Why Are We Here?

Before I get into my date with a very suave Australian gentleman, I have just a couple brief announcements.

First: Thank you so much for all your support on Monday’s article, “My Body, My Choice.” I was overwhelmed by your positive feedback – in fact, it got over 130 shares!

Not everyone was pleased with it though…Facebook banned my prolife article AGAIN, for the THIRD TIME. I’m telling you – if you don’t believe they have an agenda, it’s time to wake up. They’re censoring anything that goes against their far left, liberal narrative and it. is. terrifying.

And in my research, I actually came across a sobering campaign that the left is pushing now…it was trending on the news -and promoted by Facebook- : “I had an abortion” t-shirts. They’re wanting to normalize, sanitize and put in our faces the most tragic event in our world today.

Well I have a response. I created “I am Prolife.” shirts, that you can get through this link. It’s time we make our voices heard too. And take a stand for the babies.

I am Prolife t shirt #prolife #womensright #40daysforlife #antiabortion #catholic #faith

So I’d invite you to join me in that.

Secondly (and lastly) – I’m really excited about this week’s video! I will be uploading it tomorrow morning to Patreon, and the questions you sent in for this week that I will answer in the video are:
1) How do you stay so positive and keep your trust in God when things seem impossible?
2) What is my daily routine?
3) How long have I been a believer?
4) What are my thoughts on binge eating in recovery?

So thank you to everyone who sent in a question! If you’d like to submit a question, feel free to leave a comment, DM me on Instagram, or shoot me an email!


So last week, I was out to dinner with this tall, handsome drink of water from Australia.

As you know, I’m finally ready to open my heart to love, and so I’ve been doing a lot of dating. A lot of dating. And honestly, I’m having a blast. 🙂

So this looker from Down Under — he’s a top-knotch guy, and this was our fourth date. So the conversation was no longer about hometowns and hobbies, but rather…deeper topics. Territory that is no longer surface level gobbledee gook.

Well, we were at this adorable little wine bar in the Village with twinkle lights and exposed brick. And we were two glasses of rosè deep.

And all of a sudden I hear, “So why do you think we’re here?”

I nearly spit out my wine, not expecting something *this* deep to come up. But, despite being so caught off guard, I think I was able to eloquently express myself without having the proper time to really formulate my thoughts on such an important topic.

I think I said something along the lines of, Using what we have been given or what we’ve gone through to help others. And then I ultimately settled on…”Being a mom.”

Which, looking back now — could have sent him running for the hills, but since then he’s already scheduled two more dates with me, so apparently my answer didn’t terrify him that much.

But we talked about how we want to leave the world a better place for future generations, and that we live on through our children, so we have a responsibility to be a “good person.” And I think for many, that is how they would answer that question.

But over the next couple days, that conversation really stayed with me: Why are we here?

Because, frankly…being a “good person” just wasn’t cuttin’ it.

It’s such a captivating question, that, believer or not — and perhaps, especially if not — can haunt our minds. And I don’t believe that’s by accident — I believe that longing to know our purpose on earth is placed in our hearts by the Father, as a way to seek Him out. Or at the very least, to question if there is something greater than ourselves at work.

Because if the only reason we’re here on this earth is to make money, make a name for ourselves, chase the pleasures of this world, get married, maybe have kids, and then hopefully live long enough into our 80s to feel as though we’ve “seen enough” — then really, what is the point? If that’s all there is, then, yikes…what a bleak and depressing future.

Why are we here?

Why are we here?

I think in order to answer this question, we have to determine what “here” means, in the grand scheme of things.

Put another way: here…in relation to…what? Here — living on Planet Earth, instead of buried in the ground, not existing anymore?

Or, here — living on earth, instead of living in Heaven for eternity.

I think what we believe about what’s after “here” plays a big role in how we answer that question of, “Why are we here?

And as someone who believes in life after here – in Heaven,- then I actually do have a solid answer.

If we are here on Earth, just passing through, temporarily before Heaven, then we are to use our time for a very specific purpose: yes, to honor and love God, but ultimately…to do His will.

I think that when we look at our lives, and the gifts and talents He’s bestowed upon us — when we look at the passions He’s placed in our hearts, the experiences and trials He’s allowed us to endure — when we look at the resources He’s given us access to — I think we can start to patch together an idea of His purpose and will for our lives.

Which I think can really create meaning and clarity as to why we’ve had to go through suffering or grief, or pain.

None of those difficult seasons were ever in vain — they all can be used to shape our hearts and the way we see the world. Those trials give us a unique perspective that can be used for the glory and will of God — which is to ultimately help others, and introduce them to Christ.

Matthew 28:19 – Go and make disciples of all nations.

As children of God, we have a responsibility to bring others to Him — whether that’s by actually sharing the Good News, or raising a Jesus-loving family, or simply by being a light to the world through your actions.

But at the end of the day, we’re not here for ourselves. We’re here for Him.

And the incredible thing about that, is that, when we live for Him, He brings us to a fullness of life that no pleasure-seeking existence could ever achieve. Because He loves us, and wants the absolute best for His children.

So who’da thunk that a casual Thursday night date with an Aussie would have brought about so much deep reflection.

I know that I’m just a small guppie in this big fish tank of life, and I’d love to know what you think the answer to that question is: Why are we here?

“This is what the Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” Ez 37:5

Comes in other fun colors too!

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167 responses to “Why Are We Here?”

  1. Great response to the question. It is so hard to imagine going through this life if it is all futile. Unless one has that relationship with Christ, they don’t understand the meaning it gives to all life. It’s a peace that passes understanding. By the way, I cannot believe you are banned on Facebook. Yes, I can. But, it is so cowardly to not allow others’ ideas and words–free speech is really in danger. I loved your last blog, “My Body, My Choice.” It was eloquent. Today I read another blog of a lady who was adopted, and grateful she was “allowed” to live. It is a tragedy that people have de-humanized these tiny human beings for their own agenda. Keep praying! Only God can change hearts. Love you. Keep on keeping on!

    • Hi Andrea, thank you so much for this beautiful encouragement! you’re so right – an indescribable peace. and thanks for your kind words about my last post! that sounds like an amzing article. hugs xox

  2. You’re right. God has a special purpose for each of us. He has outlined guidelines for all of us to live successfully in this world, but He also has special jobs for just you alone. If you are a believer, you are part of the body of believers with Christ as the head. But we need each other just like the parts of our physical body. Best wishes on your new venture.

    • Hi Ro, thank you so much for your kind words on this. Amen! we all need one another! hugs xo

  3. Wow Caralyn, four dates and two more on the way! That’s great! As far as Facebook, you are sooo spot on about the hard left agenda. I call them Socialists… I tried FB long ago and said oh heck no. I’ve seen people’s lives turned upside down on there through both they’re own fault and not. Move on… I love your bold spirit Caralyn! ❤️🙏🏻✝️

    • Thanks John! haha, yeah, it’s going well! I might join you in saying heck no to facebook! hugs xo

    • Thank you so much! Mr. Debonair – i like that! but seirously, i really appreciate your prayers! hugs ox

  4. The USA was founded as a secular nation. It’s a shame to see those who say they favor liberty over equality want to force their beliefs on others. As Linda Greenhouse wrote in the NYT “If the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause means anything, it has to mean that God’s will cannot be a constitutional justification for a law that erases an individual right.”

  5. Why am I here? That’s something that’s been on my mind, especially considering today’s events, right? Why do I do the things I do? Why do I enjoy supporting BBB? There are a few things that go into it, but mostly it stems from my days of teaching. I had 10+ years in classrooms and discovered the joy of watching other people grow. I eventually realized that my purpose in life is to help other people make their lives better. I truly believe that’s what God made me for.

    How to make others’ lives better? It varies from person to person. It always includes God. All I know is that when I can give someone a push, an insight, an opportunity, I enjoy watching them expand. My help may not always result in what I had in mind, but there’s usually some movement forward of some kind.

    So that’s why I enjoy supporting you. That’s why I write, teach a Bible class…just throwing stuff out there with the prayer that I somehow contribute to God’s kingdom.

    By the way – love the new t-shirt!

    • Hi Jeff! Thank you so much for this awesome encouragement. I’ve got to say – you’re REALLY GOOD at building people up and helping them grow! I personally can attest to that!! And I have to say, I am so grateful for your willingness and enthusiasm for helping others. so THANK YOU! You are an awesome human, and I’m blessed to know you and call you friend! big hugs to you and julie! 🙂

  6. LOVe this post!! As always! Especially about allowing our experienced to change us for the better and to use our suffering to help other so.

  7. “God freely created us so that we might know, love, and serve him in this life and be happy with him forever. God’s purpose in creating us is to draw forth from us a response of love and service here on earth, so that we may attain our goal of everlasting happiness with him in heaven.”
    St Ignatius of Loyola

    In all things, we praise Him!

    • thank you so much Tim! Amen to that – I love hearing from the saints — so much wisdom and clarity. hugs xo

  8. I needed to hear this today, and am really encouraged by your word pictures. Our reason to be alive? To love, and be loved by Jesus. To glorify His Name and trust Him, even in the darkest of days. To enjoy Him and every good gift He gives us. <3

    • Thanks so much, Im’ so glad this resonated with you 🙂 yes! to love and be loved by Jesus! hugs xox

  9. Definitely that’s a question we need to ask ourselves often so as to update where we are and if we are doing what we are supposed to do … Thank you for bringing a deep reflection to the table, was really nice thinking about all that deep stuff 💖

  10. It warms this old heart of mine to know there are “young folks” out there like you who have faith in Christ, aren’t afraid to let everyone know it and can write intelligently & thoughtfully about profound subjects. I’m here to glorify the God who made me and any “good” I can do for this world is in honor of His majesty, forgiveness and incredible grace. Keep up the great work you’re doing for our Lord and Savior.

    • Aw, thank you so much Rollie, you’re kind to say that. Amen! to glorify God! hugs xo

  11. We are here to love. Everyone. That, by definition, means to desire the best for those we love. And that means, to help them, as we are able, to deepen their relationship with their Maker and get to heaven. Of course we can’t reach everyone. But we can make a difference in the lives of those we meet. That, I believe, is why we’re here. Hugs and love– Mike

  12. Great question. I’m asked that one often. And you answered it perfectly. We are not here for ourselves. We are here to serve Jesus, to follow Him, and do His will. AND THEN He gives us a full and abundant life. And until we do that, we’re just striving and reach for…what? Instead we get to live in such a way that others want to meet and follow Jesus too. We get witness Him change lives. Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. And we get to see Him use our brokenness and scars to make someone else whole.

    • Hi Cheyenne! Here to serve Jesus, follow and do His will! amen to that! thanks for stopping by! hugs xo

    • Yes!! i totally agree!! thanks for your response, and have an awesome weekend! xo

  13. Caralyn, you nailed it so well. The highest calling of men and women, is to worship and praise the Supreme God, Creator of Heaven and Earth. Doing the will of God, responding to His call on our lives, and sharing Christ with whomever Holy Spirit leads us to, in whatever way He leads us to share, using the gifts He has given.

    Now, I am waiting to hear the response of your gentleman friend from down under.
    Very interesting question, and conversation I am sure. One of the best conversations to be a part of.
    You are a natural, Spirit led, disciple of Christ, due to your obedience. Thank you for your living testimony, and obedience, in giving God Glory. You are a Blessing.

    God Bless you Caralyn, as you continue to Bless many.
    Luv, 😀❤️🌹😘

    • Hi George!! to worship, praise and respond to His call! amen to that!! thanks George 🙂 I agree – conversations like that are really so important, especially when dating! thanks for always being such a great friend! have an awesome weekend! hugs xox

  14. Like “sexual identity,” announcing that one “had an abortion” isn’t really much of an achievement. I had my gall bladder out. My attraction is to women. And those and many other factoids of my life turn to dust eventually. Many of the things by which I might define myself are simply instincts in the animal world. “But seek first the kingdom of God,” Jesus announces. We clutch at too much that won’t even exist in the kingdom to which we are called.

    • Thanks so much for sharing that – you’re right – seek first the Kingdom of God! how many problems in this world could be solved if we all simply adhered to that!?! hugs xox

  15. Sadly, you ask what your readers think about why are we here. It really doesn’t matter what any human thinks our purpose of life is. Not one comment here quotes the Bible which is the only place where God TELLS US what the purpose of life is. God means what He says that the meek will inherit the earth. Jesus Christ means what He says in John 3:13 that NOBODY has ascended to heaven except Him. The purpose of life can be stated in four words, but a person will not believe those four words unless God is opening their mind (John 6:44). I’m trying to speak the truth in love. You are an impressive person, Caralyn, who seems like someone who might be willing to cry out to God for this understanding.

    • You’re so right – God tells us! How lucky are we to have a literal instruction book, God-breathed, at our disposal! have a great weekend, Broose! hugs xo

  16. that is an interesting date question. perhaps the answer can be found in a garden long, long ago and far away. Father, if it is possible let this cup pass from me; yet not My will but Yours be done..

    • Thanks Tom! I think you’re right — BUT YOURS BE DONE!!!! amen!! hugs xo

  17. Now that is a hard question, God is not bound by the human presumption that we are the centre of everything, and creation did not actually demand or need Jesus (or us, for that matter) to confer additional sacredness upon it.The Divine Presence must be seen as a gratuitous gift and not a necessity. The Divine Presence has been glowing and expanding, since the beginning of time, before there were any human eyes to see or know about it. Jesus is the gift that honoured the gift. “To turn from everything to one face is to find oneself face to face with everything.” –Elizabeth Bowen.God is Everything and all we need is Love.”Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” (1 John 4:8)

    • A tough question indeed, but I think an important one! Love is so important — i think a lot of the problems of this world could be solved if we all did a little more of that! So glad you stopped by! hugs xo

  18. Yes we are pilgrims and strangers on this earth and we are here placed to vindicate God’s governance principles through the life we live. Satan says God cannot understand the feelings of His created beings and look where it got him, and the mess he’s making here. So to counter satan’s false claim Jesus came to live among us and do the hard yards from baby to adult yet without sin. In that Jesus is God the Son and is in complete harmony with the Father I think God can certainly prove He knows how created beings feel. So when we choose to live as best we can in harmony with God’s eternal principles we are certain to make it into heaven by His grace. But for those who choose satan’s way of life they are committing eternal suicide as they would not be happy in heaven and God is not going to force them to live there.

    • Hi Ian, thank you so much for your heart felt reflection on this! I think you’re right – harmony with God! hugs xo

    • All different ways! Some in person, some on the dating apps — I’ve found a great app that actually lets you filter only the guys who are Christian!! it’s pretty awesome 🙂 hugs xo

  19. When I was in high school, my youth group’s slogan was “we are here to love God, and to love people for life.” Although a simple phrase, there is so much truth to it. Great post tonight!

  20. I haven’t read your entire post yet. I just want to add that I used to support and lobby for pro-choice (pro-abortion) political action groups. Then my then wife and I had an opportunity to adopt a baby. Before he was born, we met the birth mother. She did not want to keep the child or raise him/her, but she wanted that baby to have a life.My son will be 31 on June 1. Because his birth mother chose life. Children, babies, human beings are not commodities.

    • Hi David! Oh wow, that is so incredible — thank you for sharing your story. Praise God! First of all, what a wonderful thing you and your wife did to adopt, and amen – such a courageous and beautiful yes to life that your son’s birth mother gave. Praise God. And happy almost birthday to your son! God is good! big hugs to you xox

  21. I love your answer and thoughts, as per usual, and love you too, also per usual.
    My thoughts are also that we are here because God made us and wanted us to be. Why it has to be more complicated is beyond me. We sure like complicating things, don’t we? We were made and loved because God chose to make and love us. Just that simple. While we are here, we have a whole Bible full of His will for us to do while we live for Him- serve, worship, care, teach, love, love, love, etc. Simple. And simple is beautiful. XO 😄 ❤

  22. My dear friend,

    We all are in the school of life, which is like a smith of becoming more and more conscious. Situations and lessons in our life repeat until we have learnt, understood them. Our thoughts need to be purified from dust and matter, from misunderstanding and narrow views, even old worn-out pathes, we have to conquer ourselves – we left the garden Eden unconsciously, now we have to return consciously – because it would not make sense to return to God’s garden with dust and matter in our thoughts, words, deeds. So this school of life in which we all are pupils confront us with problems, with bitter or sweet medicine to learn from it, to allow us to open our “Inner Eye” – to understand things with heart and head, with our whole soul. Once we have learnt one thing: life presents us more “gifts” according to our learning progress – so we have to become active to find out all those little things, to listen to the thin “voice of wisdom” – to get to know ourselves and overcome all obstacles which may be put in our way – all meant to become more and more conscious…

    As I wrote in one of my last aphorism: “Eternity is ready for us, but are we ready for eternity…?”

    All the best, my friend 🙂

  23. I love the positivity you radiate and all of the beautiful images in your posts!
    I can’t believe FaceBook did that … I would recommend MeWe – it is a new social media site who is trying to destroy the bias and information theft of the social media giants (especially Facebook!).
    Thank you for keeping up your beautiful messages!

    • oh my gosh, thank you so much for saying that!! MeWe–I’ll have to check it out! thanks for passing it along!! hugs xo

  24. Did you ask Mr. Debonair what sort of context he was asking that question? Was he asking in general specifics as to why are we born here in this planet at the point in time? If that be the context, I’m a firm believer that there are two answers to this question. One general answer which is to Love God, Honor Him & Follow Him. The second deals with the specifics of our tasks that He has set for us.
    There is a great book called “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. It has helped many define the specifics of their “Calling”.
    The dean of my bible school said she has read it many times and every time she gets a different answer.
    If you are truly seeking your calling, or you just want to know what is God’s answer to that question, that is the go to book IMO. I encourage you to read it.
    I believe I’m called to help people, in the best way I can. I can’t offer money, ‘cuz ain’t got none myself. But I do my best to help those in need by being there physically and Going the extra mile.

    Of course the other context would be relationships – “What brought you two to that point in your lives; sitting at a table, hoping that every passing moment means another chance at happiness…?”
    Well, to that context we know your story Caralyn; to which I would be very interested in hearing his. Haha.

    Hats off to Mr. Debonair for making it to 4 dates and wish you both all the best on the next two. TBH I hope he makes it to date #24.

    • love, honor and follow God – i love that. I have read the Purpose Driven Life! It was such a great read! hahah thanks 🙂 Yeah, I’m not sure what his context was behind asking — I’m seeing him again tonight, so just maybe I’ll circle back and revisit the question!!! 🙂 hugs xo

  25. Dear Caralyn
    Thank you for that thought-provoking post. Expressing the question as “Why are we here, rather than… where?” is a profound re-framing that sheds a lot of light on the topic. I thank God for your faith and your ministry.
    With love in Jesus

    • Hi Penny! Aw, thank you so much — yeah, sadly I think “here” is “it” for a lot of people. Which is really sad to think about. I can’t imagine living without the hope of Heaven. That would be so sad. I’m very grateful to know that this is just a temporary home 🙂 hugs xo

  26. Yeah, mission is important.
    I think you have answered the question *so* well…

    John 10:10 comes to mind for me also, of Jesus’ will for life, and life to the full

    • Thank you so much David! Yes! life to the full — i absolutely love that verse as well!

  27. A verse I read recently sprung to mind on reading this….all things were created through him, by him and for him.

    God created us for himself and his purposes…once again it’s all about him. I remember hearing someone say how it could seem selfish that he wants it to be all about him with focus and praise on him, but in doing so he knows it’s the best thing for us as he is so amazing and incomprehendable that there is nothing better for us. And anyone caught up in worship and walking with God knows the joy and fulfillment it brings like nothing else on earth can.

    • Through, by and for Him! i love that so much! thanks for sharing that, Lisa. I think you’re so right about that – no other joy or fulfillment can compare! big hugs xox

  28. I feel that we all need to become much more moderate, find middle ground, listen to each other’s views, and discuss sensibly. “Far right” and “Far left’ have leapt into the world of today but when I was a younger person, this was not so. Often we (i.e. people) take up a position which they believe in, yet they know very little of why those they oppose so strongly hold an extreme opposite position – or that this thing these others believe in is not held in an extreme way, butis allowed into their thinking and considering, and because they know more about the whole picture of whatever that thing is. I hope you might read this article, even though you may well think the website is ‘far left’ it truly is not ‘far’ left, it is a balanced and compassionate place where Christians are considering social questions which puzzle and divide us, looking for sane middle ground etc. It is easy to be passionate when we are young, as we grow older and experience more, we see into the complexity of things… (well, some of us do, and it might help the world a bit)

    All best!

    • Thanks Mari for sharing your heart. I think you’re right – there’s so much division – I pray that we can start to seek things that unite us and find common ground, instead of drive the wedge deeper. big hugs xox

    • LIke your comment very much. The easiest way to dismiss someone (and their perspective) is to call them “left”, “right”, (or far left and right) rather than hear why – as a person of faith – they have come to the perspective they do. Often we can hear the assumptions on which we/they base the perspective they do (which is where we usually disagree); that’s called theological reflection. Jim Wallis, one of the founders of Sojourners said that in G*d’s kingdom there isn’t “left” and “right” there is only “God’s politics”. Great read, and though published in 2002 is probably still quite relevant.

    • Hi Noel! Thanks so much for taking the time to read it, even though it might not totally align with where you stand! 🙂 you rock 🙂 have a great weekend! hugs xo

  29. “Do you want to have my child?” To share actual wisdom with another and then imparting that collective wisdom to the next generation via that child will surely accomplish a great good. All of which will certainly serve God’s will and plan in some small way.
    If being sure to first have actual devout love for God then connecting with the one person that God sends to you to grow in mutual unrelenting love every day of your life will accomplish or fulfill the purpose and expression of being here in the first place.
    But the way things are going in this world do you really want a child to have to live in it perhaps having to suffer far beyond what any of us have, even running a greater risk of failing God than we may; will that be a gift or a curse from us?
    We contemplate this while the world is in a state of conflict like never before and everything is coming to a head.
    It all comes down to Free Will because without that, real genuine love of God could not exist; thus the conflict between good and evil, light and darkness!

    • There’s a lot of truth — we were given Free Will to choose to love God. If He had created us and then forced us to love Him, it would not be a true relationship.

  30. Awesome post…
    “But at the end of the day, we’re not here for ourselves. We’re here for Him.
    And the incredible thing about that, is that, when we live for Him, He brings us to a fullness of life that no pleasure-seeking existence could ever achieve. Because He loves us, and wants the absolute best for His children.” …. I totally agree with this. Just not being selfish in this life and using what we have been through to help others get out of it. I love this and thank you for being so transparent about your date night. Enjoy it! 😜

    • Thank you so much!! living to help others is such a beautiful reflection of His love for us! hugs xo

  31. Another wonderful post sister! Two thoughts here. There is an organization called ‘Silent No More,’ which has shirts emblazoned with “I regret my abortion”, which actually expresses something concrete about abortion and its harm. I like your suggested shirts also;). As far as why we are here, one of my favorite answers that draws on the biblical teaching comes from the old Westminster Confession of Faith [Protestant I know, but that’s where I come from]. It says that we are here “To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” I pray the LORD works even more wonders for you and yours as you continue your journey.

    • Thank you DT! Silent No More – i’ll have to look them up! Glorify and enjoy Him forever — oh i love that so much. thank you for sharing!! hugs xo

  32. You are getting into areas that I am concerned with and have a need to express my opinion. The drawback is that my opinions are vast in scope yet tend to focus on the middle for the need understand. You seem to be there with conversations. You say it and I support you. You will meet that which you seek, to find value in the search. I am support and silent. XOXO

  33. Thanks for this post, too! That question: “Why are we here” is what God used to drive me to Himself. Because that question really made wonder: “What’s the point, if this is all there is?” Thankfully, God helped me to see beyond the illusion of this life as an end in itself.

    • Hi Glenn, I think that’s awesome – yeah this really draws people to God! hugs xo

  34. Facebook has also banned Louis Farrakhan and many many others. Including some post from my cousins. I don’t think it has anything to do with the alleged far right agenda. But still I don’t think banning your prolife post is okay. I also don’t think abortion is the worst thing happening in this country. We have mass shootings almost everyday. Starving children. Women and young girls being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery so no abortion is not the worst thing. I hope your dates continue with this Australian tall glass of water. 4 dates that is pretty good my friend. I often wondered what was my purpose. I realized it was up help others and be a shining light of hope and happiness. God is good. I think each of us have a different purpose in love but God wants us all to love each and not judge 🌻🌻

    • That’s so disappointing that they’re banning topics. And it’s true, there are a lot of really horrifying things happening in this country and acreoss the world. and yes! love is so important. hugs xo

  35. 1. If you are single; to prepare yourself to spend an eternity in the presence of God.
    2. Married; to help your spouse prepare to spend an eternity in the presence of God.
    3. Children; to prepare them for spending an eternity in the presence of God.

  36. A fundamental question to answer. I know we are here at the behest of our Creator. We are here to love and because of love, and love looks so weird at times, but if we could figure everything out this side of eternity, life would be meaningless. That said however, we have a purpose and we have meaning because we are loved and came from love. Lets start there.

    • thank you so much 🙂 you’re so right — we’re here to love!!! let’s start there for sure! hugs xox

    • Hey Matthew! thank you so much! Gosh, that’s so kind of you to say!! i will join you in that prayer! hope you have a beautiful weekend! hugs xo

    • Thanks so much for passing this along, William. I look forward to reading it! Hugs and love xox

  37. You answered the question about ‘why are we here’ so well that I don’t really need to add to it. I am sorry to hear that FB banned your post – that is definitely agreeing with only one side of the story. Keep up the great posts and shining your light for Him!

    • Oh gosh, thank you so much! This is such a wonderful note of encouragement 🙂 very grateful! hugs xo

  38. We are SO different. And sadly, my loss, if I was young and single enough, and suave and Australian enough, I don’t think you’d let me make the 4th date. (We are just too different)

    Cuz I believe we are here to experience the life we have. I make sure to see as much as I can, experience everything there is (Nature wise that is) and thoroughly enjoy life. I think when we are done, we are done. So I want to never feel like I missed anything.

    All that being said, He sounds like a good man! I hope it works kid, you deserve love and happiness.

    • Hi Tony, thank you for sharing your heart! haha oh gosh. There’s wisdom in that – living life abundantly — nothing wrong with that! thanks for saying that 🙂 big hugs xo

  39. I would say that we are here to let our light shine that people may see our good works and glorify God. Yes to make disciples and yes to speak out against evil. I just came out of the closet about my thoughts of liberals and Democrats. Is there any difference? I am calling people’s attention to how evil they are with their wicked agenda. I can’t remain quiet any longer. I guess that reading so many of your posts challenged me to speak out. My influence is small but that’s not the point. It is to be that influence to the small number of people who will read my words.

    • I love that so much. Let our light shine. amen to that!!! thanks so much for sharing you heart! hugs xo

    • Thank you so much Christine! Oh nice! Such great manners! ((and handsome! hahah ))

  40. Because if the only reason we’re here on this earth is to make money, make a name for ourselves, chase the pleasures of this world, get married, maybe have kids, and then hopefully live long enough into our 80s to feel as though we’ve “seen enough” — then really, what is the point? If that’s all there is, then, yikes…what a bleak and depressing future.

    Why are we here? You just nailed it. If heaven is not your goal, your answer will have no meaning. Thank you so much for the pro-life campaign. Great job 👍 you are doing 👏

    • Hi Emeka! Thanks so much for sharing your heart! Amen – heaven is the goal! hugs xo

    • Hi Jackie! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 it really means a lot!! so glad this resonated with you! xox

  41. That is one of the best pics you’ve ever shared.. As your standing overlooking the horizon.. All NATURALE amid nature, the simple things are always the most beautiful.

    • Oh my gosh, thank you so much – what a kind thing to say 🙂 Utah surely is a beautiful place! hugs xo

  42. Great post I too always ask my mates what they think we are here for. I haven’t really had any real deeper thoughtful answers yet but it would be good to have a sit down chat with them and see if I can draw out their opinions on deeper matters. Also good work on the dates! Out of curiosity what part of Australia is he from? I live on the east side in a city called Brisbane 😄

    • Hi Kelly!! yeah it’s a interesting thing to ponder — it really puts things into perspective! and haha thanks 🙂 I think he’s from Melbourne! have a great week! hugs xo

  43. Doing the Holy’s Will also means learning to understand by listening. Not so easy, in my experience. Sometimes listening about one of those “difficult places” someone (including ourself) has been been through that helps us to understand that Will is something that others either shame us for…or make assumptions about our morality because of. So being ProLife can also be about ProChoice and not shaming, or questioning the ethics and morality or faith in Divine Will, of those who terminate pregnancy…or being non-heterosexual…or gender-queer…or conservative or liberal…

  44. Very deep question. Well I would have simply answered that we’re here to fulfill God’s will be living like Jesus and bringing others to know Him as their Lord & Saviour. This post blessed my heart and was very thought provoking. Pay FB no mind. They all work for Satan, the father of lies. You keep standing up for Jesus! Let your voice be heard. Beautiful jersey too. Blessings & grace. 🙂

  45. Great subject matter and blog post. I’ve been struggling with the subject myself as I became a little disconnected from church and religion, I found myself less connected with my faith and God. But I’m reminded of the miracles I’ve seen in my life with my own eyes and I know of all my unanswered questions, Is there a God? is not one of them. I do wonder why we’re here and if we are living this one life, how do we know if we’ve done enough to be saved, or if we are already through Jesus?? Idk! Just a lot of questions.

    • Hi Friend, thank you so much for sharing your heart. There really are miracles all around. Keep asking questions and seeking the truth. A Case For Christ is a phenomenal movie and book if you’re interested 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  46. There is a picture in this post of a woman wearing the “I had an abortion” shirt. I think it is telling that it appears that her hands are tied behind her back and her neck is being choked. That’s an accurate depiction of how Satan has her bound in destruction.

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