16 Years Forogtten 

You know what is terrifying?

The fact that most high school seniors were born after September 11, 2001.


Yep. Seniors in high school. Did not experience 9/11. Many were born after the terror attacks.

My mind. Can’t. Comprehend.

It’s been 16 years.

The slogan has been and always will be: 9/11: Never Forget. 

Never Forget the 3000 lives that were lost that day in the towers. The 343 NY fire fighters who lost their lives, including the fire house chaplain, Fr. Mychal Judge who was hit by falling rubble while giving a victim last rites. The children who lost parents or loved ones that fateful day.

Never Forget that our country was viciously attacked in a calculated, and cold blooded way.

But you want to know the sad truth?

We have forgotten.

I remember right after the attacks, there was a shortage of American Flags across the United States.


shortage. Every store was sold out. Because people were hanging them outside of their homes, car windows, mailboxes, cubicles, – you name it. People were even spray-painting their lawns the American Flag. There were candle light vigils and patriotic concerts.

Everything was God Bless America.

Now a days, we can’t even get our professional athletes to stand up during the National Anthem at sporting events, for crying out loud.

Photo Credit: CBS

We’re fighting to remove “Under God” from our pledge of allegiance.

We’ve got pop stars proclaiming that they “hate America” and openly disrespecting our country and the flag – and encouraging others to do the same.

Not to mention the complete farce people – and the media – have made of President Trump and the first family.

This was not the America of 16 years ago.

The America, 16 years ago, stood up for itself. The America, 16 years ago, was not afraid to draw a definitive line between right and wrong, and enforce consequences for offenders.

Now a-days, we can’t even call someone by their God-given sex, without the threat of offending someone or being the target for public shame – or even worse – getting labeled as part of a “hate group.”

Somewhere during the process of the “Snowflaking-of-America,” we’ve completely forgotten about the day we were attacked, not once – not twice – but four times: Twice in NYC, Once at the Pentagon, and Once in Pennsylvania.

I was walking along the West Side Highway in New York City today, and the next thing I know, the road is closed, and literally 1,000s of motorcycles are parading down the avenue. There are helicopters and police escorts, and for literally 25 minutes, hundreds and hundreds of bikes, bedecked with American Flags and patriotic swag caravanned from Ground Zero to midtown in honor of the anniversary of 9/11.

These people remembered.

These people were not afraid to raise our flag with pride and reverence.

These people were showing respect, and God bless them for it.

Why is forgetting 9/11 such a crime?

Because it makes us take our freedom for granted.

It makes us forget that our freedom is actually a gift. People have died for our freedom. It came with a price.

So the next time you’re stuck in line at airport security, just remember that 9/11 is the reason you’re having to take off your shoes. And belt. And jewelry. And getting a pat down.

Why? Because on September 11, 2001, hijackers got on airplanes and attacked the United States of America.

But we stood up for our country.

We made a vow never to forget.

And it’s time we started acting like it. 

It’s time we start respecting our elected officials and work to cooperate together instead of demonstrating hatred and anger and an uncompromising spirit through violent protests and marches.

America, 16 years ago – came together when the chips were down. We united.

America today – we’re hostile with one another: venomously divided, – and violently defensive.

I don’t like it. I don’t like it one little bit.

And I get it, our country is far from perfect. There are still some serious issues – racisim and sexism just to name a few. But cooperation is a two way street, and all sides have a role to play. So that with our freedom, and with a cooperative spirit, we can continue to make progress against these issues in a county that allows us the freedom to do so.

Maybe this hurricane is falling on the anniversary of September 11, as a God-facilitated catalyst for our country to come together.

Because quite honestly, we’re at a breaking point.

Maybe this emergency is just the situation we needed to set aside our differences, and come together as a United nation. The United States of America. One nation – under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.

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292 thoughts on “16 Years Forogtten 

  1. Wonderful reminder! I have been watching the hurricane news and the aftermath. My family was in Florida. The telethon last night talked about our country working together and I believe it is. Sometimes we forget what a great country this is. I think God is seeing all the unsung heroes and people working to help others in need. I just hope we continue working on America. God will help us pull together, but we need to persistently pray for our country.

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  2. Preach, sister preach!!! With the current state the world is in, this was truly a great post Caralyn! Our country needs to remember what happened, honor all those that lost their lives and praise those that came to the aid of others. We need to get back that sense of unity, strength and rapport with one another instead of pointing fingers, causing strife and hurling insults.


  3. Sorry I didn’t put out my flag, but I was busy watching the hurricane coming my way. And if the people in Florida had put theirs out, they would have blown out to sea. This post reminded me of every reason why I converted from Christian Right to Christian Left. And no, that is not a contradiction in terms.
    Your timing couldn’t be worse. I know it’s 9-11, but most of Florida and the Texas coast are underwater, facing weeks of recovery. Millions are still without power and clean water. And stop and look for a moment. Did you notice it’s brought the country together, like 9-11? Most of us are wondering what we can do for them, It doesn’t matter if we are right or left, conservative or liberal. And even Trump and democrats are talking and getting things done. And look at that, I just praised Trump. We’re not parties now. We’re Americans. I don’t know how long it will last, but this is what you said you wanted. You could have said, There’s the silver lining. Texas and Florida, we feel for you. We’re with you. Let’s keep this going. Instead, you yell at us for not saluting the flag fast enough.


    1. I’m sorry you feel that I was being critical. That was not my intent. I do feel for Texas and Florida and my heart and prayers are with them. I’m glad that you are okay and praise God that the hurricane was not as catastrophic as they had originally forecast. The unity that has come from these events is definitely a silver lining. I’m sorry you took those feelings away from my words. Hugs and love xox


      1. Thanks. Even if I’m critical, please remember if I didn’t care about you, I wouldn’t bother. I would just ignore it, or maybe rant about it on my blog. I still respect you. I’ve come to expect great material from you, so I let you know if you miss the mark. Just like I tell you when you’ve knocked it out of the park, which is surprisingly often. 😉
        Hugs and love xox


  4. I feel your frustration! Truly, as a Military Mom I do. And where I find my hope in the midst of the frustration is: God wins. He will ALWAYS win in the end. 😊 Hugs for your continued honesty & the brace way you continue to share.


  5. I enjoyed your post! You always have great thoughts to put! However about the kneeling thing, I feel it’s their right. I mean if a song has racists lyrics, why support it? I mean I don’t dance or sing to lyrics that demean women or ppl in general. In fact that’s why I don’t listen or sing to one the 90s hit song, “O.P.P” by Naughty by Nature. 😢 Look up the song, you’ll know why. It’s not like you’re denouncing the flag, you’re denouncing a song which demeans the very thing America is suppose to be about: People are all equal.


    1. thank you so much Ezi. You’re so kind to say that. Yeah, I guess I need to know more about the whole situation to be able to speak on it. I’ll definitely check the song out. and amen – all people are equal!! 🙂 Hugs and love xox

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  6. But that’s so cool you have a book out now, when I have the money I’ll be sure to buy it. Are you too a part of the Amazon Affiliate program? I am too! How do you get people to use your link to buy products from your site. Do you always put at the end of every post to buy stuff from Amazon using your link?


  7. Very well said. I think the country would come back to that unity if something on that scale were to happen again. It is just a shame that it would take another attack like that (or recent natural disasters) to make fellow Americans band together.

    Perhaps it is my Army Brat upbringing, but I think we need to support the soldiers and their families making that sacrifice. Get behind the President, for whether you personally like him or not, he was elected BY THE PEOPLE for that position. The ONLY ones tearing the country apart are those that hate him and fight him at every turn. Of course, maybe that is just what the media presents.

    Compassionate and kind deeds are rarely televised, yet riots are aired night and day. Why are we surprised when a little boy runs a lemonade stand to raise funds for his best friend’s medical treatments? Oh wait, because all we see are people tearing others apart for having a different opinion. Used to be, we could debate. Now it turns into vicious name calling and the whole point of the disagreement is lost. Give me more of the feel-good stories.


  8. The human being is fickle and temporary I’m afraid… We all have to stand by the values we each have and not be ashamed to show them to hope the world follows ☺️


  9. So much I agree with and so much I disagree with. Someone, with your views maybe, would label me as a “snowflake” but I love my country. That doesn’t mean I’m not angry with the injustices that are happening. That doesn’t mean I ignore the blatant racism and discrimination that is happening. I can only speak for myself, but I would venture to guess that these “snowflakes” have popped up because we have the freedom to voice our opinions and our anger with the country we live in today.


    1. Thanks so much for this thoughtful reflection. As a fellow “snowflake” myself, I fully agree. I guess I said it more for dramatic effect. Sorry if it offended you! Definitely not my intent! Big hugs to you friend xox


  10. Hey there! Enjoy your posts, always well written and inspirational. This one caught my attention in a “Wait, what?” sort of way because I have a high school senior. But most were born before 9/11 not after. They are 17 or 18 as seniors. Maybe you meant sophomores? Just thought I’d mention it 🙂


  11. Hi BBB,

    Lord, get a hold of people’s hearts before it is all over. He is trying to win hard hearts through everything like 911. We are fragile and easily broken, but Jesus is not. I will purchase your book on payday. Chronolocity is online at Amazon. We were in NY two summers ago and I am reminded what can happen to a city when they come together with a disaster.

    In Christ,


    On Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 3:59 PM BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: “You know what is terrifying? The fact that most > high school seniors were born after September 11, 2001. Yep. Seniors in > high school. Did not experience 9/11. Many were born after the terror > attacks. My mind. Can’t. Comprehend. It’s been 16 years. T” >


  12. Dear beautybeyondbones!

    Thank you for that posting. I’m not American but nevertheless I can relate to what you say very well up to a certain point.

    When those terrible attacks happened in 2001 I was in the US for the first time and the way people in the west (CA, NV, CO) answered to those attacks (candle light vigils, standing together, …) made me fall in love with your country and much more with the people here. It made me come back to work in a parish in 2004 and nearly every year since then on vacation. Even not being American I and my friend were overwhelmed by the warmth and kindness we were flooded with by people all across the country right after the attacks.

    Ever since 2001 I have followed US politics very closely at least as close as possible sitting in Europe. In my parish I even did an evening about your voting system on the night President Trump was elected and to be honest when we went home after that evening discussion we were all absolutely sure we would wake up the next morning it Trump would be out of the race. I stayed up all night and followed the rise of a nightmare.

    Now to the part of your posting I don’t get: Why is disagreeing with a President who was elected but is unfit for office for (I think) obvious reasons such a problem? Isn’t the problem especially abroad that most people (at least who I talk to) don’t distinguish between a president and the population of a country? So right now – please don’t get me wrong – most people in Austria think all Americans are as crazy as Trump and they even think I am crazy because I still visit this country (sitting in San Francisco right now). The funny thing is that just two years most people would think you are an openminded and tolerant society (because of President Obama).

    I agree that we (and Americans especially) must never forget what happened on 9/11 2001. But this remembrance, honouring those more than 3000 people who died that day, means stand up for what you (as the American people) believe in and not give in to racism and intolerance and the right to use violence to respond on a threat. President Trump is doing the later. I can understand it must be hard especially for Americans to honour those who died that day and at the same time standing up against the hate produced by President Trump. But the way President Trump is acting right now is (for me) neglecting those 3000 people who died that day to defend freedom and our (Western) way of life. His election is maybe the biggest victory those terrorists have ever seen. Trump makes those heroes from 9/11 die in vain if you don’t stand up united against Trump just as you were united against Bin Laden.

    So, now I need to make sure to get a copy of your book. Keep up the good work because your posts are always an inspiration for me!! Thanks!!


  13. So I forgot to read this. Brilliant! How I wish folks here in Los Angeles acted like it. Maybe they forgot about Harvey and Irma already. But, there is hope. Nice one BBB.


  14. The snowflaking of America that is a very descriptive term. I like it. I am sad that only 2 people have commented and 16 people liked this. Usually your comments are in the hundreds. What do ypu think that says?


    1. thanks so much, Joseph. i really appreciate you sharing your thoughts. hmm, perhaps your browser needs to be refreshed? Because it was liked 473 times, and got 285 comments hahah so I don’t know what’s going on with the browser! haha but thanks for stopping by! big hugs xox

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