Aliens: Where Does God Fit In?

“Something big is coming, and you might want to get out in front of it…”

A word of advice from my older brother, given to me last week when I was home in Ohio.

He was, of course, talking about what’s been capturing everyone’s imaginations recently: UFOs and the potential of aliens.

You see, next month (June 2021), US Intelligence agencies are going to issue a report to Congress on “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” This is after the Navy released several official videos in the last year, capturing UFOs on their government equipment. These flying “Tic-Tac’s” could fly in gravity-defying directions, were splashing in and out of the water, leaving our high-ranked intelligence officials bewildered. And upon public release, the masses were off to the races with theories, explanations and supposed confirmation that aliens do, in fact, exist.

The videos, yeah…they’re fascinating. Captivating. A little scary. And sends the mind in all different directions trying to make heads or tails of what the eye is observing. Is it a micro-ship from the “Tall Greys?” Or a spy-craft sent by the Reptillians? Is it a glitch in governmental computer software? Or just some punk kid’s drone that got lost at sea?

Sure, it’s fun to go around and around with fantastical musings of intelligent life on other planets, but it always leads me…uncomfortably back to the question: Where does God fit into all this?

I don’t think I’m alone, as a Christian, wondering where God fits into the question of aliens or life on other planets. Because yeah, I’m a 21st century Christ follower: I believe in the Gospel and I believe in Science. I believe in the sovereignty of God, and His creation of the world. And I believe God gives us the gifts to discover vaccines and cures to diseases and modern medicine, but I don’t believe we have the authority to play God – through things like abortion, IVF, euthanasia, gender selection etc. – just because we’ve discovered the science to do so.

So what about aliens?

Next month, US Intelligence is going to declassify info about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” After the Navy released videos depicting UFOs, the world is wondering, “Do aliens exist?” What would this mean for our Christian faith? And where does God fit into the picture? #aliens #god #christianity

Because on the one hand, God is the creator of Heaven and Earth. And Heaven…is expansive….to the tune of trillions and quadrillions of galaxies…that we’ve discovered. So, talk to anyone and their brother, and they’ll spit ya the “probability” argument: With the sheer number of galaxies and planets out there – discovered and undiscovered – just simply based on probability…there is for sure extraterrestrial life out there.

Which, yeah…I can get behind that thinking. Sure.

But what about God?

And more accurately…what about Jesus?

Next month, US Intelligence is going to declassify info about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” After the Navy released videos depicting UFOs, the world is wondering, “Do aliens exist?” What would this mean for our Christian faith? And where does God fit into the picture? #aliens #god #christianity

Jesus was fully God AND fully HUMAN. He came down from Heaven, and out of love died to save mankind. If aliens were to exist, WHAT WOULD THAT MEAN IN TERMS OF SALVATION AND THE CROSS?

Next month, US Intelligence is going to declassify info about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” After the Navy released videos depicting UFOs, the world is wondering, “Do aliens exist?” What would this mean for our Christian faith? And where does God fit into the picture? #aliens #god #christianity

Just off the top of my head here…are aliens saved? Did Jesus ALSO come down to other planets and civilizations and take the form of a Tall Grey or Reptillian or what have you, and die on their version of a Roman Cross to save that alien lifeform? After all…if aliens exist, they would be creations of God, would they not?

Next month, US Intelligence is going to declassify info about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” After the Navy released videos depicting UFOs, the world is wondering, “Do aliens exist?” What would this mean for our Christian faith? And where does God fit into the picture? #aliens #god #christianity

There are just so many questions! So many unraveled ends!

Are they akin to angels and demons? Because those I do believe in those. Is an alien like…the secular word for one of those afterlife entities?

Next month, US Intelligence is going to declassify info about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” After the Navy released videos depicting UFOs, the world is wondering, “Do aliens exist?” What would this mean for our Christian faith? And where does God fit into the picture? #aliens #god #christianity

And why doesn’t the Bible talk about aliens? Sure it talks about the heavens, and the stars and and the underworld. I mean, the Wise Men found Jesus by tracking The Star of Bethlehem…they studied the sky. Surely, if God would have created other intelligent life, that would be in there too.

Next month, US Intelligence is going to declassify info about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” After the Navy released videos depicting UFOs, the world is wondering, “Do aliens exist?” What would this mean for our Christian faith? And where does God fit into the picture? #aliens #god #christianity

Or perhaps, are aliens a byproduct of God’s creation of Earth? He created the Heavens and Earth on Day 1 – In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) And depending how long you believe “ONE DAY” is in the creation story (which allows for things like the dinosaurs, etc.), it wasn’t until Day 6 that God created mankind. So maybe, the aliens were just part and parcel to those celestial bodies that God created in the Heavens — kind of like animals: without souls, and detached from salvation.

And therefore, would they fall under the same “Ten Commandment” jurisdictions that we follow as Christ-lovers? Do they sin? Are they fallen? Or are they still in harmony with God, as He intended the world to be?

But mainly, if aliens exist, what does that mean for God’s love for us? Are we one of a myriad of different species of “children” that He has? And…not to sound like the youngest child or anything…but, does that mean we’re not special? (I’m being serious.)

Honestly, the more I think about it, the more questions it raises.

Next month, US Intelligence is going to declassify info about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” After the Navy released videos depicting UFOs, the world is wondering, “Do aliens exist?” What would this mean for our Christian faith? And where does God fit into the picture? #aliens #god #christianity

All I know is that, come June, when whatever “bombshell” the US Intelligence is going to drop regarding these “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,” it has the grave potential to shake a lot of Christians’ faith. I fear it could unlock Pandoras Box, and leave many people questioning the validity of everything they’ve ever believed.

And I pray that not be the case.

So my question to you is….what do you think?

Do YOU believe in life on other planets? Do you think there is truly intelligent life out there? What do you make of these Navy videos? What do you think the big “declassification” is going to be in June?

I am teeming with interest…so please, let me know!

Next month, US Intelligence is going to declassify info about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” After the Navy released videos depicting UFOs, the world is wondering, “Do aliens exist?” What would this mean for our Christian faith? And where does God fit into the picture? #aliens #god #christianity

“This is what the Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” Ez 37:5


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139 responses to “Aliens: Where Does God Fit In?”

  1. Man… lots to unpack here! My own (Quaker) opinion is that if salvation really works the way(s) tradition has preserved, it’s gonna just have to be left up to God to untangle that mess 🤣 but we aren’t as… salvation focused in terms of hell/heaven, etc.

    I don’t want this to be taken as argumentative so much as being curious: where is the line for playing God? Particularly with medicine. If we follow the IVF, abortion, euthanasea issues and the idea underlying Catholic principles, couldn’t that lead to a refusal to seek any kind of medical care because whatever happens falls under God’s will? So why take meds or get treated for anything if we are interfering with how we were made or what was made to happen?

    I realize this is a loaded question, and as a seminarian, I know there are no clean answers. I’m just curious as to your take.

    • Thanks Jordan! Yes LOTS to unpack! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this – I agree – gonna leave this one up to God, it’s far too complicated for my comprehension to figure out! Very powerful thoughts – thanks for the food for thought. Never considered the medicine line of thinking. Wow. Powerful. Hugs and love xox

  2. My belief is that all aliens are demons in disguise to deceive many. Stay away from the distraction of them and focus on God. Love you as always, beautiful friend. Hugs! XO 😃❤

    • Thanks Tonya for sharing your thoughts on this! That is such a great point – focus on God! That’s what I’m going to try to do!! Love you my beautiful friend! Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Hugs xox

    • I agree, Tonya. And I believe Satan is setting things up to deceive many when the rapture takes place. If people can already have this idea in their mind, then it will be easy for people to be manipulated after the rapture/during the tribulation.

  3. Nice article and well arranged thoughts on the matter. personally, I believe extraterrestrials could exist in the trillions of worlds out their in the galaxies, or could have been products of this created world; after all, I’ve been reading the there is a world literally inside the center of this world; I don’t know how true this is, but speculations abound …on the other hand, I believe that no matter what will be discovered, the greatest and almighty GOD created everything and stands above and over all creation (angels, gods, spiritual beings, and all unseen and seen creations, etc. )… no matter what is said about the declassification, I won’t be surprised if GOD won’t be talked about in the same vein that science, most governments, and scientists don’t usually discuss GOD or acknowledge him in their ideas or inventions, because maybe He is mostly unseen and not detected or capable of being touched, felt, or analyzed …I believe Jesus just came for a specific task applicable to only this world, and his task might hsgr8be only confined to the earth and might not have anything to do with many or all other parts or worlds of the boundless and ever-expanding universe

    • Thank you so much Ihagh for sharing your thoughts on this! Great food for thought here – yes – God is the creator of everything – even aliens if they exist!! Hugs and love xox

  4. This is a great post, Caralyn! This is a very divisive subject. I believe that the Gospel is true and that Christ died for our sins and salvation. Sure, there could be other life forms out there in the cosmos, but this changes nothing for me in terms of my faith in God, that will never change. ❤️🙏🏻

    • Thank you so much John! It really is an interesting and polarizing topic for sure. Amen! This changes nothing. I love that. Hugs and love xox

  5. There are maybe a trillion galaxies with hundreds of billion stars in each galaxy
    and untold planets, moons and whatever around each star. The Universe is made up of the same stuff across the infinity of space and it does not make sense the we on Earth are it … But I still am enthralled by the life and times of Jesus…To me that is enough!

    • To me that’s enough too! It’s wild to try and wrap our minds around! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  6. My opinion is there is so many different forms of life on this Earth. From the highest mountains to the hottest deserts to the depths of the oceans. So, it isn’t impossible that there is other life out there. But it will not be like anything we expect. Because God is amazing like that. 💖

    • God really is amazing like that! I mean, just look at the butterfly, changing from caterpillar to a beautiful Monarch – or a snake shedding its skin, or the Venus Fly Trap – God has such an imagination and is so diverse in His creations! Great point! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  7. Aliens are non existent in Gods realm, and is a tactic satan uses to have people take their eyes off of God. No where in scripture does it say there is life on or from any other planet, but earth which God created from the very beginning is the only place He has made man to dwell and not out somewhere in outer space. You ask the question “What about God and Jesus?” yes! Wouldn’t scripture and Jesus of taught about this if it existed? There is an enemy of our soul and the greater deception to gather as many from the truth of God he will use and the aliens are a real good ploy to have thousands hop on board to take a closer look at the non existent. This reminds me of the story of the wise and foolish virgins who had to leave and go buy more oil while the Lord returned and they missed Him. The job satan has is to kill, steal and destroy and every avenue be it aliens and the like he will use to take misguided people to focus on what is not of God. (John 10:10). Don’t get caught up in this lie BBB. God Bless and keep you safe til His return.

    • Thank you so much Julia for sharing your thoughts on this! Wow what a powerful thought: a tactic to take our eyes of God – I couldn’t agree more. There are forces at work to make us veer off the path. Gotta keep our eyes fixated on Jesus! Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you so much for sharing this article! I can’t wait to read it!! Hugs and love xox

  8. Never forget who the prince of this world is – Satan. Until proven otherwise my theory is there are millions of earthly things and entities that we have no idea what or who they are. If the devil wants Christians to doubt their faith, what better way than to create illusions that make them think they originated from another world or dimension. Plus, perhaps the reason they’ve never made “contact” is because Satan doesn’t want folks to know he and his legions of demons exist. Call me crazy but, like the Don Henley song title says about aliens, “They ain’t here and they ain’t coming.”

    • Hi Rollie! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. Your so right – this is a tactic of the enemy for sure to shake our faith and take our eyes off of Jesus. I love this!! Hugs and love xox

  9. It’s illogical to assume given the great expanse of space that we are/were alone in the universe. So I it shouldnt be alarming for people to get affirmation or at least a tacit affirmation that the government has evidence of UFO’s. The question of god is a curious one, it assume a universal application of an all powerful being. Assuming aliens are advanced I wonder if they have actually spoken to or found a way to commune with god (or gods)?

    As a pagan and a heathen I want all available information to be made available and let all of us draw our own conclusions. I dont trust the government regardless of what party is in power. I will be skeptical of whatever info they do provide as I doubt highly it will be thorough and complete.

    • Thanks Karac for sharing your thoughts on this! Yes – I definitely can see the probability explanation – after all – we’re one of trillions/quadrillions! Interesting thoughts! And yes – I agree – especially after this Covid fiasco, trusting the government isn’t exactly high on my list! Haha Hugs and love xox

    • Haha oh my gosh this made me chuckle! Thanks Mya for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  10. I could go on for pages on this. I’ll try not to.

    Odds are there is going to intelligent life in a universe so huge? Why did God create this huge universe? He created stars for telling times and seasons. It’s in Genesis. He did not create it for other life. They are reference points for us.

    Aliens are demonic. Investigators have noted that people who have been visited by “aliens” exhibit symptoms much like people who have been possessed. There is also an historical argument that points toward this.

    There were other gods in the Bible. One verse speaks of those other gods “behaving badly.” Wood and stone do not “behave” so those other Gods were – and are – real. Who then are they? The are the Fallen Watchers mentioned ever so briefly in Genesis 6 who came and took women by force, creating the Nephilim, the “men of renown” for which God sent the Flood.

    There is great detail in the Book of Enoch about those Fallen Watchers. Yes, I know it is not official canon, but it is part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, so I think that helps Enoch’s credibility. One interesting section deals with the different Watchers and how each one taught mankind through the women different arts and science; metal working, art, music, death blows, and more. They read like a list of the Greek/Nordic Gods. The theory is that they were indeed impersonating Gods to the Greeks and Norse just as they impersonated “gods” in the Bible, Ba’al and the like.

    Those gods trailed off and became myth. But the theory continues that they are returning as aliens, hopefully to lead us astray. Indeed, official Vatican policy is to prepare to minster to aliens when they arrive. They are so intent on this that they made the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. device, and infrared telescope. Infrared because UFO pictures show up better in infrared.

    Also, Vatican official were quoted at their observatory in Arizona that aliens might know more about God than we do and may enlighten. They even hold out the idea that they may force their members to change their beliefs. Again, Vatican officials have been quoted on this.

    None of that sounds like aliens coming as friends of God. More like beings intending to lead us astray. I know this probably sounds weird, presented in such a bare bones manner, but I have written several blog articles about these subjects with good documentation. I could point you to them, if you wish.

    • This is so interesting, Jeff!! And honestly a bit scary. Yikes. Thank you sinking for sharing this. It sounds like you really could write a book on this! Haha fascinating about the Vatican. Truly enthralling. You’re right – all a tactic of the enemy to lead us astray. Sounds like something I was absolutely NONE of. I would love to read more of your thoughts on this. Hope you’re enjoying your time off with your girls!! Sending hugs and love to you all! Xox

      • Good morning, Caralyn. Didn’t mean to shake you up!! I was stunned myself when I first read the info about the Vatican observatory and the LUCIFER Device.

        I wrote a 7-part series on Enoch, Genesis 6 – The Book of Enoch, starting May 5, 2018. You can go to my blog and scroll to the bottom of the page. There’s a drop-down box of the monthly archives.

        For the information about the Vatican Observatory, see The Superstition Mountains and the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Device (could they not have come up with ANY other acronym?) on June 20, 2016.

        I hope you find these useful!

      • I wrote a 7-part series on Enoch, Genesis 6 – The Book of Enoch, starting May 5, 2018. You can go to my blog, and scroll to the bottom of the page. There’s a drop-down box of the monthly archives.

        For the information about the Vatican Observatory, see The Superstition Mountains and the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Device (could they not have come up with ANY other acronym?) on June 20, 2016.

        I hope you find these useful!

  11. I am not an expert on but… in Genesis there was the Nephilim. There is a guy …. seems like a pretty smart guy (passed away a few years ago) and he studied the Bible for like fifty years. I have listened to his commentary on John and Revelation and they are very good (on Amazon). I have hesitated to read/listen to his stuff on the Nephilim and aliens and such, but he believes there is a place for this in Christian doctrine. I may have to make a listen.

    • I became fascinated by the Nephalim a few weeks back. There is some thought that the Nephalim are the Titans mentioned in Greek legends. I believe they are supposed to be very tall. Whatever is going on, in my view, it is unlikely to be good news. I think I remember reading that there is no mention of the Nephalim in the bible after the flood but I would need to check that out.

  12. There are many types of angelic beings.

    There are at least two major categories, but they’re more than that. There used to be three.

    There’s angels, the host of heaven, and there used to be the worship angels.

    I believe that function has been taken over by the saints (those who believe in Jesus).

    As far as life on other planets, if they don’t believe in Jesus Christ & Jesus isn’t Lord, you know they’re not of God and you don’t have anything to do with them. It’s that simple.

  13. Don’t see any biblical logic for aliens. Certainly not the odd looking creatures of science fiction (Star Wars, etc.). Angels have shown themselves in various forms in scripture, so have demons (a sort of alien, I suppose), but everything I know points to humans being unique creatures in God’s vast universe. I’m not sure how you’d duplicate that story in another world. Regardless, Jesus is the answer to the dilemma of sin. Whatever your home address, trust & follow him for salvation!

  14. BOOM! And just like that, we have jumped from shrimp rolls to space aliens. You never cease to amaze me. Lol Before I try to answer your question, I just want to throw something out there… What if these things aren’t alien at all? What if it’s us from the future? Just a thought… Anyway, back to your question. I think this may be one of those questions that we won’t know the answer to until we get to heaven. Certainly, it’s possible. But, given the fact that we know demons can appear as angels of light, it’s at least equally possible (and in my view, highly more probable) that these are demonic manifestations for the purpose of deceiving everyone including the elect. The fact that most of the stories surrounding these supposed creatures never include the exchange of information says a lot. Instead, they seem to always involve creatures traveling many light years just to have us “assume the position” while they probe our posteriors. I mean seriously, who does that sound like? So yeah, you can totally put me down for demonic manifestation. 🙂

    • Hi M! Thank you so much for this powerful response. (And your kind words!) Those are really great points. As with all things “principalities”…I’m going to keep them out of my mind and focus on God and His goodness! 🥰 glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  15. Hi Caralyn! Let me start by answering your last questions. 1) No, I don’t believe in life on other planets, yet. More on that in a sec. 2) I wonder if there’s intelligent life down here sometimes.😉 Only God and the spiritual creatures He created which are mentioned in the scriptures. 3) There have been pictures and videos for years. Some are debunked, some leave questions. But whatever they are of, man-made objects or hoaxes, I’m sure it is not green or grey people from other planets. 4) I’m betting it will be built up as a grand revelation and come off as a short fizzle. Like Y2K.

    Here’s the deal. We have to stick with what we know as followers of Christ. The problems we get into are the result of taking man’s ideas for things instead of God’s honest revelations. The catch phrase of the day is “Believe the Science” as though science were some great know-it-all entity that has total and complete proof of everything. Not so. Science is simply what man has observed. Nothing else. The biggest problem with man’s theories is that many times we can’t see them. It’s all speculation. Yes, I know folks will disagree, but they never produce any evidence. God has shown us the things we need to know, in scripture and His creation, and will even answer our questions if we’ll ask Him and work with Him as He reveals them to us. As Proverbs says, In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

    As to all of this stuff that folks see, from what I’ve observed, it appears to be spiritual in nature. The bad kind. I and others have made the observation that everyone who ever claims to have had contact with the greys or greens report that the aliens don’t believe in God and downplay anyone who brings Him up. Some even say Christians must be removed from the earth in order for man to “evolve” properly. Bottom line, they always act like you would expect a demon to behave in thought and deed. Even those people who deal with New Age mysticism come up with the same stories. That tells me they are all getting their info from the same anti-Christ source.

    I’ll finish with this. I believe the world was created by God in six earthly days. The text uses the words to mean six earthly days. The only reason to believe otherwise is to accommodate man’s ideas of evolution. I believe God placed the earth specifically in the universe where we could have the greatest view of His celestial creation. And I believe He created all of it for us. If Adam and Eve had not sinned and brought death into the world, man would be far more advanced than we are. We would probably already be exploring those thousands of other galaxies and planets. And who knows, God may have provided a way for us to do it without machines, had we not messed up His creation. But we’ll get there someday after He returns, so I fully expect us to be on those other planets in the future.

    The scripture says mankind is the crown of God’s creation, and He sent Jesus to die for us. He didn’t do that for any of the other beings He created, not even the angels. I know many will not agree with me, but the only standard we have are the scriptures, the word of God, and that’s what He says. I would also mention, look around at what’s going on today. I don’t think we’re long for this world. Jesus could return any moment and then we’ll know everything.

    Enjoy your long weekend! And remember those who have sacrificed all for our freedoms. 🤗 💛 🇺🇸

    • Check out Heaven by Randy Alcorn for some further thoughts in your line of thinking. Keep in mind as you read it how often he admits that some of his stuff is speculation, but the bottom line is God has told us more about Heaven than even most priests or pastors acknowledge. It’s all there in the Bible if we don’t try to “spiritualize” it. 😉

      • I’m not familiar with that book, although I’m sure he probably did a good job with it. The thing to remember about what the Bible tells us of Heaven is that it focuses on our relationship with God the Father and God the Son, Jesus. If you read the book of Revelation, you see the descriptions of all the different creatures, including man, exalting and praising God and the Lamb. I’m sure we will do more than have a continuous praise session for all of eternity, but the point of the Heavenly information is focused on God. We can see little details, but for now we just need to know that God is God and He has been and always will be in control of everything. We’ll have time to explore and discover other stuff when we get there. I’m sure what is shared is primarily literal, but sometimes we forget our interpretation must also consider the reason the information was shared. Just remember what we’re told: eye has not seen nor ear heard nor has it entered into the mind of man the things God has in store for those who love Him. What a day that will be! 🙂

      • Ahh, yes, but the full quote says “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him”— these things God has revealed to us through the Spirit.” 😉
        It will be a glorious unfolding!
        And very likely He will have a LOT of correction to teach every one of us, you and me included. 🙂

  16. Larry Norman had a song back in the 70s called unidentified flying object. Lyrics say “and if there’s life on other planets He died to save them too”. Pretty simple message

  17. Why doesn’t the Bible talk about aliens?
    Or does it?
    I think like this…
    God, the creator of all, who spoke the world and all within it, into existence….the Alpha & Omega, wrote the “natural” laws that govern us here in the biosphere so to speak yet he is not governed by them. While we are created to survive in this world and the world created to sustain us, He has no such need. He is not. He is not born, does not age, does not die. He in fact, not from here, not governed by the natural laws of this planet, is in fact….an alien being is He not?
    If we examine the heavenly hosts and their contact with us, as messengers appearing in many forms.
    Most notably…the sons of God saw we women as beautiful and left their first estate, came down unto the daughters of men and took wives of them all they wanted. They reproduced and these halfling were referred to as ancient one, “and in those days there were giants in the land and also after. These beings threatened to not only dominate but destroy all true mankind. (See the book of Enoch. Enoch which also states that the fallen angel taught mankind the ways of sin..vanity, weaponry, war etc)
    I believe this may have led to the flood.
    You may note how when sent to war against other groups of people, how God told told them at times, conquer them them take all they had as spoil and to recieve them people and assimilate them BUT other groups He told them to conquer but take nothing and not only that but to kill them all including women, children, the animals?
    In Jewish teachings, these tribes that were to be completely irradiated, where those that were genetically tainted with the nephilim.
    You may recall Ezekiels description of the wheel within a wheel, the description given of angelic beings with 4 faces?
    Enoch walked with God and was no more seen upon the earth.
    Elijah, taken up in a chariot of fire?
    So I think that God and the heavenly hosts perfectly define what we describe as Alien beings and maybe, just maybe, the Bible does talk about it?

  18. God is capable of handling more than anything we can imagine. Our speculation on aliens is done within our own limited capabilities. I would not be surprised at aliens of many different types but there is also the possibility of demonic activity that mimics these phenomena. We need to be careful to make sure we are on God’s side in any potential situation. Prayer combined with the teachings of the Bible is the only way to be sure of anything. I am a former engineer and I understand the scientific method but it has limitations. I enjoy speculating about aliens but it can be a type of temptation if taken to extremes. I enjoyed reading the post and comments.

  19. All I know is that God is God and his ways aren’t our ways. Any time I try and put things in a box….he blows my mind. Good things to think about but doesn’t change the fact that God is good all the time! Aliens would truly be on the margins right?

  20. Caroline,

    SInce you asked…

    The idea of extraterrestrials is so attractive to our scientific community because it would confirm their philosophy of scientific materialism, which was developed to explain our existence without needing God. Darwinism is the best-known contributor to this philosophy, but far from the only one.

    Scientific materialists are clinging to the hope of extraterrestrials because so much of what Darwinism hangs on has been shown to be mathematically impossible. You are more likely to win the lottery every day for the rest of your life than any chance of even simple life evolving through natural means.
    The likelihood of us having evolved is so low that even a billion parallel universes still could not account for human life. The idea that two independent, intelligent life forms evolved is fantasy. Talk about a leap of faith!

    Christians and scientists who are now beginning to talk about Intelligent Design are making great strides in showing that the theory of Intelligent Design fits the scientific evidence much better than any Evolutionary THEORIES that have been proposed.

    As a Christian philosopher/theologian, I believe that angels are the highest order of created being. And humans have been made “a little lower than the angels.” That does not leave any room for aliens in my mind. Also, all creation groans because of the weight of sin introduced initially by Adam and Eve. Jesus died to begin the process of setting everything right, not just on earth but also through the entire universe. The idea that there would be alien beings that are so much more advanced than humans so that they could have already mastered interstellar travel is at odds with everything that the Bible teaches us about our significance in the created order.

    Could there be events that could be interpreted as alien life? Certainly, but would that be the only explanation? You mentioned that you believe in angels and demons. There is no reason I can see why demons would not imitate alien life if it had the potential to lead millions of people indoctrinated with scientific materialism even further away from God.

    My position is that men and women are made in God’s image and are the creatures that bring Him the most delight. The entire universe was created to give people a place to live, love, and explore. Yes, there could there be alien life forms, but they would be inferior to humans, therefore unable to have traveled to Earth from anywhere else in the universe. All the scientific evidence best supports the idea that this world was created by an intelligent Being to support human life. You and I believe this intelligent Being is the personal Trinity, whom we know best through the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, who walked among us as God in a body.

    Two books that are not simple reads but do an excellent job explaining these ideas in much greater depth are Total Truth by Jane Pearcey, and Darwin’s Doubt by Stephen C. Meyer.

  21. I do not presume to know the mind of God. Declaring that it does not lie within the realm of possibility for God to created highly sentient beings elsewhere. The Vatican does not preclude the existence of beings elsewhere, intelligent or otherwise. He proceeds without consulting humans on planet Earth, a planet that is continually being threatened by those to whom responsibility should not be taken for granted. I say, let God be God.

  22. The Bible is clear that God is the originator of life. We know from the Bible there are angels and we have a clear explanation for the origin of evil which is defined as the mystery of iniquity because God is incapable of creating evil. It originated with Lucifer who took a third of the angels with him when he was banished from heaven and he convinced Adam to join him. The Bible also makes reference to signs in the heavens in the last days and I’m not surprised that satan is using methods to cause us to be diverted and speculate about aliens to take people’s mind off what is actually happening behind the scenes on earth leading up to the finalization of satan’s permission to demonstrate his so called better way before God says that’s enough and ends he and his angels in a final destruction of the wicked. Jesus told the Jewish leaders when they tried to trick him with the question about the wife of seven brothers who all died leaving her a widow that there will be no husbands and wives in heaven because those who choose to be there will be like angels. We were created a little lower than the angels originally. We choose to refer to non human life as aliens and we think of little green men. What we refer to as aliens are angels good and bad and there are instances in the Bible record of humans having their vision temporarily enhanced to see them. Case in point is Gideon, Abraham, Samson’s mother and the disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration. In reality from heaven’s point of view we are the aliens in that we are alienated from God. But some day we will be able to see our heavenly family if we are among those who are rescued at Christ’s Second Coming and satan and his angels will not be around to trouble us any more. No more mystery or speculation in heaven.

  23. C.S. Lewis wrote a wonderful series of books called ” The Space Trilogy “. It is definitely worth the read as he gives a Christian perspective on the topic.

    • I was going to say the same thing, it really is a fantastic series, though it is not much talked about when people are talking about C.S. Lewis. I personally believe that God gave us what we need to draw close to him through scripture, but he didn’t tell us everything that there is to know about his universe. After all, I have never seen penicillin, or atoms in there, but I accept that he definitely created those things and allowed us to discover them. I hope that you really do take a read at this series.

    • The first in the trilogy does an excellent job of portraying why Earth would be “in the dark” about life on other planets, i.e. the “Silent Planet” that has lost communication with the rest of life the Father created.
      “Dr. Ramsom lives!” 😊
      But I suggest we wait for the report; probably space agency stuff.

  24. These UFO sightings are either some sort of Hollywood propaganda or, as many have previously stated here, they are evil forces seeking to led people away from God. Great deception is coming for those who are not rooted and grounded in the truth of the Gospel of Christ.

    Now more than ever before our heart, mind, and strength must be focused towards The Lord Jesus Christ.

  25. Some people believe that the “aliens” are the return of the Genesis 6 giants. Read Genesis 6. Pay close attention to Genesis 6:4. Cross reference that with Matthew 24:37-39. The “aliens” are real but they aren’t aliens. They are fallen angels coming to deceive in the last days before Jesus returns.

  26. A couple of thoughts (my opinion):
    1. Don’t over think this.
    2. Don’t believe (or at least question) everything the government says about this
    3. (okay, more than a couple) Isaiah 55:8 – ‘My thoughts are not your thoughts, and My ways are not your ways.’
    4. As said in earlier comments, it won’t make one bit of difference in our relationship with Jesus or the Father.
    5. We need to be more concerned if such things CONTRADICT the Word of God, rather than trying to prove it with the Word of God. As already stated, we need to focus on our relationship to Christ first, then share that relationship with others.

  27. When it comes to science vs God, I always have question on top of question regarding everything. UFOs…. I just do not know what to say……..

  28. More than twenty years ago my best friend and I were outside hanging out at a picnic table on her front lawn. As we talked we both noticed a pinpoint of light slowly moving across the night sky. At first I think we tossed the idea around that it could be a satellite; that’s how small and far away it appeared. We were quite fixated on it as we watched it slowly pass by. I’d almost dare to say we were hypnotized by it, as it seemed as though we couldn’t look away. But alarm began to grow within us once we soon realized that it was moving toward us! It became bigger and bigger and bigger as it got closer and closer. We both became frozen as we watched this thing grow before our very eyes. By then we were definitely thinking UFO. Suddenly I remembered what I was supposed to do. I almost couldn’t open my mouth to speak but I managed to say softly and quickly, “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.” IMMEDIATELY, and I mean INSTANTANEOUSLY, this ball of light became a tiny dot in the sky once again. My opinion? It’s demonic. Satan is all about deception and confusion; anything to lead us away from Truth. And do not forget that he is the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4), the father of lies (John 8:44), and the prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2). Every once in a while I check with my friend to make sure that really did happen and she always assures me it did indeed.

    L.A. Marzulli has been investigating this stuff for decades. Check him out on YouTube or his website… if you feel so inclined.

  29. Timely post BBB!

    We are been prepped and condition for what is coming. What has always bewildered me is the amount of focus placed on UFO’S…..

    For me personally, (and this is not directed at you BBB) who gives a dam about flying objects, why aren’t we talking about – WHERE THE DRIVERS ARE AT? Hello! Forget about the UFO’S…we are so captivated and mesmorized by looking up …we are missing the FACT they are already here right under our noses.

    They love to congregate in wooded forest areas. And not sure what the tie is but I have had encounters in two national parks.

    (administered by the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service local headquarters)

    The primary objective is the revealing that is coming is:

    To raise doubt, and it is going to be easy to do. Raise doubt by questions like “well the bible doesn’t talk about aliens, what else does it not talk about or cover.”

    And once revealed the aliens will fill our heads with their hocus pocus bullshit stories of coming from blah blah blah planet…and yada yada yada..they they themselves are responsible for the formation of religion and religious systems on Earth…and so many other bullshit stories

    I shall leave you with a point of consideration that surpasses -all my years of research, including my personal experiences with and encounters with.

    I wish I could give credit to the person..but I don’t recall who made the point.

    Here it is:

    Whether there are aliens or not, is not longer up for debate. The questions that provide us crystal clear clarity are the following:

    Which side are they on? Good or evil?
    Have you ever heard of a single testimony arising from any believer in God through the course of history, that has made a claim that they met an alien, reptilian, grey, or green, that has helped them serve Christ?

    Absolutely not. Because they do not serve Christ. I have never had an encounter in which they helped me or I came out better…it always ended in a bad way. Really bad.

    Forget me, out of all the people who have say they have had an encounter, has any of them ever said or testified ‘oh yeah we met, and it was amazing…they helped me tremendously…they got me right on track!”

    Nope. And that’s all we need to know to understand, they are not here to help us serve Christ. I apologize about length. God bless BBB.

  30. I don’t believe aliens exist, but I do believe demons exist, and they’re out there to deceive and distract. I don’t know what you believe about the Tribulation in Revelation, but those who believe in a pre-trib rapture suggest that one way to explain away millions of people who suddenly go missing is through alien abduction. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we see a rise in talk of aliens even as we see a rise in talk about a global reset, rise in talk about digital money, rise in talk about “peace and safety,” pre-conditioning to take a mark, a steady march toward a one-world government, rampant deception among the Church (Catholic and Protestant), and other signs that indicate we’re approaching the doorway to Revelation.

    Also, though there are millions of other galaxies, there have been none found that reflect the requirements for life. Earth is rare–a delicate balance that only an intelligent Designer could create and sustain. It’s the only one of its kind, and that is purposeful. Like you, I, too, have considered that if life exists on other planets, Jesus would have to travel to those places and die on their behalf, yet the Bible says He died ONCE for all. I do not believe the Creator God repeated that process numerous times. We are unique in a vast universe, which is both humbling and amazing.

    Lastly, regarding your Day One comment: People have tried to insist that evolution can fit into Genesis because we don’t know how long the days lasted–even though they not only have numbers assigned to the six days, but also “morning” and “evening,” which is a staunch indication in Hebrew that we’re talking about 24-hour days. That aside, on Day Six, God said that it was very good, and the Bible is very clear that death, disease, weeds, etc., came into the world because of Adam and Eve’s sin. Evolution claims there are supposed millions of years of death, disease, and decay before the supposed first man and woman walked the earth. That’s in complete opposition to what the Bible teaches; even Jesus said that in the BEGINNING man and woman were created. Either man is right, or God is right, but they’re not both right. If this topic interests you, I encourage you to visit Answers in Genesis online; they have a wealth of information on Creation. There is so much evidence for a young earth that soooo many people have never learned, because our public schools and too many private schools, unfortunately, ONLY teach evolution. But if one is going to question God’s Word to us in Genesis when it comes to creation (no where else in the Bible do we quibble about the word “day”), then one should question God’s Word to us in the Gospels when it comes to Jesus’s death and resurrection. Frankly, that’s exactly what we see happening in churches today. “Did God really say…?” The Church is anemic in the 21st century, and its failure to adhere to the Bible as the authoritative Word of God, and our failure to make disciples (85% of our youth turn from Christianity by the START of high school!) plays a huge part in what ails America today.

    I appreciate your posts and your willingness to touch upon hard subjects. May God continue to strengthen you in your faith, and may you continue to hold fast to Him despite the buffeting winds of society.

    • Further on your thinking, it is possible that the “catching away” of a couple billion people will throw the world into such a panic that anyone who seems to know something about what is going on could be allowed to arise to great power. Sound like anyone you’ve read about in Thessalonians and Revelation? 😉

  31. This is interesting, and a bit unexpected from you…in a good way! 😊 I literally asked ALL these questions as a teen. And to go through every rumination stands for its own post…but here is what I understand in scripture: 1. We are made in God’s image. Nothing else, not even angels are given that distinction. 2. Our purpose on earth is to praise God. 3. It seems entirely likely that there are multiple spiritual beings, not just angels and fallen angels. (Got into the greek for that thought….might be another post later. Need to write more, lol.) Other than that…I believe that the only non-spiritual beings with souls would have to be other humans. As far as other dominion creatures, it is entirely possible.

  32. Caralyn, this is definitely a complicated question. But long story short, the UFO’s are piloted by pure evil. At the time of Noah, they corrupted the human DNA and only Noah and his family had the pure human line. They had messed with the DNA and were evil constantly. The Messiah Jesus was to come from humans, created in the image of God. The aliens had offspring with humans and these were called Nephillim, the giants that occupied Israel when the 12 spies went looking. Many giant skeletons have been found across the world. Jesus said that it would be like the days of Noah before he returned. The DNA was mixed up with animals, heavenly creatures and humans. Its quite the subject and much has been written about it. Love and hugs xo

  33. Apparently the prophet Ezekial had a chat about strange flying things when God came to him. And I can imagine that we have gradually gone from believing the world is flat on to many amazing things. I think believing their are ‘others’ may be a part of our journey. Like finding an amazing new animal or flower for the first time, it amazes then gradually allows us to understand it. Like a platypus, they couldn’t at first figure out how it could be possible for a mammal to lay eggs, suckle milk (it actually sweats it out of its skin), has an almost radar in its mouth to guide it to its prey and sense the contours around it and has venomous spurs on its back legs. In the beginning they thought it was a hoax…like the ufo’s 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣

  34. Hi I’m not perturbed in the least by the idea of IAO’s UFO’s because there is no evidence any of these things come from distant planets or galaxies. Even though the data I have researched is out of date there is still a one in two hundred and forty five billion to the power of ten that life exists out there somehwere.

    If the bible is true, which I beleive it is, then the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a one time unique event in time and history that Christ died once for all 1Pete 3:18, Heb 7:24-27, 9:28, 10:10, 10:12, and 10:14.

    If Christ did not die once for His children then the above is a false statement and the idea of a god of any kind is frauduelent; it is a lie and we are adrift in a purposeless uncaring universe.

    Even if the bible is true according to the above assumption, would Christ have to repeat His holy sacrifice in many different guises to atone for the sins of the Universe? No!

    Based on even the most poitive proposition regarding life on other planets (for which there is no evidence thus far) the only other conclusion is that we as humans are uniquely alone and it is is not false humility to say so.

    Atheism, scientism (not science) and all other alternatives to the God hypothesis necessarily have to replace God with something for God not to be true… That doesn’t make God not true. Scientifically speaking if Ockam’s razor is correct then the simplest explanation for life is that an intelligent creator did it and it has meaning and purpose.

    • Even Aldous Huxley noted, “”Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” Hey, even a stopped clock is right twice a day! 😂

  35. Really interesting post. Thank you for this.

    I’m not sure about aliens, but I am sure about Christ. He said in Mark 16:15 to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”
    All the WORLD. If our Lord had said, “All the universe,” there would be no bigger advocates of space travel than us Christians.

    With this in mind, I agree with the comment said in an earlier reply to this post, specifically the one about us “taking our eyes off of God.” No matter how advanced they are, aliens are indeed not children or even messengers of God and shouldn’t be revered as such, if and when our time of meeting arises.

    Great job on your blog. Well done!

  36. I have always wondered if “aliens” might provide the world with an explanation of why Christians disappear from earth. I realize that the rapture and aliens are both controversial subjects, but the surge in extraterrestrial interest in these last days does fuel my inquisition.

  37. One of the things I love about humanity is how we’re created in God’s image and likeness, our imagination and creativity, and our desire to explore and know. This goes further to our use of hyperbole and how we use words in extremely clever ways to engage people. Whether or not there are living beings, living on other planets or not is not as relevant as the fun we have speculating about whether or not they know God, are in relationship with Him, what they look like, why they *might* be visiting our earthly home.
    I would further encourage you to give all your fears from this to God. Pray for those whom you believe would have their faith shaken to the core. Seek Wisdom from the Holy Spirit.
    God bless,

  38. Enjoyed this article and appreciate your views. As I also am a Christian I do not believe in aliens and while the word alien is in the Bible it is clear that it is referencing a person from a different location not an out of space being. What ever the government will be presenting is not real and is meant just to scare the public. Trust your faith in all things and the real truth will be revealed.


    There are angels in the Old testament that had flesh. They had the ability to go between Heaven and earth.

    They still exist. That class of angels or heavenly beings are still around.

    In the days before the flood, some of them became corrupted.

    They were sent to Earth to look over man.

    But because some of them became corrupted, they slept with women and they bound themselves to the earth.

    Melchizedek was one such creature. He still exist. He is a priest.

  40. An interesting glimpse into the alien thought exercise through a religious lens. Having been raised and educated in a Catholic setting sometime around the last quarter of the past century, I can say that the question of god vs aliens was not given a serious consideration. I mean, the X-Files hadn’t even premiered when I was finishing up my educational career, so the question was strictly an illegitimate crackpot undertaking. Given the new *evidence*, I can only guess the topic has moved up the conversation ranks.
    As a believer in the science of evolution, I’ve never questioned the question of extraterrestrial life versus the absurdity that somehow earth was the only planet in the universe capable of supporting life – albeit of questionable intelligence these days.
    Watching people of faith bend over backward to work life on other planets into their respective belief systems oughta be worth a little popcorn consumption, though.
    Meanwhile, I’m more of the mind to continue to juxtapose Jesus et al as historical figures working for social justice within their 2000 year old means against present day cries for those same persistent evils. Who knows, will someone from today’s AntiFa and available social media tools be the Jesus and Gutenberg Bible of the 45th century?
    Regardless of who is right or wrong about life after death – religions with heaven and hell or science with matter can neither be created nor destroyed – maybe I’ll bear witness to the 45th century incarnation of a “past savior” from today.
    Thanks for sharing your take on such a mind blowing topic, it got my mind energized!

  41. For me it’s so wierd, when I also see in movies people trying to create humans, or this so called Artificial intelligence….it trys to make people feel they got it all and slowly pushing God away…it’s so sad..

  42. Boy, Caralyn. You know how to read labels, and surely knew that this was a major can of worms! 😄
    We are such an impatient lot since the advent of the telegraph. Getting a letter from California to Kentucky would take about two weeks; New York, even longer. But our tech has made us frustrated when the electrons we send TO A SATELLITE AND BACK take more than 30 seconds! “Hon, the computer’s going slow again!”
    There is a government report telling us what our intelligence (?) agencies know about UFOs or UAPs. (Note, they are not called the Intelligent Agencies. 😉) Why doesn’t everyone settle down and wait for said report?
    That said, most sky watchers will be disappointed with a dry sterile report (“We saw something that moved in a funny fashion.”) that will only leave the questions unanswered (more government coverup to the conspiracists).
    As one of your other commenters noted, atheists would love to find “life” on another planet, even primordial, because then they would claim it was more evidence that we are accidents of unguided processes . . . as if God could not create more than one life form?
    Some time ago I said, “The universe is a very large lonely place if God is not there.” Fortunately, He IS. 😊
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  43. Caralyn, with God being infinite, how can we possibly think that we humans on earth are His only creations? God is our creator, Jesus is our Savior, and the Hoy Spirit is our Advocate. All one; all God. And why can’t this exist elsewhere? It doesn’t invalidate God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. It just adds to the wonder and glory of God. And we don’t need to fear. We need to embrace. This doesn’t need to be over-thought. Ted

  44. I believe it’s possible, and I even had a very vivid dream of spotting ufos outside my window before (or maybe it wasn’t a dream :), but ‘unidentifiable flying object does not = alien, either, according to Neil Degrasse so we will have to wait and see. If they do exist, I think they are harmless and know God as we do.

  45. All good theories and thoughts. I’ve always felt that if God made us, he could easily have made life on other planets and… if it was important for us to know about them, then he would have given us the information we needed to know about them. However, the Bible really doesn’t give us much more than what you’ve already presented. The one thing God gave us though is curiosity. Why are we so curious?
    Also, if there is life elsewhere, why would they fall under the same guidelines as those of us here on this planet? They could be completely different from us. Their choices and errors, if they made any, would fall under a completely different auspices than ours, don’t you think? Maybe they never succumbed to the “great temptation” and were actually able to fulfill God’s original plan? What if? Then it raises another question, if they did or had fulfilled God’s plan, then why did he continue to bother with us at all?
    The questions raise more questions and those speculative answers raise even more. Because we are a curious bunch, the questions can be unending, but what fun. Which reminds me, my sister invited us over and her husband is a huge UFO enthusiast, so ugh, we may have to sit and hear that? Oh dear! lol
    In conclusion, if we are meant to know, it’s a lot like Bible prophecies which were revealed when God wanted them to be made known and when applicable. If we are meant to know these things, about other beings on other planets, then they will be revealed to us according to His timetable, His way. His reasons.

  46. Great post! I personally don’t believe in life on other planets. Some believe that the aliens are actually demons in a body that they created. For me, it’s all a distraction to keep our eyes away from Jesus and the Gospel. Whichever way it goes, it will definitely be interesting. I hope that Christians don’t take their eyes off the Gospel.

  47. Slightly off topic did you ever wonder why we can get real time high definition images of the surface of Mars but every video the military has of UFOs like like a 1980s video game? 😏

  48. These things people think are aliens are actually demons. There are chilling testimonies of people getting saved after encountering demons masquerading as aliens. The Bible warns that satan and his demons masquerade. I have been tracking this whole thing about the government being set to reveal news that aliens exist, and it is all propaganda to control the masses. One big reason they are doing it now is to turn people further from God and His Word. There are many people in power who worship the evil one. They know about the Rapture and they will need an explanation when millions of Christians are suddenly taken to Heaven in a flash by the Lord. They will say that aliens took us, and people will believe it and be terrified. There was a whole mind control narrative about aliens being pushed during the recent New Year’s celebrations (look up the Seattle Space Needle one). It’s called predictive programming, also known as MK Ultra. They have been setting this alien narrative up for awhile now. They even tried to come out a few months ago and declare on the news that aliens exist, but everyone just ignored them & it flopped. It was too soon, so they had to do more mind control propaganda. We are in a spiritual war between Heaven and hell, and the alien lie is a weapon of the evil one. I pray the Lord exposes the lie and reveals the truth, and many come to Jesus before it’s too late. Great questions by the way. If aliens were real, then Jesus would be Lord and King over them too. However, aliens and all such sightings of “UFOs” are just evil tricks to keep people from God. Of course some of the UFOs are just the government flying around in aircraft we don’t know about yet too. Those bug eyed aliens are 100% demonic. Once we believers in Jesus get Raptured out of here, I pray those left behind will figure that out quick & turn to Jesus. What a time to be alive! God bless!

  49. Wow! Awesome article. I had the same thoughts when I came to know about sightings in the India China border. I wondered if aliens do exist in other planets, then did Jesus go there to save them too. Because if they are fallen they need saving and if they are not fallen they shouldn’t be a threat. I don’t know if they exist but one thing I do believe is that if they do exist in some far of galaxy then I know who the creator is. It has to be God. God is the creator of the universe. Devil is also a creature remember. But after reading through your article I’m having this new thought , funny but not impossible that it could be man’s doing too like we know man is capable of creating beautiful machinery and maybe they don’t want to hide it anymore and are launching it with the name that they’ve already created a fear in people “aliens”. I know it sounds crazy. But one thing is true that we are all living in a society where our faith is being questioned and we are being thrown questions so that we may waver in faith and it’s good to remember the words God spoke through Isaiah 7:9 “If you do not stand firm in faith, you shall not stand at all”. Looks like we have to pray to be firm in our faith no matter the gazillion questions that are going to arise in the future. And the part about ivf, euthanasia, abortion and all we need to remember that not all inventions of man are good. Right. So we have to choose the good. Have a good day Caralyn.

  50. Hi:-) You have liked my posts many times and I want to thank you for that. As for the topic, aliens, I am not going to pretend that I have all the answers and that my opinions are facts. However, it is my understanding that aliens are fallen angels that will be removed when the new heaven and earth arrives. It is also my belief that these aliens are deceitful and the top rulers in this world are too. In the end our Heavenly Father will rule, and everything will all be good again. Like in the garden. I see that you have received much feedback, but I hope this comment is still meaningful to you. Have a blessed weekend <3

  51. What does it matter? Historically the church has a poor reputation in dealing with anyone or anything different. I expect the church to handle aliens as it handled the slave trade, native Americans, other beliefs, pedophiles ….

  52. Firstly I’m glad you are bringing up these topics because they are things that most people don’t think about. A big thank you for your thought provoking social commentary.
    So, this is something that has been said by others but here is my position on the subject. The so called aliens will be merely demons in disguise. But just as you said this is a distraction from the key point of us as Christians. Bringing the truth of the gospel to people. If the so called aliens deny the scriptures then we will know that they belong to the demons. If they make no comment then we still need to be suspicious of them.

  53. As a lot of other people said, this is a lot to unpack. I believe anything that is outside God’s realm or word is not biblical and is a device of the enemy. We have to test everything against God’s word. Our feelings and emotions are fleeting. God has given his word as a guideline for how to live. His word is non negotiable. I will be honest and say I have tuned out anytime someone mentions aliens. Now, I realize I need to be praying for God to intervene and be more powerful that any report or viral video which could lead people down a path destruction. I appreciate you risking it all for Jesus once again.

  54. Great thoughts. Only thing I know is that the Bible, is Gods word. I see it saying that he created the heavens and 🌍. I see God saying he created man to populate the 🌍. I wrote a paper on this in college years ago. My conclusion was, are there such things as UFO’s, yes. Seems enough has been captured on it. Are they aliens, it depends on your definition. They are certainly foreign, but seems unlikely as to some type of advanced being. Certainly, the Bible doesn’t talk about that other than demons and angels. Not convinced they take this kind of form. In the end, God knows and I trust him to keep an eye on those that are under his care. Fear God, not anything else. God Bless.

  55. All these sightings in my opinion are just unexplained phenomenon. Like spirits angels etc. I have looked at the night sky on many occasion and seen lights moving and turning at 90 degree angles, which is not possible with anything know to man.

    Will be interesting what they release but it will likely just be footage, no actually proof of anything. Humans like to think they know about the world, but in actually fact they know very little, I think it something like 80% of the ocean has not been explored, becuase of water pressure but how do we know what is down there, we dont.

    Thought-provoking post. 🙂

  56. Aliens are mentioned several times in the Bible. It is as if Christianity either don’t recognise it, or, alternatively don’t read their own book. It is there, in the Hebrew, starting Gen 1 verse 26,27 and much beyond. But be careful: when not in Hebrew, other meanings have been inserted by translators. The KJV didn’t escape that.

  57. I’m with the other correspondent – Larry Norman sand about it years ago –

    And if there’s life on other planets
    Then I’m sure that He must know
    And He’s been there once already
    And has died to save their souls

    For me it’s still a big “if”, but even if War of the World style invade….so what?

    It will take more than Martians to disrupt my faith.
    The Great Deceiver will do anything to deflect us from the truth.

  58. Neither the Bible nor any other religious source mentions intelligent life on other planets. Statistical probability is not absolute. A probability of life elsewhere in the universe does not mean intelligent life. It is equally possible that there is NO other intelligent life in the Universe. At the very least possibly no other life created in the image of God. Sure God has created animals, plants, bacteria and fungi on other planets for God‟s own pleasure and to declare his glory. That doesn’t mean Intelligent life or beings in His own image. “God created man in his own image, means that that humans are in the image of God in their moral, spiritual, and intellectual nature. Sure there can be life on other planet but that doesn’t mean intelligent life with a soul. We are created in the image of God and there is only one – one God, the Father, of whom are all things​, That means in all of creation there is only ONE God. 1 Corinthians 8:6 KJV: But to us [there is but] one God, the Father, of whom [are] all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom [are] all things,

  59. C.S. Lewis addressed the issue of life on other Planets is his science fiction trilogy. I remember the title of the first book only, “Out of the Silent Planet”. I think you would enjoy the book. Also, the existence of Aliens has nothing to do with my walk with Jesus. I have a personal, very personal relationship that doesn’t depend on science, or religion. Just like the relationships with my wife and children do not depend on actions by others.

  60. I’m so tempted to attempt to answer a commenter’s question!! Ahhh!! I shall not go there!

    I have thoughts on this and they are biblically based. But, not widely acknowledged or talked about.

    But, when you read about the sons of God (Genesis 6) and giants (Anakims among others) and such (Throughout Deuteronomy and forward), you begin to get a part of the idea. There are more places (Ephesians 2:2) in scripture that address it even more.

    Suffice it to say I think it’s supernatural and meant to distract and deceive. Just thoughts. 😁🙏🏻✝️

  61. In this day and age of sophisticated special effects, I have a hard time believing any of these videos are depicting anything real. IF there are aliens, it’s not a surprise to God, you are correct, He would have made them. And, God being GOD, He is sovereign and under no obligation to disclose to us mere mortals everything He has said and done. Even the gospel does not record EVERYTHING Jesus said and did. One thing is for sure, our faith cannot be so flimsy as to be shaken by such a report. I think the people who fall for this could very well be those who do not attend church often, do not pray much or do not read/study their bible deeply.
    In order to withstand such storms, we must stand on the firm foundation of the knowledge of God and His character.
    I have seen people lose their faith over incredibly minor incidents. We’re going to lose some when this announcement comes out. But… did we really ‘have them’ in the first place?
    The timing on this is curious. People have not been in churches much over the last year or so. How have they fared in their faith through everything that has been going on? Many are already, ‘softened’ up so-to-speak. Is this just going to topple them over? Finish them off?
    I’m sorry to say that this pope is well… I can’t say but you know-what-I-mean. At the end of the day, do we really know for whom he works?
    It is nearly impossible to verify everything science tells is true as actually being true. I just read an article the other day that said the whole ‘thing’ about MSG being bad for us was a hoax in a medical journal.
    Now who do we believe about THAT? We must stop believing everything someone in a white coat, or impressive hat (name that movie) tells us and develop our critical thinking muscles.
    All that matters is that; God created everything, Jesus died to save us, and what are we doing with our faith?
    Hugs, lady. This is going to be an interesting ride!

  62. I’ve said for many years now that if we do find life elsewhere, might that be taken as proof that God does exist? I mean, if spontaneous creation of life is, in fact, really hard, doesn’t the existence of life on other planets prove that there is an intelligence putting a thumb on the scale? And would that be all that difficult to believe? Christian theology states that God is love. If God is a loving God, wouldn’t he wish to propagate and share that love wherever He could? If sentient aliens do exist, I hope that God created them and that they know His love, because if He didn’t, there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll see us as a threat, squash us like bugs and steal all of our resources.

    Pleasant dreams!

    • I think we need to get over this Hollywood perception that everything out there is some kind of threat. The whole scenrio first proposed by H G Wells was that any life from another planet would be a hostile catastrophic threat.

      We can speculate all we like about aliens and UFO’s but until we have difinative proof they exist one must conclude they may not which makes the God proposition entirely feasable.

  63. Intriguing post, Caralyn! I believe God created the heavens and the earth. I also know that there are tons of things that exist in the universe that I don’t know anything about, so I don’t think one being true negates the other. Will it throw us a giant curveball if aliens exist? No doubt. But that doesn’t change the truth about who Jesus is and who I was then and who I am now in light of Him. Great post!

  64. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was onto this 100 years ago and was discarded by the institutional Church. He is “cutting edge” theology today. The Catholic Franciscan sister/author/theologian Ilia Delio has picked up Teilhard’s work and has many fascinating books on the topic of science/religion. I also recommend Richard Rohr’s “The Universal Christ”.

  65. You’re a brave person to tackle this head-on. In today’s world, ancient religions seem archaic. Our ‘Space Brothers’ (as channellers like to call them) have been trying to warn us since the 1950’s that we are headed down the ‘wrong’ path. But no one wants to hear that message: “Love thy neighbour as thyself…”

  66. Definitely an interesting topic. Your post is so well written.
    I am very intrigued by a number of the comments here. I’m going to make my way through these and look up some of the references people have shared.
    I agree with you that this June reveal could be a shake up for many leading to serious questions about what they believe. As a Christian blogger, myself, I think your brother is right about getting out ahead of it. We might need to be prepared to answer some unexpected questions.

  67. You said it very well. Sadly, too many people are buying the idea. If these aliens did exists like some say, it makes the Creator powerless. We know He is not powerless.

  68. Ha ha, funny topic to chat.

    I find the topic interesting. Including to consider in depth. But, also not to think about too much.
    (And, one that is topical… 😬)

    In terms of theology, idolatry is a major topic.
    Some people worship science, tech., etc.
    i.e. not God…

    I suppose most ETs… and assuming… would want to keep a low profile, so as not to worshipped…
    And which would resonate with God’s plans, as I understand them

  69. I’m surprised that it took me so long to get around to reading this. Excellent post–you were bold to talk about this one.
    As a Christian who respects science, I have a hard time imagining that ours is the only planet in all of creation with life on it. I believe life is still rare: all the odds are usually stacked against it. (Seriously–we would not be here if not for Jupiter and the moon.)
    I’ll go with the sentiment express by Christian rock songwriter Larry Norman (I see that someone else already mentioned it): “If there’s life on other planets / then I’m sure that He must know / and He’s been there once already / and has died to save their souls.”
    I will continue to trust and believe in God. My faith may have been stretched many times over the years, but I have never learned or experienced anything that leads me to doubt He exists.

    • Thanks Michael for sharing your thoughts on this! Very interesting perspective. Yes – we can always trust Him! Hugs and love xox

  70. Hi Caralyn,
    In relation to UFO’s, you will find the answers (to the questions that you have posed) in the Bible. But, you must read the Bible yourself to find them. If anyone tells you that you cannot read the Bible and interpret it, remember that God made sure that the Bible was written and published so it could be read and understood by all. You are a very intelligent person and you have the capability to read these Holy words and understand them.
    We know that God created all living beings from angels to man to animals and every other living creature on earth and in the entire universe.
    Throughout the Bible both angels and demons are mentioned. God loving and honorable angels work for God and do His will. But, Satan, in his arrogance, became rebellious and put himself above God. Rebellious angels, who did not love and respect God, followed Satan, and are the demons mentionted in the Bible.
    We saw how Satan tempted Eve in the Garden, in the book of Genesis, and, also, how he tempted Jesus during His time in the wilderness, in Matthew Chapter 4 and elsewhere. Jesus cast out demons from people who were suffering from their torment. By reading Matthew, Mark, Luke and John we see how Jesus interacted with, and dealt with, the demons.
    With this knowledge it is easy to realize that the demons are going to play a significant role in working to deceive mankind along with Satan. It will be easy for the demons to trick man into thinking that the beings of UFO’s (in reality demons) are “extraterrestrials”, which they actually are since, in their disobedience of God, they left their Heavenly abode and came to Earth. These disobedient angels will present themselves as coming to enhance and enlighten mankind with their advanced knowledge and practices, even to the point of appearing to be the devoted and obedient angels who work for God. Jesus warned that there would be a deception (prior to His Return) that would be so great that even the “very elect” could be deceived, IF it were possible to deceive them (Matthew 24:24).

    • Thank you so much Delores for sharing your thoughts on this! Very interesting perspective. You’re right – the Bible has all the answer. And wow – very powerful thoughts. Thank you!! Hugs and love xox

      • Hi Caralyn, I appreciate that you were able to read my comment. I wish that I had been able to post it earlier. I admire you and your courage to tackle subjects like this. You are such a strong person and I always keep up with your blog because you “tell it like it is” and you make a strong stand for what is right and moral. I keep you in my prayers! Love, Delores

  71. Well, since you asked … There is nothing in the Bible that explains these “UFOs”, so I don’t think they are alien beings. The most logical explanation, in my view, is that these images are created by a hacker or very smart technology guru. Blessings, sweet Caralyn!

    • Hi Cindy! thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this! I’m with you there! Digital alteration of these videos is the most likely!!! Hugs and love xox

  72. Wow! You certainly have asked a lot of questions. That’s why I find your blog so interesting. I have no idea on all those questions – and I know the Bible was not written to be a scientific book but rather to point us to Jesus Christ. So – I’ll leave others to come up with answers – and I’ll just keep on believing in Him. Thanks for keeping us thinking though.

    • Hi friend! Thank you so much, gosh that’s kind to say. Yeah, it’s a really fascinating topic, especially because no on knows! amen – I’ll join you and just focus on Jesus and let all this other stuff run by the wayside! Hugs and love xox

  73. We have certain rules in spaces. These are agreed upon by other countries also. It doesn’t mean there’s not aliens but aerial objects with…capabilities. Exist. It’s not uncommon for something to appear to dance across the sky if its travelling at Mach 4. It’s going a half mile a second. Your head wouldn’t move fast enough to follow it in the sky. Our eyes to the horizon is kind of a short distance.

    Other countries, play with designs and hit just below that Mach 4. As far as lights, well there are rules for that but under 10,000 feet you have to stay below 230mph. Not to get too math-y If it looks like its above your hand from the horizon its definitely above 10,000 feet. If its close to the size of your thumb its 3-5 miles. Depending on…a lot of things though. Its a lot of calculus and trig to keep things floating. One of the first horror monsters was aliens its easier to blame a monster than see the rules and patterns of the universe. Haha.

    • thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and insight on this! so fascinating!!! it’s clear that you are very well versed on this topic! Hugs and love xox

      • Also. With space travel and assuming the alien planet had similar technology and speed. Also, they had like unlimited fuel. Haha. They would still be 15,000 years away from us. That’s when we humans first developed stone architecture and tools. That’s when the aliens would have had a successful space program capable of physically crossing a galaxy. So. I can see the fear there. It’s not impossible its also not possible for us at this same point in time.

        I know all this stuff but for a civilization to thrive we still need belief and the structure of the church. Isaiah 40:6. We just need to believe that things will be okay. Oh. There’s no Jewish space lasers. Lasers don’t have a faith.

      • Wow wow wow and so true. We have to rely on our faith and trust in Him and His goodness! Hugs and love xox

      • I like that the Bible does give us more of a direction to look towards for laws of the universe. God. I believe exists in the framework of these complicated laws of our known universe. I mean, we’ve only been flying for a century? Birds have been doing it for much longer. It’s what God wanted we also have 65% of our DNA similar to birds but we have no wings or feathers.

        I’m okay with it. 😂

        Talking about something like intelligent life within our galaxy would mean they spent several hundred generations to get to Earth. Humanity can’t even agree on a single social media platform. I don’t know. 😂 If they were like us they would have the same limitations of life expectancy and oxygen. They may also, in theory predate Jesus and biblical texts. As the nearest habitable planet would be 15,000 years away. Which would mean when they arrived here…they would be 30,000 years ahead of us?

      • so interesting! thanks again for sharing that! so many fascinating questions to ponder. Hugs and love xox

      • You have enough here for a few seasons of a serialized faith based drama. Your turn to write for television.

  74. Good article! No need to fear. The answer is all in Larry Norman’s song, U.F.O. from 1976! “And if there’s life on other planets, then I’m sure that he must know. And he’s been there once already and has died to save their souls.”

    • Thank you so much!! Oh wow cool! Thanks for sharing those lyrics! Hugs and love xox

  75. The Bible is rather clear on this matter, God (plural) created the heavens (whole universe) and the earth, then man in His own image. (Readers digest version of Genesis 1-2) Nowhere does the Bible mention other creation, is it possible that God his other creation from us maybe, is it probable not in the context of all that is disclosed in the Bible.

    There is a line from the movie “Contact” that seems appropriate to my limited human mind: “It seems an awful waste of space if there is not.” As much as first contact seems exciting and all, the Bible makes it clear God created Humans alone.

  76. And I pray that not be the case” Why would you prefer your faith take precedent over new evidence?
    If Jesus really is the creator and god, I’m sure these aliens will have heard of him, right? Wouldn’t that be the evidence you always wanted—proof that he visited his other sheep? I think this is a wonderful opportunity to move humanity beyond belief mode which has the world divided—no matter what belief it is.
    Why do these sightings have to be aliens? I think whoever they are they are from here. Where did all the technology and people from the past, great civilizations go? I think some of them are still here living in the oceans possibly.

    • Thank you for this interesting perspective! Definitely some powerful food for thought here! Hugs and love xox

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