An Influx of UFOs?

What the heck is going on here?

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but over the last several days, the US has shot down four — count ’em — FOUR unidentified flying objects from US air space.

In the last week, the US has shot down four unidentified flying objects. Yep...#UFOs! What the heck is going on here? And what more: if these are #extraterrestrial, where does #God fit into the picture? #aliens #catholic #christianity #jesus #ufo #life #biden

And prior to that, the US had never shot down an object in our airspace deemed to be a threat.

Sure, it started with Biden’s pathetic response last week to the Chinese spy balloon that was finally shot down over the Atlantic. But then this weekend, three other unidentified flying objects were shot down: one over Alaska, one over Michigan, and one over Canada.

What in the world is happening here?

Are these spy balloons? Rogue science experiments? Weather apparatuses? Truly.

And the government is being very tight lipped, however noting they haven’t “ruled out anything at this point,” when General Glen VanHerck, commander of U.S. Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command was asked point blank if these UFOs could potentially be extraterrestrial.

I don’t know about you, but this is equally fascinating as it is terrifying.

Aliens have taken kind of a newly earned place of respect in society. Once thought to be real by only “off the grid”-folk who cultivate their own food sources and have emergency bunkers; now a days, aliens are believed to be real by…a lot of respected people.

In fact, it’s almost “in vogue” to be an alien-truther.

Which, is yet another example of society’s fascination with things unseen and yet outright rejection of God.

I really struggle with trying to wrap my head around what it would mean for our faith if aliens were real?

How does God play into the narrative?

I mean, sure – clearly there are Heavenly bodies — there are angels and demons: “creatures” of the celestial realm. But aliens…what – how – where do they fit in?

Were they created by God? (I mean, I guess they’d have to be…) Do they have souls? Do they recognize God as Creator? What about the “Goldilocks Zone” where God placed the Earth? Do they recognize Jesus as Savior? Did Jesus include their sins to redeem when He died on the Cross? Are they “good” or are they “evil?”

There are so many unanswered questions here. And are these flying objects indicative that their existence is not only confirmed, but their physical contact is eminent?

In the last week, the US has shot down four unidentified flying objects. Yep...#UFOs! What the heck is going on here? And what more: if these are #extraterrestrial, where does #God fit into the picture? #aliens #catholic #christianity #jesus #ufo #life #biden

I would really love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Because my knowledge in this area is immensely limited. And clearly, my head is all over the map.

I will just say this. I want to have my eyes wide open.

There are no wrong answers here. I truly would love to hear all viewpoints on this matter.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll talk to you Wednesday!

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26 responses to “An Influx of UFOs?”

  1. Lol you ever see War Games? That’s a great movie. I think it came out in 1984. Matthew Broderick pre Ferris Bueller. It’s really good. This stuff has levels of Defcon to it.

  2. If there are aliens somewhere in this huge universe, I believe that they were created by God. He is the author of every single thing, right? The frequency of these sightings has increased substantially in the last 20 years or so as far as I know.

    I truly believe that I saw a UFO when I was 9 years old. It looked to be fairly close to the ground. I was the typical saucer shape and had lights all the way around the disk. And, it made no sound whatsoever.

    I remember that myself and my friend ran like the wind and it was well after sunset. A creepy childhood memory from 1969!

  3. Hi C! As far as little grey or green men from other planets, that would be a no. Earth is ground zero for God’s creation. The rest is for us to explore throughout eternity.
    As to UFO’s, or UAP’s, they’re demonic in nature. I’ve always found it interesting that whenever someone claims to have talked to an extraterrestrial visitor, the visitor always denies God and confirms evolution or some other New Age ideology. Most people want to think that spiritual things are always invisible, but that’s not the case. Revelation assures us there will come a time when multiple spiritual agents of evil will be very real and visible, many arising out of the bottomless pit. As it looks like we’re fast approaching the end of the last days, it only makes sense that there would be more and more instances of spiritual evil appearing in the sky. The Bible refers to Satan as the prince of the power of the air.
    But none of that is a reason for Christians to be concerned. God is still in control, and none of it is catching Him by surprise. Just take it as another sign that our redemption is drawing near. His return is eminent.
    Have a great week! 🤗🙏💛

  4. Hi Caralyn,
    In relation to UFO’s, you will find the answers (to the questions that you have posed) in the Bible. But, you must read the Bible yourself to find them. If anyone tells you that you cannot read the Bible and interpret it, remember that God made sure that the Bible was written and published so it could be read and understood by all. You are a very intelligent person and you have the capability to read these Holy words and understand them.
    We know that God created all living beings from angels to man to animals and every other living creature on earth and in the entire universe.
    Throughout the Bible both angels and demons are mentioned. God’s loving and honorable angels work for God and do His will. But, Satan, in his arrogance, became rebellious and put himself above God. Rebellious angels, who did not love and respect God, followed Satan, and are the demons mentioned in the Bible.
    We saw how Satan tempted Eve in the Garden, in the book of Genesis, and, also, how he tempted Jesus during His time in the wilderness, in Matthew Chapter 4 and elsewhere. Jesus cast out demons from people who were suffering from their torment. By reading Matthew, Mark, Luke and John we see how Jesus interacted with, and dealt with, the demons.
    With this knowledge it is easy to realize that the demons are going to play a significant role in working to deceive mankind along with Satan. It will be easy for Satan to trick man into thinking that the beings of UFO’s (in reality demons) are “extraterrestrials”, which they actually are since, in their disobedience of God, they left their Heavenly abode and came to Earth. These disobedient angels will present themselves as coming (as our saviors) to enhance and enlighten mankind with their advanced knowledge and practices, even to the point of appearing to be the devoted and obedient angels who work for God. Jesus warned that there would be a deception (prior to His Return) that would be so great that even the “very elect” could be deceived if it were possible to deceive them (Matthew 24:24).
    Satan plans to gather all the nations of the earth together for battle in the attempt to prevent Christ from returning. Again, I say to you, read the Bible yourself and see what Jesus said in His own words. You can find this information in Matthew.

  5. Don Henley wrote a song about aliens called “They Ain’t Here, They Ain’t Comin’” that pretty well sums up my attitude towards extraterrestrials. The distances involved are literally astronomical so the weird stuff we see in our skies only goes to prove that we don’t know everything about the planet we live on. I trust in God alone.

  6. I wrote this about a year ago:
    The U.S. government has released it’s report on UFOs. There is a renewed interest in discovering whether there is alien life “out there” that may be trying to contact us.
    Bottom line – there definitely is not.
    Let me explain why I can say this with confidence. There are two predominant worldviews in the West – scientific materialism, which is largely based on Darwin’s theory of evolution, and creationism, which holds that all creation was made by an intelligent, loving Being that Jews and Christians have worshipped for millennia.
    View 1 – Judeo-Christian View
    Let’s start with the easy one – the Judeo-Christian view. This view holds that man is made in God’s image, and while there are angelic beings, there are no other physical beings that God has made that are greater than humanity. Obviously, aliens that have spaceships that have traveled at least 4 light years would be superior to us mere humans. That is the simple answer for those who believe in the Judeo-Christian God. This argument could be developed further, but that is enough for our purposes.
    View 2 – Scientific Materialistic View
    That brings us to the other predominant worldview, scientific materialism. Scientific materialism holds that everything we know is a product a chance events, that given enough time, have managed to somehow create solar systems and life as we know it.
    The argument is that if life happened here on Earth, there is no reason that this same process could not have happened in some other galaxy, and these beings either evolved sooner, faster, or both than we have. We are presumptuous to assume that we could be the only intelligent life in the universe.
    We are also assuming that another life form from another galaxy would be similar enough to life on earth that we would be able to recognize it. If you remember the film Independence Day, the hero saves humanity by introducing a computer virus into the aliens’ spaceship. Fortunately, the aliens must have been running Windows 95, or the virus would have been totally ineffective.
    Now let’s break this theory down and examine the hypotheses that would support this outcome. We also need to consider some of the basic scientific data that we have that would support this theory. We need a hospitable world, the development of plant life-forms, and the development of higher life forms.
    For intelligent life as we know it to have developed, there had to have been many occurrences of concurrent evolution of disparate life forms.
    At a high level, once the Big Bang occurs, there needs to be enough time for stars and planets and solar systems to develop. Our solar system is estimated to be about 4.5 billion years old. Other planetary systems would have formed at about the same time as our solar system. Then the planetary system needs to stabilize to a point where one of the planets is spinning at an appropriate rate and at the right distance from its star to allow water to change back and forth from gas to liquid to solid many, many times. Then a life form that is capable of converting solar energy into a form that is digestible by a more advanced life form has to evolve. Then the more advanced life form has to come into existence and evolve along similar lines to what humans have.
    Baseline Data
    Scientists are generally agreed that the universe appears to be about 13.8 billion years old. That’s the point where they believe the Big Bang started everything and the stars, planets, and all other matter began rapidly expanding. This means that all other forms of life are limited to the same 13.8 billion years maximum time to have developed. We also need to allow about 9 billion years for the matter thrown out by the Big Bang to have slowed, cooled, and settled into the pattern we see with planets that orbit stars. That still leaves us with 4.8 billion years to play with. (That’s why our solar system is estimated to be about 4.5 billion years old.)
    Planet Hospitality
    For any life forms that are familiar to us, the host planet must meet some basic criteria. (Somehow, Star Trek managed to find many planets that were essentially just like Earth.) The temperature of the planet must always remain within a tiny range of observed temperatures for life to survive. There must be sufficient light to provide heat without baking the planet. One way to make this simpler is for the planet to rotate at a similar speed to the earth – once every 24 hours. Planets that rotate even once a month experience extremes in temperature that would prohibit life as we know it to develop.
    The planet would also need to have water available, ideally predominantly in liquid form. The temperature range to support liquid water is even narrower. What’s also interesting is that water itself is an anomaly. For some reason water expands when it freezes, rather than contract like nearly every other substance. A few metals expand when they freeze – become solids, but the temperatures are much higher than for water. This property of water is responsible for so many things we take for granted. If not for ice expanding, our ice cubes would not float in our iced tea. But more importantly, when winter comes and water has seeped into tiny cracks in rocks, it would not expand to split these rocks. By this process, a rocky terrain over thousands of years can be broken down into much smaller particles, that when mixed with dead plants, produce soil. If there were no water on Earth that was constantly freezing, melting, evaporating and freezing over and over again, the surface of the Earth would look much more like the Moon’s surface. The temperature on Earth getting just warm enough for water to vaporize allows for the formation of clouds which then release this evaporated water as rain, which distributes the water much more evenly than if we just had multiple large bodies of water sitting stagnant. Large bodies of water are also resistant to freezing and causing the breaking down of rocks for the production of soil.
    Plants are essential as they are able to convert sunlight into sugars. The probability of plants evolving is extremely low. What makes sustaining plant life so difficult is that the amount of light that the plants receive must be bright enought to drive the photosynthesis process, which releases oxygen into the atmosphere, but it must also not be so intense that it destroys the delicate proteins within the plants. The range where photosynthese can occur without destroying the proteins is very narrow. And without plants, animal life would have had no available food source, so the sequence of plants evolving before animals is critical. If you talk to any gardener, you will realize that there are plants that require full sunlight or they will die, and there are those that will die when exposed to full sunlight. The tolerance of plants to sunlight is very narrow and specific to the variety of plant.
    Animal Life
    Science can categorize life as either plant life or animal life, but there is no data that supports any method by which one can become the other. Therefore, we can surmise that another extremely unlikely event occurred to introduce animal life to Earth. Whether animals came into being independent of plant life or somehow metamorphosized from plant to animal is unknown, but the hypothesis does not rest on this detail. Animal life does exist, so it had to have come from one of these origins. Simple animal life forms, it turns out, are actually far from simple. Even at the cellular level, there is so much complexity built into simple animals that it is considered mathematically impossible that animal life should have evolved from nothing, especially with the constraint of only 4.8 billion years.
    And science still does not understand what “life” really is. Why is something alive at one moment and dead at another? And is life at the cellular level the same as life at the organism level. Someone who had been suddenly killed is definitely dead, but at the cellular level, many bodily components are still alive. Because of this, we can successfully transplant organs from an organ donor to a patient who is clinging to life themselves.
    How did the more advanced forms of life come into being?
    Amazing Life on Earth
    When we consider all that had to have happened, and the idea that it all happened in only 4.5 billion years here on Earth it is amazing. Not just amazing, but unlikely. To the point of being impossible. Global warming is proving that the earth’s conditions are so precisely tuned that even slight variations in temperature are threatening life as we know it. If the earth were slightly closer to or further away from the sun, or the earth’s rotation was slightly faster or slower, or the tilt on its axis off just a bit, life as we know it could not survive on this rock.
    The idea that human life could have evolved from rudimentary forms of life is scientifically disproved, but so unpopular with scientists that they continue to struggle to defend it. (Look at the history of huge mistakes in science that scientists defended long past the usefulness of the theory – including an earth-centric galaxy.) The idea that mutation of genes to create superior creatures has been proven to be false. All mutations either inhibit the viability of the mutant creature, or make the creature unable to reproduce, or both. Scientists are unable to provide even one example of a mutation that was beneficial to the mutant being. Fruit flies that mutate and grow extra set of wings sounds promising, but not if they are on the fly’s head and have no muscles or supporting structure to allow them to function as wings. Even if a beneficial mutation were to occur, there is no way for the mutation to be passed on to later generations. Most significant mutants are either sterile or die before they are old enough to reproduce. And if they do mate, the mutant gene has no corresponding mutant gene, and will likely die out.
    In addition, the theory that evolution works through a process of natural selection and mutation is based on the understanding of biology of over 150 years ago, much of which has long ago been abandoned. The current understanding of how DNA, RNA, and other information carrying structures in cells is immensely more complex than anything Darwin could have conceived. This complexity has been compared to modern computer programming, which always has processes embedded to detect and remove errors in the data. In other words, living matter is designed to eliminate as much mutation as possible, thereby preventing mutation into other forms.
    Christian World View Perspective
    The Christian world view suggests that the Intelligent Being behind all this design is a knowable God, who we may call Father. The Father sent His Son into the world as Jesus Christ, to fix the world.
    Let’s back up, this God created this world and declared that it was all “good.” He created Adam and Eve, the first humans, and gave them complete freedom to live in the pristine Earth that He had made for them. Complete freedom, with just one restriction – there were not to eat from the Tree of Life. Eve was tempted by an evil being, and together with Adam rebelled against God and introduced all that is imperfect and wrong into the creation. Yes, all creation, not just a Garden or planet Earth. Romans chapter 8 tells us “Against its will, all creation was subjected to God’s curse.” And goes on to say that “we know that all creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.” The text is very clear that ALL creation was affected by the rebellion of the first man and woman.
    If there were other advanced forms of life in the universe, who must be more advanced that humans if they are able to travel between the stars, why would God subject them to the curse because of the act of two humans on a small planet light-years away from these alien life forms? It makes no sense – it is not just. And the Judeo-Christian view of God is that He is good, He is just, He always does what is right.
    The other beings that we are made aware of in the Bible are angels. David, in one of his psalms, says that God has made humans “for a little while lower than the angels.” Then David goes on to say “you gave [humans] charge of everything you made, putting all things under their authority.” This is not qualified to all things on Earth, but all of creation. In the meantime, the book of Hebrews tells us that, at least for now, angels are ministering spirits to fallen humans.
    It is not feasible that this good God, our Father, would inflict the curse on beings totally ignorant and innocent of the wrong that the first two humans committed several thousand years ago on a distant planet.
    In summary, the likelihood of alien life developing and binge so far advanced beyond human life is so improbable as to make that option an impossibility. The facts as presented in the Holy Scriptures do not allow for alien life forms to be part of the grand design that God has put in place, where man and woman are the highest beings who have been given free will so they may choose to love and adore Him. There is no room in the world that God that designed for men and women to enjoy for any alternative higher forms of life.

  7. As you said Carolyn, there are so many unanswered questions. I had a catholic upbringing and grew up going to church every Sunday and believing in God. Aliens and UFOs were just for the movies. But now I think there’s SO much we haven’t been told, so much that’s undisclosed I question everything these days. I do believe there’s other life, other life forms. How can we honestly think we’re the only species?
    I can remember as a young girl having the most vivid dreams and feeling as though I’d been teleported back into my body. I can remember waking and my body feeling as though it had been “dropped” back into the bed. So strange, I never forgot it.
    I do believe we come from the same God, the one source of all creation. As I said, so many questions. The mind boggles! 🙏

  8. I’m guessing China sent a wave of spy balloons, and now our government is trying to hush it all up to save face after the media spotlight on the first one.

    For aliens, there’s been a lot written that encounters with them are actually demons deceiving and messing with people. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of a book that was a good overview for it, but there are plenty of articles about the idea with an online search.

  9. I’ve often wondered if “aliens” will be used as an explanation for the rapture after it happens. If so, it stands to reason that the idea of them would be more mainstream. It will be interesting to see if that happens.

  10. “And prior to that, the US had never shot down an object in our airspace deemed to be a threat.”

    First, it’s a big country. It’s entirely possible we have, but it was never discovered. For example, Did you know the US has exploded nearly 1000 nuclear test explosions in an area near Area 51? That’s now documented along with the tracking of the radiation to population centers. Against that, how easy would it be to conceal a shootdown?

    Shooting down a balloon isn’t as easy as I thought just a few days ago when I read an article that educated me. Balloons are preferable to satellites for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the greater clarity of photographs. Their slow speeds also mean more time “on site” to gather more data. They also can travel at altitudes that no fighter or even missile cane reach, i.e. 80,000 feet. We might know they are there, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

    The current balloon craze in the headlines is the result of a chance sighting in Montana of a balloon that sank to an altitude to be naked-eye observable. Now the government has to “do something” in order to not look completely incompetent. And news organizations always need clicks and advertising dollars, so…

    As of today – 02/14/23 (Happy Valentine’s Day!) – the White House has said that no alien tech has been discovered. Plus, my wife read an article that American-made components have been found in the payloads. I won’t go into details here, but I can tell you from my years as a factory rep that that can happen either deliberately or innocently through 3rd and 4th parties.

    Aliens – well, you asked, so here I go. Let’s start with Deuteronomy 32, the Song of Moses God commanded him to write as warning to Israel to mind their P’s and Q’s as well as a review of their history so far. Verse 17 tells us that the false gods were real entities: “They sacrificed to demons, not to God, To gods they did not know, To new gods, new arrivals That your fathers did not fear.”

    The most-mentioned God we’re familiar with is Baal. He was not just a statue; He was real. He was the god Israel burned their children for and part of the reason for the Babylonian Captivity. Where did he come from? The answer Lies in both Genesis 6 and The Book of Enoch, which both tell of the fallen Watchers that went with Lucifer in rebellion against God. They swore their eternal pact on Mount Hermon, which is also where Jesus’ Transfiguration took place. That was Jesus “in your face” gesture to Lucifer and co.

    Anyway, to lead humanity astray, these fallen angels impersonated other gods – like Baal. Enoch even lists several by name and the secrets and skills they taught mankind even as they took the women is wives. It reads almost exactly like a listing of the Greek and Nordic gods.

    The theory is that as time passed, the fallen angels took different forms of false gods. The Greek gods of “myth” were real entities. They eventually passed into myth. Their next iteration to lead humanity astray will be aliens. They will come to us as enlightened beings who will lead us away from God.

    Lest you think this is too far out, the Vatican has its own observatory in Arizona, which houses not only a conventional telescope, but their L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Device (could they not have come up with a better acronym??). Why would the Vatican want a binocular, infrared telescope? It takes the best pictures of flying saucers.

    Two reports who visited the observatory near Tuscon asked about this, and They asked “…the Jesuit Father on duty that day (whom we got on film) who told us that among the most important research occurring with the site’s Vatican astronomers is the quest to pinpoint certain extrasolar planets and advanced alien intelligence.”

    They also had an interview with Jesuit priest, Guy Consolmagno. “…he admits how contemporary societies will soon ‘look to The Aliens to be the Saviors of humankind.”

    As the authors dug deeper, questioned more, and followed up, they were told “…how some Vatican theologians accept the possibility that an extraterrestrial species may exist that is morally superior to men—closer to God than we fallen humans are—and that, consequently, they may come here to evangelize us. Father Guy Consolmagno took up this same line of thinking…in his book, Brother Astronomer: Adventures of a Vatican Scientist…”

    Kenneth’s comment above re. UFO’s being demonic – he’s spot on. But they will come disguised as our friends and lead us away from Jesus’ true Gospel with their so-called enlightened teachings. And by the way, this is not me trying to trash Catholicism. I truly believe that Catholics are saved Christians, but I also believe that, as in all large organizations, there’s some decay at the top.

    Sorry this was so long, but you asked!

  11. Aliens, as in live beings from other planets? I don’t think so. The statistical “chance” of us existing apart from a Creator is extreme, so this would only be possible IF God was the creator. How that would figure into the biblical story of salvation is hard to fathom. Just makes no sense. Revelation tells us there will be a new heaven and a new earth one day, after Jesus’ return. That’s heaven, in my mind. Until then people go to an intermediate place, awaiting judgment. What would alien beings require, a separate “earth” to live on? No logic allows me to imagine this. The concept of aliens is just another distraction of Satan to draw attention away from reality, I believe. My thoughts, anyway.

  12. There definitely is quite a wide array of answers. I just figure noone can take my soul as it belongs to Him. I choose to focus on God. He has the real answers and I look forward to asking Him a ton of questions on my own judgement day. Or will I care anymore when facing his glory? 😉

  13. Why was it important to declare your stance on Biden’s response? What was pathetic about it or what would you have done differently?
    I wouldn’t have done anything differently because of safety concerns to Americans due to debris fallout.

  14. So when I was an atheist, I had several months of demonic attacks at night. They were insanely scary. One night, one of the demon’s looked exactly like an alien, I kid you not. I shortly gave my life to Christ after that, and the episodes went away. I think people truly do see aliens. I just don’t think they are what we think they are. Satan is incredibly deceptive.

    • Hi Ericka, oh my gosh, what a terrifying experience! thank you for sharing that! amen to that – Christ is our protector. great point! Hugs and love xox

  15. I don’t think strange objects in the sky is a new phenomenom. It is just that the Chinese spy balloon has brought attention to it and the media have to always make a big deal of such things. There have been UFOs for many years. Has the government shot any down before? We don’t know because these kinds of things are often kept quiet. I don’t think they are aliens. At least there is no evidence of beings from other planets. I also don’t agree with the gentleman prior who claims that all foreign gods are real beings (that they are demons). His quoting and interpreting of the Bible are totally off base. He is adding conclusions that are not supported by scripture. I agree that there are things that are demonic based but most idols are man-made and given attributes they don’t really possess.

  16. So – I used to be in the military, in signals intelligence. So I know a few things. This is not the first time we have encountered a spy plane / balloon / whatever from China / Russia / whomever, and it’s not the first time something like this has been in the news. You might remember about 20 years ago the Chinese “escorted” one of OUR spy planes to a landing on Hainan Island.

    If you just look at the news coverage of the handful of incidents over the years, as well as the lack of any substantive commentary / response from the government, a reasonable person might conclude that all the major players in the world are all spying on each other and that it’s something of an open secret.

    Have you ever read a Tom Clancy novel? Because he talks about this stuff a lot.

    So if I had to guess, those “UFO’s” were either our experimental craft or they were more balloons / whatever from China, but the government doesn’t want to tip their hand and admit publicly what they know.

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