Enneagram: Wisdom or Wack?

There is a trend of thought that is sweeping the internet: The Enneagram.

If this is a new word for you – I promise it’s not gibberish. But rather, it’s a personality test that has been around forever, but has in recent years, exploded onto the pop culture scene — thanks in part to becoming trendy podcast fodder.

Well, one rainy Thursday night, I caved and decided to take this test that I have heard people obsess over. I spent the evening answering random, repetitive questions about my personality, how I deal with people, and see the world.

And I’ve gotta tell you — not only was my result incredibly accurate, but it turns out that the Enneagram is actually a powerful tool we can utilize in our walk with Christ.

Now, you may be scratching you head. And yes — I was too. I mean, let’s be honest — the podcasts that typically talk about the Enneagram Test are hosted by “spiritual but not religious” millennials that keep crystals in their bras to fend off bad energy.

Using it as a tool for Christianity? How do I figure?

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the actual test. There are nine different personality types.

Type 1: The Reformer
Type 2: The Helper
Type 3: The Achiever
Type 4: The Individualist
Type 5: The Investigator
Type 6: The Loyalist
Type 7: The Enthusiast
Type 8: The Challenger
Type 9: The Peacemaker

I am a “Three Wing Two.” But actually, I am exactly a tie between a Type 3 and a Type 2 — both were precisely 86%.

But the thing about the Enneagram Types is that they each have a specific need and specific fear that is characteristic to their personality.

So for my Types — As a Type 3, my basic fear is “of being worthless” and my basic need is to “feel valuable and worthy.” And as a Type 2, my basic fear is “being unworthy of being loved.” And my basic need is “to feel loved.” I mean…how on the nose is THAT?!

I mean — if you were to boil down the origins of the anorexia in my past, and what — quote-unquote — “caused” it — it was my distorted belief that I was unworthy of love. But I believed that lie, literally enough to die for.

Jeez Louise, I shoulda just taken the enneagram test! Would have saved a boat load of money on treatment! — Juuuuuuust kidding.

But that’s the thing about the Enneagram — it tells you, yes: about your personality traits, and your motivations, and compatibilities and aptitudes and weaknesses.

But — it also reveals our tragic flaws, which is incredibly important to identify in our walk with Christ.

We are all the heroes in our own story. And, ask any high schooler in English class, they’ll confirm that every hero has a tragic flaw that, if left unchecked, can lead to their demise. I mean — hello — have you heard my story??

But this tragic flaw — it is what stands in our way between us and Christ. It is the hurdle of sin that we must continually strive to surrender to Christ, for Him to redeem.

You see, yes — we were all made in the beautiful and perfect image of God. And we all take on different reflections of His heart and His spirit. And the Enneagram really captures the different ways we express that.

But as Christians, we can use this test to illuminate those potential cracks in our soul-foundation, that our specific personality trait may be susceptible to.

For example: As a Type 3, I strive to be affirmed and to do my best. Which can be healthy, and lead to confidence, and ambition and motivation. But it can also lead to pride, and being too image conscious, or feeling that one’s value is performance or output-based.

And again — hello — could have saved years of hard work in therapy had I just known this.

But there is real wisdom in knowing that which has the potential to cause a chasm between us and God.

We are called in Ephesians, to put on the armor of God every day. But what if one of the things we’re defending our temple against, is ourself?

The Enneagram is one way to help do just that.

I’m not going to lie, I had always kind of rolled my eyes when I heard people talk about the Enneagram. Like — Oh, what a bunch of new age mumbo-jumbo. Of course, self-obsessed millennials would fall in love with a personality test — about themselves.

But the truth of the matter is, it is a really helpful tool. And not just for ourselves, but also to gain insight into the deeply held needs and fears of our loved ones, too.

Because, no matter how well put together one may seem on the outside, every single one of us has something in our lives that threatens our relationship with Christ. We all have a tragic flaw that can come between us and Christ if we’re not diligent.

And you know what? I’m grateful that we have this tool to help identify what that tragic flaw is.

Because knowledge is power.

What do you think of the Enneagram Test? Have you taken it? Was it accurate?

Sound off in the comments, I’m really super curious!

And if you’d like to take the personality test, you can take it here!

And for a great book about the Enneagram – Click here!

“This is what the Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” Ez 37:5

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168 responses to “Enneagram: Wisdom or Wack?”

  1. Now you are making me want to find what mine is. LOL. I’ve taken Myers-Briggs and DISC. I find them very helpful and had plenty of good discussions with my friends and coworkers.

    One caveat someone gave me a long time ago was that never let yourself be pigeon-holed by whatever label, as if you can never “grow” beyond that. “Oh, I’m ENFP/INFJ/ISTP/ – I’ll always be that.” Other than that, I too have found it helpful to know who i am and it is actually quite freeing. 🙂

  2. YAY enneagram twins!
    That is so cool! I love knowing who I am, what my strengths and weaknesses are and how I can improve!
    Also 3w2

    • oh my gosh yay twins!!! thanks Keyleigh-May! It really is such an awesome piece of insight into who we are! glad you think so too! hugs xo

  3. Type 2, wing 1 here and it is spot on! I listened to a podcast by Annie F Downs who went through each type. I never felt more understood in my life. Look up Ennegram Summer podcast.

    • Hi Deanna! Oh nice! I’ll have to check our her podcast! (Bit of a podcast nerd here! haha) It really is incredible the insight we can gain from it. Thanks for passing that along and for stopping by! have a great night! hugs xo

  4. Wow, someone at work was talking about this today! I’ve heard good and bad things about this test, but I think you just have to listen to the Holy Spirit and not take it as absolute truth. After all, God’s Word is what defines us.

    • Hi Emily! Oh nice! Yeah it is sweeping pop culture for sure! You’re right about that — He is the one who defines us — that is the absolute truth! thanks so much for stopping by! hugs xox

    • Aw thank you Paula! I’m so glad it resonated with you!! There’s something really beautiful about our identity in Christ 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  5. Just took it and I thought it was extremely accurate! I especially appreciated the “healthy” “average” and “unhealthy” levels as I can see myself in each area throughout different times in my life (I was strong 2 and partial 3 as well 🙂)

    • Hi Heather! Oh that’s awesome!! Yeah, this particular site was really informative! i really appreciated the different levels as well. The Enneagram Institute is another great resource — they make you pay for the test, but they have super insightful (and free) breakdowns of the various types too! Thanks for stopping by! hugs xo

  6. I took several personality surveys when I was a trainer. I’ve found them to be useful. I took the enneagram survey to see what it’s like; never heard of it before. #2 came in at 81%. #1 at 78%. #’s 3 & 4 tied at 60%.

    Your take on using the negative to watch out for your own pitfalls is great! It sounds like something to constantly give up to God, our burden that HE wants so desperately to carry!

    It’s very healthy to know your negatives. It’s sort of like what I call “choosing your problems.” When making big decisions, the positives are easy draws, but what negatives can you decide to live with. Being aware of your own problems can be helpful, if you don’t allow them to overwhelm.

    Thanks for an interesting article tonight!

    • Oh my gosh, Jeff – you’re so right about that — HE wants so desperately to carry!! what a powerful thing to remember. Choosing your problems — that’s it in a nutshell! thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your insight on this! hope you and your girls have a great weekend! hugs xo

  7. I really like the theory that personality tests are only really valuable and not harmful if you use them for growth. My type was kind of hard to figure out and trying lead to more type-style bad behavior (in spite of not knowing it) until I received this advice. I can see various pieces of numbers but the growth path and self-care of my own number(s) have been the only things that produced good fruit instead of bad.

    So basically with the enneagram you want to use your disintegration number for self-care instead and it naturally springs you toward the number you kind of transform into (so 3’s need rest at 9 and turn into community supporting sixes who just want to be part of the team more than to stand out:)) But if you try to get to your integrated number through effort it usually just gets worse.

    Btw I’m a complete enneagram nut and I guessed 3 before I got to your result. So accurate right?! I think it really helps with people reading and compassion in general.

    I’m a 4w3, which is really tough because basically 4s are about authenticity or bust and 3s are about looking good sometimes at the expense of being real (and the two don’t always play nicely).

    I also gained a lot from reading Beatrice Chestnut’s book about the instinctual subtypes and going even further into the rabbit hole. Good stuff. I’m also a one-to-one 4 (also known as the mad 4…ugh).

    • If we use them for growth — that is so powerful! thank you for sharing this thoughtful response. That’s so amazing you were able to guess my type!! I’ll have to check out Beatrice’s book – sounds really interesting! thanks for stopping by! hugs xox

    • Hi John! Thanks for your thoughts! people definitely feel either one way or the other about it! hugs xox

      • Thanks Caralyn, sorry for such a short comment but there is something about this kind of stuff that sets off alarms in my head.

  8. Possibility: Just one more occult symbol that has been marketed as a resource or tool, to infiltrate the lives of Christians. But how would they know, who know nothing of the occult.

    • Thanks Ben for sharing your thoughts – truthfully that was one of the reasons why I never really looked into the enneagram until now because I was offput by the symbol. Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation. hugs xox

  9. Had never heard of this test. I do not like to be pigeon holed but it appeared to be accurate. But on tests like this, how you reply makes the score. My scores would probably change on a different day. It was fun to do. Thank you. Love and hugs! XOXO

    • Hi friend! I definitely feel you there. Catch me on one day I could be one thing, and on another, probably a completely different one! Maybe I’ll take it a few more times to see how my scores match up on different days! hugs xo

  10. If you question if you are worthy to be loved. What are you secretly doing that you feel ashamed to speak in the light. Oh don’t tell me. Just think about. It doesn’t mean your secrets are bad but you think they are. Also ask yourself do you love you. I mean do you really love you or is everything you do just a front for what is expected of you. Just a thought.

    • THanks so much for this response. I have actually written a lot about it in the past. My eating disorder was one giant expression of just that. i really get into the nitty gritty in the “My Story” video from a few weeks ago. hugs xox

  11. Really love your blog post! However I really feel that as Christians, using anything that is not designed by God, but by the world, to define us can be really unhealthy. Instead we should turn to God to show us our strengths and weaknesses, after all He is the One who made us and the One who can use our strengths and weaknesses for His glory. Also, these type of things seem like a tool of the enemy to get people sucked into these type of things as a way to find out who they are instead of going to the Maker. What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Friend! THank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. You’re right – God is the one who says who we are and gives us our true identity. You touch on a really great point — if we take this as gospel and let it become what defines us, and becomes an unhealthy idol of sorts, then absolutely it is not something to dabble with. but i think there are benefits to learning about different patterns of behavior we have that we can then work on to grow with Christ. That’s just my thoughts though 🙂 Now – when it comes to things like Astrological Signs and Numerology and things like that — I am completely with you, and I don’t touch those with a ten foot pole! But this personality test, I don’t think is harmful. So glad you stopped by and joined the converstaion! hgus xo

  12. I love Florence Littauer’s Your Personality Tree book. Helps know details of strengths and weaknesses, much like what you described and deeper. This helps a lot, especially in knowing how to guard your heart. As always, love you. Hugs! XO😄❤

  13. Caralyn, you fill my heart with joy and laughter with your posts. Thank you for choosing to fight to live and share your faith which was tested and grown and you give all glory to God. ♥️

  14. The Enneagram or 9-picture is also a process tool of completion. Most people are familiar with the personality test and this is a static picture of a larger process.

    There are the 6 inner lines 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8 each connected along inner lines. Between points 4 and 5 there is a gap where a shock comes from outside the process to transform the energy from point 4 to 5. Then 9, 3 and 6 make up the Law of Three or in Christianity – the Trinity. The Law of Three holds the multiverse together. Law number One – represents that which is an active principle. Law number Two – represents a receptive principle and Law number Three – is the invisible force – the neutral principle.

    God the Father – is the active principle, His son Jesus Christ is the receptive principle and The Holy Spirit is the neutral principle.

    Here is an article from my blog that explains the process in more detail: https://psychesweather.wordpress.com/2018/05/03/enneagram-as-process-a-primer/

    and a definitive book on the subject of Enneagram as process: https://www.amazon.com/Intelligent-Enneagram-G-Blake/dp/1570622132

    • oh wow that is so interesting, thank you Kai, for sharing this insight! i can’t wait to check out your article! thanks for passing it along! hugs xo

  15. Like you, I’ve been reading about the enneagram and think it can be a tool for Christians. It doesn’t explain everything but I find it helpful in understanding my motivation and deeper underlying traits. Great blog as always.

    • Yes!! It really helps in going deeper and giving us things to work on and watch out for in our internal spiritual life! hugs xo

  16. Richard Rohr has written and spoken about the enneagram for years…and is a real proponent of it. Everything Rohr writes is gold…just my opinion. But he is probably the person who has most changed my life for the better. Thanks for sharing.


    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    So Your 5 Senses, Your 6th ARE ALL intact; yet You ARE still very miserable I Suggest consider this:

    ◇ Blind
    ◇ Deaf
    ◇ Dumb

    …or ALL 3; so Swallow Some Cement, HARDEN THE FUCK UP!!! and ENJOY!!! 3DLife

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


  18. Latest Version


    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    So You Have Your 5 Senses and Your 6th+ Senses and ALL ARE Intact even though Some ARE InAccessible to You due to Your MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) Brought On by Your Conditioned Upbringing; essentially You Seek to be Approved Of yet You ARE still Very Miserable even when Approval is Offered On A Platter, so I Suggest consider this, Being:

    ◇ Blind
    ◇ Deaf
    ◇ Dumb

    …or ALL 3 ‘Ailments’ that Many Folk 3DLive Comfortably With; so I Say to You Swallow Some Cement, HARDEN THE FUCK UP!!! and ENJOY!!! 3DLife…

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


  19. My dear Caralyn, God bless you for sharing so much with all of us. I am a bit older than you and first encountered the Enneagram at a retreat in the 1980s. It seemed a little odd to me; it didn’t seem to fit with Catholicism but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. Over the years I have learned about the New Age movement and its incompatibility with Catholicism. I have also learned to identify the “voices of truth:” those who speak the truth of Catholicism rather than what they think people want to hear. I just did a search and came across this article with two sources I consider very solid: National Catholic Register (not to be confused with the National Catholic Reporter) and Father Mitch Pacwa. Take a look, or search for some articles and you’ll find plenty which point out the problems with the Enneagram. http://www.ncregister.com/blog/dan-burke/my-spiritual-director-uses-an-enneagram-whats-wrong-with-that
    I wish you peace and God’s blessing. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Thank you so much Grace for sharing this with me. I will definitely look into that and read the articles. I certainly don’t dabble in astrology or numerology or anything like that – Gotta keep my mind focused on those voices of truth. This is definitely some food for thought, thank you. Hugs and love xox

  20. Hi Caralyn, I would encourage you to dive a little bit deeper into the history of the enneagram. I actually found out some stuff that has sent me running in the other direction of this test… and I have a master’s degree in psychology and love a good psychological personality assessment.

    Apparently, Oscar Ichazo was high on mescaline and under the influence of “an archangel” to show him the meaning of the ennegram symbol when it comes to personality.

    Just take a second to look at the symbol and you’ll notice a strong resemblance to a pentagram.

    I also believe that the enneagram test may be so popular, because people fall victim into the Barnum effect like with horoscopes. I would recommend doing your own research!

    • Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for this insight. I am definitely taking it to heart and will dive deeper into this tomorrow after my shoot. You’re right – I stay away from horoscopes and astrology and those things with a ten foot pole – I didn’t know that about the test. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!! Hugs and love xox

      • Yes ma’am! Just do your own research and see what you find. It’s just been my own personal conviction to stay far away from that test after reading about its history!

  21. Dear one, This is an occult practice that Christians need to beware of. Video link is Doreen Virtue, formerly vey well known in New Age circles. Converted to Jesus Christ, and has forsaken all such practices. Se warns about Enneagram in this interview. Just because something “works” does not mean it’s of the Lord Jesus. People are “helped” with many occult practices, but at forfeit of their souls, if they do not repent.

    • Hi friend, thank you for the heads up. You and many other share this same concern. I was certainly unaware of it!! Thank you for stopping by and passing this information along!! Hugs and love xox

  22. Your take on the enneagram was interesting. I know it can sometimes be presented as new age hocus pocus stuff but there are a lot of more serious sites that talk about it. From what I’ve read, there is validity behind it. Oh and I’m 4w5.

    • Thanks friend for sharing your thoughts on this!! I didn’t realize how divisive a topic it is!! Hugs to you xox o

  23. Yeah, I was skeptical of it at first. And then I took it. And it explained a lot for me. I’m a 2 myself! Which explains a ton because I’ve had that “servant” side to me at my best, but at my worst I’ve definitely experienced a fear of being unwanted.

  24. I haven’t taken it. I’m still at the point where I feel like this is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo that people talk about way too much. And I don’t know exactly how this test works, but if it’s the kind of thing where you have to agree or disagree with statements, how well they describe you, usually there isn’t a clear-cut option.

    • Thanks friend – yeah, it definitely is proving to be a divisive test!! I didn’t realize it was so! Hugs and love xox

  25. I too took the Enneagram Type Indicator test. My highest scores were for Type 9, Type 2 and Type 6 and my personality is probably one of these. I took the test as I read Fr. Richard Rohr’s “The Universal Christ; how a forgotten reality can change everything we see, hope for and believe” This book has been a big influence on me. “Rohr sees the Christ everywhere, and not just in people. He reminds us that the first incarnation of God is in creation itself, and he tells us that “God loves things by becoming them” Just for that sentence, and there are so many more, I cannot put this book down.” — BONO U2 I too cannot put it down; my copy is well marked and I keep going back to it. Your Enneagram Type is very useful in knowing yourself.

    • Thanks so much! I’ll have to check out that book! Thanks for passing it along! Hugs and love xox

      • Fr Richard Rohr is a Catholic Franciscan priest, an American author, spiritual writer, and Franciscan friar based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.where he heads the Center for Action and Contemplation. He was ordained to the priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church in 1970. He has been called “one of the most popular spirituality authors and speakers in the world.” Don’t worry about those that say Enneagrams are occult, Rohr uses them to help his students to meditate and in Centering Prayer.

  26. Please be careful. Enneagram is rooted in the occult. Don’t let anybody or an thing/ number define you. Only God’s word and His word alone. Only the work that Jesus has done on the cross can make the change in us that we desire. Consider this (quite lengthy) article: https://www.equip.org/article/tell-me-who-i-am-o-enneagram/

    And consider the view of this young couple: https://youtu.be/ziiblW0Sv8g
    Just a warning. The occultic roots of enneagram are concerning red flags for the Christian.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this! You’re right – only He defines us. I will certainly check out these links. Thanks for passing it along. I didn’t realize that about the enneagram! Hugs and love xox

  27. I have heard of a lot of personality tests and done several. It’s a natural consequence when you have kiddos on the autism spectrum and you begin to ponder all the things in your own experience that you always just thought of as “quirks”. 😏 But, this one is unknown to me. Very interesting, as is the conversation in the comments. I just took it and got a 4, which is actually fairly accurate as to everything I already know about myself. Definitely the odd one out in most crowds, definitely one who longs for peace. There didn’t seem to be an obvious New Age connection in the site I went to, but the possibility does give me major pause to think! I will have to do some further investigating for sure. I have learned through hard experience to be extremely selective in what I allow into my mind and my heart.

    • Thanks for sharing that. Yeah I think it’s so interesting how divisive it is! I had no idea!! I agree – gotta be extremely selective. 🙂 that’s important! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  28. Nice article! First of all the Enneagram has been around since the 1990s and started as a business personality test (believe it or not). It’s accurate as are others like Myers Briggs, or True Colors. And likely Christ (Ghandi, Buddha) symbolically would be a “9” so that also historically is his ‘number’ if you will! Thinking of Ancient Greek philosophy and “knowing thyself” is one of the most helpful things to build one’s health literacy about their mind, body, and soul health!

    • Thank you so much Barbara! How interesting! I’d love to know how He’d score! Haha Hugs and love xox

  29. Great post! Very interesting. And yes, I took the test 😛
    I am like you in that my top two scores were also 2 and 3. My third highest was Type 8 – which is really interesting for me. So now I am off to ‘read more’ about these types 😉
    Thank you for this, and your insights as to how we can tie it in to our faith 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Yeah it really is an interesting look inside our personalities! Glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  30. As someone who has spent a good deal of time studying the Enneagram (and personality theory in general), I’m not surprised one bit you’re a 3w2. It shows throughout your blog, in a very good way! I’d recommend reading “The Sacred Enneagram” and “The Road Back to You” if you’d like to dive deeper.

    • Really?! How interesting that you knew ahead of time! I’ll definitely check out those resources. Thanks Luke! Hugs and love xox

  31. Wow! We are so similar. I’m a type 2w3. I find the Enneagram really useful too. It really helps me to understand myself better and work out how to grow. 😊

  32. Hi, Heard about the Enneagram years ago – maybe 1990s? Have noticed it’s now about on the Internet – take it all lightly, it may help but don’t depend too much on it! People become obsessed. Remember we are all unique – not only the ‘because God creates us unique’ belief but the ‘all our DNA is unique to us and nobody else’ (unless identical twins) so Atheists also believe this! So, personality tests are only a rough guide – they will never describe YOU or be a total guide for life. Use it as oneo f many tools to understand yourself, but remember, it can’t describe unique you, and don’t become a slave to it! Just my 2 ha’porth! (2 old halfpennies – UK for 2 cents I guess)

    • Hi Mari! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. I know! It’s so amazing how God created us each with our own DNA that is uniquely ours!! Hugs and love xox

  33. I went on an Enneagram weekend retreat 30 years ago (so much for the Enneagram being new) at a Catholic retreat center and have always associated the Enneagram with growing in my relationship with God. If you can do a weekend, I suggest it because it will deepen your understanding of yourself and how you relate to others. Some “classic” Enneagram books by Don Richard Riso and Helen Palmer are very good.

    • Oh how interesting Madeline!! And thanks for the resource reccos. I’ll definitely check them out 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  34. Especially like your comments on also showing your weaknesses. Always good to not ignore those, but also be reminded of what your strengths are. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks so much! You’re right – sometimes finding out our weaknesses is the most helpful part! Hugs and love xox

  35. Thanks for sharing – I took the test and was 90% The Loyalist… which I see. It was great to see the weaknesses because most tests list only the positives or the negatives when paired with another type of person. Thanks!

    • Oh nIce!! Thanks so much for sharing that. You’re right – super insightful! Hugs and love xox

  36. Wow this is a new personality test. I’ve taken personality tests like Myers-Briggs. I usually like taking such test to “see” what I am. I’ve taken the Ennegram and looks pretty accurate, especially the top three traits. Like I see the main traits that “drive” my personality and the other ones that complement it. But for a second, I thought it was one of those summoning demons grams!😂

    • Hi Ezi! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Yeah, that’s what I initially thought too! And so as a result I stayed away from the test! but after listening to a podcast where they mentioned it, I got curious and dug in a little bit and found that that symbol was how the personalities were interconnected. very interesting. glad you stopped by! hugs xo

  37. Yes, it is helpful. In some ways slightly more helpful than the Myers-Briggs. There is a good book on this concept from a Christian perspective by Richard Rohr. It helps explain things, but all these tests aren’t meant to be taken as deterministic explanations of a person.

  38. Now I am curious. I have never heard of the Enneagram test. I will take a look at it and see what it is about.
    Hope all is well with you <3

    • Thanks Jackie! It’s super interesting! Great activity for a Sunday night or a rainy weekday evening for sure! Same to you! Hugs and love xox

  39. When I was doing the bible course in Singapore, they did have a session where we had to answer a series of questions for determining our personalty traits.
    Never understood it result myself. If this test is indeed as accurate as you say, then I think that I may give it a shot.

  40. I love personality tests. I haven’t taken this one though. It helps me to understand myself and those around me. I might try it. This is the deal, we are all created in his image, but each with only a few of his traits. It takes the whole body of Christ to make up the bride. So we will all be different and are designed to need one another.

    • Thanks friend! I love them too! Amen to that – all different and all needed! Hugs and love xox

  41. Hey!

    So I just wanted to attach a link I found on Catholic Answers in regards to the Enneagram( I had been advised to use one from a priest years ago, but after looking more into it I chose not to) and I think it’s worth reading. Especially the part about what the Vatican released in response to enneagrams:


    I think getting to know our personality type can be an amazing help, but it looks like the enneagram is a bit misleading.

    God bless!

    • Oh thank you so much for looking into this and sharing your findings! I can’t wait to see what the Vatican says! Hugs and love xox

  42. I did the test and it says my primary number is 1. It’s true as stated above satan has taken things that are on the surface innocent and slightly twisted to mingle enough error into the majority of truth so he can wean us in other directions. My results are fairly correct and that’s not surprising as satan knows a lot about us. Having said that we have to be alert to his cunning and that’s where the Bible comes into the picture. I don’t think psychological tests are satanic at all, but if this test leads into company with his henchmen its the association we need to be scared of not the test.

    • Hey Ian! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. You’re right – we’ve gotta be alert. Glad you found this interesting and took the test! Hugs and love xox

  43. very interesting! I took the test and the results showed that i’m 81% type 4, 80% type 6, 75% type 1, and 72% type 5 before things get into the 60s. I’m definitely not at type 8 or 3 as i scored a 25% and 31% respectively on those. For the most part they are true. Thanks for the post, Caralyn!

    • Thanks David! oh that’s awesome! it’s an interesting exercise for sure. glad you stopped by! hugs xox

  44. I think I must live under a rock! LOL! I had not heard of this. I took the test…75% type 2 and 62% type 1, a giver and a perfectionist! I saved the info so I could read more later. I truly relate to the “giver” part and some of the perfectionist. I’m interested in comparing this to another test I took a while back and see how they compare. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Kimmy! thanks so much for sharing your results! it really is interesting to see the results!! glad this resonated with you! hugs oxox

  45. This is so true, I’m 2 w 3 so I relate so much to you, and havent been diagnosed with anorexia but i definitely have it, and as i thought about how many times people try to help me, I don’t feel worthy or deserving of the help so I don’t let them help and/or I don’t feel people love me for who I am but would If I change how I look, it only has gotten worse, I dont know how to change that though. Any thoughts

    • Hi Natalie, thank you so much for sharing your heart. I have been there, my friend — feeling undeserving or unworthy of help. But that was my ED talking and telling me lies. Because the fact is, you and I deserve life in ABUNDANCE, and no ED should stand in our way. I think just you writing this comment and revealing this part of your heart is a huge step. And I’d encourage you to talk to someone about this — a therapist is a great place to start, because he or she will have local resources for you. Giving yourself permission to leave the ED in the past, and permission to seek help to do so is difficult, but you have got this. It is YOUR life — not ED’s. YOURS. And ED is trying to steal it. Don’t let it. Reclaim your life. You deserve it. And I am cheering for you, my friend. Sending you big big hugs xox

  46. Thank you so much, It actually was your blog that helped me understand what was happened and gave me the words to vocie, my struggles with my parents. My parents where separated when I was 2.5 or 3 I don’t really remember much much it has greatly affect me, but I’m so scared, to let go! I hard core believe, Its my fault, and always blame myself for all the icky things in this world, but the one kind of love I can accept is from animal’s so I might be getting a service dog, or and ESA.

    • Thanks Natalie!! Oh wow I am humbled and touched by that. That’s really incredible how you’ve been able to identify that – it takes some true introspection. Very inspiring. I hope you get that ESA!! Hugs and love xox

  47. Cara, I am so thankful for you. I said I would never take this test. I started to read your article and was convicted to take the test. I am a 8-1-3. I am still processing the results. Thank you for posting this awesome information. I am thankful for you. Knowledge is so powerful and now we are armed, we can continue to ask God to reveal things to us.

    • Oh my gosh you are too kind, thank you Ada. I’m glad this encouraged you to take the test! You’re right- knowledge is powerful! And asking God to use it for His benefit is life changing!! Hugs and love xox

  48. The Enneagram changed— or gave great depth to my understanding of God’s love. As a type one, my driving motivation is that I can always be better and the unconscious driving motivation in my walk with God was that if I don’t continue getting better He will take away His love. Of course, I knew that wasn’t true, but it turns out that deep down I really believed it. The enneagram helped me see it and brought and incredible freedom to my life. God truly offers His love freely, I didn’t earn it to begin with and no measure of accomplishment is required to keep it. 💙

    • how awesome Chris! I’m so glad the test gave you that insight in your relationship with God. I think that’s one of the most powerful aspects about the test! amen! no matter how hard we try, we cannot earn His love! it is freely given! glad you stopped by! hugs xo

  49. I first heard about the Enneagram Personality Test while listening to a Bob Goff podcast. I looked it up but at first I was put off because I thought it was another “far-out” type of test. However, reading your post has me interested in taking the test. I’ll let you know how that turns out! Thanks for your post.

    • Thanks so much Linda! Yes! I had a bit of the same experience – learning more about it gave me a new perspective!! Glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

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