Taken Care Of

Another weekend, another realization…

Let’s be real…my love life…is no secret on here. For better or for worse, I have been…probably too irresponsibly candid in what I’ve shared. But you know what…I regret nothing 🙂 haha


Anywho…I realized something the other day.

I was filming one of my “Journaling Through Recovery” videos (they’re available on Patreon) and the quote of the day was this: “Friends are God’s way of taking care of us.”

That quote was handwritten on the top of the journal page by my best friend, who gave me that journal as I went off to inpatient when I was beginning recovery at age 18. She wrote a quote on top of each and every page. What a friend.

But that quote really hit me.

Friends are God’s way of taking care of us. 

There are a couple different levels to that: First, just friends being amazing, loving, and supportive people that are there for us. I think that’s pretty surface level.

But here’s the kicker that really stopped me in my tracks.

Friends are given to us by God. They’re gifts. Friends are put into our lives by God. They are an extension of His love for you and me. God loves us through the love of our friends.

These past several weeks, er…months…I have been so totally fixated on my singleness. I’ve been completely focused on my love life and how I’m (impatiently) waiting for God to bring a man into my life. And all that time, I have been overlooking and forgetting about the incredible blessings that are already in my life: my friends. 

I’ve been seeing my life as “half empty,” without a boyfriend, party-of-one, on my way to being a cat lady, when the reality is, it’s actually incredibly full — overflowing you might say.


I have been given so many beautiful friendships. At home, in NYC, in my family…and that quote today reminded me that God is responsible for those friendships. He isn’t abandoning me, or withholding something from me by not “giving me” a boyfriend.

Heck no.

He’s taking care of me…through my friends. He’s giving me exactly what I need, right now, in this very moment.

I have a pretty unique situation in NYC. I have been best friends with two girls since we were tikes. One I met at 3 years old, one at seven. We were literally neighbors. And we did everything together. Went through life together. The good times, the tough times, the times when we nearly peed our pants from laughing so hard. Everything. They are my girls, and I would do anything for them…rob a bank? sure. Climb a mountain? I’ll bring the carabiners. Anything. And wouldn’t you know…we are all living in NYC. Right now.

That, is God taking care of me.

That is a gift. That is Him loving me.

Another case in point: I have been blessed with two amazing sisters-in-law. (sister-in-laws?) *shrug* grammar… But these two women are more than just my brothers’ wives…they’re also my best friends. And I could count on them for anything.

And don’t get me started on my OG BFF, my mother

How easily I can just take for granted the beautiful relationships I have in my life simply because I’m fixated on being somebody’s “girlfriend.”

God is taking care of me. I just need to look around, and see what is there, instead of what isn’t.

The next time I want to complain about God’s timing not being fast enough in the “love department,” I need to stop and take an inventory of all the nurturing, and life-giving friendships I have in my life. God is taking care of me….how I need…in this moment.

I hope that I can one day be as great of a friend as these women have been to me.

OK, that’s all for tonight. I’m going to fall asleep with gratitude instead of impatience. Because that’s the reality.

And I decided to release this week’s 4-minute “Journaling Through Recovery” video on the blog, just so you could get some context on the post. For more videos like it, they’re available on Patreon!

And just as quick update….I have a date on Thursday…and I didn’t meet him on Bumble.

*Mic Drop*


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258 responses to “Taken Care Of”

  1. Just remember the words of St. Philip “You can’t hurry love, you just have to wait. Love don’t come easy, it’s a game of give and take.” 😊

  2. What a friend to give you that journal and take the time to write supportive quotes.
    I am diagnosed with severe recurring depression. Friends are so important! One friend and I are ” on call” 24/7 for one another if there is a need. Friends are truly a blessing as are you for sharing your journey. Thank you!

    • Hi Rick! I know she seriously is an amazing friend. I am so lucky to have her in my life. You’re right-friends are so so important. That’s so awesome that you have that on call buddy. Thanks for sharing your story:) big hugs xox

  3. What a beautiful post! I know exactly how you feel. I know that I too can take it for granted all the beautiful friends God has given in my life. <3

    Ooh! And all the best for your date! 😀

  4. Amen! You have friends, AND a date. My goodness,you are blessed, indeed! 🙂

    God is a God of abundance,His blessings flow infinitely, but the world tries to teach us scarcity. Gratitude is a great way to put our eyes back on that abundance that is truly plentiful.

  5. I love that friends quote! Thanks for sharing. What a great way to look at our friends… gifts from God. It’s a perfect reminder… I’m so thankful for mine 🙂

  6. BBB, the fact that your Thursday date won’t be a bumbler is a good thing. I remember bumbling through some number of first dates and never got a do-over. 😉 XOX Rich

  7. First…thank you. As a person looking and waiting (often impatiently, in a smaller pool than in NYC), for someone after being without for four years, I often look past the friends that have been placed around me, for me because like you, I obsess about the very thing that you wrote about (albeit at a bit older age, ha ha). Thank you so much for these words today.

    Second, a date! Congratulations, friend! Good luck, and even if it doesn’t amount to anything…it becomes something to take with you. Maybe even a new friend. A chance to see if someone has what you are looking for. I know He will help you find that person, in His timing.

    Thanks again, Caralyn. Your candor while probably a bit uncomfortable for you, has been very helpful I am sure to many. Have a great evening 🙂

  8. Love this: “God is taking care of me. I just need to look around and see what is there, instead of what isn’t “.

    This is the only perspective which brings true joy and peace. Great reminder!

  9. Great post! I always enjoy reminders of how wonderful friends are. Mine have done every kind of good thing for me. Some of that I’ll never be able to pay back, but there’s no bill for it. If you have more than two real, “up close and personal” friends, you are wealthy.

    The mic drop was smooth. I’m not surprised that the date didn’t come through Bumble, though. When I looked it up, it seemed more my kind of site than yours.

    • Thanks friend! You’re right- there’s no bill for it. Friends are just pure blessings and what a beautiful thing they are. Haha yeah-this was an in person encounter! 🙂 thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  10. A friend recommended your blog to me and I’m so happy he did! I can relate to this so much, I struggled with an eating disorder and still have times where I struggle. And now I’m super focused on getting a boyfriend. Like this blog could not come at a better time!! For real lets be bffs 🙂 good luck with everything and on your date!

    • Hi Caitlin! Welcome! Oh my gosh I’m so glad you decided to drop by 🙂 yes, can we please?! 🙂 but seriously, I’m sorry that we both have that in our pasts that connect us, but hey, we’re on this journey together, cheering each other on! 🙌❤️ thanks again for stopping by! Big hugs xox

  11. Beautiful post! How could God not bless you with what you desire? With all the praise and glory you give Him for what He’s already done in your life! My suggestion is that you don’t concentrate so much on if he’s the right one, and trust in Him. You will know, because your souls will connect. That’s what happens to me. I’m so excited for you!

  12. I read your blog and watched your video and thought, awesome, inspiring, and then you say good-bye. I was just about to leave the page, when suddenly, there you are again, only this time pulling faces, lolol … Oh, you crack me up, you are such an amazing person, beautiful soul, and then came the faces, lol, too funny. You truly are adoreable. Have an amazing date my sweet friend 🙂 God Bless xxx

    • Thank you so much for watching! Haha I LOVE bloopers!! Haha seriously though:) that’s very kind of you to say. Hope you’re having a beautiful evening! Hugs and love xox

  13. I love this! I totally can relate to feeling stuck in singleness, but trying to focus on the Lord. It’s a tough season. I hope the Lord brings you someone super awesome :), but don’t let that be your focus. ❤️ Try to enjoy the chance to give the Lord and your friends and family some love (like you were talking about), and that way–when you look back–you won’t regret this season as one you used to pine away for a boyfriend. Easier said than done, but I think you can do it :). Have a great week and date ;).

  14. Friendships are important. One verse taught me the importance of that

    Ecclesiastes 4:9-12: Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. 10 For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! 11 Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? 12 And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

    We’re meant to be relational people. God created us to be that way. You focusing on your love life is not a bad thing. It only becomes a bad thing when you put it before God. But you’re also right that we must not forget the people that God brings into our lives who He doesn’t mean for that spot in your life. Remember what God said about Adam in the garden–He said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” It was the only thing that He called not good in all of creation, but God remedied that by bringing someone into his life for that purpose.

    So, in essence, God has taken care of you, Caralyn, and don’t let your singleness define you, Caralyn, let Christ define you.

    Hope you enjoyed my recent post too!

    • Thank you so much for this Tom. That is such a powerful verse. You’re so spot on- we’re relational beings. And being defined by Christ—yes yes yes! Thanks for stopping by! Yes! Terrific as always 🙂 Hugs and love xox

      • Back at ya 🙂 Dark Knight trilogy is not the most uplifting, but it has lessons to be learned about going through with life. It’s why it’s one my favorite movies.

        Glad I could be of encouragement for you again. Enjoy the rest of your night! Now, back to Batman!

  15. I found the title to be an entire message in itself coming from you. The rest was very rich and comforting gravy! Thanks for pointing out this obvious but easily missed fact! THAT is the beauty of your entire blog. We are all learning with…no, slightly behind you.

    You’re taking point for your 16,000+ platoon on this lifelong patrol. You’re hitting the land mines and tripping over the vines for us. You face plant, but we can still hear your muffled “Watch out for that one!” You roll over, give us a smile, then get back up and do it again!

    We ALL do the same things, but you have the courage to put yours out there FIRST, to let the rest of us know that we aren’t alone, to show us anyone can be lifted back up, if we just understand that God is Who really does the lifting.

    Thanks for loving us all so much! Thanks for being so brave!

    • Hey Jeff! Thank you so much! (First of all, I want to apologize for the delay in my patreon post-my iTunes is having some issues uploading the podcast!) but I had a great laugh at this. I am ALL FOR a solid face plant:) haha but seriously, thank you. God is definitely the one who does the lifting, and Praise Him for that! Although, I will say- you are a close second…you always have just the right word of encouragement and kindness for me:) you’re a great friend. Sending big big Hugs xox

      • I had wondered what the glitch was on Patreon, but it was just concern – no reason to apologize to me! I hope you got the email for the restaurant Julie and I found; a small return for turning us on to Serendipity, which was such a hoot! I’ll look at Patreon in a bit. I’m a Dancing with the Stars junkie! I want to give it my undivided attention!

      • Haha yeah I hope to have it fixed within the hour. I’m afraid I’m going to have to update iTunes which could take a while…ugh. Yes! Will get to my email here in a few! So fun that you and Julie found a great restaurant! Enjoy DWTS! 🙂 Hugs and love xox

      • YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE DARK KNIGHT?!?!? My dear, we need to set a curriculum of movies you MUST see before you are required to turn in your Actor Card!!! Jaws, Princess Bride, and the entire Batman trilogy to start. I require one report/review per week…minimum! 🙂

    • Thanks Yolanda. Glad it resonated with you:) haha thanks for saying that! I sometimes get super weary about sharing so much. So the encouragement is greatly appreciated 🙂 have a great night! Xox

      • I understand. To constantly be the giver is humanly impossible. As much as I enjoy your posts, don’t be afraid to skip one if you just need to take-in from God. Blessings and sweet dreams.

  16. Well said – indeed friends are God’s gift to us. And you have lots of friends in people like us who love your posts. Stay positive – I have realized through my experiences that good things happen to good people 🙂

    • Thank you so much! You’re right-friends are like earthly hugs from God:) and I definitely am grateful for the wonderful friendships in this little community! ❤️ thanks for stopping by! Big hugs xox

  17. There’s so much I love about this post I honestly don’t even know where to start.

    Your friend who wrote those quotes in your journal sounds like an extraordinary person. You are so blessed to have had her in your life, especially in that period of your life.

    I love the fact that your favorite Bible quotes are about war and fighting and battles. You look like such a girly girl (absolutely no offense intended).

    My favorite Bible quote is from First Epistle Of Saint Paul To The Corinthians Chapter 2: “That eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, what things God hath prepared for them that love him.” To me, that quote means that Heaven is beyond anything we could imagine it to be like. That’s just a mind-blowing, utterly amazing thought. And to think that God is willing to share it with us…There are no words. 🙂

    May God bless you always.

    • Thank you so much for this beautiful reflection. Oh my gosh. She is THE MOST extraordinary person. I look up to her so much. She is my hero. And the other cool thing is that she is one of the “two” besties I mentioned later in the post that now lives in NYC! She is truly a lifelong friend. 20+ years. It’s amazing. Haha yeah-my fav bible verse is definitely a bit unexpected. But then, I’ve been an actor since I was five…so perhaps I was drawn to the drama of it all! Haha goodness gracious 🙂 oh my gosh I love that quote. So comforting and hopeful. Mind blowing-you’re right. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  18. Thank you for sharing your faith and your journey. One of my daughters dealt with an eating disorder when she was younger and I think you sharing your story gives others hope. Don’t stop! Oh, and don’t worry about dating! When you’ve been married 20 years w 3 kids you will miss being able to go to the bathroom alone or watch anything you want in tv!

  19. Love this! I am in a long distance, military relationship. As such, the tendency is to move fast to get to the finish line as soon as possible. I have to remind myself that everything will happen in its own time. That when it is meant to happen, it will. I just have to *try* to sit back and make the most of this time, that will, ultimately, bring us closer together <3

    • Hi Bekah! That is such a great mindset to have – yes: everything in its own time. Thank you for that powerful reminder. Hang in there- it sounds like you two have a beautiful relationship. Hugs and love xox

  20. Great post 🙂 I especially love that quote you found somewhere about friends being God’s gift to us 🙂 Having friends does give us solace 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

  21. I think that is such a beautiful and fitting description for true friends :). Thanks for sharing and good luck on your date… Although, you don’t need it. You’ll be great 🙂

  22. Inspiring… “Lean not on your own understanding…” If we try to understand/figure everything out, we’ll be overwhelmed… if we trust in something greater, we can move forward…

  23. I think we listen to the same music, well partly maybe. Thy will be done by Hillary Scott been giving me a lot of peace lately. 🙂 Take care, dearest.

  24. As always, your writing presentation is beautiful, to-the-point, and “smile-provoking.” For me, the most poignant part reflects friends/friendships coming from God. You know, I agree! God who orchestrates all things DEFINITELY knows who we need in our lives (and even who we don’t need) and when/how we need each one. Thank you for delivering this message to us (me).

    Enjoy your date. Continue allowing God to orchestrate your relationships. You make me smile, and I am proud of you.

    • Hi Fredrick, oh thank you so much:) that’s so kind of you to say! I’m glad it made you smile! You’re right-God is the best “orchestra conductor” there is! Have a great day! Hugs and love xox

  25. S W E E T !!! Who knows Thursday’s date could be the one???? I have always believed that God sends the right people at the right time. Friends come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. If it’s for a season it might be that you have something to teach that friend and once that has been accomplished, that friend is ready to move on. If it’s for a reason it might be that you have something to learn, it feels like that person is a real Godsend and they are, someone that you needed just at the right time, once that has been fulfilled that friendship ends for no reason. Not because it’s something you’ve done, but because their mission is accomplished. If it’s for a lifetime they’re there through thick and thin, the good times and the bad and the heartaches, then you’ll know it’s there till the end and that they are true friends. God bless <3

    • Hahah thanks:) I’m going into it just looking for a friendship and will be pleasantly surprised if anything else comes of it! Haha you’re right-God definitely gives us exactly what we need, when we need it. Thanks for this beautiful reflection. You’re a blessing to me! Hugs and love xox

  26. Thank you for reminding us of the true value of friends – that they are a gift from God, and therefore so precious..

  27. WOW Every time I need that extra bit of encouragement, there you are! Literally you are so amazing with words even in your darkest of battles! and when you Mentioned Proverbs 3:5-6 my heart stopped! (metaphorically, of course lol) it’s verses that are dear to my heart, and haven’t read in a while (check on your comments on Facebook and see what I mean) sending you lots of love Caralyn 🙂 <3

    • Hey Benjamin! Awww what a kind thing to say:) glad this gave you a little nudge of encouragement. I’ll definitely drop by the page and check it out-i have to be honest that I don’t check it as often as I should! But I will:) yes-reading god’s word is always powerful. Hugs and love xox

  28. God indeed gives us friends to love
    But for me they are always taken away
    You found God through your friends
    I found God whilst I was all alone

    Love loves you, we are never abandoned

    • I appreciate you sharing this perspective. We are definitely never abandoned. God will always find a way to our hearts, no matter what it takes to get there:) know that I am your friend and I’m not going anywhere 🙂 Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you so much for passing that along. I will definitely check it out. That’s so awesome about you and your husband’s love story. Definitely gives me hope:) big hugs xox

  29. It happens to the best of us . Every time I start feeling down about not having a man I just start to think about the things that I’m grateful for , definitely always helps. You will be blessed with an awesome man one day girlll 😘😊

  30. Caralyn:

    The pastor at church was sharing with the congregation that while we cannot change God, we can cause him pain. The is so different from offering our pain up to Him so that we can be healed. That is received with joy and celebration, because it allows Him to serve his most cherished purpose. And when it is done in faith as an act of service for others that suffer with us: well, as it was said of the first servant in the parable of the minahs, that is indeed something to honor.

    Thank-you for what you have done, what you do, and what you will do.

    With love,


    • Hi Brian! Wow what a powerful message. You’re right-offering up our pain, though incredibly difficult in the moment, is really what we should strive to do:) thanks for sharing that! Have a great day! Hugs and love xox

  31. Believing is seeing. Imagine that the Infinite Spirit of God has already someone in store for you, believe and trust in it. Just be on the outlook for it. You can compare this with the looking for a parking place. Don’t say “I will never find a place to park, I am totally lost, OMG” say instead with the power and authority of faith and trust: “God has already a place to park in store me in his Infinite Mind, I must only be awake, look carefully and be a little bit patient, because it takes time to deliver the gift.”

    It simply takes time to manifest this relationship of your dreams, but it is already real in His vision. Try to cooperate and flow with the Divine Vision for your life 🙂 May you be blessed,

  32. I feel by you writing this post already makes you a true and valued friend! I’m slowly but surely realising the same thing in my life. Boyfriends come and go, but true friends will be there no matter what! Thanks for the post! <3

  33. Hi Caralyn!

    Great post! Funny thing about it too is that i’ve had pretty much this conversation with myself many times in the past. Not to get into too many boring details, i’ve gone into each one of my relationships with the ultimate goal of marriage (as i think we all should, right?), but none of my girlfriends felt the same, or even if they did, i feel that they got bored of me and we split apart. There were many times in my life that i felt helpless and hopeless, questioning all of my faults instead of focusing on my good qualities. Added to that, i get the added pressure from family members of mine because i’m turning 36 in December and i’m still not married and have no children and in the hispanic culture, that’s an anomaly. I know i heard it from my grandmother many times over that she was praying that a good woman would come into my life and treat me the way i should be treated and not like every other past girlfriend i’ve had, etc, etc. It was nice hearing it once, but over and over again got more tiring than hoping that it would happen. However, i say all of that to say that i too came to the realization that my life is pretty full with happiness with the non-romantic relationships that i have. I have my tight circle of friends that feel more like family than friends at this point, i have my sister, her husband, and their kids, and i have my dad and living grandparents too. I wish i was closer to my cousins, but we’ve all drifted apart, but my point is that even though i do have those moments of desire to be in a romantic relationship, i get what i need thanks to God. It’s His plan, after all.

    I hope you have a great time on your date, by the way!

    • Hey David! I’m glad this resonated win you! Thanks for sharing this. You’re right- god gives us exactly what we need. And His timing, often doesn’t line up with our own, or that of our family’s expectations. But His timing is perfect, and I 100% believe that He’s going ton bring the right woman into your life at the right time:) have an awesome day! Hugs and love xox

  34. You are here and now already whole and enough, Caralyn. With or without a boyfriend. Enjoy yourself. Celebrate. Dance. And the blessings will flow to you. “God is taking care of me. I just need to look around, and see what is there, instead of what isn’t.” ~ that’s the gentle and loving voice of the Spirit.
    Listen to Him and he will guide you. If the Ego is telling you “my life is half empty, without a boyfriend, I am not whole, my singleness is a problem”, “I am on my way to being a cat lady”, “don’t believe that.

    The voice of the Spirit sounds different. Full of well-being, peace, clarity, he sees always the blessings, grace and goodness, is always dancing in the Joy of the Lord.

  35. God truly does work through His people to extend His love to us. Friendship is hard to find. It’s been said, “if you can count on one hand the number of “true” friends you have, you’re a blessed person!

  36. When we learn to see God’s loving hands from the hands of our loving friends, it will be easier for us to see His loving face in the face of the one who will love us through this life…our spouse.

  37. Great post! Only when we take stock do we realize how blessed and beautiful our life presently is. We are blessed beyond what we see and know. You are even more blessed for the realization that you have been blessed with so many beautiful people – family and friends. Thank God we are complete in Christ Jesus!

  38. Hi Caralyn,

    Good post, arguably better than the previous post because this time you focused more on the present and the things you love and have in life: friends. Which is a great theme.

    Also, it’s kinda funny or ironical how you say that you’re doing just fine without a boyfriend and then throw in that plot twist, right at the end.

    Anyways, just some observations… Hope everything goes well for you, hugs

  39. Beautiful post! It’s wonderful that you can realize the importance of having true friends, they are special and need to be treasured and told how much they mean to you! God does add and remove people from our lives. So if someone walks away from your life that’s just God removing them as they have served their purpose and it’s time for them to move on. Good luck with your date and be patient God will bring you Mr. Right if you let Him! Wishing you continued success and great strength with your recovery! xo

  40. We’re on the same page.

    ( I know I almost waited long enough to do a double-feature on your next post 😛 )

    Two good friends of mine (from totally different places) are or were recently basically homeless (I’ll know if they ever get back to my facebook messages how it’s all turning out) and I want to say it drives me crazy but that’s not really the expression I’m looking for… it sends me on worry overload because these are my friends and due to distance there really isn’t a whole lot I can do. Random spiel number one.

    Actually, just last night I was catching up with a friend. Eons ago there was this Christian social networking site called Battle Cry which I suppose was inspired by the youth conference of the same name put on by Acquire the Fire and Teen Mania, anyway. After Battle Cry came Shoutlife and a lot of people from Battle Cry migrated to Shoutlife, but as a result all across the continent (and maybe even the world) there are these remnant networks of young adults and I can go through facebook and look at names and go ‘yep, there’s another one,’ it was a real..comradery. But anyway, this friend in particular and I were connected with a couple other girls and for a year or so we formed very close friendships and we’d have group video chats and talk and share and pray together and you know, they were family I won’t easily forget.

    Sadly, though perhaps it’s just all part of a much more grand plan, that core broke down one at a time in some of the most unfortunate ways and now I don’t know that any of them speak to each other anymore, and I’m connected just enough to see how far the disconnection went. And as I was catching up with this friend I was thinking about old times and realizing just how long it’s been since I really…talked…to someone…deeply, about anything important. There isn’t anyone I talk to on a regular enough basis now to get to that point.

    I miss my dear friends.

    And then I read your post and I said ‘aha,’ because somewhere there’s a line in space and time and for a minute we were both on it going the same direction, being reminded of the value of our friendships.

    I know it’s been quit some time since I’ve ranted on here (*quiet mimsical chuckles*)

    • Hey Carson! It sounds like you really care for your friends. I’ll keep them in my prayers. Battle cry! What a great name. I’m sorry that platform fizzled out. Losing touch is always rough. I’m sorry you miss them. You’re right-there is such a great value in friends.

  41. But (and good lord it’s way too easy to hit that send button on my phone screen) I guess I’m just agreeing in my own..melancholy…way…haha.

    Someone said once, ‘Look for the Jesus in people,’ and the more you get to know them, the more Jesus you may see. Isn’t He so wonderful.

    • And I love that: look for the Jesus in people. So true! I just have to say: I definitely see Him in you!! 🙂 hope you’re having a great week so far! Hugs and love xox

  42. I totally get what you mean about worrying of being single. I was in a relationship for three years that should have just been a friendship from the beginning. I think I convinced myself that I was in “love” and liked the ‘idea’ of having a boyfriend because in society, women need to be married and have children. I’m done with what society thinks.

    God blessed you with so many loving people in your life and that’s all you need right now. Your life is rich, and full of love that isn’t going to fade away. His timing is always right on time and the time will come when you find someone you truly care about.

    I’ve recently started doing bible studies at my church and I love having an outlet where I can make my faith stronger by reading the bible and having lots of prayer.

    Have fun on your date!

    • Hi Candice! Thank you so much for this beautiful reflection. You’re right, His timing is always right on time – I like how you phrased that. Brings a lot of comfort. That’s so great. I’m glad you’ve found that life giving outlet:) Hugs and love xox

  43. Hey! I’ve nominated your blog for the blogger recognition award. I love watching your vlogs especially, and I admire and respect you from afar. Summer :)https://summerstartstoshine.wordpress.com/2016/10/05/my-blog-has-been-recognised/

  44. Beautifully stated– and so true. We just retired and are living on a lot less now– but we are so so rich in friends and I feel God’s good care through them every day… Thank you for the beautiful thoughtful post. xo

    • Hey Jonathan! Thanks for this…you’re right, sometimes we’ve got to stop and take inventory of the abundance of blessings we have 🙂 thanks for stopping by! hugs xox

  45. I recall visiting with my grandfather and his 94 year old friend many years ago (my grandfather died in 1972). His friend told me, “Always be making friends. When you get to my age, your friends keep dying off”. Certainly, we desire to find a one-and-only, but that person may not live as long as we wish. My grandfather’s wife died in the 1950’s before my parents married. My father-in-law died 6 months before we married. My brother’s wife died 10 years ago…. Friends were there, fortunately.

    • Hi Oscar, that is some truly wise advice. I’m sorry that you’ve experienced those losses in your life. It’s amazing how people can come in and out of our lives and leave a lasting mark on our hearts. Thanks for stopping by. big hugs x

  46. Thanks for the like and love the authentic journey in your bio and blog. This post resonated with me. Keep going moment by moment as that is how grace is given.

  47. Thanks so much for popping by my blog and I can see we’ve been a bit on the same page in some ways. You thinking about your singleness and me grappling with my health which often removes me from community and real life interaction with people, compounded by the absolute pleasure I get chatting to my blogging friends where we immediately connect on some really deep philosophical points, by-passing the usual small talk which is inevitable in real life or that busy distractedness. We are in the same moment even if it’s hours and kilometres apart.
    I posted a follow-up to the post you read about the monks at the beach a few minutes ago and included an extensive quote by Australian champion surfer, Nick Carroll about being in the moment when you surf. I do that with my creative pursuits. He describes it very well.
    BTW, I have followed through with my daughter’s digestive issues and anxiety and took her to a dietician, which was fabulous because she opened up a swag of food options and she actually needs low fibre hi GI, which is the opposite to conventional wisdom. It’s still early days but at least I’m not dealing with it on my own anymore. She’s also getting some tips on relaxation etc so hopefully this will help her find her feet.
    xx Rowena

    • Hi again friend, oh that is such great news about your daughter’s health! Praise God. Truly. I’ll continue to keep her in my prayers. You’re right – theres something really specially about blogging friendships! they are privy to the most inner thoughts and vulnerabilities! so glad our paths crossed 🙂 thanks again for stopping by! oxox

  48. Loved reading this. It gave me some much needed perspective as well. Absolutely nothing beats Gods timing!

    Wish you the best for your date (today?? *exaggerated wink*) and whether or not that works out, know that God is the one that brings fulfilment into your life whether that’s through the family & friends he’s given you or the revelation and understanding that comes from a deeper relationship with him both before and after that amazing guy comes along xxx

    • Hi Saratu! Oh good! I’m so glad it hit home with you:) haha thaaanks (exaggerated wink back) haha you’re right-God’s get everything under control. Yeah-tomorrow night! We had to push it back a day but yes-Friday it is! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! Hugs and love xox

  49. God blesses you every day with the beauty of your inner soul, and your outer image. You are an amazing creation that is taken care of by others of beauty around you. But don’t sell yourself short in that. You do the same for those too. You provide amazing love and inspiration to everyone you touch. Keep shining and keep loving. You are loved!! I hope the date went well too!! xoxoxoxo

  50. I like your post. I know your culture is different from ours when it comes to relationship. I am 55 years and have been a widow for 13 yrs. My friends and relatives always remind me about getting marry again. I would jokingly tell them it is a good thing, but the bible says he who find a wife, not she who finds a husband.
    if God has a partner for you, that partner will locate you as long as you look up to the Lord to order your steps. There are lots of good guys around but not all are the right ones, let him guide you in making the right choice.
    I hope you would make quote posters of these;
    Friends are God’s way of taking care of us.
    Friends are given to us by God.They’re gifts.
    Friends are put into our lives by God. They are an extension of His love for you and me.
    God loves us through the love of our friends.”
    By the way I am from Liberia, West Africa

    • Hi there! oh wow, West Africa! That’s seriously so cool. Thanks for this beautiful reflection. you’re right – i need to pursue the Lord, and He will take care of everything else. THat’s great perspective. thanks for stopping by! hugs xox

  51. When all the things are going right in your life, that’s god trusting in your ability. When it seems all the things in your life are going wrong its god trusting in my ability.

  52. You have done such an amazing job at recovery you have forgotten to remember to embrace each day and love every moment. “He” will enter your life when the time is right and take your breath away. Until then enjoy every breath you take.

  53. This is an amazing blog post and the video is truly fantastic. I love it. With so many who have given you feedback, I don’t think there’s anything more I can say. Lol!
    I love my friends, even when everyone is so busy that we don’t get to catch up. I’ve learned to be friends with my husband. You’re indeed lucky to have friends and the day will come when you’ll meet a life partner and hopefully he’ll be a friend, too, because friends are the best. In fact, I think marriages are best when couples are best of friends. For some people, friends are family. 😊

    • Thank you so much Anne. That’s really beautiful insight about being friends with your husband. So true. Life partner and life best friend 🙂 it’s a beautiful thing. So glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  54. You will find someone special to complete your life in God’s perfect timing.
    In the meanwhile I thought you might relate to the words of this beautiful Diana Krall song:

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