The Bachelor Finale & The Disappearing Line of Decency

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, leave it to The Bachelor to pull an Emeril Lagasse and “Bam! Kick it up a knotch!

In case you haven’t heard, The Bachelor season finale was on Monday and Tuesday of this past week. And…wow. Just…W O W.

It was a dumpster fire of everything wrong with the media today.

For a super quick recap, Arie Luyendyk Jr. – the Bachelor – was down to the final two: Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham. And he had a really difficult decision, because he loved them both.

Becca, Arie and Lauren. Photo: E!

After much deliberation, he ended up proposing to Becca, only to call off the engagement with her, two months after the show finished filming, so that he could be with the runner up, Lauren.

But here’s the catch: he ambushed Becca and filmed the break up in its entirety. He ended things at one of their “Happy Couple Weekends.” (which are where the couple can spend time together in secret while the show is filming, as they’re not allowed to be seen in public because it would spoil the outcome of the show). She showed up thinking it was just a normal get together with her fiancé, and he showed up – camera crew in tow – and proceeded to blind side her with the break up for all the world to see.

And let’s not forget the grand puppeteer in all of this – ABC – airing the most devastating, humiliating, painful moment in this poor girl’s life — in a SPLIT SCREEN no less.

Photo credit: Vulture

Chris Harrison, the host, kept reminding us of how this footage was unedited, setting a record for the longest, most dramatic raw footage ever to be aired in television history.

You could just feel them salivating over it.

They drew it out – for three hours. And then, added an additional live show the following night for another two hours.

It was just relentless.

ABC destroyed this young woman for the sake of ratings, and is now laughing all the way to the bank.

And honestly, I felt really icky watching it.

I had a text thread going with my parents – I’m in NYC, they’re in Ohio – and we were watching this horror show “together.”

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 11.34.13 PM

And the conclusion was unanimous:

After about 30 seconds of the split screen assault on this woman, we didn’t like it. It was blatantly clear that this was not right. We were seeing something private that we should not be a part of.

It felt voyeuristic.

Aggressively and ruthlessly invasive.

And as much as I hated myself for watching this gut wrenching moment on TV, I couldn’t turn away.

I was caught in the viewing trap that ABC had so expertly manipulated into existence.

I am part of the problem. 

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I don’t know about you, but it feels like over the last several years – but especially recently – it feels like any last ditch effort of decency in the movie/television/media industry has raised their white flag and given up.

The garbage being belched out of Hollywood seems to have exponentially regressed in the last year.

Think about it: Fifty Shades of Grey is on it’s third sequel. The movie that won Best Picture, The Shape of Water, heavily involves bestiality. Which is not too far of a leap from 2014’s Best Screenplay, Her, involving a romantic relationship between man and an artificially intelligent “Siri-like” machine. This last year, the movie 13 Reasons Why glamorized teen suicide, while To the Bone all but glorified anorexia. Not to mention YouTuber Logan Paul broadcasting the dead body of a young man who committed suicide on his channel. There’s even a TV show that is literally called, “Luicifer.

Frankly, The Bachelor’s morally numb and invasive finale seems like par for the course for 2018.

Which begs the question: Where is the line? 

Or perhaps more accurately…Does a line even still exist?

And unfortunately, the answer to that question is sobering at best.

Because I am part of the problem.

My watching that finale, and talking about it, and listening to podcasts about it — that is the problem.

What we will allow is what will continue.

Every movie ticket we buy. Every “view” we give these television events — those are votes we cast with our eyeballs and our pocketbooks.

The mainstream, corporate media has proven to us over and over again that they are governed by one thing, and one thing only: money.

So if it sells, you better believe they’ll be dishing it out, no matter how vile or morally outrageous.

And we, as an audience, are letting them get away with it. But watching. By reading. By discussing. By keeping it relevant and propelling its social influence and social currency.

It’s time we take back that power. Make a stand that says, enough is enough.

By supporting films and shows that have positive messages. By not giving our money or viewership to media that corrodes the moral threshold of society. By resisting and taking a stand against media or personalities that shame faith and God and make a mockery out of believers. By sharing articles on Facebook that are positive, uplifting messages that counter all the garbage we’re being force-fed on a daily – hourly – basis.

It’s time we take back the world in which we live.

Enough is enough.

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247 responses to “The Bachelor Finale & The Disappearing Line of Decency”

  1. So does this mean you will stop watching this show now? I’ve never watched it myself. Select few things I watch on the lobotomy box/boob tube.

    • Haha I’m going to try to stop watching!! Hold me to it, okay?! Haha Hugs and love xox

      • I WILL hold you to it! Hey do you check your DMs on IG? Omg…I’m acronyming e’r’thang like a Millenial! Bout to lose my Gen X card. 😂😂😂

      • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼haha look at you with the abrievs! Haha I don’t typically. I should go through them though!

      • Ha! I figured as much. I sent you a few messages, but I imagine you get a GAZILLION DM’s, PM’s, emails, etc. I’m impressed with how quickly you seem to reply to EVERY blog comment. Just another reason we readers are so in love with you, Caralyn! XOXOXO 😁

      • Oh gosh you are too kind! I’ll check them out soon! Thank you for sending the messages!

  2. I didn’t watch the show and am glad I did not. It sounds like a hurtful show that was devastating to the victim. We have to watch our eye and ear gates or the garbage will lodge inside of us. Much better to do something that will enrich and give a sense of honor, truth and purity.

  3. I no longer watch much TV except for the local weather, EWTN and on the RARE occasion I will watch Turner Classic Movies.. I also haven’t gone to see a movie at a theater in I don’t even know how many years.. 20?… TV, Movies etc are just like the society we now live in… Wicked, cold hearted, anything and I do mean anything for ratings. There are no boundaries there is no decency.. So, I stay far away from it..

    • Thanks Robyn. Yeah it sounds like you’ve got your head on straight when it comes to tv! And oh classic movies! I haven’t seen many but i think I may need to remedy that. No boundaries. That’s for dang sure. Hugs and love xox

  4. Never been a fan of the show or watched other than seeing previews and hearing other people talk about it. Always thought it was degrading for all the contestants. As far as what the industry puts out these days; it’s really sad. Where are our morals these days?

    • Thanks for this reflection. So true. So so true. It really is sad. We need Mr. Rogers in our lives again! Hugs and love xox

    • I know, it really made me physically sick to my stomach to watch. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  5. I don’t watch the show but they were talking about it this morning on the radio…while it all sounded very unpleasant for the woman involved, at least at the time, is sounds like she isn’t all that broke up about it since she will be (apparently) the next bachelorette and her 15 minutes of “fame” will continue. The whole premise of the show seems to be set up for voyeurism and debauchery…

    • Yeah that’s a great point. My dad brought that up too when i shared this post with him. Once again— if the money is right….Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Hugs and love xox

  6. That is just so messed up.

    That sort of thing should have been between him and her, not broadcast on tv like that. IT unfortunately says a lot about the kind of person he is that he’d agree to filming it. 🙁

    • Messed up on another level! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know – I mean, it’s one thing to break up with someone. That is understandable. But to blindside her and do it on national television – manipulative and so uncaring. Who knows, maybe he’s trapped in a super strict contract? Maybe the producers manipulated him into truly believing it was the kind thing to do for Becca. Who really knows. But it was just not right. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

    • Thanks so much Roland. I really appreciate your support 🙂 a free fall for sure!! Hugs and love xox

  7. Way back in the day it was the Monica Lewinsky scandal. She was blamed, held accountable, shamed, bullied, and treated like a slut. We as a culture, no, we as human beings are capable of such horrible things. We watch train wrecks with awestruck interest, we’re glued to whatever media of the day actively/passively participating in whatever event. In a way with the visual immediacy this is worse than ever. In a way nothing has truly changed from the earliest parts of history. Think about people watching the Roman crucifixions, or stoning people, drowning supposed witches, hanging people in the town square.
    We are also capable of great beauty. We don’t seem to elevate and join in that as much as something/anything salacious.
    I am as guilty as the next person in this. I’m ashamed as this denigrates the human person in so many ways. And this is not what I want to do. Oh there’s a good Saint quote here that is escaping me at the moment.
    I long to add to the beauty in the world and yet, can wax on and on and on about times I’ve failed miserably.
    I long to add grace to the world, and yet
    I long to add patience,

    oh Lord have mercy!

    • Oh boy – yeah. That definitely broke through some media barriers in its own right! Parents having to explain to kids what “that” was. You bring up so many great points – the more scandalous, the more we can’t look away. I’m guilty too. And you’re right – it all comes down to the sanctity of human life. You have a beautiful heart, Teri. Thanks for sharing! Hugs and love xox

      • Hi Teri! Oh gosh thank you for the invitation! Unfortunately, I have a pretty jam packed day tomorrow with two auditions and dinner plans. Bummer! Perhaps a raincheck for the next time you’re in town!

    • Yeah, I guess it is a girl thing. I personally tune in because I love love and want to see people find love and happiness. I don’t know. Thanks for stopping by Brian! Hugs and love xox

      • But the pictures aren’t pictures of real people – they are fantasies. Don’t get me wrong – I loved Amelie, which is a silly farce, but it shows people as frail and imperfect. Loving somebody always involves ugliness, and is made sacred by commitment in the face of frustration and loss.

  8. So why did you watch the #^* show the answer … you are an addict and the show is a drug the industry is a crime family and actors are prostitutes who sell themselves for fame and fortune. Get out while you still can.

  9. I cannot personally vouch for it, but I have heard from many people, including women in my faith study group, that Lucifer is a fabulous program that shows how easily people are led astray by the devil. They say it truly makes the viewer think about the things we do and the daily encounters we have that are far from innocent. I’m told that you, and the people in the show, actually like Lucifer, and that that’s precisely the point of the show–we all have a tendency toward allowing Satan into our lives. I plan on watching it but haven’t had the time. It’s definitely on my binge list!

    • Oh really?! Thanks for sharing that. I have never seen it and was judging a book by its cover – oops!!! Misleading name for sure. What an interesting premise. Thanks for sharing! Hugs and love xox

  10. Does it count that I deleted my Facebook account entirely. I am off. Ditto Instagram and Twitter. My wife is a super-straight laced individual. Her sense of propriety doesn’t view this show as voyeuristic.
    What is disturbing is that porn has lost its ability to shock. Hence the proliferation of sadomasochistic-themed material in the mainstream. More than ever, Holy Mother Church must reaffirm the doctrines around marriage, family and sex. NO compromising. The Holy Father made a grievous mistake on Amoris Laetitia. Virtue is, simply put, the means of survival in this evil, decadent world. I say this as one who spent his adult life treating the marriage vows lightly until I converted to Catholicism. I know what a mess it is out there.

  11. I am not a fan of reality shows. Most seem to thrive on conflict. You thought this show was safe, but I guess not. Hollywood seems to think that its job is to knock down every rule and taboo. Even in Hollywood’s “golden age” look at the way divorce was normalized.

    We would all be better off not watching. If only we could cultivate better habits.

    • Thanks for this reflection JP. Yeah you’re right about that – whatever is the most shocking and scandalous gets the airtime. So sad. Hugs and love xox

  12. I hear you. And I’m proud to say that I have never once watched an episode of the Bachelor or the Bachelorette for that matter. I can’t stand most reality tv – Shark Tank would be the big exception. But normally when I’m subjected to reality tv, I just have a strong urge (not always controlled) to shout at the characters on the tv “stop humiliating yourself on national [global] television!” Yes, I blame the networks. Yes, I blame us as consumers (even those of us who don’t watch because we’re still part of society). But, I blame the participants too. I feel badly for this young woman, but I also feel that she has to take some responsibility – most of us do not get engaged as the result of a contest aired on television for the world to see.

    I do have to take issue with one series you mentioned. I know that several people think “13 Reasons Why” glorified suicide. As a parent of teenagers, I have another perspective. I don’t think there was anything glorious about the suicide episode – it was extremely hard to watch, particularly as a parent. But, I’m actually glad I watched the series. I did it because I wanted to understand the pressures that my sons and their female friends are subjected to as teenagers today. Sure, some of the issues illustrated were around when I was a kid. But, others were entirely unique to this generation. Technology has really changed everything. So I’m grateful that I had an opportunity to better understand what kids today are dealing with so that I have a better idea how to counsel my boys and also other family and friends. Also serve on a board for a non profit that works with kids with behavioral disorders. This series also helped me better understand what many of the clients we serve are dealing with. Many of these kids have attempted suicide… some multiple times. Just wanted you to have that perspective.



    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I love shark tank too. Thanks Misty for sharing your heart and your insights. I’m glad 13RW had a positive impact for you and your boys. That’s awesome. Hugs and love xox

  13. Never seen the show, so can’t comment. Reading your post I think it was not worth it anyway. Surprised that you kept on. Did you lose the remote🙂🙂

    • Hahha I wish I could blame it on the remote! Nah just a sucker for a love story 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  14. You got it right, there is no line. But what’s funny is how those who destroy the lines of decency will look back years later, regretfully, shaking their heads at how invisible the lines are and even their own role in it all. Think of the #metoo movement, so many who are part of that looking back at the lines which were crossed in the Clinton years, which were crossed with their full support, speaking out now, 20+ years later, about how wrong it was. So many who defended the president at the time, “its only sex”, remember. Just like those who defend the current president.

    It does matter. It all matters. All we can do, as you say, is turn it off. Anything we do in support, is, well, support. Movies, tv, video games (aka school shooter training programs), have all crossed the line. We don’t even have to know where the line is to know that it’s been crossed.

    Question is…how do we put the toothpaste back in the tube??

    • Thanks for this thoughtful response John. You’re so right. It all matters. Amen to that. Such a great analogy. Hugs and love xox

  15. Many of these shows and movies are pathetic. Then again, people keep watching them. There are great movies out there. It is just people will not look at them. As for the Batchelor, in due time, he will be screwed. Oh, if Lauren has any common sense, she should realize that what he did to Becca, it will happen to her as well. As for prime time television, their ratings are declining, and they cannot figure out why although it is obvious to everyone else.

  16. We used to watch the show when it first started. There was something sweet about the idea of how people fall in love, and even though it turned out to be something less sweet – I, like you – got caught up in it. Then, I realized the message that my children were getting from my interest – dating as entertainment, normalizing being physically active with so many different people in such a short time, developing an unhealthy foundation, and expecting such lavish dates – I decided it was time to stop. That’s not love! You don’t get to just give a rose and say it’s love. And, love is NOT a competition! So, . .
    I’m glad you realized it’s not as innocent and fun as it first seemed. Emotional manipulation and playing with real lives for entertainment – not cool. (Even if the men and women think they know what they signed up for.)

    • Hi Melissa, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this! such great points – that emotional manipulation is not cool at all. thanks for stopping by! big hugs to you! xox

  17. I wrote about this show a while back on my blog post and I stopped watching it for a while and to be completely transparent I watched a couple of episodes in the beginning, but got busy and stopped for the same reasons stated above. I think you sup it very nicely and I will try my hardest to never watch this show. I am reminded of what God said which is “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test & approve what God’s will is his good pleasing perfect will: Romans 12:2

    • That is such a powerful verse. and such a powerful reminder! yeah, it’s hard to not watch, i feel ya there! thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  18. I mean I totally get what you’re saying about the bachelor and how the 5 corporate conglomerates that we have are controlling us and how we see our place in this world, but I felt that 13 reasons why, didn’t glamorize or sensationalize teen suicide. I saw thirteen reasons why as a big wake up call about the subject of mental health. While it was raw and graphic, I saw it as an amazing opportunity to bring to light how un-glamorous(if you will) these situations are and it portrays an honest depiction of what it’s like living with a mental illness. Mental illness is not glamorized in this show, it is shown as raw and honest. Have you seen the behind the scenes clips of the thirteen reasons why? Because watching those clips solidified my understanding of how and why the scenes were made, a breakdown of the making of the show, etc.

    • Hi Karen, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on 13RW. Those are definitely some powerful points. I will have to check out the behind the scenes footage. Thanks for passing that along, and for your thoughtful remarks! Hugs and love xox

  19. I have always hated reality TV. A good cop show, a clever comedy, legal show. Reality TV is full of what I can see walking down any street. People acting badly and someone enabling it or cheering

  20. I commend you for admitting to your disappointment in yourself for watching throughout! Best of luck on eliminating the temptation from your psychic sphere, truly.

    Laundry folding time usually means Netflix for me. For feel good reality-genre options in a morally battered world, I recommend Great British Baking Show and QE. The only emotional baggage attached, in my experience, is sentimentalism run amok!

    • Thanks Nichole. Ooh the british baking show! Sounds pretty awesome! I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the recco!!! Hugs and love xox

  21. I stopped watching “The Bachelor” years ago because it became clear it was no longer about finding love. I am genuinely surprised to see how popular things like “50 Shades of Grey” and “Lucifer” are. I say surprised but not shocked. Because I’m not shocked. It was inevitable, I suppose, with the way some people react to things, like glamorizing suicide, eating disorders, and self cutting. And while I applaud celebrities for standing up for what’s right, I know the studios don’t because it isn’t profitable. Which is why things like that break up horror show you described are in existence.

    • these are great points. thank you for sharing. you’re right – i’m not shocked either. Hugs and love xox

    • Thanks! Yeah I’ve never seen it. Guess I should judge a book by its cover! Hugs and love xox

  22. “I am part of the problem” … “shop this look”
    ….. Homework ….
    Be human
    Nice people are the future

  23. I quit watching TV a while ago because I was so unhappy and unsatisfied with what was on. I actually gave it away last year because I couldn’t remember the last time I turned it on. I think it was so the grandkids could watch cartoons. So I have no idea what the current TV shows commentary is. And I like it that way.

  24. I used to watch the show. I stopped several seasons ago because it felt more and more artificial to me. More like a ratings chase than any other thing.

    But I just happened to watch this past Monday. The only episode I hav e watched this season and, in fact, in a very long time. I watched it because my mom was watching it and I just wanted to sit with her.

    Like you, once I had started, I couldn’t stop watching it. But not because of the nosey consumption. It gave me a great opportunity to explain in part to my mom how my husband had abused and manipulated me in my marriage. I posted today on my blog about it.

    I agree with everything you said. And as long as there buyers, there will be sellers to fill that demand. In other words, yes, Hollywood and company push things on us. But we have the option to not buy what they’re offering. And unfortunately, there are people out there who delight in watching these things. They enjoy to see other people going through deceive, abuse, manipulation, degradation, being bullied, lied to, used, mocked…

    It affected you because you care, you’re a compassionate person, you feel empathy , and you wouldn’t like to be treated like that amd, as a result, you would not treat others like that. But many people hace gotten to the point that they are so unhappy in their lives, that they rejoice when other people suffer. Their lives are so empty that they live for frivolous social-media input in their lives.

    People look more at what happens on Facebook than right in front of their noses. Many people have for goal in their lives to become a Twitter celebrity. Yes. You read that right. It’s how some people are known now, like that young woman who got kicked out from a flight not long ago. They would say her name on the radio and add, ‘Twitter celebrity,’ like it was a title. What is that? A Twitter celebrity. Is that a goal to pursue in life? “What do you want to be when you grow up?” “A Twitter celebrity who also posts pictures of her butt on Instagram along with 10 selfies/hour a day.”

    I have scars on my body from my playing outside in my childhood. I doubt I can be an Instagram celebrity because of that. But the world looked very interesting from atop the highest tree I could climb, directly through my eyes and not a phone or camera in a drone. I lived. Are those Instagram cebrities living?

    I got carried away. Sorry.

    It is disgusting. And we still watch it. Guilty as charged.

  25. Hi Caralyn: You are right on in saying there is so much garbage on tv today. And even when a program may not be too bad, many times the blurbs for other programs are disgusting. The “god” of money has taken over in that area it seems also. It seems many in control of a number of the programs, seem to stretch the limits more each year.
    Perhaps I have no right in commenting, since I don’t watch any of those shows, but the commercials I see for some of them are disgraceful. Whatever happened to censor boards for tv programs, even for family or adult viewing?
    My major viewing habits are news, sports, some Christian church programs. Although, sometimes the news of the day is gory enough, but is real life, sorry to say, anyway.
    One of the principles I attempt to hold myself to, is, “Would I do this, watch this, say this, if my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ was here with me?”

    God Bless you, Caralyn,
    Luv, 😀🌹❤️

    • Thank you so much George. So many great points here. Yeah, money has definitely become an all to prominent idol. Right!? Where has that board gone?! Love that principle! Hugs and love xox

  26. Don’t watch any of that stuff. Haven’t had cable (or TV in general) for about 15 years now, for the very reasons you mention in your post….

  27. It’s utterly sadistic what ABC pulled on her. It’s bad enough that he’d leave her for the runner up (which may or may not be an indicator that he wasn’t genuinely loyal with her), but to allow ABC to capture his breakup with her on national television? That’s disgusting. Thank you for writing this, because we all need to stop lending even the tiniest bit of support to dehumanizing media such as this show.

    • Yeah it was so awful what they put her through. Thanks Connor. Hugs and love xox

  28. I’m glad you owned your complicity! I was about to yell at my computer screen – “So why did you keep watching?!?” But train wrecks are so often hard to look away from, aren’t they? After Julie and I cancelled cable, we went through some withdrawal. Very few of us have a clue as to what an addictive drug TV really is.

    A few additional thoughts at Patreon.

    My thoughts and prayers have been for you this week with the storm. I trust you have not lost power at any point! I remember some very fierce winters when in grad school in Detroit, huddled in my slum apartment. Very cold times! I’m sure yours is much better, but still not very new either!

    • Thanks Jeff – yeah it really is an addictive drug, that’s for sure. Thanks for the prayers! It actually turned out to be not so bad. It all had melted by noon today!!! Yikes! Sounds freezing! Hugs and love xox

  29. This is why Hallmark is my primary ‘go to’ channel (if I choose to watch any tv, giggles.) And don’t even get me started on the movie industry! I am quickly reminded of this with the recent release of A Wrinkle in Time! A few excerpts from recent reports: “Wrinkle in Time,” cultural critics are trying to look away from the movie’s problems and instead fawn over its politicized message. Marie Claire published a headline, “’A Wrinkle in Time’ isn’t a great movie, but that’s completely irrelevant.” (Really?????) And Director DuVernay was quoted as saying,“I don’t care what anybody thinks about it,” she told the Times. “I know it’s $100 million for the Disney studio. They’ll be fine.” (Does she live on our planet?) I am appalled that a Director would not “care what anybody thinks about it.” Does this mean Hollywood has become so brazen that they truly believe a consumer will PAY (with hard earned money,) to watch a substandard movie – because what they’re really interested in is discovering the Director/Producer/Studio’s personal political agenda? (Cra-Cra with a capital Cra!) Oh well, every time this arrogant attitude is affirmed from the Industry elite I gain more time & opportunity to read a really great book instead! Hugs & blessings to you Caralyn for posting on a topic which reinforces a great quote by Eldridge Cleaver: ‘There is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.’

    • Oh Dawn I am with you on the Hallmark movies! Bring them on!!! I especially love their Christmas movies 🙂 Wow that is pretty shocking. And arrogant on that director’s part! Wow. Just wow. Love that quote! Hugs and love xox

  30. Wow.
    I guess we all have to answer for what is going on.

    And yes, we can be responsible for at least ourselves – sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with the environment. It’s scope is so big, I feel helpless.

    Media is the same. It’s so big, what hope is there for my own action making a difference?

    There is no reward for integrity.

    Social media is the other one – it’s so easy to be cruel; how hard can I hit back, how scathing can I be in my comments?

    I’ll tell you something shocking though – the face of TV Evangelism in Africa is horrific also. It is breeding intolerance for others (not just outside Christianity, you should see the Presbyterians vs. Anglicans vs. Catholics vs Protestants vs Methodists vs Baptists, vs Prosperitarians vs……) and that intolerance is coming up as violence.

    It’s a great post – how do I exercise my better self?

    And then I’ll make popcorn just in time for the big ticket breakup.

    • Oh social media is the worst in that regard. Anonymous cruelty. Thank you for sharing tour thoughts on this 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  31. Think about the food you eat. If you ate the same salad every day, you would get bored with it and want to add something to it. Change the dressing? Add a new spice? a different kind of cheese? The point it, the salad just wouldn’t be satisfying any more. We get that way in all aspects of our lives. This is why we have to have change or growth in our jobs, new activities in our relationships, (even marriages), and so forth. So, when we turn on TV or go to the movie, if the same thing continues to come on, we get bored.
    Enter, the “spice rack”! Instead of finding something that is simply different and of morally valuable entertainment, it is faster (and likely less expensive with a higher profit), to use more sex and violence to grab the viewing audience and glue it to its collective chair for something the likes of which it has never seen! If it leaves people scarred or desensitized for life, who cares! Certainly not the people making the filth! Heck, it only fuels the need to “kick it up a notch”.
    This is one reason I watch my television and movies very selectively and why my YouTube videos are not extremely highly watched. (Let’s face it, not a lot of excitement in hearing a Baptist minister give Bible lessons on YouTube from a studio in his home office).
    If anyone thinks that the trend will turn the other way anytime soon, this has been the pipe-dream of people since the dawn of television. Those of us with strong, Christian values must simply stand by our beliefs and make sure we are not a part of the ever tempting allusion that this is normal.

    • Thanks for this thoughtful response! Lots of great points here. True – we’ve got be very selective!! So glad you stopped by!

  32. Agreed. I watched it too and it disgusted me! Super invasive, they didn’t need to show that. It should’ve been private and not for the world to see!

  33. I never watched the show, not because I thought it to be morally repugnant. I just thought it made a game of love. Love isn’t easy to come by, as far as meeting THE person and realizing you want to spend the rest of your life with them. You can’t choreograph that kind of thing.
    That being said, I wasn’t judgmental. If people wanted to go on that show and try, it was their choice. But what they did to this young lady is just abysmal. You’re right in asking if there even IS a line any more.

  34. Yup, this is exactly why I don’t watch The Bachelor. Beyond crossing the line of human decency, it creates this illusion of choice when it comes to love. The reality is, none of us have 30+ exceptionally attractive, romantically available bachelors or bachelorettes lined up for the picking. It portrays this fantasy that just doesn’t exist.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! 🙂

  35. I sat through it all, too. It was awful and I should have turned it off. I thought she was so wonderful on the after show; between donating to cancer and only wishing the best fot Arie after how he treated her. She reminded me the importance of forgivness, just like Jesus forgives me every single day.

  36. I read somewhere that basically called those shows WWE without the wrestling. For myself, I am far too cynical to really think that anyone is really looking for “love.” To lightly come to Arie’s defense, I think that there’s too many machinations behind the scenes for me to think that he instigated the filming of the breakup. I mean, you can practically see the dollar signs bursting from Chris Harrison’s eyes in all of the awfulness. I ultimately don’t think that the backlash will be strong enough to change the show, and we’ll just continue to see garbage as bad as, if not worse than what was just aired.

    Speaking to your greater point, I think that we’ve passed over that line awhile ago, it’s just incredibly noticeable because it’s so loud and in your face in today’s society. The Bachelor has always been trashy exploitation, sex and violence have been fetishized for longer than I can remember, but the difference is that there doesn’t seem to be a strong cultural counter-balance any more. We’ve descended into an extremely hedonistic society, and I fear that there isn’t an end in sight.

    Keep up the amazing work 🙂

    • Hi Kevin! WWE without the wrestling — wow – that is pretty dang accurate! Thanks for sharing this powerful perspective. Hugs and love xox

  37. Never watched it and never cared to watch it exactly for the sentiments expressed in this post. Why anyone would want to splash their romantic comings and goings over the airwaves for all to see is beyond me. Sensationalism overtook decency and common sense long ago I’m afraid, and I’m not sure it can be reclaimed in the mainstream entertainment industry. Especially when the daily events at the White House has become reality TV.

    Very sad

    • Thanks for this reflection, Steve. Yeah media is in the business for sensationalism for sure. Hugs and love xox

  38. I don’t watch this show for many reasons, but that sounds appalling. I sincerely hope that you’ll tune out and watch something else.

    The thing about The Bachelor is that it’s so tone deaf. It is completely at odds with the equality moment for women. It pitches women against women and the prize is an engagement and wedding, not a marriage, it seems. It’s all set in a very unnatural setting. And the guy being in love with two women at once? Complete BS. In lust perhaps?

    And it places emphasis on marriage that seems unnecessary. Women don’t have to marry to be happy! I’m happily married but I was happy before I got married. It’s this archaic idea that that all females are good for is being married off. Yuck! Haven’t we moved pass this yet?

    Please watch something else! If my daughter grows up watching crap like this I ll feel that my husband and I failed somewhere along the way. 😂😂😂

    • thanks friend, for this thoughtful response. tone deaf indeed. hahaha yeah I’ll definitely be taking up a different show! Hugs and love xox

      • I just reread my rant. I’m glad you didn’t take it the wrong way. I’m definitely not saying there’s something wrong with you for watching it!! Have a great weekend!

  39. I haven’t watched The Bachelor, or the Bachelorette, for a few years now, but I’ll admit that for years, I watched it and other reality shows just like it; The Real Housewives of (insert all the cities), My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, etc., etc. Then, about a year ago, I was like, WTActualF am I watching!?

    It was a slow withdrawal, but I’m pretty much over it all at this point.

    These days, PBS is my jam. There’s so much great programming there!

    • Yeah, there’s so much questionable content out there. Another particularly crazy one I’ve only heard about and not seen – but sister wives? Like WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!? thanks for stopping yb! Hugs and love xox

  40. I agree with your premise of culling what yo watch, but if be careful touring the degradation of all media. I’ve avoided pretty much all that you mentioned on this blog. But there are some amazing movies and shows that are well worth promoting. Speechless, the ABC sitcom, promotes a different perspective on disabilities. Black Panther gives insight to black communities as well as a multitude of values like family and doing what is right even when what is wrong has been normalized. Honestly, I’ve never watched the Bachelor because I could get around the fact that these women when they get to a certain point tend to sleep with the same man in hopes of marrying him, knowing that he just slept with your roommates weeks to months before. It’s not really that romantic. I haven’t seen shape of water, but in an interview the director was talking about it as a metaphor for accepting people who are not like you, using the story of beauty and the beast as inspiration. He’s known for creating monsters in his movies in this way. But I don’t know to what lengths he took it in the movie.

    I have a degree in film and electronic media, so this is a definite interest of mine. There will always be the 50 shades type movies, and you are right, we do need to be intentional where we put our money, time, and attention. But I would have loved to see you mention some positive options as well in this post.

    • Hi Katy, thank you for this powerful perspective. you’re so right – there’s a lot of positive content out here. This is Us, comes to mind. As do other comedies that bring to light important issues – Blackish, Jane the Virgin, etc. I’m sorry I didn’t give more lip service to the good that is out there. big hugs xo

  41. This is exactly why I am having a difficult time being sensitive to the ‘Time’s Up’ and ‘Me Too’ movement when it comes to Hollywood. The same women on what appears to be a witch hunt are the same women who played out roles of over sexed femme fatales. For years the so called religious right has been taking it on the chin when trying to tell women to be aware of how they portray themselves publicly. Accused of being uptight and too controlling we/they were silenced in favor of Hollywood being allowed to be as debased as they wanted to be. Now, here comes the back lash as the pendulum swings back. Suddenly, everyone who participated in the on screen ‘orgies’ like the days of Caligula are now claiming to be ‘victims’. Of what? I ask. Of your own demands of supposed sexual freedom? From Jennifer Lopez nearly nude shaking ‘it’ it on stage to Nicole Kidman’s sex scene in Cold Mountain which gave the audience a gynecologist’s eye view of her lady business, Hollywood has been unfettered for far too long. The only way to bring it back into alignment is to stop feeding it… literally. I only watch certain movies and then, I only rent them for free from the library. yes, I have to wait a year to see them but hey, some people don’t eat meat, I don’t pay for movies. Dress modestly. Have you ever noticed that in most movies and t.v. shows the men all wear collars up to their necks and the women walk around with everything hanging out? Write letters, emails, and tweet, Facebook, Instagram, blog about it (as you already are but if you are reading this and you have social media sites but you have been silent, now is the time to speak up). Let your voice be heard. What is going on right now is incredibly hypocritical. People want gun control but do not look at the individual. What are they watching, reading, gaming? What are they eating? What kinds of meds are they on. It will take more than gun control to end the violence and more that a ‘Time’s Up’ fake tattoo to invoke change. Vices and pet sins are going to have to be given up. We will finally need to realize that that people CAN be influenced by media. Why do you think advertising works so well? We cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand and point fingers at the symptoms. We need to be brave enough to say ‘enough’.
    Another excellent, thought provoking post, Cara.

    • Stop feeding it — amen Melissa! thanks for your thoughts on this! so many great points. hugs xox

  42. I don’t watch The Bachelor, but I see the headlines. No doubt they were prepping Becca to be the next Bachelorette. I think the concept of both shows is pathetic. ABC has been going downhill for years, playing to the “Hollywood Norms” and steering further and further away from family values. There are only a few shows left that have any redeeming value whatsoever. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to matter what we watch as Hollywood seems to be its own machine generating money and viewership from its own pool. I’m rapidly losing respect for any Hollywood people who feel they have a “platform” other than acting. The list of what I won’t watch grows everyday, and it seems my list grows inversely as to what Hollywood continues to produce. I had a friend years ago that kept taking unnecessary chances with his life. I talked to him about crossing a line he couldn’t come back from. He told me he just wanted to walk up to the line an look over. The problem with that theory is the line will just keep moving, which is exactly what’s happening in Hollywood and all society right now. The line just keep moving until we fall off the cliff.

    • Thanks for your thoughts on this, Lisa. You’re right – they were definitely doing everything they could to garner support and sympathy for Becca, teeing her up for Bachelorette. Yep = the line will keep moving! hugs x

  43. Agree re watching television. If any of your readers are like me then they may find this in kids TV shows too. The constant message of self first, ignoring adults, not to mention other agenda really gets to me. I’ve decided not to give money to Disney anymore and I really guard my own eyes too. I’m pretty much left with the Hallmark channel! Ha!

    • thanks so much Andrea, for your thoughts on this. Yeah – i agree! they make the adults seem like bafoons too! so sad. love me some Hallmark too! hugs x

  44. 13 reasons why didn’t glorify suicide. Hopefully it opened up discussion in families so teen suicide won’t be as prolific.
    The only reality I watch is the great British bake off. The worst thing that happened in that was a sabotaged baked Alaska.
    People demeaning themselves for five minutes of fame is not my idea if entertainment. It’s just sad

  45. Just, you know, unplug the whole device and take it to goodwill or something. Replace it with an aquarium or terrarium and put something to love in it.
    Then again, I’m a radical, I don’t actually expect Americans to be ‘ready to unplug’!

  46. amazing! thanks for posting this. I have always despised the different vices of the media employed towards feeding unhealthy things like this. I never knew this show had such elements. God bless you for standing for the truth always. Respect!

    • thanks so much! I’m so glad this resonated with you. Yeah, it was just awful. Hugs and love xox

  47. I had my dose of these so-call reality shows back then. I don’t watch TV anymore save for one or two shows, but great post overall.

  48. Umm…I think you may be missing the point in The Shape of Water.

    Any ways how’s dating life in NYC? We want to hear about your dating!

    • Thanks Tommy, yeah I guess I did! haha it’s…well, let’s just say I’m thankful I haven’t met any “Arie’s” yet! Hugs and love xox

  49. I’ve never been into reality tv, but I do like some historical fiction and I will admit that some of them are a little on the mature side {Game of Thrones, American Gods, etc}. I’ve recently felt really convicted because once I see something, or even hear something, I can’t un-see or un-hear it. It’s permanently etched in my brain. I’ve had to explain that along with the concept of innocence to my son {who is 14} and as I was explaining why exactly he cannot watch Deadpool, I felt convicted. Why should I treat his innocence any better than I do my own? And how does what I watch and listen to affect my own life?

    These are, of course, all rhetorical questions, but I am really, really thinking about what I watch and listen to and how that affects the rest of me.

    • thanks for this reflection – yeah i haven’t watched GOT yet. those are really powerful questions! Hugs and love xox

  50. I’ve never watched the show. Hearing what they did to that young woman was absolutely heartbreaking. The darkness of society felt so oppressive reading that. Took it to prayer and in a nutshell this is what He gave me: Live Christ so strikingly that people remember that moment of light in their life and not just the moments of darkness.

  51. I rarely if ever watch network television. I’m usually watching HGTV, Food Network, or Turner Classic Movies. Last Fall I was visiting a friend and she told me about HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies’ and that she had recorded it and why don’t we watch an episode each night I was going to be at her house. I thought that would be great because I had read the book and thought it was really good. I started watching and thought, “This isn’t the book, this might be based on the book, but a lot is different.” The sex that was added to the television version was over the top. It was soft porn.That’s why I enjoyed the book, because it wasn’t all about sex….oh how differently this was, sex, sex…just oozing with it. Reese Witherspoon’s character had an affair in the HBO version, not so in the book. Maybe they thought the book (or that character she plays) was too boring…sex sells. I’m exhausted by it all and pretty much just plain grossed out by it.

    • Oh yikes, sounds pretty intense, and yet, sadly, par for the course of tv and movies these days. thanks for sharing! Hugs and love xox

  52. Girly, you are right on the money. I used to watch The Real Housewives of NYC. I was addicted to it, truly. I watched my last show two years ago, and I can tell you-I DON’T MISS IT ONE BIT. The people were so shallow, had done nothing for fame and exploited their family members and friends for wealth and fame. I couldn’t relate. I think one of the girls, the dancer, had her legal mogul of a husband to give her a surprise 40th birthday bash. I don’t remember every detail, but when I saw the fountains filled with champagne, and girls dancing in cages? I never watched again. Yes, very well said. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Michele! This is really great advice. Thanks for your thoughtful response! Hugs and love xox

  53. I cannot bear to watch shows like:- The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Wife Swap, Married at First Sight etc. They are degrading, superficial, contrived and immoral. They undermine relationships based on values, marriage and the family unit, they trivialise the importance of respect, trust, honesty and falling in love organically and not on how you look. The makers of such TV shows and movies have no moral compass therefore they have no limits, the sad thing about this is that gullible people are being cheated, conned and ridiculed. Funny, I know of someone called “Lucifer” who is just like that!!!!! He is laughing at us, having a field day at all the destruction he is causing through HOLLYWOOD. 99% of what Lucifer’s says is true, twist a little lie and it becomes very attractive.
    Caralyn, I say you need to know the enemy to defend what is good and righteous and what comes from God. Good on you for writing about it, I don’t watch these shows but it’s great that you have so that you can stand for the truth. Finally, we can live in the world but no be of the world. God’s grace to you <3

    • Thanks for this thoughtful reflection. You’re right – they’re undermining all those thing! Hugs and love xox

  54. I’ve never watched it and I’m so glad I haven’t gotten into it…just another thing to shield our minds from. There are so few shows on tv today that are enriching in any way.

  55. I don’t watch and haven’t seen or read any of the Fifty Shades stuff… nor did I see the movies you mention. Now, I’m old. I watch old repeats of Murder She Wrote and Jeopardy. It might make me boring. lol

    • Jeopardy — now that is some entertaining programming right there~!! 🙂 thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  56. Tell it how it is woman! Stick it to em, and happy belated International Women’s Day! Thanks for these posts!! They are awesome, laced with humor yet filled with conviction ❤️🔥🙌🏽🙏🏽😀

    • Oh my gosh you’re amazing. Thank you! Yes! Okay, so what I find to be the easiest is to go to the page: OK. From there, you can click on the little book icon that is to “add bookmark.” And so that way, You won’t have to type it in every time, it will just be conveniently right there on your sidebar or on top of your browsing window for a one click experience. And the best part about all of this is that even if you use that link, you stay signed into your account and your shopping cart remains full with the same things — aka, you don’t have to re-enter your login info if you use it! So there ya go! I hope that helps. Thank you again for using my link – the support is greatly appreciated! Hugs and love xox

  57. Great post! I think I can answer the question about whether or not there are still moral ‘lines’ in Hollywood. The answer is yes, there are, just like there are such lines which apply to every human being. The lines haven’t gone away, the collective “we” just don’t respect them anymore. The lines and boundaries of morality weren’t conceived by humanity, they were given to us by God. They are not temporary or a convenience. As somebody once said, “They are the 10 commandments, not the 10 suggestions.” Less exposure to the immorality around us is a good thing to practice. I suggest that it might be a better thing to recognize the Universal Moral Law-Giver as such and follow Him. IMHO that is. Thanks for all you do and may God’s blessings continue to rain down upon you and yours.

    • Thank you so much DT! That’s such a great point. It really is so true – we need to respect the line again! Hugs and love xox

  58. The world is simply a reflection of our own state of mind. The only way to heal the world is to be healed in our own mind. Put all your faith in the Love of God within you. This is the answer to everything.

    • That is such an insightful point. thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! Hugs and love xox

  59. “The Shape Of Water” does not heavily involve bestiality. It is a FICTIONAL FANTASY FILM by a brilliant director. I would watch ten films like that before I’d ever waste my time watching “The Bachelor “!!

  60. I couldn’t agree more – We we’re fans of The Walking Dead…until the trough scene. We realized WE were feeding the ratings and egging these producers on. They keep going bigger and more obscene all the time – they have to in order to keep up shock value.

    We have to vote with our views and our dollars.

  61. I have never, ever watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette. I don’t plan on starting, either. The only reality TV show I followed for a long time was The Biggest Loser. But, eventually, I lost interest for multiple reasons. These shows are scripted, way too dramatic, and not an accurate portrayal of “reality.” I majored in Communication Studies, Mass Media in college, and it was a massive eye-opener. I learned to be an “ad detective” and recognize how much product placement is present in our media and what we consume.

    • Yeah you’re right about that Laura.l Beth. They really are just one big advertisement and product placement. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  62. This really is sickening. I believe this sort of thing happened several years ago on the special they air after the finale. It’s so hard to watch this show because of how fake it is. All of the “dates” involve drinking, making out, and exotic thrill experiences. Plus, all the drama. No one just sits and talks to get to know each other! I’m so glad you were honest about your part in watching this show, as we all are guilty of supporting the media. But we all can be a part of change for good!

    • Thanks for your thoughts on this Emily. You’re right! Can’t they just go out for a coffee date like a normal person?! Hahha glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  63. Great post Caralyn. It’s pretty much the same over here in the UK. Television seems to be aimed at ‘the lowest common denominator’ and all we seem to get is ‘pap’ voyeuristic programmes, inane quiz shows and rubbish basically. Do you have anything like ‘Gogglebox’? This is a television programme featuring families sitting on their settee watching the television. I mean. Really?? Unfortunately unless we all stop watching the junk, television producers will continue to produce them. Sometimes I wonder why I pay for a TV licence!

  64. We are victims to ourselves. Matthew 6:13 (ESV)
    13  And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.

  65. Well, until I read this post I had no idea what the hubbub was about. People on my Facebook timeline were going on about how awful it was. I have always thought the show was awful, in fact have not watched for years.

    I don’t watch TV hardly at all. HGTV gets my vote…House Hunters, Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper…and yeah, this are probably staged too. But still. Or history channel stuff. But my tv is downstairs, and my laundry and kitchen are upstairs. Don’t get anything done if I turn on “the idiot box” as I call it. (That is not what I think of people who watch, it’s just how I feel when I do!)

    I am the oddball in my house—hubby and daughters all have shows they like to binge watch on Hulu/Netflix/whatever. Oldest daughter paid for her own subscription to HBO thru the Roku. I fill my time with other social media, and I still read blogs…😉

    • Hi Shauna, thanks for sharing your thought on this. Yeah, it was really awful to watch. the idiot box hahaha I love HGTV too! Chip and Joanna forever!! 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  66. It was just awful to watch yet like you I could not turn away … sadly I think line between good tv and common decency has been blurred long ago . Thank you for your insight !

  67. Awful. That poor woman should be compensated. Yes, for anything good out of Hollywood, we have tons of bad. We’re losing moral consciousness, I’m afraid, as well as a moral conscience. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Caralyn.

    • I know! Thanks Ted for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this. Hugs and love xox

    • I know – It was SO hard to watch. I was like, Just LEAVE already! Hugs and love xox

  68. First thank you for liking my blog, I totally agree with you about the Bachelor. It’s a terrible thing to do to anyone. I don’t watch it, but if I did, that would be the end for me.

  69. I just saw “I Can Only Imagine”, a powerful and moving Christian film that was a refreshing change from the garbage you describe. I highly recommend it.

  70. I fully agree these “reality” TV shows scrape the bottom of the barrel to chase rating and filming someone’s break up is low. However, I very much doubt she had no idea what was going on, these shows will regularly set up scenes and create dramas for the cameras

    • Thanks friend. Yeah they’re definitely chasing the ratings that’s for sure. Hugs and love xox

  71. Hey, BBB. Love the post and the elegant way you painted that picture. I’ve never been a Bachelor fan but, then, I’m an old man. I’ve always said the show blatantly promotes promiscuity. Because I share my thoughts so willingly, I’m not allowed to be in the room when my bride of 50 years is watching it. Sometimes I sneak in but she always has her finger poised over the pause button so it’s a wasted effort. Seems to me that most of the participants could find a better potential mate at a bar, or better yet, God forgive me, a church. I picked my wife out when I was a senior in high school. She was a freshman. She picked me six years later. Guess we’re old fashion but she still enjoys the show, adding to the problem, which I point out regularly.

    • Thank you so much Jerry! Right?!! I want to meet a guy at church. Sign me up!! Haha Hugs and love xox

  72. We gave up on cable tv.
    With 4 kids and trying to keep life as clean as we can, cable had to go.
    Netflix is it. If we dont watch it, shows like it dont get suggested. We can keep our kids content appropriate and family movies easy.

    I was never a bachelor fan, it takes total advantage of hearts and gains from the destruction following.

    Good luck to you when next season comes out!

    • Thanks for sharing that, Samantha. Yeah, Netflix is great. I’m with you on that! Hugs and love xox

  73. This is why I watch car chases on the news and NOT trash like this. You can’t ban it because of the First Amendment. However, this “reality” crap (some of it is quite scripted) just makes me sick.

    I have a TV that’s three-years-old, but I hardly ever turn it on, because I simply can’t take the lowest common denominator of stupidity anymore-which the late Frank Zappa delved into, stating that stupidity is the most plentiful element in the Universe-more plentiful than hydrogen.

    I don’t blame Hollywood for ANY of this because Hollywood is the mirror. People who don’t like what they see on the idiot box should either ENCOURAGE (as opposed to LEGISLATE) others to live a spiritually healthy lifestyle or just do what Mick Jagger and Keith Richards did: throw the TV out of a hotel window.

    Hollywood runs a business. It’s up to parents to teach their children the difference between right and wrong-and the parents aren’t doing it.

    By the way, BBB, how’s it going?

    I’m getting remarried in December.



    By the way, BBB, I was never interested in watching FAMILY JEWELS or THE OSBOURNES.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. That’s so true – it’s a mirror and a business. Congrats! Exciting. Hugs and love xox

      • I could never watch The Bachelor. All I watch are car chases on the news-just in case they don’t end the way that they usually do-like the idiot on a motorcycle in L.A. who ran the red and got clobbered by an RTD bus live on the news.

        Of course they played it back in instant replay!

      • Oh gosh!! Yikes!! Thanks Jim for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

      • Hi Jim!! So amazon: basically all you have to do is either click my link that takes you to my “influencer” site, and then from there navigate amazon as you normally would. OR just visit and then navigate from there as you normally would! By visiting my link first before shopping, it makes any purchases you make be associated with my affiliate link. So your price is not affected in any way shape or form, but amazon gives this blog a tiny percentage, as the “source” for bringing the traffic to amazon. If that makes sense? THANK YOU so much for doing that Jim! It truly makes such a huge difference and allows me to continue blogging and producing content!! Have a beautiful weekend and big hugs and love! Xox

  74. Humankind seems to have a “fascination with abomination”, like looking at a car wreck – we can’t turn away. I wonder if this is a choice or if it’s in our DNA. Feels primal – like making sure that you’re not the next victim of a wild animal.

    On the other hand, the Germans have a phrase, no doubt someone has mentioned it, but if not, it’s Schadenfreud. It means taking pleasure from the humiliations of others. That’s also what we do.

    Great writing! I agree so much. Thank you.

    • I think you’re right about that. thanks, Steven for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  75. Great post! you are RIGHT about the horrid Bachelor scene…He was pretty slimy throughout…
    here’s to the airing of some great drama and mysteries, rather than game shows, contests where judges obliterate the contestants… where is the “Me, Too” movement re: The Bachelor, I wonder… Write on! you’re a joy to read!

    • Thanks friend. That’s a great question. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  76. You are right. It is time to take back the world in which we live. Stop the pornography, the rated R and X movies, all the evil in media. People need to take a break from TV and movies and breathe some fresh air. Thank you for taking a stand for what is right!

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