Last Minute Miracles

This is now, probably the 19th time I’ve tried to start this post.

All unsuccessfully, I might add. And given that it’s 6:00pm, and this post is set to publish in less than an hour, it’s safe to say, the pressure’s on.


My mom sent me a photo yesterday. It’s of her on the top of a mountain. You see, she and my dad have been out West for a while, and hiking is one of their favorite things to do.

And looking at my beautiful mother, literally on top of the world, I just kind of smiled to myself and thought, how appropriate.

These past six months, she has been climbing her way back after her stroke. Little by little, every day. Every small decision, and challenging effort consistently done over and over, have been adding up. And seeing her atop this mountain, it was pretty glaringly symbolic, at least in my mind, of the champion and fighter she is.

God had shown up for her, in a big way.


Since then I’ve been reflecting a lot on God’s faithfulness.

Because as I mentioned in my post last week, I’ve been feeling pretty abandoned recently. And this weekend was no different, despite efforts to pull myself out of the funk……perhaps even including a spontaneous dance party to some vintage Backstreet Boys.


But I realized today that God is never early or late. His faithfulness comes, often times at the very last minute.

Earlier today I received word from my agent that I booked not one but two great gigs in Ohio in the next couple weeks. Gigs that will allow me to come home and see my mom and check in. And in fact, one of the gigs falls right over when she’s getting a heart procedure done, so I will be able to be there for it.

I mean, talk about giving your child what she needs.

And this is not some lame attempt at a humble brag. If you know anything about the business, a double booking in one day never happens. This was a stroke of luck. Or rather…a stroke of divine intervention.

God provided, not only financially, but gave me an opportunity to come back and spend time with my #1 warrior and hero.


I’m not here to say that God is a genie that grants wishes and makes auditions go well. Though, if He were, that’d be pretty frickin’ awesome.

What I am saying, is that even when we do feel abandoned, we need to remember that God is always at work, and weaving things together for our good. We just can’t see it.

Part of the reason I’m so behind on this post is because the one I did write for tonight was pretty down. Pretty bleak. I’ll publish it over on Patreon. But at the end of the day, it was expelling a sadness that, yes – I have been dealing with, but that is not the end of the story.

Feeling spiritually empty is merely a comma – a pause. And God reminded me today that He hasn’t forgotten. And we can place our trust in His faithfulness.

Sometimes He’s just waits until the last minute. And that’s okay.

God showed up for my mom by way of a literal majestic mountain top experience. For me, He gave me an itinerary to refill the chasms of my soul at home.

Thanks, God. I owe you one.

Maybe I should be taking note that despite all of my best resistance efforts, God is gently trying to lead me back home.

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274 responses to “Last Minute Miracles”

  1. Powerful and reaffirming, as per usual! I can’t boast enough how inspiring your honesty filled posts are; I think your follower count and likes attest to it, even if that’s not really where I wanted to take this train of that. Oops. Sidetracked as usual! 😅 What I meant is your honesty is appreciated by plenty of people!
    I think that part that resonated the most for me was the part about feeling spiritual emptiness being only a comma-a pause…beautifully stated. 🙌🏼 that one will stick with me. One last thing: congratulations on the double booking! I hope the gig goes well for you, but more than that I sincerely hope you enjoy visiting home. 💜🌸

    • haha a triple booking, now that’ll be the day! thanks so much Rick, you’re always such a source of positivity and encouragement, and I hope you know how much it means to me. Thanks for the prayers, yeah – so much to be grateful for 🙂 big hugs and prayers to you too xox

  2. I will be praying for your mom and her healthcare team! God is always on time, for me, it is usually at the very last moment. I know he is teaching me a lesson with this and sadly it is one I fail. I have to be more expectant and not worry so much I guess. I am so excited for you! As always you are in my prayers daily

    • Thanks so much Tawnya. You’re right – never early, and never late. Hang in there friend. I’m having to learn that too. Patience is not my strong suit. thanks for your prayers. know that you are in mine too! big hugs x

  3. It’s all in His timing. I’ve been reading a lot about this subject and even wrote about it myself recently. God’s timing is something I’ve struggled with but I’m slowly starting to realize the more I try in do in my time the longer it takes

  4. You should definitely take it as a sign. I’m sure she needs your presence to bring her some peace of mind before her procedure, and if you can’t make it before how wonderful of a surprise it would be to show up after! I’m sure she’d love to see her daughter!

    • Hey Loveli! thanks for this. you’re so right – i should definitely take it as a sign. I want to be there for her, and so this is right where I’m meant to be. 🙂 Thanks for that powerful perspective. sending hugs and love xox

      • You should check out my last post! I’m definitely sharing some similar feelings as far as just not being in a great emotional state the past few weeks. It’s always a great idea to bring yourself back into perspective and be thankful for everything you have!

  5. God’s Love is so amazing when we feel the most abandoned, is when he is working the most in our lives. Such awesome blessings to hear. Prayers to you and your family as always…

  6. So good! This is super encouraging, especially having had a similar experience recently where God waited until the very last minute to change what I thought were His plans (they weren’t, they were my own! whoops!). I love this, and your blog, so much encouragement that I really appreciate! Keep it up x

    • Thanks so much! That’s so kind of your to say:) yes! He definitely has me securely in the palm of His hand and I need to remember that the next time doubt creeps in 🙂 thanks for your encouragement. Hope you have a great night! Hugs and love xox

  7. I have great friends in Ohio who also know the wonder and love of God. Maybe one day you will meet them too as even further proof of how not abandoned you are. X

  8. Your blogs are always so uplifting and practical. Thank you! Enjoy your gigs and the visit with your Mom. Family is so important in our life and God of course is at the head of all families.

  9. I so wholeheartedly agree — God is in the business of miracles when we most need them and least expect them. (I literally wrote about the exact same thing the other day:)

  10. The Lord does not prove his faithfulness by making the path smooth. It is by giving us a problem to let us test our strength, and then giving us the strength when ours is not sufficient.

    I am so amazed at the work he has done in you, Caralyn. You are a blessing to your mother – you are a means used by God to bring her strength.

  11. On the Sunday we were in The Finger Lakes, we went to Mass at this church in Ovid, NY that we like to go to. The Pastor there said that God shows signs even when its not highly pronounced or as we would say “in our faces”. He’s always there for us, even if its not in a big way at every moment. He’s been there for me, he’s been there for you. Sending big hugs and love! xoxo

  12. Spiritual emptiness terrifies me. It’s similar to a severe lack of sleep, but far worse because of the utter loneliness it can bring with it. Even knowing that it’s only for a moment in life, dealing with it upfront is draining to say the least. Reminders that God hasn’t forgotten about us are so vital in these empty moments. Good luck with your Ohio gigs!

    • thanks for sharing this, Connor. I think that’s a really accurate comparison with the lack of sleep – so true! you’re right – we are not forgotten. thanks for stopping by and for your encouraging words! big hugs xo

  13. We all feel abandoned by God at some point and time in our life. When we do we must always go back to the Cross and remember the words of Jesus, “My God, My God, why have You abandoned me?” Our goal in life is always to become Christ-like, how can we do this if we do not understand His sufferings and His joys?

    When things like this come upon me, I always say, “Thank You Lord for loving me so much, that you let me feel some of what You felt.” I also say this when someone hurts or persecutes me, “Thank you for making me feel like Jesus.” Kind of stops them in their tracks.

    As St. Bridget of Sweden said, “He is an Unfathomable Wound of Mercy.” At times His greatest mercy to us, is when we begin to understand His feelings and hurts.

    I am so happy to hear about your Mom. What a great blessing. As I was reading this post I was seeing the death and resurrection of Christ, in your Mom. I was also seeing the joy in you which reminded me of the joy of the apostles when Jesus rose. So see, you are not alone. I love you and God Bless, SR

    • that is such a powerful reminder to go back to the cross. this is so beautiful, thank you friend. yeah, my mom has been through a lot and just radiates His love. I am truly blessed to be her daughter. thanks for this soul-touching response. you are a blessing to me. hugs xo

  14. This sounds very much like how my travel weeks sometimes just blow up on me, but then work out better than planned.

    You’ve had a lot of upset to your life, starting last December. As painful as it was, you got back to basics; family, home, mother, and the blessing of being a huge part of your mom’s recovery. Life got as real as it ever has since making past your ED low point. Maybe even more so, because this time it was about someone else.

    In my experience, it’s harder to watch someone go through something than to go through it yourself. You had everything else stripped away but the most intimate and important thing – a relationship with a loved one in need.

    So of course you feel empty now. Of course there’s a gap that is not easily filled. Even though things got challenging starting in December, you’ve been feasting on steak in your spirit and soul. You were doing the most purposeful thing one can do; being a loving servant to someone.

    Now that she’s making more and more decisions herself and your dad is spending that time with her, you’ve relegated yourself to NYC, drinking with friends, and the Backstreet Boys. By comparison, you’re subsisting on fast food.

    Let me take just one step further and play opposites with you as we have before. What if you haven’t been abandoned at all? What if you did the abandoning of that which is best by going back to NYC and your lifestyle pre-stroke? How lived before wasn’t wrong, but it was what you could handle. Maybe it was even your medicine from God to help you build your confidence and bring you truly out into the open. You’ve shown so much growth that, from where I sit, it was all part of His plan. And I’m not trying to suggest that NYC is the wrong choice; just that you might need to rethink how you live there. I have no idea what that might look like or mean, but, well, there it is.

    Listen, I hate to bug you, but I sent you an email last Wednesday. I had an idea that might at least get your brain revving in a good direction. Maybe it’s a good idea or not, but it might set your mind in another direction. Who knows?

    • Wow Jeff this hit right in the heart strings. Thank you so much. This really is a sobering perspective and gives me so much to think about. Playing opposites is a really revealing thing to do – it’s how a lot of great directors work with their actors. Thanks. And yes I read the email! Just haven’t had a chance to respond. Thanks 🙂 sending hugs hugs x

  15. Beautiful blog and yay for God coming through for you in such a big way!
    You are truly a beautiful and godly woman because you are keeping your heart pliable towards God, even when you’re hurting.
    So much of life is grief and joy intermingled. Celebrate the good and look for God in the hard things.
    So much love for you, Sierra

    • Thanks Sierra! Yes! God came through! As always. 🙂 thanks for such kind words. You’re right – it is a beautiful and oftentimes difficult intermingling. Let’s celebrate the good! Big hugs to you xox

  16. So proud of your mom!! That’s amazing. Congrats on the two gigs- that’s amazing too! I’m so proud of you!! And I absolutely LOVE the picture of you at the end- you are beautiful, inside and out!!

  17. Reminds me of the story of Lazarus! God is always on time….not our time, but HIS time! He knows what we need more than we know what we need. He loves us and knows the number of hairs on our head! Glory to God! Listen to this song called 4 Days Late by Karen Peck and New River! It’s a good one and I used to listen to it with my grandpa when he was still alive. Xoxo 😘

  18. Glad you waited. This is a much nicer read than what could have been. I imagine God saying, “Stop the presses! Here’s some good news for you to report!” I’m just now starting to learn all over again God was at work in my life even when I thought He had abandoned me.
    So did your mother really climb a mountain?

  19. Reblogged this on Tailored Hearts and commented:
    Love this post! Such a beautiful reminder that God is in control. Even when it’s hard or even seems impossible, trust Him. It is normal for a person to feel as if they are faltering in their faith, but keep giving it to God and never give up!

  20. God has held me up many times, from a human perspective only. But never to my detriment. I take care of that, thank you. But His unique way of bringing things together — sometimes I perceive even a tinge of His sense of humor in it, but maybe that’s just me — is an amazing thing to behold.

    God bless you and your Mom and Dad. Take care of yourself. Prayers for you all.

    • Thanks so much for your prayers and kindness. It really means a lot 🙂 you’re right – he really does have a unique way of working things together for good. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  21. “I realized today that God is never early or late. His faithfulness comes, often times at the very last minute.” Well said and very true.

    Thank you for this post. I needed it tonight.



  22. I had someone close to me tell me once, that often times we impose our expectations on God’s time and find ourselves wallowing in self-pity because things didn’t work out they way we expected and then we begin to question God…
    …I think I just had an epiphany…forget what I said, I don’t know anything other than God does what he thinks is best and now what we think is best.

    Anyways, that picture of “out west” looks extremely familiar…and I’m “out west” from your side of the country. Were your mom and dad hiking in the places I love? What a cool possibility! 🙂

  23. Today I read the story about 2 of Jesus’ followers who were distraught that Jesus’ body was gone after His resurrection. Jesus came beside them and asked why they were upset, but they didn’t realize it was Him, until later in the evening while they ate dinner together. It made me realize that Jesus is always beside us, even when He seems distant or silent. He’s not far at all, we just don’t realize He’s right beside us. Then I read your post and you wrote the same idea – which is so beautiful how God will double reassurance for us when we need it most…like He doubled your blessing of 2 auditions. I will say a prayer for you that they go well! ❤️

  24. God loves you and is demonstrating it to you! Getting to be home to support your mom and working at double bookings is God’s kiss to you. He loves you so much. It is a joy to read your post. You may have felt down, but God has you covered!

  25. You are such an inspiration – I love your blogs. Maybe you would be interested in a wonderful Christian fellowship called Heart”wings” that loves and supports writers (among many other things). I know they would love your witness and would love you back during the good and bad times of life. I would like to give you something back for your bravery and love of God. stop by and have a look – if you are interested please email me at: – A big hug and many blessings.

  26. once again, you are in my back pocket. Tomorrow is uncertainty in spades. I pretended I was Gideon and asked for a sign, but it hasn’t come.
    ‘Sometimes He just wait til ‘my’ last minute. And that is ok.’

  27. Thank you. As of late, I too have been feeling abandoned. Personal circumstances have started proving “imprisoning”. I’ve prayed, asked, spoken to Him and nothing has changed. I always tells others to “keep the faith”, but obviously I’m not doing so. God Bless you for reminding ME to do that.

  28. Thank you. I have been working on regaining my faith and look forward to reading your posts. Sending positive vibes and prayers for your mother

  29. Good Morning, Sweetness !! Well, I’d say God’s timing was, as usual, in His Perfect Timing !!! I am SO happy for you !! I don’t know the ‘gigs’ you’re talking about … but … they were indeed used by Him … INDEED !!! I, too, am OVERWHELMED with the HEALING God has granted your Sweet Mother. Praise God and Give Him ALL the Glory !! Amen !!! jan

    • Hi Jan! yes! His PERFECT timing 🙂 Thanks, yeah I am just full of so much gratitude for the healing He’s facilitated in her life. So much to be grateful for. thanks for being a great friend 🙂 big hugs x

  30. It’s funny and kinda cool how God allows ‘bad’ things to happen to us to draw our attention to something or someone who will fill our heart the most or in your case, you were available for your mom 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, gives me the little bit of hope I need to hang on today. xo

  31. Such experiences, I have come to accept, are a necessary feature of following the Way, of striving to be His disciple (follower).

    During these periods, I try to remember (often, not very consistently) that He is in the details of our lives.

    Thank you for sharing this most recent experience with your effort to follow the Way. Helped me to remember how intricately He is in life’s details working for our happiness and joy.


  32. I came to much the same realization this last weekend as well and wrote about it. So often we want to ignore God or write him off, but he always finds a way to come back into our life and remind us of how much we are loved. Thank you for sharing.

  33. Amazing Grace!
    How sweet the sound
    That saved a wretch like me
    I once was lost but now am found
    Was blind but now I see

    When we’ve been there ten thousand years
    Bright shining as the sun
    We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
    Than when we’ve first begun

    Through many dangers, toils and snares
    I have already come
    ‘Tis Grace has brought me safe thus far
    And Grace will lead me home

    Amazing Grace!
    How sweet the sound
    That saved a wretch like me
    I once was lost but now am found
    Was blind but now I see
    Was blind but now I see…

    Awesome post Caralyn.

  34. Psalms 40:1-3 I waited patiently for the LORD; he inclined to me and heard my cry. He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the LORD.


    Read more:

  35. I haven’t commented much yet, but I deeply enjoy your posts, your reflections, and your journey. I am walking through a similar path with you after my husband experienced a catastrophic health event 2 1/2 years ago followed by another one last December. The hardest part has been the last 6 months … with the healing has come the depression. Not fun, but in a way, it is allowing us to understand even more that God is far from done with carrying us … the valleys and the mountain tops … He’s still there, teaching and molding … allowing us to trust.

    • Hi Rashell! oh gosh thank you so much. I’m so sorry to hear that you are in a challenging season with your husband. i will definitely keep him and you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. hang in there friend. sending so so much love xo

  36. This was beautiful. My mom has also been sick and it’s easy to be discouraged… this post was just the reminder I needed of God’s continued faithfulness. Praying for your mom and her recovery. God bless.

  37. To God be the glory! Thanking Him that your mom made it up that mountain(and not just the one she hiked) thanking Him for blessing you with your 2 jobs, and their convenient location. Thanking Him that you see Him in it ALL and give Him the glory for it :):) Bug Hugs xoxo

  38. “Feeling spiritually empty is merely a comma – a pause. And God reminded me today that He hasn’t forgotten. And we can place our trust in His faithfulness.”

    That sentence right there is brilliant! And it’s the truth. So like God to answer our prayers in such blessed ways. He will never leave us nor forsake us…regardless of what is going on around us…!

  39. You are preaching to the choir girlfriend . God is ALWAYS on time ! He knows what we need before we do. I always say part of this prayer every day , “Happy moments, Praise God . Difficult moments seek God , Quiet moments worship God Every moment Thank God ” As usual , thank you for this post and may God continue to bless you and your family .

  40. First of all congrats on the bookings. And I too often am impatient wanting things in my time not seeing or remembering God is good at being God and He has a plan I just need to bring the patience

  41. A very nice and thoughtful post… I wish you strength, strength that is beyond everything… Strength that is mentioned in Philippians 4:13 says “For all things I have the strength through the one (God) who gives me power”. Keep up…

  42. A great post again, nice to see you are ok too! May your heavenly prayers be answered with rich blessings! Be positive and stay lucky, Jesus loves you!

  43. “Be still and wait on the Lord”~ Pslam 23 .To wait on the Lord is to rest in the confident assurance that, regardless of the details or difficulties we face in this life, God never leaves us without a sure defense .Being still means we have ceased from following our own agenda or ingenuity; we have stopped trusting in our own strength and will power. We are waiting upon the Lord to exchange our weakness for His strength (see 2 Corinthians 12:9). We should not despair when God tarries long in His response, but continue to patiently wait on Him to work on our behalf. The reason God sometimes waits a long time to deliver is to extend the goodness of the final outcome……blessed are all those who wait for him.

  44. Far out Girl, your posts, particularly recently have resonated with me on such an incredible level. Thank you for sharing your heart, I’m sure you can already see how God is using your writing, but on a smaller more personal level I wanted to thank you from me.

    I’m sending so much love to you right now <3

    I love (but also kind of hate-the part of me that wants to control everything) how God works in the craziest, most beautiful ways. Reflecting on that has been such an important part of my faith journey recently. There's a song but Sleeping At Last called Jupiter and it has a line in it that I love and that I almost sing as a prayer sometimes. It's "make my messes matter, make this chaos count". I'm beginning to get glimpses of some of the ways that these last minute miracles are part of that greater story, God is making these messes matter, this chaos count.

    Lots of love to you xx

    • Thanks Britt! you’re so kind to say that. i’m glad it resonated with you. yeah- His ways definitely are beautiful, but often times crazy! haha I’ll have to check out that song. thanks for stopping by! big hugs xo

  45. Ohio sounds like a lovely place

    The genie granting wishes. It’s probably not that bad a line of thought, if you’re not used to asking for what you want
    (and thinking for myself)

    I hope your week is on the up

  46. Great post my friend. Personally, I’ve found when the funky blue feelings come I just have to let them in so they run their course. Otherwise, they tend to want to hang longer, like visitors overstaying their welcome. Often times, God reveals Himself to me in the midst of these darkest moments, showing me something I didn’t see before. Peace and blog on Chica!

  47. Wow – oh wow – as you know from my other post on “Three Seconds”, which I just finished reading and commenting on, and listening to “Rough side of the Mountain”, it surely hit home reading this one! God is and always will be right on time! Thanks for sharing and thanks for allowing us to “feel” and experience doubts and understanding through someone else’s eyes. A bit refreshing to see that we aren’t alone in our struggle. Many Blessings to you.

  48. Congratulations Caralyn! Sometimes you start to question your faith when things aren’t copacetic and expect immediate resolution in return. God always has a plan for us even if it’s not on our schedule; we just need to bid our time and have faith. It’s hard to do but that’s what gives us strength and resolve. Sending my thoughts and prayer on your mother’s upcoming surgery and her journey to better health.

    • Thank you so much Mark! You’re right – it usually isn’t on our schedule. But we’ve got to be patient and keep the faith. Thanks for your continued prayers. Hugs and love xox

  49. “Feeling spiritually empty is merely a comma – a pause. And God reminded me today that He hasn’t forgotten. And we can place our trust in His faithfulness.”

    Love this so much. He is with you, even when you don’t feel Him. He’s never farther away than your next breath.

  50. Can’t wait to see what you write when you’re gig brings you home for your mom’s surgery. Only God can line things up like that. His perfect plan and your blessings abound.

  51. I wanted to ask you something….. but have you thought about writing a book, i remember in one of your post’s that you wanted to write one. I guess I want to encourage you to write a book because I think it will touch a lot of people:) I am happy you got the role and get to see you mother!!

    • Thanks so much! You’re so kind to say that. You know,I actually did! I’m getting the proof copy tomorrow! I’ll do a big announcement about it! Thanks for the encouragement!!))

  52. This is just what I needed today 🙂 Our God is amazing! Last minute miracles sometimes I think are the best kind, they seem to happen every time we really do feel like giving up. I’d also like to thank you for your quiet support seeing your like on my posts when they are otherwise silent makes it worth continuing on. Love and Prayers for you my sister in Christ!

  53. Mary, mother of God, blessed above all women, favored by God in every way – look at her life and you will find that it was never easy. She was ina society that would kill women who conceived children out of wedlock but she knew as did Joseph her baby was of God…but can you imagine her thoughts and fears. Then she has him but immediately has to go on the run because Herod wants to kill him…she hides out till the danger passes…Mary and Joseph’s lives were normal humble lives and they were raising Jesus…he physically lived in their home…they didn’t get some great new fantastically rich life…it was the same old same old carpenters life…and then on the day they crucified Jesus. The day they beat him in front of them…the day Mary watched her son die as crowds laughed and spit on him…she was favored among all women and this was her walk in life. It’s not always easy to be a Christian and no matter who we are life has its struggles…no one is spared from them…but he ALWAYS shows up…our faith only grows from the struggles…imagine Marys face to see her son again.

  54. Really interesting to know that God’s Faithfulness is ever sure, that moment when we just give up hope, then He shows up like a rising Sun. Great work, keep the flag of faith flying…

  55. Great the events came together. For clarification, what do you mean by “gig”… I usually think of that a muscial event at a venue… – Oscar

    • Amen to that! Just when we’re about to lose hope He swoops in and reminds us that He’s been in control the whole dang time! Thanks for stopping by JV! Hugs and love xox

  56. I would like to pray for healing for your mother. You can email me her name. God bless you and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you. You are dearly, dearly loved by Him.

  57. BBB,

    Enjoy the recharge and the renewing for the journey ahead!


    On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 4:01 PM, BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: “This is now, probably the 19th time I’ve tried > to start this post. All unsuccessfully, I might add. And given that it’s > 6:00pm, and this post is set to publish in less than an hour, it’s safe to > say, the pressure’s on. My mom sent me a photo yesterday” >

  58. Girl! BB will never be vintage if they are alive in our heart! (Backstreet’s Back Alright!) All joking aside : ) , God is so awesome at knowing our weak points, and knowing when we truly need a pick me up. The more we go to Him, He is always there, and ready for some answer. So glad for you being able to visit your mom!

  59. I haven’t been reading your blog in the last few months, but I’m back. I am amazed at how you’ve … Come out of your shell? Come into your own? Not sure the right phrase. It’s not one specific thing, but I love your change of focus. It seems like you have really and truly healed. Way to go!

  60. Loved the picture that said how difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. This Christian walk we walk together is hard and it leads to the most beautiful destination of all- Heaven. But the twist lies in the fact that we do not have to struggle with the difficulty. We are resting on the shoulders of our shepherd and God- Our Lord Jesus Christ. So it’s a change. A life that goes against the usual flow. A road where everything is for our good. Great post!!God bless you!!!

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