16 Years Forogtten 

You know what is terrifying?

The fact that most high school seniors were born after September 11, 2001.


Yep. Seniors in high school. Did not experience 9/11. Many were born after the terror attacks.

My mind. Can’t. Comprehend.

It’s been 16 years.

The slogan has been and always will be: 9/11: Never Forget. 

Never Forget the 3000 lives that were lost that day in the towers. The 343 NY fire fighters who lost their lives, including the fire house chaplain, Fr. Mychal Judge who was hit by falling rubble while giving a victim last rites. The children who lost parents or loved ones that fateful day.

Never Forget that our country was viciously attacked in a calculated, and cold blooded way.

But you want to know the sad truth?

We have forgotten.

I remember right after the attacks, there was a shortage of American Flags across the United States.


shortage. Every store was sold out. Because people were hanging them outside of their homes, car windows, mailboxes, cubicles, – you name it. People were even spray-painting their lawns the American Flag. There were candle light vigils and patriotic concerts.

Everything was God Bless America.

Now a days, we can’t even get our professional athletes to stand up during the National Anthem at sporting events, for crying out loud.

Photo Credit: CBS

We’re fighting to remove “Under God” from our pledge of allegiance.

We’ve got pop stars proclaiming that they “hate America” and openly disrespecting our country and the flag – and encouraging others to do the same.

Not to mention the complete farce people – and the media – have made of President Trump and the first family.

This was not the America of 16 years ago.

The America, 16 years ago, stood up for itself. The America, 16 years ago, was not afraid to draw a definitive line between right and wrong, and enforce consequences for offenders.

Now a-days, we can’t even call someone by their God-given sex, without the threat of offending someone or being the target for public shame – or even worse – getting labeled as part of a “hate group.”

Somewhere during the process of the “Snowflaking-of-America,” we’ve completely forgotten about the day we were attacked, not once – not twice – but four times: Twice in NYC, Once at the Pentagon, and Once in Pennsylvania.

I was walking along the West Side Highway in New York City today, and the next thing I know, the road is closed, and literally 1,000s of motorcycles are parading down the avenue. There are helicopters and police escorts, and for literally 25 minutes, hundreds and hundreds of bikes, bedecked with American Flags and patriotic swag caravanned from Ground Zero to midtown in honor of the anniversary of 9/11.

These people remembered.

These people were not afraid to raise our flag with pride and reverence.

These people were showing respect, and God bless them for it.

Why is forgetting 9/11 such a crime?

Because it makes us take our freedom for granted.

It makes us forget that our freedom is actually a gift. People have died for our freedom. It came with a price.

So the next time you’re stuck in line at airport security, just remember that 9/11 is the reason you’re having to take off your shoes. And belt. And jewelry. And getting a pat down.

Why? Because on September 11, 2001, hijackers got on airplanes and attacked the United States of America.

But we stood up for our country.

We made a vow never to forget.

And it’s time we started acting like it. 

It’s time we start respecting our elected officials and work to cooperate together instead of demonstrating hatred and anger and an uncompromising spirit through violent protests and marches.

America, 16 years ago – came together when the chips were down. We united.

America today – we’re hostile with one another: venomously divided, – and violently defensive.

I don’t like it. I don’t like it one little bit.

And I get it, our country is far from perfect. There are still some serious issues – racisim and sexism just to name a few. But cooperation is a two way street, and all sides have a role to play. So that with our freedom, and with a cooperative spirit, we can continue to make progress against these issues in a county that allows us the freedom to do so.

Maybe this hurricane is falling on the anniversary of September 11, as a God-facilitated catalyst for our country to come together.

Because quite honestly, we’re at a breaking point.

Maybe this emergency is just the situation we needed to set aside our differences, and come together as a United nation. The United States of America. One nation – under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.

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303 responses to “16 Years Forogtten ”

  1. Everything old is new again. Welcome to the 70’s.

    America forgot about the war in ‘nam and started hating the soldiers.
    American flags were burned.
    Solders were spat upon in airports as they were returning home.
    God was taken out of schools, Krishna was allowed in.

  2. Beautifully written! I’ll never forget walking through the rubble, bustling with activity as thousands of volunteers and emergency personnel were clearing debris while on other side of Ground Zero there was silence as canine officers searched for life. The sights and sounds will always be with me.

  3. Beautiful writing and thoughts. Thank you for not being afraid to speak up God bless America and its people!

  4. Great post! That is a scary thought,I feel very old now thanks lol 😂
    I made a Facebook post today and said it is that even here in the UK the behaviour that is going on from both the far left, and right is scary, as most things tend to do what is happening in America is happening here in the UK too.
    I remember the news the afternoon of the twins towers attack,it wasn’t long before I picked my son up from primary school. We were all terrified here, so I can only imagine what it was like for you living there. I was scared to go out, but I wanted my boy home with me and I had to pick him up of course.
    Now I think Americans, and increasingly Brits, have more to fear from each other than any outside terrorists. Who knows perhaps this has been a lot more of a cold and calculated plan by ISIS, perhaps they knew what would happen, that we would all turn on each other, but to be honest I wouldn’t actually credit them with that much intelligence.
    I stand pretty much in the middle of this row between sides, there are things from both that I understand, and I wish were different. As such I get abuse from both sides so I can categorically say they’re as bad as each other.
    I know it is more serious actually on the streets, but online I can only liken it to a bunch of overgrown school kids arguing about who pushed who first. Good luck with getting any of the real issues sorted that way folks!
    I do not even think most are truly concerned about the causes they claim to be, and many of them are skewed to fit the agenda of whoever is saying whatever.
    Right now ISIS are less scary than these two sides, the ones at either far end of the scale.
    It’s got to the point where I have given up trying to reason with any of them, they do not want to hear that for peace someone has to stop firing the bullets, or in most cases the insults for that to ever happen, they don’t want to.
    So me, and those like me will just stand in the corner for now and wait for them all to either grow up or kill each other.

    • thank you so much for this thoughtful response. Yeah, it was definitely a scary day indeed. and how quickly we forget. you’re right – both sides need to come together and let go of the radical agendas. They’re not doing anyone any good. thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  5. Well said. Last year I went to NYC and saw the 9-11 museum. What an incredible memorial. It was so intense that I couldn’t take all the horror of that day.

    Not only was our country united that day, the entire world was. There were people crying out in countries all over the world, grieving the lives lost from the evil that day.

  6. Wonderfully stated. I have been lamenting to anyone who will listen to me about this very sentiment today. If you care to check it out I posted a poem yesterday about this. It may interest you. I love your blog

  7. Yes! Well said, sister! I completely agree. I remember when the twin towers fell… where I was and how people responded… that was the only time I can remember that people really came together and united, even those who weren’t thrilled with Bush 2 being our president… people who didn’t vote for him or like him still respected and trusted him in that moment as he sought out the right response. I pray regularly that our nation can one day unite again… heaven knows how much we need it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  8. Aw Caralyn. Excellent thoughts. Being Canadian, I still hurt with you guys, because we are neighbours, we are all God’s Creation, and Canadians were also killed. I was in NYC during Thanksgiving week, following 9-1-1, with a group from our church helping as we could. I will never forget the sites. Spent time at the Memorial, crying with residents, praying with and for them, crying and praying with police officers, military personnel, construction workers. It is in my memory forever. God Bless you Caralyn.
    Luv ya, 😀⚘❤

    • Thanks George. Yeah it was such a tragedy. Wow thank you for serving our country like that. That is such a gift. I can’t even begin to imagine what that must have been like. Hugs and love xox

  9. Excellent post! We haven’t all forgotten, but perhaps some that are adults today didn’t understand the full impact of 9-11. Or perhaps people have gotten so busy pointing fingers at the other side, they have forgotten. I also hope that some of the disasters going on, hurricanes and fires will bring us back together. Thank you for a much needed post. ❤️❤️

  10. So very true that 16 years have passed and to think high school seniors did not experience 9/11. Reminds me of assignments about interviewing your parents about an historical event. I do have to disagree w/ your view on personal protest and choice. Anyone who is not a civil servant is not required to “go along to get along”. Having a difference of opinion or using your influence to evoke conversation, awareness, or change in cultural norms is the greatest acknowledgment of truly being an American. It’s ​everyone’s right to have.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I definitely don’t oppose people having different opinions, or people exercising their right to a peaceful protest. It’s just the anger and aggression with which many people go about it, that gives me pause. But yeah that is definitely a gift that comes along with freedom! Thanks for joining the conversation! I love hearing all perspectives 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  11. So well said … AMEN … AMEN … AMEN !!! You wrote so clearly what I have been thinking for a long time. Thank you for your patriotism and thank you for openly supporting the United States and our need for Uniting. Bless you. God, please help us to remember … remember … remember. Amen

  12. Great post and reminder that society has forgotten how important it is to be united! A kingdom divided among itself cannot stand and it is frustrating to see how it is playing out in today’s day and age. What a humble reminder that we aren’t promised tomorrow!

  13. Caralyn,
    What a profound and brave statement. It is very sad how people quickly forget the tragedies that our country, our world has faced. Yes, there has been some judgement, stereotyping, possibly even prejudice against anyone from the Middle East because of what happened on this day 16 years ago. It is understandable to be afraid especially when of late we do not know who the next suicide bomber will be. However, are not some of these people who claim to be kneeling, sitting down, claiming hate because they feel that they are being mistreated. That they have been discriminated against by the cops, society, etc.. Okay, so to those people whether it is the BLM, the group or groups that started the whole gender identity thing and the list goes on-I ask each and every one of you, Have you ever in your life judged someone for being different than you or because they were similar to a criminal, a murderer? Are you not being hypocrites? I am an American, Christian, and I try very hard not to stereotype. Can any of you who kneel at a game, refuse to pledge allegiance to the flag to the God who gave you life, to the country that fought and still fights for your freedom, your rights, and your life. Your right to protest against mistreatment? Yes, Isis and other terrorists scare the daylights out of me, but the hate rising in our country scares me just as much if not more. Also, and this is still directed to those who claim that they are offended by those who do not believe what they believe, who feel that because of the color of their skin they are mistreated- do you see any of the people from the middle east kneeling at their jobs, protesting in public on national tv, rioting in the streets or igniting riots all for their rights.. I would think that they have just as much cause to do so as each of you. Since 9/11 they have been terrorized for their nationality because the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 were people from the Middle East. Take some time people who only see that their lives matter. who are blinded by the poison fed to them by the media, democratic party, Satanists, and those who love to see hate and violence? Oh, wait! That is Satan and his minions!!!! Am I offending him?
    Sorry, Caralyn. I did have an original short point to make here but I got a bit carried away. I also apologize to all of your followers. This stuff just really bothers me. I was bullied as a child for dressing different, being a church goer, being poor, living on the wrong side of the tracks, etc… Where were the victims of bullies matter protests? Not being serious, just trying to make a point. We all have experienced something that makes feel left out and or mistreated, maybe it was someone we know and not us. My point is we are made to be courageous, kind, selfless, hopeful, loving, forgiving, and merciful..
    God bless and keep you safe, Ms. Caralyn.

    • Thank you so much for this powerful response. “We are made to be courageous kind selfless hopeful loving forgiving and merciful” AMEN!! Don’t apologize at all! I love your passion. I think you’re right – there is a difference between protesting against injustice in a peaceful and cooperative, respectful and beneficial way, and then spewing hatred and prejudiced ideology. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for sharing your heart. Hugs and love xox

      • Teaching about Love for Enemies

        43 “You have heard the law that says, ‘Love your neighbor’* and hate your enemy. 44 But I say, love your enemies!* Pray for those who persecute you! 45 In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike. 46 If you love only those who love you, what reward is there for that? Even corrupt tax collectors do that much. 47 If you are kind only to your friends,*how are you different from anyone else? Even pagans do that. 48 But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.

        Have a safe and blessed night. XO

      • Verse 45 reminds me of the floods and hurricanes happening all over the world. Anyone spewing the idea that hurricanes and natural disasters are happening because of “God’s judgment” are being incredibly wrong and merciless in their assumptions. Evil happens to faithful Believers and complete non believers alike. Just wanted to share that sentiment!

      • Thank you… Yes, you God is merciful and allows “bad things” to happen in our lives whether we are believers or not. Just because we follow God does not mean that we are immune from illness, tragedy, loss, death, natural disasters. Again, God is merciful but we as believers must remember that God does discipline us when we are not following his ways. At the end, when we face God we will all be judged. From what I have been told and I wish that I could remember exactly where in Scripture it says this, but the Bible talks about the signs of Jesus’s return to Earth to gather his people. One of the signs discuss the freak or abnormal weather and like you mentioned, in Isaiah we read about the hurricane and floods.

  14. I was in Canada on a business trip on 9/11. It was the first time I really felt like I was out of country there. I always joke that Canada is really the 51st state! Not that day, though! Like so many, I wasn’t going back home any time soon! I remember watching the towers go down on the TV at the bar in the hotel – it was open in the morning. I think everyone needed a stiff drink at that point.

    It was the worst shock since Kennedy was assassinated. It’s just too bad that everyone is too busy with cell phones and fidget toys to even think about things of substance. And shame on us for allowing ourselves to be so easily led down that path!

    Well, just a little more at Patreon. Not much. It would be too depressing to say much more.

  15. Beautifully written! I love all your posts but 9/11 impacts me greatly. (to understand why you can see my blog post joangraves.wordpress.com/2017/09/11/where-was-god-on-911 ) For the last 16 years, I have talked with my boys about it. We watch a 9/11 documentary or film every year. Even my special needs non-verbal son gets a lesson. Last year I made ribbons with him then took him into the community to hand them out to first responders. Since 9/11 our flag flies proudly every day. The majority has forgotten how we felt that September day. I just keep praying that someday we will rediscover that unity and never let it go. Thank you & God bless you!

    • Thanks so much Joan. That’s such an important lesson to teach your children. You’re a great mom. Thank you for passing that important history and truth onto the next generation. I will join you in that prayer. Hugs and love xox

  16. Hi there! Very well put as always! Just to chime in, most high school seniors were babies during 9-11–making them 17 and turning 18 throughout the year. I know…I have a senior and she won’t turn 18 until after graduation. Today her school held a memorial, and I just want to give our seniors credit as well as the educators who do remember and teach about this tragedy. I thought you might appreciate this, and you are right…too many have forgotten. #NeverForget

    • thanks so much Sharon. I’m glad to hear that!! there is hope for the class of 2018!! hahaha juuuuust kidding just kidding. There truly is hope to be found in our upcoming kids – they are a promising group of young people! Hugs and love xox

  17. I will never forget. Nor will I ever forget that we were not allowed to win in Korea, VIetNam, Iraq and Afghanistan. We spend billions supporting countries that hate us. Forget 9/11? Never! We have become a nation that doesn’t want to offend anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings. 9/11 will happen again because we won’t do what is necessary to prevent it.

  18. Thanks for the post. There are two events in my life that I remember exactly where I was. When Secretariat won the race by 31 lengths, I was sick and laying on my couch as a kid. On 911 I was at work with my mouth held open, and if you can believe it or not, totally speechless. We had a television at work, and I saw it.

    No, we are not the same America in many ways, forms, and fashions. To “offend someone” can almost get you the electric chair in this nation now. Lot’s of freedoms gone and done away with we think. We are still under the Constitution, and that says, “I can say what I want to.” In fact I have a book on the Constitution in case I ever need it. I take it with me everywhere I go. Love you so much and God Bless, SR

    • Thanks so much SR. I really appreciate your thoughts. Yeah the whole freedom of speech – and frankly freedom of the press too — has been taken to the absolute extreme. I wish we could remember the sacrifices that got us those freedoms. Hugs and love xox

  19. You do bring up some good points about the spirit of Patriotism and the link to a tolerant God. Rarely do we as a whole nation have both at the same time either through words or actions. I fought, everyday in America and when it came time to fight again. I did. I never did it for the parades. Patriotism might be the glue for those that do not or are not willing to fight.

    That is where Americans forget that chain of selflessness. The same chain that puts food on the table from farms. Puts cops in the right places to make a difference.

    We shouldn’t be blind though and just, follow. It is the right of every citizen to question those in power for resolution and inclusion. The president on many occasions has only accepted blind loyalty. That is not American.

    You can have Patriotism and not totally agree. It should not be in place of religion. You should have God in the things you do but remember that God did not make America. People did. There were forty thousand Native tribes roaming about that suddenly, disappeared through the forming of America. Those were my people and they are also forgotten. God doesn’t choose sides, we do.

    • Thanks so much for this thoughtful response Kenzie. The chain of selflessness – I wish that would come back. You’re right – it’s a both/and. We respect those in power but we keep them in check. But respect for our country is a non negotiable. And so true – the fate of the Native Americans is truly tragic. Thanks for this powerful food for thought. Hugs and love xox

      • Respect for our country?

        Let’s define that. Love, is mercy and respect. We can say hate may be the opposite.

        Thomas Jefferson and his crew, dressed as Mohawk indians to dump the British tea into the river. Later, it was used against the Mohawk to kill them in your area. New York. A big wall came up to protect the colonies from these, savages. That wall is now Wall Street. Perception, not love is what built your area. From the Triangle Fires to the Hellegat bridge. You might call Hell’s Kitchen.

        America was not founded on mercy and respect. Not founded on love but as a means to escape the tax from Britain and share it with the newly wealthy. Themselves. Trading one tyrant for another you might say.

        The South. Had money and although they did have slaves they weren’t entirely keen on shooting themselves in the foot over a British tax. They more than made up for the tax in trade but, it wasn’t enough for “Americans.”

        Slavery is wrong. When, the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour and I myself used to clean toilets for $4.75 an hour as a first job.

        You have more workers at a slave’s wage than you would a living wage. There is no respect, no mercy there. Just, hard workers and no future.

        So, we still have Wall Street except there’s no Natives left. That would leave us well, maybe not you but the rest of us as the new, savages.

      • that is definitely a sobering perspective. thank you for this challenging food for thought. definitely puts history in a new light. thank you for that wake up call. Hugs and love xox

  20. You said a mouthful. Spot on. I don’t know how old you are but I am 63. I was alive when President Kennedy was assassinated and Dr King. I remember the government assault on the students at Kent U. The Detroit and LA riots. I still think the news media has forgot what unbiased reporting is. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your blog.

    • Thanks friend. Yeah I can’t imagine what it must have been like to witness those events live. You’re right – I wish the media would just give us the straight story for once. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  21. Definitely agree… I see it too …. people in this country have so quickly forgotten such a tragedy, which is pretty terrifying and I hope I am not so quick to forget the amazing things God has done for me!

  22. Why, oh why? Why is there not a “love” button as well! I cannot like this post enough! We need to get back to that point as a country. A reset , if you will. Back to the days of “flag shortages” and patriotism flooding our nation.

  23. Yes– the creepiest part is how certain aspects of freedom/respect/protection for certain people and beliefs, even beliefs that have been integral since the birth of this nation, has been overlooked in the name of “political correctness”…

  24. Ordinary people simply want to live their lives with dignity. And I believe be this the reality in all places, peoples, and nations, children, young and old.
    Civilization enabled the world to live comfortably and with a wide variety of possibilities and choices.
    For organized people, information, science, and technology solve much of the practical problems of caring for life and others.

    But a crucial question has not yet been resolved since the origin of man and will follow him to the end: human character remains subject to evil.

    In the beginning, “God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.” (Genesis 1:4)
    But “and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
    For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.” (John 3:19,20)

    God granted will to people to be free, but they became slaves of the sham, hurting themselves and others, and drowning in freedom.

    But “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)
    And, “whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.
    Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?” (1 John 5: 4,5)

  25. I will never forget sitting in my college classroom and getting a phone call to turn on the news because her brother, my friend, lived in New York and she couldn’t get a hold of him. I left class and didn’t care that the professor got mad at me and turned on the news.

    My friend ended up being fine but so many people lost loved ones that day. I agree that we HAVE to remember as a country because we don’t want anything like that to ever happen again.

  26. Wow! Wow! Well put. I can so relate with this because my country has been in a series of attacks on and off for sometime now. When it happens we unit as a people and mourn together, donate where need be. But when the dust calms down, we somehow FORGET ! Until we are stricken again. My heart bleeds for my country. May God bless us all!!

  27. Well put. Such a compelling piece. I can so relate with this because my country has been in a series of attacks on and off for sometime now. When it happens we unit as a people and mourn together, donate where need be. But when the dust calms down, we somehow FORGET ! Until we are stricken again. My heart bleeds for my country. May God bless us all!!

  28. This is very well put. I usually would get on facebook and see so many posts about the tragedy 16 years ago. Today I saw three. I said ok maybe its because of the hurricanes and other horrible things going on in the US, but still… How can we not learn from the past? It makes my heart hurt.

  29. I remember. But I do not weep or mourn or wring my hands. I do not lower my flag to half staff. Because I remember, I will stand strong for this land that I love.

  30. I love the articles about the babies born to victims of 9/11. Men and Woman born to live for their parents’ legacy.

    This is why, while I am all for black lives matter but so do blue lives.

    As a military vet and janitor at Target, I have known so many young men and women who made the choice to put their lives on the line by joining the police force.

    My friends are not racists, my friends fight for justice and deserved to be honored. – Blue lives matter.

    • Thanks for this thoughtful response. I am so right there with you!! Cops out their lives on the line every single day to keep us safe. Amen – they deserve to be honored. Hugs and love xox

  31. I’m not American, but I wish there were more Americans like you. People like you are the ones who truly care about your country and what made your country great.

    • yes, absolutely. i would be honored! haha – Meatloaf. I can honestly say I’ve never heard one of his songs 🙂 hehe thanks for stopping by! glad this resonated with you! big hugs friend xox

  32. There’s no fair comparison for time…given we skew our perceptions over any period of time. The importance of giving an event or experience its significance is categorized by those recalling it. These days significances are seemingly assigned by recency😔

  33. I remember.
    Every year, I remember.
    I’m not American but I grew up there. And my father and I watched the attack live, half way across the world. And we lost friends and relatives in there.

    Permit me to just say this; America is at a cross roads. It appears to have forgotten who America is, and so is busy fighting to define who is American and who is not. The problem is that not many Americans are feeling American anymore. And there is fear.

    From way over here, it seems like America does not need to be told to close in – hunker down – America needs to remember who America is and what they stand for.

    From way over here, it is clear that America’s greatest resource has always been it’s people. People who, for a time, refected the spirit of God – a God who cares for ALL of his children, a God that demanded ALL of his children to…be humble before each other, and before him.

    The crisis, it seems to is, over here, is that Antics has forgotten it’s own, starting with the poor of all colors, of all religions. It’s forgotten it seems, how to use it’s wealth.

    It’s not a good look from way over here and I can tell you that in Africa, we are suddenly looking elsewhere.

    The problem is – America is not alone, so please to hear attack in my words.

    When we write our new Constitution just a few years ago, America was a model. Now we look out and are afraid.

    Is this what lies in store for us?

    We have 48 different people in a country the size of Texas. Maybe. This is repeated all across the continent. And we still see you.
    The world can soften up.

    We are praying for us all. And on this day, I stand with you and remember.

  34. 9/11 was a shocking event that gave the Western World a wake up call. There were those in the world who wanted to destroy our democratic form of life where we enjoyed relative freedom. Like you say, Western democracies are not perfect. But we can go further back than that. America led the world in the freedom fight during WWII and was looked up to and respected for moral leadership. Today it is the enemy within. Godless secularism has done in the West what Hitler and others tried to do but failed because of the moral leadership in evidence primarily from the influence of the US at that time. The West is in decline, not because of attacks from without, though those are real, but from the godless forces white anting the West. When we step outside the circle of God’s protection He will let us go our own way until we learn the difference between destructive evil forces and the protective force of heaven. Hopefully we will wake up before He allows another civilization to come to the fore. Whatever happens though, God is in control. He is not dead! 🙂

  35. A powerful post!
    Although sometimes forgetting is not disrespectful but it’s a part of healing and having faith still. Peace begins with forgetting, holding on to hurt only causes more chaos.

    Much love to you,

  36. I am a proud Scot, living in Scotland, but I have also lived and worked, and taken holidays in the USA. I have family who have taken this great country as their own, and I say, well done to them, and to you for posting such a well written and thought out response to 9/11. We will NEVER forget. Believe it!

  37. I was 12 when it happened. I watched it unfold on the television all morning long and couldn’t really comprehend what was happening. I’d never heard the word “terrorist” before. I do remember that I turned to my dad and said something like, “Fewer people were killed at Pearl Harbor, right? And we went to war after that.”

    I know I’ll never forget.

  38. It’s sad, but many of us have forgotten 9/11. Now, we blame natural disasters on President Trump. We look for “trigger warnings” in anything that might upset us. There was no trigger warning on 9/11. No one prepared us for what was going to happen that day. But you’re right – we came together as a nation and vowed not to be defeated. Now, we’re more divided than ever. It’s said that “a house divided cannot stand.” I hope we don’t end up falling as a nation the way those towers fell. Towers can be rebuilt; it’s a little more difficult to rebuild a nation.

  39. Amen, AMEN to your message. Just as we Coloradans vow to never forget those who put their faith on the line during the tragedy at Columbine High School so many years ago, we Americans cannot have too many reminders about the privilege of our freedom. “Patriot Day” needs more attention – and respect.

  40. “Blessed are those who mourn”

    The miracle of grief is the discovery that healing is offered to us by the Father. What is important is not the truth that we have lost, but to become again part of a creative whole.

    We do not forget. We discover that we are stronger than we knew, and renew our capacity to love.

    The costs of ignoring that gift – the gift of our ability to love – does not require remembrance of 9/11. It only requires us to open our eyes to all those that society has failed – the pitiless, unremarked epidemic of poverty, ignorance and violence that drowns the gentle and weary.

  41. You make some interesting points. I can’t agree with all of them, but I think some of the ‘protests’ are going to hurt the traditionalists and I am hoping that in the end inclusion will cover all ethnic groups and orientations and that shouting and hate stuff will go away. It is weird, and very sad, that on 9/11 this year, there is such suffering from the hurricane, and no obvious remembering of the shock of those attacks – and all the subsequent terror acts.And, I think we who believe in a loving God and righteous have to get to know him much, much better, and be better witnesses to him, and open our hearts to those who are different to ourselves in whatever way. The clock does not go back.Even if we think life would be better if it did. Thanks for sharing your life and thoughts here.

    • Thanks so much Mari! Yeah, this year is definitely different with the hurricane and all the natural disasters. Amen! We need to open our hearts to Him and also others too 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  42. This is a great post and I look forward to reading more.

    I also want to thank you for actively reading on my site. I really appreciate the support! Your site gives off a very professional vibe. Would you be interested in mentoring a newbie blogger?

  43. 16 years ago I was in the mental hospital and watched the news live on TV as the towers fell, doped to hell on some Haldol kinky shit. . Course it was prophesied long time go in your bible book Isaiah, but you probably never read that. It’s just prophesies goin down like they was written, but you seem to think it’s more that. Why? you’ll worry yourself crazy. I mean, what if they had built your mansion in heaven in Florida–and your yacht, too? What now? Not me. I just follow the reader like in first grade Nat the Rat. One page at a time. One prophesy at a time. Lots more to go. But you say you’re Christian, so you probably know all that. Whoopeedooo. I don’t give a …

  44. Thank you for writing this. Its stunning to me to think that most high school seniors were born after 9/11! Oh my gosh, really??!!! You’re right . . . we are forgetting. And we cannot forget.

  45. I was born after 9/11, and it breaks my heart to learn about it. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to live though an attack like that. But I’m glad there are people who talk about it — we must learn from our history, or be doomed to repeat it.

    • Thanks so much for sharing that Josie. I appreciate you wanting to learn about it. You’re so right – we’ve got to learn from the past, even if it’s uncomfortable. Hugs and love xox

  46. It’s the same thing that happened with Pearl Harbor. We get comfortable. We forget. And then, it’s only when something happens and disaster strikes we are rattled. We seek answers. We seek hope. You’re right, we’ve lost something.

  47. Yes, we have forgotten. Perhaps not the hero’s, because there are a lot of NYPD/NYFD shirts and hats still worn. But we have forgotten that sense of unity we had. Congress, assembled, singing God Bless America on the steps of the Capitol. Everyone comforting each other. And now…….sad.
    Two side notes — elected officials need to respect each other, as well as the electorate should. And “snowflaking” is, unfortunately (IMHO) a term that part of the problem, and should be retired from the language. Just another piece of the problem.

    I remember that day, vividly. Every clear, dry, blue sky autumn day, every time I see a plane bank, I remember.

  48. You hit the nail on the head with this one. As someone who doesn’t remember the 9/11 attacks but has heard lots of stories about it, it makes me sad that people take our freedom for granted. It was hard won at great cost. Not everyone lives in America, and not everyone gets to enjoy the life we have. We ought to be grateful and seek unity, not be divisive and bashing America. I love your blog. You are amazing! Thanks for being great!

  49. God bless America! It is not my home, but I stand with you! Canada had become divided to. It is sad to see what is going on in both sides of the border and around the world really. Thankfully these are things that do not define me because Christ lives in me. Let’s not forget to let our Lights shine.

  50. I don’t know what to say on 9/11, I see your side and than I see the millions of people who are slaughtered afterwards in the name of Terrorism, who don’t know where America is but are being killed in name of safety.

    I believe, the whole political lagoons in the world, made us hate each other. Else I and you have no issue with each other. It’s the big shark in the name of defence industry and insurance companies who rob us.

    I would say this mayhem should stop, since where is the WMD? Where are the threats? Even the conspiracy theories wrt 9/11 are getting more and more clearer than it was before.

    The media played much more role in further destroying our trust upon each other. And has resulted in one killing the other, the person killing don’t know why actually he is killing and the person killed also don’t know why he is being killed.

    I hope you won’t find it offending my comment !

    With much peace and tranquillity across the world 🤗

      • Unfortunately, the media at your end, potrait a different picture as compared to this end of the world.

        At your end, it’s the terrorist who came and did all what was not imaginable. Called a war on terror, but those guys who did are gone, for the people in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan it’s 9/11 every single day. And they don’t know why they are paying the price.

        The result now, those who got killed unfairly wanted a revenge for those killed whenever they see American. They uprooted their peaceful lives completely.

        So now it’s the never ending thing, since each generation on both sides will bring more hatred towards each other. The one killed by your soldier will bring revenge, whereas the one killed by these people his comrades will try to take the revenge of their fallen one. And the people back home like you, will say terrorist still exist, since one of yours are killed.

        But who won actually the defence, insurance and allied industry with the Govt officials in the pockets.

        I am always against the democratic system, because one of the reasons, any leader comes into power, is through spending huge amount of money on elections. Who pays those?

        If he puts his own money, or from someone else, is he mad to leave this money just for the sake of country. Some returns needs to be made. And this return will be on account of taxpayers like you and me.

        Sorry for the long comment, don’t want to bring negativity in your post, but thought someone needs to raise voice for the less spoken one. Since I reside in this part of the world, which is surrounded with war torn countries and countless women, children and old are suffering under open sky and paying for this so called foolish war which is a joke in my eyes, by making an artificial war to fill their pockets and nothing else.

  51. You are so right, my daughter was twenty-seven DAYS old and all I could think about was what on earth had happened to our world because as Americans we NEVER had to really worry abut anything like that, we really felt safe and secure and just happy going about our lives and that day destroyed that but as Americans we always pulled together and always loved our country and each other in the moments that really mattered and any differences were put aside (except for a very few hate groups), but now, like you mentioned, people are so divided and are ready to attack based on nothing more than a difference of opinion and those who do not love our country and will not stand to honor our flag have no business being here and are a disgrace to those who gave their lives that day.

  52. Great reminder to not forget the tragic events deeply interwoven into our story. For my generation, this was the first exposure to any sort of foreign threat to our country and a shocking introduction to terrorism. Beyond the physical threats to combat, 9/11 publicized the spiritual threats of evilness over which only the love of Christ can prevail. Thanks for sharing!

  53. Wonderful reminder! I have been watching the hurricane news and the aftermath. My family was in Florida. The telethon last night talked about our country working together and I believe it is. Sometimes we forget what a great country this is. I think God is seeing all the unsung heroes and people working to help others in need. I just hope we continue working on America. God will help us pull together, but we need to persistently pray for our country.

  54. Preach, sister preach!!! With the current state the world is in, this was truly a great post Caralyn! Our country needs to remember what happened, honor all those that lost their lives and praise those that came to the aid of others. We need to get back that sense of unity, strength and rapport with one another instead of pointing fingers, causing strife and hurling insults.

  55. Sorry I didn’t put out my flag, but I was busy watching the hurricane coming my way. And if the people in Florida had put theirs out, they would have blown out to sea. This post reminded me of every reason why I converted from Christian Right to Christian Left. And no, that is not a contradiction in terms.
    Your timing couldn’t be worse. I know it’s 9-11, but most of Florida and the Texas coast are underwater, facing weeks of recovery. Millions are still without power and clean water. And stop and look for a moment. Did you notice it’s brought the country together, like 9-11? Most of us are wondering what we can do for them, It doesn’t matter if we are right or left, conservative or liberal. And even Trump and democrats are talking and getting things done. And look at that, I just praised Trump. We’re not parties now. We’re Americans. I don’t know how long it will last, but this is what you said you wanted. You could have said, There’s the silver lining. Texas and Florida, we feel for you. We’re with you. Let’s keep this going. Instead, you yell at us for not saluting the flag fast enough.

    • I’m sorry you feel that I was being critical. That was not my intent. I do feel for Texas and Florida and my heart and prayers are with them. I’m glad that you are okay and praise God that the hurricane was not as catastrophic as they had originally forecast. The unity that has come from these events is definitely a silver lining. I’m sorry you took those feelings away from my words. Hugs and love xox

      • Thanks. Even if I’m critical, please remember if I didn’t care about you, I wouldn’t bother. I would just ignore it, or maybe rant about it on my blog. I still respect you. I’ve come to expect great material from you, so I let you know if you miss the mark. Just like I tell you when you’ve knocked it out of the park, which is surprisingly often. 😉
        Hugs and love xox

      • i totally get that, David 🙂 and i hope you know that i really do appreciate you taking the time to respond – you care, and that’s a lot to be grateful for!!! x

  56. I feel your frustration! Truly, as a Military Mom I do. And where I find my hope in the midst of the frustration is: God wins. He will ALWAYS win in the end. 😊 Hugs for your continued honesty & the brace way you continue to share.

  57. I will never forget! I was just telling a friend that I wish America could feel united the way we felt after 9/11; just tall, proud, tough, united AMERICANS.

  58. I enjoyed your post! You always have great thoughts to put! However about the kneeling thing, I feel it’s their right. I mean if a song has racists lyrics, why support it? I mean I don’t dance or sing to lyrics that demean women or ppl in general. In fact that’s why I don’t listen or sing to one the 90s hit song, “O.P.P” by Naughty by Nature. 😢 Look up the song, you’ll know why. It’s not like you’re denouncing the flag, you’re denouncing a song which demeans the very thing America is suppose to be about: People are all equal.

  59. But that’s so cool you have a book out now, when I have the money I’ll be sure to buy it. Are you too a part of the Amazon Affiliate program? I am too! How do you get people to use your link to buy products from your site. Do you always put at the end of every post to buy stuff from Amazon using your link?

  60. Very well said. I think the country would come back to that unity if something on that scale were to happen again. It is just a shame that it would take another attack like that (or recent natural disasters) to make fellow Americans band together.

    Perhaps it is my Army Brat upbringing, but I think we need to support the soldiers and their families making that sacrifice. Get behind the President, for whether you personally like him or not, he was elected BY THE PEOPLE for that position. The ONLY ones tearing the country apart are those that hate him and fight him at every turn. Of course, maybe that is just what the media presents.

    Compassionate and kind deeds are rarely televised, yet riots are aired night and day. Why are we surprised when a little boy runs a lemonade stand to raise funds for his best friend’s medical treatments? Oh wait, because all we see are people tearing others apart for having a different opinion. Used to be, we could debate. Now it turns into vicious name calling and the whole point of the disagreement is lost. Give me more of the feel-good stories.

  61. The human being is fickle and temporary I’m afraid… We all have to stand by the values we each have and not be ashamed to show them to hope the world follows ☺️

  62. So much I agree with and so much I disagree with. Someone, with your views maybe, would label me as a “snowflake” but I love my country. That doesn’t mean I’m not angry with the injustices that are happening. That doesn’t mean I ignore the blatant racism and discrimination that is happening. I can only speak for myself, but I would venture to guess that these “snowflakes” have popped up because we have the freedom to voice our opinions and our anger with the country we live in today.

  63. Hey there! Enjoy your posts, always well written and inspirational. This one caught my attention in a “Wait, what?” sort of way because I have a high school senior. But most were born before 9/11 not after. They are 17 or 18 as seniors. Maybe you meant sophomores? Just thought I’d mention it 🙂

    • thanks so much! oh!! i appreciate you correcting that. my mistake. I had a couple friends who were 16 heading into Senior year. but you’re right – typically 17/18! Hugs and love xox

  64. Hi BBB,

    Lord, get a hold of people’s hearts before it is all over. He is trying to win hard hearts through everything like 911. We are fragile and easily broken, but Jesus is not. I will purchase your book on payday. Chronolocity is online at Amazon. We were in NY two summers ago and I am reminded what can happen to a city when they come together with a disaster.

    In Christ,


    On Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 3:59 PM BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: “You know what is terrifying? The fact that most > high school seniors were born after September 11, 2001. Yep. Seniors in > high school. Did not experience 9/11. Many were born after the terror > attacks. My mind. Can’t. Comprehend. It’s been 16 years. T” >

  65. Dear beautybeyondbones!

    Thank you for that posting. I’m not American but nevertheless I can relate to what you say very well up to a certain point.

    When those terrible attacks happened in 2001 I was in the US for the first time and the way people in the west (CA, NV, CO) answered to those attacks (candle light vigils, standing together, …) made me fall in love with your country and much more with the people here. It made me come back to work in a parish in 2004 and nearly every year since then on vacation. Even not being American I and my friend were overwhelmed by the warmth and kindness we were flooded with by people all across the country right after the attacks.

    Ever since 2001 I have followed US politics very closely at least as close as possible sitting in Europe. In my parish I even did an evening about your voting system on the night President Trump was elected and to be honest when we went home after that evening discussion we were all absolutely sure we would wake up the next morning it Trump would be out of the race. I stayed up all night and followed the rise of a nightmare.

    Now to the part of your posting I don’t get: Why is disagreeing with a President who was elected but is unfit for office for (I think) obvious reasons such a problem? Isn’t the problem especially abroad that most people (at least who I talk to) don’t distinguish between a president and the population of a country? So right now – please don’t get me wrong – most people in Austria think all Americans are as crazy as Trump and they even think I am crazy because I still visit this country (sitting in San Francisco right now). The funny thing is that just two years most people would think you are an openminded and tolerant society (because of President Obama).

    I agree that we (and Americans especially) must never forget what happened on 9/11 2001. But this remembrance, honouring those more than 3000 people who died that day, means stand up for what you (as the American people) believe in and not give in to racism and intolerance and the right to use violence to respond on a threat. President Trump is doing the later. I can understand it must be hard especially for Americans to honour those who died that day and at the same time standing up against the hate produced by President Trump. But the way President Trump is acting right now is (for me) neglecting those 3000 people who died that day to defend freedom and our (Western) way of life. His election is maybe the biggest victory those terrorists have ever seen. Trump makes those heroes from 9/11 die in vain if you don’t stand up united against Trump just as you were united against Bin Laden.

    So, now I need to make sure to get a copy of your book. Keep up the good work because your posts are always an inspiration for me!! Thanks!!

  66. So I forgot to read this. Brilliant! How I wish folks here in Los Angeles acted like it. Maybe they forgot about Harvey and Irma already. But, there is hope. Nice one BBB.

  67. The snowflaking of America that is a very descriptive term. I like it. I am sad that only 2 people have commented and 16 people liked this. Usually your comments are in the hundreds. What do ypu think that says?

  68. OMG yes, after the attacks there were so many patriotic songs on the radio and you know how some tv channels do quick public service spots between shows? You’d see one with a salute to those and a quick “God Bless America” or what. Never in my lifetime had I seen anything like it except for the many docus about WW2 with all its famous songs, slogans etc.. that captivated the nation then. It fascinated me too with the coverage of it on every regular but also every cable station from when it happened. I grew up with the docus on the Kennedy assassination and how all tv stations (what little there were) showed nothing else but “all that” from when the word spread from Dallas, to when he was buried. As a teen in the 80s, it seemed to me that nothing was “big” anymore and if you didn’t want to know what was happening in the world, you could ignore it all and watch MTV, or a movie on HBO, or something like bowling on ESPN (that wasn’t yet the big network it is now). I thought that if something awful happened in our time, that no one would care. But yes, all the “patriotism” soon faded. We have forgotten. Hugs U!! xoxoxo

  69. Here’s another one that I think has been forgotten. I wrote this last week after watching all of Ken Burns’ new one. When I was a child, and growing up, talking about this was a “hands-off no-no”. It needs to be talked about. I think the mess our leaders made out of this contributed to further messes down through to today.

    “They Were Honorable Too”
    A story now to be

    told a story for years

    left out in the

    cold a story now over forty years

    old it is time to tell it break

    it out of the mold.

    The Viet Minh

    The Viet Cong

    the bureaucrats

    against them estimated

    wrong singing to their

    men an old and outdated

    war song having no idea how

    to really lead the troops along.



    rice paddies




    fired upon.

    Puppet government

    in the south

    shooting off his

    puppet mouth

    persecution in

    the name of being

    strong constantly

    blaming The Viet Cong

    even calling

    The Americans wrong.

    JFK to


    the fighting would

    not go away more

    men more men

    still more would

    be sent in on each

    new day more and

    more would make it

    better is all the

    bureaucrats would say.

    The Cong could

    fight The South

    could not every

    move by American

    Troops left them

    In a bad spot

    ambushed before they

    could barely get off

    a shot The Cong could

    move through a terrain

    that The Americans

    could not but American

    Soldiers gave all they got

    following orders on the

    dot yet still the request

    was made for more men

    so they sent more men

    these men barely men

    still boys who just

    last week were home

    just finished with

    the years of playing

    with toys

    were now watching


    fall as fierce as

    the A bomb.

    M-16s were jamming

    short sighted strategies

    by the bureaucrats

    we’re damming

    the brave and the

    scared who were given

    the order to flush

    out The Cong and drive

    them back across

    the northern border

    resulting that The Cong

    was determined not

    to fight without crushing

    as many soldiers as they

    could making those surviving

    feel as if they were caught

    in a giant toilet

    constantly flushing.

    The bureaucrats thought that

    every taking

    of every swamp

    of every forest

    of every hill

    no matter how many

    brave soldiers The Cong

    would kill might delight

    those surviving with some

    victorious kind of thrill

    who instead were left

    feeling their efforts

    were all for nil.

    Every seeming victory had

    a great bottom-line cost

    a cost on both sides

    of more and more

    senseless lives lost as

    if lives were decided by

    only coins being tossed.

    Sides became so unclear

    as to who was on The

    Cong, who supported

    Saigon, who was just

    a citizen, who just

    changed the side they

    were on, not trusting

    The American presence

    as the war pressed on.

    Talks in Paris and

    Tricky Dicky

    southern black

    markets and disease

    added more mistrust

    so messy

    so sticky

    enemies stayed so

    close by so that no

    one knew who killed

    who and many would

    never really know


    The war fought there

    became a war fought

    here and many gripped

    by anger and fear

    that the bureaucracy

    would never be

    sincere by getting the

    talks and negotiations

    in gear the louder they

    shouted all fell first on

    one then another

    president’s stubborn

    deaf ear many would

    shout many would

    jeer to get the

    solders out despite

    no victory seeming


    Much violence

    much anger

    some testified

    of atrocities of

    Viet citizens who

    died some uncovered

    information that

    showed past

    administrations had

    lied veterans fought

    harder at home

    to make sure their

    efforts were dignified

    they were treated

    only with contempt

    no matter how well

    they organized no

    matter how hard they


    They tried

    just all the soldiers

    tried while sadly

    the bureaucrats in

    charge of them

    only lied throwing

    them into a long

    war where way too

    many over there and

    even back here

    senselessly died.

    Those who died

    on this side

    let them all

    be remembered

    with honor

    at The Wall.

    Those who did survive

    let their honor

    and bravery

    always remain



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