God vs. Aliens

I’ve been really puzzled by a recent theme here lately.

No, not our culture’s questionable obsession with unicorns, or the fact that our White House is turning over faster than a round of tequila shots on Cinco de Mayo.

I’m confused about society’s recent preoccupation with….aliens.


And if you think that was out of left field, well, so did I.

I mean, I feel like in the last year, we’ve just collectively, as a society, adopted this fixation with aliens! – Just scroll through the Netflix Options, and I swear – 1/3 of the shows have to do with aliens! Stranger Things, Alien Invasion, The X Files, Continuum, Signs, I mean, the list goes on and on.

This stuff is crazy – Tall Greys, Reptilians, The Andromedan – I mean, I did one Google search after listening to a podcast, and daaaang there’s a lot of wild stuff out there.

And what the heck, humans? Do we really believe this stuff??


The”alien believer” is no longer a shut-in nut job with pasty skin and old 80’s band T-shirts with cargo shorts. We’re talking the cute girl who went to Coachella, wearing $500 sunglasses, a choker and sipping a green juice. You know…the same girl with crystals stuffed in her bra for “good energy.” That girl BELIEVES IN TALL GREYS.

Now, perhaps you’re thinking, how could I be so small minded to believe that we’re the only form of life in the entire universe. 


Sure, ok you got me. Guilty! But that’s not the direction this post is going.

My question is this:

How is it that our society’s belief in aliens is on the rise, and yet our belief in God is on the decline?

Is it because it’s trendy? Perhaps a little edgy? A little hipster? I mean, we all love a good conspiracy theory, amIrite?


But seriously. That’s a terrifying truth. NewsWeek recently published an article that talked about how the number of people who believe in aliens has grown to 54%. Fifty-four percent!!  And yet, over the last generation, there has been a decline in the belief of God. Down to only 75%. Which just for perspective, 60 years ago, that number was hovering around 98%.

That, ladies and gentleman, is a scary thought to behold.

I just don’t get it. We’re gung-ho for publicly expressing our faith in the existence of aliens — it’s trendy, even! And yet, heaven forbid we breathe a word about God in public.

There’s something wrong with that picture.

I’m not bashing science or trying to challenge scientific progress or advancement. Not at all. I don’t put it past God to create aliens, just to, you know, spice things up a bit.

But I’m just struck by the climate of – bashfulness – we have about believing in God.

When did God become “the universe” in conversation?

When did God’s plan become “fate” or “serendipity?”

Here’s the scary truth: if we don’t strive to keep God in the conversation – keep Him relevant, – I fear that He’s going to get buried beneath the talk of alien conspiracy theories, vanilla spirituality, and the secularization of Christmas and Easter.

Take one look at the options available on Netflix, and it’s blatantly obvious that we are failing miserably at arguably the most important commandment of all: “Go and make disciples of all the nations.” Matt 28:16-20. Translation: Talk to people about Him!

Frankly, I wish we’d just cut the crap with the “gratitude” and the “mindfulness” and the vanilla spirituality that leaves God out of the picture! I mean, sure, those things are  creating wonderful, good hearted people…but where is God in all of that?

We’ve got to keep God in the conversation. Because if we don’t, then who will?


Let’s not let God lose to aliens, for cryin’ out loud.

Be bold. Be brave. And for the love of all things good, don’t refer to God as “The Universe.”

Leave that for the aliens…


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468 thoughts on “God vs. Aliens

  1. First, you’re terrific. Second, I totally agree with you-not for the first time! I think one reason for the obsession with aliens is that most of us are so disillusioned with human nature-and bored-that the seemingly endless exciting possibilities with alien nature and alien worlds are irresistible. When I first saw Richard Dreyfuss go up in that mother ship (Close Encounters of the blah blah) I wanted to go with him, and of course that was what the viewer was meant to feel. Those little guys were just so cute and friendly, and they were going up, up and away from the hum-drum of every day life into infinite space. How could you not want to go?

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  2. Love this. I think that the problem also stems from the use of “religion” as means to getting to know God. Because when people hear “religion” they are turned off. People can believe in aliens and have discussions of the existence of them and because it has nothing to do with religion it’s more acceptable and more “interesting” to talk about. I love the Matthew verse you posted because I believe we are also being encouraged to go and show the world that it’s about having relationship with God. Not just knowing the bible left and right or routinely attending church or whatever. ❤️


  3. Sorry, I’m the atheist in the room! I know that doesn’t help your stats much. I can’t lie about the fact that I am quite pleased that atheism is on the increase. I believe in science, not some almighty creator, and I think secretly many more people do too.

    One of the things with atheism is that we are taught as a child to believe in god, nothing else, and never to question it. So a lot of people discover atheism as part of a solo journey, and feel a little guilty about it because of what they were force fed as a child. Then the internet came along, and atheists find out that they actually aren’t alone, many other people feel this way. Suddenly they have the confidence to speak out and be proud of what they believe in.

    I know in America especially, particularly in politics there is an expectation of faith. Think of it this way, 25% of the population don’t believe in god, but 100% of politicians do? I mean, what are the chances?! It stands to reason that some of them are just covering up their actual beliefs for fear of not being taken seriously.

    As for aliens, do you know how many planets are out there?! I think that if you did the maths, the odds of us actually being the only inhabited planet in the universe are tiny.

    The internet is knowledge, and people want to learn more. It’s time to embrace that knowledge and learning!


  4. The fascination with Aliens isn’t new (though it continues to rise). I think the big surge was in the late 90s/early 2000s when the “found footage” movies were popular and History channel stopped teaching facts and started speculating aliens were behind the pyramids and other seemingly impossible structures in the past.

    As for the decline in religion you’ve got two things: people started thinking they only NEED to attend church on Christmas and Easter (so kids don’t grow up with those teachings being a significant part of their lives) and — more significantly — people started teaching that science and scripture contradict eachother. That they are mutually exclusive… Although that isn’t necessarily the case in reality when kids are told that and then taught at school that science is always right (even theories that have yet to be proven are tought as fact) then it’s no wonder that the number is people who believe in a god has declined.


  5. This may sound whacky but I think it is a set up. If the final book of the Bible is correct there has to be a logical explanation for all the supernatural judgments being poured out. Alien invasion seems as good to me as any other.


  6. Great post! There is an explanation about the obsession with aliens; but, most people will refuse to believe it. It’s not really “aliens” but demons or fallen angels. There are some real sightings amongst the fake ones. I personally have never seen one and don’t want to. But, I have read about them by trustworthy sources such as L.A. Marzulli, Chuck Missler, and others. The alien theory is a way that the unbelievers will explain away the “Rapture.”


  7. Hello, dear Caralyn. The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space. I think Christians should seriously consider the possibility of Extraterrestial Life and Intelligence (ETI) in the universe. Great minds have been thinking about it for a long time. Giordano Bruno believed that the universe is populated by ETI’s. Bruno said,

    “Innumerable suns exist; innumerable earths revolve about these suns in a manner similar to the way the seven planets revolve around our sun. Living being inhabit these worlds.” (Drake, Is Anyone Out There? Page 65)

    This topic has inspired new disciplines: exotheology and exobiology. It is a profoundly interesting question because it raises questions about the origins of life and the place and destiny of humanity in the physical and spiritual universe. If one accepts the view that the universe is infinite, which Bruno believed was unavoidable, then its being peopled by a limited, and therefore “imperfect” population of intelligent beings was to Bruno incompatible with the infinite goodness or perfection attributed to God and His works.  If there are other planets, since God makes nothing in vain, there must exist life.

    Modern science knows that there are billions of stars only in our own galaxy, the Milky Way, and perhaps billions of other galaxies in the whole universe. Mathematical probabilities suggested to some a high likelihood of intelligent life having appeared elsewhere. If that is the truth, we must accept it. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up our faith in the Creator, the incarnation of Christ and our salvation. The way of Christ is timeless and eternal. When Christ is risen, he is now alive and forever. In other words, the core principle of our faith will always be the same. I greet you in the light and the love of Christ 🙂


      1. One of the great “I Am” statements in Scripture is in John’s Gospel where Jesus said, “Ego eimi to phos tou kosmou—I am the light of the world.” (John 8:12). The light of creation, the whole cosmos. I can foresee no way in which the teachings of the Faith could be affected by the discovery of intelligent beings on another planet (or way ahead of us in intellectual and spiritual attainment). Christ revealed to us, as the eternal Son, as “the Father’s Word and Radiance and Wisdom”, the timeless Faith 😉


  8. A footnote. C.S. Lewis wrote a series of science fiction novels called “the Space Trilogy”. Lewis contemplated even the possibility of the Son of God incarnating in other, extraterrestial worlds. In a 2008 statement, José Gabriel Funes, head of the Vatican Observatory, said “Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God. This is not in contrast with our faith because we can’t put limits on God’s creative freedom” (Pope’s astronomer insists alien life ‘would be part of God’s creation’, The Independent, 15 May 2008)


      1. There is one infinite creator, the cause of causes and the maker of all. Maybe the worlds of God are countless in their number and infinite in their range, peopled with spiritual beings, endowed with a soul (imago dei) like you and me. Only the supreme Creator, the All-Wise, can comprehend the vastness and mysteries of his own creation. One could even say that God may be described as the “Supreme Extraterrestial Intelligence” (SETI) in the universe.


  9. Hi BBB,

    Right, let’s focus on the real deal and not the aliens saving us. However, you know that this will be part of the great deception in the End Times, right? They will claim that interdimensional aliens seeded Earth and they are our creators. Crazy stuff, but they are preparing the public for that great lie. We have to keep living for the truth.

    Thanks, Gary

    On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 4:08 PM, BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: “I’ve been really puzzled by a recent theme here > lately. No, not our culture’s questionable obsession with unicorns, or the > fact that our White House is turning over faster than a round of tequila > shots on Cinco de Mayo. I’m confused about society’s rece” >


  10. Well, this was one interesting post for a girl who sees aliens all over the Tumblr. I don’t think this has much to do with science because people don’t talk about how Stephen Hawkings told not to contact with aliens in space, that it’s “dangerous”. We just look at them like some cute beings, which if they are real, should be our last thought! But why I don’t really talk about God too, because when we were kids we were taught to believe his existence, we never questioned it. But then we grew up and saw real world. Saw that working and actions give the result. The most god loving family might die in air bombings in Syria and no one will know. It makes you realise the only thing you can believe is in yourself.


  11. WOW… You just summed up how I feel and was not able to express. Now, I feel I will be better at articulating this. Hate the dumbed down, version of spirituality of this day’s generation about “The universe”, and “Good vibes”, like C’mon you believe in radical stuff like aliens because you think you’re on trend, but you arrogance won’t even let you utter the word “God” because it is archaic and offensive in this day’s and age.


  12. Interesting article for sure! The obsession with aliens is indeed a curious one. Once I read the book, “The Twelfth planet,” I was thrust onto my own quest to figure out who and what aliens are. Needless to say, I’m no closer to any answers!


  13. Congratulations on your book! Very exciting. As for God vs aliens I’ve had similar thoughts about vampires and zombies. Living a life in faith is not for the faint of heart. Believing in magic or other worldly beings is a great way to avoid maturing in our beliefs; not a strange thing for a youth obsessed, young country. As some have said, it’s all part of the process of coming into real relationship through faith; especially with an unseen, omnipotent force which can’t easily be explained or understood until we take the leap. I’m ok with trusting the process. And also I sorta hope Bigfoot is real 🙂 Looking forward to your book. ❤️


  14. I wish I understood this phenomenon as well. Our family got rid of the television a few years ago, but before that my favorite channel was the History Channel. Then one day I saw a show about the history of aliens. Really? Not long afterwards it was as if the entire channel was devoted to aliens…uph! In the documentary “Expelled,” Rishard Dawkins said he didn’t and couldn’t believe in God, but he could believe in aliens. How do you interact with a world gone loony? 🙂


  15. Most probably the verse of Matthew was referred to the disciples, the ones who received the Christ once Jesus came down. Indeed if you get a tech from who is not able to dissipate your doubts, most probably you get the opposite. And after them to the saints that appeared all over on Earth.
    Frankly speaking, it’s easier believe in another phisical form of matter than a spiritual one, so for this reason to the unbelievers we shouldn’t speak about God (even because in their mind He is an old wise white man) but about the signs we can find on Earth and by logic… But for experience I know the best one can do for the other is to personally reach perfection in believing, so that your been is growing (spiritual energy expansion) then the wave do what you can’t even in thousand of years… and if you reach such a evenly station, you can help them from the invisible worlds.

    PS the Believers 75%? Not even 5%, the other are people who imitate believing!

    With respect and happiness for your post Mikahel.


  16. Idolatry as usual, and a deception of the Devil. Rejection of God’s love is truly heartbreaking and mindboggling. Enjoyed your post.


  17. Hey BBB.. great thoughts, and thanks for liking my blog. As for all this aliens stuff… yeah, someone behind the scenes is really pushing it. It’s everywhere. Folks should understand, faith is a choice and a decision. Faith is not an emotion or a fuzzy warm feeling. Faith is a decision. If you wanna put your faith in aliens, Hillary, or the Easter bunny, you can. I say, put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.. it’s a simple decision. If you make that decision, believing that He is God almighty and Lord of all, and believe that He died to reconnect us to God, then you will be translated into His kingdom of light, in an instant. That’s when stuff gets real, and stuff gets good.. really good. Love you! Thanks for your blogs! Hugs from me. Be blessed right now, in Jesus name!


  18. Thank you for this post. I am just getting acquainted with your writing. I agree with you about aliens ‘distracting’ us from God. I also believe in science and an Almighty Creator, as did Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon and many other early scientists. I am also a Trekkie, and remember the movie “First Contact.” The plot included an accounting of the discovery of “warp drive” which made humans worthy of alien, in this case, “Vulcan” contact. I thought that if I were plotting against the belief in God, I would also use this kind of looking toward aliens for our ‘salvation’ strategy because then, it is thought, God is no longer needed. Anyway, blessings to you and keep up the great writing!
    D.T. Osborn


  19. People can believe in aliens without attaching any morality to it. That’s why there’s the trend. Believing in a ‘God’, however, even if it’s not THE God implies there is a creator. If there’s a creator, he/she/it has the power to destroy as well. Ergo, I have to live my life in a way that’s pleasing to that being or else I am subject to harm. People want to believe in ‘something bigger without reflecting on if/how they need to change.


  20. I love how you speak the truth of what is world has to offer. I feel God is sad thinking how his children have turned away from him and forgot we are all here because of his Grace and love


  21. Praying god doesn’t change anything outside the world but it will just make you feel good inside for some time ,SO It will be better to think that Aliens exist and they are outside the earth , may be in earth or may be in the different galaxies.


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