The Battle Between Covid and My Wedding Dress

Well, I was really hoping that I was going to be getting on here tonight and sharing with you that, after my mom’s covid hiccup last month that derailed our wedding dress shopping, that this morning, while she was here, we officially found The Dress.

But alas, her rescheduled trip this week was also cancelled in the midnight hours over the weekend, because unfortunately she is battling “Long Covid” and still is experiencing mild symptoms.

Thank you Lord, her symptoms are not even slightly life threatening, but they are an inconvenience for her daily life, and also make traveling out of the picture.

Am I bummed? Yes. But more than anything, I just want my mom to get better!! I would give anything to be keeping her company right now as she rides this annoyance out — and on her birthday no less! But sadly, I can only FaceTime with her and send up prayers for her and all the love in the world.

A wedding dress. A bout with Covid. And a not so subtle message from God. You just can't make this up...#covid #wedding #weddingdress #catholic #god #prayer #health #travel #nyc #bridetobe

It is not lost on me that this derailment has happened, not once, but twice now when it comes to the adventure that is finding a wedding dress in New York City.

And so, of course, my ears perked up, trying to hear from God what it is that He’s clearly trying to teach me through this anxiety-inducing detour.

Patience? Sure. Detachment from material things? Of course. Trust? Most definitely.

But the thing that keeps coming back to my mind is this phrase: It’s not about me.

This wedding, though yes, technically I am the bride in this bride/groom duo – the pair who which our wedding day is focused on…But though I may be the one standing on the altar, it’s not about me.

The wedding, the ceremony, the flowers, the food, the music, the invitations, the DRESS….none of it is about me.

A wedding dress. A bout with Covid. And a not so subtle message from God. You just can't make this up...#covid #wedding #weddingdress #catholic #god #prayer #health #travel #nyc #bridetobe

Yes, I am a player in the story, but truthfully, this day is about the union of Steven and I before God and with God.

My wise, beautiful mom has always, always told me that the purpose of marriage is to get your spouse to Heaven. Which I always thought was beautiful, albeit a little …heavy…

But the closer we inch towards June 2023, I’m realizing that, actually, that is exactly what it’s about. Marriage is the journey Steven and I are on towards Heaven, and it involves both of us challenging one another to strive for holiness and a full, transformative relationship with God– which we will then pass on and model for the children God will hopefully bless us with one day. That’s the truth, and is all my heart could ever yearn for. And how blessed am I to have a fiancé who wants to walk that journey with me!

A wedding dress. A bout with Covid. And a not so subtle message from God. You just can't make this up...#covid #wedding #weddingdress #catholic #god #prayer #health #travel #nyc #bridetobe

I’m going to be honest, I don’t think I have an “attachment” to a beautiful dress, or am placing too much importance on the actual wedding day, instead of the marriage itself. But I don’t know, maybe God thinks I do! And perhaps all of this is just an exercise in letting go of expectations, letting go of any desire for perfection on the day, letting go of control, and instead trusting in God, and remaining focused on Him.

Or perhaps, I am just overthinking things, like I do 99% of the time in life!

What I do know is this: My number one gratitude right now is that my mom is okay, and she’s going to get better. Yes, she still has some mild, lingering symptoms, but thank you God, that she is going to be just fine.

And my other enormous gratitude, is that I have an amazing fiancé who is on the “same team.” We’re both committed to each other and to our shared faith. And we both desire to grow both of those things, together. I cannot stress enough how huge of a blessing I know that is.

A wedding dress. A bout with Covid. And a not so subtle message from God. You just can't make this up...#covid #wedding #weddingdress #catholic #god #prayer #health #travel #nyc #bridetobe

All of these other things are just icing on the proverbial tiered wedding cake. Everything else will fall into place, and really, at the end of the day doesn’t even matter. Yes, it’s fun to wear a pretty wedding gown, but all of that is secondary to the commitment and covenant our wedding day is actually about.

Because again….it’s not about me.

Thank you for your prayers for my mom on her birthday! Mom, I love you so much, thanks for being my best friend!

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40 responses to “The Battle Between Covid and My Wedding Dress”

  1. What a great outlook you have even in a trying time, your such an inspiration in so many ways. I had Covid in June and it took me a few weeks to stop napping, but she will be fine. I started taking Vitamin B and that helped me perk up.

  2. Hi C! Happy Birthday and wonderful blessings to Ms Mary and continued prayers for her health and quick recovery!! 🎁🎂🙏
    As to what you said about your ears perking up, this may sound like a silly question, but have you asked Papa directly what He’s saying? Truly asked with no restrictions on the answer? I know He wants to tell you, so maybe He’s looking to see if you really want to hear. Decide that you want to hear Him then spend time asking until He speaks. Persistence in prayer doesn’t so much show God that we’re serious as it does us.
    I remember what you wrote last week about being afraid of what He may be trying to tell you in the still small voice. Perhaps He’s beginning to speak louder. Don’t be afraid of Him. Everything He says will be the best. Trust Him.
    Praying for you, always. 🤗🙏💛

  3. The purpose of marriage is to get your spouse to Heaven. WOW! Your mother is a very wise women, and it’s such a gift that you can recognize that wisdom. Congratulations, and cherish these days of anticipation!

  4. Wow, I am so glad that your mother will be okay, Caralyn! God bless her and your family. I really love your approach to all of this, very wise and wonderful! 🙏🏻☺️

  5. So excited for you both, dear Sister! Prayers for your Mom. Prayers for your example of patience, faith and purity. These hurdles will make the big day even sweeter.

  6. Hi Caralyn,
    I am so sorry about your mom! Thank goodness she is not terribly ill, though. At least you can still have “face time” with her. I know how much fun you both would have shopping together for your Wedding dress, but, as you say it is not really about the dress it is union between you and Steven that counts and your attitude is wonderful!

  7. Prayers for your mom’s health. Your perfect dress will be found and you you will get the perfect memory of finding it with her. I have faith for you both

  8. Wishing your mum recovery and a heartiest congratulations to both you and Steven for the big day in June 2023!! May the good Lord come to light your path and bring you all the heavenly wisdom and love for each other as you celebrate the union and help you get each other to heaven one day…and oh, the right dress too!!

  9. Congratulations to your wedding day, you have some time to shop for the Dress. I agree, not about you, it’s about God and the relationship you are entering into before Him, hopefully for a life time. All blessings to you, your fiance, and blessings to your mother.

  10. Prayers for your mom. I am recovering from Covid myself and actually missed a long-awaited trip to NYC because of it. Doesn’t it feel like the Lord is continually working on our patience and trust in Him for the bigger plan? I know He has your best in mind as well as your mother’s and that is where my prayers land today for you.

  11. I think you have the right mindset and focus for your wedding and your marriage, but I would also say that your wedding is an important milestone. The wedding matters and is worth celebrating because YOU matter, Steven matters, your story together matters, and your milestones deserve to be celebrated.

    So – no need to take out a mortgage to pay for your wedding, but get a dress that you love, get your flowers from Sam’s Club (gorgeous and MUCH cheaper than any other option!), and spend a bit on a fantastic photographer who will capture the memories you’ll look back on for the rest of your life.


  12. Perceptive take on why things do not go as we sometimes wish! “And so, of course, my ears perked up, trying to hear from God…” If only all believers would take this to heart and recognize that nothing happens TO a Christ-follower. Everything is filtered through His love, even the hard things like persecution, violence or illness. So filtered by His love, it only happens FOR us!
    Thought of you and Steven when I read Mitch Teemley’s blog on August 14:; one of his shorter ones, and its message is captured in the picture.
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

    • thank you CA! you’re so right about that!! GOd is ALWAYS working behind the scenes, if only we take the time to recognize it! oh thank you for thinking of us! i look forward to checking it out! Hugs and love xox

  13. You got that right. marriage is a journey to God and Heaven. Two becoming One with God. You have your missing half– your soulmate. I am praying you become like Pat and I were, One with God! We still are.

    • Hi friend! you’re right – a journey to God. wow, i am truly humbled by your prayer, thank you. I hope to have that kind of love you two shared and still share 🙂 it is a beautiful thing. Hugs and love xox

  14. Happy birthday to your mom! Everything will work out. My father told me basically the same thing just before he walked me down the aisle, and it’s an intimating job, but you are up to it. God bless you and Steven and your mom.

    • Thank you Amy for this encouragement. and i will definitely pass that along! aw, what a special moment with your dad. so sweet. thank you again, and i will definiely pass that along to my mama! Hugs and love xox

  15. Girl, overthinking things is my superpower! I’m so glad you’re listening, and surely everything will work out. He wants you to have His best, even if we can’t recognize it at first!

  16. My wife and I have both had COVID over the past month and we still have some minor symptoms. My wife’s brother died of a massive coronary, and they are planning a memorial service in September. I hope that my wife can go. There are so many things that have to align. I know that wedding plans can be hectic, but you may be getting heavy doses of tests in patience along the way. It will all work out fine.

  17. Prayers for your sweet mama!
    Just a thought…is there a shop closer to your home town where you could go do your mom didn’t have to travel so far? And maybe wouldn’t be so difficult to get an appointment scheduled? (Even here in KS all the shops require appointments but not quite so far ahead of time.)

    Praying for things to get worked out soon for you!

    • Thank you so much Shauna for your prayers! that’s a great idea! believe it or not, my MOM is the one who really wants to go shopping in New York City for the dress! i think it’s a dream of hers! heheh Hugs and love xox

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