Gosnell and Facing the Difficult Truth

So, I went to the movies by myself yesterday. Which, believe me, is embarrassing to admit, and I had to put my pride aside for the evening. But there was a movie that I just had to see.

And you probably haven’t heard of it, even though it just recently broke the Top 10 at the box-office. Because it’s been pretty much blacklisted from any mainstream news outlet due to its topic matter.

The movie is called Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer.


And if the name Gosnell sorta-kinda rings a bell, it’s because back in the 2010s, he was one of – if not the first – abortion doctor to be found guilty of murdering babies.

Which, that statement is an oxymoron if you are in the pro-life camp. But it was a huge trial that actually garnered mainstream media attention.

And this film takes an in depth look at the trial, and how the political and media outlets tried to cover it up.

Now, I want to just pause here for a second: this article is not what you may think it’s going to be. I’m not going to push a pro-life agenda or shove facts and statistics down your throat. Nope. If you want to read how I feel about abortion — because I do hold very strong beliefs, especially given my history of anorexia, and as a result, my firm advocacy for the sanctity of human life — you can read about those here.

Tonight, I want to talk about something else, entirely.

And this is a warning that some of this material is graphic.

In the film, I don’t know if this is “spoiler-y,” because hello – it’s a real event. The information is already out there. But basically, Dr. Gosnell was on trial for, in addition to the horrific conditions of his hellish Philadelphia clinic, were the murder of children — born alive at 30, 31, 32 weeks – whom he then would snip the necks of, to “abort.”

Throughout the entire trial, Gosnell and his defense lawyer were winning by a landslide. No one wanted to get too close to an “abortion” case, (or cover it in the media for that matter) and it seemed that he was going to get off scott-free.

Until The Photo.

Until the prosecutor presented a piece of evidence that forced people to actually see the atrocities that we’ve sanitized and sugarcoated as “a woman’s right to choose” or even better: “reproductive rights.

The photo was stealthily taken by a teenage technician at Gosnell’s clinic, who took a photo on her cell phone of the 32-week-old child who was born alive and then “snipped.”

And in the most powerful scene in the movie, the prosecutor went around to each member of the jury and held this photo 6 inches in front of them, and made them come face to face with what abortion actually is.

She made them come face to face with the truth.

We never saw the photo in the film. It is far too gruesome. But we saw the reactions of each member of the jury. And let me tell you friends, I was balling like a baby.

I was sitting by myself, in an empty movie theater in NYC, balling my eyes out.

But that is how the trial was won.

That photo won the case.

People had to come face to face and actually look at the truth of what we’ve hidden away and avoided talking about because of awkwardness, or political correctness, or fear of offending someone.

The truth was brought to the light. And Gosnell was locked up for life without parole.

(And if you want to see the actual photo, you can view it here, on the movie’s website. But I warn you, it changes you. I cried for 10 minutes straight after viewing it.)

But I was riding the subway home after the movie and that scene with the jurors, it stuck with me.

First of all, it was brilliant cinematography. Such a deliberately slow scene, with a pregnant pause in the action (pun intended) that made the viewer watch – for an uncomfortable amount of time – as each person faced the truth. In photographic evidence.

My mind wandered as the train made stop after stop. I had quite a long commute home, as there was only one movie theater in all of NYC that was playing, in their eyes, a “pro-life garbage film.” But needless to say, I had time to think.

And it made me wonder…what do I have in my own life that I need to come face to face with? 


What areas of my life, or of my faith, or of my health, am I refusing to examine, because I know it will be uncomfortable?

Because the truth is a hard pill to swallow. The truth demands action. The truth demands change. And I think that sometimes, we don’t want to have to “deal with” the consequences of learning the truth. So we avoid it. And speaking from experience, I can be a master avoider when necessary.

You know, I think that abortion is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what our culture refuses to confront.

I mean, why does culture have a steadfast rule to never talk about “religion or politics” at the dinner table? It’s because it is uncomfortable. The truth is messy. And hard to look at in the face.

Just like those jurors learned.

But it is only when we do, that justice can be brought about.

It brings me back to how I eventually ended up agreeing to go to inpatient treatment for my anorexia. I was resisting, and adamant about not going. I was legally an adult, so my parents couldn’t force me to go. So my family staged an intervention, and it wasn’t until a trusted family friend got literally 2 inches from my face and said, “Do you know what you’re doing to your father?” 

And it was in that moment that I finally was confronted with the truth. I was forced to see the truth of my actions, and manipulation and deception and destruction.

I had to look. He was exasperated, and tired, standing over the stove in the kitchen with his shoulders stooped and spirit broken. It was the first and only time I have ever seen my dad like that. And in that moment, I saw my hero – my dad, who I loved more than anything in the world – I saw what my eating disorder was doing to him. And how he was doing everything in his power – including flying in weight gaining drinks from Sweden – to help me get better. He believed in me, and was fighting for me, and I was absolutely destroying him and myself. I finally saw the toll it was taking on him.

And it was only then, in that moment, that I agreed to go to Inpatient.

The truth is hard to face. It is hard to stomach.

I am grateful that this movie brought us face to face with the reality of abortion.

Because you walk away from that movie with a choice: Now that I know the truth, what am I going to do about it? 

You come to a crossroads. Just like I was, sitting on the couch during the intervention.

Now what?

What are you going to do about it? 

Because the dangerous thing about the truth, is it requires you to take a position. With it comes responsibility. You cannot stay in a condition of apathy or indifference, once you’ve confronted it face to face. You can either remain silent, and thereby condone that which is going on. Or you can stand up and make your voice heard.

I am choosing the latter.

See the movie. And stand with the truth.

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247 responses to “Gosnell and Facing the Difficult Truth”

  1. Your post on “Gosnell” was extraordinary. Very poignant. I’m glad you made the effort to watch it. That helped the rest of us.


    • Thank you so much Jack. I appreciate that. It was definitely a powerful film. Hugs and love xox

  2. I’ve known this movie was to come out. Thank you SO much for noting this movie is out. Let’s pray it opens up more eyes to people today. I am going to look it up right now and plan when I, too, will see it alone.

  3. I couldn’t finish reading your post. Nothing personal of course. This stuff makes me so angry, abortion is murder. Period.

  4. Very powerful writing, Pastor! I usually don’t cry reading blog posts but here I am. God gifted you with many talents and I know you give God the glory for being able to share in the way you do! I want you to know how very proud I am of you and for you to know you are touching many hearts, minds, and souls in a way no one else can or comes close to doing. You and your family remain in my prayers. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Rick for your prayers and kind words 🙂 I’m so glad this resonated in your heart. I am so touched by your generous words and support. Big hugs xox

  5. What a powerful post my friend! I’m so glad you dealt with anorexia otherwise it could have killed you… I’ve got the same issue with my husband now a days… he forgets to eat so he says; he is 6 feet tall and was weighing 134lbs recently. He is now weighing a bit more 140 ( baby steps I guess)… he doesn’t see himself underweight!

    • Thank you so much. Yeah i am so grateful for the healing god most graciously poured over me. I will definitely keep your husband in my prayers! Hugs and love xox

  6. Caralyn, thank you for your post. I knew the movie was coming out soon but wasn’t aware it had been released. The truth is not comfortable but it demands action.

  7. Wonderful.

    And, my second son was born at just over 31 weeks. He has cousins (twins) who were around 26 weeks.

    They are all very much alive and very much people.

  8. I have been a “Christian” for a long time, but in the last decade I’ve become a follower of Jesus. I am in a constant pursuit of Him who died for me. I have been politically, slightly left of center, but have been casually Pro-Life. The more I read my Bible, especially the Old Testament, I am convicted by God’s wrath against those; who kill the innocent. Like most centrists, I don’t like making waves and avoid controversial topics. I think this is one I need to put at the top, one I must face, and one that will determine my vote. Thank you for being controversial and correct.

    • Hey Stephan. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. You’re right – it’s not an easy topic but a dang important one for sure. Hugs and love xox

  9. Your post was powerful and moving, and I agree with almost all of it. You may already know my complicated stance on abortion from my book, but what this man did is clearly murder. It’s exactly the “blurry” lines of semantics like this that require exactly this conversation to be had. Thank you for having the courage to express your opinion. I respect it even though mine may differ, “for there must be factions among you in order that those who are genuine among you may be recognized.” – 1 Corinthians 11:19

    • Thank you so much Neal. I’m glad it resonated with you!! Yeah Gosnell was definitely in the wrong. Hugs and love xox

    • Thanks Alice. Yeah it was definitely difficult to watch. But so glad I did! Hugs and love xox

  10. I saw the movie and, just like you, I saw it alone. Then again, the only way I see movies is alone since I cannot get anyone to go with me. Anyway, thank you for posting. It is another great post from a great lady.

    • Thank you Jeff, I appreciate your encouraging words on this tough movie. Hugs and love xox

  11. Thank you for sharing about this film. Somewhere between sad and angry with the whole abortion controversy. Murder is murder when the life of a living child is taken before or after birth.

  12. Religion is easier to talk about when the Words come the wilderness for you to digest. Knowing that the Father sent me to bare witness of the light to you and others that hear his words. That is why I teach, I came from I believe to I know. You have beta males that are the children of the lies and the woman sacrifice their babies no different than they did 5th Century to the god, Chemosh in Babylon. This is what is called generational sin. Love you.

  13. Caralyn, I really enjoyed your post and also had not heard about Gosnell and the trail until now (I admittedly do not stay up-to-date as maybe I should with hot topic important events). So thank you. Also, thank you for your perspective. I agree that we all have a choice and responsibility to act (or not act) when we learn the truth of something. So often we shy away and use excuses…”don’t talk politics or religion at the dinner table.” Like you said. We have to engage in these conversations because there is so much rooted in why we believe what we believe and why things offend us so much. I absolutely stand for justice – no matter what it is for or against (Lyric title from Lecrae’s song “Facts” on his album ATWT).

    However, there is one thing that I find important to make very clear. Not all abortion is the same. The extremity of the abortions portrayed in the movie are….well, I can’t even dare to look at the photo, but I can imagine. Now, it’s horrendous I’m sure, unethical, makes one sick and distrust all that is faintly good in human kind. At the other end, almost 92.5% of reported abortions are made in the first trimester (before 13 weeks) https://www.cdc.gov/reproductivehealth/data_stats/abortion.htm Again, like you delineated in your post, this is not an argument for or against abortion. This is rather to add to the bigger picture, statistics, and dialogue surrounding the topic. It’s one thing if the stats were reversed and what was portrayed in the movie (from real life circumstances) was 92%, rather than the 1.3% after 23 weeks gestation.

    It’s important, as a public figure, to be careful of singling out and isolating, yes a very horrific event, it’s atrocious that this even happens. But there is always more to the story. Our perspective may be skewed, it may be well intentioned, and it may miscommunicate and give people wrong information. Again, the movie portrays something outside the norm and seems to manipulate people with graphic images that communicate more than words could. I am glad the trial saw the photo, but look at the power of that photo….that isn’t what all abortions look like, and to not clarify that is to misrepresent and do an injustice to the topic you are talking about.

    Thank you for always bringing up hard topics. And I also appreciated the part in your post when you talked about self-examination and maybe looking at our blind spots that we too easily deny. Thank you for reading.

    • Thank you so much Nathalie for sharing your thoughts on this tough issue. Yes – the movie is incredibly gripping. Definitely try to see it in theaters if you can. You’re right – respectful conversation is powerful, and I welcome a dialogue about it. 🙂 This was definitely an extreme case. But I think it does challenge people to examine what they believe, which I think is a powerful thing. Thank you for such an eloquent, articulate and respectful response! Big hugs to you friend 🙂 xox

  14. Omg, I wasn’t aware of this movie nor this horrific events ever happened. I feel sick to my stomach. Murder, absolutely. It’s abhorrent, unthinkable. I feel ill. How could someone be so dark they they would so cruelly murder something as innocent as a baby? Thank you for sharing this, watching it couldn’t have been easy.

    • Thank you so much, friend. Yes – I was sick to my stomach throughout much of the movie too. It was a tough movie to see but I had to support it, just so they keep making these important films! So glad you stopped by. Big hugs xox

  15. Wow. This shocked me, I hadn’t heard of Gosnell. So sad and sickening. I love how you talk about facing the truth. It’s often very hard to face.❤️

    • Thank you Jennie. Yeah it is shocking and gut wrenching to say the least. So glad you stopped by. Hugs and love xox

  16. I live in a Philly suburb so I was familiar with the case. I agree that sometimes the truth is a bit like swallowing fire and sometimes it changes you forever. For the record, I see nothing wrong or sad about seeing a movie alone – I have done it many times. Glad you got the treatment you needed, anorexia is very difficult to treat.

    • Hi Bryce, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Swallowing fire — that is such an accurate description! Thanks for your kind words. Hugs and love xox

    • I am unfamiliar with this term so I am unable to comment. But I believe that life begins at conception. Hugs and love xox

  17. I’m sorry you felt awkward to watch a movie all by yourself. I wish we loved closer then we could go together :).
    This post shows me why you’re my favorite Catholic blogger. As a Catholic, it is so inspiring to see you blog and live out your faith in a relatable way that is evangelistic and… truthful. You are able to write with such passion, grit, honesty… and you have blessed me and many others in living out your vocation so authentically. So thank you for making Catholic blogging come alive for me, in a non-preachy yet very relatable manner :).

    • Aw thanks Teresa. Oh my gosh I am so touched by your generous words. You have blessed ME so much with your encouragement so thank you for that. And for the record, I think it would be a blast to see a movie together! 🤗 hehe Hugs and love xox

  18. I am aware of this film but wasn’t going to see it. I will now, thanks to your post. Clearly what this Doctor did was wrong but that does not mean all pregnancy termination is wrong. Your writing was powerful and yes there is always a desire to find safety within comfort and not to push the boundaries. Kudos to you for asking the hard questions and taking action.

    While I am pro-choice I see women needlessly go to Doctors for abortions especially in the first trimester. I do firmly believe that women have a right to choice. In my work as a healer / shaman I have instructed many couples that have had difficult conceiving and carrying a child to term – how to release the spirits of aborted fetuses in order to clear the way for conception. Conversely a conscious miscarriage is a sacred ceremony of sending the spirit of the child back to the light, then a miscarriage of the physical occurs. The patriarch that remains since written history has grown increasingly corrupt and seeks to control and own women’s bodies including the process of pregnancy and birthing using genetically modified systems – with a French Genetic Medical Company for example and controlling women’s bodies by deciding for them what is life etc. I was raised in an abusive Catholic environment and see how doctrine can be perverted in many ways by powerful men.

    • Thank you Kai, it is definitely worth going to see. And thank you for sharing your perspective on this difficult issue. I’m sorry that you had to go through that during your upbringing. My heart definitely goes out to you. Hugs and love xox

    • Thanks friend. Opening night! Wow that’s awesome. I know – it needs to be seen! Hugs and love xox

  19. Thank you for making this film public. If it opens even one person’s eyes, it was well worth it. Also thank you for tying the unveiling of the truth in the picture to your seeing the truth of your eating disorder. I can imagine how you felt seeing your father broken. I pray I have not done the same to my two sons who are 12 and 17. I am sure they have seen too much. I never meant to let it go on this long. Many blessings

    • Thank you so much Kelly. I think you’re right – even one person! And thank you for sharing your story. Definitely praying for you, my friend 🙂 sending big big hugs xox

  20. Good for you for going by yourself! I haven’t done that yet but I did do a five day beach trip this summer by myself for the first time ever. It’s tough. We’re getting independent little by little haha

    • Thank you so much! Oh that sounds like fun! Haha yes! Little by little! Hugs and love xox

  21. I can’t look at those type of movies, where someone is getting violently attack. Nor can I look at the photos, but you are right about bringing to light the uncomfortable topics and being able to listen to each opposing side. We might learn the root of some differences that is occurring in our world. And going to the movies alone is sad, it’s an amazing experience, because I’m not alone when Jesus is with me everywhere I go, plus I can sit and watch the movie without interruptions. Lol!

    • Thank you friend. Yeah it was definitely a difficult movie to see but so powerful. And I love that perspective! We’re never alone! Amen! Hugs and love xox

  22. Did it go into detail of how Gosnell ran his legal/illegal clinic? How people came up from the South and neighboring states for his services? The states limit the when and how of the procedure through mandates. Meaning, limitations on the facility or no license. Gosnell is not how all clinics operate, just for clarity. It’s good to take a stand. It’s good to frame a story. Like, did you know before Roe v. Wade a million illegal abortions were being performed yearly? There was a spike in missing women as well. When there’s a divide, fear is the catalyst.

    • Yes – it went into all the gruesome and despicable detail. Makes me sick. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you see the movie! Hugs and love xox

      • People do ugly things. I was training near there. When I was really really poor. I went to the free hospital at the church there. Asked for a vasectomy. I felt, like I was good. Had two kids. Ha ha. The sister/doctor said, because of her duty to God she couldn’t assist me. They didn’t even have condoms. She still took my $50. Penance. I guess. There’s no scripture on abortion. Horatio Storer started the physician’s crusade against abortion because it was mostly married Protestant women who sought the procedure. He also blocked women from Harvard Medical who wanted to be OB/GYN. He said this, “Shall [these regions] be filled by our own children or by those of aliens? This is a question our women must answer; upon their loins depends the future destiny of the nation.” If I use a condom, it’s not because I don’t like God. He’s cool. I just don’t want another baby right now. Storer started the “abortion is murder” saying in the fifties, the 1850’s. Not meaning it was all murder just white Protestant babies.

    • Thank you Matt. Oh really! I’ll have to give it a listen! Thanks for passing it along! Hugs and love xox

  23. Caralyn, you always impress me with your bravery to tackle hard topics. I’m not going to weigh in on the abortion debate because I feel there have been plenty of comments above to more than cover that ground. I really appreciate the accountability you confronted us with around avoidance of the hard truths and the sins and shame we all run from and deflect from – aka our own. Keep making us uncomfortable and doing it from a place of agape love.

    • Thank you John for sharing your thoughts on this difficult issue. And for your encouraging words! Hard truth for sure. Hugs and love xox

  24. Excellent points. Though we may differ in particular ways (not regarding Gosnell, I can assure you), I thoroughly enjoyed the read and how you spoke truth in the face of difficult issues. Also, never be embarrassed to go to the movies alone. As an introvert, it’s a staple for my survival. 😉

    • Thank you so much friend. I’m so glad this resonated with you! Haha yeah it was actually quite enjoyable! I may have to make it a regular thing! Haha Hugs and love xox

    • Thanks friend – yeah definitely try to see it while it is still in theaters. SO powerful. Hugs and love xox

  25. I already know I can’t see the movie, because even that description was a lot for me to handle. But I support it and pray it gets seen! This was an excellent point to draw from it, Caralyn – thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you friend, yeah it definitely is a difficult film to watch. But I found it incredibly powerful and I hope a lot of people see it. It changes people! I’ll join you in that prayer!! Hugs and love xox

  26. A movie along that’s okay hard-hitting subject movies I prefer to see along, that being said Gosnell would be one. It’s subject the little boy’s picture which I download from your link (thank you) screamed at me. A future poem staged a barricaded protest in my head for attention even as I attempt to write this response. Needless to say, if that picture does not rip your heart out you are empty build, a vacant soul hollow of spirit as the cold winds blow.

    Last but not lease we the people struggle with the truth it’s un-yielding un-bending a contradiction to our defending, wash over it if we must the truth! the fear in trust then manipulation has its plan when controlling other minds when we can. Now we have a new tagline out there “tell your truth” an alternative cue to a twisted view.

    • Hey friend! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. It really is such a gut wrenching photo. I’m sorry that you had to see it. You’re right – we’ve got to revere and respect the truth. Hugs and love xox

  27. I love your honesty and defence of the unborn, but with such a loving stance. The part that also really hit me was when you looked at your dad and had that sudden realisation of what was happening. That was a amazing, God’s love truly working in one of his children.

    • Thank you friend. Yeah that was a powerful moment for me, seeing my dad like that. Hugs and love xox

  28. Hello! I’m Joshua.
    I like your post very much! It’s very saddening that things like this happen. It’s a wicked world we live in.
    I like your blog! Have a blessed day!

  29. Society is desensitised to the value of life, the aborted child or the elderly person. We have been bombarded by the liberal view that it is my life, my body, my right and always for personal interest.
    People won’t face the difficult questions because it reminds them that we made the choice to ignore some basic principles and moral imperatives. We have become our own God. Deciding what is right and wrong because it suits us and let someone else pick up the peices.
    There does come a time when we are faced with the truth and how we respond says more about us than we realise. Every life is precious, at the points where we as the individual can’t protect our lives we rely – trust others to make the right decisions for us. Here society drops the ball. “My rights over your rights” always.
    What the trial shows clearly is that a moral line was crossed – however when? Should we be protecting that unborn feotus or should we wait for the heart to begin beating? Personally that moral stance was made long ago.
    Again you have provided us with a powerful piece of writing. Thank you

    • Desensitized indeed. We need to get back to the sanctity of life. So true. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this difficult topic. Amen – life is precious! Giving your response a standing ovation! Hugs and love xox

    • Me too – so thankful indeed. It is a hard watch, but it really needs to be out there for the world to see. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  30. Well stated! Thank you for taking such an unapologetic stand. Your closing paragraph is an excellent summary: “Because the dangerous thing about the truth, is it requires you to take a position. With it comes responsibility. You cannot stay in a condition of apathy or indifference, once you’ve confronted it face to face.”

  31. I’m tearing up reading this for so many reasons. First is about this doctor and the horror show he was holding. I can’t imagine taking a live newborn ad killing it in cold blood. I can’t imagine killing someone in the womb. Like you, I’ve written on this extensively, making the point that killing is apparently OK if you can’t see it. I won’t look at the picture. I can barely stand the description.

    I’m also tearing up over your face-to-face moment during the intervention. I’m saddened to read of it and I know how much it hurt your dad. That’s because my daughter that just got married chose years ago to reject God despite her upbringing. God was not invited to the wedding last Sunday. Oh, we had a pretty good time, but all through it I couldn’t help being sad at how anti-climactic it was since they’d been living together for years. I just have the hope that by marrying they are moving a step in the right direction, performing an action ordained by God.

    She had asked me to give a short talk after dinner. I had written out a pretty good piece, ending with the benediction. If they weren’t inviting God, I was! Even though the beginning was supposed to be humorous, I started blubbering right out of the gate. I remember standing “outside” of myself, wondering what the heck was happening. I’m a classically trained actor! I’ve had small cracks before, but to completely lose it in the first sentence?!? I muscled through it, thoroughly embarrassing myself. Why couldn’t I do this and make a strong delivery asking for God’s blessing? I don’t know.

    Aside from some catharsis here, my point is that maybe, instead of trying to keep the peace at all costs, I need to let her know just how badly I’m grieved that she’s placed herself on the road to hell. I haven’t wanted to make it about me, but maybe I should just as a means to get through to her.

    Well, enough. Thank you for baring yourself so bravely and giving me a lesson to ponder. Thank you for telling us about Gosnell. We’re going to a movie this weekend with friends, and I’m going to suggest we see it. I looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes: critics rating was in the 60’s. Audience? 99. Tells us something, doesn’t it?

    • Hey Jeff, thank you so much for this thoughtful and powerful response. I know – it was such a difficult movie to watch but I am so glad that I did. Yeah that moment of looking at my father will stay with me forever. And thank you for sharing that about the wedding. You know that I pray for your daughter for that very specific reason, and I trust that God is going to draw her back to Him. She’s seen such a beautiful example in you and Julie. I just have faith that God is going to bring it all full circle. And in terms of that conversation, I say follow your heart and listen to the promptings of the HS. He won’t lead you astray. I know – 99%. And yet you won’t see any of the mainstream news or entertainment outlets even breathe a word about It. And Dean Cain is even the star! It’s bonkers. Hugs and love xox

      • Thanks, Caralyn. Your friendship and support are a real blessing! DEAN CAIN! Huge fan of his for a long time! I’m STOKED that he got a starring role in such a big movie!! I’m going to have to write him a fan letter! Hugs & love back to you!

      • 🙂 yes!! It’s crazy how many “names” are in this film, and yet zero media coverage. Yes! Do it! the way I see it, the more support that these “christian films” get in the box office and from fans, the more inclined they’ll be to make these films and work on them! Have a great weekend xo

  32. Bravo once again little lady! The most important point you made, IMO, is the issue of facing the truth in life. The LORD led me to face the truth of my life more than 43 years ago (hate dating myself, lol), when He showed the truth of His Word to my heart. I faced a wall of decision about how I would live my life. I could walk away and ignore the ‘truth wall’ in front of me, God gave me that choice. But if I did that, I would know that the rest of my life would be based on a lie. That’s when I decided to follow Jesus. However, I did not take up the pro-life mantle until almost 10 years later when another truth-wall came into view. A brave pastor decided to put his life where his mouth was, and chained himself to the gates at the entrance of an abortion clinic. It cost him jail-time and serious money, but he faced it all to bring to light the truth of abortion way back in the early 1980s. I then turned to researching the issue to get the truth and came across a short film narrated by the late, great actor Charleton Heston, you know, Moses from the movie ‘The Ten Commandments.’ The film was called ‘Eclipse of Reason.’ The film used early tech ultrasound pictures to show a child in the womb undergoing an abortion at four months of age. The abortionist dismembered this child piece by piece and it was horrific to watch. What was worse to me were the vain attempts of the child to avoid destruction by trying to move away from the instruments of death. It was obvious the child was reacting to the awful pain he was experiencing. The LORD then impressed me to fervently pray, speak and stand against abortion as a pastor, and now as a writer. I pray that “Gosnell” the movie will cause people who have sat on the fence or the sidelines to become involved to oppose this horror. For those interested, a great way to start is to check out the “40 Days for Life” prayer campaign in your area. I guarantee that some of the best ways to combat the evil of abortion are there. It is powerful, prayerful, peaceful, and biblical and has yielded some miraculous results. They can be found at https://40daysforlife.com. As always may blessings rain down upon you and yours.
    D.T. Osborn

    • Thank you DT. I’m so glad that this resonated with you. Thank you for sharing your story. Those truth walls are life changing, aren’t they? Wow – I’ll definitely have to look that movie up. Thank you for sharing about 40 days! Amazing! I will join you in that prayer. Big big hugs and blessings xox

    • Thank you so much Deb. Yes. The truth is hard sometimes. I pray that people see the movie! Hugs and love xox

  33. Born and raised Catholic myself , nowadays with all the stories of sexual abuse dominating the news, I have to admit it is becoming harder to want to follow any teachings or beliefs. I am not pro abortion. I just wish the people with strong opinions about the topics, support the babies after birth, because most of the time, if these babies make it through birth, the mother, father, boyfriend or girlfriend end up either abusing the child or worse yet just plain neglect resulting in the death of an innocent child. That is the heartbreak and sadness. Please be involved in helping wherever you can. Talk is cheap. Actions are needed.

    • Thank you Tink. Yeah it is definitely hard to be Catholic these days. I have to remember that my faith is in Jesus, and not in the organization or in priests. Thank you for this powerful perspective. Yeah, my family works a lot with pro-life pregnancy centers, and that’s a huge aspect — after birth support. You’re right, actions are needed. Hugs and love xox

  34. “You knew me in my mother’s womb…”(King David in Psalms) .
    My mom thought of aborting me because she had been date-raped. Instead, she slit her wrists. But God had His plan. She survived. I survived too. She is only 16 years older than I and has been my best friend. Love to you.

    • Wow, thank you so much for sharing you story and your mother’s story. Gosh, my heart breaks to hear what she went through. Praise God that you both survived. And praise God that His love and His plan is greater and good. What a powerful testimony. I really appreciate you sharing. Sending you and your mama the biggest hugs and love xox

  35. I had no idea this movie existed. I do now. I pulled up the baby boy photo earlier, and I sobbed on my couch. How horrific.

    It brought back painful memories of an abortion protest that happened on my university campus – I think I was a freshman or sophomore, so this was either 2007 or 2008. It was gut-wrenching. My professor had asked us to go and observe the protest as part of a free speech discussion, and how protests can be communication tools. I lasted maybe 15 minutes. I asked my professor to leave early. I nearly threw up before walking away.

    I realize the movie here and the protest I witnessed were different. The protest was advocating for making abortion completely illegal again, and they had photos of first-term abortions and red paint everywhere on their signs. But the kicker for me was how loud they were. It was a small group, but they were mighty. I don’t do well with extreme volume to begin with, but the whole scenario was too much.

    As for me, I personally believe in a woman’s right to choose. Thank you for writing about this movie, and offering your powerful perspective.

    • Hi Laura Beth, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. I know – that photo is something that I will never ever forget. Truly so horrific. Wow – I can’t imagine what that experience must hav been like in college. Yeah, it is so sad. Those images are so hard to see. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your heart. I hope you see the movie, it is definitely a powerful film! have a great weekend 🙂 big big hugs and love to you xo

    • Thank you so much Laura 🙂 I’m so glad this resonated with you’re right. So true – that’s the power of the truth. Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you Mary, I really appreciate your kind words. This was such a powerful film. I pray that more people see it. Because you’re right! The message is important and needs to be out there! So glad you stopped by. Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs and love xox

  36. Hello Carolyn, thank you for writing about this film. I hadn’t heard of it. We are up and down here with ED. My daughter’s anorexia is now bulimia/binge eating – sometimes she is able to do things and other times the thoughts are so strong she struggles to do anything. This affects her being able to attend school. I have been struggling with feelings of anger and helplessness and lack of hope. Ironically, these negative emotions sometimes hit me on the days my daughter is doing a bit better. I took them to the church and just sat there for a while and prayed and remembered you writing that your Mum did this when you were ill. Thinking about that and knowing I’m not the only mother to go through this was a comfort. I was wondering if your Mum would just say a quick prayer for us. If it’s not the right thing to ask (I know she’s been ill), that’s also fine with me. Thanks for the blog and being honest about anorexia. Also, I went to cinema alone A LOT before I was married. Now that I have kids, I hardly ever manage so take the opportunity while you have it.

    • Hi friend thank you so much for sharing your story. Gosh I’m heart goes out to your daughter. Yeah my mom spent a lot of time in the adoration chapel at church. I will absolutely pass along your request. And she actually reads all of the comments so I know she’ll gladly lift you and your daughter up in prayer, as will I. Hang in there. I know how scary this is but she will get through it. And I would definitely suggest looking into inpatient programs. As you said – it’s already interfering with school. Perhaps taking a month or so to participate at a facility specifically for eating disorder recovery – It really helps get to the root of the issue. Praying for you. Hugs and love xox

      • Thank you. My daughter is normal weight, thank goodness. She was in inpatient last year for very low weight. Some things much better, but ED thoughts can still very strong. I’m just tired of challenging her ED thoughts and selfishly, perhaps, worried about how I’ll ever get back to work. Also worried about how she’ll finish her education with all the interruptions. Trying to trust but don’t feel trust.

      • I’m glad she is stable! Yeah, the ED thoughts can be very hard to silence but she can do it. For me, the only thing that worked was that instead of trying to *silence* the thoughts, I had to instead *fill* my thoughts with Jesus. Which I know seems kooky and eye roll worthy. But unless I purposefully put good thoughts and truthful thoughts and positive thoughts that told me of my worth — and really “stuffed” ‘em in there, it made it so the negative thoughts didn’t have any place to occupy in my brain. I hope that helps. I put many of those positive thoughts that I meditated and prayed on throughout the day in my book. But you can also find a great resource by searching for my post “daily thoughts for strength” in the search tab over on the right hand side bar on my site. Sending so much love

      • Thank you. I found daily thoughts for strength and will bookmark it. My daughter has been atheist since she was 9. I was agnostic and very anti-church. However, I know that God still works in peoples’ lives outside the church even if they aren’t aware of it. I like the thought about the wee plant growing underneath the soil even when nothing shows on the surface. That strengthens me to stay positive in the face of so much ED negativity. (BTW have linked my conversion story here if you’re interested)

  37. While I appreciate your fervor and where your stance on abortion comes from, I think it’s disingenuous to say this movie “brings us face to face with the reality of abortion” as this man and his practices clearly weren’t the standard of care for abortions here in the U.S., hence why he was prosecuted so heavily (and rightfully so). The CDC reports that over 91% of abortions in the U.S. are performed at or before 13 weeks’ gestation, which is a far cry from these extremely late-term “abortions” which – yes – were essentially murders; they were viable lives. Children. I know facts are boring and, in this instance, may not support the post or your stance on abortion, but as someone with so many followers – presumably many of them being younger and/or female – I think it’s important to represent this position honestly rather than with scare tactics. There are plenty of other good reasons to opt pro-life! [And this is coming from a pro-choicer!]

    • Hi friend, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this difficult movie and topic. I agree – many of the procedures that Dr. Gosnell performed were illegal. And I appreciate you sharing those statistics. However my stance remains, whether at 32 weeks or 1 week – I believe that life begins at conception. But I respect that not everyone believes the same, so I appreciate you joining the conversation! 🙂 I’m so glad you stopped by. Big hugs to you xox

  38. Caralyn:

    After reading your post and the description of the movie, I went out and read the Wikipedia article on Gosnell. You might wish to read it yourself.

    My guess is that the reason the movie is being shunned is because it creates the impression that spies (similar to those that have been fabricating false evidence against Planned Parenthood) were critical to the conviction of Gosnell. That is the sense of your post as well. That is far from the truth as I read it. From the Wikipedia article, it seems clear that there was extensive corroborating evidence gathered by medical examiners, a Grand Jury, and testimony from Gosnell’s employees.

    The judge did dismiss certain charges based upon the inability to determine after the fact whether some infants (not fetuses – 32 weeks is illegal under any law) were born alive. But the remaining charges merited the death penalty, escaped by Gosling only because he pled a deal that disallowed appeal of his conviction.

    Due to the sensational nature of the case, all proceedings were sealed. There is no factual basis for constructing a script. We do know that Gosnell’s lawyer presented no evidence and called no witnesses, preferring to delay his arguments to summing up. So there was no “winning the case until the surprise evidence” aspect of the trial.

    The man was clearly a monster – the conditions of the clinic were as you describe them. But one of the issues raised by the Grand Jury was why he was not shut down by the medical examiners. I don’t think that you’ll find such conditions in any Planned Parenthood clinic.


    • Hi Brian, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and research on this topic. The film did touch on many of these issues. I invite you to see the film for yourself. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

      • Thanks, but the Wikipedia article was quite enough for me. I offered my thoughts more for the purpose of reminding you of the responsibility we bear to our readers. If you feel that the movie and the post are an accurate reflection of the facts, I’m happy.

      • Ah gotcha. 🙂 You’re right about that – writing also comes with great responsibility. It’s always good to remember that, so thank you! Hope you have a nice weekend, Brian! Hugs and love xox

  39. I haven’t even heard of this movie, it amazes me how good the media is at leading everyone in one direction and hiding a lot of truths. So sad this happened, my daughter was born at 32 weeks and was in the hospital (NICU) for a month. I will forever be grateful that she made it and is now here to laugh with me, her dad and brother. She was only 3 lbs. and (https://ourlittleredhouseblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/25/my-christmas-miraclepart-two/) such a beautiful little baby, just perfect. I still think of her as that fragile little baby struggling to survive in that incubator, babies are so precious.

    • Thank you friend for sharing your story. Gosh praise God that she made it! God is good. And you’re so right – babies are infinitely precious. Hugs and love xox

  40. I used to type pathology reports for a well-known hospital in San Francisco. It was what you call a “good” job w/good pay and benefits. Monday mornings there were dozens of “POC” reports to get done first thing. Then I learned that POCs were dead aborted babies, called “Products of Conception”.

    I told myself it was a job and typed the reports every Monday (they did the abortions over the weekend) for about a year, until one day I went into the lab and saw what looked like a purple doll lying on the counter next to the stapler and pens and things. Then I realized it was a dead baby. My breath stopped and I had to steady myself in the hallway to get back to my desk and through the day. Soon thereafter I quit.

    You’re right about people not wanting to talk about anything real. It’s an epidemic and the deliberate outcome of the stupefying of America (and the rest of the world).

    Thank you for this article and I applaud whoever did the movie. Murder is murder, no matter what this demon-worshiping society wants to call it. But we’re so brainwashed (as was I) that’s it’s all normal. We all need to be slapped and awakened. I hope your article does that to anyone still in the devil’s trance. God bless you.

    • Oh Valerie, my heart is breaking reading that. I’m so sorry that you had to witness that. And my prayers are with those babies. You are absolutely absolutely right. There needs to be an awakening and I pray that this movie helps bring that about. Thank you for sharing such a difficult experience. Hugs and love xox

      • Thank you and for sharing about the movie. I had not heard of it before thanks to the disgusting excuse for reporting in this country. I’m glad they didn’t show that photo. It would have been too much. I will plan to see the movie.

      • Yeah the photo is a lot. I hope that seeing the movie is a powerful experience for you. Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you so much friend. You’re so right about that. The truth is a powerful thing. Hugs and love xox

  41. “Because the dangerous thing about the truth, is it requires you to take a position.” What powerful words, what powerful thoughts. BBB I appreciate very much your candid and honest words on this subject and on your own struggles. Christ and the Scriptures themselves speak much and often of the truth. The direction we are to travel in this life, as well as life itself are bound intrinsically together by truth, we know this by the declaration Jesus made- “I am the way, the truth, and the life”.

    To reinforce your statement that truth requires you to take a position, Jesus completed His statement of His being the way, the truth, and the life, with “no man comes unto the Father, but by me”. With every discovery of the truth there is indeed a choice to be made. I am so thankful that you are healing and growing and loving, thanks be to God for it.

    We need never run from the truth no matter how deeply it may hurt us because the truth is the only path where we can walk that will allow us to truly live life. Jesus made another statement about the truth that is probably the most profound… “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

    Thank you BBB for offering freedom to your readers, thank you for the truth.

    • Thank you so much for this powerful response! I didn’t even think about the “way truth and life” aspect of the truth. But wow so true and powerful! Thanks for sharing your heart on this important issue. Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you friend. I’m so glad it resonated with you. Yes we’ve got to get the truth out there. Even when it is inconvenient. Hugs and love xox

  42. the fact that this is the first i am hearing about this movie, and its success at the box office, truly speaks volume about the media’s agenda. how unsettling

    • You’re so absolutely correct about that, Ricardo. The media’s agenda disgusts me, to be completely honest. Thank you so much for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  43. Thank you once again for an inspiring post. I followed the Gosnell case in the news as it was happening. I saw “the photo” and wept when the verdict came down. I am not sure that I want to relive the horrow, anger, and grief that I felt over those months again. I am glad that the movie is breaking Top 10, and I am proud of the actors for putting their careers on the line. Thank you for blogging about it and bringing awareness. Our ambivalence to the taking of human life is too common in our culture; being pro-life in all aspects of life goes way beyond just saving pre-born babies. This tide of death kills 18% of US pregnancies per year. As you say…The truth demands action. The truth demands change.

    • hi Mary, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this, and for taking the time to read. Yeah, that photo really is heart breaking and gut wrenching to say the least. I am also proud of those actors! big hugs to you friend xox

  44. Truly the Gosnell story is terrible; I think this is something that either people on either side of the abortion debate can agree upon (as a stolidly pro-choice person I am horrified at least, and so are all my pro-choice friends). It is worth noting that if was not just children (as in once a fetus is out of the womb and viable) but women as well who died from his malpractice. And whatever the movie tells us, I believe that it it was not staunch acceptance of abortion that protected him but shame of abortion: it’s viewed as ugly and messy and the women who get it as sinful and damaged. In truth 1 in 4 women will have some form of abortion procedure performed in their lifetime. Before Roe some 1000 women per year or more died from unsafe abortions and every major hospital has had a ward to deal with complications from unsafe abortions. The latest global study I could find said that the number of unsafe abortions performed in North America was negligible compared to 1,900,000 globally. It is worth noting that first trimester abortions are legal in both the United States and Canada. Gosnell is a horrifying person convicted of a terrible crime but in my view it was not a desire to “accept abortion at any cost” but a desire to look away from what we see as shameful that allowed him to operate as he did. Just as serial killers will prey on homeless people, prostitutes and runaways Gosnell operated in a place we gloss over for fear of looking closely. In truth this case is a validation of Roe v Wade. Because Gosnell is a single person; there used to be a Gosnell in every city in America putting the lives and health of women at risk.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this heart breaking topic, Duncan. Hugs and love xox

  45. In my job, I see the other side. The fetal alcohol syndrome baby, the crack addict baby, the child was chained in a basement for years, the mother who allowed a boyfriend to kill a 3yr old etc.

    While I am not an advocate for abortion (I agree there were atrocities happening to these viable babies), there are parents who are killing and destroying children’s lives.

    Sometimes things are not always as black and white for me when it comes to early term abortions. I used to think so but not anymore.

    The bottom line for me is there are terrible people who do horrible things to children no matter what stage of life. There are times I wonder if it wouldn’t have been better for some of these kids to have not been born vs. the terrible suffering they endured and heartless death.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this powerful perspective. Gosh that is just so heart breaking. I pray for all those in those tragic situations. Hugs and love xox

    • I am sensitive to this point of view and appreciate your articulation of it. I too have seen ‘the other side’ as you described it. Some people are just not meant to bring children into the world. But – if I may offer a counterpoint…

      The recent “Avengers” movie offered an interesting and thought-provoking idea. The villain, Thanos, was concerned about the overpopulation of planets and the terrible toll that would take on the ecosystems of those places. He set out to solve this problem by eliminating half of the population in the universe. It was done randomly and he reasoned that, despite the loss of life, this necessary pruning would in the end be better for those respective planets and the universe as a whole. The lesson: rid the universe of a problem or an evil by use of another evil. Moral theologians sit up straight at this notion as arguments to the converse are clear and effective. But the problem with Thanos is that he was “playing god”, making decisions about who would live versus who would not. These decisions were made based on his assumed beliefs and predictions about the future. Such predictions are difficult, often impossible to do well. Google “celebrities with shockingly sad childhoods” or the like. There are countless people who experienced redemption and redemption should be available to all.

      We shouldn’t be Thanos.

      • I have thought of that perspective as well – playing God. Yes, there are many who survive their horrible childhood just as there are those who did not (at least mentally). I would never want to be in a situation where abortion is the option. At this point in my life, I can say that I am not a strong prolife or choice advocate. I strongly object to using abortion as a birth control for careless sexual behaviors but I think twice for other specific circumstances.

  46. Powerful post and spot on. Truth does make you think, make you do a lot of introspection. There’s a saying in Orthodoxy, and I’m sure you can relate, and it’s probably in your Christian tradition, too. The closer you get to God, the more you see your own sins and have to work out your salvation, as St. Paul says, with fear and trembling. But God allowing us to see our sins is truly a blessing, a gift, so that we may strive to change, and throw off these sins (some so ingrained in us) having us missing the mark. Thanks for the insightful read.

  47. Caralyn – powerfully, beautifully stated. The scenario you described is all about facing a very inconvenient truth. In my work, I have seen the impact this has on the mother (and father) too. Some say that guilt is imposed by rogue pro-life forces surrounding them but I have no doubt that it comes from within. A voice that knows better. ~Rey

  48. I don’t know if this movie will ever make it to Spain, but I hope so, and if not, I’ll try to watch it via internet somehow! And your reflection was very insightful… both with abortion and anorexia. It reminds me to when I look at old pictures of when I was very deep into the disorder and it’s so painful to think about how the people around me must have felt.

    • thank you Paola, I really hope it does! I’ll bet it will be available on Netflix or Amazon! I pray that it does! I will keep my eyes and ears open for when and if that happens, and I’ll let you know when it does! 🙂 Thank you for sharing that – yeah, I think seeing a visual of the past has a really powerful way of taking you back there. I can definitely relate. Praise God that we are both out of that place! 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  49. Stand up for what you believe in. That’s part of my message this coming weekend as our congregation celebrates and remembers the 501st anniversary of the Reformation. We need to drop all our pretenses about comfort and “getting along” and stand up for what we believe! Our world is literally dying to hear us!

  50. Great post, you covered that so well, thanks for being willing to speak up on these topics. I had not heard of this movie and doubt it will ever be available here in Canada. Sounds like it would be good to see though. Keep up the great posts and thanks for visiting my little blog! Have a great day and God bless!

    • Thanks so much Steve! I’m sure it will be available on Netflix or amazon in the coming months! Hugs and love xox

  51. Thank you for sharing this. I didn’t even know about this movie until your blog. I have shared it with my congregation so maybe we might get people to stand up and listen.

  52. I don’t have anything new to add to what’s been discussed above except my gratitude that you covered this movie and shared this truth. From my own days on the Left to my redemption, I have often wondered how the same person I spoke with could marvel at the sacred nature of a spotted owl or whale and sometimes in the same conversation tell me how it was okay to commit genocide against the unborn. Sometimes they would coat it as a woman’s right to choose. Even before I became a Christian struck at the hypocrisy of not allowing that same right to choose to the unborn females. I won’t bore anyone with the stats either. I will just ask those who doubt it to look this up – a significantly larger amount of those aborted are female and black. So, thank you for helping to shed some light on this.

    • Thank you friend. That is so so so SO true. Where has the sanctity of human life gone?! And also another big and difficult truth there. I didn’t bring that up in the piece – could only handle one Goliath at a time. But also — look where the vast majority of planned parenthood’s are located — and also what the goal of was the founder. 😳 there should be an uproar about that but that too has been erased from history

      • In process of recapturing some of the work destroyed by my ex wife at the end of our marriage. Among these is a candid look at the real history of the Republican party, why it was formed and what it has done for civil rights and so much more that the Left first fought against and ‘mysteriously’ coopted. In the midst of that work is a section on the works of Margaret Sanger using her own words and the machinations between her organizations and the NAZI party of Germany. I am thinking of a second more provocative book aiming at the Democratic Party and its practices from Andrew Jackson’s forceful removal of Native Americans via the Trail of Tears; to the often avoided fact that the CSA was formed by the Democratic Party to fight the Union; to Jim Crow Law; etc. It has always amazed me since learning all of this just how reversed our modern look back on history is compared to the truth. Even just now as I took a day off sick, I watched Tales from the Hood II and was literally shocked that there is a segment of it in which the GOP is maligned and made out to be nothing but racists. I wonder why no one spoke up when this movie was in the theater and said the rather obvious truths that a) Martin Luther King, Jr., was a political independent who leaned heavily Republican party and that b) it was the Republicans who carried the 1964 Civil Rights Act that opened up the right to vote more freely including removing the poll taxes, et al. I’m going to shut up now. Promise… 😉 Aloha! (I just get wound up when people remind me how history has been erased and changed)

  53. Hi Caralyn – After seeing your post about this movie last week, on Monday I went (on my own) to see it in our closest big city. If you had not posted (& gone to see the movie on your own) I would not have heard about it. Thank you. It’s a powerful movie that I hope now my friends & family will go see. Blessings on you and your precious father who loved you in (& through) your challenges. Treasure the moments (tomorrow is my Papa’s birthday who passed 4 years ago – oh, how I miss him!) Hugs! Virginia

    • Hi Virginia! Thank you so much for going to see it! And for sharing your thoughts – it really was eye opening and I pray pray pray that people go see it. And that is such great advice. How amazing to know that we will one day be reunited with our loved ones 🤗 sending you so much love and I will be saying a special day for your papa and for you tomorrow xox

  54. Hi Caralyn, Oh, no, don’t be embarrassed to admit that…I used to do it all the time, it’s a time of solace , a time for you to communicate with your God. Time for Papa to show you some things about yourself and the world. It’s His time to draw draw you in closer to Him. It’s amazing, what can happen between the two of you ‘ while your supposed’ to watching the movie…and you won’t miss a word of what happening because He’ll enlighten you about things you need to know and the movie as well. Enjoy, that time alone with Papa. He loves alone times with us. We’ll, I wanted to say, I’m going to see Gosnell. I heard so much about it and thought I’d go check it out. I’m for life for all the innocent children being slaughtered every second by abortion and for the mother’s who sometimes don’t know what to do. They need and deserve our prayers.
    By The way, thank you for for following my blogs and post. I am humbled by your continued support of me and congratulations, on your milestone 40,000 (and counting) following.

  55. Thank you so much for this post. Our government is about to introduce abortion in Ireland and my heart breaks for all lives, that will be lost due to changes in our constitution, which were sold to the people of Ireland through lies and deception. Such a painful topic for me as I lost several siblings through abortion.

    • Hi Toni, thank you so much for sharing your heart. Gosh I am so sorry that you have such a personal connection to the topic and that it has caused your heart so much pain. How comforting to know that you will have those brothers and sisters waiting for you in Heaven 💛 we must pray for Ireland! Hugs and love xox

  56. WOW. just WOW. i am crying and I haven’t even seen the movie and I don’t even think I can see the picture. I am HUGE pro-life. always have been. fighting for the unborn- have stood with signs with my mom and my siblings for many years.

    I am just speechless- this is one of my favourite posts of yours (im finally catching up on a few missed months of my blogging world)

    what a wonderful connection— how we can disassociate until we face it head on. with this topic and all our personal topics.

    • It was such a powerful movie. Way to stand up for those little babies!! I will definitely keep your pro life efforts in my prayers!! Hugs and love xox

  57. I love the things you write about and confront. Young people like yourself give me hope for the future. Keep up the good work. I’ve subscribed to your Facebook page too. Blessings.

    • Oh my gosh I am so touched by your kind words. And yay! See you on Facebook! Hugs and love xox

  58. Sad, sad topic. But your point is excellent. The jury needed to face the truth, which is always hidden from public view or discussion. It’s always shouted down. I believe that most people know its wrong and truly murder but the typical response is to look away. Terrible chapter in our country’s history. But it’s been spread around the world too. So sad, but the precious babies have a firm place in heaven and the Lord will make sure of that.

    • It really is. Thank you friend. And you’re right / we just can’t look away anymore. Amen – so many prayers for those babies. Hugs and love xox

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