Exposing Spiritual Warfare

So, there’s really no cute way to curtsey my way into this topic today, so I’m just going to just start spewing my heart. Which, as I sit here is both terrifying and an adventure because I honestly have no idea where this post is going to end up. But between you and me, that’s typically how my best posts begin.

Lately, this past week, I feel as though I have been under attack.


And yes, I am talking about spiritual warfare.

Now, let me pause, because whenever I bring up that term — or even worse: “Satan” — I instantly feel as though I’m just asking to be the subject of an SNL parody skit. Visions from Mean Girls come to mind, where Cady Heron is describing the homeschool kids:


But I just feel like no one wants to talk about spiritual warfare for fear of being seen as one of those “crazy Christians” that’s all in a tizzy about a concept that society will have you believe doesn’t exist.

Well, friends, screw it, I’m going there. 

To be honest, ever since I hit 40,000 subscribers, I have felt spiritually attacked.

My mind has been hit with a thousand flaming arrows, trying to fill my head with lies and self doubt, and I’m going to be honest, they’ve been hard to resist.

Thoughts that my blog ministry is stupid, and that it doesn’t matter. Thoughts that berate me for being single and alone, without hope of ever finding a husband. Thoughts that cut at my social skills, looks, season in life – you name it. They’re coming in from all sides. Each one more damaging than the next.

And this is coming at a time when you’d think the exact opposite would be true. Things have been going great since 40K. I was interviewed on a podcast that I have dreamed about being on – and I can’t wait to share that with you in early 2019 when it comes out. My weekends have been filled to the absolute brim with social engagements with friends who truly care about me, and that I love. And heck, in last week’s post, I received a letter from a reader who told me that my book, Bloomliterally was a catalyst in her recovery from an eating disorder.

So why, the heck, am I listening to these lies that are filling my head that are straight from the pit of hell?

Why? Because I am human, living in a fallen world, and try as some people may to convince you otherwise, Satan is real.


I don’t think that I am alone in my experience this past week. I think that all of us, at one time or another, have felt bogged down by self doubt or discouragement, or inadequacy, or loneliness. I think those are universal obstacles. I just think that most people are afraid to talk about it.

But I also think that those are the exact cracks in our foundation that the devil likes to worm into, in order to gain a foothold in our lives.

A surprising paradox in all of this, is that you’d think that when you’re “down and out,” you’d be the most vulnerable to spiritual attacks. But I think the opposite is true. I think that when we have a momentum going; when we’re on fire for the Lord and eagerly chasing after His plan for our lives, that is when Satan is going to do everything in his power to throw as many road blocks in your way as possible. That he’ll bring along seven friends to trip you up and shove you off course. I don’t think that is a coincidence.

Which is why we must heed the advice of Ephesians 6: 10-18…and put on the armor of God, most especially when we feel we don’t need to.

I was reading over that passage this afternoon, and I realized, for the first time, a very important thing.

Everything in that armor: — the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, feet in the gospel, shield of faith, helmet of salvation — those are all defensive articles. They are all passive, shields, used to defend oneself against an attack.

Except for one: The sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

The sword of the Spirit.


That is the only thing that was an offensive tool. An attack. A proactive tool.

And that’s when I realized: we do not have to do the fightingThe Spirit will do it for us. 

And what a freakin’ relief that was. I don’t have to rely on my own strength to resist the spiritual attacks from the evil one. The Spirit will do that for me. I just need to ask. I need to just take up that Sword, and the Spirit will fight for me.

Yes, I need to take all the defensive actions possible – with faith, with the gospel, with truth — but the fighting is left up to the Spirit.

That kind of puts it in a new perspective, doesn’t it?


I know that I can’t just snap my fingers and *poof* magically be out of this cloud of darkness that has collected in my mind. But what I can do, is seek out the truth. Seek out Him. Seek out His presence. Which is exactly what I’m going to do. Right now. I’m going to crack open my Bible, and read His love letter to me: The Gospel.

Because the truth of the matter in all of this, is that Jesus has already won. He has overcome the world. And the evil one doesn’t even stand a chance against the King. And that, is a truth I can believe.


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446 responses to “Exposing Spiritual Warfare”

  1. Many prayers for you, Caralyn! Satan is real and you’re putting him in his place by acknowledging it. We have your back through thick and thin!

    • Thank you friend. I truly appreciate your prayers. There is power in prayer! Hugs and love xox

  2. I’ve been feeling super attacked lately & this post was confirmation to keep seeking God & letting the Spirit be my Sword. Praying for you & thank you for your transparency!

    • Thank you for sharing your heart, Christina. Will definitely be keeping you in my prayers!! Hugs and love xox

  3. Yep, I was tracking you the whole time. Loved that meme btw/ of the homeschool boys 😉 nothing like a little sense of humor to keep things in perspective. Reminds me of message I heard years ago on Christian radio by Chuck Swindoll…he started teaching on spiritual warefare on the radio, and literally all sorts of weird stuff started happening in his personal life.. I really appreciate this message! take care. DM

    • Thank you DM. Oh yikes – yep that sounds about right. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  4. Hey, thanks for sharing this post about spiritual warfare. I couldn’t agree with you more – Satan does attack when we are trying to do what the Lord wants us to do. It’s definitely not a coincidence. It’s a good reminder for all of us to keep putting on His armor.
    Your mention of your mind being hit with “a thousand flaming arrows” brought to mind a recent post I published called, “Is it Raining Arrows?” https://rootsministries.com/2018/10/25/is-it-raining-arrows/ Perhaps it will encourage you!
    God bless.

    • Thank you so much Jim, I appreciate your thoughts on this. You’re right – His armor! Looking forward to reading your post! Hugs and love xox

  5. I fully support you! This spiritual warfare is very real. To be the target of these attacks is not rare and can actually be a confirmation that you’re on the right track. You cannot serve two opposing masters simultaneously. That means that to please one, you must offend the other. You’re offending the one you should be offending. It’s just that he’s not very nice about it!

    • Oh thank you Don, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that!! You’re right – only One! Hugs and love xox

  6. Relatable. I also feel attacked by a spiritual warfare presently. This year has probably been the most challenging ever.. but still I Rise in having faith that God will always see me through. Great post 🤗❤️

    • Thank you so much Victoria. I’msorry this hits so close to home. Amen to that! will be keeping you in my prayers! Hugs and love xox

  7. I love the “Hold Strong” image you created. We can get so caught up on “strongholds” that we forget to hold strong. This too is a powerful weapon in our fight of faith. So grateful that you are aware and alert, recognizing that we do have an enemy of our souls. But as you know, the good news is that we are fighting from a place of victory, for Jesus already won the battle at the cross! Onward Christian Soldier, with the cross of Jesus going on before!

  8. You’re exactly right about Satan’s attacks not being coincidence. While I don’t think he knows the future, I think he can tell when God is preparing us for something wonderful, and he tries to get us to give up before we reach that corner, to keep us from receiving what God has for us. I think waiting is the hardest thing in the world to do. But the time will get here. God is truly worth waiting on. I think I heard that on a morning podcast last week. 😉 Well said! And yes, stay in His word! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thank you Kenneth. I think you’re right – no coincidence at all. Thank you for the encouragement. Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you so much John , I appreciate the encouragement. You’re right about that – He’s always got our backs! Hugs and love xox

  9. You hit a double home run with this post and the video this morning. Spiritual warfare is real. God is using you in such amazing ways, so I’m not surprised that you are under attack. The power of God in you and through you is a threat to the devil. If it were not, the enemy would leave you alone. Keep exposing the enemy! Remember, Jesus already defeated him. He is trying to wreak havoc, but he is not the all-powerful one. First Peter 5:8 says that the enemy has to RUN to and fro to seek whom he may devour. The book of Revelation tells the end of the story, and the devil will be bound forever. Stay strong, my friend! God is for you and with you!

    • oh gosh, thank you so much Matthew, I’m so glad it hit home with you. and wow – what kind words. I am truly so touched. Amen – Jesus already defeated him! That is something to really celebrate!! Hugs and love xox

  10. Yes, if God has a will, do does His enemy. I’ve always asked myself, “What is Satan’s will for my life?”. Peering through that camera angle, the darts aflame are well defined. Hugs and God’s grip, Alan

    • Thank you Alan. God’s grip indeed. And boy, what a sobering and powerful question!! Hugs and love xox

  11. Relax girl. Welcome the fight, iron sharpens iron. Without constant adversity one becomes weak and complacent.

    If you have faith in God, that’s all you need. I have plenty of friends that don’t believe, but I still speak my mind amongst them and with them.

    Do what you gotta do. Just remember, the more you fight, the smarter and stronger you become.

  12. Love is the natural condition of our being, revealed when all else is relinquished, when one has already moved into transpersonal levels of identification and awareness. Love is simply an open state with no boundaries and, as such, is a most inclusive level of consciousness. Love is a quality of the Ground of Being itself. In this regard and at this juncture in the dying process, love can be seen as the final element of life-in-form and the gateway to the formless. Singh, The Grace in Dying, 239[ God is LOVE! Love is stronger than Death.

    • You’re so right about that – love is stronger than death! Thank you for this beautiful and insightful reflection! Big big hugs to you friend xox

  13. I love how your honesty always shines through in your posts. Honesty is a key, I have come to believe, when dealing with spiritual warfare. Believers like you and I are prone to attack when things are going well. We have to have strength to admit when we aren’t emotionally and spiritually sharp, lay ourselves open before God, and beg for help. And I have found through personal experience that His help comes at unexpected moments through unexpected channels. Believers have to keep plugging along until that burst happens. And I know you will. Hugs and love from Kentucky– Mike

    • Thank you so much Mike 🙂 glide so right about that – we can beg for His help and He will give it!! Hugs and love xox

  14. Fight like you already won! I love it because HE HAS already won! 😉
    Praying for you, Caralyn! Depression and doubt can be mighty foes, but you’re counting on the right hero! 😉
    The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?
    the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
    When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh,
    they stumbled and fell.
    Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear:
    though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident.
    – Psalm 27:1-3

  15. Spiritual Warfare is very real and the enemy (Satan) likes to speak many lies to our minds. Many may be hiding that fact right now that Satan is roaring in their ears, but if you are not under the banner of God and His Holy Spirit, Satan will take control. Even as Christians we still have to hang tightly on to God to keep the enemy (Satan) far away. I really do think that Jesus is soon to return to this world, so Satan is trying to do a number on as many people as he possibly can. Don’t ever be ashamed to speak of Spiritual Warfare, that’s exactly what the enemy wants, and many fall for it and suffer in silence. Then Satan knows he has the upper hand. I could go and on, as some of my earlier blogs has been on this very issue.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your encouragement. You’re right – the devils greatest victory was getting people to believe he doesn’t exist. Thankfully God is greater!! Hugs and love xox

  16. Spiritual warfare is so real and is no joke. That being said, warfare just gives us all the more reason to cling onto God. May we cling onto God and not the evil one.

  17. You are right on in regard to spiritual warfare! I’m rejoicing that you recognize the attacks of the enemy Satan and you know what you are supposed to do with the defensive and most important weapon the Word of God and standing firm as the Holy Spirit does the work on your behalf to bring the Father glory! I join in prayer with you.

    • Thank you so much Nita for your prayers and encouragement. You’re right – stand firm! Hugs and love xox

  18. That’s when you know great things are coming and you’re doing great when people start attacking you from all sides!! Haters and Satan don’t like to see you doing wonderful and big things! That is when you know its time to pray even harder and let God take over! This was great to read! I love your honesty. Many blessings and prayers your way! 🤗🤗🤗 thank you

    • Hi Lane! Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers. You’re right – I’ve got to let Him take over!! Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you so much Jessy, I really appreciate your prayers. Yes! It’s our daily outfit!! And amen! God is greater! Hugs and love xox

  19. Great post. My back injury is what God has used over a decade to write my books. One title in particular, Shut that negative noise and find your joy speaks much on God, Jesus and being a prayer warrior. My story is long but with every hardship God has used it for His Glory. In my recent title, F*ck the pain and make today your bitch really speaks on God’s anger towards negativity (Satan ) but without using those terms.

    God has given me so much range to express Him and Jesus. In fact, I lost track of the amount of tongues He gifted to me after 12 I stopped counting.

    The Spiritual realm is real, I got to see God’s beauty in Heaven and the power of casting demons and healing in tongues.

    Stay blessed, we are all in different stages of our Spiritual journey.

    xoxo, Emma

    • Thank you Emma for sharing your story. Gosh I am so sorry you went through that. So glad you got to see His beauty through it all! Hugs and love xox

  20. Thank you for your post. It was an interesting read. I certainly agree that the Sword of the Spirit is the best gear we can use when fighting. I’m even happier you recognise it. So many times we read the Bible and miss something important, but in an unsuspecting way manage to grasp hold of it. Glad you did. Congratulations upon reaching your 40K. Well done.

    • Thank you so much friend. Yes! The Sword if the Spirit! So glad you stopped by 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  21. I just wrote a blog on this as well! It is when we are growing stronger in our faith that he chooses to attack because we are threat to his plan to keep the world in darkness! He is real and can easily snake his way into our thoughts. I’ll be praying for you girl! Keep on keeping on with our Lord and savior! 🙌🏼

  22. We humans — sad, fragile, helpless creatures we are — can’t possibly hope to mount any offensive. Which is why it’s not required we do so. Think about the Armour of God: Paul writes “above all, taking the shield of faith” Shields are for defense. Paul writes to the Corinthians ( I Chor 15) ” But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” He states God gives the victory and our part is to maintain a defensive position.

    The attacks intensify when we’re riding high, I think. You must be reaching people with your ministry, and probably in ways the 40K doesn’t indicate. Don’t let it get you down. Remember the apostles in Acts (5) having been beaten left the council “rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name.” It’s not always easy…

    • Hey Matt, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. You’re right – a defensive position and let God be God! Hugs and love xox

  23. A little bit of God’s love 🙂 I especially love verse 5.

    Psalm 139 The Passion Translation (TPT)
    1 Lord, you know everything there is to know about me.
    2 You perceive every movement of my heart and soul,
    and you understand my every thought before it even enters my mind.
    3–4 You are so intimately aware of me, Lord.
    You read my heart like an open book
    and you know all the words I’m about to speak
    before I even start a sentence!
    You know every step I will take before my journey even begins.
    5 You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way,
    and in kindness you follow behind me
    to spare me from the harm of my past.
    With your hand of love upon my life,
    you impart a blessing to me.

  24. Wow! This was awesome. I’ve been battling spiritual warfare all week and really needed this reminder that the fight is won. Thanks for redirecting my heart to Gods Truth!

    • Thanks so much friend. I’m sorry this hit so close to home with you. Will be praying for you! Hugs and love xox

  25. Hey! I’m so glad you noticed the Sword of the Spirit – God’s Holy Word. Yes, He fights for us. And we have to know His Word in order to be able to use it. I’m still here, reading, but not enough time for writing. God’s got you!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. Amen – focused on our mission! Hugs and love xox

  26. “Thoughts that my blog ministry is stupid, and that it doesn’t matter. Thoughts that berate me for being single and alone, without hope of ever finding a husband. Thoughts that cut at my social skills, looks, season in life – you name it.”

    You are a light in the darkness. The spiritual attack that you are experiencing is proof that Satan does not like what you are doing. A sure sign that what you are doing is good.

    Single?! You are a bride of Christ. So you are never alone. Still, I find it amazing that you have not found “Mr. Right” yet. You are physically and spiritually beautiful; and, you can cook!

    Armed with Sword of the Spirit, you fight the good fight. We are here only a short time and we must do what good we can. We must shine the light of Jesus into the darkness so that others may see.

    His light shines through you.

    Keep shining!!!!!

    • Oh my gosh, friend I am so touched by your generous words. Thank you. Amen to that – we must shine the light of Jesus!! Big hugs to you xox

  27. Isn’t it great that we don’t have to worry about the outcome?!? The battle is already won, maybe not in our current moment (that’s why we always need to be vigilant and on guard against the devil and his forces) but in the terms of eternity Christ won at the cross. I’m sorry you’ve been under attack spiritually, but as someone who has personal experience with spiritual warfare I can appreciate your mindset and that you acknowledge exactly what’s been happening. Too many people don’t want to address the possibility because it isn’t always an easy subject to talk about. Needless to say, if you ever need additional prayer or someone to talk to, just let a brother know! Praying.

  28. I’m right there with you.

    Saturday night, it took me a while to fall asleep. After about half an hour of tossing and turning, I suddenly woke up with a start, and had two thoughts running through my mind: I am cursed, and I am going to die a sad, tragic death relatively young.

    Now, on the surface, there are good reasons for all of this to happen. I took a long time to fall asleep because I spent the evening playing Dungeons & Dragons and eating too much sugar and caffeine. The concept of cursed specifically came up in our game that night. And as for dying young earlier that day I had seen Bohemian Rhapsody, and it was sinking in just how sad that movie really was (not surprisingly so, of course, since it’s based on a true story that I was mostly familiar with).

    But even so, there still may be an aspect of spiritual attack. All of this is just the usual voices in my head being amplified. And, yes, the Word of God is the way I’m going to have to fight this.

    • Oh no! Oh gosh that sounds terrifying. I’m so sorry you went through that. Yeah, it’s incredible how the things we see throughout the day can influence our dreams. Amen – Word of God all the way. Praying for you friend! Thanks for sharing that. Hugs and love xox

  29. So glad you shared this. I have been going through these thoughts and a lot of spirt attacks, random anger or bouts of feeling really emotional with no true cause as to why. I’ve noticed the more I’ve given things up to Him, the more I’ve worked on Him and giving Him glory, these things happen. God continue to lift you up, girl!

    • Thank you so much TR, gosh I’m sorry you can relate on such a personal level. I will definitely be keep you in my prayers. Amen – giving Him the glory! Thank you for the prayers and encouragement! Grateful for you! Hugs and love xox

      • That post you liked today, the one I wrote about conviction. I was having such a hard time writing it because it wanted to freeze and slow down everything. It made me realize too how much God must have wanted the post to be written and published. So I kept going and He allowed everything to save. But I feel like something did not want it posted. And I felt like the mind games and emotions have been strong today. I couldn’t help but see a connection.

        But our God is stronger <3

      • That’s so true! Sometimes the things that are the hardest to do, or that have the most road blocks are the MOST important!! Amen He is stronger! Xox

  30. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought like that. I believe that the devil is real; he tempts and puts doubts in our minds and tries to turns us against God. I also feel he is at work when your life is going great and all of a sudden; its obstacle after obstacle; constant roadblocks and that nagging voice that says God can’t help you or doesn’t love you. I am not as far along in my faith as you probably are but I think God a lot and how to resist those lies that the Devil says to us. I love how you mention that our defense of the devil is God and his word; armor. I like how you put that. I really enjoy your posts about God and I hope you continue to make more posts like this because it helps me grow in my faith. Thank you

    • Thanks for sharing your heart on this. You’re so right – it’s the armor! He is our first line of defense and first mode of attach for sure! Thanks for the encouraging words. Big hugs to you xox

      • Thank you. I just wanted to add: 40k followers?? That is freakin incredible; that is a feat. I wish I could reach that many people. It must be difficult to keep up with so many comments/messages etc. Great job!

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. You’re right about the – a bigger fall, bigger splash. Hugs and love xox

  31. Fabulous post, Caralyn! I go through periods like that, I think many people do but we don’t talk about it. The devil will use any technique he can to try to sway us from the truth.
    Your insight about the Spirit fighting for you is absolutely right. And comforting.
    I was single for almost 40 years! I had come to peace with accepting that God may not have marriage in mind for me. He knows best. Turned out He was getting me ready to meet a man who goes way beyond my dreams. Hang in there! <3

    • Thank you so much Grace. I really appreciate you sharing your story! That gives me such great hope. I’m so glad He brought such a great man into your life. Hugs and love xox

  32. Love what you shared about the sword of the spirit. That was a different way to look at it…the spirit will fight for you if you would just pick up the sword…Thank you. I really needed this post today 🙂

  33. Hi Caralyn. Below is a prayer I read in Charisma magazine a couple years ago. I have prayed it through, and lived through it. I know, and testify that satan is real, his demonic attacks are real.
    Jesus Christ, His Word, and Holy Spirit are the only way through to our victory.
    Jesus already has the Victory through His death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and promise of return to all who accept Him as Saviour.
    I am praying for you, Dear Friend and Sister, in the Power Of the Spirit, with expectations, and the Promise of our Father answering,

    Also wanted you to have this other prayer as well.
    God’s Blessings Caralyn, as you faithfully serve Jesus Victoriously.
    Luv, 😀❤️🌹😘

    Written and prayed by Victor Matthews
    Shared in CHARISMA MAGAZINE Dec. 29, 2016

    Believer’s Warfare Prayer

    (To be read aloud)

    Heavenly Father, I bow in worship and praise before You. I cover myself with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ as my protection. I surrender myself completely and unreservedly in every area of my life to You. I take a stand against all the workings of Satan that would hinder me in my prayer life. I address myself only to the true and living God and refuse any involvement of Satan in my prayer.

    (I command Satan, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to leave my presence with all of his demons. I bring the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ between Satan and myself.)

    Heavenly Father, I worship You and give You praise. I recognize that You are worthy to receive all glory and honor and praise. I renew my allegiance to You and pray that the blessed Holy Spirit would enable me in this time of prayer. I am thankful, heavenly Father, that You have loved me from past eternity and that You sent the Lord Jesus Christ into the world to die as my substitute. I am thankful that the Lord Jesus Christ came as my representative and that through Him, You have completely forgiven me. You have adopted me into Your family; You have assumed all responsibility for me; You have given me eternal life; You have given me the perfect righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ so I am now justified. I am thankful that in Him You have made me complete, and that You have offered Yourself to me to be my daily help and strength.

    Heavenly Father, open my eyes that I might see how great You are and how complete Your provision is for this day. I am thankful that the victory the Lord Jesus Christ won for me on the cross and in His resurrection has been given to me and that I am seated with the Lord Jesus Christ in the heavenlies. I take my place with Him in the heavenlies and recognize by faith that all wicked spirits and Satan himself are under my feet. I declare, therefore, that Satan and his wicked spirits are subject to me in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I am thankful for the armor You have provided. I put on the girdle of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the sandals of peace, and the helmet of salvation. I lift up the shield of faith against all the fiery darts of the enemy and take in my hand the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. I choose to use Your Word against all the forces of evil in my life. I put on this armor and live and pray in complete dependence upon You, blessed Holy Spirit.

    I am grateful, Heavenly Father, that the Lord Jesus Christ spoiled all principalities and powers and made a show of them openly and triumphed over them in Himself. I claim all that victory for my life today. I reject all the insinuations, and accusations and the temptations of Satan. I affirm that the Word of God is true and I choose to live today in the light of God’s Word. I choose, heavenly Father, to live in obedience to You and in fellowship with Yourself. Open my eyes and show me the areas of my life that do not please You. Work in me to cleanse me from all ground that would give Satan a foothold against me. I do in every way stand into all that it means to be Your adopted child, and I welcome all the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

    By faith and in dependence upon You, I put off the old man and stand into all the victory of the crucifixion where the Lord Jesus Christ provided cleansing from the old nature. I put on the new man and stand into all the victory of the resurrection and the provision He has made for me to live above sin.

    Therefore, today I put off the old nature with its selfishness, and I put on the new nature with its love. I put off the old nature with its fear, and I put on the new nature with its courage. I put off the old nature with its weakness, and I put on the new nature with its strength. I put off the old nature with all its deceitful lusts and I put on the new nature with its righteousness, purity and honesty.

    In every way I stand into the victory of the ascension and glorification of the Lord Jesus Christ, whereby all the principalities and powers were made subject to Him. I claim my place in Christ as victorious with Him over all the enemies of my soul. Blessed Holy Spirit, I pray that You would fill me. Come into my life, break down every idol and cast out every foe.

    I am thankful, heavenly Father, for the expression of Your will for my daily life as You have shown me in Your Word. I therefore, claim all the will of God for today. I am thankful that You have blessed me with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. I am thankful that You have begotten me unto a living hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. I am thankful that You have made a provision so that today I can live filled with the Spirit of God with love and joy and peace, with long-suffering, gentleness and goodness, with meekness, faithfulness and self-control in my life. I recognize that this is Your will for me, and I therefore reject and resist all the endeavors of Satan and his wicked spirits to rob me of the will of God. I refuse in this day to believe my feelings, and I hold up the shield of faith against all the accusations and distortion and insinuations that Satan would put into my mind. I claim the fullness of the will of God for my life today.

    In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I completely surrender myself to You, heavenly Father, as a living sacrifice. I choose not to be conformed to this world. I choose to be transformed by the renewing of my mind, and I pray that You would show me Your will and enable me to walk in all the fullness of Your will today.

    I am thankful, heavenly Father, that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, to the casting down of imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God and to bring every thought into obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, in my own life today, I tear down the strongholds of Satan and smash the plans of Satan that have been formed against me. I tear down the strongholds of Satan against my mind, and I surrender my mind to You, blessed Holy Spirit. I affirm, heavenly Father, that You have not given me the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind. I break and smash the strongholds of Satan formed against my emotions today, and I give my emotions to You. I smash the strongholds of Satan formed against my will today; I give my will to You and choose to make the right decisions of faith. I smash the strongholds of Satan formed against my body today; I give my body to You, recognizing that I am Your temple. I rejoice in Your mercy and goodness.

    Heavenly Father, I pray that now and through this day You would strengthen and enlighten me, show me the way Satan is hindering and tempting and lying and distorting the truth in my life. Enable me to be the kind of person that would please You. Enable me to be aggressive in prayer and faith. Enable me to be aggressive mentally, to think about and practice Your Word, and to give You Your rightful place in my life.

    Again, I cover myself with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and pray that You, blessed Holy Spirit, would bring all the work of the crucifixion, all the work of the resurrection, all the work of the glorification and all the work of Pentecost into my life today. I surrender myself to You. I refuse to be discouraged. You are the God of all hope. You have proven Your power by resurrecting Jesus Christ from the dead, and I claim in every way this victory over all Satanic forces in my life. I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ with thanksgiving. Amen.”

    • Thank you so much George for sharing this powerful and beautiful prayer. I appreciate your encouragement so much and for your prayers. Amen. Amen. Amen. I really needed to read that. Thank you. You are an incredible friend. Hugs and love xox

  34. Cool post! Thanks, I appreciated reading it. I think you’re quite right, those arrows often come at you when things are going well,when you’re right where you should be. Satan doesn’t have to attack when you’re already down, depressed or struggling. Somebody smart once said “most of us don’t really fear failure, it’s success that terrifies us.” I think there’s
    some truth in that. One of my favorite sayings on spiritual warfare is from Jude,where the angel Michael says “May the Lord rebuke you.” We too can say that whenever those negative thoughts come our way,and then trust that the Lord will handle it on our behalf.

    • Thank you so much 🙂 What a powerful quote. I think there’s a lot of truth in that. Amen!! The Lord will handle it! Hugs and love xox

  35. Want to know why you’re being attacked by doubts and despair about your ministry through this blog? Well it’s very simple. Mr devil and his evil angels know they went beyond forgiveness before being tossed out of heaven, but you and I have that offer of forgiveness and we don’t have to do anything but believe and take Jesus at His word, let Him direct our path and modify our behaviour over our life span. Jesus accepts our will to live like heavenly beings as our best effort and will change us when we are glorified at his appearing. So you are encouraging people through your blog and that’s not on the devil’s bucket list. Just tell him audibly you’re not going to let him get you down and do it often. It feels good!

    1 Peter 5:8 (KJV)
    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour

    • Wow this really struck a chord with me. Thank you Ian. You’re right – what we’re doing is not on his bucket list. Amen to telling him off! Thanks so much friend. Hugs and love xox

  36. Outstanding article. You certainly have a good understanding of the topic. Fear not the SNL mockers. They have their reward.

    Try this passage..

    “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world. But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.”
    ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:6-10‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    Be blessed…

    • Thank you so much Dennis! And thank you for sharing this powerful passage. Wow – it really hit home with me. Hugs and love xox

  37. Hiya ..Thank you for being honest and not hiding it like most christians who dont want to be honest with what they are actually going through. I can really relate to you as i’ve been feeling this way for some time and I end up thinking that there is something really wrong with me.. My prayers for you that you will overcome this victoriously as we are called to be victors in Christ and no defeated demon can make you loose your true identity. just think of Satan a loser counterpart of Michael!. I read about this recently on


    hope this encourages you!. Keep up the good work!

    • Hey well there friend! Thank you so much for your encouraging words and prayers. I’m sorry you can relate on such a personal level. I will definitely lift you up in prayer! And amen – victors in Christ! Looking forward to reading that article! Hugs and love xox

      • Love and hugs to you too. and thank you for upholding me in prayer. I am greatful that there are mediums such as this to connect with like-minded miles away.

  38. So much of what we just dismiss as random mood swings is really Satan bringing his fire down, in order to separate us from God emotionally. I dealt with it again just tonight, really strong, as I was doing my deliveries.

    But you know what? With experience comes faster victory. It used to take quite a while to shut this stuff down. Now it’s just a couple of prayers and it lifts. It’s the most encouraging thing you could imagine.

    I gotta say, I was expecting to see you holding a sword in the blog picture when I read the title, but that’s okay. As you said, you have one anyway. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Brandon. I think you’re absolutely right about that. I’m sorry that you can so personally relate. Praying for you, my friend. And so true! Faster victory! Hahaha that gave me a good laugh about there sword!! A real knee slapper!! Hugs and love xox

  39. God is sovereign and things happen in His timing. Right time husband may be around the corner or years from now. Only thing to keep in mind is that His timing is better than our impatience.

    The more we stay in the Word, the better off we are. Remember who you serve and keep focused on Him. It’s easy to look around and think that this is all there is…

    your blog is awesome by the way.

    ….sorry to ramble. 😀

    • Thank you C for this wonderful encouragement. You’re so right – in His timing!! Hugs and love xox

  40. Caralyn, I agree that spiritual warfare is real. We all have seasons of it .2 Corinthians 10′:4-5 The weapons of our warfare are not the weapons of the world. Instead, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We tear down arguments, and every presumption set up against the knowledge of God; and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” Besides taking every thought captive part of our divine weapons are the hosts of heaven who are waiting for us to send them out to destroy the enemy. They fight for us! I tell them to make toast of the enemy! Hugs and love!

  41. I want to agree. The NAR uses the term “spiritual warfare” in Canada to take donations from the poor Natives there. Spiritual seed money for some lollipop future. Frank Peretti, seemed to have popularized spiritual warfare in his Christian bestsellers. The thing I can’t agree with is, how can I believe in Him and force another to only believe in Him as well? That is not what Jesus did. There were way more Pagan rituals going on back then. That is the inner framework of this tidbit here of conservative idealism. Bordering, Christian Nationalism which limits the rights of everyone to only Christian-first preferred policies. That contradicts the choices we all have as Americans under, The Constitution. True, many cultures believed in spirits but, not every wrong thing is the devil. I’ve saw people do bad things and go to church the next morning. People, are a complex system of choices and alliances. That I could agree with. Threats of bodily harm, troll behaviors, and just plain mean people are all over the Internet. On an aside. I emailed you about that thing, did you fix it? It was weird and I didn’t do it.

    • Thanks Kenzie for sharing your thoughts on this.Lots of food for thought here. I didn’t! I’ll check my inbox this afternoon. hugs x

      • This thing we call America, is a big social experiment. To live in harmony would be great but it’s mostly gains through the harm of others. I know this, was only a part of what you wrote. It does remind me of, when the soldiers came for Jesus and Peter told him to sheath his sword. The greatest man to ever live, says do not war. I can’t quote the Bible like everyone else. It’s just, not how I read it. 😂

      • I didn’t go to break your heart. In our shared human experience, some of us have no opportunities. It’s life. Evil and envy are universal emotions that are hard to pinpoint. Are you the cause of their actions against you? I don’t think so. Just like, I should not be the cause of your heart break. We disagree, often. 😂 It doesn’t mean, I didn’t fight any less for you to say what you feel is right.

      • I’ve watched what we might call trolls online. In different venues. The abusive comments are not as we may perceive them. If, they do not add to the original conversation. The function, is not to bring you down as much as an expression for good or bad. My evidence is anecdotal but, it appears consistent with the behavior. Essentially, there is no winning move to help the person but in my engagements I’ve listened and redirected and reiterated facts. Either the person disconnects the argument about 80% of the time but 20%. Something changes. A lighter more engaged audience member. It doesn’t solve your whole problem but, I think until social media platforms have less sovereignty and users have potentially less privacy we will have these ugly issues. There are no rules for social control digitally. The same, that make cities more habitable.

    • Hi Olatunde, thank you so much for taking the time to read. so glad it resonated with you:) big hugs x

  42. Minutes after posting a praise report (with a brief mention of warfare), I went to my reader and saw your post on warfare. Joyce Meyer says, Another lever, another devil. Meaning when you advance to another level, you will be on another level of attack. When you grow spiritually and in your ministry, of course you will have a bigger target on your back because you become a bigger threat to the enemy. That’s just your cue that you’re doing what you should be doing. Those fiery darts will come, so it’s important to use your power and authority in Jesus and the Word to snuff it out because it’s meant to distract you from doing what God is calling you to do. Don’t listen to those lies because once you let it in, it gives the enemy a foothold like a seed being planted which then becomes a stronghold like a tree full of bad fruit. (Which becomes more work than if you just snuffed it out to begin with.) Snuff it out by speaking the truth, what you are believing God, and scripture. If you ever need me to stand in agreement for something in prayer, you are welcome to reach out. You are a blessing and I want to see you continue to flourish. Strength & Courage!……..r

    • Another level, another devil. oh wow how true is that. Thank you so much for your encouragement 🙂 You’re so right – authority in Jesus! There’s the victory! Hugs and love xox

      • Hebrews 12:1 tells us to strip every weight that slows us down because it will trip is up. In previous levels, those things were issues you stripped off and dealt with so you could move forward. As we go along…Sometimes, we may think we fully dealt with things and are completely healed and free from it. It’s only when we advance that God will also show us that we haven’t fully let go of it, which is why it is tripping you up. He wants us to be completely free from those weights so we can go in for the long haul without anything weighing us down and keeping us distracted. The enemy will use areas of weaknesses to push your buttons. Keep using your sword, letting go of those weights, and remember who you are.

        Psalm 112 says you are the righteous. You will not be overcome by evil. You do not fear bad news. You confidently trust the Lord to care for you. You face your foes triumphantly!
        Strength & courage!

      • Yes! Wow this is such a powerful reflux. Thank you. Strength and courage!! Amen!

  43. Stay strong and one has to be happy and truly accept themselves first before they will find their mate…I found my 2nd husband, recently remarried, through an online dating site. I made my profile real and stated exactly what I was and was not looking for and I met many super nice men, dated a few times and then met my now husband. It can happen!!!!

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. What a beautiful love story! Congrats! Gives me great hope 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  44. Can identify with this. Ever since I have been supporting my daughter through her eating disorder, I have regularly felt like this. Some days are okay and others are a battle against my feelings of worthlessness.

    • Oh gosh, friend, I’m sorry that this hits so close to home. Battling an eating disorder is such a hard thing, and especially for loved ones, feeling that their hands are tied. That was the overarching theme with my loved ones. Hang in there. She will get through this. It takes time. Praying hard for your and your daughter and family. Hugs and love xox

  45. Thanks so much for sharing ~ As I read your post a song was playing by Casting Crowns ‘Praise you in the Storm’ A great encouragement as was your post ! I truly believe we go through seasons and storms. Time to adjust the sails and put on that armour. Praying… Take care, Suz.

    • Thank you Suz, oh i love that song. I appreciate your prayers and encouragement so much. Hugs and love xox

  46. I’m still kinda new to this and some of your words hit close to home. I loved this part “I don’t think that I am alone in my experience this past week. I think that all of us, at one time or another, have felt bogged down by self doubt or discouragement, or inadequacy, or loneliness. I think those are universal obstacles. I just think that most people are afraid to talk about it.” I’m not a big long reader, but once I started I couldn’t stop. Thanks for your words and the *like* of my post.

    • Thank you so much, for this thoughtful reflection. Glad this resonated with you. Thanks for stopping by! Big big hugs to you ! Xox

  47. This is a great topic. We all have seasons when this happens. I know I have and the good news is that it the junk passes. When I get on the other side; I get a sense of strength that God is stronger than anything that may try to come against me.

  48. First of all take a deep breath. What you are going through is terribly normal. This morning I will write on my blog in more details for you. Always remember that the only person you spend your entire life with is you!

  49. He is assuredly very real. He bothers me regularly at mass and always when I’m praying the rosary. He hates every single one of us with a vengeance. Christ did warn us; the ‘roaring lion’ is not just a simple simile.

    • Hi Frank, thank you for this thoughtful reflection. You’re right – roaring lion indeed. Luckily God is stronger! Hugs and love xox

  50. Some of the worst, meanest politics and behavior I’ve ever experienced was when I was president of my church. An additional proof that Satan works the hardest for what he doesn’t have!

    I’ve had my blog for three years; my subscribers number a few hundred. Last Sunday I had TWO people come to class while dozens packed the fellow ship hall. Last weekend I almost signed off my blog and quit teaching Bible class. Why try so hard?

    But Jesus said He’s wherever two or three are gathered. I look at where my readers are besides the US; China, Cameroon, and sometimes places I’ve never heard of. So my blog, small as it is, is perhaps helping God’s Word gain a small toehold somewhere.

    So I guess I’m saying I can certainly identify with your feelings! I too write or say things that are spiritually true, but I know how they can sound to the world, the mockers, and I cringe. Even now a voice in my head is saying to not send this; it’s stupid.

    I just listened to your Beautiful Morning, and it was a blessing: we must be using our talents to grow the kingdom of God. Some get a few talents, some get a lot. We manage and grow what we have been blessed with! That was saving food for my soul this morning, so thank you!

    • Hey Jeff, thank you so much for sharing your heart. You’re right about that – for what he doesn’t have. Oh Jeff, your blog and your class ARE making a difference. You never know the seeds you are planting, and the giant oak trees that grow from them. I, for one, truly appreciate your daily bible reflections. they always put my head in a good space. And thank you for saying that about my Beautiful Morning video! Also! That email you sent a few weeks ago about the videos, it was such an encouragement to me. Truly. I was about to throw in the towel and stop making them altogether, but then I read that beautiful email, and it was literally the thing that kept me going. I was home in Ohio at the time, and it was last and one of those things where I was dozing off and said, “I’ll reply in the morning,” and then life happened and it got buried in the dreaded inbox, but I want you to know how much that meant to me. so thank you 🙂 okay, hope you have a great day friend. and keep on shining your light for the Lord 🙂 hugs to you and julie! xox

      • Thank you also for your encouragement! I’m glad my morning thoughts are helpful to you. I truly think Satan continues to whisper in my ear that just because numbers are small they mean nothing. We both know it isn’t so, but there are times. Just keep up the great work!

      • I definitely understand. There are times indeed. You as well my dear friend xox

  51. Love this post! Spiritual warfare is real and cuts you right where it hurts. I’ve doubted myself as a mom and whether I should be blogging, but I think that’s Satan attacking me where I could have the biggest impact on people. I loved how you said to let the Spirit do the fighting for us! We are not alone!

    • Thank you so much friend, for sharing your heart. Amen – we are never ever alone! Hugs and love xox

  52. Rom. 8/38 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, 39 nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

      • Stay strong. In your article, your comments on your social status reminds me of myself. You are on a walk that God won’t leave you alone on forever. I’ll pray for you. Thanks for that article. I needed. I’ve been letting life keep me from writing. 🤦🏻‍♂️

      • thank you so much, friend, for your encouraging words and prayers. Keep writing! it makes a difference! Hugs and love xox

  53. I’ve been blessed. I’m a Christ follower, but there are times when I feel the presence of the enemy. However, those are the time when I meditate more on God’s word and I know He’s closer than ever.

  54. I think Satan had it out for the world this past week, Caralyn. I felt so down, depressed, lonely, and even when i confessed before Low Mass on Sunday morning, i felt dead. It was so strange. The depression REALLY hit me on Monday, and i’ve been struggling to come back out of all week. Good thing is that it’s Friday morning now and i think that i’ve finally gotten it all out of my system. I can’t wait to get back to confession tomorrow afternoon and get back on track!

    Have a blessed weekend! Thank you for writing what we all want to say sometimes, btw!!!

    • Thank you David, I’m sorry this hit so close to home with you. Gosh, I’m praying for you and sending love. I’m glad that’s out of your system. I hope this weekend is just the restoration and joy you need! Hugs and love xox

  55. Hey girl, thank you for sharing such a transparent post and pointing to truth! I would encourage you that no matter what you feel, as a believer we always possess the armor of God because His Spirit literally dwells in us. Thats such great news. Emmanuel- God with us. So, no matter what you’re feeling in the moment and believe me, I know the lies from Satan can be debilitating, but put confidence in what you know, even when you don’t feel loved, protected, redeemed. God will fight for you. Blessings to you and I’m loving your blog. It is part of your ministry and it is not stupid. Stay faithful 🙂

    • Hi April, thank you so much for your encouragement. You’re right about that – dwells within us! What a thing to celebrate. This was exactly what I needed to hear, so thank you from the bottom of my heart! big big hugs xox

    • thank you so much Julie, gosh that is so kind of you. I appreciate your support and friendship. Amen – Jesus won!! Hugs and love xox

  56. Your post on spiritual warfare has encouraged me to write my own post about a dream where demons had me by the hair and were dragging me away until, in the dream, I said “in the name of Jesus, I command you to depart” and they install went pfft and disappeared. I’m taking this as a nudge from the Lord to make this my next post!

    • Thank you so much Meg. Oh my gosh that is terrifying!!! So glad you called on Jesus!!! He is the victor! Hugs and love xox

  57. Of course you are under attack! And the best way to deal with that is to put on the full armor of God, which you already have. Jeez Louise, I have 294 followers and I fight the battle daily. You are so talented, beautiful and wise beyond your years. Rise up, precious. You are a born leader.

    I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”

    • Oh my goodness, thank you Michele. Yes! the armor of God! and amen — we can do ALL things through Christ! He is our strength! big hugs xo

  58. Your description of the armor of God is a wow moment. Look at all the protection God has put around us spiritually! Caralyn your ministry here certainly does matter and is indeed reaching the hearts of your readers. Lift up your head and keep going my sister in Christ.

    • thank you so much friend, gosh your generous words are so encouraging. God is good and yes! is our protector! Hugs and love xox

  59. I have been wondering if this was happening. I’ve seen it coming through in your posts recently, and have wondered if you were a bit off-center.

    If you are doing this work, your center needs to be in Christ. I know that this abuse crisis has rocked you a bit, but are you going to Mass regularly? Even daily? You have been fed there for such a long time, and the person on the altar only matters in that they are bringing Christ to you. He is your center, He is your nourishment, He is where your armor is strengthened to titanium levels, and inside of that armor is peace.

    Your search for community has been on my heart, and a friend of mine told me of a group in NYC that sounds perfect for you. She was involved a couple years ago, and everything about it sounds like just what you need. I’ve just been waiting for the right time to tell you. Sounds like this is it.

    Look up catholicnyc.com and reach out to Colin Nykaza.

    May God continue to bless your work. Keep your eyes on Him, and know that with 40 or 40,000 or 4 million followers, you are still His beloved daughter. That is where your value lies. Nowhere else.

    • Thank you Karen, I appreciate you encouraging words. Yeah, it has been a tough week. I do go to Mass every Sunday. I used to go to Daily Mass, but it has been more and more difficult to get there recently. And truly, the abuse crisis has not affected my faith in the least. The thing that gets to me more, is how attendance is on life support. THAT really makes me sad. But you’re right t- Christ is my nourishment. I love that. And yes! Colin Nykaza! I get emails from him every week about CatholicNYC for young adults! Thank you so much for passing that along! For the last couple months, I have been out of the city for the YA mass, which has been such a bummer, but I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing with them. THANK YOU for such an uplifting and empowering comment, Karen May. You are a great friend and beautiful soul 🙂 grateful for you!! Hugs and love xox

  60. Yes, definitely been under attack lately! Thank you for the reminder to keep our eyes on God and to read His promises to us. May He bring you the peace you are searching for. God Bless!

  61. Needed this. I find myself in the same place, especially when I am sick. Thank you for your words sister! Love and prayers to you and keep your head up. Satan comes in many ways.

    • Thank you Monica. So glad it resonated with you. I truly appreciate your prayers and encouragement. Hugs and love xox

    • thank you so much Edward, you’re right about that – nothing can separate us! Hugs and love xox

    • thank you so much Jeff, I appreciate your prayers and encouragement so so much 🙂 you’re a great friend! Hugs and love xox

  62. You are a beautiful Soul. It is knowing who we are and what we are connected to. We are ONE with our Creator and All “things”. We are worth everything. Where there is Love there is only LOVE…….Thank You for shining YOUR BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT LIGHT, ON HUMANITY

    • oh my gosh, thank you so much for this encouragement. amen – Who we are connected to! Hugs and love xox

  63. To win a spiritual battle one can not worry about what anyone will say or think of you. I am writing an entire series about Spiritual Warriors and spiritual warfare. Of course, I knew how it was going to be viewed when I first put the pen to the paper but I didn’t care because anyone who ever fought a spiritual battle know there’s no harder fight. Keep the faith. You’ll over come it.

    • Thank you A, I really appreciate your encouraging words. you’re right about that. looking forward to reading your series! Hugs and love xox

    • We choose our “battles”. You are in control, You have free will……..A GIFT from GOD. When we believe in who we are, We rise above “what people think”. It is KNOWING Your WORTH. You are a beautiful Soul, Love and be free, You are worth it

  64. “Frequently when (the devil) goes out to block the soul she recollects herself very quickly in her deep interior hiding place, where she finds intense delight and protection. Then the terrors that she suffers seem so exterior and far away that the devils not only fail to frighten her but cause her happiness and joy.” St. John of the Cross, “The Spiritual Canticle,” Commentary on Stanza 16.

    That’s a big spiritual turning point – when you realize that the devil is messing with you but you are strong in the assurance of the Beloved and can “look out” and enjoy the futility of the spiritual attacks.

    Christ’s peace and strength be with you.

    • Thank you for this. You’re right – we can be strong in the assurance of Jesus! Hugs and love xox

  65. The GOD POWER, UNIVERSAL ENERGY that BINDS US ALL. WOW!!!!! This is who we are and LOVE is what were made of. Love is Eternal….We are ETERNAL. We attract that, that we project…….Your LIGHT will always attract LIGHT…..project Love and Love Will Return

  66. I totally agree. Spiritual warfare is real, but as you said talk about it and you get weird looks – like “what looney bin did she pop out of”. The sword of the spirit (the Word of God) is my favourite part of our armory, Jesus Himself used it, quoting it at the Devil when he tried to outsmart him in the wilderness. Commiting verses to memory so my “guns are loaded” has been a spiritual lifesavor so many times. If I’m battling something I find a verse that shows it up for the lie it is then post it around and quote it to slam the door closed whenever he puts his nose in.For sure the reason for these attacks is because you are going on the attack to spread the word and help others. However the Devil’s power is purely in fear and guile, he’s totally puny compared to Jesus. Don’t listen to him you’re doing great!

    • Thank you Claire. I love that advice of committing verses to memory. That’s so helpful. Thank you friend. He’s totally puny!!!!! Hugs and love xox

  67. You’re on the radar sis and the enemy knows. Continue to take strength from the presence of GOD all the more. More eyes on you = MORE attack BUT also means you’re RIGHT in the center of Abba Father’s will. Get some prayer intercessors for yourself, and NOT just those that are “praying”. You need the strength of the saints in prayer and encouragement sis. You’re doing great. Your Longevity is in the secret of living a pure, blameless life. Keep moving forward.

    • Thank you friend for this encouragement. Prayer intercessors are such a terrific idea. Thank you. Big hugs xox

  68. You are so right!! While despair is the devil’s oldest weapon, the self doubts (and other doubts) that can creep in can be devastating. Political issues and the general ” world is going to hell” feelings can be overwhelming. Because my husband is a Christian writer and blogger we are steeped in bad stuff all the time. We take the weekend off–just to watch movies on YouTube or other things like that–to give the mind and soul a rest.
    You are doing just fine. Your blog is important. You are important. What you have to say helps many people. Keep the armor on, the sword at hand, and knock ’em dead, kiddo.

  69. I’ve learned that sometimes the best thing we can do when we are struggling is to admit it and face it head on. Darkness can’t exist when we shine light on it! Sounds like you are doing just that. Keep doing what you’re doing and know that what you do does matter… big time! Whether it’s for 40,000 followers or for 1, you are doing what God has called you to do and that is the most important thing! God bless! 😊

  70. Well said ! The struggle is indeed real! I recently read a great book – Didn’t See it Coming by Carey Nieuwhof that you might resonate with 🙂

  71. Yes! YES!!! When you stand up for His Truth and are on fire for God is when the attacks come. It’s so crazy how subtle, but constant the lies can be and that’s when it’s so important to know what God says so you can discern lies from His promises. He is so faithful and good and beautiful and always draws us in.

    • Thank you friend. Amen. He always draws us in! Thanks for the encouragement. Hugs and love xox

  72. So right on. You might want to print this one out and post it somewhere so you are reminded when you feel attacked. This is a good reminder for all of us. As a reaffirmation, I hope you know your writing is refreshing and real and has great thoughts and insights. Don’t let the down days get you. You are a blessing to so many, myself included.

    • Thank you John, what a kind thing to say. Hope you have a beautiful weekend. Hugs and love xox

  73. I was reading the beginning of the post and thought, that’s funny, I distinctly remember thinking that she’s been on fire since 40k and sensing that there was a sense of power in the themes of the posts you were speaking to. So its funny that you said you felt attacked, but then you eluded to the paradox too. ha. beautiful and powerful encouragement for me rn – “And that’s when I realized: we do not have to do the fighting. The Spirit will do it for us. ” Thanks for sharing and being real.. (I’m sharing this with a buddy of mine, we’ve been in hot debate about the word of God and Jesus and I feel like this article is a proper smack in his face, I mean, literary awakening for him. )

    • Oh my gosh, thank you for saying that. That is seriously so encouraging, because I have been fearing the opposite, or that people would think I’m phony. So thank you for that affirmation. So much. And I Hope your buddy likes the article! Hope it spurs a fruitful conversation! Big hugs to you friend xox

      • I thought of you recently. I was thinking of a friend I met recently who is Catholic and I was thinking how I dont know much about the Catholic faith but I thought of a person whose blog I read and who is Catholic and who is obviously working with and loves Jesus. Be encouraged, because people react to the truth when they hear it because their creator is truth and when we talk with our creator, we start to sound like Him. Moreover, if we begin to sound like Him, He has heard us and our hopes as much as we’ve listened to Him. (My buddy liked it, we have this ongoing thing about prioritizing words only from Jesus vs. reading all of the Bible … we’re kinda nerds)

      • Oh wow thank you so much! I am so touched that you would think of me 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  74. Recognizing the problem of spiritual warfare is the first step in dealing with it.

    I write about this issue in my memoir, Called Along the Way, and my recent prayerbook, Everyday Prayers for Everyday People, includes this prayer: Prayer Against Dark Shadows (https://wp.me/p8RkfV-1Yo) among others.


    • Thank you Stephen! I like the new profile photo by the way 🙂 I think you’re absolutely right. Hugs and love xox

  75. This post is very encouraging. Spiritual warfare is totally real and should be spoken about more. People need to be made aware of or be reminded that there is a spiritual world and what goes on there impacts us but we got a Lord and King named Jesus Christ who is greater than those wicked powers and principalities in high places. Thanks for sharing this helpful reminder to continue to clothe ourselves in the full armour of God. Love those photos you have with the text, especially the one with the lighthouse. I like lighthouses. God bless you, Caralyn. 🙂

    • Thank you SLR, I really appreciate your encouragement. Amen – He is greater! Hugs and love xox

  76. Another great post and very timely too! Spiritual warfare is so very real and Satan likes to attack when we’re “up” and on fire for God. This was a great post for me as Satan has been attacking me lately for some of the same reasons you mentioned, and other reasons. Keep it up, don’t get discouraged, you’re doing a great service for the Lord! May God bless you richly for your help to so many people!

  77. It took me forever to find the place to post my comments – disability on my part o guess. I wrote a short piece on the perils of greater visibility inspired by your piece. It takes courage to be vulnerable to others. Bravo to you for that. People will project both their golden shadow and dark shadow on you but its because of them not you. Keep on showing the way. Your writing does my heart good. Thanks for your piece. Keep up the good fight.

    • Thank you Kai. I appreciate your encouraging words. It makes my heart so full to know that you’re enjoying my writing. Hugs and love xox

  78. true, spiritual attacks are real. especially when you are pursuing God relentlessly. They come in 3 forms: discouragement, fear and doubt. has happened severally to me, most recently when I had paid a prayer group member of ours a visit for sharing the word and just encourage her coz she was facing alot of spiritual attacks too. at some point when I was giving her a ‘prayer bullet’ – scripturally composed, I heard a voice clearly ask me” has the holy spirit asked u to give out that? do u have any proof that that will work?” n immediately the Holy spirit brought to memory where I had constantly used the prayer bullet and I overcame. so it is real.
    you inspire me, I desire to write as you and reach as many out there about Jesus. I haven’t been consistent, but am purposing to now. thanks

    • Thank you so much for this insight. Discouragement fear and doubt – definitely sounds about right! Prayer bullets! Yes! ’ thank you for the encouragement. Hugs and love xox

  79. Spritual attack is so real I can relate. Thank you for being upfront with it. The devil attacks in 3 forms, atleast as I have experienced it: doubt,fear and discouragement. Most recently I had visited one of our prayer group members for encouragement, sharing the word and praying together. As I was giving out a ‘prayer bullet’ – scripturally sculpted I heard a voice, ” Has the holy spirit asked you to give out that? Is there anywhere the prayer point has helped in your life?” Then I the holy spirit brought to remembrance at a point in my life where I used the prayer bullet and it helped me overcome. so yes, the devil attacks at the peak of pursuing God.
    Thank you, you inspire me, I look forward to reach as many and even more subscribers as you coz I love to write about Jesus, just that I havent purposed it but now i will.

  80. You are truly an inspiration. I definitely was feeling spiritual attacks a couple of weeks ago as well. It was so weird going through that, but I was told it happens when the devil knows God is about to do something great in your life. It was then also that I started to understand the lyrics of a song, that were basically talking about putting on the armor of God. Instantly, my perspective of the Bible changed from reading it to learn to reading it to prepare against attacks. Thanks for writing about this; I also contemplate writing about my faith on my blog…and then I remember it’s my blog to write whatever I want lol

    • Thank you Britt. I Sam so touched by your kind words. I’m sorry this hit so close to home with you. That’s so great to remember – the Bible is our line of defense!! Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you Britt. I’m sorry this hit so close to home for you. You’re right – the armor of God. Thanks for the encouragement. Hugs and love xox

  81. BBB: Though I disagree with your beliefs profoundly, I do not send you flaming arrows. I do disagree with you and yet I listen carefully to your thoughts. This world is becoming dangerously divided and locked in righteous combat that starts with words, leads to protests and devolves into violence. I do not ask you to open your heart but your ears. Know there are other opinions out there. Keep your faith but do it because it is something you BELIEVE in, not something you will die for. Through many centuries too many human beings have suffered and died for another persons insistence to press their beliefs on them or kill them to convince them. Peace be with you and enjoy your journey. I am sorry that others attack you but do not attack in return. If I am not mistaken someone very influential in your life said something similar. Follow his words, not the twisted organizations who attack and kill in his name. Just my thoughts and I will continue to listen.

    • Hey Walter, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. I’m sorry I am such a source of disagreement for you, but i appreciate you joining the conversation. Big hugs xox

  82. Don’t give up. Keep up the pace. God will continue to direct and speak to you about your ministry. I’m going to set my pace to win this race that doesn’t end.

  83. Great post! And I can absolutely relate to where you’re coming from about the flaming arrows you described. I’m in the same boat. Spiritual warfare is something many (especially even some within the Church) gravely underestimate. But if we are seeking Christ, and permitting the Spirit to work in us as you mentioned, victory is assured!

    Much love and blessings, and keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Thank you Vixey, i appreciate your thoughts on this. Amen to that! Victory is assured! Hugs and love xox

  84. Yes it’s a relief to know that we don’t have to do it on our own. Actually, I don’t think we really can. I came across this quote recently and it summed up my thinking most eloquently:

    The discoveries and achievements purely in the fields of psychology and psychiatry are not capable of offering a truly complete vision of the person. They are not capable of resolving on their own the fundamental questions concerning the meaning of life and the human vocation.

    – St. John Paul II

    • Wow what a powerful quote. Thank you for sharing that with me. You’re right – Jesus does it for us! Hugs and love xox

      • Thanks for bringing the topic up. People need to hear that there’s more than ‘nuts and bolts’ to humanity! The more of us that say it, the more “data” hard-nosed scientists (and like-minded individuals) will have to consider.

        There’s actually tons of autobiographical material about the spiritual life and mysticism. But most scientists don’t treat that as data. They’re ignoring or reducing it to a level of reality *they* understand and experience.

        We can pray. But I think well placed words can help too. 🙂 xx

    • You’re right about that Noel! A dirty liar! Thank you for the encouragement. Hugs and love xox

  85. Hi, Caralyn. I wanted to drop you a word of encouragement. Psalm 139:14 says, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” God created you to be who you are: a beautiful and talented person to the praise of the glory of His grace in His beloved, Jesus Christ. Of course, Satan will attack you with negative thoughts about your ministry, yourself, and your future! But you just focus on what God is doing in you and through you today, and He will take care of tomorrow. Take time to pray and read the Bible, and He’ll being into your life someone who sees you the way God sees you.

    • Hi Marcelo. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. It truly means so much. Amen to that – pray and read the Bible! Big hugs to you xox

  86. Eh, even though I’m a priest, I’m not going to say anything about spiritual warfare. You know it’s real and where to turn, and that’s half the battle. Instead I’ll just make the “boring” mundane observation: when you have as many followers as you’ve got here, the whole “What’s the point of ___?” is a reasonable question. You write and share a lot of things, and with a “fan base” as large as yours there definitely will be things you put up here that will resonate with some and not others. Like me, I’ve been encouraged and educated from your story, and enjoy your ongoing spiritual perspective and insight, but I skip the recipe posts. Yet, those can be fantastic resources for other people! So, really, at this point you just keep doing what you love to do and/or what you’re called to do. You have a ministry here, and parts of it are for different people, and that’s not just okay, that’s wonderful! 🙂

    • thank you so much Fr. Brench, for this wonderful encouragement. I appreciate your feedback and kind words! I pray that Jesus is able to use this little blog here to point to Him. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! Hugs and love xox

  87. You inspire hope. The attacks come because you are doing something right for sure. Thanks for inspiring so many people. God has you in the palm of His hand. Thanks for doing what you do. You have the best assistance in the world since the Lord is with you!!!

    • Thank you so much Eliah, I appreciate your encouraging words. Amen – how comforting to know that He has us! Hugs and love xox

  88. I get what you’re saying. I do believe the demon’s darts attack you any time, whether you’re feeling up or down. He looks for your weak spots and builds on that, if you let him. But calling on God to help you IS THE KEY, as you mentioned. Praying for His help every day has helped me greatly. It’s amazing how fast He comes to us when we ask for His help. And yes, He’s already won. No creature He created has the power He has. Only He is God, and that’s the best news. He’s the Creator. He’s Love, Peace, and our Safe Harbor. But we do have to keep up the fight. Our relationship with God is a synergetic one. He only looks for our effort and comes to our aid. God bless. 🙂

  89. No, you are NOT alone. This week, a dear friend was praying about the battle I’ve been enduring and she encouraged my soul by reminding me to “be transformed by the renewing of the mind.” (Romans 12:2) Because the battle with the enemy begins there, as it did in the garden, bringing doubt with the accusing question of Satan, “did God really say?”

    When we worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth, we are ready for battle, fully clothed in His armor, and the father of lies cannot take up residence in our minds.

    • Thank you Jodie, I really appreciate your encouragement and support. What a powerful verse. Will be praying for you! Hugs and love xox

  90. Hey lady!!

    The important thing to remember about your journey is what you go through helps the next person!! You have a great platform to teach so keep listening to His voice and press on!! Nothing wasted

    • Thank you so much, friend. I am very encouraged by your words. Amen – nothing wasted. Hugs and love xox

  91. It always amazes me how some churches seem to sweep the idea of spiritual warfare under the table to ignore it. This is especially odd given how they will talk of spiritual matters in every other area. I’m not sure whether its from fear of people being scared about it or something else, but given it’s real and warned about in the bible, it’s something we should all be aware of, but as you said, not something to be scared of due to God holding the ultimate victory.

    • Thank you friend – amen – He holds the ultimate victory ! What a comforting thought! Hugs and love xox

  92. Yes that ole evil one loves to try and stumble us when we are being blessed and I feel especially if we are about to receive a HUGE blessing. If he can distract us, we just might get off course, and miss it, or not approeciate or enjoy it as we would have. When someone tells me they are under attack, or everything is going wrong, here is my advice. For what thats worth Hahaha So take it with a grain of salt 😉 Praise God because you are about to be so abundantly blessed! Praise God because it’s going to be so good, you are going to have to MAKE yourself believe it. You know how I know? Because the evil one is working SO hard! He doesn’t have to work this hard when things are blah. He can’t stand the gifts God is getting ready to give you, and he will do EVERYTHING to distract you. So, when these “attacks” start happening start praising God because you are about to receive miraculous blessings!

  93. With 40,000 subscribers, that is proof what you say and do is reaching and resonating with people. It may be just one particular aspect or struggle, or a multitude of things, but it is touching others. We humans do not have the strength to fight satan, but we were never meant to–that falls to God, us believing in Him and wrapping His love and strength around us is what protects us, shields us, strengthens us. Alone we are vulnerable and weak–with God, we have the strength to overcome and stand tall. Satan doesn’t want us to believe in God, because that is what protects us.

    Your light shining and drawing others in, drawing others to God perhaps for the first time, or bolstering a waning faith, is not going to make satan happy, and he will try to bring you down. Wrap God’s love around you, feel His protection, and keep on ticking satan off, because if you are doing that, you are obviously on the right path.

    • Thank you Lisa for this wonderful encouragement. You’re so right! With Him we can overcome. Thanks again. Hugs and love xox

  94. What a powerful read today, and so unbelievably timely. I don’t have anything like the light shining out that you do, but those dark darts of fear and doubt are on me too. I live and work with drug addiction and recovery and my God, is that a spiritual war zone. And it’s true that the enemy really lets all hell break loose when we turn our lives and our will to God as a way of trying to keep us out of the fight. Your words of hope and encouragement are powerful, and God will shield you and your beautiful living testimony and ministry, I believe that with all my heart.

    • Thank you Natasha. I’m so glad this hit home with you. Gosh I’m sorry that it is part of your everyday. I will definitely be praying for you. His light shines through you! Hugs and love xox

  95. Heavenly Parent chooses us to evolve according to our understanding, that’s why, it is His love and trust in you, that you can overcome by heartfelt actions towards others these times of hardships coming from inside or outside.

    The very core of the Gospel is the living for the sake of others without expecting anything in return in a continuously growing and maturing way with a humble but proud attitude.

    So, God might not comfort you all the time, but it is only for you to be more like Him.


    Have a Nice and Blessed Night!


  96. Seriously, good post. I would like to hear from you about how you got this far (40,411 followers, how you do all the links in a post that I can’t seem to get right, et. al.)

  97. Thank you so much for your insightful article. In every word here, every sentence I’m am in league with you. And I do agree that the closer we are to God, the more the flaming darts come. You may have already read my post Enough Rope to Hang Myself which i wrote about finally getting saved 3 yrs ago after the devil had me hanging off a cliff. If you’ve already read it, maybe one of your readers will, too. Take care of yourself and we know the best way to do that is to trust in Jesus to take care of us. “Your faith has made you whole.” Mark 10:52


    • Thank you so much, Valerie for sharing your story. I am so glad that Jesus swooped in for you. Yes – He will take care of us! Hugs and love xox

  98. Dear God,

    The battle feels intense some days. We get tired and weak, weary and worn. It’s hard to keep going in the face of defeat. But help us to remember that you will never leave us, that you’re our Refuge and our Strength, an ever-present help in trouble. We know that the enemy wouldn’t be fighting so hard against us, if we weren’t making a difference for your Kingdom. He wouldn’t be trying so hard to stop us, if he didn’t think you had so much good still in store. Remind us that the battle belongs to you, and whatever we’re up against can be taken down in one fail swoop by your Mighty Hand. Help us to trust you more, to never waste time spinning our wheels and wrestling or fighting in our strength. Please forgive us Lord for the times we’ve failed to lift our hands to you, for the days we’ve forgotten to come to you first. Fill us with the Power of your Holy Spirit this day. Fill us with your joy, fill us with your wisdom and discernment, fill us with constant reminders that Your Presence will go with us, and you will give us rest. Amen

    • Wow thank you so much for this beautiful and powerful prayer! Yes! Fill us with your joy indeed. Praying with you. amen. Hugs and love xox

  99. “Perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this….. “Anytime our influence and reach for THE KINGDOM is expanded we draw an audience from both heaven and hell. One side cheering us on the other plotting, but heaven isn’t just cheering, heaven is battle ready, armed and in the business of defending the saints. You’re covered in prayer and surrounded by the heavenly hosts. Xoxoxo

    • Hi friend, thank you so much for your encouragement and support. You’re so right – God is good and Heaven is on our side! Hugs and love xox

  100. Hello!!! I Came home from school and saw I had a new follower (which is always exciting for me because I don’t have very many.) I checked out your blog and It’s amazing already and I’ve only read one post:) i’m always looking for new blogs to read and support and I think I found my new favorite. I would love to chat sometime if you get a minute.

  101. Stand strong and do not give up or give in. Too many people in today’s society want to destroy anything or anyone who is different from them and who also espouses a philosophy they choose not to live by. Narrow-mindedness is only one of their shortcomings.

    • Thank you Elaine. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement and support. Amen! Hugs and love xox