The Mueller Responsibility

Well, the mainstream media has officially been caught with their pants down.

Yep – after two years of reporting on rumors and hearsay, the Mueller report was finally released, and what do you know…there was no evidence of collusion with Russia!

Yes sir. The investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in an effort to influence the election.

Bam. Take that, MSNBC.

This news comes much to the left’s dismay, of course. Rachel Maddow practically broke down in tears on national television. Many are saying Barr and Mueller were paid off. But mainly, there’s just a lot of crow eating.

I’m just glad it’s over. Frankly, the mainstream news media’s maliciousnarrative of villainizing Trump over some uncorroborated rumors — it was tired and desperate.

But it’s hard not to look at this whole debacle, and see a giant elephant. And it may be different than what you might be thinking.

It’s that, as Christians, we have a huge responsibility when it comes to how we see the world, and what news we take in.

There’s one camp of believers, who avoid the news all together. They put their ear muffs on, and turn a blind eye to the “corruption” outside of their safe bubble. And if that sounds harsh, well — it is.

I am unabashedly opposed to that type of Christian living.

We have a responsibility to be informed about what is going on in the world.

A responsibility.

We can’t just shut our doors, shut out the world, and bury our noses in the Bible and pretend like we’re not living in 2019. We need to know what’s going on out there, if we have any hope of doing any good or being a positive influence.

Which leads me to the crisis at hand: where can one find truth? And I’m not talking about the “Capital T” truth – because, we all know…there’s only one source, and it’s five letters, starts with B, was God-breathed, and contains commentary by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

I’m talking…where do we go to find out what is going on in the world, without being bamboozled by political agendas and biases. Or, as we just witnessed this past weekend — being lied to and presented an arrogant narrative from talking heads who just want to see this President go down in flames.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” – Romans 12:2

We need to be citizens of this world with eyes wide open, grounded in the foundation of Christ. There’s going to be so much garbage flung at us from all directions. Snares and falsities and evil that is going to try to make us stumble in our walk, and be led astray. But we need to persevere.

We have the responsibility of seeing the world through the lens of the Gospel, but don’t misread that: we need to see the world.

We need to know what is going on. We need to be informed, up to date, aware of the state of the world in which we live. Because we are called to live differently. It is our mission to be that beacon of light, beacon of hope, of justice, of truth, of love – in this society that is literally crumbling around us.

The mainstream news media has demonstrated to us over and over and over again that they cannot be our outlet of truth, or even the straight story: Jussie Mullet, the Covington Catholic Scandal, Judge Kavanaugh — the list goes on and on. This is just another notch on the belt of their blatant agenda-pushing dogma. (Mixed metaphor, just go with it.)

There has never been anything more obvious to me, than the fact that as followers of Christ, we need a jolt to the system. We simply cannot be passive consumers of news and information anymore. We cannot drink their agenda’d Koolaid. We need to seek accurate, unbiased news outlets, so that we can make informed decisions when it comes to our politics, and social justice movements.

That is our responsibility.

Saying that “Jesus wouldn’t watch the news” just won’t cut it anymore. Jesus would absolutely know what is going on in the world, because it was His mission to save it. So you’d better believe He’d have an accurate picture of the state of society.

We should too.

Now more than ever.

Friends: where do you turn to find your news and information? What outlets or websites do you frequent to find nonbiased and accurate information?

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221 responses to “The Mueller Responsibility”

    • Hi Jack! Oh really?! Sounds intriguing! Would love to read your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

    • Thanks, yeah you’re right about that. I’m looking for a source with bullet points of facts! Haha if only!! Hugs and love xox

    • is a site that rates online news sources according to their political bias! They have a nifty rating system you can read about on their site and they feature perspectives from the right, center, and left on all the big issues. It’s an awesome way to make sure you’re getting news from all sides since we can’t remove bias.

  1. I am an independent with a Christian world view. Grew up watching Walter Cronkite when the “news” was still for the most part objective, and relatively impartial….I’ve asked the same question you have here, to some of my blog go to source for current events is (and has been for several years) is World Magazine. It is a faith based news source, that does not shy away from gutsy hard questions…Highly recommend. they have pod casts, hard copy magazines for adults, kids, Here’s a link if it works :

    • World Magazine – I’ll have to bookmark that. Thank you so much for that resource!! I really appreciate it. Will check out the podcast too! Big hugs to you xox

  2. Mueller did his job. Im glad its over but my feelings about our President hasn’t changed. He didnt collude with Russia but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s attacked a war hero that is deceased. Fought with a gold star family, has children separated at the border from their parents, disrespects women, praises dictators, cheated on every single one of his wives, insights violence at his rallies. And i can’t forget he doesn’t seem to care for black and brown people! Are we to overlook those things because he didn’t collude with Russia? None of that is fake news. Mueller report was the least of my concern. I am here for the betterment of all. I want the world to be a good place for everyone. Not just for the people that agree with me. How many people can say that?

  3. I used to listen to Fox News all the time. Eventually I gave up watching TV news altogether. The mainstream networks are simply too biased. Fox has its biases, and frankly have their share of hate. I couldn’t even listen to Sean Hannity. I like their conservatism, but I don’t always like the presentation, if that makes sense.

    I usually scan through the Daily Mail UK web site. I mostly read headlines and rarely open for the stories. I can usually get a good enough sense from the headlines. I haven’t been up on the Mueller probe. All I know is that every time the left makes an accusation so far, Trump comes out on top. I wait to see what the conclusion is. Otherwise, my blood pressure goes up. I’m aware of what’s going on, but don’t get into the muck and mire. After hearing the news today, I realized my approach worked pretty well; odds are Left attacks on Trump are BS, which was proven again today. I got to the end of that book without having to slog through all of the bad writing.

    I occasionally peruse the Drudge Report, but not often. Again, clearly biased and way too much hashing over political minutia. Overall, there is way too much talking and writing. I think that elections should be brief. No polls to tell the candidates what to say to win. No extended campaigning. Two or three mandatory debates and the election happens within a week of the last debate. No time to walk back, double down, or otherwise prevaricate.

    Definitely no polls or coverage during election day. Let the voting play out through all time zones before the reporting starts. Anything else will influence the western time zones.

    People who file false police reports get jail time. Why not the clowns who made all of the accusations against Trump? Including the media?

    To the morality of society in general, I just saw a billboard this evening for a defense attorney. What is his selling point? “Just because you did it doesn’t mean they can prove it.”

    And that’s about enough for tonight… sigh

    • Hey Jeff! That completely makes sense. I’m right there with ya – Best to keep the blood pressure down. Drudge is where I get a lot of info. Oye – that billboard perfectly sums up everything wrong with the world today. Ugh. Sorry for the downer tonight. As always, really appreciated reading your thoughts! Big hugs to you and Julie! Xox

      • I didn’t find this as a downer tonight. Kudos for going after a political topic from the Christian perspective. I read someone’s comments here a while back who was upset that you “got political.” I wrote a “rebuttal” on Feb 22 – an Extra article. Point is, BBB is not just about ED. It’s about Christianity and how Jesus healed you. Christianity isn’t just for ED. It’s about EVERYTHING. So again, kudos for taking in this topic tonight.

      • Good I’m glad! And AMEN! Christianity is about EVERYTHING!! Thanks again Jeff, have a great night xo

  4. Really insightful!! I appreciate how you are always bringing it back to Christ. That’s where it’s at.

    • Ooh thank you so much for these great resources! I appreciate the links! Hugs and love xox

  5. I’m not an american dear so i cant really say much about Trump’s political issues but as a Nigerian i can definitely relate to this post. Especially with the ongoing governorship election and past undecided presidential election. In my country you see citizens who care less about what is going on in their nation. They turn a blind eye and say “the government doesn’t put food in my stomach” but they forget that their lack and poverty is directly affected by their less attention to the affairs of their community and nation as a whole. The best they can do is to be rightly informed, act on their knowledge and pray hard. But they choose to do nothing. I believe that the willing, good and perfect will of God would definitely prevail. Always! God bless us!

    • Hi Chiq, thank you so much for sharing this powerful perspective. Amen – the willing, good and perfect will of God will always prevail! Hugs and love xox

  6. Great points. I watch, read, or keep up on the news. It’s mind-numbingly hard to take sometimes. But I do feel the need to stay informed. It’s a crazy ugly world at there. But Christianity has to be at the “tip of the spear” in spreading the “Good News.” If we know what’s going on we can respond with a Christian perspective and hopefully gives godly wisdom. thanks for your thoughts.

  7. Amen sister! That was a total witch hunt from the left and it went down in flames, praise God! The Russian collusion they should have been looking at was Hillary selling that radioactive “yellow cake” on the tarmac in Russia. That was the real Russian collusion. I agree with you. We need to be informed about what is going on. Unfortunately, as you said, most of the media just spouts propaganda to fit their agenda. The problem goes much deeper as the major media outlets are owned by only a few people and they are all in it together (even Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox is a member of the Committee of 300). It is about trying to control the people and dictate to us what we should think. We need to research the truth for ourselves, test everything, and ask questions. They hate Trump because he is a real American president who is actually fighting for America. The left can’t stand that because they want America to fall. God bless!

    • Thank you so much Ryan, yeah thank goodness it is behind us now. Amen – ask questions for sure. Thanks for this awesome response! Hugs and love xox

    • I would disagree on the notion that We have a “Real American President fighting for America”. I’m neither concern with left or right, only when it comes to putting get my shoes on. This country isn’t united, it’s become more diverse. And we are all turning a blind eye if we think it has nothing to do with race. Racism has not ended, it’s being feed.

      • I disagree with you. It’s the leftist insanity that has stirred up all the racist hatred. The false narrative against the president is wrong. The left always does that. Every time they get beat or don’t have an answer, they always play the race card. I never said anything about our country being united, but we should all strive to live in peace with each other. Punching people in the face who are wearing rad hats and sicking Antifa on everyone like a pack of pitbulls is sinful and wrong. I am not a racist because I voted for Trump. I truly hope you are not accusing me of being a racist sister. I think CNN and MSNBC have beat that horse to death. There will always be racist people and the media loves to feed into that hatred. They lie about Trump all the time just to make people angry. It is not racist to stand up for your country and want to protect it. Who would you have wanted, Hillary? The Clinton family is evil and I would have never voted for her. Trump stopped the economic death of our country by not signing the TPP and he got rid of the anti-American NAFTA. He made all new deals that actually benefit our country’s workers and economy. Enough with the racism nonsense. Trump is not a racist. He isn’t perfect and he can be rough around the edges, but he is no racist. He is a real American president and he loves our country. We may not agree, but you are my sister in Christ. God bless

      • I did not say you’re a racist. Those words never came out of my mouth. Both sides are not benefiting the country. And racism does exist on both sides (democrat & republican). But you just said Clinton is evil, yet shown Trump grace because he isn’t perfect. I don’t understand. Confusing. I agree to disagree.

      • It’s not confusing. Bill Clinton assaulted and raped many women. He was also involved in Iran Contra and the death of two young boys in Mena, Arkansas and Hillary and her law firm at the time covered it up. Hillary is also openly involved in witchcraft. I am speaking of facts and history. There is nothing confusing about it. Yes, we are all sinful and there are many sinful people in our government. I can show the Clinton’s grace as I pray for them. I just wouldn’t vote for them. Savvy? Yes, we will continue to agree to disagree.

  8. I am surprised you can support Donajld Trump given all the awful things he has said and done over the past 2+years. He has been a bully, mean spirited, and bigoted to name a few. His actions havent been very Christian.

    Speaking g of being Christian, I am one as well but I wonder how your non- Christian followers feel about your talk about the bible and church being the way to live. I know quite a few non Christian’s who are the most loving people.

    • Hi Kelly, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. I am very open about my faith, yes. But I never put down anyone down for their beliefs or pressure anyone into believing what I do. I have respect and love for all people, regardless of their belief systems. That being said, I do speak about my beliefs, in what I consciously try to be in a positive and loving way. You’re right – following Jesus is the way I live (or at least try to). But if people live otherwise, that’s cool too – I love them just the same! As far as Trump goes, he has done and said a lot of things that I do not agree with, but he defends the unborn. And that is something that I support with my everything. That is why I originally supported him. Still is. Thank you for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

      • In my opinion, Trump is not a Christian – not how I understand what a Christian is. Every day and at every opportunity he bashes almost all that a true American would not bash – like the Constitution for one and the institutions that make America what it is. Bullying, disrespecting women, degrading minorities, the disabled and military heroes does not make a good person let alone a good Christian. Think of the way President Carter lives a Christian life – his words and actions show how much he loves this country and its people (all of them). So, I’m thinking that if another candidate came along and opposed abortion but led a truly Christian life you would support them no matter what party they represented and would dump Trump in a minute? I guess I just don’t get how a person like Trump can have such strong, almost blind support from Christians.
        The media (all sides and opinions) and our Government are us – we are the people and the people are this country.
        I served 22 years in the United States Navy (1975-1997) and as a veteran, I can tell you from experience, Trump does not really support or respect the military or the people that have served and serve today.
        Sorry to come off so heavy about this but I would have and still would give my life to protect, defend and support the Constitution of the United States and the people (all of them) against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Mr. Trump, doubtful.

      • Hi friend, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. His stance on life is definitely the draw to Christians. He has done and said a lot of things I don’t agree with, but his protection for the unborn is something that is nonnegotiable for me. He protects the sanctity of life. And that is the foundation of my faith. Thank you so much for your service to this country. The sacrifices you made for our country are worthy of praise and gratitude! Hugs and love xox

      • I guess I’ll never get him or his messages. He endorses violence (by not denouncing it), creates divisiveness, and spreads hatered and pedals fear. It’s the living that he doesn’t support. Can you honestly say you feel he is a Christian or supports Christian values? That’s too much of a pass for that man to receive from Christians. Love your posts and your messages. Chris

      • Hi again Chris, I think his stance on defending the unborn is as Christian as you can get.

  9. Oh the investigation may be over but the Congress Democrats are dying to get the full text of the report so they can sift it for anything they can use against Trump. Likewise the mainstream press, so the circus is just getting started.

    • Thanks James , you’re right about that – they’re going to cry foul until the next election in 2020, we can be sure of that.

  10. I’ve found diversification in all areas of life, including news, seems to produce more success. Also measuring everything that is written against the Bible and “fruits”. Too many people trust while missing confirmation of fruits and the deeper intent. It takes diligence and patience but it gets easier the more you focus and meditate your energy on Christ and His mission.

    • That’s such great advice. Thank you so much. Amen – on Christ and His mission! Hugs and love xox

  11. Grr… You’re making me think about things. Like whether I am a conservative Dem or a liberal Rep. I don’t know. Either way, please understand that for the good guys (those seeking the truth and not the scandal), this is not over. I am glad that the collusion part has been silenced (after 34 indictments we get the picture), but Muller DID NOT exonerate him from Obstruction.

    I think Muller needs to be called to testify, right alongside the AG and maybe Rod Rosenstein. I know that the ultra left needs to shut up after apologizing. I feel that we have a long way to go still.

    We Christians do need to wake to a sense greater than “stay in your lane”. The world needs leaders, healers, hopeful people willing to fight for unity and not political agendas. Even though this is not about ministry, it still reminds me of the parable of the sower. What type of ground is present in our hearts? Are we the hard earth and unable to give room to be Christian out loud? Are we wheat that can be choked by the tares? Or are we ready to to be Christian at the level of not only receiving the Truth, but propogating it an hundred fold, 60 fold, 30 fold?

    You inspire me. Thank you.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. You’re absolutely right- the world desperately needs leaders for sure. Hugs and love xox

  12. Also…ye will know them by the gifts they give.An evil tree is not capable of putting forth good fruit, neither a good tree capable of putting forth bad.

    In all honesty, I don’t care about Trump. I don’t like him. I don’t think he reflects the importance and sacredness of the office of POTUS.

    I do care about America. THIS IS THE PROMISED LAND! The Constitution was written by men after inspiration from GOD ALMIGHTY and we need to get back to the memory of that. Of course, we need to give room for interpretation of how those thoughts pertain to society AS IT EXISTS NOW, but in no way change them to suit the times. It is a document of sanctity and WE need to change for IT.

  13. Well Said. There is a calling to spread words that unite, not false narratives that incite division. That is all that I have seen by most mainstream media giants on either side of the aisle. A few points that I have found work, watch foreign news reports on US affairs. I personally like BBC, as they do not have a vested interest in reporting one side of the narrative. I also prefer written versus television, because it is more time consuming to twist written words than to speak them, and it is usually easily discerned within the first paragraph written versus twisted with a slight turn of the tongue. Not that either are foolproof. Finally, I am reminded of a great quote by Booker T Washington

    “The happiest people are those who do the most for others. The most miserable are those who do the least.”
    ― Booker T. Washington, Up from Slavery

    What has the media or numerous politicians who bought into this false narrative done to help others? Misery loves company, and the last I looked they are doing nothing but pedaling misery for money. Thank you for this article.

    • Thank you so much Thomas, amen – uniting words!! And I agree – with TV there’s a lot of room for muddy water is: advertisers, networks, audience ratings etc. thanks! Hugs and love xox

  14. I will never during the 1990 election when positive economic news came out and the media said it wasn’t a good sign for the economy. It was my wake up call that there is definitely a bias in the media. I don’t look to the media for information about candidates during an election. I listen to the candidates. It is so easy to find their speeches online these days.

    With that said, now more than ever I feel the need to pray and seek guidance to screen out the ‘noise’ and wait for the truth to come out.

    • Thanks friend. You’re right, we need to pray for those in office and for the truth to come out. Hugs and love xox

  15. Absolutely! We can’t be a light unto the world without going out INTO the world and being aware of our surroundings (Matthew 10:16). Regarding news sources, the ones I trust the most include Michael Savage, Alex Jones, and World Net Daily. And my pastor in Eugene reads World Magazine.

    • Amen to that, Steve!! Thanks for the recco. Will def check them out! Hugs and love xox

  16. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter where we get our “news” from. All secular news is skewed towards a secular agenda. What is important for us is to take all “news” and push it through the filter of the only source of truth we truly have. The scriptures. We are in the midst of a spiritual competition or battle. Have been for a long time. The truth that we have been privileged to receive is able to steer us through the quagmire that is this world. However the spirit speaks to you, listen to it. Don’t expect to get your answers from the media. All you get from them are more questions that you need to bring to God. My two cents FWIW.

    • Hi Michael, that’s really so true. Push it through that divine filter for sure. And amen – bring our questions to God! Such truth! Hugs and love xox

  17. Totally!! I hate how everyone has tried to hard to destroy President Trump, when all he’s done is tried his hardest to fix the world.

    I follow political news, but I never watch local news (or whatever other newses there are). When I was around six years old, a news reporter told us all that an old man had only put hot water so far in his bathtub–no cold water added yet–when he fell in and was scalded to death. That was about 35 years ago, and I’m still traumatized just by having seen that news report.

    So I have to disagree that we should always stay informed and watch the news. But let’s put it this way: we should all stay as informed as we are capable of, and give of ourselves as much as we can! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Meg!! I’m right there with ya girl! Oh my gosh what a terrible story!! I’m so sorry that scarred you at such a young age. Amen to that. Hugs and love xox

  18. I agree with your Christian worldview and generally with conservative-leaning values. My brother holds much more liberal views. We agree that objective, factual news is disappearing from the US. He relies on the BBC for news about our nation. I’m inclined to do the same.

    • Thank you Janice – you’re right, we need objective and factual news!! Hugs and love xox

  19. I tend to stay away from any television outlet that features talking heads that do nothing but interrupt and argue. With that, I’m not a great fan of MSNBC or Fox News. I lean toward PBS News Hour simply because real conversations take place; with the calmer atmosphere, where a speaker is allowed to finish a point, it’s easier to digest and recognize if there is a slant. And having worked in print journalism, give me a newspaper any day, though admittedly they can be slanted as well. Hugs and love from Kentucky– Mike

    • Thanks Mike for that suggestion! I agree – I like print too – haha clearly 🙂 I think the more we’re aware of it, the more we can be aware of any biases. Thanks so much! Hugs and love xox

  20. Loved this one! I was actually thinking of publishing a slate of news sources, now that I am off Fox until Judge Jeanine comes back. Here is a partial list: John just had a bout with throat cancer, so his voice is gravelly. He’s incredible! Neither right not left, but all about what’s current, what’s history. Then there is Buck Sexton: He’s former CIA and incredibly sharp. I listen to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Mark Levin. Of all of them, John Batchelor is my favorite. One minute, he’s talking astronomy, the next the Kurds….If you only have an hour, spend it with John Bachelor.

    • Thank you Sandman! I really appreciate the reccos! I will definitely b checking them out! Hugs and love xox

  21. Second the recommendation for Allsides that someone else mentioned. As a journalism major, I was always taught to read a number of different sources (including newspapers/sites published and edited overseas) before coming to any decision about the facts. That has served me pretty well over the years, especially when reading about conflicts in other countries, where our U.S. papers might not present the most unbiased perspective.

    Just from a personal perspective, I find it interesting to see what different groups think of different events, and it’s good to get out of my bubble, but it’s also usually more accurate than the ideas of only one person or group.

    Another factor is time – in the rush to get the quickest take, I don’t think the takes are necessarily the most useful. A lot of them seem to be largely speculative and driven by gossip, even from otherwise intelligent writers. Longer, analysis-driven pieces written a few days or weeks after the fact are usually worth more to me than something written 30 seconds after the fact.

    • Thank you Liz! All sides is going on my shortlist ☺️ and that’s another really great point – time is important to get all the fact and more of a complete story. Thanks again for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  22. “It’s that, as Christians, we have a huge responsibility when it comes to how we see the world, and what news we take in.” – you gotta be kidding. As Christians do you need to condone someone saying in public that his daughter is a piece of a** or if you have money, you can grab a female private part with impunity. I do not agree with you in many things ( though I love many of your recipes) but you lost me in this one completely. A man who does not have the simple decency to stop criticizing a real American hero, even when he is dead, does not have much moral and there is nothing Christian or non-Christian about it.

    • Hi friend, thank you for joining the conversation. I certainly do not agree with a lot of the things trump has done and said. But he protects the unborn and is our president, so I will show him respect. This post was meant only to address the failure of the news media. Not a breakdown of trump and his actions. Hugs and love xox

      • So come out clearly saying that as long as any one, how dastardly he or she may be, is pro-life, he or she will have your support. Nothing else matters.

      • When it was down between Hillary and Trump, I absolutely chose Trump. And stand by that.

      • I am not talking about politics here. Voting for someone or not is a personal choice. One can agree or disagree. To me there is nothing Christian about supporting Trump unless I am missing something here.

      • Okay 🙂 I voted for a pro life ticket, which is, in my opinion, a Christian issue. And in this election, that was Trump.

      • So you are saying that only moral issue that should dictet a Christian viewpoint in an election cycle is pro-life and nothing else.

      • No, there are a lot of other issues that Republicans stand for that I agree with. You can read them in my “profile of a trump supporter” post. But the make or break issue, yes – is protecting the unborn babies

      • I think that fanatical mindset precludes any middle ground, both in the right and the left. In an ideal world, abortion will be completely unnecessary but we do not live in an ideal world. In a male dominated society, women were precluded from owning property, from voting and while polygamy was prevalent, bigamy was punishable with death. Same with this issue also. While “boys will be boys” is a phrase still in vogue, women bear the burden. Till there is an ideal world, I will leave that choice to woman and her God and her medical practitioners and keep my nose out of it. You are welcome to your choice and I will have mine. Alas, the twain shall never meet😂 and the divide continues. Hopefully we can still agree to disagree in a civil way and not instigated to a war path.

      • Absolutely! The beautiful thing about a community is that every brings to the conversation their own viewpoint and beliefs and life experience. Having a respectful and open minded dialogue is a refreshing and beautiful thing. So I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts. You’ve provided some great food for thought. Absolutely! Big hugs to you xox

      • When I was working in India, a Muslim lady used to work at my quarter as a cleaning lady and her husband used to work as a gardener. They already had eight or nine children and she was pregnant with the next one a d nearly full term. I was afraid that she would deliver while working one day. After much persuasion and my assurance that she can come back to work once everything was OK, she was off. Few weeks passed and one day the husband came back. Asked him what happened and he replied that his wife died during delivery but the baby survived. He married again because someone had to look after the baby. I am not passing any judgement but it bothers me still.

  23. Umm, actually it does show that the campaign coordinated with the Russian government. Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, George Papadopoulos, Jared Kushner were all in contact with the Russian government and they knew it. Trump knew it. Stop trying to play fence with this. The same day that Trump asked the Russians if they could find the “missing emails” the Hillary campaign got spear fished.

    A little academic honesty goes a long way.

  24. I’ve got to say, I’ve been reading your post. And I can say we need to stop with Christianity title. There’s a lot that those who voted for Trump are not really saying. As I do not support abortion, I nor you can stop someone from taking that course. That is a decision between God and the woman. Until we actually start having a real conversation of why many people voted for Trump, then I’ll be ready to listen and talk.
    And if we want to use Jesus, He would not have selected any side, nor had anything negative to say about both sides. Jesus walked with everyone. But He did not support or endorse their way of life. He sort to change their hearts and turn toward God. There was no lesser or one specific choice as to why He walk with them. We are all Gods children. Trump is no different, but He is not a leader. He has no concept of humility, because no one has ever told him No. He’s not been given a No that can strip away at the core. I’ve been there in the dark and so have you. I pray for Trump, because He does his job on impulse, fleshly desire he wishes to fulfill no matter the cost. I pray for God to wn Trump over to Christ. Only God has the power now to change the course of this country, and goes for all Christians. The Christianity faith is very divided.
    I do sense your post is very one sided. Nevertheless, I cannot seek to change your mind.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this perspective. You’ve given a lot of great food for thought for sure. Especially re: Jesus. Yes, he walked with everyone. And loved everyone and helped them turn towards God. I fully agree. And also – I do think there are certain things He would have had righteous anger about – look at the gambling tables outside the temple. He literally flipped the tables in rage saying that you will not make My Fathers house a den of thieves. (May 21:12). It makes we wonder how He would respond to the killing of the unborn. But I definitely will join you in that prayer for Trump. And I appreciate you sharing your heart on these emotional issues. Hugs and love xox

      • Of course Jesus would be angered by abortion. But I believe as He did for the women who was going to be stoned, He’d have some words to share (He was very good with the gospel). I do pray for Trump. I pray for everyone because humility is the key to mending US. It is indeed broken, and we’re using our own strength to mend it. But we fail to see only God can do that. But I want to say I appreciate your response. Although, we maybe on opposing sides I can respect how we conducted this debate. It’s refreshing.

      • I agree – this world needs God’s intervention. That is the only way to heal the brokenness, as you said! And amen! That’s the beauty of community – there can be different views, but listening with respect and seeking to understand is —- exactly —- refreshing!! Thanks so much for joining the conversation. You’ve definitely given me a lot to think about 💛💛💛 Hugs and love xox

    • Hah, it is the million dollar question. Thanks Barbara, I’ll certainly let you know!! Hugs and love xox

  25. Russia is an awesome, believing in miracles Christian nation, it would be good for America to “collude” thus. I liked DJT ever since he spoke of peace between USA & Russia (that seems to be when American mainstream decided to hate him in overdrive – apparently they prefer conflict!). … For TV news reportage, every outlet has an agenda. If you’re looking for an overseas alternative, don’t trust BBC, it’s very biased (but pretends to be objective). RT is much better (regardless of what US mainstream might say). … Most news, alas, is about sowing seeds of panic & fear. Do we really need that every day? … What I dislike also is the way they (The News People) speculate (usually incorrectly!), they assert that they are experts, then get things wrong, & rarely follow through on a story to the end, answering questions you would like. … News tends to focus on unimportant things, in hindsight. History is much better!

    • Hi Svetka! Thank you so much for this powerful perspective. Amen to that! One of my best friends is from Russia and you’re so right – it is a terrific country, with good, loving people! I do hate how villainized it has been in the media too. And you’re right – fear mongering is the name of the news cycle game. This was a refreshing response. Thank you so much! Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you Gina – yeah I’m looking forward to diving into these recommendations! Hugs and love xox

  26. Great post. It is revealing that this report that concludes that our President did not collude with Russia does not bring joy to all Americans. Should the President be Obama, Bush, Regan or Nixon, it would be a relief to know he was not colluding. Our country stands on a dangerous precipice, dark and stormy. We must continue to pray and stand for righteousness. Thank you for your words.

    • Thank you so much! I have not read your posts, but this is a community bulletin board or sorts, so feel free. Hugs and love xox

      • thank you Caralyn the link to my blog on cultural Marxism is a direct shot at the left and the philosophy or premise that underlays leftist ideology. The second link is a response to much of what is going on the the evangelical movement.

        To comment on your post regarding the Christian Church’s role and the tendency to play ostrich rather than tackle the left front on you’re right many in the church simply don’t want to take them on. I applaud your stand you are more evangelical than many in the Evangelical movement. Keep up the great work. Hugs, Chris

  27. I’m saddened by your words; I suspect that one day you will be, too.

    I have more respect for Rachel Maddow, her honesty and integrity, and the quality of her reporting than for most. I don’t agree with her about abortion – I hope one day she sees it differently. I used to feel about her the way you apparently do, until I decided to give her a chance by watching her show. And, no, she didn’t almost cry about the Mueller report – I don’t know why you would want to say she did. Where did you get that impression?

    May the God of grace and peace and love, proven by the witness and passion of his son Jesus, guide you and bless you.


    • Hi DW, thank you for sharing your thoughts and sharing your heart on this. I’m sorry that you feel saddened by my words. Calling for honesty and integrity in reporting is something I thought we all could get behind. I appreciate you stopping by and for your prayers. God bless you as well 🙂 hugs xo

      • I’m definitely behind honesty and integrity in reporting. I think slamming the people who are trying to do it in a really difficult environment is helping; I took your comments about the media being “caught with their pants down” and about MSNBC and Rachel Maddow as a slam. I hope, as those who are trying to follow Jesus, we can avoid the partisan politics that divide us. Grace and peace to you…

      • well then that desire for honest reporting is something that we can both agree on 🙂

  28. Many choose to believe what they already believe; I call them evidence-proof. Unfortunately, some, strong, spiritual religions have this tendency. Now we have, in America, developed political religions based on this same foundation.

    Our quandary is sorting through facts and beliefs. What we wish to be true does not always turn out that way. America is divided among those who think, examine, and look for verity in the information they use to vote and behave, and those who are convinced that some group belief answers any question of events.

    Politics is so susceptible to forming warring philosophies that they advance no matter what the facts may say. Accusations, gossip, rumors, and belief in conspiracies still rule many cultures in the world.

    When factions in powerful positions fail in way of losing power, they go irrational; it is not about truth, it is about control. As one assumption after another withers in the light of facts, they brush them aside, and attack, ad hominem, the people who won.

    Have any of our past presidents had character flaws? Yes, many in different parts of life. But Jesus is not available as a perfect candidate. Criticism is one thing indicting is another. After 22 months of attorneys galore, subpoenas, witnesses, and investigations, Mueller has concluded that President Trump and his associates committed no provable crimes related to the 2016 election.

    Hatred is part of our human nature, but rules of law have been agreed to keep emotions from dominating our society. We have slipped off of this obvious element of civilization with a dauntless, attack on any part of Donald Trump the haters that they can discover, or manufacture. Civilizations keep these feral intents under some control with laws. Guilty is guilty; innocent is innocent; but suspicion is not enough to punish a person; accusations must be proven.

    We all have lost competitions. Societal rules define the games and consequences from winning and losing. Sore losers can try to change the rules, but should we let them?

    • Thank you Von for sharing your thoughts on this. Political religions – isn’t that the truth. Hugs and love xox

      • I think your perceptions are more verifiable than what I read in the press. Over 80% of the so-called- “news” is “opinion, “comment,” “analysis.” Chrome browser blocks all Fox sites be cause they don’t like their content. Yet the content of the New York Times and Washington Post, CNN MSNBC, all are free to view. This kind of censorship, especially if not specifically posted and explained, leaves readers cut out of ideas and information that could balance the impressions of the rest of the press. “Believe it or not.” and “Caveat Emptor” have been denied options to evaluate. I like your willingness to speak up when we have such disservice in the Information age. Your readers are blessed.

  29. BBC world news and Al-jazeera: news sources that are accurate and trustworthy. You can download both as apps on your phone or make them the home page on your web browser.

    Also, I’m studying at USC and just watched an incredible live-stream at the USC Caruso Catholic Center who hosted Helen Prejean, author of the book Dead Man Walking (with Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn) about the death penalty. She’s a “rubber-meets-the-road” activist and follower of Jesus.

    My favorite quote from her sharing was “when you move things and stretch people to follow the Gospel that’s more challenging that they’ve had before, where they’ve been able to draw that line in the sand that I’m against taking the life of unborn babies, but those criminals, they’ve crossed the line, they’re guilty, that deserve what they get. I…but is that the Gospel?…So whenever people are challenged to that depth in the Gospel they are often going to strike out in a level of criticism to the one who is articulating the challenge.”

    She discusses the power of forgiveness and highlights what true healing is through restorative justice. If you have 40 minutes, it’s WELL worth the watch. Again, thank you for your voice. The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you, the Lord turn his face toward you and five you peace, Caralyn (Numbers 6:22-26).

    • Thank you so much Nathalie, these are great resources. And wow i love that quote so much!! I will definitely have to check out her book. hugs xo

  30. Thanks for your opinions.

    I fully expected that Trump would not be indicted by the Mueller Report.

    However Mueller did not exonerate the President.

    Apparently he laid out suppositions for and against possible exoneration of Trump. AG Barr is suspect due to his memorandum earlier this year proclaiming that the president should not have been investigated and his reporting – summary may have obfuscated parts of the report. Until the full report is made public (excluding legalities such as Grand Jury testimony etc.) we the people will not know the full intent of the Mueller Report and how much has been hidden if anything by Barr. I know I may be the only or one of few dissenting voices responding to your post. Eventually the truth will out.

    • Hi Kai, thank you for joining the conversation. i guess all we can say is “we shall see.”

  31. I’m not a US citizen and right now, Thank the Good Lord for that. Whatever the report is, you can be sure you’re not going to hear the end of it.

    I’m no fan of Trump, but I still didn’t like the way that the media went on a campaign to slur his name even before he took office. All the rumors, scandals, coverage, etc., it was a serious spectacle launched by biased sore losers – Democratic Party.
    I guess they never expected him to win and they weren’t going to give him a chance to what he intended either; just in case he actually succeeds in making American Great again, complete smashing any and every excuse the Dems ever dreamed up for not doing so when Obama was in office.

    It seems that no matter who is in office, there will always be someone opposed to your agenda; whether good or bad. The fact that Trump won clearly showed that America was fed up of the lies, corruption, bureaucracy that had become the American political system on both sides; from both major parties. So they believed that someone new; who has no previous experience with Politics.

    When Trump won, and the attacks started, I was like, “Come on, people, hear the man out, give him a chance, let him explain his plan completely before you derail him or object to it.” Everyone should have their say.. Am I wrong on that?
    But No.. that is not what happened. It was just attack after attack with Trump reacting like a child to all the accusations, etc. As a result, he said some stupid things, did stupid things and now his whole presidency is looking like a giant fiasco.
    The more mature person would be to take in the accusations, said nothing, ignored them, proceed with his plan calmly and then let the results speak for themselves. You guys don’t need a president that spends his time on twitter. You needs a person that leads. It speaks to Trump’s character.

    And then to walk into the trap of separating children from parents at the border. What was Trump thinking? This was happening long before Trump took office since the time of the Clintons. That’s right.. the same ones that tweeted on and on against it were the very same who started it. The Dems didn’t want anyone to know that until a border guard told the truth. #ThoseHypocrites.
    And all the posts of children being separated. The most famous picture of a kid crying behind bars was a photoshoot done in Europe to show the plight of Syrian refugees. Instead it was heavily edited and used to focus on Trump. I remember seeing a video about it.
    I also had to question, why was there a sudden “rush” on the border just right at that exact moment. Coincidental?.. I think not.. It clearly was a planned political trap.

    As an outsider I’m just watching the whole thing as shaking my head in dismay..

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. Yeah – Trump was walking into the media’s den of lion before he even took office. POlitics is an ugly, ugly monster if you ask me. hugs xo

      • Have a theory about Politics…
        “Poli” or “Poly” is a mathematical term meaning “Many”
        “Tics” or “ticks” are blood sucking creatures.
        Ergo… Politics = Many Blood Sucking Creatures.

  32. Thanks Caralyn,
    I have scanned Breitbart for some time.
    I have also followed deeper U.S. news since late 2017 (I think from the U.S. military); pro the constitution and the president

  33. I hardly watch news on politics now. Reading the headlines is good enough for me. Listening to politicians talk hurt my eardrum. I’d rather switch to sports, or food channel. They are more honest to watch on tv.

    • THanks David, yeah it hurts my eardrums too! haha I’m big on HGTV myself 🙂 hehe hugs xo

  34. Well said. I can relate to the temptation to isolate/insulate oneself from the news. When I taught history/gov’t, I HAD to pay close attention to it, but when I left teaching and that was no longer a requirement, I was so tempted to close the door tightly and ignore what was going on. But the verse you quoted (plus one), Rom. 12:1-2, is my life passage, and I knew that I had to keep my eyes on the pulse so that I could fulfill that commitment in my writing and everything else. Thanks for sharing these things so openly. It encourages others to stand, too.

    • thank you friend, yeah it can be depressing to watch the news! I appreciate your support. hugs xo

  35. Great post! Yes, there’s a political circus going on before our eyes but it’s so much deeper and quite spiritual at the core. So glad you use your voice and call a spade a spade when it comes to the media agenda.
    I like your call to fellow believers. We live in a broken world and we are supposed to help Jesus fix it…not as you say “shut out the world”. Well done. – Tina

    • Thank you so much Tina! A political circus is right! I appreciate your support. hugs and love xox

  36. I am struggling with my desire to stay true to myself and my political outlook on life. The second term of the Obama Administration did me in. However, I realize that the country is on a precipice and if I don’t speak out now, when? That said, how do I speak out so people will actually listen? For Christmas, I asked for Glenn Beck’s book Addicted To Outrage. I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, but I think it’s time. It’s about how to engage our misguided brothers and sisters in a way that won’t have them on a chair, screaming back at us across the Thanksgiving table. As for the Left and the Media, this verdict won’t slow them down one bit. As a matter of fact, I expect it to get worse. Oh goody.

    • Hi Jerry, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I haven’t read Beck’s book, but may just have to pick it up. I agree – it will probably only get uglier. glad you stopped by! hugs xo

  37. Never believed the Russiagate stuff from the beginning. IMO, it was a deflection and a way to hide the cheating and voter purging done by the DNC/Clinton in the 2016 primary election (evidence of it in the emails and in the book on the Clinton campaign journey in the book Shattered). But I get snapped at for thinking such things because no one is allowed to speak negatively about Clinton or even the Democrats to a certain extent (and I don’t care for the Republicans, either. They’re all corrupt and bought but for a small handful). Truth = Jesus Christ. Have a blessed day. 🙂

  38. Americans should thank God for our free press. As bad as things sometimes are, they would be so much worse if journalists couldn’t report (and give commentary) on what is happening inside and around government.

    • Truth be told, journalists in Europe and elsewhere are equally as critical of Trump. I’ve come to believe that all media, the world over has gone so far left field that you can’t really believe anyone anymore.

  39. I try and watch new sources outside of the US or if I can maybe sources that don’t identify with certain parties. It’s hard, but usually you can tell the way an article is written when they’re being biased.

    I do agree that we should be well informed on what’s happening in this world so we’re not caught off guard. I know the enemy is hard at work to stay on top of things, so should we.

    But we can’t forget that certain people are called to do certain things. And maybe that has to do with less paying attention to all that is going on in the world and more of what’s going on in the worlds of the people they are directly influencing.

    I certainly don’t watch the news as I used to, mostly because it’s usually negativity being broadcasted. I know that’s what catches ratings, but it gets old. I usually go and search out things and read only what seems important.

    Great post!

    • Thank you friend. Yeah, I agree – it’s a lot of negativity and shouting over one another. Gets old fast. But you’re right – staying informed and paying attention is a must! big hugs xo

  40. Hey! I just started going to Smart Her News. It’s a beautiful website and writes just the facts!

    I had stopped watching/reading the news because it either made me angry or you thought the sky was falling. Smart Her News has been great.

    • Thanks so much Meg! I will definitely check that out! thanks for the recco! hugs xo

  41. Caralyn, Yes. No more drinking the agenda’s Koolaid. I wonder if even at this point, the liberal media will stop their attack on Trump. They’re already making excuses about the Mueller report being biased.

    • Thanks so much Kevin for sharing your thoughts on this. Yeah, there’s already a new dialogue of disbelief, bias, and incompleteness. Another day, another angle.

  42. “While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”
    Only Trump and his supporters could read this as complete and total vindication. Even if there was no collusion, Russian hackers and government officials did interfere with the 2016 elections. Barr himself admitted as much. I kept waiting for Trump to say, “I did not collude with Russia. But if foreign interests interfered with our elections, we need to investigate and stop them from doing it in the future.” If he had, I would give him some benefit of the doubt.
    Before 2016, I never would have thought that conservatives wouldn’t care that Russia, of all nations, interfered with our elections. O brave new world!
    Bam? No. Sorry, no room for gloating here. No room for blaming the “mainstream media” while Russia and any foreign country is free to attack our democracy with impunity.

    • Hi David, thank you for joining the conversation and sharing your thoughts. i appreciate you stopping by. hugs x

  43. I love your optimism that it’s over, but I’m sure you know it’s not. Even today’s news has the left up in arms. It’s a huge distraction to so many important things and a big waste of money. You are right. We cannot live in a bubble, no matter how much we love our bubble. Bubbles pop, so we have to look at what’s going on out there. Thank you for your courageous voice.

    • Thanks Bonnie, yeah sadly I think you’re right. I’m afraid it’s only just begun. Hugs and love xox

  44. Nothing is over. TRUMP LIED! Trump said the Mueller Report “exonerated” him of everything. Trump said is was a “Full Exoneration”. TRUMP LIED. No one has seen “The Mueller Report” except Mueller, Barr and possibly Rosenstein. We don’t even known how many pages long The REAL Mueller Report is. The ONLY thing we know is that Barr wrote a four page (4 page) puff piece, and itn it Barr even said The Mueller Report DOES NOT EXONERATE TRUMP. Thus, TRUMP LIED. Trump is a LIAR. How can YOU PEOPLE not see that. “THOU SHALT NOT LIE!” Does that ring a bell for any of you who claim to be Christians? Well, TRUMP IS A LIAR. So now what is your excuse?

  45. My tips for news:
    Conservative Tribune
    Judicial Watch
    I Love My Freedom
    Return to Order

  46. Ok, so, to be more concise with my criticism of your conclusions:

    Richard Nixon resigned over less evidence than this. It has never actually been definitively proven that Richard Nixon ordered the Watergate break in, but for the political purposes of impeachment there was overwhelming evidence to conclude he had.

    Impeachment is a political process, not a criminal process. The standard of evidence to sustain impeachment is therefore much less than that of a traditional, non-political court of law. In this case there is overwhelming evidence–even more than had been assembled against Nixon when he resigned–that Donald J. Trump conspired with the Russian government to gain the Presidency, and at the very least–if not that–he was used by the Russian government. Both are flatly impeachable.

    Unfortunately, the Republican party learned well from the Watergate scandal, that such a catastrophic failure of executive ethics does in fact carry over onto the entire party. That’s why they’ve circled the wagons and aren’t willing to release the entire report.

  47. I am of two minds about your thesis here, that we need to seek accurate news to make informed decisions about affairs in the political realm. On the one hand, I agree with you: We need to be aware of what is going on in the world, and no man is an island. Shoot, even biased news tells us something. But on the other hand, I disagree with you on the grounds that getting sucked into an ideological struggle can have deleterious effects on us, spiritually, and those around us.

    Ideology wants us to take positions and protest this, that, or the other. Ideology demands rivalry. Morality, contrariwise, wants us to do what is right. Said another way: we should inform ourselves insofar as it helps us determine the good, true, and moral decisions to make.

    So the Mueller nonsense, to me, is not a call to consume MORE news, but actually to be more discerning about it, and maybe even consume less. Mass hysteria would not have happened on this if people were sensible and were cultivating virtues of Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, and Prudence. The lie-peddlers of the world win if we continue to get ourselves wrapped up in their games. It might sound cliche, but in this particular game the only winning move is not to play.

    Lets avoid misunderstanding, also, about what I am advocating. What I am not saying, is “don’t watch news”. I myself still consume a lot of news. What I am saying is, “don’t get emotionally wrapped up in the news”. Don’t define yourself ideologically. I am a Catholic before I am a Republican. Catholic isn’t an ideological statement, there is no rivalry. It is Truth. Republicans are not the guardians of morality, the Church is. Republicans are hopefully informed by morality. But every ideology will disappoint us if we invest our hopes in them.

    God should be the center of all things. If the news and our ideological struggles are not bringing us Joy, Peace, and Life; are not bringing us closer to God; are preventing us from being charitable to our neighbors: it means something in our lives is out of proportion.

    Thank you for this thought provoking post!

    • Hi Scoot, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and of offering this perspective. The good, the true and the moral – those are great guidelines for sure. hugs x

  48. Democracy Now focuses on how the power-dealings of the world affect the plight of the poor and powerless. Probably more aligned with the tenets of Jesus than the networks you are relying upon.

  49. I don’t believe you defined mainstream. Fox News is like another branch of our government. The network has twice the market share as its competition. I think they’ve found a sliver truth in anything Trump has done. Creating fan boys as loyal as any Apple Millennial.

      • Wait. So? Who’s the mainstream media you’re referring too? Those that disagree. Or. Fox News? Who’s been more than favorable to anything he’s attempted.

  50. Of course everything is biased. We are supposed to use discernment.Perhaps growing up in Cold War Europe, in the era of constant tit-for-tat expulsions and having been entertained by Eastern European radio broadcasts from that era on my little Short Wave radio, I knew not to believe everything I heard.
    My parents and grandparents told similar stories about WW2.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. What a time to have grown up. Hugs and love xox

  51. Hindsight is 20/20, I always tend to put things in a historical context.
    The real truth will come out eventually. My younsters ask me about the Thatcher era in the UK.
    It will be interesting to see how this era will be remembered.
    I actually lived briefly in Reagan’s America. I have shown my youngsters his
    “MR Gorbachov tear down this wall”speech. I know very little of his policies but I remember two things he reunited Europe and he had a lovely, happy marriage. Bill Clinton helped end decades of bloodshed in Northern Ireland. I personally admire Bush for teaming with Bono to help fight Aids in Africa. The Obama era is still too new to put in a historical context but as a person and a true family man, his personal conduct appeared impeccable.
    What will we all be telling youngsters about the current era in the future? I think we will have to explain why we all let ourselves be divided and turned against each other.

  52. I’m currently taking a break from Youtube (for Lent), but I found that a mix of Tim Pool and Joe Rogan for regular news (a bit left-leaning, but the straightest news I can find), and a smattering of a few alternative right-leaning sources generally gives me a good all-around picture of what’s going on.

  53. Hi, beautybeyondbones, wow, I am still amazed at the level of disrespect some of God’s people have for Him and his plan to save America and we, the people from the hands of Satan’s human minions who have worked hard for over sixty-years to paint the canvas we have today called: America! But, the thing is – its a brush of lies, deceit and corruption at the very highest level. Father, had finally answered our prayers for peace, justice and to stop the devil in his tracks from destroying America any further – He gave us Trump, who is at this present moment draining the swamp of what was Washington, DC and the White House from demons and devils that had full range there. To a place where angels and Mother Mary can dwell. Here is the disrespect, in stead of dropping to our knees and say, Thank you, God. We slander the answer to our prayers and arm of God with lie after lie after lie. So much harsh judgement have been passed on the man God put in office to help protect this country from the horrible wickedness of the past administrations before 2016. This is one of the reasons Father is heartbroken that even His beloved Church does not recognize Him in the man He chose to do a work no other (man) could do. The truth, this is a sad, sad day – when believer’s side with the devil and enemy of their soul. While I am not a fan MSM, I do stay informed, but through what Jesus tells trusted and verified ministries and Still Small Voice’s Clare and Ezekiel. It is important to be informed on his I agree, but we are not to follow, listen or take advice from world. Scripture says: 1 John 2:15-17 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. as we move closer and closer to the approach of our Lord, Jesus in his Second Coming. Please, let us not forget how tricky, wicked, crafty and evil our enemy, Satan is and his demons, minions and human counterparts are. We should steer clear of them especially those in the MSM they are not for God nor do they speak for Him. All we can do for they (MSM) is pray their eyes be open to the truth and they stop slandering the president. They will nor anyone else who slanders Trump will go unpunished in the judgement because Trump is God’s hand of mercy for America at this present moment and if you don’t like him – you should pray harder for Him and not speak evil of him or touch him with your words. Scripture says: “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm (Psalms 105:15, KJV). Our responsibility should be to pray, for MSM, our nation and the president. You may ask: Why do I steer clear of MSM and all news? The answer is simple, because late last year Jesus told us to. Since then the days, weeks, and months passed have proved Jesus’ advise to be very useful and I’ve come to understand first -hand se I have come to understand why. For our very souls sake and for our salvation. Not everyone can go to the fire and remain unshined. That’s why Jesus told us to steer clear of any kind of news, good, bad or indifferent – news taints. As the bribe of Christ we are to remain pure unsullied by the world in any fashion or form. This in of our itself is near impossible for any human, but with God all things are possible. I learned first hand how news taints – when I continued to post Q’s post and how angry and upset I became of the media’s attitude toward our beloved president trump. I knew right than and there that I was in trouble if I kept listening and posting Q’s Anon Post. Now I steer clear and only listen when it involves what I am writing for my books sake. Jesus is coming back for a bride with spot, wrinkle or blemish. I want to be one of those that are alive and remain – faithful in spirit, soul and mind to the God of my heart-Heavenly Father. As for putting the Jussie Smottett case into prospective – while surfing YouTube yesterday searching for Julie True’s songs – I saw a headline explaining why the Jussie story is resurfacing in the Headlines News again from ‘conviction to all charges dropped’ is to bury Muller’s report of “No Collusion” with Russia which means exoneration of our president – Donald J. Trump. As for me, no matter what the news or any other man says about Donald J. Trump – one day the (whole) story will be told, one day when Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit (The immortal three-in-one) all join voices before the holy angels in heaven to declare, Donald’s My Son! Perhaps, I should be quiet and not speak on this subject, but as some may know – At one time, I had an active blog – Trump in action. But since Jesus told us not to listen to the news of any kind. Saying, he will let us know what is important for us to know. Which essentially put the brakes on my Trump blog so lately I’ve posted very little to not at all on that blog. I feel because of my blog (and beliefs) – Trump is God’s man. I must therefore speak out just as I would if someone spoke negatively about Jesus. We should defend the truth of God whenever possible. And I believe it is my responsibility, honor and privilege to defend him as God’s man and America hope at the close of this generation to wake up those still sleep and in darkness to this fact. Its time to put augments and disagreements aside and sincerely prepare our hearts for the Lord’s return. At this point, it really doesn’t matters whose right or whose wrong – one day very soon we will face the Master’s judgment seat to give account for what, why and how we believed…and that day is coming sooner than anyone could image – Scripture says, Revelation 16:15 (KJV)
    Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. Our concern should be will we be ready when Jesus comes to meet him in the air and enter the joy of the Lord or will we spend eternity regretfully? As Christians, sometimes we need to be reminded of what needs to be done and of the important things to the Lord. I hope, my words here are such ‘reminders’ of what pleases the Lord and to exhort, not judge, or condemn as I have tried to do with my blogs. May God’s mercy, love and grace guide our every step until he comes for us.
    And on that note, I’d like to say a thousand thanks, to BeautyBeyondBones, for always, always liking and following my blogs and post. I am most thankful and appreciative.

    • Thank you so much for joining the conversation and sharing your thoughts on this!! Lots of food for thought here! Big hugs to you xox

  54. 1. No one can say what Jesus would or wouldn’t do. You don’t even know exactly what you would do in every single situation, so how can you possibly speak for someone else?
    2. No one knows what the Mueller report actually says: only what Barr decided to say about it, and even he specifically said the report does NOT exonerate Trump. That’s a huge piece to leave out of your post.
    3. I expected to read something more insightful than what I normally see on a FB comment section.

    • Thanks for joining the conversation, Becky. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

  55. I remember when I was a boy in Catholic school and they taught us how Jesus made fun of the disabled people and I thought, “When will our country have a great leader that truly models Jesus’ teachings?” Then I saw Trump make fun of a disabled reporter on national TV and I thought, “Finally!” But then Trump denied it and said he didn’t do it and I thought, “There’s another false prophet to my savior’s teachings”…
    I’m sure that at some point after Trump leaves office, we will discover something that he did has accidentally turned out to be a good thing. I’m optimistic.
    But for the life of me, I cannot understand how people watch him do these terrible, terrible things that he does – making fun of disabled people, openly bragging about grabbing women by the p***y, calling poor countries sh*th*les, bragging that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and his base would still support him! – and still not only support him, but repeat his lies for him.
    In all seriousness, I enjoy reading your posts. I am happy for your triumphs and often excited to take a stab at your recipes. I even like reading your political and religious posts because I don’t think there is one right way and the more I inform myself about other beliefs and mentalities, the better global citizen I can be.
    But supporting this Trump guy?
    To me, it absolutely defies reason.
    Mueller’s report did not exonerate the president. It simply (sadly) did not condemn him. There’s a lot of possibility between those two statements, Barr released a 4 page summary of a 300 page report. Anyone want to read the whole thing? I’d challenge anyone who accepts a 4 page summary of shady, backdoor behaviors and dealings as gospel to be someone who is simply looking for a way to validate their acceptance of the things they saw and ignored with their own eyes.

    • I appreciate you voicing your opinion on this clearly hot button issue. Hugs and love xox

  56. I agree we have a responsibility to be informed of the world outside our bubble. I agree we have a responsibility to use our Christian “critical thinking lens” when we are informed by any media outlet. And that we also have to do something when that lens shows us we need to be concerned. Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “responsible action” is a Call To Respond…or at least To Question when our lens says “Something’s not right here.” And lest we fall faint of the task, let us remember Pastor Martin Niemoeller’s poem: First they came for the communists….then for the trade unionists…then for the Jews…then for me and there was no one there left to speak for me.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. Our critical thinking lens. Yes!

  57. I agree that everyone needs to be careful when it comes to what news you read and listen to no matter your political affiliation. I know for me I don’t have one particular site of news I go to. I tend to try and avoid Fox News and CNN whenever I can because they both are very biased when it comes to news. But most of the time I check out my local news to see what’s going on close to where I live.

    I also don’t believe the very first story I read about a particular subject unless other news sites also talk about that subject and it’s clear that there’s no bias when addressing it. I also think what helps me is that I studied journalism in school so I feel like I have a good understanding of the way the news works and can spot when I read a story whether the journalist writing is reporting or stating their opinion on a subject because that definitely makes a difference. But I also know I’m not perfect when it comes to investigating what I read too and can easily fall into the trap of reading a story and not checking it out, whether it’s due to time constraints or something else entirely. Because I feel like we all have our own biases when it comes to the news with what we believe is true even when we try and look at things objectively.

    Either way, I enjoyed reading your post though I’m personally not a fan of our current President. He reminds me too much of a bully and I can’t get behind people like that.

    • Thanks Raney, these are great points. You’re right – getting multiple verifying sources is key. Thanks so much for stopping by Hugs and love xox

  58. Carolyn
    I though at the time, this post was a little premature. I still think this post is premature.
    I am sure this story still has many twists and turns ahead.
    Somehow in my mind, it reminds me of Neville Chamberlain, waving a piece of paper and declaring,
    “Peace in our time.”
    As we now know, the world was headed for WW2. I think there is likewise, much left to be disclosed
    in this situation.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. Sometimes, I feel the need to address huge stories that are happening in our country. This was one of those times. So you do what you can with the information available at the time. Time will definitely tell on this one. thanks for stopping by. big hugs xo

  59. The way to cut through the bias is to read the full Mueller report for yourself. Fortunately it reads more like a novel than a legal document. It is available for download or online.

  60. Thank you for addressing this; you’re a brave young woman. 😉 Twitter is a great source of information. There are many individuals and independent investigative journalists who use open source documents and information and have known much more than what is in this ridiculous Mueller report for a very long time (start with TheLastRefuge2 [who also has a website The Conservative Treehouse] and TracyBeanz and you’ll find others from there). Our “journalists” in the mainstream media have much explaining to do for not also doing this, but they have their biases and agendas. The Federalist is a good publication. I don’t trust NRO; their anti-Trump bias has blinded them, except Andrew McCarthy is knowledgeable about Spygate and Alexandra DeSanctis has great coverage of the abortion issue.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this! yes! there’s been a lot of new information that has come to light recently. I’ll definitely have to check out those resources – thanks! hugs xo

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