Border Crisis

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OK – onto the post!

At church yesterday, the priest read a letter from the Bishop. And it was about the situation happening at our southern border with families being split up.

And honestly, it left me unsettled. We were at a house of worship, and it felt inappropriate for there to be a political letter being read front and center.

But it is hard to avoid this topic. And I’m never one to shy away from the current events of the week, but this one is tough.

I have so many different feelings about it.

First of all, it’s hard to know the truth of what is actually going on. Every news source is so slanted, and every station other than FOX (which has its own issues) paints every story to have as negative a light on the current Trump administration as possible, so it’s hard to get an accurate description of what is happening and who is responsible.

Here’s the truth that we do know:

God commanded us to love.

That was His greatest commandment. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

Love your neighbor.

I mean, you can’t spell it out more clearly than that.

As a young, Christian woman I have some pretty hard and fast things I stand for:

I am pro-Jesus.

I am pro-life.

And I am pro-family.

Those are three things that, much like my virginity, I will not be budging on.

But here’s where things get tricky.

We live in a country of laws. For better or for worse, we have laws to keep us safe. To keep our nation protected. To provide economic security.

And these families, crossing the border illegally, are not respecting those laws, even though many if not most (but clearly not all) are otherwise law-abiding persons. And there are consequences for breaking the law in a nation of laws.

Do I think that families should be broken up as a result, leaving children to fend for themselves or placed in foster care or other care taking facilities? Absolutely not.

The family is the highest unit of love we have here on earth. It has sanctity. It needs to be protected. And fought for.

And the thing that we need to remember here is that these families that are breaking the law are full of people. Human beings with dignity. With value.

Being pro-life means protecting the sanctity and dignity of all human life. American or not.

At the end of the day, America was built by people coming to this land from other countries, aka – immigrants. It was a safe haven for those escaping religious persecution, for those chasing a better economic future, for those seeking opportunities and hope.

And that still holds true today. And we should continue to welcome those with open arms.

But legally.

This is a horribly difficult situation. God shows us mercy. Every day. Mercy. And forgiveness and love and a welcoming spirit.

And we have been commanded to love, and to imitate God and follow the example of Christ.

But what are we to do when those who we are called to love have broken the law and face the consequence of such action?

The biggest and most pressing issue right now is the children. We need to protect them from human trafficking. We need to reunite them with their parents. We need to love them and calm their fears and anxieties.

That needs to happen yesterday.

In the meantime, we need to pray. We need to pray for our government officials to figure out a solution to this incredibly difficult issue.

And we need to pray for the courage to come together to form a creative compromise.

Can we strengthen our border, but also increase the number of immigrants we let into the country legally? Can we hire more people to vet those coming into our country to drastically speed up the process of entry while identifying criminals and terrorists?

Immigrants are wonderful additions to the fabric of our nation. And our economy is booming. We have more jobs than people to fill them. Let’s welcome and increase our quota of newcomers but vet people thoroughly to keep our nation safe.

Additionally, how are we reducing the horrific practice of people being trafficked across our border? Because many of those children were part of a despicable human trafficking movement that sadly is not uncommon. What are we doing to put an end to that violence?

We need justice, but we also need mercy. We need love, but we also need fairness.

And let us remember, that before Jesus, we all were standing at the border of Heaven, unable to enter.

We were all illegal immigrants. God in His infinite love and mercy broke through the border with Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross.

So I ask, What Would Jesus Do?

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243 responses to “Border Crisis”

  1. No child is left to fend for themselves, that would be the media misinforming you. The children are taken care of wonderfully, many have said it’s the best conditions they have ever been in, and it’s only temporary.
    As someone who has personally ripped babies from the arms of mothers, these children will be just fine. Kids are resilient.
    May we all continue to pray for these immigrants as they endure the consequences of the law and may their families be reunited quickly❤️

    • Thank you for sharing this insight. Yeah it’s hard to get the true story. I appreciate you clarifying that. Yes prayers for sure. Hugs and love xox

    • This is, unfortunately, an inaccurate portrayal. There is ample photographic, video, audio, testimonial evidence that affirms the grim reality: shell-shocked people in cages on concrete floors, inconsolable children included. Kids may be resilient about some things, but this situation is all but guaranteed to result in PTSD from the sheer magnitude of the trauma, not the least of which is separation from family. It is nothing but heartbreak.

    • Sorry to contradict you, but…

      5th Migrant Child Dies After Detention by Border Patrol
      By The Associated Press
      May 20, 2019

      HOUSTON — The U.S. government says a 16-year-old Guatemalan died Monday at a Border Patrol station in South Texas, the fifth death of a migrant child apprehended by border agents since December.

      U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement that Border Patrol apprehended the teenager in South Texas’ Rio Grande Valley on May 13. The agency says the teenager was found unresponsive Monday morning during a welfare check at the agency’s Weslaco, Texas, station. The teenager’s cause of death is unknown.


      Sleep well on the wrong side of history.

      • *cause of death unknown.

        Could this have been suicide?

        How could you blame the United States Border Patrol for this death?

  2. I think you were worthy of sponsors when you had 38 followers, not that I was around then. Guess I am projecting my own aspirations of becoming an advertising guru–one has to pay the bills somehow, especially challenging if always answering a gazillion comments. In a way I am glad I am only generating about 1-3 comments per week, and maybe 10 likes. Mostly from mom, always the best audience for this guy. Anyhow, congrats, and nice post on tough topic.

    • Oh gosh you’re kind to say that. Thank you. Hahaha moms are the best 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  3. Well said! And even though my heart goes out to these people, even God has a steadfast law for entering Heaven.

  4. I have a lot of opinions on this matter. However, I agree with you. I think immigration should be strong and legal. I think we should vet people coming into our country to protect those people as well as the people in our country. I would never separate a family for any reason. I hate child trafficking of any kind, and I know some of that is occurring. There is a lot of dung being slung on both sides of the isle. It is my fortunate and unfortunate position that I have chosen (and been chosen by God) to stand in that gap. Thank you for being a voice of love and reason in an age of lawlessness and turmoil. This is why I love your blog so much, Caralyn. ❤️

    • Thanks Neal. Strong and legal. Yeah I’m with you – I hate the dung slinging!! Let’s sling LOVE! Haha Hugs and love xox

      • I’m certainly attempting to. I even considered becoming Catholic for a moment. I follow the Pope on Twitter. He is an incredible man. I think Methodist is a good “gap fill” between traditional liturgy and contemporary worship, though. I’ve always loved the liturgy of the Catholic Church.

      • I will definitely pray for you!! It is a beautiful Family centered in Christ’s death on the cross!!

  5. I completely agree with everything you just said. It’s such a sad situation . Children seperated frim parents . I am all for legal immigration . Our diversity is what makes America great. This whoke situation just breaks my heart. What WOULD Jesus do?
    Peace & love,

    • Thank you Debra, I appreciate your support. Amen – heart breaking for sure. Hugs and love xox

  6. You’re forgetting about one thing. Many of those people are desperate. They come from war-torn countries, countries with drug cartels and civilian unrest. They have already tried the legal path and they have been turned down because they are not considered “desirable.” (In other words, they don’t have degrees or education; just a desire to leave behind insecurity and life-threatening conditions.)

    I am an immigrant and I have degrees and I had to go through a very rigorous and long process and even with my credentials and employmen-sponsored, it was not easy. Speaking of waiting, those people do not have the luxury to wait.

    Asking for asylum is not an easy process, either. While legal, the government still looks at what they can get in return for granting someone asylum. There is not an easy solution to this problem. There never was when it came to immigration in general.

    Maybe what the U.S. and the United Nations could do is see how they can help those countries so people stop running away from them.

    • Thank you Maria for this powerful insight. We need solutions for this quickly. Hugs and love xox

      • No problem. One thing I forgot to mention. I do not agree with illegal immigration. But I certainly believe that we don’t know these people’s situations and we need to show compassion, treating them with respect. If they are criminals, then come down on them with all the weight of the law. But we cannot out them all in the same bag, either. And when there are children involved, then we need to act promptly and not leave them in bureaucratic limbo. They already went through trauma as it is. No need to add more.

      • You’re right – there are a lot of situations we cannot even begin to comprehend. Hugs and love xox

    • “Maybe what the U.S. and the United Nations could do is see how they can help those countries so people stop running away from them.”

      Not a bad idea, except we can’t seem to help the people of our County, so I am not holding my breath that we can save other governments of the world.

      • I agree. But I’m not necessarily talking about saving other governments. In fact, it may be more dangerous to do that than leaving them alone. But countries like the U.S. have resources that could help from a humanitarian aspect, I don’t know.

        And I fully agree with what you said about not being able to help those already here. So many inner city children lacking basic needs.

        Europe is facing similar problems. Every spring, all through the summer, and deep into autumn, people try to reach Italy, Greece, and whichever piece of land is closer to them from Africa. It breaks my heart when I see children having to go through all of that.

        Seems that the whole world has a bug problem in their hands at this time in what concerns desperate people running away from horrendous situations in their own countries.

    • Appreciate your measured response very much. We all tend to forget that the present situation in many of these Central American countries are direct result of murky involvement of US government or more precisely US multinational corporations to which the government was and is beholden.

  7. Thank you this nuanced take. I rarely see it in pro-life arguments, which is one reason I don’t entirely agree with the movement.

    I’m still figuring out my stance on a lot of these issues and faith in general, but one of the things that continually frustrates me about the traditional pro-life stance (as I see it in other places) is that it seems limited to certain groups; sort of an ‘all humans are equal, but some are more equal than others’ idea.

    I appreciate seeing a religious person take a pro-life stance that is more inclusive, while still addressing the practical problems of law and governing.

    • Thank you Liz, yeah it is a tough issue for sure. Thanks for your encouraging words. Hugs and love xox

  8. You have come such a long way, congratulations on your blog reaching so many people! I feel privileged to be one of your followers. Keep writing! ❤

  9. I love this post! It’s very moving and full of compassion. I think that this administration should create a policy that’s effective for the lives of people and not how much money can fill their pockets. This has affected millions of people across the world. A lot of people are not sure what they should think or feel! Some comments that I have read locally breaks my heart, because the comments are heartless! There are laws in place to protect every citizen in the USA from all sorts of dangers but the USA is built on so much more than that, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Every other country what’s a piece of the American Dream! Its a very touchy subject! That’s why God has blessed us with a platform to voice our views and concerns.
    I saw a post from a pastor and I have to tell you that his words hurt my heart to the core! His words were empty and there was no compassion for the children that were detained. A local News station owner made a comment that, when a person is arrested they are separated from the family and so many people agreed. Even with that scenario, if children are involved, contact is made with another family member and if none can be located then an agency is notified. the Bible tells us to love because God first loved us. We are separated by our skin tones but we are united by the blood of Jesus. Although there are laws in place, these are man-made laws and not the laws of God! the Bible speaks on Foreigners and how they are to be treated~~~~~Leviticus 19:33-34

    I will continue to pray not just for our government but for the people all over the world because the people everywhere need prayer more now than ever. The hearts of people have harden and forgotten about God!

    Thank you for sharing❤️❤️❤️❤️


    • Thank you so much Theresa for this thoughtful response. Lots of powerful points. Yeah we need compassion first and foremost. That’s God’s heart. Joining you in prayer. Hugs and love xox

  10. Very well said. If people were coming to live the American dream, that is great, but that is not what this people are coming here to do, and with separating children, not all of these children are being brought here by the parents. Thugs are using these children to do their evil deeds in our country. That must be stopped. They wish to destroy the American way of life instead of being a part of it as many early immigrants did.

  11. Great insight! Thank you for your heartfelt message. This is a sensitive issue, but America must protect its citizens who already live here, have families, pay taxes. . . I wonder if those who choose open borders leave their doors and windows wide open with a sign that says “Strangers Welcome”? I doubt it. I’m sure their first priority is to protect their homes and those dearest to them from the unknown, just as President Trump was elected to protect America and its citizens from the unknown.

    • I often wonder if the time comes to face our savior, would they be a welcoming sign at the gate? I guess one will have to wait their fate and answer to God, our creator, for our actions or lack of will be judged by him who created heavens and earth.

      • Just as God gave the Israelites His law to live by in the OT, we have His law, given in the NT. We are to BELIEVE in Jesus. The curtain was torn in two. We all sin and fall short of God’s glory, I know this, but I take God at His Word. Jesus will welcome me because I do BELIEVE all that He is, I repent my sin, ask forgiveness, and try not to do it again. Good deeds to not open the gates of Heaven, the Bible says- 1John 5:5 Who is it that over comes the world? Only the one that believes in Jesus Christ.

    • That is such a great point, Debra. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. There are a lot of factors at play. Hugs and love xox

  12. Hey,
    Great post again about whats happening on the southern boarder. We do have compassion as believers in Christ. It is a tough issue. My wife is from Zimbabwe and she became a citizen the right way. It took about 5 years and we had a lawyer during that time but she went through the process and was sworn in a citizen of the usa. The room was packed with people becoming citizens of the usa. It made me proud to see how many people want to be here. But they all in that room did it the right way. That’s what needs to happen.They need to do it the right way.

    • When you are fleeing from danger there is no right or wrong way. These people are desperate and destitute and if claiming compassion and believer in Christ you will understand their plea for help.

      • So out of the MILLIONS of illegal immigrants, you have interviewed how many exactly? You have no idea who is desperate and destitute or what their motivations are for crossing the border. Getting a free ride on the American taxpayer welfare system is a huge magnet for outsiders…. we give away so much free money, why WOULDN’T people flood across the border?

      • Hello Tink the Belle,
        Yes, we understand their plea for help. I think it would make them more eager to do things the right way so they don’t get sent back. To respect and obey our laws in the USA. That to me would be the desperate plea on their part. But we have heard stories from Boarder Patrol Agents how the immigrants lie bout their status, use false names, use other peoples children, are ms13 gang members posing as simply children needing help and so on. To say the least its a mess down there thanks in part to previous administrations who did not deal with the situation properly. We have compassion and at the same time we also have to be wise. Matthew 10:16 tells us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. I think you can get the picture, and that seems to me what President Trump is trying to do. Take for instance if 20 of them showed up at your house on your front door step and told you they were staying indefinitely in your house. I am sure you would have some questions before you would let them in. Some vetting would be happening on your part. You would want to know what their intentions were for staying at your home. How long they planned on staying. How about eating the food in your refrigerator. sleeping in your beds. Well this great United States of America is all of our house and we that were born here by birth ought to have a sense of watching out wisely for what God has so greatly blessed us with.

      • Just like the great Heavens is God’s house, and he will be wise to let entry to the kind and merciful, for all of us at that time will be illegal immigrants, and to share all that he has wisely for what he will be blessing with whether as you stated “we we born there by birth” whatever that may means.

      • Hey Tink the Belle,
        Thank for responding to my comment! I will have to respectfully disagree with you on something you said. If we have received Jesus as Lord and savior into our lives we will not be illegal immigrants going into heaven. The scripture says in
        Ephesians 2:19 “So now you Gentiles are no longer strangers and foreigners you are citizens along with all of God’s holy people. You are members of God’s family.” That what we that have received Jesus are citizens! He has made us sons and daughters of his! Thank God for that fact!!!

      • I do respect the fact you are well versed in that subject. I have been born and raised as a Catholic, spent most my growing years in Catholic schools, and yet somehow do not have any of your knowledge of the scriptures. My hat off to you. Thank you for being respectful.

      • Your welcome! I will always be respectful. Know that if you except Jesus as your Lord and Savior you are a daughter of the most high God!!!!

    • Thank you so much Ricardo. You’re right – tough issue indeed. We need compassion. but also fairness. and wow thank you for sharing your and your wife’s story. Sounds like such a proud moment!!! I agree!! Hugs and love xox

      • It was a awesome time. She had to give up her citizenship from Zimbabwe, Africa because they don’t offer dual citizenship for that country. She still looks at Zimbabwe has her home. It’s a beauuutttiiiffuulll place I have been there.

        By the way I noticed you don’t give out your first name. that must be on purpose correct?

  13. Agreed, very sensitive subject though. I don’t support separating families, however that’s not a Trump-only policy as the media seems to paint. It’s been going back since I believe the Bill Clinton era.

  14. I don’t think we will ever get facts only reporting from the media. I a VERY concerned about trafficking of children. I am glad you mentioned children being victims of human trafficking. I wish the media would spotlight that a lot more.

    The situation along the border and in border states is serious and at times dangerous. It is a problem that has been kicked down the road for far too long. We need to secure our borders for protection against drug smuggling, gangs, and the protect victims of trafficking. Another concern is that ISIS members can come across the border easily.

    At the same time if we had air-conditioned buildings on the border for people to come apply for a work permit, be finger printed and entered into a database, and then allowed to enter legally with a work permit, the majority of those come across illegally would prefer to do it legally and safely. It is a human tragedy that people die in the desert or in vehicles smuggling them. Our laws need to updated because our current migrant worker laws are based on what the needs were in the 1960s.

    • yeah it is such a tough issue, and it’s hard to get the straight story. Yes! There is a legal process that works. Sure, it needs some revamping and a speeding up process, but a creative solution is possible – beneficial for all involved. Hugs and love xox

  15. 25 make that 26 comments in less than 1 hour. Yeah, you are ready for sponsors. It takes me a month just to get that many likes. Keep up the good work. Hire someone to say the “thank you” messages. You need some “me-time”

  16. I love this post and I think your words can be appreciated by both sides of politics. Yes, of course border security is very important, and equally, children should never be separated from their parents. The effects of such are life damaging.

    Such a complex, heated issue. How do we move forward with border security reform but also show compassion for those fleeing humanitarian crisis? Very thought provoking.

    • Thank you so much friend. Yeah, we need to come up with a creative compromise. I agree. Compassion, love, mercy, justice, and fairness! Hugs and love xox

  17. Thank you for having the courage to address this situation. I respect that. I agree whole heatedly with most everything you wrote.Most of these people are driven by desperation to cross the border in hopes of saving themselves and their children from violence that most of us cannot imagine. I can’t imagine the desperation it would take for me to put my twelve year old daughter on a freight train of strangers and send her alone to migrate illegally across three sovereign countries borders, trying to reach the United States where family members reside and hope for a life outside of prostitution and narcotic trafficking lives. These are the people who are being vilified and maligned. It’s been said, “Kill them all and let God sort them out.” I say, let us be just and fair to all and ask God for wisdom and guidance to discern good from evil.

    • Thank you friend. Yeah, it was scary pushing “publish” on this post. Yeah, it is such a complicated issue. That’s a great way to look at it. Hugs and love xox

  18. Huge congratulations on 38,000!

    As to what happens to the kids, they are put into that situation by their parents, not the White House and whoever the occupant is.

    Something I heard someone else say is that when citizens who break the law are sent to jail for theft, drugs, etc. those kids are separated from their parent. They don’t get a break, because their parent is a criminal.

    Illegal aliens are in the same scenario. They put their kids at risk by breaking the law. Worse yet, they are not US citizens with constitutional rights and protections.

    What would Jesus do? He would say obey the law to start with. St. Paul wrote that we should obey governments as they are God’s representatives on earth. They “do not bear the sword in vain.” If we just shrugged and said OK to anyone who tugs at our hearts, our country would break down for everyone. California is bankrupt, because they want to be “merciful” to everyone, giving everything away to everyone who comes.

    I went to and searched “justice.” There are 136 references. Most have to do with justice for the oppressed, those being the ones who are taken advantage of, stolen from. I could not find the one passage I sought which says one should not favor the rich nor show unjust favor to the widow. True justice cuts both ways.

    I just read of one instance in the current situation where a father was offered the chance to have his child back as long as he accepted deportation – justice. It didn’t say what he chose.

    The answers are actually very simple if one follows the law, if one takes the Bible in its entirety and not just the passages that alone seem to justify a favorite viewpoint. “Scripture interprets Scripture” is the best adage when seeking guidance from the Bible.

    I’m not saying I don’t care. I’m just saying we all need to follow the laws. That’s why they are written down – so we can refer to the standards when emotion clouds issues and judgment. Also, where are the other countries that do nothing on their soil?

    Hard questions all. Thank you for addressing as very hard topic!

    • Thank you Jeff! True justice cuts both ways – what a powerful little snippet. It is such a tough issue. We need lots of prayers. Great thoughts. Hugs and love to you and Julie! xox

  19. Call me old and cranky, but my outlook on this situation on our southern border is a little more… hmmm what’s the word? Fed up. Yeah maybe that’s it… I wrote about this recently.

    My primary solution is two fold, close the border and create STEEP penalties for any company caught employing Illegal Immigrants. Shut down the labor opportunities. We are not sitting here on an endless supply of money for welfare programs…. we have weapons of war to build!! 😛

  20. Yes…I too have lots of feelings about what’s been happening on immigration, as well as your post.

    Yes we are a country of laws, but do we REALLY want to go back to being a country of unjust laws? For more information on unjust laws, we can look at slavery, Jim Crow, keeping women from voting, etc. We don’t want laws that go in this unholy, un-Biblical group of unjust laws.

    I also had so many feelings when tying this issue to being pro-life. It has always troubled me to only see “pro-life” meaning protecting the babies. Yes, we want abortion to be used as little as possible, but it means so many other things too! I’m just so happy you have such an expansive view of pro-life.

    Finally, I’d be interested in both the sponsor part and the making a guest post part. Just let me know what’s involved, if you’re so interested. 🙂

  21. First, I would like to make a suggestion about news. If you’re looking for unbiassed reports, I suggest you read The Christian Science Monitor. They work very hard to report facts without blurring them to fit current trends or political points of view.

    Second, It makes me sad to see the ongoing swing of the pendulum as if there is no middle ground – kill them or give them amnesty. And those who say they would never do anything illegal have never been in a situation where they had to save their family. Not many people are old enough to remember when workers could come to this country for the growing season and then go back home. Quite frankly, many illegals prefer to live in their native country and would love the opportunity to pay a Visa fee every Spring, work until about November, and go home for the winter. IMHO, every worker could pay $1,000 per season, give DNA and fingerprints, work until November 15th, and go back home. If they break the law, they can’t come back. With this change instead of spending billions to keep out people who just want to make enough money for food, medicine, and a safer place to live for their families, we would be making millions to monitor the borders and enforce compliance.

    • Thank you for the news recco. I will definitely check it out. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this deeply challenging issue. We definitely need a creative compromise. Hugs and love xox

  22. This is a tough issue. Our immigration system has been screwed up for decades. Most of our ancestors from Ireland or Italy or Germany or Scandinavia 100 plus years ago would never have been allowed in if today’s laws had been in place then.

    That said, we have the laws that we have and have a duty to enforce them until such time as they are changed. As often is the case, politicians can’t agree and real peoples’ lives are affected.

    • Thank you JP. You’re right – tough issue indeed. We need a creative compromise as a solution. Great points. Hugs and love xox

  23. I totally agree with your post and like you even more now! Thanks for sticking to your convictions. It’s rare nowadays. I get angry about this issue, because none of the last 4 presidents did anything about this and this has not just started going on. But Trump has so many never Trumpers and haters that anything he does is attacked. And I didn’t vote for him, but I can see it plain as day. I am an independent, and did not like either one of the candidates that ran. But almost every pres has talked about fixing the illegal immigration problem and Trump is the only one to try to do something about it. Not one other country in the world allows people to walk right in and make themselves at home. Because trust me, if they did, I would be living with my tribe in Italy right now, which is impossible to move to unless you are rich or of Italian descent. Trump annoys me with his big mouth and pompous attitude. But I have been saying ever since I could vote (Clinton years) that I could not believe that our borders weren’t better protected. Good post as always. Love your writing and love for Christ!

    • Thank you Dee. You’re so right – sadly this is not new — something mainstream media conveniently “forgets” to mention. Thank you for sharing your heart and your thoughts. Hugs and love xox

      • P.S. Don’t give up because of haters. I read your post how someone edited your IMDB perhaps? My kid acts, and has had a lot of vileness going on, even when she was 10 years old! Keep doing you, and trusting God, you rock!

      • Thank you again. Yeah that was really rotten of someone to do. I appreciate the encouragement. And best of luck to your kid!!

  24. You have made a very well balanced post! I think Nationalism will never take us in a good direction and that’s what this is about.
    However, your beautiful comments about love and mercy, and we were illegal due to sin is so right on target! Awesome!
    I like what Mrs. Trump did, and she said “What can I do to help?” That should be our heart.

  25. A couple quick things on the political side of what’s happening at the border: first, the history of which administration enacted which law is completely irrelevant. The problem is here before us, today. Secondly, this demonstrates the need for term limits in Congress. If not for career politicians, the immigration debate would have been put to bed years ago.
    Most importantly now, whatever solution to the issue must be crafted with compassion in mind. If we lose compassion, we become less than what our maker calls us to be, as individuals and as a nation. And if that happens, we have lost more than closed borders will ever give us. God bless– Mike

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, Mike. I agree – the solution must must include compassion. Hugs and love xox

  26. This is a complicated issue…but responding to human beings in a humane way is not complicated. First off, I’ve been to Guatemala twice in the last 10 years and to Juarez, Mexico as well. I’m no expert…but I can tell you…life is very bad there. People don’t walk and hitch on trains for hundreds and hundreds and thousands of miles because they decide one day to try and get a “free ride” in the U-S. I’m sorry…that is just not so. Are there a few trying to take advantage? Of course…there always is. But far and away…you don’t leave your homeland and all your relatives and walk hundreds and thousands of miles at great personal jeopardy to come where you don’t know the language and where you’ll work menial jobs that Americans don’t even want to do…to somehow “take advantage.” That is ridiculous. And I know many Guatemalan immigrants locally where I live who are beautiful people with wonderful families…where the fathers are working in very low-paying, difficult jobs…and they are bringing their families to church. I’ve heard their stories. They were desperate. And as for coming to the U-S legally…you really can’t. That’s another truth. To come legally would take up to 20 years or more. That’s how broken our immigration system is and has been for years. On top of that…it has been the policies of our country that has worked to undermine governments in other countries…to help American companies set up factories in these other countries that give people jobs that pay poverty-level wages…so we have cheap products here and companies get rich. I’ve personally seen this. I know it happens. And then when the people are broken and come here out of desperation they are treated like criminals. That is disgraceful. Furthermore, this is not a “white and black” issue…where either you are “for” the law or “against” the law. I know of no one who is for “open borders.” That’s not what is being said. We all want laws and border security…but we have people seeking asylum out of desperation. Seeking asylum is not illegal. We need a compassionate response to a complicated situation. A compassionate response is not separating kids from their parents and locking them in cages. As for Jesus…he made it quite clear in Matthew 25 what we are called to do. Laws need to be enforced but they must be tempered with compassion. Jesus demonstrated this when he broke the religious laws several times to heal people on the Sabbath and when he allowed his disciples to eat the grains on the Sabbath because they were hungry. Love trumps the law every time for a Christian…especially if the law is unjust. (Pardon the pun 🙂 )

    • You’re right – responding in a humane way is not complicated. That’s a must. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and powerful insight on this. We need a creative solution and compromise for sure. Hugs and love xox

  27. Inalienable Rights
    Monday, June 25, 2018
    No one can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. —Matthew 6:24
    In his Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), Jesus critiques and reorders the values of his culture from the bottom up. He “betrays” the prevailing institutions of family, religion, power, and economy (i.e., controlling resources) by his loyalty to another world vision which he calls the Reign of God. Such loyalty cost him popularity, the support of the authorities, immense inner agony, and finally his own life. By putting the picture into the largest possible frame, Jesus called into question all smaller frames and forced a radical transformation of consciousness upon his hearers. Most seemed unready for this paradigm shift, including his inner circle.
    What is Western culture’s primary frame of reference? Money and power seem to come first. The dominant system in our society is production and consumption. Manipulative marketing convinces us we must have the newest version, regardless of what we actually need. Status is attained by having money and the freedom to use it.
    Uncontrolled greed (no longer considered a capital sin) widens the gap between the haves and the have nots, the powerful and the powerless. Today in the U.S., the 4oo richest people own more wealth than the entire bottom 64 percent of the population (204 million people). Over 40 million Americans live below the poverty line. [1]
    When the bottom line is money and politicians are in the pockets of big corporations, resources as foundational as clean water, housing, and health care go to the highest bidder. This inequality is absolutely counter to the Gospel message. In “The Souls of Poor Folk”—an audit of America fifty years after Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign—the message is clear:
    There is inalienable worth and intrinsic value to every person, regardless of wealth or public position. Policies that hurt the poor are a violation of that inalienable value. . . . We are all worthy of the very necessities of life.
    To be a Christian (and a decent human being!) we cannot “make moral claims about caring for the souls of people, but then pass policies that destroy their bodies and communities.” [2]
    Economic justice is not popular. Who will hold our politicians and corporations accountable today? Jim Wallis, founder of the faith-based nonprofit Sojourners, writes:
    What if the calls for economic justice were made in the name of Jesus—or Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Micah—instead of from more ideological sources and causes? . . . What if behavior in the economic spheres of our lives became the substance of adult Sunday school curriculums and Bible study groups? And what if the hard political questions about corporate responsibility, tax benefits, trade policies, budget priorities, and campaign financing were coming from religious congregations that political leaders couldn’t afford to ignore? Nothing could do more to bring about a change of fortunes in the battles of class warfare. [3]
    There has been a permanent state of class warfare of the rich against the poor throughout history, but for some strange reason it is only called class warfare when it is the poor against the rich!

    Adapted from Richard Rohr with John Bookser Feister, Jesus’ Plan for a New World: The Sermon on the Mount (Franciscan Media: 1996), 67, 68-69.

    • Thank you for sharing this sermon. Lots of powerful food for thought. Hugs and love xox

  28. “before Jesus, we all were standing at the border of Heaven, unable to enter.

    We were all illegal immigrants. God in His infinite love and mercy broke through the border with Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross”

    This really says it for me. Anna we are called to follow. Great post. Congratulations on your blogging success.

  29. Congrats again on the 38K!! You continue to amaze me, C. Such a well-thought out discussion of the issue. You didn’t pull any punches, and you stated the whole truth with compassion. FOX or one of the other so-called news outlets need to hire you to share stuff. You actually care about the truth of the situation. 🙂 Can’t say much that hasn’t been said, but I remember there are many times and ways children are separated from parents. Some parents commit crimes, some are sent away in the military, some die; it’s an unfortunate fact of life. We just need to find ways to help in any situation instead of using someone’s pain and misfortune to further a political agenda. You’re right. Prayer and God’s intervention are the only ways out of this mess. Looking forward to your thoughts in the morning. You have a good evening and a great week! 💐🤗🤗xox

    • Thank you so much Kenneth! I appreciate that 🙂 haha you’re funny about that. Hey if they’re hiring, sign me up! Haha amen – prayer always. Hugs and love xox

  30. We can go as far back as Ellis Islands entry point and what was equal to about $300 for a ticket in a cargo ship belly for an Irish family. Selling everything and borrowing more just to hit our soil. They were not vetted or merited for their behavior but did build most of the railroads and the East Coast living five or more to a single room. It was allowed by chain migration.

    The public used the same derogatory arguments for the Irish as they are using for most every immigrant legal or otherwise, now.

    In the Sundry Civil Appropriation Bill it was recorded for every six immigrants crossing from Mexico there was one from Canada. 80% of drugs and illegal goods like firearms come in legally through the 52 legal ports of entry. That’s also where Apple and BMW get their goods so, we’ll have a double standard for them. They make things for upper class Americans. Also, terrorism all the 9/11 hijackers entered America through our airports. We’ll make another exception for the upper class because they use airports and can’t be bothered with another security measure. They are not here for our welfare if you’ve ever been to a Welfare office you would know the social workers aren’t just “making it rain” cash for, anyone. Especially someone without a SSN. What they have received after a lengthy time is resettlement in Canada if Canada wants them. Not, via the welfare office via an attorney. Which. Most cannot afford. It is not much, a month’s rent. This immigration thing is a backlash, from months of fighting and failing to compromise with our neighbor countries when Trump first entered office and wanted to bring jobs back to America by taxing everything coming into America. It took 18 months to get his plan working but I think everyone was surprised by baby jails. Closing airports and leaving immigrants stranded in other countries. Cancelling Visas, because he felt they weren’t vetted. Let’s go back to 9/11, they were vetted, supposedly. They were also not hiking through the desert for weeks.

    • Thank you for sharing these powerful thoughts Kenzie. I always gain a new perspective, reading your words. Hugs and love xox

      • I guess we’d be friends if I watched Fox. 😉 I don’t follow much of anyone. We want a perfect side as if the world as we know it is still flat. For many. It still is.

      • Caralyn. When my mom was incarcerated I was taken. I never really made it back to my mom. We need to dispell the myths that these actions are, okay. Or, because you trust in our president that you agree with how he’s handling this. It is, an adult thing to do.

      • Be accountable if you want my respect.This, reminds me of your comments about the young woman in the qipao. It just, echoes.

      • Re: Kenzie below.
        Why do people have to watch same news to be friends? I avoid all news to best of ability, and I am learning to be more friendly, I think.

      • Geno42ms I don’t know why media (news) is so important and used as a personal expression of our experiences. It’s unfortunate we have surrendered so much and received so little in return.

        I don’t even watch streaming shows and stay mostly in reality. I was talking with some Union guys about that. There’s a group that separates themselves and watches Hannitty all the time. It creates a bias, an entitlement, and they are hard to work with. There are places in America its still possible to only one see one race it is also not the responsibly of everyone else to be inferior to that race. I don’t see much difference in the promotion of racial ideology between ultra conservative media and hardcore rap music. They both are a bit behind on diversity of beliefs.

      • Nice reply. It is hard to relate because I feel like a lot of your rhetoric comes from news sources (obviously not Fox) that I don’t watch. Nonetheless, your words are expressed well and deserve attention.
        If I might chime in from the faith-based side of my life, I think if Jesus was here right now today, he would tell all of us to be careful what we watch.
        2,000 years ago, it was temple gossip, the ear candy of that generation, and Jesus said at that time: “Be careful how you listen.”
        Today, the gossip is smothered with all sorts of eye-candy, which we would all do well to break the addiction of partaking so often.

      • That’s true. Nothing wrong with Fox they are the number one cable news network, just ask them.

        I find a reason to be connected to an issue and, read. I find people that share ideas are echoing or mirroring but not very thought provoking. As for faith, Jesus wasn’t the only one to be crucified it was a punishment for anyone who opposed control. He, did do it willingly as to share in the suffering of mankind. We all have our reasons to rebel. Jesus, never stopped halfway through healing someone and asked, “Wait, are you a Christian? I’m going to have to return this leprosy and blindness back to you.” He also stood with the poor and the scum of the earth but his message has shifted to the rich receiving the blessings. Agreed, if Jesus stood in Central LA he’d be not surprised its in our nature to tear each other apart.

      • Kenzie, You said “I find people that share ideas are echoing or mirroring but not very thought provoking.”
        If I am understanding your point here–please correct me if I am off base–there is not much originality or creativity in what people are saying. They are just becoming parrots of other minds.
        If that is case, then I could point out that it is not very creative or original to bash Trump or Fox or Christians. Not saying you are doing any of this without your own angle put upon it, which is refreshing.
        But, it is obvious how little of what is out there, (not that I am paying attention), in the way of much else.

  31. You seem to be saying you believe in God’s law but seem to believe man’s law is superior if you insist that is what should always be followed? I always smile when people ask “What would Jesus Do?” That is a ridiculous question. Everyone knows what Jesus would do. The real question is do you have the strength to do it? Or will you just say man’s laws need to be followed and take the easy way out. Because Jesus had this nasty habit of defying man and his laws. And here’s a hint to help you solve the other problem. If every news station on the planet is telling you something is wrong and one of them is telling you everything is fine and dandy and better than it has ever been, then the odds are something is wrong. Very wrong. I know. I know. Thanks for my opinion.

  32. I am deeply saddened that not one person mentioned that something similar like this happens to parents and children every day who are US citizens. The DFS has no problem taking children from homes of people making bad decisions. Then they go even farther and split the siblings up into different foster families. Where is the out cry here?The immigrants made a bad decision to choose the illegal way instead of the legal way. They had a choice to do it the right way or the wrong way. Just like the parents that have their children taken away made bad decisions the immigrants made a bad decision. Now my question is why is it so wrong to do this to the immigrants but turn a blind eye to the American children. Take care of our neighbors, heck we aren’t even taking care of our own.

    • Thank you for shedding light on this harrowing issue. Great point. Hugs and love xox

      • Thank you for having the guts to debate this issue young lady. I admire you very much in the way that you stand up for what you believe in. Stay strong.

  33. “And let us remember, that before Jesus, we all were standing at the border of Heaven, unable to enter.

    We were all illegal immigrants. God in His infinite love and mercy broke through the border with Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross.”

    Beautiful. Thank you for your thoughtful response to a difficult issue. I appreciate that you are using your position to talk about real issues and give a truly Christ-centered perspective. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Katie. I appreciate your support. Yes a difficult issue indeed. Hugs and love xox

  34. Your frustration rings true. Apart from Jesus it is indeed hopeless.

    “And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’“

    I have been told that “like it” means: “equally important as, or, on the same level of importance as.”

    So, I believe we can visibly judge ourselves and how much we love God by how much we love our neighbors. By asking ourselves would I want to be treated that way?

    I cannot possibly think of any worse way of being treated than to have my kids taken from me. I would never stop trying to get my kids back. Fortunately President Trump either saw his error or yielded to political pressure.

    I voted for the lives of unborn babies, and voting “for” Trump was the best shot at that. I do not regret that decision, but I regret not working against Trump when he is wrong. I hope to change that through prayerful action.

    • Thank you James for sharing your thoughts on this. Yeah it is unimaginable for sure. Joining you In Prayer. Hugs and love xox

  35. (“Jesus gives us the right of way, each of us must forge our own headway! while helping others on the way” ) That being said for those who are sitting still waiting on Jesus. Upon leaving Bangkok Thailand and while presently being in Malaysia before my pending near future arrival in Vietnam, they all have one thing in common, entry requirements and staying requirements all of which having nothing to do with Jesus. I am a firm believer in breaking bread but there must be bread to be broken. Those who give words in high plateaus with no working relationship with our reality is a whistle on the winds it circles with no end. Much needs to be done we have too many of our own citizens homeless on the streets right now, let us stay on task the cart rolls better being behind the horse then we can make more bread to be broken!

  36. I wish people did not put “us” in a position where this had to happen. I’d hate to be the police officer having to go to their home, arresting their dad and doing so right in front of the child, because their dad broke the law. I’d hate to be the person having to call the home when one of our finest have died on the job. I agree, I wish and I use the phrase “I wish” there was a way to keep families together. But I say this, when we have divorce, murder, war, crime and so on which takes the lives of our best everyday – car accidents, terminal diseases and so on. I think it’s obvious what I am getting at, parents and children get seperated everyday and “I wish” it did not have to happen.

    This topic bothers me a lot because we, the USA, have been seperating fathers from their families forever. War, work, dangerous jobs and so on . . ! I bet many people do not know this, but many, many Mexican’s leave their families in Mexico, yep seperate from their families willingly, to come to America for a job. They live 5 – 10 people in a 2 bedroom apartment or very small house, combine their resources to pay expenses and then send the rest of the money home to their FAMILIES they seperated from.

    To me this is not a topic of the NOW suddeny concern, it’s something which has been going on since, I guess, we started migrating to the USA. So, how do we stop the crossing the border issue. We enforce the law and pretty soon, they’ll get it and quit breaking the law and guess what, families won’t be seperated by crossinb the border.

    In the end, we should be mad at the folks that broke the law and feel empathy for those who have to enforce it. Go to the homes or arrest the individual because it’s not “our choice” to arrest people, but it is however, our responsibility to uphold the law.

    Kind of like a billboard I see often: “Drink and Drive, go to jail!” hey family seperated their too.

    God Bless and I agree, but remedy is to pray for all of those families who are seperated from their loved ones whether by illegal immigation, crime, serving our country or disease.


    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, Leland. I agree – it’s such a tough situation for all involved. Hugs and love xox

      • BTW: I am proud of you for the courage you are demonstrating by now posting full pictures of you. You look great, I believe in you. With all my love and prayers!!

      • Thank you again friend. That’s kind of you to say 🙂 it’s been a journey! Haha xoxox

      • Not kind at all, just the truth. Love your smile and the glimmer in your eyes. Oh, I was thinking about your dating, don’t know if you found a steady or not – but to date someone your own age – might be challenging. You went on a “shoot” and what did you do on the shoot visit educational stuff, really. It will be a special guy who will be as enthused as you are, who reflects on things like the Tale of the Two Churches and is concerned about families as you are. God Bless and sending big hugs to you ready – – – here the they come!

  37. Didn’t have time to read all the comments so don’t know if this was mentioned but one thing that isn’t added to the discussion is that unaccompanied minors coming in at the border is up 329% from just one year ago. There are now over 11,000 of these kids in custody. So why would Central American (not Mexican) parents willingly break up the family and send their kids on an extremely dangerous journey to the US without any chaperone? And what are we supposed to do with them when they get here? Are we the world’s babysitter? Who pays for all this care? And HOW are we supposed to care for 11,000 kids? Is it somehow our fault these kids are here?

    A lot is said about taking kids away from their parents but there is no outrage at 5 times the amount of parents who send their kids into the total unknown.
    How many don’t even survive the trip? We’ll never know.
    How many end up in child slavery before they even make it to the border? We’ll never know.

    At least the kids that are taken away temporarily from their parents get 3 meals a day, a bed to sleep in, medical care and a roof over their heads. It’s probably way more than their parents have.

    Pictures are worth a thousand words but it matters whose taking the pictures and why. I think in the end, this huge uproar has very little to do with kids and a lot to do with harassing Trump and gives another place where hatred against him can be spewed.

    • Thank you for sharing that. What a tragic piece of information. Hugs and love xox

  38. It is complicated indeed. Prayer is always a good choice in such a situation. I am sure a solution can be found. I pray for hearts so set on one way or the other they aren’t even interested in finding solutions, only blame. Somewhere in the middle between all or none may be where the best answer lies.

  39. My question in all of this is why are borders so important to us? We are all people, we all have strengths and we all have flaws and yet we do our very best to separate ourselves from others who are exactly the same just because they live ‘across a border’…….Wonderful, thoughtful post :O) x

  40. Congratulations on your 38k subscribers milesstone. Your blog is a shining light…

    On the issue at hand, there is room for justice. But I like the emphasis on love and mercy.

    Mercy supercedes judgement. But I don’t know if the government will see it that way.

    I loved this too, “before Jesus, we all were standing at the border of Heaven, unable to enter.” Aren’t we so privileged for the unfettered access we now have through our faith in Christ?

  41. I feel like I have a hard time making an informed opinion on this issue because of all the misinformation and bias out there, but my gut feelings have been basically along the lines of what you said. Thanks for sharing.

    • I agree – it’s so hard to get the straight story out there. Hugs and love xox

  42. It is helpful to me, to remember that we are to be compassionate and merciful and helping our neighbor. But that admonition is for the Church, not necessarily the government. Can the government do that? Absolutely! But it is a nonnegotiable for the Church. This is a simplistic response, but maybe it would be helpful for us to remember that the government is not the Church.

    • Thanks for passing his post along. I look forward to reading. Hugs and love xox

  43. You have made some great points with this issue. The church should get involved with Politics but only in passing information. To add your own opinions from the pulpit would be a form of bullying. All the noise we hear today is nothing more that a form of Bullying by people who want to have Dominion over others. Lest we forget the teaching and their meanings. All this will become a memory as soon as Common Sense is employed. And yes, some will be hurt. Great post, and I loved it.

    • Thank you friend. Yeah it’s a tough situation. And it’s hard to know what’s appropriate especially in a church setting. Hugs and love xox

  44. What should be done is to allow human face and a Christ-like heart. Putting into practice what your last words of this post, “And let us remember, that before Jesus, we all were standing at the border of Heaven, unable to enter.

    We were all illegal immigrants. God in His infinite love and mercy broke through the border with Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross;” serve as a good reminder. Keep doing the good work, dear bbb. Amen!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this H. I appreciate your support. Hugs and love xox

  45. Someone said this earlier, but I’ll say it again: There’s a humane way to treat these human beings. What’s been happening is not humane, in my opinion.

    That said, I’m a descendant of immigrants. My grandfather’s parents came through Ellis Island from the Ukraine to seek refuge from persecution. I’m all about allowing immigration, as long as it’s legal. The entire process needs to be changed. And, it needs to go farther than that. My husband brought up the point where farmers have hired migrant workers that are undocumented. What happens to the farm when the undocumented workers are arrested and deported? There’s a whole chain of dominoes that hasn’t been addresses yet. I’m all for helping people, but everyone needs to follow the same rules in order for it to be fair and just.

    More to the point, I love your take on love and mercy. How is any of this merciful?

    Congratulations on 38,000 subscribers. That blows my mind. Standing ovation for you, my dear.

  46. I meant to say “hasn’t been addressed yet.” Typing too fast. Thank you for shedding light on this challenging and complicated issue.

  47. I couldn’t agree more with you. I feel that we’re all so trapped into the political side of things that we are missing what’s important: that these are INNOCENT CHILDREN, separated from their parents. Regardless of their parents’ legal status, you don’t yank a child away from their family and put them away from them, especially with people who sadly don’t seem to be loving or caring towards these already sad and scared children.

    We can fight about politics as much as we want – AFTER the children are safe and cared for. At home.

    THEN we call all start addressing the rest. How hard is it for some people to keep this in mind? I won’t personally go into the politics, as it’s not my country, despite the fact that it involves more than the US, but the political angle pales in comparison with the fact that real humans, innocent and vulnerable, are suffering and need to be taken care of. Now, not tomorrow or after new laws are passed.

    Sorry if I got a bit heated, but I’m very passionate about this particular issue.

    God bless you and those poor children!

    • Thank you Miss Jay. I’m so glad this resonated with you. Amen! I love the passion for this. Sending lots of love and hugs xox

  48. Congrats on your successful blog! Your words bring a lot of clarity and peace in a time when things are so confusing. I love that you took the stance of “this is what the world tells us” vs. “this is what Jesus tells us”. <3

  49. This whole issue is a minefield and when you find yourself in a minefield the only way out is one step at a time.

    If I understand right, people who come to the gate do not get separated. So coming in by the gate should be encouraged .

    The sheer number of people coming in ate what’s overloading the system and creating the harsh conditions.

    No matter what the policy is it’s the people who are actually processing the immigrant population that determine how compassionate the job is done.

    No matter how this ends, people are going to be hurt on all sides of the issue so don’t forget to have compassion for the person who disagrees with your position. Their heartbreak is real too. In 2001 I was pushed out of the construction trade by illegal labor. When I saw the people who came over it was heartbreaking to see their condition and when I learned that they were giving half of their paychecks to the “agent” who found work for them I realized that I was being replaced by slaves.

    Like I said , this one is a minefield of issues.

    • One step at a time. Great point. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. A minefield for sure. Hugs and love xox

  50. So this topic. What will come out of this are workable immigration laws. The ones we have now don’t work and haven’t worked for at LEAST 50 years.

    I’ve known several “illegal” immigrants (I quote illegal because that is a statement of law and laws change – as I predict they will now). And there is a big mix of people – some desperate to have a home without violence, completely law abiding and hard working. Some came just to make more money than they could at home and send home the $$, rip off the system then move back after 20 years or so. I found out some who were committing felonies like forgery. Most I’ve known would love to be US citizens if that were possible. But it is also safe to say that there is compromise concerning laws, not just those of immigration they broke and are breaking to be here.

    I went to the grocery store 2 hours ago. I saw about 10 people from my community that I can well guess from their appearance are not citizens (not just skin color, there are distinctive Ecuadorian and Brazilian features one can easily see). We have a huge (something like 2500 people) community of illegal aliens in my town. So .. what is the “American” thing to do? Should I call ICE? Should I take pictures with my camera? Is it my job to make their lives yet more scary and miserable?

    Know this – we don’t have the money, the resources the time or frankly the stomach to deport 11 million people. Ain’t happening. But laws that do something with those folks are needed; that’s the first problem to be solved. I’d think that we give people a long, hard road to citizenship, but a requirement to register. No register, no stay in US.

    The ridiculous, inconsistent and broken laws also created the humanitarian crisis with kids being taken away from their parents. One really can square that with scripture no matter how it’s twisted. So, sorry, it’s wrong. Truly, it is simply enforcing some bad laws that’s caused the crisis, but even President Trump has decided it’s not a good idea.

    The borders and the flow people to them are a second problem to be solved by laws. Asylum, where it is applicable, is a worthy and honored reason to allow entrance. I’m proud that our country has that in its laws. I only wish it was there during WW2 for example.

    When asylum can’t be granted, deportation or increased numbers of legal immigrants are really the only other options. The crushing numbers of these cases requires a huge number of judges to oversee that process. But it’s not an easy or cheap problem to solve. I would say that families need to stay together though; saying mothers have broken the law and therefore their children suffer is really quite lame. The Bible is full of instruction to take care of the orphans; this policy CREATES orphans. It doesn’t square, like I said. It also says how to treat aliens, all well and kindly.

    The really bad guys, MI13 and the like, mostly in the drug trade with its murderous operations, fly under the radar. They won’t be easily detained or even found. They are the reason for the wall idea as I understand it.

    The problem is complex and its solution(s) will be complex too. People don’t like complex things which is why liberals want to just people in and conservatives just want them to go away. It doesn’t matter; we MUST solve this and fix our immigrations laws.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. Lots of things to mull over. Complex issue for sure. Hugs and love xox

  51. Ana, I commend you for breaking your silence to share your opinion on the sensitive child separation issue at the Southern border. And even though you were careful not to take a specific stance, you have done much better than most. It is important to note that most of the people crossing the border are from the troubled Central American countries. And they are seeking asylum. It’s also essential to note that there was no crisis at the border before our president enacted a zero-tolerance policy. Separating children from their parents and scatter them all over the country is wrong. God bless

    • Thank you so much Noel for your kind words and support. It is such a sad and tragic issue right now. Hugs and love xox – Caralyn

  52. Hey Caralyn: You have had so many good postings, home runs, but I think this one goes beyond. I will not say a Grand Slam, because you will probably, (I should say , I believe you will definitely) top this one in the future also, although I don’t know how, except that I know you.

    That is a very difficult situation with immigrants crossing the border illegally. We have many as well, crossing north from your country. Too many to vette properly, and quickly, and it truly is heart-wrenching to see these children suffering. I wonder often, when we see news clips with them, what is going through their minds. We have no idea what all they have seen, and been dragged through in their young lives, so how much more will we put them through.

    As I attempt to put all this into perspective, as our Lord Jesus lived and spoke, followed by His Apostles, I have a great problem in blocking immigrants from entering a supposedly safe country, but realizing there needs to be care taken, and proper vetting done for the safety of all.

    Needless to say, I agree that parents and children should not be separated, and be kept miles from each other and locked up. Not that it matters to anyone, but I am extremely disappointed in your President, who claims to be a Born Again Christian, in handling the situation the way he has.

    Returning to Scripture:
    “John answered, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.””
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭3:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    Luke 6:30-31
    30 Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. 31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

    Matthew 7:12
    12 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

    In my view, the above verses signify that we who have plenty should help those who have little, or in many of these current cases, the people have nothing.
    These means personally, or as a country, the Bible does not differentiate, nor show prejudice or bias against anyone or any country.
    These persons who are risking their lives in an attempt to get to a better life, are also a creation of God, the same God who created us. As well, our Lord Jesus died on the cross for each of these people. I imagine our Heavenly Father, and our Saviour are very sad due to these actions.

    As private citizens I don’t really know what we can do, besides praying of course, apart from letter writing or phone calls to the various administrations.

    But Scripture does tell us that God’s laws are to be obeyed if man made laws contradict God’s laws.
    We need to be vigilant, and sensitive to Holy Spirit for what He would have us do.
    It is obvious from the above verses we are to treat others as we would like to be treated. Also, we are to give food to the hungry, and clothing to those in need, not turning them away, or fencing them in like cattle.

    Acts 5:29
    29 Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than human beings!

    The context of the above verse is that the Christ followers, the Apostles, were told by the Sanhedrin not to teach about Christ any more, or they would be charged and put to death. They said they would obey God anyway, and continue teaching.

    God Bless Caralyn,
    Luv 😀❤️🌹😘

    • Hi George, gosh what a kind thing to say – thank you my dear friend. I am humbled by your generous words. Yeah, it is such a tragic situation happening right now. Thank you for these verse – they are convicting and empowering and clearly God has a plan that we need to listen to! Hugs and love xox

      • 😀❤️🌹😘 He certainly has a plan. If we all listen, we may hear Him. If we act, changes will happen.
        You have one advantage, your President has Christian leaders he will at least say he listens to. Our PM wants nothing to do with Christianity. He is totally against anything Christian. We could use “imported” prayers (tariff free) 😀 from our good American Christian friends. Thank you Caralyn.

      • Hi Caralyn. A thought I forgot to mention earlier when I commented is that all these borders we now have, are man made borders. God never put these borders in place to separate peoples from one another, and into the “haves and have nots”.
        In Biblical days, the Israelites were give a portion of land for their families.

        At that time in history Canada and U.S.A. were obviously not inhabited yet. Then these countries were settled by Native peoples who lived off the land.

        When the English, Spanish, French etc. “discovered” these lands, they overtook the original inhabitants, forcing them away, even as is still done today.
        So each of us, apart from the natives who found their way here, have ancestors who forced their way onto these lands, taking the land and possessions from others.
        Now the wealthy people of this world desire, and work at, blocking less fortunate from poorer countries, from settling here.

        I am not a historian, knowing all the facts, but the little bit of knowledge I have gained, gives me an inner sickening feeling that the wealthy and powerful continue to draw the lines in the sand, or propose walls to build, to keep the poor and suffering away, rather than help them.

        First we drive them all off the land and away, if they are not killed first, then we block them from entering the lands of promise to attempt to gave a better life.

        Again, these are man’s plans, man’s borders. Like you say often and much more eloquently than I ever could Caralyn, in all this mess of humanity, where is GOD’S LOVE.
        He showed His Love on the cross, too bad we as His creation don’t show His Love to one another.
        In full agreement with you, Caralyn, prayer is needed, and prayer can change the hearts and minds of those in power and authority.

        I think that is it on this post, for now anyway.
        God’s Continuing Blessings,
        Luv, 😀❤️🌹😘

  53. Caralyn clearly you can see by the response that your statement was important. Thank you for speaking on it and speaking so wisely

  54. This was helpful to read, as I’m struggling with all the issues you brought up. So hard to know the true stories. Sad on so many layers of this very complicated issue. Take care, Caralyn! xx

    • Thank you Jenny Marie. I’m glad it resonated with you. Yes, so sad. Hugs and love xox

  55. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all allowed God to be our King and our Lord? Hard to fathom the beauty of it.
    I feel not only for the victims but also for the decision makers, as you and many of those who have commented say, there are so many factors and stakeholders, and so many predators waiting in dark corners until someone falls through the cracks.
    It is a problem only God himself can solve fully.
    We who are not decision makers or close enough or wealthy enough to make a difference in the natural can make a difference in the supernatural. If this is a real burden on our hearts we can pray. Pray to the one who is higher and greater and more powerful than the decision makers. Pray to the one who has endless mercy and compassion and resources for the poor stuck in the middle. Pray to the one who transforms lives for the transformation of the lives of those who would take the opportunity to do evil. Our prayers may indeed be what God is waiting for to put his plan into action. We are never without help and we are never without hope when we are with the Lord. We are also not powerless. I encourage you to keep praying and encouraging others to pray as well. The prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective. James 5:16

    • You’re right it’s hard to even begin to fathom the beauty! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Lauren. Hugs and love xox

  56. Hi ya, it’s a brave thing to tackle this subject the thing I find with it is that the legal thing is fuzzying the issue. Sure by US laws they shouldn’t be there but I think I’m right in saying that Jesus said that love for each other and humanity as such was something that should be above any human laws. The issue you have is that in the act of making an act legal or illegal does it make it right or wrong?

    We all in the richer countries have a responsibility to the rest of the world especially as out wealth and civilisations are built on the poverty or ruins of others. People who seek to get themselves and their families out of war or extreme poverty are trying to make a better life for themselves not break the law. The difference in view is a difference in perspective and I think in their situation we could well do something similar.

    Because of this I personally think that helping to resolve conflict and poverty in affected areas of the world the need to migrate illegally would certainly reduce. Of course crime such as smuggling will always be an issue and trying to work out who is what is hard and isn’t a job I would wish on anyone.

    That was a long one… I hope what I said was ok and I hope you’re well 🙂

  57. Congrats on those 38k!! 🙂
    Thanks for touching such a hot topic and I’m not talking about those children but about taking a stand on a political topic in a homily like your bishop obviously did. As a parish priest I’m confronted with prejudices time and time again because many people think a homily should not engage with political statements. But this is difficult to do because as Christians we live in this world and are called to make this world a better place. But could we do that without thinking everyday’s politics from a Christian standpoint?
    Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen so many reports about children being separated from their parents without ever hearing facts. Those pictures shared on social media were more than terrible. But then I read a statement by DHS officials on how they are dealing with the situation. Now I’m in Europe thousands of miles away and I think separating children from their parents might sound cruel but is not necessarily wrong, just think that 80 per cent of all children and teenagers abused are victims by someone from the family. Would it be not necessary to take those children and teenagers away for their own safety. You mentioned human trafficking – same thing. I think it depends on the rules and what happens with those children who are separated because there I think it is the official’s job to make them feel worthy and show them their unalienable dignity. I think that’s the challenge those border officials are facing every day and I really hope and pray that they find a way to rise up those little souls instead of damaging them by criminalising wrongfully. It’s a huge responsibility they are facing. God be with them!!
    Thanks again for your post!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Andy. That’s a great point – church should be able to talk about politics. We need more of a faith influence in our policies and platforms so why not preach it from the pulpit. I will join you in that important prayer. Hugs and love xox

  58. Caralyn, you always seem to reflect my heart on these issues in the perfect way! I believe we can support legal immigration while still protecting our border. And I believe we can do more to keep the children safe. Xoxo

  59. When I mentioned this issue on a post I wrote earlier, I remember my husband asked if I could make the post more balanced: breaking laws are not the way to go. But the post couldn’t accomodate anything outside what I wrote as much as I wanted it to. I guess what He wanted me to write is what you have written here. I’ll get him to read it and I’m pretty sure he’ll give a swift nod of approval. Good one Caralyn. Good one.

    • Thanks friend. Yeah people have strong emotions about this difficult issue for sure. Hugs and love xox

  60. Yet another amazing entry Caralyn. You are so well spoken, and know exactly what words to say when and where. It just seems to flow like honey from your heart. I am constantly impressed with every entry. As soon as I have the financial means, I promise you will have yourself a new patreon. Keep up the amazing work you beautiful beautiful person! God Bless.

  61. My favorite reply to the “you can’t separate children from their parents” crowd is to ask, “So I decide the easiest way to retire is to rob a couple of banks. I should bring my kids along in case I get caught so they have to let me go?”

    On the contrary. I would also be charged with child endangerment… and separated from my kids even longer.

    The whole kerfuffle is about catch and release, and that’s against the law. 😉

  62. The bottom line is we vote in leaders who have a responsibility to protect us and that involves laws. Without law society breaks down and no one is safe. When other governments do not do this to protect their citizens it is natural they will try and find a safer place and as you’ve pointed out human sympathy will naturally want to help them in their distress. However the best place to help starving endangered peoples is in their own cultural setting. Improving lifestyle in their own countries is really the best option. That takes time. The refugee problem is a world wide one and does not have an easy solution. We need to pray for our world leaders as they try to balance justice and mercy while protecting their own citizens.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Ian. You’re right, it’s not an easy solution at all. Hugs and love xox

  63. Very nice post! I agree that this is a very difficult issue and we need to pray. Laws are established for a reason. Our borders need to be kept secure. There is definitely a risk that immigrants could pose as families when in reality there is trafficking taking place. I understand that the children are being well taken care of and that there is the goal for many of them to be re-united with their families.

    • Thank you friend. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this. I agree!! Hugs and love xox

  64. Thank you for a well balanced and thoughtful look at this difficult issue. I struggle with what it means to be a Christian and to be a part of a nation with laws. One one hand, I don’t want gang members and drug or human traffickers let in; on the other hand I don’t want to wall in all our prosperity with a selfish attitude. My mind says one thing, my heart another. I think you helped me sort through some of it by offering so sensible solutions to let more people in the RIGHT way. Thanks.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Definitely a tough issue. Hugs and love xox

  65. Great article! Stumbled across your blog after you liked my article on guns and schools so I thank you for that and taking the time to read my post. You have a great blog going here, very well organized and I love your take on this issue, laws are important and mist be followed or else we have nothing. Its a tough and uncomfortable situation we are certainly in and I never advocate for the tearing apart of families, but at the end of the day, those coming illegally are putting their children in that position, not us. We aren’t the bad guys for enforcing the law, much like
    The parent isnt the bad guy for grounding a child after disobeying their rules. Anyhow, you have another follower, i hope you read and enjoy more of my stuff as well!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this difficult and emotional issue. Hugs and love xox

  66. This was an awesome post. You captured succinctly the key issues we as people of faith need to remember, in what is a difficult policy challenge,not only for the US Government’s, but Government’s across the globe. I work as a Government advisor in the Caribbean and have worked with Immigration and border control ministries and can say the US approach is happening everywhere. We need solutions, not political point scoring!

    • Thank you so much Felicia, i’m so glad it resonated with you. What important work you do! You’re right – solutions! Hugs and love xox

  67. It’s overwhelming to empathize and let the pain of this situation into the heart, which may have something to do with the temptation to say “hey, it’s the law!”

    But man’s law is not intended to be set in stone indefinitely, particularly in a Democracy. It was once lawful to whip slaves, lawful to separate indigenous children from their families and legally destroyed cultural homes, lawful to deny women and People of Color the right to vote. It is our responsibility as citizens to criticize and reject and change unacceptable actions undertaken by our political representatives.

    Insofar as the duty of Christians, the eminent instruction to Be Merciful is not intended to have any caveats attached. I do hope you will realize the importance of being read by 38K, and find the strength and bravery to hold fast to the Laws of mercy and charity and kindness I do believe you to esteem, and refuse to let the dubious appeal of fear and anger-based politics cloud your vision of clear moral imperatives.

    • Thank you Nichole for sharing your thoughts on this. You’re right – there have been some unthinkable and wrong practices that were lawful that we need to stand up for. Look at abortion – that is another unthinkably inhumane law that needs to be changed. We are called to mercy and love and kindness – so true! Hugs and love xox

      • Yes, abortion is a heart wrenching prospect. As I’ve said here before, so much better prevented by means of ease of access to birth control! If only the passionate political involvement of anti-abortion people would focus on that, I think true progress could be made in terms of children’s lives being valued. As it is, the “one issue” frame of thinking/voting has essentially tied “right to life” advocates to the very political party that fights to deregulate environmental protections that work to ensure continued viability and quality of living for to all future/unborn generations. Not to mention, a willfully? blind eye or shrugging-off attitude turned toward suffering children walking the earth right now: war refugees, deep poverty, families and communities dessimated by mass incarceration, and so on and so heartbreakingly forth.

  68. “We were all illegal immigrants. God in His infinite love and mercy broke through the border with Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross.” AMEN!!!!!! Soooo very true! We need to live as Christ did and be that daily example to each other and throughout the world! We need to stop pretending to be followers of Christ and start living for Him and fully surrendering to HIM! We need to love him and obey him. To obey him is to love him and to love him is to obey him <3 blessings to you! Continue to shine for Jesus!

  69. Yes the two most important commandments from our Lord God. He commands love for him and towards others.Amen!

  70. I like your view on this, by offering up many possibilities as to solutions. You made me think and surely I will think some more as well. Keep up the good work. Your heart is beautiful and your words as a breath of fresh air in the world of current events. Thank you for the work that you do on your website. Stay faithful and your reward is coming.

    • Thanks friend, I really appreciate your kind words. What an encouraging thing to say 🙂 Hugs and love xox

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