh – did it stir the pot! so glad you stopped by! hugs xo

  29. I have never watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette; but seeing your recap here just reinforced why I don’t watch this stuff…especially if they’re gonna use “people of faith” as a selling point. I agree with your post. This wanting to have your cake (follow Jesus to secure eternity) and eat it too (still indulge in your own fleshly desires) doesn’t work. Yes Jesus forgives sin and sat and reasoned with the sinner, but always encouraged them not to sin anymore…folk always seem to forget that part. Thanks for pointing it out.

    • Thanks Stephanie for sharing your heart. You’re so right – that last part is probably the most important part too! And always forgotten! So glad you stopped by! big hugs xox

    • yeah – it was the soundbite of the season for sure. Thanks for stopping by. hugs xo

  30. Well said Caralyn! I never watch the equivalent show here in Australia but as I read your recap all I could think of was Romans chapter 6 verse 1 where Paul says “What shall we say then, shall we sin that grace may abound? God forbid. There are a number of occasions in the bible where Jesus healed or forgave and told folk to go and sin no more.

    • Hi Veronica! Thank you so much! Yes!! That verse from Romans really spells it out plain as day. I was going to include it in this post, but it was getting kind of lengthy. But Paul hit the nail on the head! thanks for stopping by! big hugs xox

    • Thank you so much Maggz, for sharing your heart! I’m glad I’m not the only one!!! 🙂 Hope oyu have a beautiful weekend! hugs xo

    • Thank you so much 🙂 Yeah, he spells it out pretty clearly in Romans, that’s for sure! SO glad you stopped by! big hugs xox

  31. The bible is not a ‘pick and choose’ buffet of morality. That right there sums it all up. I don’t watch the show but if Christianity was simply used by these two contestants as a means to an end so to say, then no that’s not right. Excellent write up ❤👏💯

    • Thanks Joel, so glad this resonated with you. You’re right – it’s an all in or all out kind of a thing! hugs xo

  32. Great line: “Because at the end of the day, our relationship with Christ is not about what we can get out of it. It’s about what we can give. It’s the handing over of self to the One who gave it all on the Cross. There’s beauty in the surrender. There’s freedom. But there’s also struggle, and pain, and sacrifice.” This is the wisdom of eternity!

    • Thank you so much Randy! I’m so glad that resonated with you! Amen – He gave it all!! hugs xox

  33. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I absolutely agreed with you. No one should be kept in the dark about ‘ sex / sexuality ‘ but there is an appropriate time and place for experiencing it. Christianity is not cherry picking.

    • Thank you so much Marie, I totally agree. It’s an all in or all out kind of thing! Christ didn’t just “kind of” embrace the Cross. He gave it all! so glad you stopped by! big big hugs xox

  34. So true Caralyn! Thanks for keeping us informed. I don’t watch the show but I’m sad to hear this attitude proclaimed. Thank you for being a voice of truth!

    • Thank you so much Susan! I’m so glad you enjoyed the piece. hope oyu have a beautiful weekend! hugs xo

  35. One of the challenges I have seen my Christian friends struggle with is what I call the illumination of the scripture. Meaning many christian’s struggle to adhere and execute their faith when they move further away from regular worship and study of the bible. It’s not because they are bad people, but to phrase it in christian terms, the world is a sinful place and if you are not active in your relationship with Christ through worship you can easily be seduced by the sin. That doesnt mean you cant go back after sin, recover and otherwise prosper but humans slip from time to time.

    If they are truly christians they will recover when they find there way back to regular worship and pursuit of their faith.

    Your pagan friend, Karac

    • Illumination of the scripture. Wow, what a powerful response. Thank you for sharing that., Karac. You’re absolutely right – the world is full of seduction into sin. That’s the importance of having a strong community to join you on the walk. hugs xo

  36. I only watched a few episodes and it didn’t take long for me to come to the same conclusion as you. We do want a more ”watered down” version of the Gospel. We do take bits and pieces of scripture and make them say what we want them to because we need to feel.justified for our behavior and actions. But when we take God, at His Word, and don’t add to or take away from it our lives are much richer and fuller because we find true freedom in Him!

    • Thanks Kelly, I think you’re right. The watered down version is “more attractive” – but you’re right – we must take Him at His whole word!! I appreciate you stopping by! big hugs xox

    • Thank you so much Jenna! haha oh good! I’m glad we’re on the same page! hope you have a beautiful weekend! big hugs xo

  37. And that’s exactly why I barely watch tv lol when it comes to Christianity there’s this grace movement that just throws everything else out and it’s very very problematic. I do believe we have come a long way as women and God uses women daily but like it says in the Word don’t use your freedom for evil but to glorify God. Gotta keep praying for this nation ! 🙏❤️

    • Thanks friend, yeah – I would have to agree. Grace is a huge part of our faith, and is such an incredible gift, but it doesn’t give us permission to enthusiastically run towards sin. And amen to that – I will join you in that important prayer!! big hugs to you xo

  38. “She quoted the woman at the well in John 8:7, about Jesus declaring that the man with no sin cast the first stone. But what she left out, was that just three verses later, in 8:11, Jesus instructs the woman to “go and sin no more.””

    THIS. I mean, we all do it to an extent. But this is particularly problematic as you point out because it’s being glamorized on TV. Like you can have your Jesus and your sin, too. And if you don’t agree you’re a bigot.

    • Thanks Gina! I’m so glad this resonated with you. You’re absolutely right – I do it far FAR too often. But yeah – glamorized on Tv For sure. Glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  39. Thank you for sharing. I knew of Luke’s existence and why he went home, but I didn’t realize he was a jerk too. I think part of the problem, though, isn’t just “woke” (I hate that word, especially because grammatically it should be “awakened”) Christians want to run back to their sins because Jesus forgives; it’s also that they deny that these behaviors are even sins. “God didn’t mean that sex is reserved for marriage, he just meant don’t cheat on someone you’re committed to,” for example. I’ll admit that I haven’t studied the original language of the Bible, but it seems kind of convenient that all of a sudden the Bible didn’t really mean what it said on behaviors where the traditional interpretation is culturally out of fashion.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your heart on this matter. Yeah there are a lot of “gray area” matters that modern interpretation has shifted to convenience interpretation. It’s sad. Hugs and love xox

  40. One of my favorite authors calls it “Catholic Lite.” There is no watered down, low-fat, zero carb version of the faith. We all fall short of perfection, but we all must strive to be all in.

    • That’s such a great way to put it – you’re so right – all in is what we should strive for! big hugs to you xox

  41. When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left. Matthew 25:31-33 is the scripture that came to mind as I read your amazing take-away. If Hannah is the new voice for a Woke Christianity, then her followers are not listening to the right voice. A sheep knows the commands of its shepherd. I pray for Hannah to get this and realize the spotlight and microscope she is under, and turn quickly. I think the fame and fortune of this season is overtaking her. Sadly she is influencing young girls, as I talked to my young unsaved neighbor about this season. She knows my faith and was almost flaunting Hannah’s and Luke’s actions in my face. I calmly said, “sadly we are all sinners. Neither of them were listening to their support team. They went on the Bachelorette which is totally based on sex. They knew what they were getting into. It wasn’t handled well at all.”
    Let’s pray in agreement for this to be Hannah’s 15 min of fame. The next show will be on and new drama can replace hers.

    • Thanks for sharing your heart on this. Yeah, there’s definitely going to come a day…I will join you in that prayer! hugs xo

  42. Hello! Well, you know I am not a fan of this reality series. However, I did pay attention to the headlines about this season, and I am glad you were able to write about what happened in such a fair way. I agree with your assessment, and the topic is timely for a post I’ve been thinking about for the past 3 months. I think there is a need for gentle reminders of truth, and I think that is why I should continue writing. It’s just a small thing, really a whisper, but maybe it will make a difference for someone.

    • Thank you so much Melissa! Gentle reminders of truth — yes! keep writing!! it’s so important and know that I am cheering you on!!! big hugs to you xox

  43. Hi,

    Also tl;dr too 🙂

    To date, I have not nor plan to watch this type of reality TV. This week is Shark Week on Discovery channel and I’d rather watch real sharks than human sharks. 🙂

    That said, I’m not sure I like the whole “Woke” trend in Christianity, either. It’s one thing to be “authentic” and it’s another to air your dirty laundry or show your nasty side on national TV. I don’t know the contestants’ testimonies so can’t really judge whether they’re real or not and how much the producers prodded them to ramp up the drama. We see 45 minutes and miss the rest of the week or conversations.

    As you know, we can’t ever take God’s forgiveness for granted and to see it abused on TV would be shocking to me too. The Apostle Paul said he is a sinner saved by grace, with “grace” in all caps and exclamation points. And he also knew how much that grace was: it cost Someone His life.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to preach. 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this – you’re SO right – that grace cost Someone His life — what a powerful POWERFUL thing to remember! big hugs xo

    • Thank you so much for saying that, and taking the time to read it!!! big hugs to you xox

  44. You have more patience than I. Long ago, I gave up TV, except for an occasional view of Fox or TCM. I haven’t watched the major networks in 30 plus years. Trouble is, people have such a poor understanding of Christianity, they might think this behavior is the norm. Televised cliff notes of the Bible. Yeesh! Your post is once again on point. Where is the gentleman? Where is the lady? Maybe this behavior gets ratings, but it also undermines the moral fiber of our society. neither one of these people acted with any grace toward the other. Sad for what it says about them; sad for what it says about us.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Sandman, thank you so much for sharing your heart on this! You’re right – there’s definitely a lot of strong misconceptions about Christianity floating around pop culture, that’s for sure. Thanks so much for stopping by! big hugs oxox

  45. Great post! Thanks for staying true to your convictions, I do believe God is really working in media in this season, I hope more people represent him in television and media, just hope they can stick to their guns once they get there cuse I can only imagine the pressure in those atmospheres. Let’s pray for them

    • Thank you so much Caroline! I agree – it could be a really powerful outlet to spread His positive message to the world! Amen!! I will join you in that prayer! big big hugs! xox

  46. I do not watch TV, so it is hard for me to comment on the show. However, thank you for pointing out that we need to live our faith out loud and to be honest. Last night, I posted a mail time unboxing video, and I read a gospel track out loud on camera. I have been worried that I was going to lose subscribers because I did that. Now that I have read your post I feel good that I did read that track. I shared my faith in front of people who may not know Jesus.
    If you want to watch the video you can find it here:https://youtu.be/UtO3Xe4q6Ts

  47. I just had another thought related to this.

    Two friends of mine who both went to the same Christian college were talking a couple years ago about the strict rules that their school had for spending time in the opposite sex dorm, not being behind closed doors with a student of the opposite sex, stuff like that. One of my friends said that when you enroll there, you sign over your sexuality to the school.

    I didn’t say anything, but that didn’t seem right to me. If you are in fact a Christian, then you have already signed over your sexuality to Jesus. Granted, I could see a student who is not a Christian saying this, but that wasn’t the case here. And I don’t think we all necessarily need to be that strict about things, but the way my friends were putting it seemed to miss the point.

    • How interesting. Yeah my bro went to a very Christian college, and they had that same rule — door open, feet on the floor!

  48. I don’t have cable, and based on this post, I’m not missing much.

    I am a Christian and far from perfect. But it seems in this age, people pick and choose which parts of the Bible to believe and follow, justifying their actions of wrong doing while claiming they are forgiven. Yes, we are forgiven if we only ask. But what is forgotten or dismissed is the part where we ought to resist wrongdoing again. We need to strive to be better, try not to sin. And when we do fall, merely ask for that forgiveness and we will have it. But claiming we are forgiven with no intention of trying to live the Godly lifestyle is just arrogant. And that way of thinking, of following only what suits you to follow, is why the world’s view of Christianity is getting so skewed. It is making people outside of the faith mock Christians, viewing Christians as hypocritical and causing a loss of respect for all Christians, even those that are true to the faith.

    • hahha yeah, definitely not missing much!! I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head with this. Try to resist wrongdoings again — that is it in a nutshell!! Thanks so much for sharing your heart! big hugs xox

  49. Well-said. It’s a growing, alarming trend in Christianity, and I appreciate you addressing it. Paul even wrote about it in Romans, when he posed the rhetorical question, “What then? Should we continue to sin so that grace might increase? May it never be!” Guess they were dealing with “woke Christianity” even back in his day,

    • THank you so much Rob! I’m glad this resonated with you! Yes! I love that verse from Romans — it spells it out so well. I was actually going to include it in this post, but it was getting lengthy so i left it out! thanks for stopping by! big hugs oxx

  50. It’s interesting how people will assume they are forgiven if they sin, knowing it’s sin and presuming on God’s forbearance. The scripture in Hebrews 6:6 always stuck with me, even though the thought may be out of context, what stuck with me is that by continuing to sin, it impales Christ over again and is that how we treat his love? Granted, this is about those who leave him behind, but isn’t that what we do when we pick and choose? I don’t know, but that’s my take on it.
    I don’t watch reality T.V. but, It looks and sounds as though the whole show was/is contrived to make Christians and Christianity appear ridiculous and reinforcing our growing faithless society.

    • Hi Jolie! Oh wow, I was unfamiliar with that verse, but my goodness, how powerful! You’re so right – how should we treat and respond to His love?? Big hugs to you xox

    • Oh my gosh, THANK YOU Colleen!! You’re so kind to say that! I will definitely join you in that prayer — ALL IN!! big hugs xox

  51. Its Christians like Luke that give Christianity a bad name. However it’s Christians like Hannah that also are the polar opposite and don’t benefit either. They don’t carry their testimonies.
    A part of being a Christian is having a testimony. When Christ walked the earth, he grew in favor with both God and man. This means that he had a testimony. His testimony meant that he glorified God with his life.
    This whole thing about being “Woke”.. Hannah doesn’t keep in the testimony of being a good Christian.
    The world loves her because she fits in with them, but what happens when someone confronts her with a serious topic of “same-sex marriages”, abortion, etc. Chances are she will compromise her Christian values and view for being on everyone’s good side.

    Luke represents the other side where Christians are so judgemental, etc; when they should show mercy, grace. Luke represents what many Christians are doing and chasing people away from God.

    The apostles were first called Christians on Antioch. Why? Because they represented Christ like nature. They emulated Christ. As Christians, this is what we should do – Emulate Christ.
    When confronted with sin, he showed compassion, love as well as inspired those living in sin to walk in part of righteousness.

    Lastly, I will say, I wish I was on the Bachelorette. Hannah missed out.. LOL.

    • This is such a powerful response. Thank you for sharing. You’re right – emulate Christ — that is the ultimate goal for sure. hahahah you’re funny! She sure did! big hugs xox

  52. Love what you wrote, I may have yelled some of these points at the TV screen. What’s exciting is that faith was talked about and scripture was cited on popular TV and it at least gets people thinking!

    • Aw, thank you my dear friend! hahahah I yell at my tv too sometimes 🙂 heheh But you’re right about that! thanks xox

  53. I thought I had watched all the episodes of the Bachelorette this season, but apparently I missed the episode where it gave the impression that Hannah “is the girl-power, sex-positive Christianity, that hangs out with the Jesus that smokes weed and looks like a hipster”. Which episode is that one–I don’t remember weed or hipster being alluded to anywhere?

    • Hi Lisa – it was the portrayal throughout the entire series, and the commentary in all the podcasts. Especially in the last five or so episodes, she really hits hard the sexuality aspect. Thanks for stopping by. big hugs xo

  54. Sister C, so…admittedly…I have absolutely NO interest in watching “The Bachelorette”. You wrote, so I came readin’. It’s just that simple. You know I support your gift.

    I thought this was a really good read, and relevant to the challenges young Christians are facing today. As a married man and father of five, I personally don’t face the challenges of premarital sex, but I have sons and daughters who do. Two in particular battle this challenge constantly, and I believe many young people are walking (can I say straddling?) the line between authentic Christianity, and the New-Age fake version of Christianity with blinders on. It almost seems (to me) as if the culture has redefined what should be considered acceptable in God’s Word, and droves of people are now following that definition.

    My struggle with Hannah is her behavior. I don’t want to get in trouble with that open statement, so let me explain my thought. Romans 12:2 tells me that I must renew my mind. I found long ago, when I began to open my heart to the Lord and let Him take a scalpel to it–cutting out the junk–I began to act differently; see differently; speak differently. I don’t question the love of Jesus within Hannah’s heart. I question whether or not she’s actually allowing Him to change her behaviors. Like you said, the woman caught in adultery was given a free pass (by the Lord) with the specific instruction to, “Go, but sin no more”. Flipping the bird, cussin’ folks out and continuing to engage in premarital sex openly (or privately–it doesn’t matter which) looks like a young child of God who isn’t really walking the walk she claims. As such, I think the drama between her and Luke (boy, there’s another post for another time. As a Christian man, I’ve got a lot to say about his behavior), is exactly the type of mani-stream entertainment giving Christianity a bad name.

    That’s my two cents.

    • Hi Ennis, thank you so much for sharing you’re heart on this. I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head about that — society is redefining God’s Word, and that is a really scary thing! I am so moved by your response. thanks again. big hugs xo

    • THanks friend 🙂 I’m so glad it resonated with you!! have a great week! big hugs xo

  55. Your post is quite on point. The grace of God is not a license to continue in sin. These are signs of the endtimes mentioned in 2 Tim 3:1-6 . Many possess a form of godliness but deny the power thereof; lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. God cannot be mocked, he knows those that are his. I wrote a blog recently on this subject and the need for us all to be sensitive to these endtimes, lest we be caught unawares.

    • Hi Judith! Thank you so much for your kind words! I think you’re right about that! We need to be lovers of God first and foremost! big big hugs to you xo

  56. Caralyn, have you EVER gotten as many comments — and well-thought-out comments, to boot — to a single post as you have to this one? Well done – and it’s encouraging to see so many people from so many different sectors on the same wave length. It gives one hope! Thanks for the post and bless you for standing for what’s true!

    • Thank you so much Drew! I am so touched that so many people would want to share their hearts on this topic!! big big hugs xox

  57. Caralyn, you are a fantastic voice for God. Best to you. I referred my friends to you via Face Book. Hope they will be seeing what an outstanding young woman you are. 😀

  58. Wow, this is an interesting post Cara! Though Christians shouldn’t be seen as boring or non-authentic in their faith walk, these two don’t portray the balanced of faith, which is grace versus the sanctification process which requires help from the Helper-the Holy Spirit Of God. At the same time, they give Christianity a wishy washy reputation, whereas they are living a totally emotional experience and then wanting to excuse it . Well, great post Caralyn! You’re are being led by the balance of Grace from God’s Spirit. When my blog takes truly off, I’d like to have you often as a guest writer by sharing your argumentative perspectives which align with mine. ❤️

    • Thank you so much Giselle! I’m so glad this resonated with you. You’re so right – there’s a balance for sure. His grace is so amazing! And how lucky are we to have that Helper!? hugs xox

  59. Hi Beautiful!! You hit it totally on the head with Christianity these days. People pick and choose and they look more for what’s entertaining about it. Yesterday a fbook post by a Bronx organization that speaks out against the massive gentrification going on there was letting people know about a large historic Catholic Church that was apparently sold and going to be the future site of more abrasive metallic $$$$$$ condo towers. I sympathized with them but offered “how was it being attended these days”? And that’s the problem. It would be nice if the denominations of the old beautiful churches could sustain every building to continually beautify every old neighborhood but if the attendance isn’t there to support it they can’t. And that’s the problem with these generations of gentrificationists, moving into NYC, Atlanta, DC everywhere. They are there for their trendy reasons, not to invest in the longtime churches that dotted the neighborhoods of Italians, Polish, Latinos, African Americans, you name it. These new generations want religion at Christmas, Easter, and MAYBE Lent. Oh and then when they have kids of their own, they get them the sacraments and then aren’t seen either til the next sacrament or the following Christmas or Lent/Easter. Their faith is only as much as it suits them.

    • Thanks Miguel. I think there’s a lot of truth there – faith when it’s convenient and on their terms. Let’s pray for the church!! Hugs and love xox

  60. Beautifully stated!! Paul admonishes the Colossians in chapter 2 of the very same wayward doctrines. As Solomon aptly declared, ” There is nothing new under the sun.” Keep the Faith my Sister in Christ. Our King is coming.

    • Thank you so much Karla!! Yeah, it was definitely a tough episode to stomach for sure. big hugs to you xox

    • Thank you so much Jay for taking the time to read. I appreciate your support. hugs xo

  61. I guess I disagree with some points Hannah made and also disagree with some of her feelings.
    Call me old fashioned or crazy but my feelings on keeping yourself pure before marriage is that your husband/wife should be the first person you sleep with.
    I let everyone have their own opinions and try not to judge them.

    • I guess that makes me old fashioned too! I respect that not everyone feels the same, but at least for my own decision, that’s how I’m living my life! 🙂 thanks for stopping by and sharing your heart! big hugs xox

  62. Well written. Christianity is not just about what we can get, it’s about a life surrendered to Jesus Christ. God help us!

  63. I actually enjoyed your post on, “Woke” Christianity & The Bachelorette,” guess I’m the only one in America who wasn’t watching Luke and Hannah that night. Trying to live a faithful Christian life is hard enough in everyday life and then throw television in the mix that seems next to impossible to me. My heart goes out to them no matter how you look at it. Cause no matter what they do or say- they’re being judged,right or wrong, good, bad or indifferent. Hopefully, they’re light is shinning brightly for Christ! Living saved, is difficult for most people even with a little faith.Perhaps, they’re faith is strong – super strong – like mountain moving strong, They are heroic people, much better than I, and my heart goes out to both of them and my prayers too. Thank you, great post. If it wasn’t for your post I would have missed Hannah, Luke and “Woke” Christianity and The Bachelorette, Thanks, for a truthful and eye-opening post.

    P.S. and while I’m here, let me thank you, for liking one of my posts on the Great Suffering to come on the earth soon. We should pray against it damaging effects. Thank you,

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