Cotton Candy Nice Cream!

Hey friends!

Do I have a treat for you!

I have recently found a new favorite food. My fondness for it has reached a level of, well — let’s just say I eat this about 4x a week. It is THAT good.

I’m talking, y’all, about NICE CREAM.

But not just any nice cream…I’m talking COTTON CANDY NICE CREAM.

First of all – what the heck is nice cream?

Well it stands for Banana (aka Nana) Ice Cream!

In other words, it’s non-dairy “ice cream” that is made out of frozen bananas!

And let me tell you – it is slap-yo-mama good!

And this particular recipe uses cotton candy grapes. And OHMYGOODNESS, if you haven’t tried these sweet little poppers yet, do yourself a favor and RUN – don’t walk – RUN to the store and get you some!!!

They legitimately taste like cotton candy! And I know, you’re probably thinking: how the heck do they make a stinkin’ grape taste like candy….well they do!

Even my dad thought they were delicious.

So there ya go.

And they’re the star of this recipe.

And oh yeah – this healthy dessert is gluten free, vegan, paleo AND Specific Carb Diet friendly!

Here’s What you Need: Serves 1 gigantic portion

4 frozen strawberries
1 1/2 frozen bananas
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen pineapple chunks
1/2 cup (not frozen) cotton candy grapes
2 Tbsp cashew butter
3 drops coconut stevia


Food processor
Ziptop freezer bags

Blend in food processor until smooth. Add more grapes if you need more liquid. You will need to scrape down the sides several times.

I do believe that when we get to Heaven, this frozen treat will be available by the bucket-full. I mean, it is manna from Heaven!

It is hard to describe the fabulous consistency of this blissful treat: it is like whipped ice cream. Truly. It is silky and slurpy and melty and exactly what you need on these dog days of summer.

The flavor is out of this world with the cotton candy sweetness and the sweet pineapple and rich banana.

I honestly could eat this for the rest of my life.

JOY IN A BOWL, people. Joy in a Bowl!

And the best part is that, you can pretty much customize this dessert to whatever fruit you have lying around. Just pop it in the freezer for a couple hours, and then blend away! Just make sure you have at least one banana in the mix to give it some body!

Friends, I hope you jump off the computer and make you some of this delightful dessert!

Have an awesome night!


I’ll see you tomorrow on my podcast, “Oh What a Beautiful Morning!” – or right here for programming as usual!


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77 responses to “Cotton Candy Nice Cream!”

    • Yes! You can throw some in! I did over the fourth and it was fabulous! Hugs and love xox

  1. Ever since I’ve lived in recovery from my own eating disorder (compulsive overeating), I find that food is MORE delicious than ever. I love finding new things to try. But my favorite snack is frozen berries topped with either Greek Yogurt or Ricotta Cheese and some almond butter. 🙂

    • Yes!! I feel the same – it really is amazing how delicious and creative food can be!! Hugs and love xox

  2. Looks amazing…if it weren’t the middle of the night…I’d fire up the blender right now! What a great dairy free treat! Thanks. My lactose intolerant daughter will really enjoy it.

  3. Wow – it looks and sounds amazing! (I’m drooling as I look at the pictures.) Will definitely give your recipe a go! Thanks so much. 🙂

  4. Ohhh myyyy does this ice *nice* creammm loooook delicious 😍😍!

    Well you got me ! Im more than convinced. I will DEFINITELY try it.

    Nice creaaaam here i cooome!

    Thanks for sharing❤️

    • Aw thanks Emily! Yeah I would def suggest giving it a try! It doesn’t taste like bananas – they just give it a great texture! 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  5. It looks so yummy! I’ll have to bookmark it and try it sometime soon.

  6. I love how you packed the nutrition into this recipe. All those vitamins and minerals! Cotton Candy Grapes are amazing. I imagine it is delicious. I’ll have to try it.

  7. Wow I have NEVER HEARD OF cotton candy grapes! I will have to google that and check my local grocer. 🙂 My daughter would love this. Great photos!

    • Oh they are so good Sejana! Yes! Request them if you have to! It’s amazing!!! Hugs and love xox

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