Last Minute Miracles

This is now, probably the 19th time I’ve tried to start this post.

All unsuccessfully, I might add. And given that it’s 6:00pm, and this post is set to publish in less than an hour, it’s safe to say, the pressure’s on.


My mom sent me a photo yesterday. It’s of her on the top of a mountain. You see, she and my dad have been out West for a while, and hiking is one of their favorite things to do.

And looking at my beautiful mother, literally on top of the world, I just kind of smiled to myself and thought, how appropriate.

These past six months, she has been climbing her way back after her stroke. Little by little, every day. Every small decision, and challenging effort consistently done over and over, have been adding up. And seeing her atop this mountain, it was pretty glaringly symbolic, at least in my mind, of the champion and fighter she is.

God had shown up for her, in a big way.


Since then I’ve been reflecting a lot on God’s faithfulness.

Because as I mentioned in my post last week, I’ve been feeling pretty abandoned recently. And this weekend was no different, despite efforts to pull myself out of the funk……perhaps even including a spontaneous dance party to some vintage Backstreet Boys.


But I realized today that God is never early or late. His faithfulness comes, often times at the very last minute.

Earlier today I received word from my agent that I booked not one but two great gigs in Ohio in the next couple weeks. Gigs that will allow me to come home and see my mom and check in. And in fact, one of the gigs falls right over when she’s getting a heart procedure done, so I will be able to be there for it.

I mean, talk about giving your child what she needs.

And this is not some lame attempt at a humble brag. If you know anything about the business, a double booking in one day never happens. This was a stroke of luck. Or rather…a stroke of divine intervention.

God provided, not only financially, but gave me an opportunity to come back and spend time with my #1 warrior and hero.


I’m not here to say that God is a genie that grants wishes and makes auditions go well. Though, if He were, that’d be pretty frickin’ awesome.

What I am saying, is that even when we do feel abandoned, we need to remember that God is always at work, and weaving things together for our good. We just can’t see it.

Part of the reason I’m so behind on this post is because the one I did write for tonight was pretty down. Pretty bleak. I’ll publish it over on Patreon. But at the end of the day, it was expelling a sadness that, yes – I have been dealing with, but that is not the end of the story.

Feeling spiritually empty is merely a comma – a pause. And God reminded me today that He hasn’t forgotten. And we can place our trust in His faithfulness.

Sometimes He’s just waits until the last minute. And that’s okay.

God showed up for my mom by way of a literal majestic mountain top experience. For me, He gave me an itinerary to refill the chasms of my soul at home.

Thanks, God. I owe you one.

Maybe I should be taking note that despite all of my best resistance efforts, God is gently trying to lead me back home.

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274 thoughts on “Last Minute Miracles

  1. BBB,

    Enjoy the recharge and the renewing for the journey ahead!


    On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 4:01 PM, BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: “This is now, probably the 19th time I’ve tried > to start this post. All unsuccessfully, I might add. And given that it’s > 6:00pm, and this post is set to publish in less than an hour, it’s safe to > say, the pressure’s on. My mom sent me a photo yesterday” >


  2. Girl! BB will never be vintage if they are alive in our heart! (Backstreet’s Back Alright!) All joking aside : ) , God is so awesome at knowing our weak points, and knowing when we truly need a pick me up. The more we go to Him, He is always there, and ready for some answer. So glad for you being able to visit your mom!


  3. I haven’t been reading your blog in the last few months, but I’m back. I am amazed at how you’ve … Come out of your shell? Come into your own? Not sure the right phrase. It’s not one specific thing, but I love your change of focus. It seems like you have really and truly healed. Way to go!


  4. Loved the picture that said how difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. This Christian walk we walk together is hard and it leads to the most beautiful destination of all- Heaven. But the twist lies in the fact that we do not have to struggle with the difficulty. We are resting on the shoulders of our shepherd and God- Our Lord Jesus Christ. So it’s a change. A life that goes against the usual flow. A road where everything is for our good. Great post!!God bless you!!!


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